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a server with not many rules applying to an older crowd. leveling bots and such. small server looking to grow bigger.
Welcome to hell!
This server is themed around the 9 circles of hell
This server has alot of things including
NSFW channels✔️
Easy rules✔️
Self assignable roles✔️
Level up roles✔️
We want you to have fun
So have f u n

In the in the futuristic life City 137 was born, ruled by the queen May. Though to the citizens of City 137 life may seem simple and calm but down in the depths of earth there is Hell 137, the complete opposite of the town on earths surface. Queen May is at war with hells queen. The queens army of demons is starting to attack City 137 more and more by surprise. What will you do?
Everyone has admin perms :P
DA Academy

What is D.A Academy? It’s a place where teen demons and angels go to school. Yes, demons and angels. In this role play, you may role play as a student (demon or angel) or a teacher. There are many places to role play such as classes where your OCs learn about the history of demons and angels and how to control their abilities. Demons and angels both have different abilities. Demons have small control over fire (pyrokinesis), have red horns and many more. Angels have wings, have minor control over air (aerokinesis). They can role play outside of the school like at a cafe, basketball court and more! With the history between demons and angels, they don’t exactly get along… Angels tend to be the goody-two-shoes and well the demons? Well let’s say they’re not exactly the nicest… and the cliques… of course, we have the ‘Cool Kids’. The demons popular kids are of course the cool people who don’t really give a shit. The angels are the teachers pets. We also have the jocks, geeks, nerds, etc. Choose your race and join a clique today! Don’t forget that you don’t have to be a part of these cliques. You can create your own or be a loner…

Note: The school is run by Lucifer and Amenadiel. Lucifer was punished because of his interference with human life. He was constantly leading them astray and it got out of hand. Of course, God, being the father that he was told him, “If you want to influence people so bad, why don't we make a job out of It?” And so, he was sent to the school to teach young demons. Amenadiel, being the responsible son he was, was ordered to go and watch over little Lucifer. He was furious but obliged. He now watches over the young angels.
A realm of evil and suffering, depicted as a place of perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death. All sinners are welcome. Join at your own risk...
Hell is a rapidly growing server. We got:
~Quick Verification
~Meme Channel
~Active Staff
~Good Community
Join for absolute hell and toxicity. Say whatever you feel like saying. All we ask is respect to the admins. Otherwise do what you want.
A server of actual idiots. Some of us are addicted to anime, some are not.
We have different sections for different anime and all sorts as well as an NSFW section you can block, RP, occasional giveaways, music, a war of toasters and polystyrene cups (don't ask) and so much more!

Please help I'm being held captive by the mods of the server please help me please
This server used to be a private server, but now its open to the public!

Welcome to Cat Sanctuary and everyone is welcome!
In this server you find: Mostly just cat pictures.
For those interested in text based RP’s, this is a horror fantasy mix in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by demons.
This is a community server. We're new and a spin-off of a server called Hell that's going rapidly downhill. This isn't a place for snowflakes. Please keep politics to a minimum because it clogs the chat up with cancer so pure, not even us edgelords can handle it for too long.
Enter The Nine Hells and play as a devil. Work your way up through the infernal ranks, all the way from lemures to pit fiends and archdukes. Based on The Nine Hells from the D&D multiverse, this server is about power. Players must achieve it by any means possible if they want to be the top devil. The Nine Hells has a hierarchy system, ranks above you being able to promote and demote you. You'll have to be smart to make it to the top. Hope you enjoy!
Once...there was peace in the world. Humans lived their normal lives, unaware of the danger stirring within the population; Demons. They were small at first, pickpocketing valuables and overall causing minor nuisances for Humans, but...slowly but surely, they grew in size. Standing out more, they stole things like cars, wallets...they even conquered the Empire State Building and several other landmarks. The Demons stopped caring about blending in, and soon, they outgrew the Human population. The two species were plunged into a brutal war...

