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server some buds made and we would love to start a little community. I host movies and stuff so that's pretty gamer.
Hello weebs from all around the world, come join Dio’s mansion and treat him like the king he is.
Server for posting cats, you can also not post cats, but it's highly recommended that you do. You can also talk here and stuff, if that's what you're into. In addition you can post pictures of other animals if you'd like.
Prism is a server with many languages and people. Even though some of us are different our community is amazing we have pokecord, giveaways music bots and nice staff for an all round great Community
Have fun and no weird shit . No underage shit or anything . 18+
small server mainly about music :))) need new people we have fun people and we listen to cool music please join pretty please
It’s a cool discord that is made up of friends looking to make new friends. We play games and are chill.
don't join this server if your a liberal (lol) jk jk please join my server I have nothing in real life. we have decent mods and aren't that strict lol join if yuo are insane...... heh.. lol(right) (we also do nitro giveaways) if yuo are girl don't join please we have too many egurls heh.... yes I'm dating them all heh.... I'm so swag lol
If you listen to Lil B and make music then this place is perfect for you. We're an online group that discuss the underground scene.
[Ship 01: Feoh]
"Dragons have been slain by countless ARKS ops in combat, but SwagDragonZ... They've slain countless ARKS with their SWAG alone." - [(IMPROVED) Alliance Leader Comment]

We are a semi-casual (casual yet competitive) community based alliance who strives to give players of PSO2 an experience of true SWAG. Through events, alliance benefits (LFGs, Tree Boost, Obtaining Alliance COs, ETC.) , mems, and SO MUCH more! If your interested or wanting more questions, please don't hesitate to DM me (even after you've joined the server) (Tho the alliance is feelin like a one man band, I'll make sure it in tip top shape for anyone who is interested! )

Join the alliance of pure SWAG & DragonZ TODAY!!!
(NOTE: when joining the server you will need to wait 5 mins before accessing the server.)
hi omg
we r the lesbian cult
we wish to take over the world ;)
yes join for free cookies

u dont need to be lesbian its ok
but we're still very epic
We are the brothas of swag, you can say whatever you want but you must praise our god and be a brotha.
A server where we all chill with friends. Has lots of rats, and even the one and only Danny Devito. Join, it's worth it! Kaito has aids. Meat on the bone.