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In 3012 humanity had managed to travel to the stars, but sadly not outside of their solar system. Space travel soon became available to all. The *Paragon* was solid proof of this. It was the first privately-owned space station (that had been explicitly made to be a hotel) that traveled the solar system. Besides being one of the biggest attractions in human history, it was also one of the most advanced. It was equipped to be self-sufficient with things like a gravity generator, top-notch medical facilities, a farm, and much more. It was indeed a technical marvel until it disappeared. The *Paragon* was dragged into a black hole that appeared seemingly from nowhere and vanished. The hotel managed to survive and get out of the black hole but found itself in a new and unknown galaxy. It is now 3032, and the *Paragon* is still traveling and searching for a way back home. Thankfully they have managed to make peace with several alien races, some even living among them on the ship. It is rumored that something on the *Paragon* caused the black hole and brought it to Omivera. It is not known if this rumor is true. Perhaps you will find the answer, but will it be what you were looking for? Or will it be worse?
Strangoria is a portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Topics include paranormal, aliens, spirits, UFOs, cryptids, horror, mysteries, fringe, unexplained phenomena, sci-fi, and other strangeness. [ paranormal discord server ]
alien intestines currently is underwork with just me (alien baby) running the show mods are needed! I'm active almost 24/7 so if your interested in helping develop a server nows your chance. alien intestines is of course alien themed! we offer debates on aliens, homework help, nsfw, art posting, memes, games and even a venting channel!
🔺The Best Damn Conspiracy Theory Discord Server!
🔺We don't ban if you disagree. Challenge your cognitive dissonance!
🔺Investigating Conspiracies, Politics, Current Affair's, History, Paranormal, Religion, Aliens!
🔺Movie Nights, Nightly Round Table researching Conspiracy in Voice Chat!
🔺 Crypto Tip Bot, Daily Debate, Reaction Roles, Music Bot, News feed!
🔺 Largest most active conspiracy theory server, Active Voice Chat, Members and Staff!!
🔺 Created Nov. 2018!
The year is 4028, and you are aboard the HMS Phoenix, a 'savior ship' as some call it. The Phoenix traverses the galaxy, picking up races, and sometimes entire civilizations from their dying home planets. Among these expired stars are Mars, Neptune, Earth, Pluto, Estrion, Lioter, and Evyria. The Phoenix, having seemingly endless space, gladly gave these civilizations a home. The ship's main goal? Find an inhabitable planet for it's many inhabitants to call home.
We have 6 original alien species that you can play!
Come join our small server for a fun active RP!
A server based around the creations of Tumblr and DeviantArt user @Expellingsecrets,
Hemenoids, which are a race of bipedal asexual hermaphrodites that are native to a planet known as Bioplane-2 which has accidentally been linked to earth via a wormhole malfunction in a slightly dystopian future.
They are an open species and are free to use and create as long as you let me know so I can love em! ~ES
Looking for a place to discuss and debate conspiracies, politics, current event or just meet people whit similar interests.Come join are small server even if don't know anything about conspiracies or believe in them, it's always great to expand your mind and learn something new.

New members are always welcome.
Hello and welcome to The Extraordinaries! This is a fun role-play server with superheroes and villains. There are many fun things to do here! We have a interesting and easy to follow lore. We’re a new server but we hope to expand. Here is part of our lore:

**The year is now 2080 where humans, aliens and hybrids live in peace. Well, sort of. With these abilities being given out randomly, some have decided to use them for bad. And to stop this, some became superheroes. They use their powers to stop these crimes from happening.**
Welcome authorized personnel to Area-32! A highly classified research facility located in Groomlake, Nevada. We are a research facility that tents to search beyond from the normal world, to search for objects that.. don't make sense in our reality, once we find said object we keep it away from humanity to protect it, we study it to understand more and maybe.. Release it back into humanity once deemed non-anomalous or... Have the United Nations terminate it. Do you think you can deal with High Command? Keep a relationship? Manage your sanity? Or... Will you die trying.

Here, you will expect to see
:handshake: A accepting community :handshake:
:pencil: A extensive lore behind it :pencil:
:spy: Interesting Characters :spy:
:boom: Hostile Interesting Groups! :boom:
:microscope: Exciting Fields! :shield:
:alien: Unusual Phenomenon's and entities :alien:

Good luck! We hope you make history here!
A server about connection and communication. This is a home for those who are spiritually inclined individuals, those who are learning or wishing to learn, and especially for those who feel connected to other beings! All will feel welcome here. Share yourself, your experiences, dreams... share your perspective, and there is no need to fear judgement along the way. Explore reality and self!
Hello! This is a server meant for people that are interested in original alien characters, as well as their designs and the worlds they are a part of, and are eager to find others that have similar interests! Feel free to join, we welcome new members and look forward to seeing you!
Pantheon of Elders; Lovecraft wrote about interdimensional horrors that none could possibly imagine, wouldn't you like to be one? Raze hell across earth and build a following amongst humans or traverse the universe and commune with other horrors amongst the stars. The sky isn't even the limit, merely your comprehension.
- Interesting character dynamics, as well as interesting interactions with the cosmos.
- periodic events and other mysteries from beyond the stars.
- high quality and literate roleplay group with a focus on keeping things active and alive.
We are a welcoming community of players looking to get active again.

