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🦋 ~ Limenitis Arthemis ~ 🦋
A friendly server inviting anybody interested in the occult. This includes witchcraft, wiccan, pagan, just interested or learning, and everything in between. We view our members like family and friends. You are safe here. We look forward to seeing you:)

✨ -Must be 15+ to join
✨ -LGBTQ+ and PluralKit friendly
✨ -An extensive library for occult books
✨ -A Supportive Community
✨ -Merchant chats for artists to sell and trade
✨ -A fun astrology and divination kitty bot
✨ -Weekly classes hosted by our members
✨ -Detailed info posts every sabbat
✨ -Game nights!

-- And also a cute, but subtle, butterfly theme! 🦋
Once you join, be sure to read the rules, post an intro, and check out our variety of self-assignable roles. Blessed be!
・゚: *✧ welcome! ✧*:・゚

Moon River Mystics is an inclusive community built with the intention of being a welcoming place for practitioners of all levels to learn and connect with each other. (13+)

We offer:
✧ Self-assignable roles
✧ Educational events
✧ A community-sourced library of resources
✧ Spell-of-the-day prompts
✧ Judgement-free spaces to ask questions
✧ A readers room for divination practice
✧ Cute custom emotes
✧ LGBTQ+ and BIPOC friendly

We're still a small server, but hope you'll join and help us grow this new community into something really beautiful.
Welcome to Bibs Broom Closet!
A safe space for all practitioners of every type. Here in our server you will find that we are all inclusive, have channels to fit every need and interest, have Admins and Moderators that are knowledgeable in their paths and practices and are able to assist as often and best as they can.

- Self-assignable roles
-Beginner and Experienced inclusive/friendly
- LGBTQIA+ friendly with roles to fit your preferences
-POC friendly
-Politically friendly (though we try to keep it to just one specific channel)
-Topic of the Day discussions to talk about all subjects regarding witchcraft and other daily topics.
- Adult and minor specific sections to give everyone the privacy they deserve.
-Over 100 channels to fit your interests and needs!
-Giveaways and community movie night/events every month!

There's so much more to our server than the things listed above! Come check us out and join the Bibs Family!
This server was made for witches of all ages to gather and talk about spells, magick and witchy things 😁

In this server you'll find:

- An accepting comunity;

- Spells, curses and rituals;

- Resources for all types of witches;

- Events like study groups and art contests

I hope you'll like this community!
witch's haven! ─── a sfw, non-toxic community for minor witches!
we're here to teach others about witchcraft and have a fun and safe time exploring witchcraft together! we have active teachers who teach a variety of things, ranging from divination to the left hand path!
we have volunteer card, pendulum and dream readers as well!
why not come join us?
Hello!! Welcome to ☾•The Lunar Cult•☽
witchcraft (duh lol) All witches can come! Obivously other people from other religions can join, not just pagans/wiccans.
•LGBTQ+ friendly!!
•POC friendly!!
•Begginer witch help!!
•All ages!!
•Nice community!!
I hope you decide to join!!
Welcome to the Raven's Keep!

We are a UK based inclusive 18+ community, dedicated to the exploration of all things Witchy, Pagan, Spiritual or Occult.

Whatever your spiritual sweet spot - be it Kitchen Craft or Death Witchery, Divination or Shadow Work, or simply a love of folklore - the Keep is open to you!

Curious, sceptical, or already walking your path? Why not take a peak within and see what we're about?

Who knows, perhaps you'll find you'd like to stay a while...

“I do believe in an everyday sort of magic -- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone.”
― Charles de Lint
Welcome to Rising Dawn!
We are an all ages Left Hand Path community, dedicated to educate and to create a space for LHP practitioners of all
experiences! No clue what LHP means? Join us! We’ll give you a warm welcome as well as answer any questions your heart desires!
We are a growing server that offers:
> A large selection of resources as well as a request system in the library so you can get as much information as you desire!
>> Current Resource count 70+<<
> Self selectable roles (more get added upon request!)
> A lot of bots!
> Community nights in which we socialize and network!

