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Open-minded, aren't you?
Welcome to Casual "E g y p t"
Without YOLO, it’s just AWESOME
We Accept whoever you may be Unless you’re a serial killer or Autistic ,Then get help or speak with Ironman u might get along with his autism
You have to be funny, because being hot just isn’t an option for us at this point.
we tried to be normal for once. Worst 10 minutes of our entire life.
kindley Enjoy our community
لو أنت معتل اجتماعيا ده مكانك و السرفر مصرى يا متناكين
İngilizce, Arapça ve Türkçe Sunucu.
Müzik, oyun ve konuşma.

الإنجليزية والعربية والخادم التركي.
الموسيقى والألعاب والحديث.

English, Arabic, and Turkish Server.
Music, gaming, and talking.
🔞 السيرفر للمصريين فقط +20 🇪🇬
1800+ Users ✨
This Server is for Egyptians ONLY 🤗
تم عمل السيرفر للحصول علي افضل امكانيات الديسكورد و في نفس الوقت لم يتم تواجد سيرفر مصري مساوي لكفائه السيرفرات الأجنبيه لذلك تم عمل هذا السيرفر للمصريين
➡️ ⬅️ لمزيد من المعلومات ادخل علي موقعنا
⛔ No foreigners are allowed ⛔
we not being racist we simply speak Arabic most of the times, if you can speak Arabic then you are more than welcome :)
This is a server dedicated to the game "Illusion" by lunarolexler, even though we usually discuss everything except that. Join if you're mentally retarded like the rest of the members and the admins, we also thirst over cartoon and anime characters 24/7 and worship Furuta Nimura
•> Deep in the heart of Egypt , three clans live in seclusion. Proud warriors of dustclan live in the pyramid of Giza, Kind healers of ruinclan make their home in ancient city ruins, and the secretive hunters of fallenclan hide in the deep underground canals. Hundreds of moons before the clans were one- under the name of sunclan. They lived together in the pyramids, until dustclan drove out fallen clan, starting the largest war in the known history of the clans. Ruinclan - a small group of apprentices and kits - ran off and took shelter in the ruins, surviving off of mice and other small prey

+This is a roleplay server inspired by the Warrior cats series by Erin Hunter. Our ideas are original and unique, based around three clans in the heart of Egypt. Play as an African wild cat , enjoying the captivating environment of the barren deserts

•▽|what you can find in the server|▽•
+Friendly staff;
+Fun bots;
+The ability to play as both small and big cats;
+An LGBT+ friendly community;
+Unique settings with a lot of creative freedom;
+Egyptian lore;
+Constant storyline;
+And more!
Come to Fear LOL server! We have self-assignable roles, emojis (soon), and even giveaways! Everyone is welcome, with our english and arabic channels, and we are a great community, and a family! So come join us, what are you waiting for?!
Hey everyone! I'm Fear. I'm born and raised in Alexandria and I'm 28 years old. I started playing League of Legends last year. I chose the name Fear because I'm really inspired by Scrubnoob, and I want to get to his level. I'm not that good at the game right now, but in time, I'll be a force to be reckoned with! I also play as Rengar, and I hope to become the best of all the Arabs who play. My content is streaming League of Legends games and posting videos on YouTube; I'm a main Jungle and a Supporter. They call me Fear because of the effect I have on other players.... I come, and they run.... and lastly, I want to give a special thanks to: Precious, Pan, Sultan, Anas, IKB, Papeto, Arkadata and Omar.
Welcome to Casual "E g y p t" .
This is a server for people living/from/interested in the Egypt.
We try our best to keep the server drama-free and a safe community for all.
#1 the most popular discord server in Egypt
very friendly community for gaming and chilling
one of the most top rated servers in discord
سيرفر كل حاجة وأى حاجة..لو انت جديد تعالى اعلمك..لو انت قديم تعالى جدد حياتك الديسكوردية..وبعدين احنا بتوع اكل وصحة ودين وسياسة وجيمينج واللى انت عايزه..وعندنا عجل وموتسيكلات وترابيزات بلياردو وبينج..تعالو ياولاد ماتخافوش
مفيش قواعد هنا اكلم في الي انت عاوزه و اي حاجه مش هتاخد بان
من الأخر براحتك في السيرفر هنا
Egypt Arab Arabic Masr NSFW +18 Egyptian
In this server, we have Mortals, Magicians, Pharaohs and Gods! If you climb your way up the ranks and get on a gods good side, they might let you unlock your own personal divine form and rule over Egypt and it's people! Create your own path!
Welcome to the official Egyptian server
everyone is welcomed
a community Egyptian server that talk about Egyptian topics (politics , history , religion, or just having fun and sharing culture) and other topics that related to Egypt and its neighbors and the great history of the oldest nation on earth since the Pharaohs to modern days and sharing tourism stories and recommending advises for tourists
(the server is still new looking for mods and admins) -under construction- (you may help)
Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy is an original 3rd person action-adventure game inspired by the mythology of ancient Egypt.
Welcome to gods of Egypt! Here you claim a god, fight other gods, find relationships, and just have fun!
A warrior cats based server that is taken place in Egypt.
The cats struggle to survive in the rough dessert, where will your destiny take you?

We are a pretty new server and would be delighted if you come roleplay with us!