Now, today, peace has been established between the two races. The war has ceased and, despite not being the best of friends, they still stopped stealing and hurting each other. To maintain this peace, the Humans created a new society in the place of the D.E.R.P.; the D.P.M.P. (Demon Peace Maintenance Project) Everything sailed smoothly, except for one thing...a new group lurks in the shadows. It's still unknown to the D.P.M.P. what it's called or if it even exists at all; fugitives worship it and have given it an unofficial name; the Strangling Shadows, abbreviated to S.S. What is known is that it's built from Demons and Half-Demons who have rebelled against peace and have given themselves modifications, whether they be genetical or physical; longer horns, ability to breath poison and fire, sword-pointed tails, things like that. They're crazy strong, and stay in the alleyways, out of the public eye...and now, it's your choice. S.S.? D.P.M.P.? Or neutral? Whichever you choose, watch yourself, and anything can happen...

Because this is Demon Town.
The roleplay universe is set in a time where the realms of Hell and Heaven are clashing against Earth, and portals are opening up that are allowing these Demonic and Angelic creatures to enter. Which side will you take?
A brand new server based around Angels and Demons! Come and make your story in this ever expanding world with completely original and in-depth lore!

Sample of Lore:

Lucifer was appointed by Jehovah to lead the Angel's as he was the bravest and most cunning and Gabriel was Jehovah's chronicler for she was the smartest and loyal of the Angels. The most trusted of Jehovah's Angel's went against his wishes and orders and fell for each other, and their love blazed in them with a fiery passion that set their hearts alight whenever they looked at one-another. They were able to keep their love a secret till Jehovah witnessed one of their meetings in the garden. Furious he called them to his chamber one at a time, first he called Lucifer and told he would cast both him and Gabriel out and let them die alone and afraid, never to return, Unless Lucifer agreed to cast Gabriel out himself, to banish her forever was the only way that Jehovah would forgive and allow Lucifer to remain.

Lucifer refused and swore his love for Gabriel would outlast any torment. And so Lucifer fled to his most trusted friends and allies and together they agreed to revolt against Jehovah. Upon returning with his army Lucifer was confronted by Gabriel who informed him she was given the same choice as him and chose differently. The war between the Angel's was swift and painful for Lucifer who was cast down to Odin's world never to see his home again. Even After Lucifer was cast out many more Angel's revolted against Jehovah and fought in the Angel wars, more and more destruction was caused before Jehovah was able to banish all the Angels who had betrayed him, though it was too late, planet had turned the same way Ra and Zeus' had... Dead.
Welcome... to hell. Literally.

In this fiery realm, monsters reign supreme. Demons, dragons, fallen angels, and more populate the land.

Create a character and explore Hell, making friends, defeating monsters, and other things along the way.

We have:

-Interesting and engaging RP channels
-Fun OOC channels
-A somewhat sane staff
-And more!

Enter... hell.
meme hell is a server based around, you guessed it, memes.
-friendly, helpful staff
-plenty of memes
-self assignable roles
-did i mention memes?
-lgbtq friendly
-very active
-anti weeb
The Empire is a server that mostly focuses on Nintendo and a bit of other games as well. Can't forget about the memes, that's why there is another name for this server "Hell".
We also believe in communism
We also have other channels like a anime/manga, art, NSFW channel and more.

If you consider joining this memey communist hell
Population: Mostly Americans

Congratulations! You are officially one of the worst this place has seen, don’t expect cheering though. We’ve waited a pretty long time for you and the disappointment of your arrival is incredible. My name is satan and I will be your tour guide this evening. You don’t even have to buckle in! We’re all dead. Remember how you always said school is Hell? Welcome back mother fucker, you were damn right. In an attempt to torture you forever, we applied the American school system to our new Hell High! So take your seats, classes might feel like an eternity here at Hell High.
Welcome to Hell!

Gamer safe space.

Also Gamer girls welcome!

With this server, you can fur fill your hellish desires and look at memes with friends! Even though its hell, its surely one of the best servers out there! (Because its hell).

We have
@[email protected]
#Lotsa Bots#
$And much more$
And now added!
The Darwin awards!
Where you can submit silly ways to die, and will get posted!
We'll see you here!