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An 18+ hangout for those with an interest in true crime and psychology, not for those who fetishize monsters. Come in and enjoy discussions on all your favorite loons and wackos. As well as plenty of shitposting and banter.
The Bonfire is a community for all Fromsoftware Players. Whether you play on Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls or Sekiro you are welcome to join our server! We are also very community driven and we don't always talk about Fromsoftware Games. Sometimes we just chill and hangout.
We give everyone a jolly good time!
Nous sommes en 2043, le monde connaît une révolution. En effet dans le cadre du premier voyage vers Mars des astronautes ont découvert une toute nouvelle bactérie qui semble avoir des caractéristiques extraordinaires, elle possède une vitesse de prolifération exceptionnelle et se régénère extrêmement vite. Pour mieux pouvoir l’étudier les chercheurs la rapporte sur terre mais lors de test la bactérie est mal stérilisée et se répand, très vite elle contamine la quasi-totalité de la population mondiale. Étrangement chez environ une personne sur mille le bactérie provoque une changement dans l’ADN et dotent ces gens de super pouvoirs. Suite à l’apparition des super pouvoirs le monde est momentanément plongé dans la chaos, pour remédier à cela les dirigeant créent deux classes sociales, les Red Rose qui représentent les riches et les Black Rose qui sont les pauvres. Dix-sept ans plus tard, en 2060, un centre fondée pour les aider à maîtriser leurs pouvoirs ouvre ses portes et attire des élèves du monde entier.
We’re a young darkly inclined community, with a strong goth leaning.
So come and jump right in, bring a friendo or two, and let’s all have a wonderful time together <3.
Broken. Unstable. Monsters. Useless. These were the names used to describe the people being brought in today to the asylum. Many were curious and I for one am curious myself. Everyone looks normal and they all seem fun and kind. So why are they here? I found that out the hard way when I made one of them angry. A knife was suddenly in their hand as they leapt upon me, straddling me and pinning me to the floor. "Shhh," he grinned. "No one's going to hear you," he says as he plunges the knife down making my muffled cries loud and pleading for someone to come. As my vision fades to black I see a flash of light. Was that person glowing? How? Were any of these people human? I couldn't ponder the thought anymore as I welcomed death with open arms.

Today a doctor was murdered at Runaway Children Asylum in New York. There is an investigation that will be going on detailing the incident. Sources say a non-human entity did the deed but who knows what the real truth is? Stay tuned in for next time!

The man steps away, pitch black eyes going back to sky blue as the knife clatters to the ground. The man steps back again and runs, haunting laughter echoing around the place.
"You were brought here for a reason.... some of you don't understand how to control your power, some of you are skilled, but made frightening choices.... but all that matters now is that you are here and safe... or a the world is safe from you and let me tell you... I can't wait to figure out what makes each and every one of you tick..."

