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Discord Universal is a community Discord server dedicated to enabling the Discord community to interact with each other who share the same interests. We offer categories devoted to programming, giveaways, enjoyable events, games, sports, computers, and more.
Created in 2016, we're an active community around various programming languages, operating systems, as well as hardware, security, and low-level programming.
A community server for people interested science, technology and programming.
Hackers and programmers come together to work on amazing and cool projects . Everyone is here to learn and build.

But what do we do differently?

Bi-weekly competitions , 1-on-1 student sessions, Practical lectures on hacking and programming! We have something for everyone!!
A new server that combines technology and programming with business and marketing. Everyone interested in those topics is welcome, whether you are a student or a Professional with years of experience.

-Most popular programming languages have their own channel
-Channels for various tech topics
-Channels for various marketing topics
-Also some off-topic channels
-Project channels(coming soon)

-Optional roles
-A friendly staff

See you soon!
We are a hacking/programming server. We do CTF's HTB and much more together :D.

Fauna Colony is a friendly and growing furry colony with a lot to explore. We have channels for art, gaming, programming, roleplay and more! Anyone is welcome!
A discord server that revolves around anime/manga, memes, gaming & programming. We have custom bots and roles.
Sage Code is a community of researchers, students and freelancers. We offer on-line courses to learn programming languages and how to build your own PC computer.
Calling all programmers! Programming 101 is a server dedicated for all coders of any skill level and knowledge.
Meet other people, seek help and share your creations of code all in the one place with many others with the same interest and passion.
Programming 101 is an open and friendly community and has a growing team of language consultants to help you.
Join the community today!
Servidor brasileiro sobre para programação, não importa se você já programa há algum tempo ou nunca leu um código na vida. O objetivo do servidor é ser o mais permissivo o possível. Você não precisa de regras para não ser um babaca.
Have you ever thought of getting into coding? Maybe
given up? Well welcome to Valley, We're a community
of developers where anyone is welcome! Pro or beginner.

We support 14 different languages and we also have our
own bot with a custom role system! Each language has
It's own role. Join the corresponding role to chat in It's
dedicated channel!

A community dedicated to the development of a (potential) Action Adventure RPG titled "Nameless". Join if you're interested in assisting in its development or simply want to learn more about the game.
We are a server thats only just started run by me Ponda. Looking for people to help run the server. Has a few NSFW Channels and some good and cool bots. Lots to offer. Anyone is welcome!
***Welcome to the Campfire!***

Who are we?
The Campfire is an open-minded community where we aim to make new friends. We strive to create an amicable environment for all of our users. We have plenty of features and chats to suit your fancy and we are certainly open to your suggestions and recommendations. Our staff want to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. I hope we see you by the Campfire and telling your stories!
MEE6 level system with rewards!
Voice chat and music bots!
Welcoming and open minded community!
Secure moderation!
Chats for all of your different hobbies!
Openness to partner with other servers!
Growing community!
You want some more? Never hurts to find out. Hope to see you soon.
This server is for people who want help with issues relating to powershell.
Welcome to the Code Country(CC), small but growing community!
You may wonder, what do we offer? I'm glad you asked, because there are a lot of things that may interest you in our server!

- Special chats for all sorts of programmings languages

- Bunch of self-assignable roles and off-topic channel

- Great place to promote your content, such as YouTube videos

- You can share your work with others, or find someone who is willing to help you

- Share your PC and configuration and compete with others

And so many more things incoming, as we grow! What are you waiting for, come and join!
Welcome to the park grounds where we code, draw and strive. Perfect spot for making friends and sharing enthusiasm! :)
This server mainly focuses on Overwatch, Overwatch Esports (OverwatchLeague), Anime, Fortnite, Programming/Design discussions, Japanese/language learning, and memes! Join the community today!
A new discord server to have fun with discord bots and help each other with programming! Get funny or language based roles.
server to help people with school work or talk about educational subjects
Hey! Welcome to The Devlounge, an online community of developers, programmers or just tech enthusiasts with shared interests! Want to talk about programming, maths, science, computers or gaming? We've got you covered ;)
About CryptoCommunity
We are a server devoted to all things cryptography related. We are also educated in the following fields: Cryptocurrency, stocks, business, physics, art, and much more! Join for a wonderful community from all time zones, and of course, don't miss out on our wonderful bot, DaeBot
Caffeine && Code is a community-driven Discord server about programming. We support a multitude of different languages including Assembly, C++, Haskell, JavaScript and Swift.