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We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord, Pokeverse and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- Gyms!
- Frequent giveaways!
- A kind community, who welcomes everyone!
¡Se parte de Daydream uniendote cuando quieras! Comparte con nosotros quien eres y lo que amas.
Daydream no busca ser el servidor más grande ni más complicado, así que mantenemos las cosas simples y amigables, para que en el momento que entres ¡te sientas como en casa!

Seguimos las Normas de la Comunidad de Discord lo cual significa que no toleramos el odio ni la agresión entre usuarios.
Remember To Breathe
☆ ╰(´︶`)╯♡

Hey there! Remember To Breathe (or RTB) is a growing peer support mental health and social server, and with lots of roles, bots and things to do, alongside a committed helper staff ready to assist, it might just become your favorite server. You really will never know until you join!

☆ Kind and thoughtful staff, ready to help at any time. ♡

♡ Ever growing- join our ranks! ☆

☆ a growing shop full of roles and colors, and a fun star currency system to buy them! ♡

♡ Peer support helprooms both vc and text, 24/7, with no judgement ☆

☆ Events! Come participate and earn stars! ♡

♡ LGBTQA friendly, a super accepting environment ready to encourage you to be your best. ☆

☆ Come join us! Become part of the family! ♡
˚➶ 。˚Seedlings˚ 。
-ˏˋ «──────── ⋅ʚ``🍃``ɞ────────»ˊˎ-

``🌼``We welcome everyone of all types and all kind, join for a fun journey along with watching us grow!

« ⋅𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦 𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳⋅ »
``❥``Friendly community
``➼``Active moderators
``❥``Private VCs and normal VCs
``➼``Self assignable roles
``❥``Daily dose of love
``➼``Much more!

«⋅ ━━━: « ⋅ ``🌴`` ⋅ » :━━━⋅»
ʟɪɴᴋ & ᴅᴇꜱᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ:

«⋅ ━━━: « ⋅ ``🌻`` ⋅ » :━━━⋅»
We are a growing community of friends and family. Join our wonderful server to meet new people, make friends and memories along the way, and just have fun!
Welcome to Supreme™, a semi-anarchy server where you can be yourself. This server is meant to be a community for people to communicate with each other. This server has many conversation for certain text channel for people to chat on. We even have tons of fun channels and bots to use with yourself or others to get a better experience with another. We have tons of giveaways and events for users to conversate and we can't wait to do it with you guys.
Psst! You! Come over here! Come join Jirachi's Wish and you can be a Wish Maker too! What? Afraid there's nothing here for you?! I'll have you know we have tons of things! Such as~:

☀ Pokemon Bots 🌕
🎉 Giveaways 🎉
🎧 Music 🎧
😏 Memes 😏
👓 Fun Bots! 👓

And so much more!

So Whaddya Say? Wanna become a Wish Maker? Our link is below if your interested.
Welcome to PirateYT discord server.. its chilling time.. here we have :
20 bot , we have a VIP membership system , anime and fan art .. We support all languages ...We have a mini black market
gaming channel / mini-games like Aki-Bot and Game-Bot
LVLing system and game ranks
50 awesome emojis for nitro ... and more interesting things ..if you don't join you gonna loss lot of fun
A server for gamers and game masters of any and all tabletop rules systems to have a platform to easily share their games, look for players, or openly chat about their favorite games! We The Fable Table team will also provide tutorials for use of Roll20 application and how to create characters, rules for well known systems and direct players to the game that is just for them! On top of that, Fable Table Games will feature weekly streams of our own original campaigns. Join us and share your adventure and learn how to start streaming your campaign or if you just want a place to talk with like minded gamers seeking to get into the time old tradition of the RPG!

Currently seeking Mods!
"Hello there! Are you looking for a Minecraft server for bedrock users? Well you've found the right place.

We welcome any Xbox/Nintendo Switch/Mobile users/etc. To come and join! We host events, level up, and talk!

We are a small server so if your looking for something to dedicate to, (and minecraft of course), you should join.

We'll see ya in the server!"
¡Hey! ¿En busca de un servidor de roleplay amigable y bien organizado? ¡Bienvenido a The Souls:Reborn!

Aqui principalmente tratamos el rol basico, de varios temas diferentes con tematicas completamente distintas e inmersivas si son bien realizadas

Contamos con:

- Canales para varios tipos de roleplay diferente
- Una comunidad, aunque pequeña, creativa
- Sevicio de ayuda en todo momento
- Bots de entretenimiento, ayuda y musica
- Roleplay NSFW y SFW

¡Y muchas mas cosas!

