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Welcome to Ana and Ronan's chill palace!
This is a server made by two people. You know who they are.
Anyways, like games and just not doing much of anything in general?
Well god damn, you are gonna like this server!
It's a server where you can talk about many games or your choosing, and meet new friends!
We also have a lot of bots for your amusement!
And if you are a filthy sinner, we also have 4 NSFW channels!
2D, 3D, Yaoi, and Yuri!
Christ is watching.
We have over 40 emotes!
We have MUCH, MUCH more, but you'll have to join the server~
A server with fun bots, a lot of roles, and a lot of channels to explore.
The server is managed by one person currently (ME) so you can most likely help.
The ranks in the server are based on currency in the server.
(Warning it has a NSFW channel in there but can be blocked with a role)
(Also cursing is allowed but certain words aren't)
Welcome to Code Heaven!

◆ About ◆
We are a new community that brings anything to do with bots, and programming to one Discord server!

➜ Use popular bots such as Pokécord, and Dank Memer!
➜ Develop and test your own bots!
➜ Custom bots help keep our server organized.
➜ Add your own bot!
➜ Get help with your code!
➜ Get your own, custom made bot for your server!
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
This is the Aperture Science discord for the Pokecord bot! And pokemon in general! Have fun reliving your childhood in this discord!
🔶🔸Cera is **THE** chillserver to hav fun on and relax🔸🔶

We offer you:
- Active staff. 👥
- Active community. 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️
- Weekly giveaways (Soon monthly bigger giveaways) 🎁
- Special giveaways for people who are active on the Server. 💝
- Leveling system for chatting, with different rewards. 💯
- 3 Music bots, Tatsumaki, Giveaway and more. 🤖
- Many roles. 😛
- Economy system with buyable stuff. 💸
We are a growing community, our goal is friendship and fun.
Please join us as we grow and make new friends.

WE Have:
Girls Corner,
Man Cave,
Lots Of Bots,
Creativity Channels,
and so much more.
We are a buncha friends enjoying each other’s company, we are crazy, fun and all around awesome. We love new people, so please come to our little slice of heaven and join us.

We Have many exciting channels:

NSFW channels
Selfie channels
Art Channels
RP channels
bot spam
music ect.
idle rpg
Growing Gaming Community, Various Bots, Ranks n' Rewards, Chill/Chat/Play WITH OTHER GAMERS!
Welcome to Harmony and Discord we have a variety to offer:
-Small list of rules!
-Friendly yet small community!
-Leveling up!
-Fun games!
-Customizable profiles!
-60+ Emotes!
-React roles!
-Lots of Bots!
-Music/Music Chats!
-Meme Chats!
-30+ Self-assignable Roles!
-Art chat!
-plenty of NSFW channels!
-Reccommendation channels!
-Pokecord bot!
We are small in staff numbers, however we try to keep on top of management on the server, so please feel free to sign up for staff!
Need a place to advertise your server? Or a place to meet new friends and play games? Well, the Ad Arcade is the place for you!

Here, we invest our time into our two main features; our advertising outpost and the arcade arena where there are different minigames to be played and more. Can't wait to see you there!
If you like both music (mostly) and role play, then Mobile's Nightclub is for you. It is under development so feedback would be appreciated. This server is made for more moosic and role play channels though it is mostly made for music.
- Over 15 bots that utilize the music commands
- Over 15 music channels made for the music bots I added
- Bot commands you can use.
- Over 15 role play channels you can use for roleplay
- A channel for gaming
- A meme channel.
- No NSFW, No NSFL and nothing like that.
- A channel for you to self promote. (You can form a sponsorship/partnership with me, DM mobile for details)
- A Roblox channel and some safe channels when you need them.
- A vent channel when you need it the most whenever you're going through a rough time.
- and more
Mobile is open for staff so let him know for details or go to #mods-criteria in my server. Mobile is also open for partnership/sponsorship so you can DM him for details.
Let me introduce you to Eevee City! 🦊

A Pokémon Server that is looking for new active members to add some fresh air to the community! We are a friendly community which uses a bunch of cool bots like Pokécord and Pokéverse to satisfy all your possible Trainer needs! We frequently added a new bot to try out!
Besides that we also are a welcoming and helping to talk about whatever.✨

Catch wild pokémon, compare your Dex, trade and also battle trainers on this fabulous server or just have a fun time! 🎉

Gyms, auctions, giveaways and lots cool bots are waiting for you in Eevee City!
Plz Come And Join my server.could use some partner managers,we have also started having events
tuesday=movie night
friday=gaming night
saturday=karaoke night
sunday= Guess the song night
Hello everyone I am here to invite you to EpicKing Hangout Discord, Here you can talk to all sorts of people that might have the same interests as you, and certainly interesting people!

We have loads of VC's and Fun Chats for you to enjoy!

We also run nightly events

Features in our server
High Moderation - Our staff monitors the chat seriously and mute or ban those who break the rules!
Event Roles - You can win a role for the more competitive events!
Lots of 24/7 music bots! Join the chat, relax and listen to music!
Staff - Professional/Respectful/Fun Staff
We have self assignable roles!
This is Addict's Warf Chat, a new discord community aimed at those who prefer a more casual approach to community severs
What we have to offer right now is
a non toxic community
staff applications
a meme bot
Channels we have include
dank memes
role play
That’s about it right now
We hope you join in on the fun
# gtrx's meme cave

Looking for a high quality server to talk about memes?

Our server has a great, growing community, many fun bots (like pokécord for catching em all, dank memer, notsobot, etc), lots of high quality emotes, meme templates, auto posting memes and much much more!

What are you waiting for? Join now!
Fun server with many bots, open partnerships, open staff, NSFW channels, active staff and top class memes. Rules are minimal, but strict, toxicity and venting allowed.
Join us!
You will be very welcome.
Wee Lads is a growing community for oddball personalities to share their memes, messages, thoughts and much, much more! If you wanna help us grow it would be greatly appreciated!
--𝙖𝙙𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙩 𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙡--

✔ Channels to advertise your server in alphabetical order
✔ Bots for management
✔ Hiring staff
✔ Partnering with any server (Higher servers get special channels)
✔ Growing community looking for servers like yours to be active in

Why don't you join today? It's free to get more members on your server
This server is brand new where the intent is to allow people to have fun while chatting, battling on pokemon showdown, challenging the pokemon league, and so on. So come join if you want to be a part of this server and its various events.

What we offer:
-Level-Up roles
-Challenge the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four
-Chance to become the Champion
-Hold your spot as Champion in the Title Defence
And much more!

So can YOU make it to the top?
Nitro Emotes. a GIF emotes server for people with nitro!
come and join us!

• We have loads of gif emotes! 100 to be exact!
• We have cool bots!
• We are very friendly!
• Giveaways every week!
• Loads of Self Roles/Color Roles

We are hoping to get 500+ members! So come and join now!
All Are Welcome!
Just a lil server to chat to people in. Come on in and try help us make it more active.