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╔══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ══════════╗
——————-=|Demon’s Basement|=-—————

➔ wake up you slutty demons

➔ Growing fast community!❥♛
➔ We are open to partnering! Join Today!❥♛

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——————-=| ೋღINFOღೋ |=-——————
➔ NSFW emojis/NSFW nitro emojis❥♛:hibiscus:
➔ Fun and chill hangout!❥♛:heart_eyes:
➔ NSFW!❥♛
➔ leveling system!❥♛
➔ Choose your own role color!❥♛
➔ React to get yourself some roles!❥♛
➔ Lots of fun bots!❥♛
➔ We announce birthdays!❥♛
➔ Art!❥♛
➔ Music!❥♛
➔ Food!❥♛
➔ Spam!❥♛
➔ Poetry Writing!❥♛
➔ Memes!❥♛
➔ Pets/Animals/Marine Life!❥♛
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18+ ONLY. Anime community with a Disgaea netherworld inspired theming. We pride ourselves on striving for a mid-size community for the older crowd. Actual edgelords need not apply.
┊ Disclaimer: This is a Multi-para and Novella roleplay only! By the way, we do not worship satan in any way.┊

彡 In a not so distant reality humanity has reached well past its saving point, causing the bounds that were keeping evil forces at bay to weaken, giving the underworld and its inhabitants the opportunity to open a portal right in the city of sin, Los Angeles. All kinds of demons now roam the streets, concealed by their human appearances. Although weakened by the recent transition these demons are still full of malicious intentions, and whether to serve their master or to satisfy their own thirst, they like to cause havoc wherever they go.

The server is also active outside of the role-playing game; Talk to us in voice chat, have a nice chat about all sorts of things (especially pets, we love those) or even deeper topics about characters and everyday situations. If you are not interested in roleplay, feel free to join anyway to just talk to us and maybe even track the story by joining as a spectator!

⠀⠀☾ — ;; What other things this server has to offer:

1 -- Own characters and already existing demons. Feel free to create your own demon character for our lore or pick an already existing demon known from religion, stories, mythology and folklore!

2 -- We are new! The best spots are still open!

3 -- We have own roles for your characters, and for ooc ones, like your pronouns! More to come.

4 -- Music Bot, Tatsu, Sigma ...

5 -- We have a special room for any kind of fanart you can make. We already have many drawings and shortstories pinned in our channel, go check it out!

6 -- Because we mostly only goof around outside of roleplay many dumb words escape our mouths, for this purpose only we have a meme- and a star-board channel to glorify our messages.

7 -- If you have trouble fitting in as a new member we have specials rooms called plotting and roleplay-requests. If you want to roleplay ask there first!
Welcome to HELL. Community of the damned. A voyage to places in your mind. Unfriendly community. Everything is a lie.
Looking for a divine circle of fiery storytelling with hellish RolePlay? Then I believe you've found the right place.

Our server includes:
-A safe place for all ages!
-An LBGT friendly staff, along with members!
-10+ Different Breeds of hellhounds to choose from (and the list grows)!
-Semi-Literate and Literate scenes of roleplay! (Nsfw is enabled)
- A continuous plot with all genres of scenery!
-Inclusive events to willing members! (Including art contests, lively voice calls, and interactive drawing with friends!)
-Ready-to-go Reaction Roles
-And so much more!

It revolves around our ongoing Hell-hound (vs) and Heaven-hound RolePlay!
Watch your step though, we bite. ;)
We're sure you'll have a hell of a good time with us, and we truly hope you consider joining our growing pack!
Frozen Hell is the server of the content creator Jeyawue and musician Crimzan.

Mainly as server of Jeyawue's creations (Comics, Collabs, Community Projects) the server developed more and more into a fun and chill server for people of all kind. Interested in Jeya's works or not.

We are friendly non-toxic people that like a good talk and discussions over concepts and characters. Besides channels centered around Crimzan and Jeyawue (Asks, fanart, etc) we also have funny bots, memes, feel-good-channel, RPG based bots, smaller discord games, roleplay and 2 own minecraft servers for fun.

♥ 𝕦𝕨𝕦 𝕥𝕠𝕨𝕟 ♥

«──────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ────────»
Shit that we have to offer 🎉:
・Variety of emoji's to express yourself 🤡
・Multiple bots to keep you busy ⌛
・Multiple channels for your specific needs 💦
・Accepting all the edgiest egirls and eboys there could be 😳
・The most open-minded staff their is, on
almost around 24/7 👹
・High moderation but our rules are limited 🙊
・It may say UwU but were not pussies, you are
for not joining 🍑
・Just fucking join already and stop reading
this 🖕


Still in the buisness of constructing, but it would be cool if you would join.
this is legit to do whatever you want, be a gamer with us though, also don't break the rules like a degenerate
We live in a world filled with 7.7 billion people, all with their own ideas, thoughts, philosophies, and ideologies. Some believe in Heaven and Hell, witches and warlocks; some believe in the Underworld, the Fields of Punishment and Elysium; some believe in Purgatory. Some don't believe in any of the realms stated. The fact is, it doesn't matter whether you believe in any of these, because once the soul leaves the body upon the grips of Death, it leaves everything behind and blindly follows, tugging at Death's sleeve. Whether the soul reaches a good place or a bad one is up to God or Satan.

