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İngilizce, Arapça ve Türkçe Sunucu.
Müzik, oyun ve konuşma.

الإنجليزية والعربية والخادم التركي.
الموسيقى والألعاب والحديث.

English, Arabic, and Turkish Server.
Music, gaming, and talking.
🔞 السيرفر للمصريين فقط +20 🇪🇬
1500+ Users ✨
This Server is for Egyptians ONLY 🤗
تم عمل السيرفر للحصول علي افضل امكانيات الديسكورد و في نفس الوقت لم يتم تواجد سيرفر مصري مساوي لكفائه السيرفرات الأجنبيه لذلك تم عمل هذا السيرفر للمصريين
➡️ ⬅️ لمزيد من المعلومات ادخل علي موقعنا
⛔ No foreigners are allowed ⛔
we not being racist we simply speak Arabic most of the times, if you can speak Arabic then you are more than welcome :)
مفيش قواعد هنا اكلم في الي انت عاوزه و اي حاجه مش هتاخد بان
من الأخر براحتك في السيرفر هنا
Egypt Arab Arabic Masr NSFW +18 Egyptian
Arabic gaming discord server and community, everyone is welcome
main games are league of legends, cs go , brawlhalla and pubg
Open-minded, aren't you?
Welcome to Casual "E g y p t"
Without YOLO, it’s just AWESOME
We Accept whoever you may be Unless you’re a serial killer or Autistic ,Then get help or speak with Ironman u might get along with his autism
You have to be funny, because being hot just isn’t an option for us at this point.
we tried to be normal for once. Worst 10 minutes of our entire life.
kindley Enjoy our community
سيرفر مصري ديموقراطي بتاع كل حاجه
شباب وبنات روشين فقط
A warrior cats based server that is taken place in Egypt.
The cats struggle to survive in the rough dessert, where will your destiny take you?

We are a pretty new server and would be delighted if you come roleplay with us!
this group is for Egyptians only any way this group is for fun
making friends we accept anyone but does not mean that you can say bad words and do what ever you want but we do not like swearing or saying bad words and you can make jokes memes we hope you enjoy our grou and you have to speak english the rules is english and have fun
We're just a bunch of friends from Egypt, playing league of legends and other few games, come enjoy with us the moment we share :) (Arabic & English speakers server).

Giveaways! who doesn't like them? we all do adore them!
SFW server but an NSFW channel for people to use for insults/profanity or edgy memes to share. This NSFW channel is for reaction only not enabled for everyone to see/use unless reacted to the emoji to get the rule.

a friendly themed server to hang and chill, talk about games and anything you want
Are you sick of all these greek and roman rp discord servers and want to come try a Egyptian rp server. Well Camp Alexandria is the server for you. We have a bunch of available gods you can choose from and you can make your own demigod. You can also get a house in this server. So dont be shy and come and join the server.
Welcome to Ancient Egypt RP a fun historically accurate roleplay server where you
- Have fun Role playing
- Dank memes
- Historically accurate information
- Great banter
- And more
- Have a great time
A friendly Server For all please keep it no swearing or explicit pics or you will be banned [Egyptians][Arabic][egypt][arab][arabs]
The Egyptian Lineage is a roleplay server based around Egypt. In this modern day world Egypt has been cut off from the rest of the world, leaving them with few modern-day amenities.

You arrive in the city of Ammonastet. It is also know as the city lost in time. The citizens walk around in a mix of modern-day clothes and typical ancient Egyptian attire. Mythical creatures roam among them. Suddenly they all part to the side of the road. You follow quickly behind. Pharaoh Lael walks down the road. What a strange city indeed.
Arabic Server About Everything :D

⚫ English Speaker Role For Anyone Can Speak English ⚫

⚫ Custom Bot For The Server ⚫

⚫ Nice And Easy Rules ⚫

And More !!

What are you waiting for?? join us now !!
Welcome to Egypt
English Roleplaying Political Community server
were everyone is welcome
(the server is still new so the new members may become mods and help bring the server up) -under construction-
This is NOT a RP server.

This server is made to heal the recent schism made by the "Pharaoh" of the Kemetic Orthodoxy denomination. This "Pharaoh" has bean clearly abusive to her followers and continues to use them for her own personal gain and not for the overall health of the faith. They also have discriminatory views to race and claim that blacks are superior to all, which is blatantly not true as the gods have created humans all equal. Historically and Religiously the Egyptian faith has been extremely tolerant of all people and unfortunately the "Pharaoh" of the faith has currently been destroying our beautiful reputation that was blessed by the gods. So now I must step forward and cease this destruction of our faith and declare myself Pharaoh.

Now that we have that out of the way we can get to some of the qualities of our faith for the new people.

-We are extremely tolerant.

-We love Science.

-We recognize that the universe around us changes independently.

-We see that the beauty of the universe is that the gods don't need to get involved with nature as it just works on it's own.

-We see science as the gateway to understanding the gods better.

-We see that the gods interact with humans either directly or indirectly.

-We see that the gods test us at our strongest and our weakest.

Hopefully this cleared somethings up. If you just came here to debate our faith with us, please do, we would enjoy some intellectual debate with other faiths or atheists.
Legions Of The Pharaoh is a free public community role-play server where people can make friends play games share music and have fun
سلام عليكم
سيرفر جديد ينضم للساحة باسم شوكولاتة
ياريت لو تنضم يا عسل يا اسطوري و تساعدنا للوصول الي 100 عضو انشاء الله
و تصير من اكبر المتفاعلين في سيرفر و افضل شخص في العالم
و قريب لو السيرفر صار كبير بنسوي شي مرة قوي و احتمال نسوي قيف اواي و فعالية 30 ثانية بس يوم اجمع شوي كريدتس او يمكن اعمل قيف اواي علي حسابات ماين كرافت
و بس اشوفكم علي خير ♥
نحن هنا العثمانيين

الجمهورية العثمانية لكن الملكية
نحن خادم عربي جديد مع مفهوم البلد.
لدينا العديد من الميزات على النحو التالي.

- دردشة حصرية وقنوات نصية للأعضاء الذين تزيد أعمارهم عن ثمانية عشر عامًا
- القوائم حيث يمكنك الحصول على الأدوار من خلال الرد
- غرف خاصة ، صفوف خاصة ، ساحات التجمع
- بوتس القرآن
- غرفة تسجيل السكان
- نظام الحكومة الإلكترونية لعرض الزواج ، التبني ، شجرة العائلة
- الدستور والصحيفة الوطنية
- خادم الفتنة مع شكل من أشكال الحكم الحكم

ملاحظة: لا يدعم الخادم أي أحزاب سياسية.