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There has been a legend going around about a town created by the gods themselves. In this town lies race from every corner of the globe. The different beings bring with them, their technology, and their knowledge in the act of brainstorming with other races with different knowledge. You would be one of the only few people excited about that place and would want to visit. After getting a little older, you started to live on your own. One day, you wake up and go through your daily routine, but before you have a chance to even sit up you notice a letter placed upon your dresser. As you open it carefully, not knowing who this might be from, a flash of light covers the whole room. Suddenly the only thing that left the room was you. The Letter that was opened teleported you to an unknown dimension. The dimension was completely black, The sky was darker than a midnight sky and the ground wasn't to hard to see. It looked like an abyss'd dimension. The only thing you could make out with was only a city in the distance. As you approach the city, a gate would be seen surrounding said city. Once you got close to the gate, you looked up at the sign but you couldn't understand what was written upon the sign. Since you couldn't tell what the sign said, you thought you would still enter through the gate and maybe ask some questions. The exact moment you enter you feel a wave of darkness subsiding toward the town and an incredible pressure coming from four researchers standing at the gate. You suddenly remembered you have the letter and didn't even take the time to read it. Upon opening the letter, a cold shive ran down your spine as you read the letter to yourself. "Welcome to ???'s main research facility enjoy your stay as it is permanent!! P.S: acts of rebellion will not be tolerated if anyone shows any sign of it they will be immediately terminated"
Fresh ass server with a bunch cute niggas with kissable lips. We got all the shit you need from art channels to Allah worshiping every Tuesday, so join up if you're one of the ascended. 🙌
All had been tranquil until those whom take no refuge from the Crowned Kingdoms rise up to defy them in an act to overthrow the Kingdoms. Rebels, Refuges and those alike band together in hopes to accomplish their goal. Meanwhile now that the Kingdoms are busy with their new found threat a new darkness arises from the midst. Taking the opportunity of weakness the Hybrids come out of hiding to join in the mayhem; However they show no mercy when it comes to the Kingdoms, killing all of those whom were aligned with the Kingdoms as well as the innocent. Will the Kingdoms unite to overcome this evil? Or will they fall, Divided in their hatred for eachother? RP is now open, so come join us for a unique fantasy experience!
Another grunge, edgy, and aesthetic server.
Why you should join? Because I know you have nothing better to do hehe.
We have great meme lords.
This is an rp server where you can be part of a circus, but with a slight twist. The people of this circus are far from normal, they are beautifully unique and have great talents!
Some look different, some have abnormal powers but they all have one goal, to entertain the world and anyone who wishes to watch.
Welcome to ℭ𝔲𝔩𝔱, a fucked up shit server so you can meet shitty people, like you. Just to hit up new people, talk to others about your achievements maybe, fuck if I know. Be active, laidback staff. #gang #dontbeafuckingcunt
In 1349, A horrible disease overtook the world, a disease that corrupted and mutated. Known by many names, it is commonly referred to as the Malaise, a word that describes it very well. It's origin is unknown, some believe it came from immigrants across the ocean, some believe it is divine punishment... and some believe it is a culling. The sickness turned father against mother, neighbor against neighbor, knight against lord. Efforts to stop the spread of it were unsuccessful, and it ravaged the country side. Travel became treacherous, the remnants of the population of the world barricaded themselves in towns and castles. For years the world continued this way, the remnants of civilization beginning to crumble, and sprout in new ways. Welcome to the World of Adreiena, We hope you don't die too quickly.

A Dark Fantasy Roleplay, Where the actions of OCs will affect the timeline of Adreiena forever. Will you try to survive in this plagued wasteland, or perhaps bring about the end despite the attempts made by Supernatural entities to save it?

- Malleable Lore
- Unique Factions
- Different ways to Rp, Just enjoy Slice of Life? Try Slice of Life with a hint of death! Enjoy Combat? Take up arms and fight for your chosen side! Really want to rp as a farmer named Bung? Fuck it, The Imperium needs food!
- Helpful Staff, consisting of only the owner at the moment!
- Really Pretty EGirls! Okay I'm not sure about this one.
The Bonfire is a community for all Dark Souls players. Whether you play on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS3, PS4 or Nintendo Switch you are welcome to join our server. We are also very community driven and we don't always talk about Dark Souls. Sometimes we just chill and hangout.
We give everyone a jolly good time!
An 18+ hangout for those with an interest in true crime and psychology, not for those who fetishize monsters. Come in and enjoy discussions on all your favorite loons and wackos. As well as plenty of shitposting and banter.
Description: Must be 18 years or older!
This is a suspenseful horror roleplay server with lore easy to understand.

Play as a villain, hero, or victim.
Your find yourself at our town hall, where you will be judged horribly on your introduction. From there you can cause mayhem, seduce, maim, or simply look for a way to survive.

