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Looking for an open community full of people interested in sharing differing perspectives in a calm and safe environment? Gay, queer, ace/aro, or transgender and need an affirming Christian space? Interested in non-traditional practices? Not a Christian, but curious about alternative perspectives and experiences? Or maybe you’re generally orthodox, but are too anti-capitalist for other places?

Whatever your lean or reason, Christian Heresy is an all-ages-welcome community that is proud of our varied perspectives and open-minds. Challenging each other with shared and differing experiences of God between some memes is all in a day’s work. There’s encouragement to give it a shot and no pressure to stay if it just isn’t what you need!

Here’s our list of channels!



* This channels has stirred small amounts of concern in the past on an all-ages server. I want to clarify there is absolutely no NSFW on this server. Discussions of sex, sexuality and purity culture, as well as all the overlap into politics, are important topics for anyone at any level of their journey, including for the youth. This is not an explicit channel. Explicit content is a bannable offense.
** This is a channel specifically for discussions and vents surrounding the pandemic and rising tensions in the world.

We have several community-based channels and self-assigned roles.

We are very leftist and it is strongly recommended that fundamentalists and people who are right-leaning do not join, unless prepared to be confronted by some very uncomfortable-for-you lifestyles and perspectives.

NEW! Leveling and level-locked channels for extra security!

**NOTICE!!** We have a No Tolerance Policy for bigotry and enforce server safety for the marginalized people who use the server. Truisms, conservatism, and Superiority Preaching have and will result in very swift removal of offending users.