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🛡ᴘ⚔ᴀ™ This is our latest description with affiliate!

⛧ Experience Dante's Inferno!
⛧ 9 Circles full of SIN!
⛧ Lewds for 18+!
**This is the best HELL server on Discord!**
*Based on Dante's Inferno, the theme is more legit than any!*
*The server has channels for all types of interests and every bot you could want!*

▼**Join us Here!**▼

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**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

If you advertise on ours, post this in yours! 🛡ᴘ⚔ᴀ™
🔥Welcome to my Hell Themed Server🔥
⚠️**WARNING**: If you get offended easily, this isn’t the place for you⚠️
☆We love arguing and insulting☆
☆Reaction Roles☆
☆Self assign color roles☆
☆Level Up☆
☆Fun Emojis! Regular and animated☆
☆Create/Join a cult aka club☆
☆Lots of Bots and Commands☆
☆Voice Chat☆
☆NSFW 🔞Channels☆
☆Giveaways Once We hit 200 members☆
☆`We're chill, Very Few Rules, We're here to have Fun!!`☆
╔══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ══════════╗
——————-=|Demon’s Basement|=-—————

➔ wake up you slutty demons

➔ Growing fast community!❥♛
➔ We are open to partnering! Join Today!❥♛

``═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════``
——————-=| ೋღINFOღೋ |=-——————
➔ NSFW emojis/NSFW nitro emojis❥♛:hibiscus:
➔ Fun and chill hangout!❥♛:heart_eyes:
➔ NSFW!❥♛
➔ leveling system!❥♛
➔ Choose your own role color!❥♛
➔ React to get yourself some roles!❥♛
➔ Lots of fun bots!❥♛
➔ We announce birthdays!❥♛
➔ Art!❥♛
➔ Music!❥♛
➔ Food!❥♛
➔ Spam!❥♛
➔ Poetry Writing!❥♛
➔ Memes!❥♛
➔ Pets/Animals/Marine Life!❥♛
╚══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ══════════╝
18+ ONLY. Anime community with a Disgaea netherworld inspired theming. We pride ourselves on striving for a mid-size community for the older crowd. Actual edgelords need not apply.
Witajcie wszyscy śmiertelnicy!
Tutaj jest kres waszej podróży, śmierć w końcu raczyła do was zawitać i odebrać wam życie..
A co gdyby... Była jeszcze szansa przed całkowitą śmiercią? Co gdyby jednak moglibyście żyć, mając dodatkowo moce, które ułatwią wam życie? A haczyki? Nie ma żadnych... Jedyne co, to będziecie żyli w XVII wiecznym wymiarze, na wzór piekła i nieba... Tak, dobrze słyszałeś. Zależnie od tego, jaki byłeś za życia, trafisz do nieba lub piekła. I spokojnie, to tylko nazwy. Piekło wcale nie jest takie złe, a niebo święte! A Bóg? Na pewno jest inny niż we wszystkich wierzeniach! Na co czekasz? Jedyna taka okazja! No... Chyba że chcesz całą wieczność się nudzić... Twój wybór!
Tylko uprzedzam... Niektóre demony potrafią gryźć... A anioły pokazać różki!
Co oferujemy?
❤️ Rozbudowany regulamin!
❤️ Wiele botów oraz kostkę do rp!
❤️ Wiele kanałów do rp!
❤️ Motyw Nieba i Piekła w rp! (Staramy się nie do tego religii)
❤️ Zajebiste osoby!
Czego potrzebujemy?
❤️ Graczy, zajebistych osóbek, które zechcą poświęcić czas na pisanie!
❤️ Nowych osób, gdyż jest nas mało!
Serdecznie zapraszamy!
Evermour City, a continuation of the Evermour Highschool storyline, taking place three years after the events in the highschool, leading to it's destruction. The City allows for greater heights as to what your character could accomplish and gives the possibility for almost anything. Join now to get your daily dose of awesomeness, only made better with our amazing staff 🤗🤗
Ching Chang Chong I'm Kim Jung Un and I'm gonna drop a bomb on you~! We're a society of edgelords that racially profile and hate minorities but we voted for Hilary so it's A.O.K! We also have rules surprisingly... we still hate ni- [C E N S O R E D]
Despite it's name quite a wholesome server, you should join it!
```Hello and Welcome to FURRY HAVEN!```

**This is a place to let out your hidden kinks and fandoms, as well as love of animals! You must be 18+ to enter! IF CAUGHT UNDERAGED, YOU WILL BE BANNED!**

1. DONT be a dick
2. LISTEN to admins, and mods
3. HMU if you need to
4. DONT be toxic
5. BE kind
6. TREAT people kindly
7. CHOSE your roles
