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Welcome to Volt's Arcade!
🎉 Here in the server, we have an amazing community awaiting for you in this server!

🎉 We also have many bots that should keep you entertained for a while, which includes Dank Memer, Pokécord, Rythm, and more!

🎉 You can also self promote either your own Discord Server, YouTube Channel, Twitch Channel, and more here in the server!

🎉 We aren't really strict here in the server, so you can say or post anything you want as long as it isn't illegal shit!
❤ Euphoria is a remake of an old popular friends server, come and make new friends and have fun! ❤
A semi-AU of the Godzilla Kaiju Universe, where the kaiju are humanoid and going to college. Be a canon kaiju or an oc and take part in your chosen studies as tensions surrounding your kind begin to run thin.


In 1946, humans with monster-like abilities were discovered living among the everyday populous. These people, dubbed the kaiju after old legends, were at first feared and hunted. After proving themselves to be naturally adept fighters, some with powers unable to even be fathomed until that point, the governments of the world founded Monarch, an organization dedicated to finding and studying these people to figure out what made them, well, them.

In 1968, a breakthrough discovery found that these people had a special genome, of course called the kaiju gene, that gave them their unique powers and appearances. As more and more cases of kaiju popped up worlwide, there was pressure for Monarch to figure out a way to deal with them, and to figure out if the gene could be replicated or edited.

In 2019, after many failed experiments and nearly being shut down four times, Monarch founded Tanoshi College, often dubbed as being the Kaiju College, to train these kaiju to use their abilities and to study them in a contained environment. Though the rules are strict, and the classes long, Kaiju College is a place where the kaiju can come to feel safe from the outside world that feared them for what they were, and figure out what, if anything, was wrong with them.


> A new community-based roleplay centered around the Godzilla Kaiju Universe.
> Friendly staff, a growing community, and an open-to-questions story.
> Accepting of all levels of literacy.
> Help to shape the world's opinion of Kaiju - will you be benevolent, or a dangerous force to be reckoned with?
The Lilith League is a pokemon showdown server that hosts a league of 18 gyms and a champion for challengers to face off against! The server has;
- 18 Gyms, one for each type
- Gym Leaders and Retainer Gym Leaders
- A Champion
- Tournaments
- Pokecord Channel
- Music Bot
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Honey Bubble ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
Hey everyone and welcome to Honey Bubble!
Honey Bubble is a small and growing server with anime and gaming at its core!

Heres a list of some things we have:
✿ An active vc (voice chat)
✿ Self roles
✿ Friendly users and staff
✿ Group gaming
✿ Chats for your interests
✿ The beloved owo bot
✿ NSFW chats for the adult users
✿ Lots of cool emojis
✿ Nitro boosted server
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Oh, and heres the never expiring link if for some reason clicking join doesn't work!
Formed over 2 years ago The Commonwealth rose from being a puppet state to a power on a server called Civwars. Eventually we migrated to CraftGalaxy and then back to Civwars. Today we play on PixelPlanet and sit as a remnant of our past. Despite this we still influence many actions and are looking to expand.
As of right now The Commonwealth is a monarchy but anyone has the ability to rise through the ranks and gain a pretty powerful position. For becoming a full citizen you must have played with the group for a week. (Sitting in discord does not count)
Established Group: ✓
Good pvpers: ✓
Detailed Law system: ✓
Good Ingame Location: ✓
Ability to rise through ranks: ✓
Very Knowledgeable and adaptable: ✓


We are a growing PewDiePie fan server.
It's a fun community with plenty of people to talk to and lots of things to do!

Bot Features:

MEE6 Activity Leaderboards and Leveling features
Rhythm Music Playback in Music VCs
Pancake Bot currency and more!

Come join today :D, we would love to see you in our active server!
** Wêl¢ðmê †ð ßlêå¢h & Çhïll**
This server is an absolute shit hole as you can already tell by the text font. With that said if you have any concerns or questions please dm any of our active admins

** Rµlê§**
Here at ßlêå¢h & Çhïll, we hate banning people, but there will always be some exceptions. Doing any of the following will get you banned.
*Sending NSFW In non NSFW chats*
*Promoting other servers*
*Being a sensitive **Bitch**

** þ.§..**
If for some reason you decide to stay please invite your friends and help our server grow to provide the best experience.

