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A place for rappers and producers to collab and to discuss music! We welcome those of all skill levels from amateurs to professionals to those just interested in the craft. If you want to make a living rapping or producing or if you're looking to do free collabs just for fun, this might be the place for you.

Things you can do:
- Promote your music
- Buy and sell beats
- Request critiques
- Collab with rappers and producers for free or for profit
- Rap battles

- Be 13 years old or older than 13
- Follow Discord's Terms of Service
A music driven community to help and develop one another, while continuing to bring different cultures and life styles together.

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ eSound █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
We are a music community promoting talented artist! Also a community perfect for meeting new artist and producers 🎶
🎶 Things you can do 🎶
-Share your music
-Collab with other artist and producers
-Stay up to date on hiphop news and events
-Buy and sell beats
-Get feedback on your upcoming projects
-Submit your music for a chance to be on our YouTube channel

*Boosters get benefits for their lovely support
A server for people interested in music / music-production. We have a Theme of the Week music production competition, channels for music discussion & feedback, and more! We are a small community, so new members will be greatly appreciated!
United Underground Artists or UUA for short is a new music server. This server is a great place to find other artists and producers. This server is the home for underground artists. Here you can find other artists to collab with and talk to. We are a fast growing community. We will cause a change in the industry. Theres no reason you shouldn't join to help your career.
Welcome to The Kitchen!

Here we have:
- A close community
- Channels for all of your needs
- Lots of roles
- Places to advertise
- Laid back off-topic text and voice chats
- Events
- Lots of bots and music channels

We hope you have a good time!
US/DE/TR 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 🇹🇷
The biggest Community , for Artists,Producer, Video-Creator, GFX-Designer, Musiclabels & Streamer. Promote yourself & connect with artists
New Edge Records!
a place to share your **chill** music where it gets the attention it deserves!
Welcome to golden factory. You've come to the right place if you are a musician, producer, artist or just want to network with people from the music industry. All levels from Beginners to Pros are welcome. Self-Promo is allowed. We all share one thing: Love for music! Enjoy your stay with us.
Devoted to festival bigroom EDM lovers and anyone wanting to explore the genre more! JOIN NOW if you like Hardwell, W&W, Blasterjaxx, SaberZ, Maurice West, Sandro Silva, Maddix, KEVU, Jaxx & Vega, TBR, Dimitri Vegas & Like, Quintino, ANG, Olly James, Revealed Recordings, Rave Culture, Maxximize Records, Loca Recordings, Glow Records, Intensity Recordings!

We're a producer server/group where you can find more producers. And if you're a rapper you can also find a producer, some charge a lot, some charge cheap, and some people give beats out for free. And if you're neither a producer or rapper. Join the server and make some friends.

What We Offer.

- You can give feedback for peoples beats or get feedback.
- You can find rappers who are willing to pay for beats
- You can find a place to relax in. Which is the VC's
- Staffs to keep you company, which they're very respectful
- You can also partner with my server just dm the server owner. Wumbo.
- Can make plenty of friends which isn't a bad thing..
- You can advertise your typebeats and your youtube aswell
Welcome to TheFrequency! We are a musician community for musicians or vocalists of all kinds to link up and share their work or collaborate.

We have plenty of resources to help better your production/quality. These include useful links for plugins, sample packs, tutorials, sales, and more. We also have an Artist Email service to help you find rappers looking for beats, aswell as a label search service to find labels wanting to release your work.

We hope you come and enjoy our community, and maybe stay awhile! See you there.
Are a producer looking to lease or sell your beats?
Are you a rapper looking to buy beats or find other artists to collab with?
Then this is the right place for you.

🔥 Self Promotion
🔥 Beat Giveaways
🔥 Bots
🔥 Advertising
🔥 Free beats and features from the generous producers and rappers of the server
A community of producers, singers, rappers and all the rest of them. This is a place for collabing aswell as giving and receiving advice from and to other musicians. Feel free to share this server with any musicians you know. We are looking for both beginners and professionals.
Welcome to Electronauts, Inc.!

Hi and welcome to Electronauts, Inc.!

Our server is dedicated to bringing together musicians, producers, artists, vocalists, engineers, and other creatives for the sole purpose of helping each other create, improve, release, and promote professional compositions as an independent record label. A producer owned and operated label. We are an inclusive community that supports all musical genres, and we aim to have an eclectic mix of artists on our releases.

Our goals include monthly label releases from all our artists (1-2 songs each depending on submissions), promoting our music on our 24/7 Youtube stream, and helping bring your music to music streaming services!

Please be positive, provide feedback, collaborate, and let's help each other out!
Loyalty Before Royalty is the Biggest Community Matter Oriented Discord Server yet.

Matter is a upcoming music platform btw
Hypnotic is a newly formed music server for numerous different people in the music industry. Need promotion? Want to sell your beats? Feedback? This is the perfect server for that. Our welcoming community will help you grow as a music producer. Even though you don't make music, everyone is welcome.

-- Active Server With 400+ Members 🔥
-- Feedback From Music Producer All Around The World 💡
-- Many Upcoming Events And Giveaways 🎁
-- Great Place For Music Promotion 👍


-- Professional Feedback Calls 🎙 -- Virtual Music Festival 🎪 -- Remix Competitions 🎧 -- Online Stores 👜 -- Free Nitro Giveaway 🎉
We are a growing community that sheds light on up and coming DJs and producers. We also occasionally host events that specifically aim towards mixes from our best DJs. As a result, If you are an aspiring DJ or producer and want to share what you're capable of, consider joining. We also have an active staff that monitors the server 24/7. If anything needs more clarification ask away, and they will be happy to assist you.
An Anime and Music Producer Discord, Themed around HXH and JOJO. Plenty of free rewards including, Royalty-Free Sample Packs, Midi and Wav Melodies, Beat Coupons, and Free Beats to use for Streams, Raps, and more! Level Rewards and Customisable Roles are also here, Some Of the bots on the server include Tatsumaki, Mee6, Rythm, and Atlas. GLHF <3
We are a rap server that caters towards rappers who want to invest in their careers and actually want to be big rappers!
The servers include many many areas where producers and rappers can link up and make something big!
We also have voicechats that mimic studios! That means you can freestyle or rap battle in voicechat!
We are friendly and we have strict rules against bullying, racism, NSFW, etc. We keep things clean!
Head on over and join us! Trust me, we are worth your time!
Flow's Hangout:
Hey !!! So to sum up this server, were just a small simple discord server that's goal is to bring together musicians artists and producers alike, you can share your beats, learn and improve together or just hangout and chill,
We offer:
★ A place to promote your media
★ A chill hangout to just vibe in
★ Plenty of people to collab with
★ Resources for you're next project
★ Plenty of self roles
★Lots of bots to have fun with
★A level up for roles system
If any of this interests you please join today!
Welcome to Music Planet!
We're a server full of music lovers and producers. If you're an artist looking for someone to make beats for you then you found your place. If you're a producer looking for placement then you found your place.
If you want feedback on your songs and meet other music lovers to chat to in this active server then come join us we welcome anyone regardless of what genre of music you are into, COME JOIN NOWWW!!!