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Welcome to a new spiritualist/pagan server! We're a growing community of understanding people! We are currently looking for new members and new admins!
What we offer:
♡LGBT+ and no hate community!
♡Color roles along with 100+ addition roles!
♡Fun leveling system!
♡Venting Channels!
♡Anit-Raid Messures
♡Partnership and Admin opportunities!
♡Adapting to our user base!
🍃 Welcome to the Witching Willow! 🍃

We are a witchcraft focused server for secular and all religious members that welcomes all ages, races, sexualities, genders, and all levels of knowledge in The Craft.

We continuously strive to provide:
🍃 An active and friendly home
🍃 Informational and discussion channels
🍃 Recommended age 16+
🍃 Private channels for 18+ and lgbtq+
🍃 Server-wide events
🍃 A place to understand the perspective of various witch types in a structured, yet, fluid wholesome setting
🍃 Multi-layered verification process for new members to reduce interference from trolls
The Serapeum is a general Contemporary Polytheist community for all Polytheists, from Hindus and Hellenes to Shintoists and Zoroastrianists. This is an open, friendly, and tight-knit community for serious conversation and educational experiences with academic pagans.
This is NOT a RP server.

This server is made to heal the recent schism made by the "Pharaoh" of the Kemetic Orthodoxy denomination. This "Pharaoh" has bean clearly abusive to her followers and continues to use them for her own personal gain and not for the overall health of the faith. They also have discriminatory views to race and claim that blacks are superior to all, which is blatantly not true as the gods have created humans all equal. Historically and Religiously the Egyptian faith has been extremely tolerant of all people and unfortunately the "Pharaoh" of the faith has currently been destroying our beautiful reputation that was blessed by the gods. So now I must step forward and cease this destruction of our faith and declare myself Pharaoh.

Now that we have that out of the way we can get to some of the qualities of our faith for the new people.

-We are extremely tolerant.

-We love Science.

-We recognize that the universe around us changes independently.

-We see that the beauty of the universe is that the gods don't need to get involved with nature as it just works on it's own.

-We see science as the gateway to understanding the gods better.

-We see that the gods interact with humans either directly or indirectly.

-We see that the gods test us at our strongest and our weakest.

Hopefully this cleared somethings up. If you just came here to debate our faith with us, please do, we would enjoy some intellectual debate with other faiths or atheists.
here is a server for those who practice witchcraft and are transgender.

this server is troll, raid and chaser proof.
The Lantern is a server for witches, pagans, and occultists of all ages. We strive to be a server for learning and socializing in a fun and positive setting.

We have:
✨ An active and friendly community
✨ Classes and study groups
✨ Resource and discussion channels
✨ Server themed bots and custom commands
✨ Private channels for readings, lgbt+, spoonies, politics, and neurodiversity
✨ Server events and weekly prompts
✨ Organized channels and a directory for getting around the server with ease

⭐ We are currently looking for more teachers! ⭐

There is a strict join process to keep out trolls, new members who complete our two join steps are approved quickly!
Welcome to the Moon Rose Coven! A 13+ server coven welcome to all who seek knowledge in the world of wicca, witchcraft, and paganism! Folklore, spells, herbalism, you name it! We have it all, and are willing to expand our horizons as we gain more and more members! We welcome all ages, races, sexualities, genders, and level of knowledge in these subjects. We're all learners, why not learn this craft together? So, Welcome, welcome, we look forward to your stay!~
Member Count: 16

Please join this gateway server if you wish to apply to join the Temple of the Sacred Rose! This is not the official server of the Temple, but a place where you may ask questions and access the application form!

>The Temple of the Sacred Rose has been founded for the following purpose:

To provide a safe space for witches, pagans, magicians, occultists, and other practitioners of the esoteric arts to learn and develop their Craft and Spirituality.

To provide a space where practitioners may find community within shared Rites, Rituals, and Ceremonies.

To provide a clear mode of advancement and accreditation for practitioners seeking credentials of merit.

We uphold the values of Honor, Justice, Compassion, Wisdom, Temperance, Courage, Discernment, Respect, Scholarship, Character, and Community.

>The Temple of the Sacred Rose Offers:

A safe, friendly, and drama-free environment that encourages a scholarly study of the Craft with a zero tolerance policy for bigotry, cultural appropriation, and harassment.

Access to exclusive rituals, rites, and group spells, game and movie nights, weekly challenges and prompts, classes, and more

A supportive and challenging environment that will help you grow as a Practitioner of the Craft

Merit-based hierarchy and opportunities for advancement within the Temple for those who go above and beyond in their studies of the Craft and engage in community service/charity work. Those who rise the ranks have the potential to gain positions of authority within the Temple, including the possibility of becoming a Priest/Priestess.

Opportunities for members to participate in one-on-one and group mentorship.

Resources for practitioners of all experience levels! From newbie witches to those who have practiced for a lifetime, there is a space for you within the Temple.
If your looking for a chill, fun, and relaxing place to meet new witches and to learn more about your craft then do I have the place for you. Join The Nightshade Circle’s Discord. The Nightshade Circle is a fun Discord server of all paths. We accept anyone from any path, as long as you bring good intentions and good vibrations. We are here to make friends and share our knowledge. Come join our 500+ members!
We are the Pestle and Mortar, an inclusive server for ANYONE of any religion to learn more about Paganism/Wicca, as well as for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches and others to come and be part of a community and discuss their craft.