The mansion was hidden deep within the Canadian woods, but on the inside it felt more like a prison. Madame Blake ran a tight lab. You were brought here because you possessed some ability, some power that frightened the normal world. So you were locked up, but the rusted metal bars on the room didn't feel like a cage, it felt like home. And no matter how many times Blake prodded and poked you, she was still your mother....
Since you arrived you were being fashioned into something, something destructive... well you have always seen government officials around, maybe that's your purpose. Blake was always pushing you to your limits, breaking you from the inside and out, pitting you up against each other in the basement, but still preaching that you were teammates, family. Some of you have gone on missions, against your will of course, not much to fight over when there is a bomb in your neck... but she still preached she loved you, that she understood you. Despite all the horrible things you've been put through some small part of you knows its home...
General intro
A small government facility up in Canada has "adopted" gifted children and experimented on them.Think umbrella academy, new mutants and deadly class in one. NSFW, Gore, Dark rp, maybe 15-18 people max
What we are looking for?
An rp sample
Advanced Literate rp (not quantity of writing, just quality)
Dynamic, intriguing chars and active rp-ers
(considering we are a small group, there was a special channel made for talking about character dynamics and plot.)
Anyone who can handle a darker rp.
Industrial centric music and chat with an eclectic love for variety, including but not limited to:
•Dark hip hop
•Ambient soundscapes
Creepy cute family of friends who are real sweet on the inside and love nightmarish creatures and worlds. Games rp and art and chat with a SL hub♥ 18+
Portland, Oregon.
This story takes place in an alternate timeline where Nick Burkhart is not a Grimm.
Crime is at an all new high in Portland, the streets are no longer safe for Human and Wesen alike. Strange killings have plagued the city and the Verrat have noticed a spike, several Grimms have been sighted in and around Portland and they fear this may cause panic and distress for the peoples and the Royal families. You will forge your destiny.
The Forest of Darkness is a very new, small server on the dark side of Discord for socialites and mature audiences to chat daily, share interests, advertise servers and social media pages. This is a new server and we are looking for new members to bless the forest with their presence...
All had been tranquil until those whom take no refuge from the Crowned Kingdoms rise up to defy them in an act to overthrow the Kingdoms. Rebels, Refuges and those alike band together in hopes to accomplish their goal. Meanwhile now that the Kingdoms are busy with their new found threat a new darkness arises from the midst; taking the opportunity of weakness, the Hybrids come out of hiding to join in the mayhem and show no mercy when it comes to the Kingdoms, killing all of those whom were aligned with them as well as innocent bystanders.
The two Fae Courts, Seelie & Unseelie, have already agreed on a Treaty that benefits both their peoples should War come upon their lands; and now, tensions rise as the Unseelie Prince's spy discovered one of their own found murdered with an iron weapon in the Wastelands by none other than a Human, relaying this information to the Unseelie Prince; with the treaties between the Unseelie Court and Anhaldor not far away - if the murderer is not accounted for, this could hinder any potential alliance between the two as Unseelie laws call for a life for a life. Seelie lands fare no better as the Hybrids massacred many in Edhelel City while the Queen was away securing a treaty between Sciere and the Seelie Court. Sciere has it's own problems, even as the treaties with Leanondor's Courts were agreed upon as the Seer-Witch had attempted to relay information on the Hybrids that attacked nobles in the Wicked Tunnels to the Undead Queen, only to be cast aside, untrusted. The Witch, angered by this, now waits and plans to betray the Queen by giving information to potential enemies of the Queen when the right opportunity presents itself. What will become of the Human who killed the Unseelie fae, and will the Unseelie agree to an alliance with Anhaldor should the human not be brought to justice? Will the Hybrid threat finally be taken seriously after these recent attacks? Will the Witch be found out by the Undead Queen, or go through with her devious plans to betray her homeland?

. 𝒢𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝐼𝓃𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃: .
★ [Semi-Literate | +3 Lines]
★ [High Roles Available!]
★ Welcome to Age of Shadows! We are a high-fantasy rp server in a medieval setting with a variety of races and classes! Our world is completely new, with inspiration taken from various fantasy novels and even a bit of DnD for our magic system. We cordially invite you to join our family, and the fun!
Bruh, peoples discord servers are so fucking annoying, they ban you for sayin the n word and shit but this is the internet lol, just do whatever you want we all chill af
not long ago our...pocket was birthed from the void and given life from beings we call "gods" they have been with us as long as we remember. Slowly they gave life to this barren rock, it began with small organisms and soon, it became humans, beastmen and many more, and now...Well, here you are in Nala, the city of ghosts. Many people have arrived here and many more have left but that doesn't matter now...What? What are the gods names? Well...we don't know to be honest, they vanished shortly after giving life to us...what are beastmen? You surely have a lot of questions: beastmen are a race of people who have the features of well, animals. Each race has a name of its own such as harpies, weredogs, or werecats, and many more. They also have characteristics of said animals, a harpy is able to see just as well as their animal counterparts and some are even great aerial combat, a weredog/werecat can usually transform into a wolf or cat upon whim and are usually strong (weredogs) or fast (werecats)...I think you get it, now get out of here and stop bugging me.
Join if you are bored! Small server but hoping to gain players, we have a loving community which you will feel safe in! Have a good day!
**Welcome to TIMEGATE: the online rp game. If you are new to the server and the series you can read and request rp in them to catch up on them, otherwise things won’t always make sense. For there are also hidden references in this game that reference to my series. And have their own clues. Now for those of you that Have read a bit and roleplayed a bit of my series you may get a few of the references. And may spot more clues. Now this is a one big multiplayer game. You are free to be whatever and whoever you please. It is a simple improvising game. You will be free to explore the loreshade multiverse, meet new and old characters, and battle old foes. You will be able to explore the realms and make new friends! Now each and everyone will have a Main Avatar. Just as any game. However that doesn’t mean that you can’t switch characters every now and then. *Everyone will automatically start off as a reader before their main avatar is made. That way it’s easy to determine if you are a player or not* *you will explore many many realms through out your travels. However you have to remember you can’t be in two realms at once. Otherwise confusion could rise. Now there are many many realms, paradoxes, and dimensions which can easily get your character lost. If not careful. If a character wishes to travel to a different realm or dimension they must travel through a breach. In doing so the character can go wherever they wish in the multiverse, however they can appear in the most bizarrist of places! This can also allow some conflict in the rp which can simply add more action.*
1. Cannot be in two places at once (unless a secret clone is trying to manipulate plans. Or if character has multiplying powers)
3. Characters must have at least TWO weaknesses. No Op. (even Darkstar can permanently die)
4. No cyber bullying other players on the game chats feed
5. Never give out personal information (IRL)
6. if someone types ‘lunges’ you can dodge. However, if someone types ‘hits, slashes, shoots, stabs, or poisons’ they can not dodge. They can however choose to keep their character alive for (6) terms. (That way we don’t have players dodging every hit like SANS.) if a character dies. They can be revived by a healer or revived in a stasis pod.
**enjoy the game!** (tell me what roles you recieved and your main avatar nickname)
Grimmdark is best explained with one concept. Everything that could go wrong for the heroes, did go wrong.
The kingdom of Vale was completely destroyed, giving rise to two rival nations fighting over what remains. The Atlesian Military has seized direct control over the kingdom, and is waging a war of conquest against Mistral in an attempt to spread their influence in a semi-warped sense of protecting Remnant. And Vacuo has crumbled, the city is the only remaining place where lawlessness and crime haven’t taken hold.
Team RWBY and their allies have been forced to seek shelter in the city of Mistral. However, due to the rising Grimm threat and the war in the north, it is not safe.
Will you fight to return the world to a state of peace and freedom, or help force it take its final steps into a thousand years of darkness.

