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Welcome the Naruto Village crash!
Here you can do all shorts of things!
-Custom Jutsus
-Custom Clans
-Custom Kekkei Genkai
-and more Custom items!
-Explore and meet new people
-Friendly Community
-Friendly Staff
-Active Staff
-Come and Hang if u want
-Voice chats
-And so much more! Just come and join!

Become a shinobi that conquers the world with fear and hatred or save the world from the evils beyond imaginary! Become a sage and teaches children your way of peace or power. Be a Jin and be feared by all members of the village but use that chakra to define your future! All the possibilities you can do! It’s infinity possibilities come on down and try all of them out! 🥳
Best community you'll ever encounter in your life! Find friends and even love!

This server was made for everything and anything adorable. We strive to form a close knit community where everyone is safe to express themselves and get support.

What the server has to offer is:
⚛ Self assignable roles!
⚛ Plenty of bots to mess around with in your free time.
⚛ A chance to meet friendly people to chat with.
⚛ We are looking for staff!
⚛ Tons of fun channels for you to chat and share things in!
⚛ Channels to share all types of art from pixel art to paintings!

⚛Why not join to find out for yourself and stay a while~!? We're looking forward to meeting you⚛
Welcome to Web Center!
We are a new discord server that pays people to give feedback about our websites and maybe help out where they can!

We create websites for people and we have:

Test websites, help out, and GET PAID!
Enjoy your stay.

Alternate server:
great server for everyone we love to chat and have fun. you can be yourself we won't judge. just have fun and chat.
This is a fun server for everyone to enjoy, we want everyone to make friends chat and do whatever. We have many things to offer but if we don't have it then we will work to add it. So please join our amazing server
A fun server where you can make friends and just be yourself. we have bots and you can even advertise your servers in are advertise channel. Are bottom role is customer but if your active and nice i can make you a maid or butler. were also a safe space for those who just need to talk. so please join us and make some memories together
Just a server trying to kick it's feet off the ground with new members. The server has a mix of themes.
Just chatting about anything really just as long as you somewhat respect the rules. Just nice chatting. You can also mess around with the bots here as well.
~Cult of Mystic City~
Mystic City is what it presents. Mystery. This city is deep in a forest away from civilization, but it thrives more than the regular, maybe even better. Here as residents of Mystic City are many diverse creatures such as demons, angels, witches, exorcist, orcs, anything you can bring to the round table. This is a place of opportunity but there's one thing that must be known. The Cult Must Prevail. The Cult of Mystic City is ruled under the one and only Sinner Warhog, who happens to be a somewhat immortal religious leader. Join us to find the backstory of this sinner, and help the cult become more than it already is!

~What is in Our Server!~
✬Casual Roleplay
✬Easygoing Chatrooms
✬Active Administrators
✬Welcoming Members
✬Fun Bots to Mess Around With
- Музыкальный боты.
- Русскоязычное и не только сообщество для всех кто хочет поиграть или общаться.
- Хорошая администрация. - Возможность предложить идею для роли или улучшение сервера.
join hell right now, you have a 50/50 chance of going when you die anyway
Just a server to hangout in and talk. Friendly and welcoming people. Can do whatever as long as the rules are followed. Can come and go as you please. Make friends or mess around with the bots that are included. Does have a nsfw section but only accessed with specific tags.
gtrx's meme cave
Are you interested in dank memes? Do you want to have fun with others like you? I have the perfect server for you! We have a great, growing community with many features, such as offensive and non-offensive chats, limitless color roles, optional announcement pings, a well set up rank system and much more! Join now!
Its a fun hangout with loads of bots to play with and chats to talk to people
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord, Pokeverse and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- Gyms!
- Frequent giveaways!
- A kind community, who welcomes everyone!
Hang out and make new friends this is a friendly server so feel welcomed to join and hangout :3!
✿.。.:* ☆::. Welcome to Possible Palace .::.☆*.:。.✿

We are a fun, diverse server for all! Anyone is welcome, as long as they follow the rules!
Our server includes, but is not limited to:
ღ Friendly, welcoming staff
ღ Fun Emotes
ღ Bots for fun and convenience
ღ Self assignable roles
ღ And a variety of fun chats (Including "Question of the Day", "K-Pop", various roleplay chats and more)
ღ And so much more!

Questions or concerns? Message @MadHatterMojo#0645
This is a pokecord catching server, welcome mini mimikyu’s!
Hello! Welcome to our gaming hideout. This is where you can meet a whole variety of people with similar game interests as you. We are a server in the North-Western Hemisphere. This server is run by @Emmanuelv7 and his fellow chosen administrators @JoWo , @fluffy , and @firegod080 (so far). This is a place where you can chill, relax, and meet new people to play with.

•Several bots to play with
•Many people to interact with
•Wonderful Community
•Lots of channels
•Current Member count: 68
Are you tired of the same old boring bots with updates that come once in a full moon? A support server where there's no actual support. Well the Gaming Gal's support server is the complete opposite; We have tons to offer:
• An active server with helpful and respectful staff.
• Frequent updates and tweaks for the bot.
• A say to make the bot/support server even better!
• Hours of fun.
• An Intriguing and awesome bot
• An owner which actually cares about the members opinions!

Alex_#8083 is the proud owner of Gaming Gal.
Hi! We are mare tranquillitatis, a small hangout server. We'd appreciate it so much if you would take time out of your day and join us. We offer:

☾ an LGBTQ+ friendly community!
☾ a ton of self assignable roles!!!
☾ a very active owner! amazing staff!!!
☾ daily question!
☾ vent and support channels!
☾ reddit feeds!
☾ an economy bot!
☾ partnerships!
☾ and so much more!

We'd appreciate if you'd join our little corner of the internet. ☾
🐺The Ultimate Wolf Pack🐺

Wolf Pack Server for anyone who wants to roleplay with us as a human or wolf or just want to chill with us. Feel free to join for people who like to play as furries or just a typical human being, you will have a fresh hut/den to live in, there is always plenty of food and water and farms to harvest from and a lot to explore! We're always expecting new pups to join the Wolf Pack!
Things we have in this server:

♡❤ Fun activities such as the 8ball, leveling bots, dailies.
♡❤ Venting
♡❤ Voice chatting
♡❤ Art Channels
♡❤ Selfie channels
♡❤ Roleplays
♡❤ Anime/Manga channels
♡❤ Gamer channels for those who love gaming.
♡❤ Meme’s
♡❤ We have self assign roles
♡❤NSFW for those kinky people ;)
♡❤ Kpop channels

♡❤ We are currently working on events for our server.

We have friendly, active staff, please join the Wolf Pack! We’re small but we’re mighty!