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Merry met traveler. We welcome your weary bones to The House of The Gods. The House of The Gods is a 15+ paganism and witchcraft server open to an and all walks of life. We feature many channels for people of any practice.
Hello! We are The Lavender Circle!

We accept all pagans and witches and warlocks to come and talk about magic and to do magic things! We have a multitude of roles and channels for all your needs.

We are ages 13+ with an optional verified NSFW section for those ages 18+.

We hope to see you soon! ☀️
Hi, welcome to witchcore! We are a server dedicated to all things witchcraft, pagan, and wicca. No matter your age or practice you will be welcomed here. We are a very supportive server and welcome anyone of any sexuality, romantic attraction, gender, race, practice, or religion.

Here are some of our features:

A ranking system to stop unwanted people from gaining control.

A library so you can research and find answers to any questions.

Weekly challenges and daily questions to give you something to do.

channels kept separate to make it so you only see channels that you're comfortable with.

Over 100 self-roles to help you better introduce yourself

A friendly staff team that welcomes any questions and suggestions to make your experience here as good as it can be.

Bots to make your experience here even more fun.
So come check us out at Witchcore, we'll be happy to see you here!
Welcome, to the Wicca Garden!
Welcome one, welcome all! This fun and informative server welcomes all walks of life with open arms, and open hearts. We aim to be a diverse, friendly, and active community to help guide, educate, and make friends among the magical path!! Run by a somewhat seasoned Wiccan and an eclectic witch, we are always happy to lend a hand to help figure something out or help you write a spell!

-We feature several different channels, a smaller yet active group of witchy folk, and a daily prompt every morning!

- We hope to see all kinds of witches/wiccans/spiritualists/etc, lots of channels to post about your craft or interests, and with staff willing to expand upon interests.

- You must have already read the discord guidelines in order to join, and must be over the age of 13. to ensure safety of youth on the Internet.

- we do not accept hate speech of any kind, and will be banned upon offense.
🌻тнe wιтcнeѕ corner🌻

connecт wιтн тнoѕe wнo are lιĸe-мιnded wιтнιn тнe craғт and вolѕтer wιтн one anoтнer ιn eacнoтнerѕ ғaιтнѕ . we wιll alwayѕ вe open тo new coмerѕ wнo are ιnтereѕтed aвoυт wιтcнcraғт. we нave ѕo мany dιғғerenт тypeѕ oғ wιтcнeѕ ѕυcн aѕ green wιтcнeѕ, eclecтιc wιтcнeѕ, waтer wιтcнeѕ, drυιdѕ, wιccanѕ, and ѕo мυcн мore!

🌕 тнιѕ ιѕ a place oғ ĸnowledge!

📚 we нave a lιвrary ғor yoυr reѕearcн!

✨ мany wιтcнeѕ wιтн мany тalenтѕ!

🕯 we нoѕт groυp rιтυalѕ and мagιcĸ claѕѕeѕ!

📖 we нave an open вooĸ oғ ѕнadowѕ!

🔮 we нave a ranĸιng ѕyѕтeм wιтн perĸѕ

тнoѕe are jυѕт a ғew тнιngѕ aвoυт тнιѕ ѕerver. ιғ yoυ wanт тo cнecĸ ιт oυт, jυѕт clιcĸ тнe joιn ѕerver вυттon and eхperιence тнe мagιcĸ ғor yoυrѕelғ!
Currently accepting staff applications! Apply in the server ❤︎🌿
∙ about us / our purpose ♡
our server is a welcoming community of pagans, witches, wiccans and people of many other belief systems. our hope is to create a space for all people of all religions, sexualities, races, genders and more. a place where all people feel welcome and safe, and can find a sense of community and family.

∙ what we offer (〃´∀`〃)
🥞;┊level one boosted
🌿;┊simple vetting system
🍓;┊great staff team
☁️;┊self assignable roles
🍃;┊safe space for all religions
🌙;┊anime + ghibli theme
🌸;┊and much more!

The Witching Hour is a fun community for witches to hang out & grow their crafts together.

We know that there are hundreds of paths you can take so we plan to make everyone who joins our community feel included with our plentiful amount of channels for all your witchy needs. There is sure to be something you'll enjoy!

