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Fort Ravi is a SFW server focused on games

> You can share memes, art, make giveaways (if you have the role which isn’t hard to get), etc.
> We allow self promo as long as it’s not another Discord server
> If you want to promote a Discord server, you have to partner with us
> We’re homophobia, racism, sexism, and other bigoted ways of thinking free
> If you want something added or changed, we have a suggestions channel
> We have an economy using Purity, and other bots for you to have fun with
> Currently a Nintendo Switch focused server, but plan to expand in the near future
> Nice people to befriend
> Surprisingly active server for such a small server
> And more and more to come
Hot 'N Spicy #1 OwO Bot Clan. Most Sweaty Bot Grinding Community. **WILL NEED TO BE VERIFIED BY STAFF UPON JOINING.**

- Friendly/active community.
- People always around to help.
- Welcoming of all nationalities
- Diverse server, members from all countries.
- Grind heavy bot environment.
- Top server/clan in bots.
- OwO Bot giveaways and events.
- #1 in OwO Bot.
- #2 in Virtual Fisher.
- #7 in Anigame.
- Massive amount of active bot spams.
- 40+ bots to explore
- Level 3 server boost for 500 kickass emojis!

Come join us and have some bot fun in our hardcore sweaty community. ;)
18+ BDSM Server

Self Assignable Roles!
Specific Kink Channels!
Friendly community
PREMIUM Dank Memer server focused on trading and giveaways.
- We have Rob and Heist DISABLED
- 5 million in Daily heists and millions in daily giveaways
- PREMIUM = faster cooldowns, WEEKLY/MONTHLY bonus coins, automemes
- We do DAILY friendly heists
- Cheap prices for dank memer items
- Fun events with great rewards
- Friendly community