Our roleplay is original continuity, and we mainly draw from Prime, and G1(With hints of BW)
This is a server specifically for futuristic roleplay! In this server, you can roleplay as your very own character and join a faction. Now although this server is mainly for RP we always take suggestions to do new things!

(story) The world is at war and people have joined factions survive some people just stay alone, find your place in the world and chose if you want to join world or the other factions and save them from the others
An alien faction called the off-worlders have invaded and are planning something
Hello Colonist!

As you may know, the year is 2085. Earth is overpopulated and dying because of the destruction that the human race has caused. Now, the Colony Operation has set in with a new planet.

Welcome to Xena.

Current Plot:
Everyone is arriving to the planet that the explorers called Xena.

So far, only one Colony is built with no interruptions of sign of alien life.

Note: The Aliens included are a closed species made specifically for this server. No other types of aliens are allowed.

Join us!!
Alien Refugees
is an reborn, discord server for all Alterhumans and humans alike!
We’re a chill environment that themes in fun, research/learning, artistic liberties and a whole lot more!
It's centered on anything space/alien themed..
This is a world where no one is safe and for centuries two races have been battling, The Xenomorphs and The Predator also known as Yautja, but this time they have brought humans into this battle so which team will you join? Who will win this war?
Permanent Link to Server:
Owner: Darkhor&Danihg(Vertex Howler)#6786
**(This is a WIP server and please read everything here.)**
This roleplay and art server, welcoming all who are interested in art and or roleplay. You can help build the server by becoming a frequent and active member, there are many rp channels to rp in and many art channels to post art in. Or you could start a chat, if anyone is around at the time being.

-Suggestions channel:speaking_head:
-Complaints channel:speaking_head:
:loudspeaker:-Announcements channel

*~Art and Fun Things Available~*
:sparkles:-Multiple bots. (Music, interactive, economy, dice and much more)
:paintbrush:-Multiple art channels. (Fanart, Ocs, General Art, Space art, Species art and more)
-General chat and funsies.(Bot channel, meme channel and other)
:underage:-NSFW channels(Must be 18+ in order to access them)

*~Roleplay Things Available~*
:alien: -A list of templates to use for items, character creation, spaceships, planets, species and so on.
-Multiple channels available for roleplay:crossed_swords:

*~The story known so far~*
Orkeiy is the planet home of a particular species called the dremordriey. They don't live in harmony with one another. There's a segregation amongst the species forcing them to explore other galaxies in the hopes that in other places that they will be accepted and away from their home world. Will there be anyone to help unite them? Or will they still be at war with one another in matriarchy rule? Will they be exterminated by another species to extinction?

You can add your own species, characters, weapons, etc. They will be added to the list if at all accepted. :heavy_check_mark:
You can be any species on the list. You can use any weapon, vehicle or anything that is also on the list. (Currently the server is lacking anything on the list)
Lore is currently being worked on as well.
Currently this server is in search for members and staff!
Create an out of this world alien creature, use the default race or create your own! This server is about the conflicts between the races of aliens and outer space creature, but be careful things could get messy ;)

(Default Species Below)
Daarlintonian: A species that enjoys cold climates and is allied with the repitonians, Usually wears cloaked clothing but the species is essentially tall black masses of gas.
We have created a semi-original idea of a space RP. An unknown galaxy filled with multiple races, planets, clans, and classes is at a major war for each other! Join the army and join the fight, rebel against the Tyranny, or conquer other planets! The choice is yours!
It's a 2139, Humanity has expanded into space, all though many places still remain unexplored. Some colonies of earth have started wanting independence, only one has gotten it so far though, but they were across the galaxy. Pirates are just starting to form up on trade routes, still unorganised. Be what ever you'd like to be, pirates, apart of the military, or an explorer, it's really up to you.

It is a newer server, and thus doesn't have the best quality so far. We still would like for you guys to join in this world.
Ever since an alien ship crashed in Roswell New Mexico, The I.P.D.A. Has covered up the existence of and protected humanity against Aliens, Demons, and Monsters. The agency has created androids and mutants to fight such things.
Welcome to the Fight for Freedom, a Discord roleplay server which is set in the year 7875!
Humans had authority over the galactic gate system for hundreds of years, possessing dictator ship over when and where new gates would be built, imposed tariffs for their use, and favoured their own interests over those of the “outer worlds”. Controlling all of the gates resulted in them governing the trade and travel program too, which was viewed as unfair and greedy behaviour. They fenced in those who did not hold human blood and forbidden them from expanding or even to flourish; these people were unable to visit anywhere beyond the confines of their home worlds.

Earth was the capital of the trading organisation and was the centre of the Galaxy, though were picky on who were allowed to visit; strict rules were put in place and those who came from a background of poverty were forbidden to step foot on the lands. It had been like this for far too long and people began to become fed up with these taxes and laws in place, with groups of rebels beginning to appear throughout the Galaxy and challenging this new empire. They went by the name of the Insurgents.

Their goal was simple: free trade and travel for all, equality and independence for all of the worlds and all species. But achieving this desire could only become reality if they teared down the international galactic federation once and for all. Welcome to the Fight for Freedom...
-We guarantee a lore-rich experience which covers everything from weapons to ships! Our server is always up for new lore suggestions too.
-Events which will be held recently, and can be from rescuing prisoners from infiltrating a military facility!
-Open character creator, which allows you to create interesting characters that are all unique!
-A friendly community which is currently recruiting staff members and lore writers! Join now to apply!


-Killer Queen (Server Owner)