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Nous disposons de 3 grands thèmes de Hentai/Porn qui sont Girl/Boy/Mixte. Dans ces thèmes il y a du Yuri/Yaoi, Cosplay, Furry, Trap, Futa et tout ce qu'il y a de plus basique. Pour se diversifier le plus possible, il y a des channels dédiés au Gaming, Anime et RP NSFW. Si vous êtes un artiste, vous pourrez partager vos œuvres de n'importe quel type qu'il soit.
3 hours ago
SunnySideUp is a small community of trans people, femboys, and admirers with verification steps to allow access to the deeper parts of the server. Come for the porn and stay for the people.
3 hours ago
Join if you like trap music, underground trap, mumble rap, emo rap, lo-fi hip hop, r&b, indie, vaporwave, future funk and anything dope. Anyone can join! We're just here to have a blessed time.
5 hours ago
18+ ONLY nsfw furry server that is dedicated to furry traps and femboys!
We also have rp/erp, artists, gaming and nsfw content channels!
Join in and have fun!
19 hours ago
Welcome to traps aint gay! A server based all around traps, femboys, sissys and crossdressers. (Yes, it's gay) Invite your friends! Talk about many things, including traps man. It's nice. Also theres sfw channels for that nice little appreciation. Theres selfie channels to share your trap pics, or just normal pics. And nsfw channels to share that good stuff wink wink. So enjoy your time here bbs.
1 days ago
I created this discord server so that I could chat, have fun, and mess around with my followers! I wanted to create a fun an safe environment where like minded people of all shapes, sizes, and sexuality could come together and have a little fun! This server was originally created for members of the LGBT+ Community with heavy emphasis on transgenders, sissys, and anything to do with femininity (Boy ---> Girl transformation)! But You don't have to be LGBT+ to join!!! This server is open to anyone and everyone that wants to join as long as you follow the rules there is a place for you!
Anyway I hope you give us a shot and we look forward to seeing you on the server!

So what exactly is S-3-H Community?

|18+ NSFW COMMUNITY 18+| Although the whole server is not NSFW a majority of it is! So please be 18 years or older if you are going to join!
|Roleplay Events!| We have weekly and monthly group roleplaying events that anyone can join!
|Movie Night!| We hold movie nights on every other Friday!
|Game Night!| We hold game nights on the Fridays we don't have movie night!
|Lewd Stuffs| We hold a large collection of just about everyone's taste when it comes to Clears Throat "Art"
1 days ago
Want to showcase us your waifu? Come on down to Waifu Central! We cater to 4 types of waifus, serious, not so serious, lolis and legal lolis, and traps. We also have different channels besides these. So, come join us!!
1 days ago
In this discord you rp as a trap that's blackmailed into going on a trip to a private island, becoming a servant to the owner of it. While you're there you'll also find other femboys who are in the same situation.
2 days ago
Sound Design, synthesis, mixing techniques and resources for electronic music production in rap beats
5 days ago
18+ The netherworld is dedicated to Disgaea and other demon/devil art; from sfw-nsfw
5 days ago
come share,listen, and create great edm (electronic dance music) with the community
9 days ago
The Femboy Sanctum;
We strive to be an open and accepting community for people who enjoy anime, hentai and LGBT+ content. Our main purpose is to bring people who like traps/femboys together.
11 days ago
just a chill server, make friends, talk about music, trends, etc. meet new people!
20 days ago
Hip-Hop Challenges Group Chat

Where we learn and discuss hiphop/trap/lo-fi music beat production and sampling, and push each other to the max in a warmy and a fam like environment. We currently hosting 11 challenges and beat-battles from the big 3. (All Levels are welcome!)

Please don't join if you plan to shitpost and not take part in any of the challenges.


[fl studio, reason, logic, hiphop, hip-hop, lofi, music production, beats, beat battles, ableton, hip hop, trap, lo-fi, makinghiphop, sampling, rhythm roulette, sample flip, ill muzik, stones throw, stonesthrow, trap production, stmb, mixing, mastering, audio engineering, hiphop production, r&b, drumming, drums, 808, mpc, push, maschine, trip hop, battleflips, mass appeal, synth, synthesizer, sound design, drum programming, dilla, kanye, doom, dre, metro boomin, lfo, adsr]
127 days ago
Join the newest music channel on the block, The Beat. Being hosted by Rowdy. we play the sickest beats, all the time. Come on over have listen to The Beat! Any Genre can be played!
209 days ago
Join *Stella's School Of Autism Ft. Traps* today! And receive autism, a lot of autism. We don't have enough traps in here so we are looking for more, at the moment the average age of the server is a bit worrying but we are trying to change that, we are banning all the annoying kids. We also have a podcast (Work In Progress) called *The Academy Of Autism* which you are free to join if you are active in the Voice Chats. Speaking of... Our voice chats are always active and are full of *Compressed Autism.* The political part is kind of a hope, at the moment the political chat is full of autistic shit posting but we hope to improve the political side of the server soon. We do have an NSFW section called “Concealed Autism” where anything is allowed and the admins have just muted that channel.