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Come hang out, and play games with some chill people. LGBT server. NSFW 18+. This is NOT a safeplace btw!!
"Large Futa Cock Hentai. You want big cock we have~" wise words from admin.
Hello everyone we are looking roleplayers for our futa server. Feel free to drop by and say hi so we can steal your lewds.
Hentai!~ ♡

Looking for hentai? We've got you covered! Join us and be the start of something new.


We're a brand new, well made and organised hentai server hoping to introduce new content to new people. Join and give or take hentai!
>Comfy server vibe
>Non abusive mods
>Minimal rules
>NSFW channels
>Feels / advice channel
>Welcoming and chill community
>Everybody's welcome
Invisible Trap Discord Server! Trap and other genre music producers in one place with good promoters! [English / Polish Community]
𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℌ𝔬𝔩𝔶 𝔈𝔪𝔭𝔦𝔯𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔗𝔯𝔞𝔭𝔞𝔫

We are a legendary (almost) harem server made for good girls especially (male).

Want to become the GF? There's a channel that points you in the right direction.
Want to have a cute GF? Say no more.

Straight from the depths of Anonymous imageboards, we have finally come to light and are accepting members weather you want to orbit or get orbited, so join now, get all you want and need and hail the divine God empress for this blessing!
We are a brand-new server trying to build a friendly community for adult (18+) trans/trap individuals to hangout and share experiences and make friends! Cis people are welcome to mingle too! Share your music, selfies, art, cool stuff! We have custom role colors and custom roles are available to active members. Build a community with us 💜. This is a free speech server as long as that speech isn't hateful so feel free to relax and be yourself 👯‍♀

Note: Intro channel is marked as NFSW, this is only to reiterate the entire server is 18+

-- Custom roles & colors
-- Server currency, earn server currency by being active!!
-- Server shop, redeem custom commands and perks
-- NSFW channels
-- Voice channel
-- Music channel
-- Selfie channel
-- Interactions (headpats, pouts, and hugs <3)
-- Non invasive bots!
-- Mewbot
-- Minigames
-- General chat channel
and lots more!
Age restrictions: 16 to be on server, 18 to post nsfw pictures of yourself
Server for Traps/Femboys/Transgenders and people, who worship them
Includes NSFW content
Everyone is welcome here!
Enjoy your stay!
[18+] Kööpa's Army is a pretty active and friendly Trap/Femboy/and trans server. We have a NSFW section for sharing nudes. We also have a general chat for meeting new people and other channels about:

>Video Games
>Heavy Metal/K-pop

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful. We also have a level up system and tons of cool emojis
Hey you! We need more cute traps!! Come join this brand NEW trap server! We have:
-no restrictions or abusive admin/mods
-theological discussion
-hard drugs
-free game boy color games
-heaps of fuckin sauce


Trap Heaven is an upcoming NSFW server focused on traps, futas, shemales, and trans!

And for any guy or girl who's interested in banging them, feel free! ♥♥

+18 Community only / a clean server with a pretty cool and chill Community owo
Hello!! \^~^/
- This server is mainly for people who like to do Voice Acting.
- On a set date/time all or most memebers raid other discord servers and Voice Troll them.( making them Confused, Angry, Aroused at times...) We then use their Reactions to make a funny video compilation and Upload It to our channel (We take any challenges)
- We are a SFW server
- We also got some E-boys and E-girls for y'all E-thirsty ppl
- Oh yeah and we also offer some voice lessons to do a Trap Voice or Loli Voice If ya can't do any voices
- Last thing I swear... we also give special roles that you can earn by leveling up and inviting people to the server (Mod, admin, custom role....)

The biggest and best server for traps/fem-boys. Filled with cute traps and their admirers. come for the boypucci stay for the wholesome gay cuddles.
We welcome you warmly in 🎀 Château of Traps 🎀 !
Discover your own fantasies and see that it's worth staying with us for longer

Interesting people 💗
Exciting conversations 💗
Creating a relationship 💗
Erotic content 💗
Pleasant experience 💗
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

🎮Welcome to Udunen's Homeless Shelter!🎮

We appreciate every stray, misfit, outsider, anybody! Into the server, if you feel down, or if you just wanna have fun with fellow gamers, come join us!🔥

▼Here is what we have to offer!▼

- Fellow gamer friends!🎮 ««—⍟—»»😋
- Rave about gaming/anime/and hentai any time you want!🎮««—⍟—»»😈
- Leveling system with perks!🎮««—⍟—»»😎
- Even the owner is a trap! 🎮««—⍟—»» 🌸
- LGBTQ+ friendly!🎮 ««—⍟—»»🌈
- Aesthetic/Neat layout!🎮««—⍟—»» ✨
- The best staff and owners! 🎮««—⍟—»»🍙

🎮Now, that you know this place is awesome, you should really come and join!🎮

✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
Y'all love traps?

An LGBT friendly otaku community based around anime (especially traps)and related stuffs. Building a fun and enjoyable community is the main goal rather a large member count. Hope you enjoy your stay!
💖 WELCOME TO THE "Cute Traps & Fems'' SERVER 💖
😍 this server is made for the Cutie traps and femboys, and trans (like all those cuties) im not one myself tho 😍

⚠THIS SERVER IS 15+ to access ⚠
(18+) a not so strict server with barley any enforcment of rules, you can find all kinds of porn and hentai here, memes and music too, join and you might make some friends here! we have a very friendly and welcoming community. I've kept this desc short and sweet because I hate all the way too formal servers, or the servers that have a rp theme to their server but go too far with it and with text
Welcome to xLion!

We are a completely open and inclusive server dedicated to music production, especially electronic music production!

· Come along and promote yourself and share your sounds!

· Learn tips and tricks about production to improve all round!

· Collab and network with a range of other musicians!

· Get feedback and advice on your works in progress from other skilled producers!

· Compete in competitions, including our weekly challenge!

· The server is open to anybody, from fans, to those new to producing, to professional producers!

Come check out the server!
A 18+ Community of femboys and femboy admirers. Everyone is welcomed! Come say hello!
- The largest femboy server with over 5,500 members.
- 350 emojis, plus a dedicated emoji sever with 100 additional emojis.
- A private Minecraft server for community members.
- Weekly community oriented events such as Minecraft, Movie, Steam Game Night, Cards Against Humanity, and DnD night.
- Over 40 total SFW and NSFW channels.
- Custom mentionable roles available.
- Advertisements channel to post your social medias.
- Deep community leveling and ranking system.
- Community currency and banking system were you can buy items and roles with earned community currency.
- 45 Earnable roles.
- 50+ different Self-assignable roles to choose from.
LGBT/Femboy server with our own Tinder.
Genuinely friendly and welcome environment.
Real chance to meet people irl in the future or just make awesome online friends.