** †håñk ¥ðµ ÄñÐ Èñj𥠥ðµr §†å¥**
Overwatch United is a Discord Server for Overwatch Players who search for a strong community.
We have multiple channels so everyone has a space for playing with their friends.
To protect the server from any toxicity while the Admins aren't online we have the Community Guard!
For more questions, join the Server and text the Admins or the Community Guard!
We are a discord dedicated to photographers who want to grow, and get feedback and criticism on there photos.
We also have a Instagram that we are growing, this is where you can submit your images to be featured on our Instagram page.
Ooga Booga Grinder Club Features -

- In game support
- x2 VIP Server
- Trading
- Events
- Giveaways
- Talk
- Economy Bot
- Dungeon Quest
- Dungeon Quest VIP Server
- and more!
This is a new server that was made for enjoyable experiences and making new friends! It's reason for being made was to increase the ability to meet new people, make new friends, and grow together. Things this server offer:
- Ability to meet new people and make new friends
- Cool and understanding staff members
- Fun bots to play around with and have a laugh
- The ability to grow, and maybe even extend your boundaries and become more social.
If there's ever a problem, you can contact a mod+ about it, if you don't feel safe about that, you may contact an owner. Enjoy your stay!
Hey there! Do you like the Dragon Age franchise? Are you looking for an inclusive community focused on the games, gaming in general (table top / digital), building friendships and more then you're in for a real treat here!

We have:

-General chit chat sections
-A suggestion box
-A spoiler free zone
-Animal pics
-A NSFW thirst room
-A vent area
-Specific channels for each game (including Heroes of Dragon Age - the mobile game- and the table top game!)
-Recommendation areas
-Fan art and fan fiction
- Future game predictions
- A super inclusive and welcoming close knit community!


Hope to see you in the server Ser!

(16+ only!)
Welcome to my server we need staff but other than that im online basically every day so if you need me just ping me but other that my server has self-roles gaming vc memes and ither stuff
⟶ Welcome to Robux! ⟵

Want FREE Robux? ✓
Have a lot of time on your hands? ✓
Love Roblox? ✓
Want robux but can’t buy it? ✓

⤷ Just join Robux!

✪ Using a very simple method, we have discovered a way to finally receive free robux! Don’t believe us? Just join us and find out for yourself!

❖ We offer partnerships,
❖ Rewards,
❖ Nitro,
❖ Codes,
❖ And many more!

➝ Join us today!

❖ Motto:
“Making roblox more enjoyable, one offer at a time.”

➡️Salut/Buna, acest server este un nou server care promoveaza gaming-ul si multe alte chestii 💯
➡️O comunitate de oameni amabili și sociali ♥️
➡️Caterincă în limita bunului simţ 🙂
➡️Rank-System pe baza activității 😎
➡️Jucam jocuri si pierdem timp🔰
➡️Cautam staff activ (❗peste 16 ani❗ )
➡️Sistem de protectie anti boti ✔
➡️🔱Staff de încredere ✔

❗𝐏𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐮 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐭 𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚 𝐬𝐢 𝐭𝐮 𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐮𝐥 𝐬𝐢 𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐢𝐥𝐞❗
The Church of Houston a community server held together by a theme of a parody religion worshipping a llama. It sounds weird mostly because it is. (We have nothing to do with Texas, to be clear. Our llama god's name is Houston.)
Chill, non-toxic, meme server with new NSFW channels! | Active, growing and welcoming community.

> 12 meme channels for cursed, animals, copypasta & more.
> 100+ emojis for Pepe, Twitch, cowboys & even clown emojis.
> 30 Pokemon-themed nickname colors. Currency system. Buyable custom roles. QOTD. Roles for Active members.
> Channels for intros, venting/support, spam, events & wholesome-only things.

*Partner friendly!*
*We currently have THREE Nitro Boosters!*
4 Nitro booster rewards including custom color role & custom emojis!
Bots: Dank Memer, OwO, MEE6, Rythm, UnbelievaBoat

Alt link: | Owner: Koarina#9508
We are a strong and friendly community full of teenagers, and we are constantly growing. Every suggestion for the server is taken seriously and we are always looking for new people to add to our growing friend circle. No matter who you are, we will accept you (as long as you follow our rules, of course!).

We are also at tier 1 nitro boost as of now! We are looking for nitro boosters to boost us to level 2 and help our community.
We are a outdoors community for hunting fishing photography motocross camping ETC so if you like the outdoors you will like this server
The communication hub for fans of Pandora Nyxie - Whether you came from Reddit, Twitch, Instagram, or elsewhere. Came for the hoe and stayed for the homies, hope to see you there ♡