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18+ ONLY

Started as a femboy/trap and cuckold related server, all lewd are welcome! Self-assignable roles and a friendly staff!
Traps, Girls, Trans and furries are mainly invited to our server, we accept guys just dont be to lewd, we also accept lewd people so basically anyone hehe~
We offer a community to where its a peaceful and a little chatful, mainly lewders share lewds in dms or post lewds here so join in if u wanna!~
Please let me know role problems or anything concerning for this server, its still in the process of adding more things!

♡need hentai posters and more furry posters need people that post lewd things heh♡
Sissy & Traps Paradise is a comfy place where you can chat with people that share the same interests as you! Maybe you are a master looking for someone to serve you, or maybe you are someone who wants to serve a master ;3

In this server you can find both masters and people who wants to serve! We accept all kinds of people, femboys, sissies, traps, males, females, transgenders & anything in between! As long as you are friendly and kind ^-^

(This server is only for people the age 18 or older!!)

-Self roles!
-NSFW Content!
-LGBTQ+ Friendly!
-Kind & helping community!
Arisen from the sands again! We got nuked twice and our last server died. And just like Phoenix we came back to live! Everyone is welcome and we care and love every single member of our community! Please join us in this fun ride and be our new friends!
⭐ Friendly and active staff ⭐
⭐ Cute emoji⭐
⭐ Wholesome place full of Cuties ⭐
⭐ Safe space for talk, advices and venting ⭐
⭐ LGBTQ+ Friendly⭐
⭐ NSFW section 18+ only ⭐
Community based server for the kink community centered on trans and feminine related identities, and those who admire us. Find friends, partners, support, and somewhere to belong.

Not very politically correct, we only ask you respect basic LGBT issues. Hang out and make friends, no agenda, just a place to relax and be accepted.

Trans-owned server, unlike most others. We care about our members here. The owner helped build Sissy Space to what it was, until Gekko destroyed it.
Welcome to Trap Kingdom! We are a new server focused on traps and trap lovers.
-18+ONLY. Do not enter this server if you are below 18, underage people will be banned.
-Cool and chill atmosphere.
-Well moderated server. We do not allow any drama or discrimination here.
-Friendly staff looking to meet more people and grow a community.
-Sfw and wholesome chat channels aswell as horny ones.
We're a a startup adult only (18+) server looking to house a small but active community! LGBT friendly, minors banned.We're still putting together an alright structure, so hang on with us!
We specialize in traps/femboys, and wonderful BDSM-related topics! Or so we aim to be, anyway...
New NSFW with a growing community, non verified and verified lewds along with some hentai to indulge in. 18+ only. Having a small community right now but with the potential to grow and become a big loving community for all NSFW lovers and lewds to show for it.

Dating server💕

We are a New safe space for traps, femboys, trans or any of the lgbt+. Anyone interested are also welcome just be respectful 🦋

Mods, Admins and new bot suggestions needed so...
Lets make this a fun chill and exciting server🌈

In this server, you can meet a lot of artists and producers, also in this server, you're allowed to promote your music and receive feedback in return.
(18+) a not so strict server with barley any enforcment of rules (edgy humor and no-no words are allowed).you can find all kinds of porn and hentai archived here, futa, irl porn, captions and traps (hung ones too <3). memes and music too, join and you might make some friends and rp partners here! we have a very friendly and welcoming community.
A laidback server based around anime, cute boys, and crossdressing, built off of a very close and friendly community!

If you're looking to make friends, I'd highly recommend taking a look; we got a bunch of friendly guys here to hang out with!

Hope you enjoy your stay!
Hi, would you like to be a trap? I will personally sit down at your house and teach you on how to be a trap! This place is a growing community, this isn't a NSFW server so leave your lewdity outside! You need to be at least over 10 to join, have fun (or not)!

- No spamming
- No voice changers
- I don't know what else to add
- No lewd items

- At least over 10 years old

Everyone in this server will help you become a certified trap! Don't be shy to let out a weird trap voice, no one will judge you (at least that's what I think)! I and a couple of others will try to help you. Being a certified trap means that you sound like an actual gril, I hope after some time in this server you can learn on how to fool everyone and ANYONE around you into thinking you're an actual gril!
Servidor amigável para conversas amigáveis, para quem curte femboy, trap, yaoi, yuri, animes, etc. Com chats NSFW para maiores de 18 anos.
Ce serveur est catégorisé [18+]

Nous sommes une communauté proche de la culture Trap / Femboy / Crossdressing.
Nous sommes ouverts a tous les genres et orientations mais aussi a toutes les personnes curieuses de ces sujets.

Notre but est de permettre à ceux qui viennent sur le serveur de pouvoir parler de ces sujets librement, sans jugement d'autrui.
Si nous réussissons à vous donner confiance et à vous faire sentir mieux dans votre peau, alors c'est que nous aurons atteint notre objectif.

Au plaisir de vous voir dans notre communauté !
。・:・゚★,。・:・゚☆ Welcome to Femboy Paradise 。・:・゚★,。・:・゚☆
We are a newly created LGBT-inclusive Discord server, aimed at people who wish to share an environment of civil discussion and mature content. Where everyone between the age of 18 to 40 are welcome to join. As we all do, we share the the love for Femboys, with NSFW channels for mature content. Along with that we have gaming/programming/anime channels, we also feature giveaways and have an XP and currency system that we wish to do more with in the future.

✯ We are an +18 server only, no underaged people please!
✯ Friendly users and staff who host occasional giveaways!
✯ NSFW Channels, XP & Currency System! (In progress)
✯ 100% Femboy Lovers!
[18+] Koopa's Army is a friendly and active trap/femboy/trans server! We have a cool level up system, tons of emojis, and various other discussions relating to:

>Video Games

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly!
selam türksen ve trap seviyorsan kanalımıza gelmeyi unutma
you like trap come join us
Heyy! I'm a broke, 21 year old, submissive trans girl looking for some degradation and hopefully to provide lewds to you so cheap you know only a worthless shemale wh*re would sell itself for so little :3 Join and say whatever you like to me please, DMs open ^~^ I have a bunch of pics and clips for you cheap :3 Simps also welcome <3

Hentai!~ ♡

Looking for hentai? We've got you covered! Join us and be the start of something new.


We're a new, well made and organised hentai server hoping to introduce new content to new people. Join and give or take hentai!
This is a server that is primarily for rap music, but welcomes all types of music. We look forward to building our server. Chill and have a good time.
A smol erp server for people who like to roleplay as fembois, dickgirls, and even feminine nonbinary characters, who are also into gross and taboo kinks, especially scat. Join at your own risk! Be one of the first to join. I hope this little community grows to it's full potential! :3
Welcome to our Genesis, in which we took a fresh start on what we had before. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly community, with a drama free environment and a LOT of roles to choose from. Enjoy your stay in our Genesis together.