Anyone is welcome here, so long as they are respectful. Disagreement is fine, but openly saying that you think witches should burn in hell, for example, won't be tolerated.

We offer:
-Active staff!
-Reaction roles!
-Respectful debate!
-Teaching and student roles!
⭐ Welcome to The Comet's Tail ⭐

We are an active, cozy, and new pagan community with a fun space theme and zero drama. We accept all paths and religious preferences.

☄️ LGBTQ+ friendly
☄️ Frequent "missions" (activities)
☄️ Book club and study groups
☄️ Friendly staff & atmosphere
☄️ Big plans for the future!

If you are looking to advance your craft, or are a beginner needing somewhere to start, you've come to the right place! Make some new friends and meet people of all paths here!
A place for conservative/classical liberal/libertarian/moderate/apolitical pagans to hang out and just talk. SFW with channels for games, spirituality, politics, memes, and general discussions.
DedicatedPassion is furry server focused on being a carefree, tolerant, and thoughtful community.
We have lots of channels for various discussions, and NSFW sections for chat and art.
We welcome people from all walks of life and strive to be a community of inclusion.
* RP channels
* Active writing community
* Active Therian, feral, and pagan community
* Long-running, low-drama server
* Online and active for over 1 year
Small server with a family vibe.
Join the conversation!
Hello! Welcome to Mystic Groove of the Dragons. We are a new witchy server but we welcome everyone. Yes even Christians. I'm Raven one of the owners of the server, along with Lunar and Rachel. Now I'll tell ya a bit about how this server works. To first to get into the server you need to get the Vauva Dragons role. You can get the in the #☽roles chat. You should also make an introduction in the #☽introductions chat. Once you are into the server you can see all the channels in #☽server-registry chat.
Whispering Grove is a relatively new active server catering to druids(both neo and re-constructionists), pagans, bards, o(vate)s, and much more. We welcome anyone just finding their path, or those who have been on their journey for some time. This server is LGBTQIA+, and mental health friendly. We respect one another with equality and community.
We are a community for witches of all types, and we also have a roleplay!
Welcome to surreality! A server where you can talk to others who think outside the box like you do. Interested in the Occult? Converse with other witches or learn from others. Discuss various topics such as divination, astrology, conspiracy, reality, ect. Join and help us grow today! Looking for Moderators also.
We're a welcoming community of younger people from magick-based religions such as paganism, satanism, and wicca. We have older, experienced members willing to give advice to newbies just finding their path, so don't feel turned away if you are just starting off! This server is a welcoming community for people of all religions, regardless of beliefs and backgrounds, and showing respect to each other is our highest priority. We're a chill server with few rules and restrictions, so feel free to stop in and check us out!

We have designated shitposting channels to make sure the meme-helliness doesn't get out of hand, so if that isn't really your thing, don't worry about being swamped with it. We also have channels for venting, writing, video games, photography, and more!

This is NOT a debate server. People of all religions are welcome to join, but attempting to convert others to your religion or insulting other beliefs will result in a ban.

💙self assignable roles
💛our own homemade bot
💙events hosted often
💛plenty of channels for any topic
💙friendly staff and welcoming community
💛updated anti-troll defenses to keep spammers out
💙a waifu voting gauntlet and plenty of shitty memes
💛a chill community with lots of active members
Nightfall Hollow is an 18+ server created in April 2019. We're a small group of magic practitioners trying to grow our community. We welcome people of all experience levels, races, orientations, nationalities, backgrounds, and practices to join us!

🔱 Organized Navigation
🔱 Large Occult Library
🔱 Self Assignable Roles
🔱 Casual Conversations
🔱 Occult & Witchcraft Channels
🔱 Weekly Prompts
🔱 Discussion Channels
🔱 Voice Channels
🔱 Suggestions Channel
🔱 Friendly Staff & Staff Protocols
🔱 Meme & Shitposting Channels
🔱 Lessons (Coming Soon)
🔱 Events & Contests (coming soon).
🔱 Masterlist of Resources

More to come soon!
The Crystal Coven!

A magic server that welcomes people from all corners of the world and all practices!
We have fun bots, and bots to aid your magical path.
Great staff waiting to help you!
Many roles!
Perfect place to learn or share your knowledge!

Join us, and become a part of a loving community!
Coming soon - a pdf resource library!
Are you bored of messaging people to give you those occult or pagan books or looking online for unsafe downloads and paying to use crappy pdf websites , well look no further and join our server the keepers of the tomes and receive all our resources for free as well as any social media related to our server topics ! Permalink -
Pluto's March is my attempt at making a witchy study group for people from all sorts of paths.

So I feel unsure about running a witchy study group server but I feel like the only way I'm gonna deepen my craft is by having people to study and share my journey with, so here I go.

This is Pluto's March named such for the planet Pluto and its effect of death and rebirth in us, transformation, and really, isn't that life?

What this server hopes to be and what its for: A place to build friendships and like close knit coven like relationships, to really encourage each other in our crafts and paths, where you can share who you are and what you're working on and learning.
A small circle of people dedicated to the craft. Join and share your knowledge, and learn from others!