8. NO over powered people
9. IF someone says stop, stop
10. **ASK before DMing people!**

Enjoy! :tada:
♥️ Welcome to Hell ♥️

A place where the souls of sinners whom have died end up if not accepted into Heaven. No, this is not necessarily a Christian based server and if you don't believe that Heaven is real then that is your belief. As long as no one starts arguing over it then You're free to feel however you do. Just try not to disturb others.

This is a social fantasy based rp, occasionally including combat. Flexible format and friendly staff. A dice based system for deciding certain fates as well. We hope you enjoy your time here!
Welcome to The Gardens Of Edom.
We are a fun welcoming community that enjoys:
-Various chats for topics such as Art, Music and Memes. As well as discussions for LGBT community members and a vent for those who need to get something off their chest
-Roleplay Events to get people involved with rping with people they typically don’t talk to, giving you opportunities to make new friends
-Being a fun Roleplay despite being based in Hell
We hope to see you here and active soon. Signed, Wendigo.
An epic server with a few people, has meme, nsfw, Gmod stuff, other games stuff, face reveals (because everyone cares). Ye. Join for free brain damage. And cake. Oh also we have a shit ton of bots. :]
Literally just a place for bot spams! Is also absolute hell, feel free to talk trash on your dead grandma here!
Welcome to a server with no rules. Nothing. Nada. Everyone is welcome. Everyone gets admin. It can be complete heaven, or as I expect, COMPLETE DISCORD HELL.
Welcome to Hell. Where you get a role in your own personal Hell. Where you get tested and ranked by your answers. There are 10 stages Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, Treachery. These stages will depict your personality.
Idk... Just come to hell! Theres literally like 3 rules here.. Abandon your gods..
If you enjoy to roleplay and you like to try something new please join, our sever is friendly and loves a good time. No offense to religious background.

You will be placed in an Era where the war of Angel and Demon has now been interlaced with the human world allowing them to acknowledge they are there. You have a choice to be Human, Angel, Demon, or even a Halfling a mix between two of the three. We like to bring out your inner spirit and widen your imagination. Our GM will perhaps put you in situations with multiple outcome but the best one may lead you down a victorious path. Your Oc would have a chance at a long life, or lose them forever though that don't have to be the case. We are still in development to make it much more enjoyable. As time goes on and Ideas flow we will build more for all to do. Hope you all give it a try, and my your souls be blessed.
A long long time ago, Celest the Goddess of Death decided it was time to make herself a home. It took years until she found a nice place below the Earth where half the place felt like hell and the other felt like heaven. She saw it as an equal balance for both life forces to live. The devils, demons, and fallen angels would live in the place that felt like hell. And the angels would live in the place that felt like heaven. Celest would go to visit both life forces often as everyone saw her as their ruler and lived up to her. She made sure both forces were treated equally, instead of being unfair to others. Celest named the heaven like place after herself, and named the hell like city Onyx, named after her younger brother.
Welcome to hell. Redeem your sins here or continue them in an eternal afterlife. Talk with other mortals as yourself, become a lesser being..or a god.. Meet "nice" people and release the chaos u have in your heart..welcome to hell..
Just started a new server and welcome new peeps.
A good ol' meme hell for all everyone no matter what. Nice bots, nice look of the server and most importantly, a nice community. Come join the fun!