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Hey! Welcome to Tech Central, a place to talk about anything tech :D Programming? Maths? Science? Computers? Gaming? We've got you covered ;)

Tech Central is an online community of individuals with shared interests in computers, such as hardware, software, programming, server hosting, mathematics, science, gaming, and much more!
3 hours ago
Programming 17
CODE SQUARE is a solid community for anything programming, design and business related with some 420 influence. Come in, talk and chill!
9 hours ago
Programming 41
If u r a beginner or a pro we dont care give help get help chat and chill
1 days ago
Programming 17
A place for programmers to talk and help each other , a place for bot developers , game creators , website developers and gamers.

We will promote any of your project like websites , games , apps , bots , plugins , everything.

We are looking for staff members for more please join server and contact us. Apply for moderator here :
1 days ago
Programming 5
Hello! Ever wanted to be part of a Programming and Gaming world?Well then, come on down to Cobra Gaming! Hiring Moderators and Administrators, friendly people, make new friends, and everyone (including me) will assist you in any concerns!
10 days ago
All Games
Sierra is a community created to unite around indie game development hobby to create interesting projects together. Both veterans and beginners are welcome! If you're just passionate or already have skills in at least one of the following media: Concept Art, Game Design, Level Design, Programming (any will do, but preferably C++), 3D Modelling, Animation, VFX or Sound Design/Music Composing, you're more than welcome to join the guild. If you're not skilled in anything, we offer to pass a trainee programme to become skilled.
14 days ago
Server mainly focussing on ANY kind of art (digital, handdrawn,...) and development (music, games,...).
This server also focusses on just chatting with the nice community & gaming. everyone is free to join!
21 days ago
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Void Inc. gaming community Discord server. We are a fun and friendly gaming community.
31 days ago
A Hacking server where we talk about the ethics of hacking and programming and everything that revolves around it. There's something for all! Amateurs & experts, come join us <3
40 days ago
Anime and Manga 8
A server for anyone interested in relaxed anime, manga, and life chats in general. We also have our custom Bot and a channel for any technical issues. Don't be afraid to drop a Hi, we don't bite.
54 days ago
Gaming, memes, anime, programming, Roblox forum, and more! We are a friendly and active community. Swearing is allowed. Not very strict, 10 main rules. NSFW is only allowed in #nsfw. There are tons of text channels to explore. The most active is, of course, #chat. Join us!
61 days ago
Uhh, so this discord is basically just a community of artists, designers, developers and gamers. We're trying to build up to eventually grow to a size where it's just a clusterfuck of awesome and talented people.
66 days ago
Community 11
83 days ago
Anime and Manga 19
A wonderful discord server for all of u champs out there
111 days ago
A small friendly german/english speaking community. We are interested in gaming (literally anything), game development, EDM and more.
112 days ago
All Games 12
Welcome to the LC, our Loving, Limitless, any words that start with L, Community.

This channel originally started with GTA IV videos, which slowly turned into Arma 3, which slowly turned into Unturned and now we are here with a bunch of different content! If you're new to the channel I welcome you, and I hope you enjoy your stay. If you're revisiting, thank you, thank you very much. I try to make at least a few videos a week and so far that has been working.
115 days ago
Programming 14
Join and reunite with your fellow Amigos. Coding Central is all about programming but we like having fun aswell, we're a cooperative community of individuals who want to learn.
117 days ago
For almost every media including writing, art, and even theater. Almost anybody that creates content can be here. And hey, you can even be here with you just want entertainment for yourself, just have fun! (warning you probably have to have low tolerance)
124 days ago