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⬡ Join the biggest HEXAGON community on discord.
⬢ We are fans of Don Diablo's label Hexagon.
⬡ You'll get the freshest news about Don and the label itself!
⬢ We have verified Hexagon Artits and Staff u can talk to on our server!
⬡ Home of all Hexagonians.
Setting the Tone for Innovation. LGBTQ+-positive Discord server for primarily electronic music producers, but also for any other kind of musician or artist!

Novatone is a server built for helping musicians better their skills in their craft by participating in production challenges, discussing each other's music by giving and receiving feedback, and building connections with other producers!
Welcome to the Illenials server! we are connecting Illenials worldwide, we offer different things, from Music production to arts, to gaming, etc... we are still in the middle of processing a lot of things, but the server itself open! Hope you guys enjoy!
Our community is an open book at all car enthusiasts we allow your own opinions and would love to learn more from different car guys and girls
We are a community who love music as a whole. We welcome new members and love to talk about anything music related or not! Feel free to talk about anything you like in our welcoming server.
We are a growing community that sheds light on up and coming DJs and producers. We also occasionally host events that specifically aim towards mixes from our best DJs. As a result, If you are an aspiring DJ or producer and want to share what you're capable of, consider joining. We also have an active staff that monitors the server 24/7. If anything needs more clarification ask away, and they will be happy to assist you.
EDM PRO is all about sharing and promoting your music! Get feedback from others in the community and explore what we have to offer!
We are here to support YOU!

We now have mixing and mastering services!

Need a logo? We offer custom 3D graphic design!

Help us grow our network and promote EDM with us!
Welcome to...

__▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ Pauer's EDM Eden ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂__

If you're looking for a server for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) appreciation, you've come to the right place! Pauer's EDM Eden is a server where fans, producers, and aficionados express their passion for this heavily influential mega-genre of music.
Our EDM channels and features are the highlight of the server, seen in the form of:

-- General discussion and sharing of EDM/music/artists
-- Production channels for feedback, tips, samples and plugins, and self-promotion of music.
-- A MASSIVE subgenre dictionary where members can explore and share tracks from many different EDM subgenres.
-- Voice Chats for production and jam sessions
However, we also have general features including but not limited to:

-- General messaging and support channels
-- A variety of bots
-- Recreational channels (Memes, art, gaming, writing, etc.)
-- NSFW channels for older members
-- Voice chats for chilling, listening to music, gaming, etc.
Regardless of whether EDM is your everyday life or not, we hope to see you around someday! As of now, thank you for reading all of this and I hope you have an amazing day!
- Pauer

Invitation Link:
Melodic Haven is a music-based server for almost everything! From meeting new people with similar interests, getting feedback, sharing music & information and being part of a community. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to create music or do it well to join :)
We are a small tight knit Music Community called Primordial Music. Primordial Music also doubles as a YouTube Promotion Channel and Music Label. Whether you participate in these is up to you, but you can always just share your music and hangout with people too. Anyone is welcome ^^

We're also not limited to Music, though we are music-based, we feature art, and games and video editing skills. So be sure to join if you want to share your skills! ^^
Devoted to festival bigroom EDM lovers and anyone wanting to explore the genre more! JOIN NOW if you like Hardwell, W&W, Blasterjaxx, SaberZ, Maurice West, Sandro Silva, Maddix, KEVU, Jaxx & Vega, TBR, Dimitri Vegas & Like, Quintino, ANG, Olly James, Revealed Recordings, Rave Culture, Maxximize Records, Loca Recordings, Glow Records, Intensity Recordings!

Electronic music and gaming focused server owned by EDM artist Space Laces

Join and get access to music feedback from top industry professionals, weekly smash bros tournaments, 24/7 radio, exclusive downloads and more!
Welcome to the server of Reverie! We are an indie EDM duo that is really passionate about music. We promote music, are open to collabs, and can help you learn how to make music too. We try our best to help each other in every way we can.
Welcome to Slain EDM Network!

We are a community for EDM lovers, producer or not.

We giveaway sample packs, presets and so many others, to help you get started in your producer journey, but if you are not a producer.. don't worry! We also giveaway nitro and in-game currency!

(This is also the server of Slaydize)

We hope you love our server, it is pretty new for now, and who knows, one day it might grow :D
the welcoming community of wisteria invites you to come join us

🌹 we vibe hardcore
👑 the queen approves
🌸 post your selfies
🌺 voice chat every day
🌙 fun bots to play with
Hypnotic is a newly formed music server for numerous different people in the music industry. Need promotion? Want to sell your beats? Feedback? This is the perfect server for that. Our welcoming community will help you grow as a music producer. Even though you don't make music, everyone is welcome.

-- Active Server With 900+ Members 🔥
-- Feedback From Music Producer All Around The World 💡
-- Many Upcoming Events And Giveaways 🎁
-- Great Place For Music Promotion 👍


-- Professional Feedback Calls 🎙 -- Virtual Music Festival 🎪 -- Remix Competitions 🎧 -- Online Stores 👜 -- Free Nitro Giveaway 🎉
A Music Production Server aimed at EDM and its plethora of subgenres. Music Enthusiasts welcome. The server is full of professionals with loads of experience and plenty of Resources to help you in your craft.
This is an Old Ghost Records official club.

This discord is based around dubstep music, and community building.

We help new and existing producers find new outlets to expand and grow as well as creating an environment for people to socially interact with other producers / music listeners.

Join now for





Join us and get involved in our community based upon our facebook group:
Venha se junta à MELHOR comunidade de amantes de música eletrônica!

Este é o servidor oficial da MoonMelody Records, venha fazer parte dessa comunidade maravilhosa!
Olha só o que tem aqui:

- Os melhores produtores do Brasil ✔️
- Interação com pessoas que amam as músicas que você gosta ✔️
- Tutoriais e conteúdo educativo sobre produção músical ✔️
- Suporte na sua carreira ✔️

Tá esperando o que? Vire um membro!
Nest Network is a Community for Artists to get together, This Community isn't just for EDM Artists, it's for Everyone.
We hope you enjoy your stay here

WOAH!! Whats that? An amazing server you should join?? Dude! You totally should join!

Pixel HQ is an active community where you can promote your music, get feedback from professional producers and best of all, we have a ton of memes


-- Active Community With a lot of Well Known Producers!
-- Feedback From Producers All Around The World!
-- Promote your music to other people!
-- Grow your career!


-- Calls with other producers -- Virtual Music Festival -- More Members
Metablack is a Dubstep producer community which is also open to DJs and fans. Join us if you are a Dubstep DJ or producer and you will be welcomed by a warm and loving community.

No seriously, join us. It is awesome out here. We are passionate and love Dubstep. Let's make some awesome music.