¿A que esperas? ¡Haz tu ficha y comienza a rolear junto al resto! ¡Estaremos esperando!

Att: The Souls:Reborn
Fruit Jam is a fruit-themed community server with a bunch of fruit emotes. Probably a lot of fruit loving members and other fruit stuff. We're literally a fruit cult or a global community. Don't be a vegetable. Join Fruit Jam!
S O C I A L I Z E.
This is a server.
Go join.
Or don't.
People are cool.
The Kawaii Room is a server by Me (Cobaltic) and Co-Owned by Spotdoggirl. The server is mostly just a place to chill and talk, but we also do things like.. Anime, Roleplaying, Lewdd thingsss, Playing around with perhaps too many bots, and play games all the time. This server has around 30 users and 23 bots (And we're welcome for many more!) (Note: This server isn't FULLY finished yet, and more ideas would be appreciated!)
Welcome to Ana and Ronan's chill palace!
This is a server made by two people. You know who they are.
Anyways, like games and just not doing much of anything in general?
Well god damn, you are gonna like this server!
It's a server where you can talk about many games or your choosing, and meet new friends!
We also have a lot of bots for your amusement!
And if you are a filthy sinner, we also have 4 NSFW channels!
2D, 3D, Yaoi, and Yuri!
Christ is watching.
We have over 40 emotes!
We have MUCH, MUCH more, but you'll have to join the server~
This server is a place for gamers to hangout and talk. You can play games with each other, chat about your favorite titles, or just use the bots. We are always trying to grow, so feel free to invite people and give suggestions.
Welcome to 𝕳𝖆𝖓𝖌𝕺𝖚𝖙 𝕾𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖔𝖓........
What we have to offer;
-Social chat so you can meet new people:speaking_head:
-E-Dating, if you're into that:heart:
-A pretty chill staff:thumbsup:
-A selection of bots to keep you entertained:video_game:

We hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to ask away
We are a server dedicated to memes, and education of memes
We are a server that is different from the rest. We are lenient on rules, love meeting new people, and hope to make new friends! We hope to see you soon <3
We are Space Hut! We are glad to see that you have taken interest in being apart of our community! We can't wait to see you in the now, and the future of our community. We some times get a LITTLE Crazy! Our community is filled with people from all over the world, on multiple platforms, and our members play all sorts of games. Our community is NOT centered around a singular or set of games, we welcome everyone from all sorts of games!

We offer everything from:

- Events 24/7 :calendar: Daily (& sometimes hourly...) questions, riddles, and polls
- Friendly & Mature Community! :smiley: Under 13's are marked with a special role.
- Memes! :laughing: The new Instagram for memes. %100 Legit! FBI Approved!
- Bots! :robot: ~~Note to self: Remove some bots from the ever growing list later~~
- Supportive & Friendly Staff Team :shield: LOOKING FOR STAFF <- Yes.
- Super chill. We invented chill. Probably. Don't quote me on that:fearful:
- Advertising channels :chart_with_upwards_trend: For the ones who need to grow their server
- Custom Emojis :sunglasses: For the ones who go to servers to steal emojis
:white_check_mark: TONS OF ROLES. It's crazzzzy good.
A server dedicated to Borderlands NSFW content! Come join us, we have chats and will make more and add on more and more to the server as it goes on, we got some memes too and SFW chats if you just like borderlands
Server Created 1/1/19.
➤Small but very active community
➤Chill Active Owner.
➤The Best Bots. (join and see)(owner hosts a bot just for this server to use)
➤Level Roles and Active Roles.
➤Anime Night / Games Night.
➤Heaps of Channel to share your interests in.
Welcome to The Basement! This is a chill, hangout place to chat and game with people. Feel free to invite anyone you please to help the server grow!

○ Friendly members
○ Good staff
○ Lots of fun bots
○ Self-assignable roles
○ Leveling system
○ Organized channels
Welcome to Sunflower Lounge, a place where you can meet friends, listen to music, and play around with a variety of bots. We aim to have a nontoxic community and for your experience here to be a good one. We hope you enjoy yourself here.
We have self roles and a big selection of things to do, from mudae, to Pepe, to VC, to singing! Show off your skills in VC with instruments and your voice. We also have areas for edits and art, and much more.