Grimmdark is a community for serious, yet fun Roleplay with a fleshed out Stat and combat system reminiscent of other RPGs
Opportunities to forge your own story, with OC and canon factions fighting for what's left of Remnant.
A unique, dark take on the story we know and love.
A friendly, interactive community, along with attentive staff.
Afterlife is a Roleplay Server based in none other than The Afterlife. We have a small and growing community and friendly admins! Oh you want a list? Here you go!

• NSFW Channels

• Roleplay

• Community

• Memes

• Bot’s

• Friendly Admins

• Gaming

• Fun

So what’re you waiting for? We’re Dying to meet you.
This is an rp server where you can be part of a circus, but with a slight twist. The people of this circus are far from normal, they are beautifully unique and have great talents!
Some look different, some have abnormal powers but they all have one goal, to entertain the world and anyone who wishes to watch.
This server is the community of Classix on YouTube. It is also a chill server to chat and post / find some succulent memes.
You ever feel as if your world is missing something, As if an aspect of life never seen had vanished from reality? You live within one of many multiverses, all of which have different history and different people. You were brought here for unknown reasons, whether to save you from disaster or help you start one is unclear. The surrounding areas seem to be a large outcropping of many small islands around a larger one within a deep sea. You are not sure why but you feel as if the very air around you here holds what it is you felt was missing from your home, an unknown magic and bewilderment to it all.
This place, wherever it is, seems to contain beings most worlds only tell of in legend. the signs of what was once different civilizations of all around the world seem to culminate across the many islands. wreckage of humans once here seem to be dotted around, such as fallen military planes and some forms of different structures. the isles as they are now feel abandon, with whatever was once here either scattered or remnants of what they once were.

You enter from an unknown number of realms and possibilities, your life lived as you see fit has led you here in this moment in time. One question remains for everyone...

Will you be the savior, or the destroyer?

To many, this city looks like any other, a rather large city undergoing a large deal of huddle and or bustle. The city is located near a large freshwater lake in the east, while the mountains are located in the west. However, this city is anything but normal when one delves too far into the city’s pass and underground system of old catacombs.
Welcome to リセット! A discord server for venting as well as hanging out in general. The ruled are pretty laid back and the venting channels are open to anything appropriate with seperate dark channels to talk about more bothersome subjects.

リセット is currently a work in progress but lots of things are too be added. Suggestions are highly welcome!

(If you despise anime in any means, are under 13, or consider yourself to be an overly toxic person it's advised you don't join.)
looking to join a laidback, dark yet fun, cool and safe community/server? this is it.

we have a variety of vc's and channels to check out and use,
along with a decent amount of good bots.

join t r a $ h today