Welcome to the Witches Grimore! We are a community built on the belief that information should be free and accessible! We have many features including bots and many self-assignable roles. This is a safe space for everyone witches and learners alike, we look forward to having you visit!

We have Pluralkit and Systemtime for systems and the server is run by a system!
◎ Magyar ◎

A Nordland szerver egy közösség építő, valamint gaming szerver.
A szerver rendelkezik:
◎ Lehetőség az magyar/angol nyelv fejlesztésére.
◎ Csapattársak, beszélgető partnerek keresése/találása.
◎ Saját bot, mellyel aranyat szerezhetsz!
◎ Vásárólható rangok, melyeket a botból szerezhető arannyal lehet
◎ Kisebb eventek, amelyen a szerveren tartózkodó összes tag részt vehet.

Alapvető dolgok, amiket elvárunk:
◎ Ne legyél hópihe!
◎ A személyzetet feleslegesen ne zavard csak ha indokod van rá!
◎ Hangtorzító és autotune programok használata nem megengedett!
◎ A szerver felhasználóit kezeld egyenjogúan!

Amennyiben ezeket be tudod tartani, akkor szívesen látunk!
Jó szórakozást!

◎ English ◎

The Nordland server is a community builder and gaming server.
The server has:
◎ Opportunity to improve the Hungarian/English languages.
◎ Search/find teammates, chat partners.
◎ Original bot that allows you to collect gold.
◎ Buyable ranks that can be purchased
with the gold that can be obtained from the bot.
◎ Smaller events that all members on the server can attend.

Basic things we expect:
◎ Don't be a snowflake!
◎ Do not disturb the staff unnecessarily!
◎ The use of sound distortion and autotune programs is not permitted!
◎ Treat server users equally!

If you can keep them, you are welcome!
Have fun!
We are a Norse Pagan community that is 18+. We believe in traditional values, heritage and want to help others learn the Nordic way. We offer teachings, friends and family, fun, and all kinds of other stuff. The discord itself is currently being revamped so things are subjected to change
- Witchcraft Server -
· · ─ 🌿🍄🌿 ─ · ·
🌻・Friendly and active staff
🍄・All experiences welcome
🌻・LGBTQ+ Friendly
🍄・Library and information based
🌻・Helpful members
🍄・Giveaways and Contests
🌻・Many roles to assign yourself
🍄・All paths, beliefs, religions are welcome
🌻・Very active community
🍄・All ages 13+ are welcome
🌻・Mentors and lots of help towards your path
A friendly server that accepts everyone and all ages^^ we are still growing
This server is for 15+, where you can come and get most of your witchcraft questions answered. Where you can come and just chill or where you can come to learn. We have a adult room and some other little extra rooms also! Come join us!
Adder's Fork University
"you are your own magic"

- A college themed witchcraft server centered around education for all experience levels!

- Join us for interactive classes and labs tailored to specific learning types to help you best

- We offer channels exclusively for BIPOC practitioners, as well as those who belong to closed practices!

- Boosters have a multitude of perks, including (but not limited to) early access to updates, and the ability to choose their name color!

- Systemtime and Pluralkit are both in the server for students with DID/OSDD

- Over 150 digital books are at your disposal!

- We do a monthly "Dean's List" where the top 5 most active students receive prizes of their choice from staff

- Our goal is to help you find and learn about the path that fits you best

- Prospective Student, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Student. This is the way we break up experience levels. From "just curious" to those who have been practicing their entire life, you'll fit in here regardless!

- We offer an exam that Undergraduates can take in order to graduate! This simply unlocks more complex subjects within the server

- If you enjoy reading, our staff and clubs (oh yeah, we have clubs too) work together each month to put together a school newsletter on all kinds of topics!

On joining, please read the Student Handbook and then head over to the rules channel to find out how to get verified
An open community for those exploring their Christian faith. This welcomes LGBT, Christian Witches, tarot readers etc. As long as you are comfortable taking things from a Christian point of view, you are welcome.
➮.; °❀‿‿‿‿((🪐🌌 ⭐ ))‿‿‿‿❀°
Hello! Welcome to 𝖀𝖓𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖊 𝕮𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖓. This is a welcoming place for practicing witches, spirituals, and magick curious alike! We are welcoming of neuro-diverse, and have PK and ST for systems! We also host daily readings and we have many many roles for you to choose from. We also plan to establish clubs and classes once we have more people, so come join the fun!

