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Community 80
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey babes. This is a fun, friendly and growing server. I'm usually always active, come to chat, listen to music, play with our bots, post memes, etc.
10 hours ago
Community 27
Demons' lair is a community-bots server with lots of ranking bots,game bots and lot of fun!
Demons' lair features are:
✓A server theme: Hell
✓Ranking bots: Miki,Yui,Geola,Mee6 and Tatsumaki
✓Game bots: Discordrpg,Casinobot,Akinator, Unbelievaboat and Snailracing
✓Staff roles: Devil,Minion,Strong Minion,Titan,Guardian,Cerberus and Satana
✓Spam channel
✓Counting channel
✓Truth or dare channel
✓Music bot: Rythm
✓Roles which can be unlocked at certain levels at mee6: Trained Demon,Alpha Demon and Supreme Demon(Supreme Demon will give you the chance to become staff member)
✓Cool emojis
✓An update channel to see what we added to the server
✓An events channel to get free things.
✓A suggestion channel to suggest what would you like to be added.
Join now and you will never regret:
1 days ago
In Emoji Server Links, we are responsible for listing and publishing emojis of different registered Discord servers, in order to help and facilitate the search for each user. In the server you will find many emojis divided by channels, It's super easy to download them and upload it to your server.
3 days ago
Welcome! We are a brand-new server. There are still different staff positions open.

Do you want anime? Check
Do you want bots? Check
Do you want music? Check
Do you want games? We got you covered

We have everything you need, and if we don't have it yet, we'll add it.
12 days ago
Community 31
We have a general chat for just chilling out and talking but we also have other chats such as Real Talk used to get things off your chest and open up. All roles are earned in our server and have meaning
13 days ago
All Games 25
Slav Central

Hello Comrades! My name is James or @Kup#7868 and i run the Slav Central discord server.
We are a communist community committed to Vodka and Squatting.
We have our own Bartender That delivers our drinks to us once you
join use ~menu in the winchester!

Reasons to join:

• Bartender, Meme and Gamestat Bots.
• Custom Bots! Coded by me.
• Active Moderators and Admins.
• Gaming Channels.
• Fun Channels.


Invite Link:
23 days ago
Generation of Gamers
This server is based on community. So there's plenty of room to discuss anime, games, and anything here with us! We hope this is a place you feel welcome. We have tried to include many channels so that you'll definitely find people to chat with.
You earn roles/level up by being an active member and chatting with everyone
We are a pretty new server and we would really appreciate any help that anyone would offer to make us grow and become a better server.
33 days ago
This is bot appreciation. My server is mostly based around the usage of bots, and there fun and useful commands. My server also has chat for gamers, a channel for twitch streamer, a place were you can show your YouTube videos and others that you enjoyed. There is also a category for roleplay, and a leveling system so you can become number one. I will be continuing to add new features to my server, so i welcome you to my server, bot appreciation (trying to find better name XD)
34 days ago
Community 39
Hello wonderful world I'm here to show you this relaxing server called Chill Out. I know what u may be thinking wdf is Chill Out well I got the answer.Chill Out is a active server to chat at if you need relaxing. Its a growing community it has reddit channels twitter channels and etc. @everyone
40 days ago
Community 17
A YT channel discord for Das Floet kthxbye
48 days ago
ES: ¡Hola! Somos un servidor de Discord te invitamos a formar parte de nuestros miembros en nuestro servidor podras hablar con gente agradable y hecharte unas risas un momento, también puedes cambiar tu nombre de color, buscar jugadores para jugar en los canales de juegos como: LOL, Overwatch, Paladins, ROBLOX, Minecraft, osu!, Clash Royale y CSGO.
Tambien puedes entretenerte con nuestros bots de juegos, musica... O escuchar nuestras radios de Dubstep, Monstercat, POP, NCS.
También tenemos nuestro propio bot, con diversos comandos divertidos.
¿A que esperas? Entra y diviértete!

EN:Hello! We are a Discord server we invite you to join our members on our server you can talk to nice people and laugh a moment, you can also change your color name, look for players to play on the game channels like: LOL, Overwatch , Paladins, ROBLOX, Minecraft, osu !, Clash Royale and CSGO. **
You can also entertain yourself with our bots of games, music ... Or listen to our radios Dubstep, Monstercat, POP, NCS.
We also have our own bot, with various funny commands.
What are you waiting for? Come in and have fun!
53 days ago
Mind joining my discord server? We have many roles most can be earned, we have economy bots, music bots, @everyone disabled, also! Join for a chance too get the red special game role only for gamer's, so basically members from other clans or just regular gamer's come to my server to meet up. Also me and the owner of [oZ] had made a decision to ally and for me to make a gaming spot in my server please do join and make game suggestions.
55 days ago
Hello dear friend! In want to invite you to Live2Ninja reborn! It is the 2.0 version of Live2Ninja! In case you didn't hear of Live2Ninja,well,it was the best community server,with a ninja theme(ninja roles).But let's get back to Live2Ninja reborn! What this server has to offer you asking? It has to offer these:
★Cool Ninja roles,for example: Satanic Ninjas,Angelic Ninjas,Electric Ninjas,Spider-Ninjas
★Fun bots: Tatsumaki,Discord rog,Casimobot
★Ranking bots: Tatsumaki,horobot and mee6
★Friendly staff!
★High security!
★Many channels for having fun!
★The server is very well organized!
★Music bot: Vexera
And many other cool things! Join now dear friend!:
61 days ago
A new server wanting new memebers! Join today! We have cool name tags that you can earn. The server is child friendly!
92 days ago
Community 10
This is a Discord server that you can chat on with bots.
That's really it.
92 days ago
Welcome to Pandora's Box! Over here we are a slow-growing server with music, games, gamenights, voice chats, a mainly friendly community, and much more! See you there!
104 days ago
Community 16
We are a chill and fun community that will help connect all gamers from around the world together.
106 days ago
Community 6
Basically a server with an organised Roles and multiple channels. And on top of it a role bot. All to make the roleplay smooth and nice, made for a 300± group.
107 days ago
All Games 25
The Heroes is a mainly gaming server where you can play all kinds of games, not only that but you can also have a ton of fun messing around with the bots and chatting with the others members. Our very active staff members organize events each friday, we offer a channel for everything you need and a lot more planned for the future.
Come join us!
120 days ago
All Games 4
join the crew and let us make maymays
132 days ago