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Welcome to the Cult of Bepis, a hub for all things gaming!

- Active general chat
- Hella memes
- Chats for games such as VRChat, League of Legends, and more!
- NSFW channels
- And tons of more cool stuff!

The Cult of Bepis is a thriving community/gaming server, quickly growing and always welcoming to new members! Come in, crack open a drink, and stay a while.
💕The best kpop (K-Pop) Server which welcomes all K-Pop fans and singers alike with Karaoke events and especially, giveaways!
💕We already have over 600 emotes and high quality voice chats so dont forget to nitro boost our server 💕
🎤you can sing whatever you want here not only kpop so feel free to join and invite your friends🎤
💕you can use this link to invite your friends💕
momo bot:momo bot is free for everyone you can invite it to your server
btw we always need help to run bots and server so help us if you can
our paypal:
Welcome to my server! This server is about gaming, memes, streaming, and making new friends. We would love to have you in my server!
<---------------The Hub------------------>
The hub is a community server that suits to all needs!
we offer

-> Art and animation

-> gaming

-> Pokémon/pokecord chats


-> our own Minecraft server

-> Dedicated Rp server if your into that

We are constantly updating to users needs. feel free to check us out!
💗~Welcome to Fluffers' server! Where all the fluffers reside!~💗

❤️ It's really fun! Full of weirdos and awkward situations to entertain yourself!

🧡Actually active and friendly staff (assume that you follow the rules)

💛If you're looking forward to make new friends and have a fun time chilling, you've come to the right place!

💚We're also looking for helpers to help expanding the community so we can have more fluffers!

💙Discuss basically everything (if you think your opinion matters on the internet)

💜Help us grow! And enjoy the process of doing so!

+Leveling system!
+Fair Rules! (actualz!)
+And free suggestions to be listened to!

++It's conquered by the fluffiest person ever UwU

+++Server has potential mild nsfw**

= What we offer! =

✦ | custom bot & commands!
✦ | active community/vc's!
✦ | fully setup roles + colors
✦ | giveaways & events!
✦ | low moderation!
✦ | egirls 1:1!
✦ | approachable staff team!

join the community, leave a mark and make new friends
A new and growing community what has a lot to offer when it comes to give-aways fun minigames and just a nice chat! We have a verified 18+ section that you will need to have to join the nsfw part of the server.
We accept E-girls of any kind uwu
New server looking to grow a community of epic people descriptions are hard >w< We got E-girls , we are getting more E-girls and Join if you are an E-girl :3 WE ALSO HAVE THIS FELLA BUGGY FUCKING KEK AS FUCK DUDE
꧁❤️️Yandere Project❤️️꧂

Hello and welcome dear reader, this server will become the pinnacle of yandere servers, me and the staff team have personally gone to almost every yandere server and picked out only the best aspects of them, putting them all together here in yandere project, now all that's missing is YOU the community.
We hope you come along and join something great!

➠「Active staff」
➠「React roles」
➠「Fun bots to interact with」
➠「Relationship guidance」
➠「Verification system」
➠「Custom emotes」
➠「Yandere related channels」
➠「Around the clock support」
➠「Community driven」
➠「Frequent server updates」

This will mark the end of the old school discord style of servers
Its time for something new!

We are a growing community looking to show off our flavorsome memes and delicious treats all while making friends and having a good time!
A completely Nsfw server with nothing but absolute slags in it, a friendly community to have a chat, play games, fitness and more. This is probably the most raunchiest and perverted server you'd ever come across, No censors, not many rules, fuck it we don't even listen to our own rules. We act like we're drunk 24/7 Enjoy cunts. Gonna be a fucking party!
You've been invited to the creator's tea party!

We're a friendly server where all are welcome, whether you've come to present your work to others or just to admire and make friends. No matter what art form you enjoy to create and choose to express yourself with, there's a place for all! Our staff is friendly and welcoming and always happy to help whoever comes through our metaphorical doors.

Now run along! You'll be late for the party!
Welcome to the N.U.C.A
we provide many things such as a safe place for anti-capitalists and a wonderful community that you can socialize and talk to about your ideology if you want a break from annoying capitalists or just to have a fun time talking to people like you we welcome you to our server
Pawz United is a fun and incredibly welcoming Furry server for anyone, meaning you don't have to be a furry! Pawz United has many useful features, like over 50 self assignable roles, channels to vent your feelings in, for some pure wholesomeness, where you can share your talents and creativity, and much more.. Pawz United is made up of amazing people who will gladly welcome you and share their love to whoever may show up. On top of the greatness of the server and people, Pawz United is run by a great team of friendly staff, who interact with everyone whenever they get the chance. Hope to see you there!
Just opened fun server.

Looking for staff,
Lots of fun channels,
Public Channels,
Public Voice Channels
Hi and welcome to W O A!!!
W O A is...

⎯⎯↬「Short for World Of Ange」↫⎯⎯

It is a freshly super friendly and non-toxic server. We listen to our members and we try our best for the server to be super great. Apart from trying to make our members happy, we also have:

。Gaming with friends is fun.
。We share funny memes, any type of meme.
。Fun games to pass the time such as "one word story".
。We love to see new art and improvement in it!
。Share your cute pets, it makes people happy you know.
。You can share your selfies if you're photogenic.
。We also have a chat dor people who speak Spanish.
。We can partnership (must agree to partnership rules to do so).
。We lisent to our members, we are all ears!

Hope you will join us to make this server super great! :D

Idk we just hang out and post memes n shit
(This is also my first server ever so it might not be the best but you can check it out)
Do you want a free level 6 exploit, that you can destroy everyone and level up faster? Come to Falcon X, better than Nonsense Diamond, Chaosity, and Dansploit. We have a fast injector that injects under almost a second, we also have a good design as well. Try it now!
just a chill social server with no rules and we are looking for active social people to join so why not join?
Join our Attack on Titan Hub Discord community server!!
Themed for Attack on Titan readers, watchers, and its fandom! We are two years old!!

We provide:
AoT news
AoT manga chapter leaks
AoT anime episode leaks
AoT emotes

Come watch, read, chat and talk with us all about it!

On top of the AoT Anime/Manga channels, we have:
General channel (You can chat about non-AoT subject matters here.)
Gallery channel (Post your artwork, drawings, images, poetry, photography, fan fictions for all to see!)
Other franchises channel (Chat about movies/TV shows.)
Video games channel (Chat about games!)
Meme channel (no u)
Spam channel (Spamalamfam)
Leveling system (Level up to gain roles, or self-assign to your favorites!)
Welcome to The Red Panda Hub!

A community focused on helping artists, creators, composers, musicians, and writers grow.

Making a game (fan game) that includes creators like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye!
We are creating our own Pokedex of Pokemon/Fakemon, original designs!
:cookie: Webtoon comic: The Red Panda Hub

Meet other passionate artists!
Develop your Ideas!
Voice Acting, Singers, Music!
Go (board game) Group!
Welcome to Hentai Squad!
I'm Ari, lead admin, and owner of this server. I am so glad that you dropped by whether it's by accident, invite or a random search.
We offer various items such as:
Art share
NSFW categorys
Self assiganable roles
LGBT friendly community
and more!
Our staff team is flexible and we are more than willing to make changes to accommodate to all out members and make it a great community for the general public.
Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by!
Hope to see you at our server!