We are:
💫An LGBT friendly space
💫A hate intolerant zone
💫A community that promotes growth through an accepting & friendly environment
💫A community for witches of all backgrounds
💫A safe place for witches in the broom closet
💫Somewhere to make new witchy friends & hang out!
Welcome to our scout themed witchcraft server! We're here to learn, and share information with each other, and partake in many planned events such as guided meditation, potentially even classes, as well as many other things.

We have channels for just about everything, and always take requests.
We welcome witches of all paths and levels to help grow our server.

Blessed be to all! 🌒🌕🌘
Welcome to our hearth! This server is home to our community hearth where we actively look to teach new pagans and witches in the folklore and practice of Norse paganism. We welcome other forms of paganism in their path to learn! Welcome and learn some new magic and lore!

-open discussions on tons of topics
-18+ for safety reasons
-virtual blots and ceremonies!
-Holiday rituals and contest!
Welcome to the Hall of Twilight. All are welcomed to join!

Our server is for learning/sharing knowledge about the Norse Gods, culture, history, and working to build an active community with lasting friendships. Seeking knowledge together and exploring the beliefs of our not-so-distant ancestors lives. All while carving out our own ways to honor the Gods and the world around us.
hey y'all, we're but a lowly witch server lookin for love. we've got all sorts of fun things like semi-active members are funky admins who are trying their best. this is an lgbt friendly server (straighties are allowed 2) and we ask that you be 13 or older to join. witches and pagans of all sorts are welcome, and we'd love to have to come chill. thx :O
The Circle of Discovery is a witchcraft server focused on just what the title describes, discovery. Are you a brand new witch who needs help, or even a seasoned practitioner? CoD caters to all, from how to astral travel, to summoning a demon, to just how to grow a plant! We have:

-A ranking system to identify what type of witch a person is.

-A simple vetting system.

-Lots of roles to choose from!

So join now, and discover what type of witch you can be today!
𝒲elcome to..... 𝓣he 𝓒auldron

On this server, channels are devoted to all things magic, fortune, tarot, pagan, witchcraft, spiritual, occult, and other esoteric (other-worldly stuff) areas of interest.


This server is open to everyone and you do not need a 'belief system' to join us!
From fun topics to serious in depth discussions, The Cauldron is the place to let your spirit go wild!
· ─ 🌿 m a g i c k i a n s 🌿 ─ · ·

🌷 🍀 🌷 𝔀𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓶𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓼 🌷 🍀 🌷
σғғιcιαℓ ∂ιscσя∂ ғσя тнε мαgιcкιαηs үσυтυвε cσммυηιтү

We are a community of witches, wizards, and occultists focused on the study and understanding of magick. Our aim is to grant accessibility to resources for all levels, create lasting bonds of friendship, and provide a place to express oneself in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you are just beginning in this path, or are one with years of experience, Magickians is open to practitioners from all walks of life. We hope you'll join us on a new magickal adventure!

· · ─ 🌿 ─ · ·
🌼・Magick School Student Hangout (NEW!)
🍄・LGBT+ Friendly
🌼・Ages 13+ Welcome
🍄・Active Community
🌼・Occult Book Club
🍄・Community Events
🌼・Voice Chats
🍄・Giveaways and Contests
🌼・Self Assignable Roles
🍄・Open to All Paths and Beliefs

🌷 J o i n T o d a y 🌷
This an an age 16+ server for people who want to practice all types divination and fortune-telling such as tarot, runes, mediumship, and aura reading. No level of experience required to join!

☀️ Discussion boards for talking shop and sharing info.
☀️ Practice boards for exchanging and offering readings.
☀️ Chill environment to hang out with like-minded peeps ^-^
Limenitis Arthemis is a friendly server inviting anybody interested in the occult. This includes witchcraft, wiccan, pagan, and everything in between. We view our members like family and friends. You are safe here. We look forward to seeing you:)

