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The princess of Hell has a brand new passion project: and no one is impressed.

To Rehabilitate Sinners! Give a second chance to those damned! She finds herself ending up with the entirety of hell laughing at here and a few select demons sticking around her ‘Hazbin Hotel’ in false support. Will the Hotel truly give a second chance? Or are sinners always going to be sinners? It’s your actions that influences the outcome of this little show, so why not pull up a seat?

The Hazbin Hotel awaits your arrival.
Welcome To Hell. Indulge in your sins, hang out, commit rape, murder, etc. If you believe yourself to be damned then we welcome you. Take a pet or get a master and head to the playroom for some nsfw fun or just simply explore hell. Whatever you wish to do and how however you wish to spend your time in hell is up to you, my home however isn't for everyone so enter at your own risk. Roles will be assigned by the guests choice, unless it is already taken then decide on something else.

Thank you and Enjoy .
PS: 18+ Only
《《 Hello, all you lovely people out there! My name is Diego (and maybe Satan in disguise) and I am the proud owner of... Hell's Hangout!

This is a lovely community server with plenty of friendly people from all over the world! Here, you'll find:

~ Events every other night!
~ Hard-working staff!
~ A safe place for absolutely everyone!
~ Games, fun bots, and more!

So come on, spend a little time in Hell with us. We promise we won't bite. ;) 》》
A roleplaying community that focuses on erotic role play, especially of the devilish variety. Come on in and enjoy roleplay with many other people or just to chill and hang out.
In the lowest crusts of reality lays a realm of fire, torment, and power. This realm is only known as 'Hell', and it's your new home.

The Dominion of Strength is an RP server focused on playing both Demons and the Damned in a setting focused on torture and various forms of growth. Grow into a Demon of ungodly might or just find a few to worship, most are welcome to the Domain of Strength.
Hey! Join us in hell!
Here we offer:
NSFW categories
Fun and caring staff
A great homelike community.
Come make us a good server!
Mk bye love yall
Our server is meant for people who think they will get into hell because of whatever reason, we are open for everyone, funny and talk about that stuff our brain forces us to go through sometimes too. So yea, hope to see you there
Welcome Fallen Demons to this new exciting server! This is a role play server for Hazbin Hotel fans! 18 & up. We offer Heaven, Hell, Mortal world, and Purgatory channels! As well as a truth and dare game room! Come join in the fun!
Hell RP Возвращение - это сервер, где вы можете сыграть за грешников, которые попали в ад. Здесь вы сможете найти:
• Путина, который является главой сильнейшей организации в аду - шизоидов!

• Вместо Дьявола у нас Дявон!

• Часто проводимые ивенты!

• Продвинутую экономику с большим магазином!

• RPG система с зачистками данжов и убийством монстров!

• Возможность выбрать любого героя из любого фильма/мультфильма/сериала и другого!

Это ещё не всё, ведь если мы вам расскажем что там есть ещё, вам, скорее всего, станет не интересно. Зайдите на сервер по ссылке снизу и узрите ИСТИННЫЙ АД!
Hop into the expansive world of A New Hell. A roleplay based around two places, Maplehills, a small mountain-town in Colorado with something big brewing under it, and the newly renovated Hell which has undergone massive changes and become a place that's not all too different from normal living. A crack between the two worlds has demons moving through and entering the overworld.

- Expansive details

- Lots of character freedom

- Welcoming and friendly server

- We love the gays! LGBTQ+ friendly!
This is Hell's Castle. NSFW is allowed, but in the NSFW channel. No NSFW content in the non-nsfw channels. If you fail to follow our community's rules, you'll have a 5 minute mute. If you fail again, it'll be a temporary kick. If someone adds you in the server when you were kicked temporary, they'll be kicked for 1 minute.

We will love you to come and stay at our server.

-S.X Devildom. The Server Owner (Known as Shiro)
18+ ONLY. Friend community with a Disgaea netherworld inspired theming. We pride ourselves on striving for a mid-size community for the older crowd. Actual edgelords need not apply. We're only open for a limited time so hop in quickly!
This is a really weird kinda server, also some people (including the owners) are very edgy. So join if u dare, we look forward to your presence. =P
We want hell to be a safe place where people can come and be themself without discrimination or bullying
Widzisz przed sobą wielkie wrota,
po bokach wyrzeźbione w ciemnym kamieniu
czarne kwiaty, a na samej górze tablica, z napisem:
╔═════ ∘◦⛧◦∘ ══════╗
╚═════ ∘◦⛧◦∘ ══════╝
Ơ̿͞d̛͛̔w̏͐͝a̋̒͌ż̋̅̍y͆̽̃ś͛͡z͋̿̿ s͐̊̊ì̆̇ę͐̉̄ w̒̐͛é̌͋j̽̃͠ś͌̚͞ć̒̑̕?̇̎̅
An organized community for Hell Let Loose part of a multigaming organization of 1700+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Hi, welcome to hell. We have dungeons. We have shops. We have 3 headed dogs. We have guns. We have a madman with a bow.
We offer:

Fun bots
Nice friendly staff and fellas
Voting compititions
A jail
And a place for Minecraft worlds.

We hope you enjoy!
This server is under new ownership.

Fire and brimstone once blazed across the land, trapping its rejected inhabitants in eternal suffering. But somehow, the flames cooled, and a King rose up from the ashes. He changed Hell for the better after his untimely demise from Upstairs. Now, the denizens of this kingdom have reached a comfortable way of living. However the King has a firm hold on his subjects, and crime is at an all time low. Many people come here with heavy hearts--and none can ever leave. In a world of strange creatures and curious personalities, everyone is free.

Welcome to Hell.

This is a (mostly) SFW RP server with many character classes to choose from. Your character is free to explore the realm of Hell and interact with others however they want. There's a dice-based combat system, extensive but not mandatory lore, and RP events. We're relatively casual here, and we accept mostly literate forms of roleplaying. We hope your stay here is fun... because it isn't easy to escape Hell.

Welcome to:
-Fun community
-Well set up rp with an intricate (but not mandatory) hp system
-Active staff
-Well designed lore
-Template can be doc or discord message
-Different set species to choose from
-Dice bot
-And so much more!

Enjoy your stay here~!
~Hi! Welcome to hell~
This is a server me and my friends decided to make to have a good time! Here we offer:
-Cool mods!
-Safe space for LGBTQ
-Memes for days
-A cool hangout place
-And much more!
We hope you decide to join us!
@everyone has admin. go crazy.
if u get easily offended or whatever go away <3
owner is desperate for a catgirl gf btw
Welcome to Hell's Fallen Angels

We worship elmo ;)

We have a lot of things to do, but this server is really new, so we might stiff be adding more stuff!

We have:

Self Roles
Fun Bots
Self Promos
Vibing Station
Locked up nsfw place for the weirdos
Friendly/weird staff
lgbtq+ friendly
some anime themes!

Join now! we're needing you ;)
Welcome to our server of the flaming hot demons and where we burn for eternity. We are now your demon buddies and shall guide you down the right path of hell.

》》》》》What we offer for you!《《《《《
🔥》 Bot channels to use for your disclosure!《🔥
🔥》A capable staff to fulfill your experience here in Hell.《🔥
🔥》A variety of colors for your beautiful usernames.《🔥
🔥》Our Edgy Hell Theme created for you.《🔥
🔥》Giveaways like Dank Memer Coins.《🔥
🔥》A very friendly owner to always welcome you!《🔥

We hope you enjoy your stay here and burn along with us in the depths of hell!

Server Link: