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Flemme de faire une présentation viens tu verras !
Fresh ass server with a bunch cute niggas with kissable lips. We got all the shit you need from art channels to Allah worshiping every Tuesday, so join up if you're one of the ascended. 🙌
New Lellorium, a grunge superhero roleplay: on an island separate from most of America an isolated balance of heroes and villains flourishes. If knowledge is power, there's a select few kings in the streets. Though this island isn't a heaven; monsters emerge in the night, amongst the expected crop of villainy and crime. Features:
- choose your alignment, Hero, Villain, Rogue, etc.
- build your character and their personality through interaction, with the ability to greatly affect others.
- create your own hero or villain, with whatever powers you choose.
- interact with a lively and active city that turns sullen and dangerous in the night.
- take part in a growing and advancing story that moves with the participants
- unique events and periodic villain/hero/monster encounters.
(Growing activity and new management!)
All had been tranquil until those whom take no refuge from the Crowned Kingdoms rise up to defy them in an act to overthrow the Kingdoms. Rebels, Refuges and those alike band together in hopes to accomplish their goal. Meanwhile now that the Kingdoms are busy with their new found threat a new darkness arises from the midst. Taking the opportunity of weakness the Hybrids come out of hiding to join in the mayhem; However they show no mercy when it comes to the Kingdoms, killing all of those whom were aligned with the Kingdoms as well as the innocent. Will the Kingdoms unite to overcome this evil? Or will they fall, Divided in their hatred for eachother? RP is now open, so come join us for a unique fantasy experience!
Starclan has vanished! The clans are in danger. Not only because of themselves but because of a new, unknown evil in the lands that they now call home. Tensions are rising, cats are going missing, and there is war between Shadowclan and these hard times, how will you cat fare?

The clans are:

Come join us, we have friendly admins, people and a deep plot!
Ghouls and Humans live in war, fighting for the true domination and liberation of one species over each other. Blood shed and mourning is spread ~ the cycle of hate and death only expanding in contrast to whatever values anyone has. It was an unfair world; survival of the fittest. Ghouls and Humans live in conflict, dispute however, groups come along that want to forge peace, even if it comes with conflict. The group that made a name were Heiwameka wanting to spread peace - a truce however, others wished to destroy the humans - like Aogiri. Though eventually, the fighting had to stop, somehow. The Commission Of Counter Ghoul (CCG) make, an act to smother the ghouls - which works. Some ghouls are sent to the Boarders of cities, and shoved in the restricted zone - away from humans and other life forms. They eat very little and usually go mental from this... Those who rebel against them, are usually killed or captured and sent to the restricted zone yet again. The ghouls made a minority, the humans came to regain their position as king of the Earth. No Ghoul factions were there to stop them and so... it became this. ~~ Ghouls are on the lower hand. Forced into hiding and oppression.
- Partner ships ! 20+ Players required!?

- In need of responsible staff!?

- Giveaways!

- Special Ghoul/CCG quinques

-IN need of responsible staff

Come and join your own destiney
Obscuritas is a dark alternative subculture community dedicated to music, art, literature, aesthetics and dark culture as a whole. Our focus is on Goth Rock and Deathrock, Darkwave, Industrial and EBM, Dark Electro, Post-Industrial, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, and all other forms of Dark Rock, Metal, or Electronica.

Though our focus is on the darker musical spectrum, enthusiasts of other forms of alternative or experimental music and culture are welcome to participate in our group.
Hey! Welcome to my Roblox Dark RP Discord!

Feel free to communicate with others, trade, etc.

Have fun!
The Dark Elites is a Community of diverse darknet explorers looking to share their findings as well as inform others about the dark web.
- We have an active small community currently
- We have multiple channels dedicated to learning more and communicating with other explorers of the dark web.
- We have a music channel!
We hope this server sparks your curiosity and leads you to meet new people that share the same interest in the dark web.
This is a marketplace server, Where you Can buy and sell all kind of stuff. The prices are very cheap.
This server is made for people who love all things gore related. 🖤