-Must be 15+ to join
-Has a library for occult books
-Artist booths for selling and trading
-A Supportive Community
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
Band of the Raven is a haven for pagans of all kinds! As an educational non-profit, we offer a safe place for those of any belief system to learn and practice. We offer:
-- Classes or readings almost every day of the week
--- Current classes: Heathenry 101, Honor discussion, Hindu Mythology, Celtic pantheon and mythology, Polynesian Mythology, Norse Saga readings, Greek Mythology
-- Variety of ever-changing class and reading subjects
-- Mentorship program geared toward support and learning
-- Meet and greet with the staff and server members weekly
-- Friendly, open, constructive community
-- Gaming and meme channels
-- ID verification- 13+ server, designated 18+ areas
We want to create a place for people of all beliefs or interested observers to learn about and share knowledge of magick, witchcraft, druidry and the occult, all ages are welcome and we have an nsfw channel for 18+ users. We are a growing community of users and new members are always welcome.
Welcome to Sekkir's Den ココナッツヘビ

Enter if you dare...

[Please read the rules after entering (discretion is advised)]

Our official Hub community to our fellow occult members!

Sekkir’s Den aims to have a perfect balance between magick and shitposting, while chilling with other fellow practitioners like yourself. Come share and gain knowledge of any kind of practices such as;

✘ Astrology
✘ Books (of any kind and practices to share with others)
✘ Eastern Practices
✘ Divination
✘ Dreams and Experiences
✘ Energy Work
✘ Herbs
✘ Artifacts
✘ Crystals
✘ Rituals
✘ Tarots
✘ Runes
✘ Top quality shitposting

More practices will come soon since the server is fairly new but so far we are committed to make it better for everyone. We are opened minded with any discussions, believes, etc.
~Welcome to Pagan's Pentagram!~
We're a fun and friendly server for satanists, wiccans, pagans, and witches alike! We welcome everyone who is part of one of those practices or anyone who wants to learn! Here at Pagan's Pentagram we hope to design a large community for satanists, pagans, wiccans, and witches to feel comfortable, and a community for new people to learn.
Nobody is discriminated against here, not for their race, their sexuality, their gender, their religion, or anything else. We take all the steps needed to be a safe place for everyone.
Here are some things you'll experience at Pagan's Pentagram
- Friendly staff
- Self-assignable roles
- A wonderful community of people just like you
- Acceptance
Please consider joining, we'd love to meet you!
Sacred Grounds is a mature space to discuss witchcraft and paganism. We are a small, tight-knit community that encompasses many different paths and practices. Our focus is on growing our practices and ourselves through the sharing of knowledge, resources, and experience.

We are currently only accepting adults age 21+. There is an interview process at the gate, which should be completed upon entering.

As we are looking to foster a cozy, familiar environment, we do not allow lurking.

Our server features:
- A small, but growing library of pdfs
- A list of other libraries with a variety of esoteric books
- Astrobot and Helios
- Weekly discussions

Please note that this server is not intended to be a safe space. The goal of the server is to help each other grow along our paths, and growth is not achieved in our comfort zones.
The Isle Garden is a home for those of us practicing and worshipping the various forms of Celtic Paganisim. Whether it be a religious dedication, a scholarly interest, or anywhere in between we welcome you. We are a LGBT friendly space that welcomes people of any walk.
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Our rules are not strict at all, as cursing and sending memes is a way of expressing ourselves, as long as it's not offensive. We are an active religious-talk server, providing:
🕯Active Staff 🕯
🕯New spells and curses, provided by our members 🕯
🕯 Fun talk 🕯
🕯Lots of roles to be yourself 🕯
🕯A tarot and sigil bot 🕯
🕯 Information on lots of different types of religions and religious paths 🕯
🕯Game nights! 🕯
🕯 Cool people to talk to 🕯
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Join us and find your path!
+13!! No one under 13 is allowed!
Hi there, and welcome to The Witches Hearth

We're glad to have you here, whether you're a wise witch (all genders) or a witchling-to-be! In this community it is so very vast and popular, you can find so many things here! There are also sections and tools in the sidebar to find whatever you need or want! The public chatrooms are a super rad way to meet like-minded people as well!

If you're completely new to Discord, it can get SUPER overwhelming so we are here for you. This app, I think, is the best location to find all the resources that a Pagan, or Witch may need. Even more, if you are secular.

If you're a baby witchling, and not sure where to start out in discovering your path, you are for sure not alone. You could ask in the channel Ask A Witch!

We're so happy you decided to join us! Have fun, merry meet, and of course Love and Light!