**__Swof's Hangout__**

```Hello, this is a server for mostly chatting but we are a very small server and we hope more people will join, there is also tons of gaming channels and stuff just designed for gaming. This is mainly a server to chill and maybe meet some new people.```

`Server Has Been Partially Revived`

:cherry_blossom: Reasons To Join :cherry_blossom:

:cherry_blossom: Tons of Video Game Chats and VCs:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom:This Server **IS** LGBQT+ Friendly:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Insult The Owner Channel:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: All Races Are Accepted:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Suggestion Channel:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Tons of Fun Bots:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Post Memes:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Server Polls:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Self Roles:cherry_blossom:
:cherry_blossom: Counting:cherry_blossom:

*__Maybe you c-could umm maybe **join?__***


We are also looking for staff, to apply, apply in the #apply-for-staff-here channel.
welcome to — 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐜𝐚𝐭.
this is a 14-25 server, so if youre any younger or older, we suggest going somewhere else.

a chill server with cool people that you can hang around with and get to know.
self roles, bots, a helpful staff team, we got it.
if you're willing to help us grow, come on in and make yourself at home.

owner: maja#7732
invite link:
✨A new, welcoming, and friendly community
🌈Gamers of all types, on many platforms
✨Music and game bots, including Dank Memer, OwO Bot and UnoBot
🌈International base, with people from all over the world
✨Aesthetic-themed server
🌈Hidden NSFW channels
✨Self-promo channel
The Grand Order is a community server that offers:
- Active and non-toxic community!
- Rules and regular moderation keep the server in check to make sure the community stays that way.
- Multiple interests and unique discussions, with dedicated channels for memes and media.
- 10+ bots like Pokecord, Mudae, and more.
- Interactive bot events, fun party games, and giveaways.
- Dedicated games sector to stream and connect.
- Constant updates always coming on influenced by community input!
This is a support server for a bot I'm working on, it offers some nice perks when using the bot, and if you are active in the server, you get even more perks.
We're a server where people of all types can come and chill out and we will occasionally play Minecraft together. We have a section dedicated to role playing and we also have dedicated pokecord and enchanted rpg sections as well! We don’t judge and we’re here to offer mental support to any and all who want it! We’re all friends here and we have a strict policy to keep the baddies out.
This is a chill hangout server. We use the bots we have to have extra fun to for example be put in jail, kill people, be in ships, etc. We welcome any Reaper that would want to join.
Welcome to chill, where everyone is non toxic and where is play you can chill
We have:
-Bots you can use




-friendly people .

-Partnership if your interest .

-any languages are excepted

Feel free to join the sever, if your interest and make new friends
Welcome to Anime Hangout!
Here, you can have some fun with the bots and chatting with the members, the server is still growing, so, we don't have a lot of people right now, help us improve it and make it bigger!

A small and new server made for Astolfo and his fans (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
We're a chill place where you can talk to others about Astolfo or just random things when you are bored. We keep it nice and clean, and toxicity free. We provide:

❃ Astolfo Emotes - Because we love Astolfo, our server has a variety of emotes, only of our trap KING
❃ Leveled Roles - Custom Leveled roles for our active members.
❃ Active Staff - Our staff is dedicated to help our members anyway we can, and we'll be there ASAP when needed
❃ Partnerships - We're always hiring new PMs to help advertise and grow our cult
❃ Fun Bots - We worship Astolfo but also have lots of fun bots like mudae, anigame, ramen, pokemeow, and more!
Currently hiring Partner Managers
Wanna see what else there is to us? Join us and see for yourself!
Hello everyone 👋, my server is a hangout area for you to make new friends! Currently at the moment we need a ton more of members. -HFL_Haajai30
✖️The Graveyard⚰️✖️

Just a small and very friendly server. A very welcoming place that is always active. Join to make new friends or just to chill if you’re bored. We are always looking for new people!


▪️ 16+ only
▪️ Drama free, nontoxic environment!
▪️ minimal rules (just don’t be an asshole)
▪️ very active
▪️ chill
▪️ active voice chats
▪️ tons of music
▪️ friendly staff
▪️ games
▪️ tons of bots
▪️ great emotes
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊.⋆˚
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✧
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚➶ 。˚ ☁︎
┊ ┊ ┊ ☁︎ :cake: ✧
┊ ┊ ☪︎.
┊ ✱               :shaved_ice:   ✦              
✧ ⋆ . ┊ . ✱˚   .:white_heart:✧
 ˚ ✩. :ballet_shoes:✦

╰─➤ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ: :wedding:
—:Aesthetic Server (new)⎰:ballet_shoes:⎱
—: Friendly staff and members ⎰:cake:⎱
—:Nsfw incorporated server ⎰:white_heart:⎱
—:Plenty game bots and activities ⎰:ice_cream:⎱
—::rainbow::cherry_blossom:LGBTQ+ friendly
—:Anime and Kpop concept ⎰:love_letter:⎱
**Enjoy your stay!**
What is Godric's Hollow?

Godric's Hollow is many things. A place to hang and chat with friends, a place for harry potter fans, a place of rest, a place of safety, a place to come back to after grappling with the rigours of the world. The Hollow is an oasis in the desert, the Hollow is paradise and should you wish it, the Hollow can be where you and your friends come together to indulge in the joys of life.

This server is a community. A society; a collection of minds. And like the mind, it is always growing and evolving as do we all. It is both a fortified haven and a work in progress, and will only get better with time! It is intended to be a community where you and your friends can always return to. Things may change, and we may grow or shrink, but this place will always be what it will always be, should you choose to allow it: your home... Godric's Hollow

What do we offer?

» Bots, bots and more bots such as Shoob, Ramen, Anigame, Karuta, Isekai Maid, Dank Memer, OwO, etc.
» Supportive, caring and friendly Staff!
» Goofy Owner who tends to lose at emote battles.
» Reward Leveling System!
» Weekly interactive events such as, Guess the Pokémon, Trivia night, Boardgames night etc.
» Monthly Movie and Karaoke Nights!
» Music and Chill Nights
» Hogwarts House Competitions
» Art Competitions
» Trainer of the Month | Awesome prizes for not only the most active, but for everyone!

Thank you all for taking the time to read! I hope Godric's Hollow is the place for you!
Welcome to bubbles!
I made this sever when i was bored so don't take it too seriously 😂
⚀ Self-roles
⚁ Roles that you can get that give you their own message chats
⚂ Invite rewards
⚃ Music bots
⚄ Bots
⚅ Level roles
We accept any partners with ANY number of members! Just have fun and make new friends!
Hello people in this server you can meet new people,play pokecord, beycord, chill and chat with people!
we offer :-

1.Self assignable roles & colors
2. Welcoming community Custom emotes
3. Gym Battles & Boss Battles
4. Unique leveling system
5. Always looking for PMs & Partners
6. Lot's of Trainers & Beybladers
7. Giveaways & Events.
A chill discord server dedicated to the community! We host fun events like group gaming sessions and movie nights! We hope we can see you here in The Lounge!