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Ever wanted to learn to code and/or hack? With an active and knowledgeable staff, an active IRC server, and remote labs under construction we are sure we can help you achieve your goals!
This is a community for sharing your coding questions and projects. Feel free to join.
Welcome to the Mathemajicians' community! A friendly server for people with shared interests in applied or theoretical mathematics alike. Whether you need some help or are looking to meet other mathemajicians, welcome in!
You want to develop your own bot and you don't know how to start? Just join our development community server. You'll have very much fun ;3
We have Music Rooms, Talk Rooms, Fun Commands and more. So you really should join the server. See ya today!
Created in 2016, we're an active programming community that discusses various languages such as C, Python, Javascript, as well as operating systems, hardware, security, low-level, and graphics programming. We also have channels for more casual discussion.
For sharing great ideas and inventions with like-minded, friendly individuals in a kind, close community. A server for gamers, programmers, tech geeks and more. We sport many chats and a variety of bots for your use and enjoyment, such as Pokecord, PenguBot, TriviaMaster and several others.
Our server is all about HACKING, PROGRAMMING and CODING as well as the DARKNET and DEEPWEB. The server provides a place to talk about anything tech related.

We just hit 2.000 Members. That is a huge number of people! For comparison, that is more than the identified number of exoplanets, on average there are about 4 millionares on this server right now, it is 38% more people than minutes of a day. 2000 is about as many stars as you can see on a clear night sky :D.

Besided the joke, we have Some dope stuff on our Discord. You will find everything related to programming, social engeneering and more. We're waiting for you. Just press the Join button!
Interested in tech? Passionated in programming or computers? We've got you covered, join us today! ;)
A warm home for anyone who wants to make friends, enjoys art or wholesome memes 🍪🥛

Come to join us, we love meeting new friends 😊
Exponent Security community discord server. A small community focused on learning all things cyber security and programming. We regularly run CTF, and have a bot programmed with resources and challenges! Come be a part of our community and learn/practice your skills with other students and mentors.
EZClap is European a gaming-based community server, however it has channels for more than just that. We are fairly new and currently not so big yet. It has channels for programming, music, anime and so much more. We hope to see you there!
This is *the* authentic Baltic (Lithuanian, Latvian, Old Prussian) community discord which is also worldwide with members from Slovakia, Denmark, China, Romania and Iran. We regularly banter, while also having serious discussions about politics, business and programming. This is invariably the best place to network with the world's future leaders. Having survived a coup attempt in the past, we are now seeking to re-establish our member base. The earlier you join, the higher the chance you have of rising through our ranks! Europe/East Asia based.

PS: No K-Pop.
Chill Lobby is a new server that’s trying to build its user base.
- We have NSFW rooms
- Entire sections dedicated to art, gaming, and programming
- We also have general chat rooms for users to talk about anything they’d want
- Tons of VC areas for people to talk

If this interests you, we hope to see you soon!
Hey! Welcome to The Devlounge, an online community of developers, programmers or just tech enthusiasts with shared interests! Want to talk about programming, maths, science, computers or gaming? We've got you covered ;)
Chill Dev Lounge Discord

Chill Dev Lounge Is a small, safe and supportive community of developers. We stride to make everyone better and happier at what they love to do! We are currently providing support for multiple languages, with friendly members to help you every step of the way!
What we offer:

● | Family friendly.
● | Dedicated channels and categories.
● | Friendly members & staff.
● | Simple partnerships (no requirements).
● | NSFW of course!

We cannot wait to see you be apart of something so small, but so huge! Thank you.
Welcome to Bot Heaven!

◆ About ◆
We are a new community that brings anything to do with bots to one Discord server!

➜ Use popular bots such as Pokécord, and Dank Memer!
➜ Develop and test your own bots!
➜ Custom bots help keep our server organized.
➜ Add your own bot!
➜ Get help with your code!
. .Loading. .Welcome. .100%. .Typists! A brand new server, made for touch typing practice, competitions, and coding discussion. Post your wpm, or words per minute for a chance to top the leaderboard! New or Experienced typists and coders are welcome here!

Welcome to HD development!

HD Development is a Programming Community around Discord bots development. We can help you if you need help programming your bot.

Our community is built for helping users making their own discord bot with programming languages like Javascript, C#, Python, Java etc.

We provide coding support like bots/website. There also programming support channel for users to get help. We will try to help you coding.

Hackers and programmers come together to work on cool projects. Everyone is here to learn, build, and help others in their learning journey.

But what do we do differently?

Bi-weekly competitions, 1-on-1 student sessions, server bootcamps, practical lectures on diverse subjects.

Hacking, artificial intelligence, blockchain, software development, web development; we have something for everyone!
Hi,If you wanna learn coding/programming then you are in right place! We teach many languages like html,css,python,roblox lua and much more! You can clear your doubts and have fun in server :D!!
Want art? Want to sell your art? Or maybe you just want to talk about art? Regardless of what type of art you're into, you're welcome here!