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🌠ꅏꈼ꒒ꀯꂦꂵꈼ ꋖꂦ ꋖꍩꈼ ꌚꉣꁲꀯꈼ ꉣꂑꂦꋊꈼꈼꌅꌚ🌠
Join us on our adventure through space in our space ship and our small community!🌟
We offer:

😄: Friendly members!
🌈: 33 Assignable roles inculding 26 color roles!
🐸: Memes!
🕵: Limited rules!
🤖: Many fun bots!
-Aki bot
-Diamond Dog for gambling
-Yui bot
-And many many more!
⬆: Leveling system!
🤝: Partnerships!
This server is mostly for pokecord and pokeverse but we have a very active community!
Hello! Meme Factory is about Memes, We have bots people in our group are pretty chill, so yeah, if you want you could join 😎
A server meant for sharing and finding new things (games, series, art, etc) while having a good laugh

16+ | We're an open-armed community looking for all types of members to help our community grow and connect with each other. ✨

Bots, Memes, Chill, Roles, Sleep

About us:
- Sleep pings and looking for sleep partners ping
- Small welcoming community
- Interactive and listening admins
- Chill people
- Weekly winners
- Frequent update (not without asking the community in polls)
- Ping settings
- Rewards for being active
- People from all around the globe

All this and much much more!

On top of all this great stuff if you don't like it, you can leave in two clicks!
The Wyvern Team is a development team that works on many bots. In this server you'll find help, docs, and support on our bots.
Old games defined an entire generation. Games like Half Life, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and others used to keep us locked on our PC for hours. Sadly, those games have been forgotten by most players...except for some. This server aims to YOU, the gamer that still loves old games but can't find a match. With this server, you'll be able to find some people to play your favorites game with someone. This is a list of some of the features in this server:
-Private voice channels to communicate with your teammates, hosted by the bot "VoiceMaster";
-Channels dedicated to particular games, where you can find someone to play with, share some screenshots or discuss about that game;
-Some small minigames hosted by the bot "GamesRob";
-Meme channel and the bot "Dank Memer";
-Soon there will be some giveaways and events for your favorite game!
-Suggestions channel for what you want to see in our server!
We hope to see you there soon!
This is a new server filled with an amazing community. We are currently trying to grow and we welcome everyone. This place is filled with e girls and boys. We don’t have much rules as with some self assignable roles.
Drop by for a visit we can have a mukbang with some chai ☕️
Willkommen auf #GAMES!

Wir bieten Dir

+ abwechslungsreiche Events
+ coole Bots
+ lustige Minispiele
+ Text- und Sprachkanäle
+ ein Chat-XP-System
+ Custom Emojis
+ ein Partner & YouTuber Programm

und vieles mehr!

Schau bei uns vorbei! ⭐
Welcome to my server. At my server we have a wild selection of the things to do here such as talk about gaming, anime, play with the various bots added here and overall have a great time. You can talk to me, or any admin so available if need be. We open you have fun here!
Hiya! Welcome to the cafe lounge where we have amazing bots and members !
We currently have
🌸《Self roles/colors》🌸
🌸《12 amazing bots》🌸
🌸《Active Owner》🌸
🌸《Very nice members》🌸
We hope to see you in the cafe lounge!

Nao Land is a brand new server. Its server where we talk about things like gaming and more!

- No NSFW!

- We take emote ideas and suggestions for the community!

- We are a very friendly community!

- We have plenty of activities with our OwO, Dyno, Dank Memer, etc!

We hope to see there!
Hey there, If your looking for an RP Sever or just a place to be and talk this Sever is the right place to be there is no Judgmental people and our Sever is a Beginning one so a lot of New Opportunities can happen if you welcome yourself in
We are a meme shitposting server who is looking to expand our numbers. We have:
20 Bots
Dank Shitposts
Homemade Memes
Cringy Memes
Carefully Curated Memes, the bad ones will get removed! (The more of you join, the higher quality this will become!)
Fair and equal rules for all!
Anti-Raiding measures to prevent your fun from being spoiled!
Custom colour roles!

Don't forget to read the rules!
Welcome to MinePeak, the pvp experience never found anywhere! This server has the following:
-A Minecraft integration: for users that cant connect to our Minecraft server, but need to speak to their friend. We got you covered!
-Nice staff team: when the moderating is more than a thing, we take that seriously!
-Infinity of users to play with: as more we grow, more players will be available to game together!
-A really organized server: to fit all your needs. Who doesnt have a microphone? He is covered too!

What are you waiting for? Join a constantly growing server with every need you ever dreamed!
The Golden Eagle [TGE] is a community where you can find anything you need. From BOT-Games, to spam channels, you can find everything you need here.
What do we offer?
-Active Community
-Fun Events, ECT.
Welcome to LGBTeen Café! This is a community-based server focused on teens part of the LGBT community. Our server offers:
~an active community
~many bots to fiddle around with
~self roles
~a leveling system
~a fun theme
And much more!
A server where you can rot with the other people in this server. We post memes and you have the power to become a mod every once in a while. You have the free will to make roles, emojis, channels once you join.
Hello there🎉! Curious to find a server? Well guess what, this server is all purpose🔥. Meaning, you can use this server for everything! Join us now!🍪
Hey du! Ich will dir mal einen schönen Server vorstellen der dich vill. interessieren könnte wurde■_■!

Wir bieten:

Ein tolles Entertainment Paket
Giveaways, wo du tolle Preise abstauben kannst!
Einen übersichtlichen Server!
Natürlich kannst du auch Werbung für deinen YT,TW oder Discord Server machen : D
Ein nettes und hilfsbereites Team
Selfroles damit DU nur das hören willst was du magst!

Und vieles mehr......

Mass dich überraschen, vill. Sehen wir uns einmal!
Platypus is a nice server to meet new people. Kind of toxic . . . :3

> Anime
> Music
> LGBTQ+ Supportive
> Memes
> Roleplay
> Art
> Bots
- Marriage Bot
- Pokecord
- SlotBot

Come and meet new people on Platypus. I know you'll enjoy it.

Sad Boxes Is a small friendly community server where you can talk/chat about video games memes and more! We have various bots that you can use . We have moderation bots that stop trolls from ruining your time on the server . If there are any issues that you notice feel free to message the owner or co-owner about the issue and we'll try to resolve your issue! Have fun!