This server offers:

A channel to post your dark memes, ooc channels to chill and speak of all sorts of subjects that most servers might frown upon and a bar to relax, unwind and drink yourself into a coma. Upcoming events, and staff are always willing to take any suggestions

I do ask that if you're not into blood, torture or unending torment of that sort this server isn’t for you. Thank you for understanding.
Accepted styles: Paragraph, multi paragraph, literate
Note: A literacy check is required for access to the server.
It's a story the Callers know by heart. It's the tale of the Watcher demon, true owner of the world.

Ages ago, walking the Earth, the great demon known as Watcher wandered the blank plains of eternity. He and his divine brothers were the only beings to walk this plane, alone in the blank, white world. The Watcher had a grand idea to shape the white into the world we know. He shaped it, and carved it, and brought it to life - and then was turned on by his brothers. Jealous of his power, and of his creation, they banished him and took it as their own. With his last breath, he left one last mark on the world, a single drop among the sea of life, so small it was unnoticable to the others, and yet so powerful as himself. He is to one day return with the aide of the life he granted to Earth, and reclaim it from his brothers.

Now, the cult sits at the edge of a little town, under the eye of their Prophet - waiting, waiting for the day the Watcher shall return.
You ever feel as if your world is missing something, As if an aspect of life never seen had vanished from reality? You live within one of many multiverses, all of which have different history and different people. You were brought here for unknown reasons, whether to save you from disaster or help you start one is unclear. The surrounding areas seem to be a large outcropping of many small islands around a larger one within a deep sea. You are not sure why but you feel as if the very air around you here holds what it is you felt was missing from your home, an unknown magic and bewilderment to it all.
This place, wherever it is, seems to contain beings most worlds only tell of in legend. the signs of what was once different civilizations of all around the world seem to culminate across the many islands. wreckage of humans once here seem to be dotted around, such as fallen military planes and some forms of different structures. the isles as they are now feel abandon, with whatever was once here either scattered or remnants of what they once were.

You enter from an unknown number of realms and possibilities, your life lived as you see fit has led you here in this moment in time. One question remains for everyone...

Will you be the savior, or the destroyer?
A trading centre for all of From Software's games. DS1, DSR, DS2, DS3, Bloodborne, and all future games and remasters. There is also chats for PVP and jolly co-op.
Welcome, weary traveler. This is my server, based off of the RPG game "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" by Capcom. Come talk with people, discuss the game, make friends and have a good time. You can even discuss trade offers with other players via online pawn interactions. With friendly people, roleplay, community and more, we hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Good luck.
(Disclaimer: I do NOT own the game Dragon's Dogma. This game belongs to Capcom only. Thank you.)


In a world where everything is run by society, where everything and everyone must be in their place, there are people that rebel.
Renegades. People that society deems unfit. The weirdos, the freaks, the people who are handy capped. Anyone that's not "perfect", gets tossed aside.

------The year is 2050. The world is addicted to technology. The government controls basically everyone, and to them, the world is "perfect". However the government seems oblivious to the LITERAL DEMONS walking around. The border separating the over world from the underworld has broke. Hell spawn creatures are finding ways into our everyday life. They tend to be hidden, acting like normal people.
Who knows? Made you'll befriend one; After all, it can be useful to have a demon at your side.


We a small friendly community looking for more active roleplayers! We invite you to come join us-

╔════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╗
🛡Lands of Trinity🛡
╚════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════════╝

⚒ Roleplaying Community⚒

🔱Hello Friends🔱
We wish to list a few things our server can offer!

✴Follows T.O.S

✴ No Overpowering Characters.

✴A nifty shopping section to help your character to do some neat things in rp..

✴We Offer advice and Help to new roleplayers or old so they may adapt to the common and up-to-date roleplaying style!

✴Our staff is always ready to help or narrate in times which call for it!

✴We love feedback and suggestions so please do not hesitate to ask for something to be added in!

✴We allow customization to our server we like to see creativity at work so we can work on helping you develop your stuff.

✴ We have a neat player base event system which you the player can create! Nifty rewards are able to be gained from these.

So whatcha waiting for? Join us and help us expand our community. It is you guys who help a server prosper!
Danzhoez Basement is a small server that hopes to bring people together in a family like community where they can discuss anything they want, but my server is not a child’s sandbox, don’t expect a special snowflake treatment. But over all just have fun
In the 29th century, most of the human race is wiped out by a virus that is fatal to most adults of the species. A small number of people survive, mostly children, infants, and the occasional teenager. A corrupted, supremacist government of twenty-seven families, who call themselves the Old Families, rose in the years following the collapse of the Old World. They ruled for almost five centuries, before their defeat at the hands of our great leader Gastone Martino and his two generals, George Fleming and Henry Hallsworth in 3375AD. They subsequently founded the city of Ehrepolis. The current government has ruled the land peacefully for many years, with the Old Families fleeing north.