So, where would you reach?

Join us! We have:
➸ Plenty of channels dedicated to RP!
➸ Active and positive admins and mods!
➸ A tightknit community with a familial bond!
➸ Detailed lore and exciting features!
➸ Events to partake in!
➸ Plots!
Do you like Roleplaying? Join Hell Realm, a fun experience of Drama, Karma, Romance and more! It's all about Supernatural (Or humans if you're more into that)

Are you not into Roleplaying but just texting with friends? You can still join! We have from Texting Channels to Voice Channels where you can hop on and have a great time with your friends, or maybe even make some new friends!

If you would like to join! Please be 13+ we're child friendly in some places. But at the same time please do not be 18+ We want our people to feel save on this server.

Come join Hell Realm for a good time with Friends and Family.

See you there~
This is the gates to hell's mansion hope you know what you're getting into hell's mansion is not a place for the young not the place for trusting the bowls not the place for people with weak stomachs or weak hearts it's foul play some discord where nobody would tribal they aren't halfway insane I hope to see you guys on the other side if you decide to come
°·.   · ✦       ·* . •   · •. ✶˚ .  ·✧ ˚    · . ·* . ✵. 

⊹ ·   . *    ..      .  °
ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ✶
✦ hoes mad - famous dex ·
✶ ılıılıılıılıılıılıılıılıılıılıılıılı ✶
: ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮
⊹ 0:45 ───●───── 2:44 *
✧ ↺͏͏ ◁ II ▷ ≡

── *・゚✧ ⁀➷ *⁎‥ ──

welcome to sinner club

what we offer :

➳ lots of roles
➳ aesthetic channels channels
➳ plenty of bots
➳ chill // fun people
➳ low moderation
➳ satanic // hell themes
➳ non-toxic community
➳ partnerships

── *・゚✧ ⁀➷ *⁎‥ ──

ღ i'm trying to make my server more active , so please help as much as you can ღ

── *・゚✧ ⁀➷ *⁎‥ ──

owner - tripps#5586
perm link -
banner -
Hi, welcome to hell. We are a new server looking to make friends and expand ourselves. Since we are so new, there are lots of opportunities to expand and add to the server. Mod applications are open. Check us out and give us a chance!
We have:
Reaction roles, which are always neat
Weekly contests for art and writing
Tons of channels to contribute
Openings for server mods
Suggestions open to benefit the server
Edge town for our edge mongers
Aesthetic feels for our aesthetic aliens
Clubs: book, anime, movie!

Join, hang out, have fun!
Evermour City, a continuation of the Evermour Highschool storyline, taking place three years after the events in the highschool, leading to it's destruction. The City allows for greater heights as to what your character could accomplish and gives the possibility for almost anything. Join now to get your daily dose of awesomeness, only made better with our amazing staff 🤗🤗
An organized community for Hell Let Loose part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Two forces collide in an all out war, only to end in the casualties of the masses and despair. For years now peace was brought to the worlds but now the forces of chaos and the forces of light are starting to rise up once again... Will you side with them or attempt to stop them?
this is literal hell. there are no rules. this is hell. *gurgle*
Come join us here in the Hell Strip Trip. I promise you'll enjoy it. But remember that they is always a price....
there is absolutely no moderation for this server. go hog wild. send literally anything.
Hey fuck face, let us tell you about Anarchy, the roughest server on Discord. We are a community full of crazy badass bitches who do and say whatever the hell we want at any fucking time. Don't worry about the rules here because we threw them out the window a long god damn time ago. It's the internet who gives a fuck? So come join us so we can tell you to go fuck yourself. And if not go fuck yourself anyways 🤬

Why join?

:fire: Freedom to be an absolute maniac :fire:
:fire: Staff that don't give a fuck :fire:
:fire: Straight fire banter :fire:
:fire: Tons of kinky shit :fire:
:fire: E-girls who are out of your league :fire:
:fire: More roles than you fucking deserve :fire:

Why are you still reading this? Get your bitch ass into Anarchy right now. If you think you can handle us :smiling_imp:

Anarchy will be the only successful server that doesn't have rules. Just have common sense, and you'll be good.