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- Original Characters
- 30+ Unlockable Environments
- 5 Skills To Master
- Weekly Updates & Expansions
- Friendly & Understanding Staff
just now
A new server, for people to join, speak about anything and make Friends everybody is welcome
It would be nice to have you
57 seconds ago
A new and growing community. Talk about anime, manga, games, or just general chit-chat. Active Staff.
1 minutes ago
Furry Horizon, a chill calming friendly place also for gamers and furries, where you can voice your mind freely without worrying to have any difficult restrictions, obv following the rules and we also have events and even a Helping section and NSFW:P

the helping section has 2 channels, serious and relationship advices, they are there to let people try to speak out whatever they feel they have stored, and try and solve solutions together
1 minutes ago
Welcome to Moiscord! We're a constantly growing Community Server with a very active chat. There's no strict rules so the chat often gets pretty funny. We have a big gaming section, an arts section, music bot, in-built Discord minigames, anime section, a nsfw section and custom server emojis!
4 minutes ago
Come here for some memes and the community and discussion. We have a good mod system and nsfw.
5 minutes ago
The only server for talking about Automatic Music Intruments. We've only launched so we're quite new. If you love mechanical music, or self playing instruments, then join the mechanical music convention!
5 minutes ago
Dab is a server for making new friends. Whether you are a gamer, or just want to talk we would be glad to have you.
5 minutes ago
Dirty talk, over 10k members with lots of events, active VCs, fun, gaming, females, nudes, anime, ecchi, hentai, lust, porn, politics and more! You can also date and hookup with THAT one person ;)
5 minutes ago
Hypixel Community Discord (Unofficial)! CURRENTLY HOLDING INVITE GIVEAWAY! ($50+) Help & Support for all Hypixel/Minecraft needs. Hypixel based text & voice channels. Custom Hypixel based ranks, Hypixel Staff, invite rewards, shoutouts, leveling rewards and much more!
5 minutes ago
Hello, today, are you looking for a Friendly RP Hub? - KingdomFam An RP Hub is here for ya! Made to reunite all good roleplayers and all good roleplay servers! Looking for a RP Server or for new friends to RP with? Feel free to join KingdomFam! Complex and well Organized type of server!```

#KingdomFam - An RP Hub

Have you ever been looking for an RP Hub for actual good roleplayers? And for none-roleplayers that want a place to chill in and be in peace. A server where we help you get away all of that negativity and make you be happy? Well, you've found it. KingdomFam is a server for all good roleplayers to reunite and discuss, etc. None Roleplayers are invited aswell! We love our members and we care about them. Wanna join us on campus too? Well, watcha waitin' for? Come in, mate.


Owner: @TFLΛSH The Christian William#0107


:large_blue_diamond: A RP Hub and a Community :computer:

:large_blue_diamond: We treat our members with the respect. :relieved:

:large_blue_diamond: We respect and protect our partnered servers as well! :shield: :crossed_swords:

:large_blue_diamond: Ideal server for Roleplayers! :100: :yum:

:large_blue_diamond: None Hateful Server. :heart: :smile:

:large_blue_diamond: A Very Organized & Complex Server. :computer: :mouse_three_button:

:large_blue_diamond: Currently in Season Alpha, so come in and join to get Alpha Member to get a special prize in Season One of KingdomFam! :smile: :wave:

:large_blue_diamond: New members won't have a hard time getting started in the server! :thumbsup:

:large_blue_diamond: Events, Currency, Clans, Assignable Roles and Meet new people! Make new friends and reunite with good 'ol friends! :hugging: :hearts: :wave:

And there is much more! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and become a part of the Family!
9 minutes ago
Welcome to Giveaways_! This server gives away everything we can, and everyone is able to suggest what do be given away. Want to join?
9 minutes ago
Questing, looting, leveling and much, much more! That's the RPG-like for you. New features get added on a weekly basis! Always open for suggestions on new and current features and systems! Other than that always up for a nice chat about whatever topic YOU want!
12 minutes ago
- Central Gaming Station -

Are you looking for that one gaming server to hangout in, find new friends, active community, and gaming partners ?
Then search no more. This is the server you're looking for. And here is why.

- What we offer -

▸Very friendly, active and experienced staff gem
▸Regular gaming competitions gem
▸Many partnerships to find other servers like us! gem
▸Loads of bots and cool custom commands gem
▸Quality music gem
▸Mee6 Global Leveling System gem
▸Much more coming soon gem

[ We are currently still looking for many new and active members,
So if you're interested, make sure to come take a look and we hope to see you there soon ]
@everyone is welcome here!

Invite Link :
13 minutes ago
Our community revolves around one basic premise gaming has; bringing people together. We strive to do just that with this discord server. Bring people together, so that we can create a guild-like home for everybody to thrive in. We're so excited to meet you, and to have you as our new friends and family here at the game box!
13 minutes ago
Welcome to the MemeManForums!! This is a big ol' server with plenty of things to do!!
17 minutes ago
Howdy Partner! Come on out to the Wild Wild West! We got the saloon, gunslingers, and a lot more! Come out and join us!
17 minutes ago
Hi! We are the Red Dragon and we would love to see you join our server! We are small, and trying to grow! Come help us make it a nice place to hang out and talk about almost anything!
17 minutes ago
The Fur Citadel is a new furry-centered Discord server aiming to create a friendly, welcoming environment with something for everyone. Whether you're looking to meet new furs, partake in roleplay, share memes and art, participate in fun events, or just have a friendly conversation, we have it.
We are based on the idea of being accepting of everyone and retaining a positive vibe. No matter who you are, we will try our best to make the server as enjoyable, fun and friendly as possible for you.
Although small, we are growing quickly and have huge plans for the future. Come join us and become a part of our community!

What We Offer:
• 20+ channels for topics of all kinds, including art, roleplay, NSFW and more
• A growing, friendly community open to new people
• Fun events such as games, movies, giveaways and contests
• A helpful, understanding staff team who will try their best to assist you with whatever you need
• A plethora of self-assignable descriptive roles to tell a bit more about yourself
• Many, many plans for the future
• Coming soon: A custom multipurpose bot that can only be found here
19 minutes ago
Hello and welcome to the StreamTeam Server! Originally a server for VrChat Live streamers but eventually we soon found out it was something more than that. Don't be shy and come join us to be a part of our friendly community. You can find people with similar interests. Our moderators are here to help and to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.
21 minutes ago
Great friendly community with lots of NSFW content posted daily.
22 minutes ago