18+ only, please be advised that this server contains graphic content.
This is about a world filled with the races. The Daku (The Dark) and the Hikari (The light). These two species co existed for years until something occurred that caused war between the two species. The was caused because of a cross species between them known as a Dakari. The Daku intended to use this being as a way feed the greed while The Hikari intended to have the being as a protection from any of the other co species. The being itself died in the Dakari war and another Dakari was never allowed to be made again as it could cause another war and both nations would have no protection against each other which would basically be suicide. The world was figuratively split in two and the nations were rebuilding their resources for the time they would cross paths again. Of course there was people who broke the rule and have their own little piece of land. This is the null landers. They are the ones that protest to stop the war and want pease between both. The no Dakari law still applies though and any Dakari found are executed by whatever clan finds out first. The null land is full of Hikari and Daku alike who just want peace and just for this all to stop although they are ignored.
The world is slowly being taken over by some new, disturbing sickness. It's mutating faster than doctors can catch it, and it affects people differently.
Will you be able to survive, or will you succumb?
Were hella lit here. As long as youre semi Normal or at least not a furry you're welcome here. We are laid back, and dont have many rules. So join here. Lets get that bread, and that coochie gamers.
This is a server where you can share your all but "cutesy" art. You can post your dark themed visual art, writing pieces, poetry, or music for others to see! Others can also give feedback as well as advice and criticism (but only by your consent.) We have art challenges, writing prompts, and art ideas as well. We are a friendly and new community, even if we seem a little scary on the surface. So come join in and make friends that share your love for the darker side of life through their art. Our age group is 16+ only please.
Earth. 2076.

The world is on the brink of collapse, after the release of the Pandora Supervirus two years prior. Mutants roam the streets of cities, strange biomechanical menaces stalk the forests, and humanity is dying out.

Humanity, as a collective, launched the Orion Project, a collaborative effort between all corporations and nations to launch humanity unto the stars. With humanity would be the Aegises, massive robotic companions who served two main purposes.

Combat, and labor.

They were sentient creatures, with full A.I. cores. They were, for all intensive purposes, humanity's new best friends. They fought the so-called "Pandorans", humans infected with the Pandora Supervirus. They also helped launch the Orion projects manufacturing components, and were beasts of burden and assembly line workers.

Then, the project came to fruition. They had built them...the Arks. Massive ships capable of transporting thousands of people with near light-speed capabilities. They launched, humans in cryostasis and Aegises awake...watching, waiting.

You are one of the people awoken on the first Ark, dubbed "The Citadel", headed for Alpha Centauri. From within your cryostasis chamber you see *them*.

The very thing you're running from. The Pandorans. They're fighting the Aegises, and now, you can only do one thing. Exit your pod and fight. Not for yourself, or your friends or family, but for humankind.

Come Join *The Citadel*, an expansive sci-fi roleplaying server based in the year 2076. You are the survivor of a super virus that has wiped out humanity, and your only tools are your wits and your Aegis.

Suit up, prepare for war, and fight!
Real Nigga Hours is a fresh meme server full of gaming and music niggas. I like art and such so pull up with that cute shit. Meet cool niggas and use the bots. Real Niggas + Dank memes + more. BITCH.
not long ago our...pocket was birthed from the void and given life from beings we call "gods" they have been with us as long as we remember. Slowly they gave life to this barren rock, it began with small organisms and soon, it became humans, beastmen and many more, and now...Well, here you are in Nala, the city of ghosts. Many people have arrived here and many more have left but that doesn't matter now...What? What are the gods names? Well...we don't know to be honest, they vanished shortly after giving life to us...what are beastmen? You surely have a lot of questions: beastmen are a race of people who have the features of well, animals. Each race has a name of its own such as harpies, weredogs, or werecats, and many more. They also have characteristics of said animals, a harpy is able to see just as well as their animal counterparts and some are even great aerial combat, a weredog/werecat can usually transform into a wolf or cat upon whim and are usually strong (weredogs) or fast (werecats)...I think you get it, now get out of here and stop bugging me.
Friendly server Please join if you play csgo, league, roblox and minecraft lmao. We like dark humour so please don't get offended.
We need some lit ass people
Searching for mature discord users that don't create conflict? Or Are you looking for hilarious and fun people to hangout?

If yes, Come join 💘The Darkside™💘
There's a word for towns like this... Toxic maybe? It sits on the tip of your tongue. Either way, you're in for a shock, welcome to Wind Gap, a dark southern town with murder in its roots and poison in every "Bless your heart!"

A dark fantasy rp with a unique lore, story, friendly people and freedom! We are a fairly new server and we seek to grow more and get better!
State cercando un server dove trovare amici con cui giocare?
Gioca Da Solo è il server che fa per voi!
Entra a far parte della community di GDS e diventa un vero #gamer!

Inoltre avete la possibilità di aiutare il server diventando Moderatori!