It is 3477AD. In a post-apocalyptic world, the government has captured all those with genetic mutations that cause strange powers to appear in otherwise normal humans. You are sent with the rest of the ‘freaks’ to the government managed Fleming Facility, where your threat level is assessed, and you are ranked from S to D. Most are sent to the facility at birth, but some parents of such people are clever enough to forge the results for the government’s mandatory DNA test. Regardless, you are at the Fleming Facility, where you will be trained to use these abilities for the country.

Recently, a boy of fourteen, Alec Macmillan, has been accused of being a spy, and a member of the Old Families. Macmillan has suddenly rose from a D level threat to an S level threat, and immediately imprisoned in the highest security cell in the containment facility, cell B18S. However, even after weeks of interrogation, the higher ups of the Fleming Facility have not been able to get any information from Macmillan.

You have completed the final exam and have been promoted to the Elite class. The exam is a paper test on various topics. As a member of the Elite class, you would be allowed to visit cell B18S on your own as a trusted member of the facility, as well as join in on interrogation sessions. The Elite also now have access to the laboratory and the data archives, something you’ve been curious about for a long time.

As time goes on, however, you get the feeling that something is wrong—something is out of place. Macmillan knows nothing of the family he is accused of being. You realise that the Ehrepolis government is not as great as it has painted itself to be—in the facility, unethical human experimentation is practiced on minors, cruel and unusual torture and punishment is used, and the director of the facility, Laura Fleming, runs it like a concentration camp. You start to suspect that more than just this ugly truth has been hidden by the Ehrepolis government. Along with a bunch of other Elites, you begin your quest to find the truth...
Looking for a neat comic to enjoy?

A fun server to hang out in?

How about a place to rp?

Well this server has all of the above!!

While the comic will not be completely free we are still looking to build a fun and friendly community based around this dark and gruesome mlp story. 😉

A little bit of information behind the comic-

Three individuals who are all linked together mysteriously. Who are they? And why?

Ink Rose, the scientistic pony who may have gone a bit far with his work.

Cruise, a seemingly cheerful guy who had his life turned around.

And Dark, a truly evil being who just can’t seem to get enough out of torturing poor Cruise.

You will venture through their lives in this comic and learn of how their lives connect.

**Darkness in the Light**

It’s still very much still in the works but we are seeking to grow and be around a friendly community as we draw for this story. ^^
We are a friendly, growing community dedicated to the gothic subculture!
¤《Clans of the Oasis Isle》¤

Clans of the Oasis Isle is located on the fictional islands called the Oasis Isle. Long abandoned by humans, this island is filled with abandoned boats and twoleg trash. Though the humans left, the clans thrive in the island, Ashenclan lives on the beach and their camp resides in abandoned houses. The sand at the beach turns black in the moonlight. This island also harbors dozens of underground tunnels formed by lava where water flows through them. Moltenclan lives down there, and can see and navigate their ways through the dark. There is a volcano in the middle of it. It seems dormant for the time being.

The cats with the stars in their pelts, the ones who guide us, the ones who are all knowing.

Nothing but legend.

These mysterious cats are the ancestors of the modern day Ashenclan and Moltenclan. Though they have not been spotted since ancient times, reasons unknown. They've been quiet, worrying leaders and warriors alike. With them gone, nothing can protect the clans from looming darkness. Ashenclan and Moltenclan fight for survival as attacks from unknown beings arise. In these hard times, where will you stand?

Karolina Katalia or better known as The Suicide Town is Prisontopias capital. It's gotten its nickname because the towns suicide rates are around 80% due to the cramped housing, horrid living conditions, lack of hospitals and psychiatric help.
The town has no funding to fix these problems due to extreme budget cuts during the 14 year wars.

The town is the smallest in the country yet has to house the most people. The solution to this problem was skyscrapers. Evertyhing in Karolina is in a skyscraper, from schools to coffee shops. These skyscrapers range from 100 to 600 floors. And it's said that the higher up you live, the wealthier you are.

Due to the small space of Karolina everything had to be built in levels, even transportation. Trains and busses go underground, cars and pedestrians share the above ground and a Prisontopian invention called "The Honeydew" a semi flying scooter have special roads right above the ground level ones.

The air in Karolina is almost impossible to breathe so residents wear a gasmask when they go outside or practice the "Karolina breathing" which is letting in less air than normally whilst breathing.

The town is in a constant state of depression and is not trying to hide it, everything is broken down and dirty and the population is dwindling.
Most people don't have hope that Karolina Katalia will make it, but some do and they try their very best to make it their home.

This is where our story takes place.
20 y/o virgin, no life, works 40+ hours a week, anxious, depressed. Oh, wait this isn't my tinder bio. But either way, sums up my server