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Community 19
Newly made meme server. Come join for lots of memes, fun, ranks, bots, nsfw and more.
31 minutes ago
Not only are we a hentai group, we are a community. We thrive to cure depression with cartoon pornography for all! We have channels to fit all your hentai and porn needs, but in grave need of collaborators to fill them. We have a level system that can land you mod, and an active community of friendly chatters. Come chat and have fun, or have your way with our ... /content/.
34 minutes ago
Well its not that secret, but maybe it is very secret. it is a group chat. Like every other group chat with bots you know and a bear you might not know. Panda emotes etc etc.

tl;dr:: Dont be afraid. Come!
48 minutes ago
Community 23
we're a new server creating a variety of different channels including cats + plants ! come join 2 chill
58 minutes ago
Официальный информационный паблик посвященный различным новостям, фильмам, арт, музыке (развлекательный контент для досуга) а также темам которые подвергаются цензуре и запрету в соц сетях
1 hours ago
Community 122
We're an advertisement server offering alphabetized server categories~ DAILY REPOSTINGS~postings for other services~partnerships~dedicated roles ~ NSFW area~ bots ~ music~ memes~colored names~private channels~and more!
2 hours ago
Community 27
This is a server for everyone we accept all people and are laidback. We hope to be a safe place and welcome all people.
2 hours ago
All Games 16
Welcome! This server features:
Events: Game events, Prizes for the winners
Server Stuff: Level Roles, Multilinguals, Ability to be a Voice + Art Mod, Colour roles
Gaming: Game giveaways, Streams, Steam group, Music, Bots and Game Dev channels
Art: Photography, Digital and Literature
6 hours ago
Community 8
An everything goes community. There’s memes, and bots. A very chill server, to meet great, new people.
20 hours ago
Welcome to Dream Galaxy(16+)! We are a community that offers almost everything your heart desires! From anime/manga to roleplaying and NSFW channels. We are friendly, caring and welcoming server that hopes to grow and create a community that supports each other through anything. Come join us and help make this server the dream everyone has!
1 days ago
Just as dino nuggets, we put a simple spin to an old classic. The only thing is that we aren't extinct. Join the liveliest dinosaur party today!
1 days ago
Community 21
Upcoming furry & anime chat server.
💬 -Many channels for your enjoyment.
🎮 -Gaming channels (gaming events starting eventually)
🤖 -Interactive bots, such as tatsumaki, or discord RPG
👥 -Roleplay channels
📲 -Channels for posting media.
😏 -meme channels
🗣 -Different voice chats
🎨 -as-well as art channels, for posting commissions and artwork you have made!


— Active admin —
3 days ago
Hello! We are hosting an online Discord Rp server called "The Mansion". In this server, we take rp seriously, and like to have quality, and quantity in rp! We have several event occur over time, which diversifies the experience. Join us today! We look forward to seeing you here.
3 days ago
StockCast Community
German / English Gaming Community.

We are looking for friendly people.

Our goal is to grow, so join us and have fun.

- Chilled Server Team
- Moderation-Bots
- Private Channels
- Level/Ranking System
- Partnerships
- Clean CHAT

We would be very happy if you came.
We don't want anyone...

Our server isn't restricted to any topics. You can chat about whatever you want. Time-Zone: CET
5 days ago
come join us, if you want access to nsfw, dm me or an admin
5 days ago
All Games 37
Join the Gaming Gamers today. The Gaming Gamers is a family friendly youtuber fan server! At the Gaming Gamers you can talk about all your favorite games, share images and links, and meet new friends!!! We still have a few staff applications open for certain roles so please make sure to find out what they are before you apply! Before you decide not to join the server just look at what you could be missing out on!

- A variety of different Voice Channels
- Multiple multipurpose bots
- A ROBLOX Group
- Very Friendly staff and members
- A Weather Room
- Memelord channel!!
- Sports channel!
- Giveaways!!
- Youtubers
- We even have events in ROBLOX games as well!!!

**SO DONT MISS OUT!!!! Join the Gaming Gamers Today!!!**
6 days ago
All Games 32
Welcome to MarksmanGuys official discord!

This discord is not only for fans of MarksmanGuy, but is also welcome to anyone who wants to come and chat. We host game parties and other game nights where we all get into a voice chat and play different games together allowing the whole community to come together and bond. As a Founder
of the server ı just wanted to create a server that incluedes all types of games.See you all there, enjoy!!
9 days ago
Movies 5
A new community created by GamingBanana8 (Banana on the server) for Star Wars fans to share their love for Star Wars. A place where everybody happily can talk about Star Wars and also some off-topic stuff. With fun additional features like bots, a variety of chats, nice staff and the Force.
12 days ago
In Emoji Server Links, we are responsible for listing and publishing emojis of different registered Discord servers, in order to help and facilitate the search for each user. In the server you will find many emojis divided by channels, It's super easy to download them and upload it to your server.
12 days ago
Community 21
Come join the official Lark Shark Discord Server! We have a great community of people. We have lots of laughs. We have lots of bots to keep you entertained. Lots of custom emojis too (even for Nitro subscribers!).
12 days ago
Fun, NSFW, Games, Bots, Friends, Lounges, Chat, art and more!
13 days ago
Community 11
Open to all! [Dedicated Staff, Bots, Personal Lounges, Plenty of Text/Voice channels, Active-Membership, Role-play area, and more!]
14 days ago
Apollo is a server a created for everyone to share and join each other's communities. You can advertise servers, media accounts, websites, services and more!
14 days ago