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Tech-centric community with a focus on Microsoft services and their products. If you're looking for a place to hang out with tech enthusiasts, discuss the latest tech trends, work on cool projects or get help with all manner of topics, then you should join us.

Notable qualities:
* Community managed and driven
* Engaging moderation team
* Over 90 verified Microsoft Employees (They're here for fun, not for providing support)
* Announcements channel which highlights most interesting events, releases.
* Plenty of Microsoft and tech-related emoji
* Tiered roles system
* Occasional events to engage the whole server
* Community-provided technical support for all sorts of issues
* Our own website full of FAQs and info:
Arduino Platform is the Official Arduino discord community! Get ideas for new projects, answer all of your Arduino related questions, and much more!
Slientz Community

Slientz Community is the perfect place to meet new people and have fun! It includes a bunch of fun to use channels and 60+ roles to get. Level up by talking in chat, get roles by leveling up! Play games while talking to your friends and more. We welcome anyone into our community 😃

Some of the Slientz Community features are:

🤖 Awesome Bot Games

🤳 Self Assignable roles

😂 Memes

🙋‍♂️ Active Community and Staff Team

🎨 Art Channels + Art Competition EVERY WEEK

💻 Programmer Channels

🎮 Gaming Channels


We are trying to hit 100 members!
⭕ techified² ⭕ is a server for discussing all kinds of technology including but not limited to hardware (computers, phones, gadgets, audio, peripherals, etc.), software (programming, games, programs, hacking, etc.), and more!
Tired of these dirty SJW skid servers?
Wanna join a real hacking server where you can actually learn and discuss things related to cyber security?

Join our Holy Cyber Security Server today where the only thing you'll lose is your precious time.
Social Programming Group, no specific programming language we talk about everything and anything feel free to join us :) we also play games together sometimes!
This server is a place to discuss about electronics in general, as well as coding, 3D printing and many other interesting topics!
You can meet passionates who like to share their knowledge and project ideas!
Come talk shop or just hangout and chill with other open minded developers! We welcome everyone of all skill levels/expertise! Frequent voice/video chats, streams, tutoring and active lighthearted staff!
- Our community is mainly dedicated to computer science, coding/programming, collaborating, networking, debugging and helping others! We also openly discuss various non-tech related things as well!
- So if your looking for a laid back community where you can be yourself, grind out code, freely promote your work, or just shoot the 💩 with other members, we encourage you to come check us out!
We are a community of programmers committed to debugging projects while helping others learn. Discussion of all programming languages/platforms welcome!
Welcome to Python Institute
Goal of Server
The main goal of this server is to help every Python Beginner achieve the things they want to do and get them ready for more complex projects. You an collaborate in projects, find partners, choose our help package and a lot more!
Things you will learn
I repeat that this is a beginners course, so depending on what you already know I will be guiding you through the fine language that is Python. Some thing I will teach you is:
-Project Ideas
and so on...
Payment to Learn
$2 for a simple text help.
$5 for a screen share guide of a project.
Thank you for choosing Python Institution
Ekivium is a hacking/cyber-security server with a growing community, where you can get help with programming, share your code, work on projects with the entire server, try to win a challenge and chat with cool people!
Infamous is a friendly community with people interested in technology & hacking. We love to learn and share our experience with newcomers

This Discord is mainly focused in hacking & programming, but we often just have chill conversations with each other.
This is the Official Unusual Coders Discord server. We are a friendly community focused on various programming languages, open to those who wish to learn the language or improve their skills, as well as those looking to help others.

We have a dedicated staff of developers available to assist you around the clock. Whether you're looking to learn the language or working on a project, we've got someone who can help you if you get stuck.

See you in the server...
Happy Coding
Tortoise is a community of Beginner to Advanced programmers focusing on Python and Machine Learning.

We welcome programmers of all experience levels and have a very active, friendly team of staff always willing to help you with anything.

At over 1700 members, we are one of the fastest growing Programming related servers out there, with a great reputation.

So why not join us? Can’t wait to see you there!
"We called him Tortoise because he taught us! "
Our Website :
Whether you're new to programming or a veteran, you'll find our community to be a great source of help and inspiration. Our intimate, beginner-friendly atmosphere is conducive to both detailed support and brainstorming sessions. If you're a total beginner we can really accelerate your pace of learning by pointing you in the right direction and having a cohort as you're learning is proven to improve your understanding and engagement. So, drop in and introduce yourself.

We currently focus on Python as our primary starting point for beginners. We also provide support for anyone learning to do web development.
Welcome to the Tech Haven,

A safe space for nerds to learn about IT. Come discuss and learn programming, networking, and cyber-security with other IT professionals and hobbyists. We offer support and a number of services for members to use. Linux and CTF labs are coming soon...

Howdy, Everyone! 👋

⚡Channel dedicated for Web Developers & Programmers!⚡

If you're not a web developer/programmer or JavaScript fan, don't worry, come on in anyway! We have all sort of people that do diverse things too ! :)

We are a new, kind and professional upcoming community.
Network with other developers, share your project, get helped if you're stuck on a problem or help someone else, collaborate on projects and make friends!

See you on the other side! :) Don't forget to say 'Hi' and wave!
Hey! This is a server dedicated to Professional-Ish, a national high school technology club specialization in various projects that use the skills of our coders and designers. To join, first join our Discord and also fill out this quick google form!
✨ custom bot

✨ low moderation

✨ simple layout

✨ kind staff

✨. 24/7 active chat and voice chat

✨. fast growing

✨. hiring staff
Technology discussion including hardware, apps, and much more. Google, Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Technologist focuses on the latest in what matters in technology daily.

Nerds and geeks welcome.
Welcome to SourceCode.Ai, where we believe everyone should be equipped with the power to code. Join us to become part of a community who invents, has fun, and overall, grows their coding skillset.

We support many popular programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, C#, HTML, Java etc. We continuously expand the programming languages which we support!

Come on in and Join a Safe Environment to Learn and Share your code!
So hello my friend. Do you love programming? Do you love Python? Do you love Java or JavaScript? Then we have posted it to the right person! Congrats, you are one of the many selected Users who received the invite to the Amazing Server, **_AlphaBet_**. We have daily tasks for you so that your brain never forgets what is coding or how to code. We also have guaranteed answers to all questions you ask. Thanks to our Helpers. The helpers are the selected experts who will ravage their brains to find the correct answers to your questions. Guaranteed Response to your questions within 5 mins. And we also give scores to every person who gives the correct answers to every daily-questions. Be the Best One Over There. Join our server and be an expert programmer.
We support languages like Python, Web development, Java and JavaScript. (copy paste this link to join) :)