We are a welcoming community with friendly staff and a quick verification section. Feel free to join and have fun!
➮.; °❀‿‿‿‿(( 🪐🌌 ⭐ ))‿‿‿‿❀°
━━━━━━━━Welcome to The Pit!━━━━━━━━
✘-We welcome those of all beliefs who are 13+ and interested in the occult and respect those involved.
✘-We have many different channels to choose from and we are always adding more.
✘-Our goal is to create a safe learning environment for those who cannot find one.
✘-We are free of judgement, hate and discrimination and will accept all who wish to learn as long as there is mutual respect.
━━━━━━━━What we offer━━━━━━━━
✘-A safe space for LGBTQ+, POC, and many more communities.
✘-A place for both beginner and experienced occultists.
✘-Civil debates, memes, lots of text-channels for your hobbies!
✘-Active, respectful, reasonable staff.
✘-Partnership requests.
✘-We have a Java Minecraft server!
The Woods of Whimsy

"Down on these hills, and in these dark valleys, lies a place that stands unknown.."

------------- ・°☆°・ -------------

What we offer:

-A friendly LGBTQA+ witchcraft, Pagan, and Occult community

-Multiple channels with resources for beginner witches, seasoned witches, and just on Witchcraft in general!

-A seasonal forest aesthetic, the server's theme changes based on the IRL seasons.

-Open to parterning.

-Daily events, QoTD, Karaoke Nights, Movie Nights.

And lots more!
Welcome to the Seraphic Coven

┌─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┐
-What is this server?
This is a server for witches of all kinds. We support all religions, sexualities, genders, and more.
You can come here to learn more about witchcraft or chat with some other witches and make new friends!
-What does this server have to offer?
This server is offering classes for specific topics in witchcraft, You can learn how to become a witch, meet other people of the same religions as you, learn more about what we do and our practice, and even learn the history of witchcraft.
-Why should you join?
We cannot make you join but it's a fun experience for everyone to learn new things, meet new people, and have a good time!
We are currently looking for teachers as well!

We also do movie nights, gaming, karaoke, and much more!
└─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┘

Hello, and welcome to the official Rats Nest discord server !

We are a community for witches of all practice types, experience levels, background, etc. to come together and share experiences, learn more, and overall just hang out!

Here at the Rats Nest, we have a variety of channels so that conversations can be personalized to your needs! With lots of roles, some fun bots, and 300+ members, we offer a comfortable sanctuary space for the witch community.

Remember to read all rules, get roles, and make an intro if you join!
blessed be!
Hey Pagans or Non-Pagns

This server is people who follow the old ways of the Norse Gods / Celtic Gods. Anyone who is interested in learning about Norse culture or Runes may join this server!.

If you're a new coming pagan you can join the server no matter what!

If you're not pagans you're still always welcome and if you're doubt of something in Pagans/Norse/Celtic then ask someone here!

btw this server is not a political debate, but you can still talk about political, but not too much!
🙤 · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · 🙦
୭Witchlem Coven୧
Welcome to the Witchlem Coven, we accept all paths! This is a server where we have multiple classes, we even teach you how to do spells and perform them in certain classes! We have a huge library for you to learn about witchcraft + a live chat to ask real witches questions! And if you like self roles, we have that. LGBTQA+ accepted, 0 racism, and a friendly community. So why not join today, we're a new and growing server and we'd love to see you!
*♡∞:。.。☾ Welcome to the Celestial Bat Forest ☽。.。:∞♡*

This is a safe and welcoming place for witches, non-witches, and spirituality. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

We offer:
🦇 A safe environment for everyone.
🥀 PluralKit Bot for systems.
🦇 Helios bot to give you tarot readings, tell you about angels and demons, and more.
🥀 A supportive community.
🦇 And we are open to your suggestions for more fun and creative things to do.

Feel free to join and have fun !!