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We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
8 minutes ago
Welcome to oY ANGLES! There is a lot to offer in this little server! You can chat with friends and meet new people, listen to music with our different bots, you can have some fun with our bots and even vent out if you're feeling stressed! There's so much to do!
26 minutes ago
A pokecord server looking for new members! We have a league that will be coming soon and looking for people.
1 hours ago
Hihi! We're a super small community server (50+)
We're pretty chill and friendly here and we're looking to grow our little group and welcome new people in.
We have plenty of bots such as pokécord and tatsumaki, and 30+ custom kiwi emotes too! We also have a channel dedicated to fornite!
1 hours ago
Not only are we a hentai group, we are a community. We thrive to cure depression with cartoon pornography for all! We have channels to fit all your hentai and porn needs, but in grave need of collaborators to fill them. We have a level system that can land you mod, and an active community of friendly chatters. Come chat and have fun, or have your way with our ... /content/.
1 hours ago
With over 10 fun bots to play with, unique channels like #storytime and #fun-facts, and a mee6 level role every 5 levels, Rob's Hangout guarantees you'll never get bored.
1 hours ago
The world was hit with a powerful airborne agent in the year 1983, and it’s now 2025. The virus it brought is being passed down- but completely different! You can be a mutated beast, a powerful hero, a regular human, or a superhuman trying to blend in!

We have a lot of really edgy memes and channels, a lot of bots, and strange members. There’s lenient rules, too, which I’m some situations can be taken advantage of.
2 hours ago
Great server with lots of roles, friendly people, and plenty of NSFW. Lots of fun bots and games. Welcome to all, you're free to be yourself.
2 hours ago
We're a server dedicated to Detroit: Become Human with a positive community full of friendly people! The main purpose of this server is for the development of the bots we have available. Currently we have a public Connor RK800 Discord bot and quite a few others in development!
2 hours ago
Just a bunch of Steven Universe fans here! We do roleplay, fanart, and we have a theories channel. We are friendly to all, and support each other. We are a relatively new server, I worked hard to make it a good one, but it could always be better, so if you don't like it at first, head to #makethisservergreatagain and leave a suggestion!
2 hours ago

——————————[ ★ ]——————————

❥This server is for anyone and everyone under 18.
❥Make new friends, or more
❥Chill out, listen to music, play fun games, and talk!

——————————[ ★ ]——————————

【 𝒲𝑒 𝒽𝒶𝓋𝑒: 】

❥Raid protection
❥Friendly/helpful staff with your safety in mind!
❥Self roles & colors
❥LGBTQ+ channel
❥NSFW channel
❥Suggestion channel
❥Fun off topic things (starts at 15 human members)

——————————[ ★ ]——————————

【 𝐵𝑜𝓉𝓈 𝒞𝓊𝓇𝓇𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓁𝓎: 】

❥Dank Memer
❥and of course: Disboard

——————————[ ★ ]——————————

Please start reading at #❥rules, then work your way to #❥general, read all channels to get a feel for what we're about.

——————————[ ★ ]——————————
2 hours ago
Looking for a spot to advertise your discord server? Or maybe, you want to advertise your twitch channel? Come check us out and have a good time.

Daily reposting in 4 channels
Postings for other services
Server Growth Team
Dedicated roles for server owners and mods
Game giveaways and events
NSFW area
Music chill area
Self assign fun & color roles
2 hours ago
Visit our friendly Atelier! ✦ 18+ Anime/Gaming/Etc Discussion ✦ Home-brewed Emotes ✦ Alchemy Bot ✦ Nitro Giveaways ✦ Let's synthesize some great memories together!
4 hours ago
**FreeAppSW Server**
FreeAppSW Server is a little cosy guild mainly related to programming, tech and everything around it.
We feature:
• Custom bot with a dashboard
• Home to multiple bots
• Community feedback:
• • Suggestions and feedback channels
• • Polls before rolling up updates.
• Nice Staff
• There are Staff members online practically all the time
• Proper permissions setup, raid protection and spambot protection
• Lots of automation
• Fun events
• Lots of programmers in so you can get help with your projects
• Self-assignable roles
• Lots of channels for most purposes
• Partner friendly
• Advertising channels (however if you leave your ads will be removed)
Oh, If you have a bot you can request to add it!
**Invite**: <> (
5 hours ago
Server for everyone to chill & date with other discord users.
Our rules are simple: You will be good, We will be good.
We do weekly Events & Movie nights!
5 hours ago
Well, shit. I don't know what to say, join to meet some new people you've never met before, because uh, you'll never get this opportunity again and then my server dies and its people are sad.
5 hours ago
A pretty swell cult. All are welcome, regular events lively chat. What are you waiting for you bonehead!
5 hours ago
Join the Gaming Gamers today. The Gaming Gamers is a family friendly youtuber fan server! At the Gaming Gamers you can talk about all your favorite games, share images and links, and meet new friends!!! We still have a few staff applications open for certain roles so please make sure to find out what they are before you apply! Before you decide not to join the server just look at what you could be missing out on!

- A variety of different Voice Channels
- Multiple multipurpose bots
- A ROBLOX Group
- Very Friendly staff and members
- A Weather Room
- Memelord channel!!
- Sports channel!
- Giveaways!!
- Youtubers
- We even have events in ROBLOX games as well!!!

**SO DONT MISS OUT!!!! Join the Gaming Gamers Today!!!**
6 hours ago
NitroCraft is the discord server belonging to the NitroCraft Minecraft server. You can chat with our players and apply for staff. We offer a wide variety of people and games on top of being based around minecraft, as well as a chill place to relax and vent about toxicity and drama. Things on the discord include:
- Multiple chats, to spam away in one place and game in another
- Staff Applications for both Discord and Minecraft
- Fun Bots like Pokécord and Dice rolling
- Chat with In-Game Minecraft players on the channel without needing the game open
- Memes Channel, Art Channel, Music Channel, Youtube channel, and even some designated for those who need to spam
- Events and Giveaways
- Friendly members worldwide
And more for you to discover!
7 hours ago
❤️ Rapidly growing lewd community ❤ Join us and discuss about lewd! Chill and meet lewd people! ❤️ Currently at 3500+! ❤️
7 hours ago
Gaming/Anime community server with:
40 self assignable color roles
Heckin cool emojis
Automatic stream role
Thicc anime Thighs
NSFW (Unlocked with self assignable role)
8 hours ago

Things we have to offer:
Bank Raid Commands
Become the discord Mayor
Custom Bots
Need staff
Friendly members
All games
All consoles
Gaming for everyone!
Free VIP
Endless Fun
Growing fast
The list goes on…
8 hours ago
Официальный информационный паблик посвященный различным новостям, фильмам, арт, музыке (развлекательный контент для досуга) а также темам которые подвергаются цензуре и запрету в соц сетях
9 hours ago
Just a fun place to catch Pokemon, meet other people, and have fun! This is a safe and friendly environment, welcoming of everyone. We hope you come and give us a visit! We are in desperate need of MEMES!
9 hours ago