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AUXED MUSIC is a Discord server focusing on Electronic Dance Music of all sorts. We're not afraid of harder stuff like dubstep or hardstyle too. Join us if EDM runs through your veins!
⚒️ Currently looking for staff.

AUXED includes:
💜 Nice members!
🤔 Lit emojis!
✍🏻 Channels for basically any topic!
🎵 Knowledge and interest in the EDM genres!
🎆 Random small events when big music events occurs!
Welcome to Alan Walkers! We offer fun activities along with alan walker updates! Join the fun, interacting with other walkers and enlarging the walker community

Activities we offer ( ͡°⊱ ͡°):
◾Fun giveaways
◾Active people

Drop by if you're lonely and want people to talk to. Last but not the least, always remember #YouAreNotAlone
This sever is for the electronic music artist Slumber (aka. me). You can ask me questions about music producing, watch me stream fl studio, or just hang out and have fun! Also, if you want me to write music for anything (ex. a game) I will do it free of cost for promotion. Thanks for reading this description!!!
Welcome to the Illenials server! we are connecting Illenials worldwide, we offer different things, from Music production to arts, to gaming, etc... we are still in the middle of processing a lot of things, but the server itself open! Hope you guys enjoy!
Venus Music is a Music Label. We have YouTube, artists, Ton of artists to make music lit. And also Venus Music is a home for EDM producers who can share music, promote music or even submit music!
🔗 Discord server:
🔗 YouTube channel:
Note: If you're listening or producing hip hop or rap please don't join. This server is not created for you
Prism is a podcast and community of passionate producers, DJs, and musicians. Our main objective is to create a community of welcoming people, and to have you grow as an artist. This server is one of the best places to network, get feedback, and explore music diversity. Thanks for joining!
EDM producer Phoboz’s server

I’m a 16 years old boy who enjoys making EDM music, our community has a lot of music producers to discuss with if you are a music producer too. This server is friendly and well organized. This is the right place for you if you want to promote, ask for feedback, or simply talk to people.
Hey you all are Welcome to join Our server,
This server is nothing Special but you will find a Family here, We accept everyone, just hop in and show us what you can do
I'll see you there
Server for finding new songs and artists !
Channels for most main genres and if you hear a song you like you can post in its genre channel. & look in the channels for new music.
We have a vision of an amazing place for people to share and find new music.
Come join us to start a music paradise♡

What We Offer
♡Many Basic genres
♡Voice channels to listen with others
♡Leveling up system with music themed roles
♡Channel for Musicians to share their creations
A server for hardstyle and hardcore enthusiasts around the world. We have a friendly staff and active members always around to chat about music, life or anything. We also host listening parties and community activities regularly. Orange Hearts, this place is for you!
Do you want to be signed to Monarchy Echo? DEMO SUBMISSIONS OPENED!
Monarchy Echo is an EDM label created by music artists: Noctane and Pixelized Cat. If you want to help us grow, please consider joining!
This is a server for anyone who is interested in producing music, whether its EDM, hip hop, trap, or any other genre, come hang out with us! You can even promote your tracks here (after being a member for so long.)
This is the official Riddim Dubstep Community Discord!

This discord is based around dubstep music, and community building.

We help new and existing producers find new outlets to expand and grow as well as creating an environment for people to socially interact with other producers / music listeners.

Join now for





Join us and get involved in our community based upon our facebook group of over 45,000 members!
W41K3RS J01N

Welcome to Alan Walker discord fan server!

We are the number 1 AW server with the most members and fans from all around the globe!

We have people who crack unknown links to Alan Walker news videos and music so you can hear it before it comes out! (if we can)

Yeah that's it.
*psst we know how to get you a walker id!*
What started as an EDM loving group has grown to become a closely knit community that not only loves to talk about many genres of music, but also comes together to take part in many server events. Events are often hosted to bring the community together, such as our weekly Spotify playlist update, Trash Mash (a competition involving randomly generated mashup combinations), and gaming sessions! As a nitro boosted server, we have hundreds of emotes to enjoy, plenty being custom made, and still room for more suggestions. Whether you're a producer, a listener/fan, or just someone looking for a nice group of people to hang out with, you'll find the Omniversal server to be a great community to be a part of!
A cool place to hangout and talk to producers. You can also advertise and get feedback for your music here :)
Streak Law is a music community willing to improve,get suggestions from members to get better,recruit more staff members,make our members have a wonderful time. We have lots of Music Labels and Artists for u to interact , get their suggestions n collaborate with.We admire every one of our members,and you still don't believe us? Well you can join and figure out. We love to hear members tell us how to improve,it is what make us what we are right.
Yo! Welcome to the Empire. Arctic Empire is one of youtube's prominent chill electronic music promotion channels. We'd love to have you join our discord and hang with us :)
The server for the site where you can get all kinds of great sample packs! Also we offer a place to socialize and get feedback from people with experience! So come on down, have some fun, make some music.
Who are we? We are a group project, featuring a group run Discord server, YouTube channel and SoundCloud page.
Our goal is to promote high quality music mashups, mixes and more! We aim to provide for anyone and everyone's musical taste, and plan to promote highly diverse content while keeping the quality consistent.
This server is for listening to live raves/sets, sharing your own music, and to overall talk to people with similar interest. You don't like this stuff? You can still help with being a mod, or channel moderator (more info about that later). If you have any questions feel free to dm me!
⊱ SOUND SQUAD ⊰ is a community of producers, DJs and music enthusiasts. This server is primarily dedicated to growing as artists and exploring each others musical diversity, but we also welcome casual chat and friends who enjoy the community and server perks.