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Tu cherches un serveur tranquille, avec des gens qui adorent rire et passer du bon temps, sans règles contrariantes à respecter ?
Alors viens jeter un coup d’œil dans Alien !
Nous avons de nombreux salons pour toutes tes passions !
Je t'attends !
Join our lewd alien Server!
Includes NSFW and Roleplay Thread.
Please be respectful.
Thank you!
§ 18+ Aliens and Monsters RP/ERP server.
§ This server is open to alien, monster, furry, scaly, and even insect and robotic characters. There are very few limitations to your selection of species, other than no human and human-hybrid characters.
§ Server-wide minimum writing requirement.
§ LGBT+ friendly.
§ Large server with general chat, media section, and several roleplay locations.
§ Friendly and professional staff.
§ Tupperbox character bot-making.

§ Lore §
The two planets, Castor and Pollux, border closely with each other and shared a strained harmonious relationship. Castor is a place of industry where individuals are trained to become some of the greatest designers, developers, and creators of goods and technology. While there is an abundance of fresh water, the world is barren of natural resources that are necessary for the inhabitants survival: such as an abundance of nutrition-rich soil. Pollux, however, is a world rich with food and an abundance of useful ores, but it is incredibly dry.

With all of this and the decision of Castor to not share their technological secrets with Pollux, both planets are forced to live in a symbiotic relationship, constantly trading food and raw ore for mechanical goods and water. However, there has always been a sense of tension between the two planets, although it could be somewhat subtle. Some Castorian people consider Polluxans to be savages while Polluxans consider Castorians to be snobs.
♠ 18+ post-Mass Effect 3 RP/ERP server.
♠ Canon and OC friendly. Pick from almost any Mass Effect species.
♠ LGBT+ friendly.
♠ Large server with general chat, media section, and several roleplay locations.
♠ Friendly and professional staff. (Currently looking for more.)
♠ Tupperbox character bot-making.

♠ Lore ♠
Following the events of Mass Effect 3, the Reapers were destroyed and the Mass Relays were either completely obliterated or rendered unusable. It took some time, but the Mass Relays were quickly brought back online and travel between planets was officially reconnected.

For now, the overall culture of the universe was deeply divided. While some species were beginning to develop a sense of peace, there were still notable tensions. However, several leaders came together and formed a plan. They would build a large space station called 'After the Reapers' that was specifically designed to bring people together after the universe was torn apart.
Angel Killers is a manhunt/stealth RP server set in the year 2007. It features an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union won the Cold War. In 1987, Earth was blindsided in a surprise attack. Not one that burned the streets, but diminished people's lifespans by half. Mass Hysteria ensued, and the nations formed together in a New World Order. The Angel Killers are an elite task force, raised from birth to seek revenge against the invaders and successfully find a cure. You will need to fill out a form in order to roleplay, this is so we can decide who is eligible for RP or not. Please also be older than 18, we want mature users here but this is NOT a NSFW server. No ERP.
Hello! This is a server for people that are interested in original scifi characters, their stories, and the worlds they are a part of. Feel free to join, we welcome new members and look forward to seeing you!
For people who love all types of sci fi like mass effect, halo, aliens, roleplaying or just hanging out.
Aesmachus is a Planet almost entirely different to earth. There are Forests of Glowing mushrooms to Forests of entirely black trees that Cover up the sky almost entirely for the ground.

There are tons of Odd creatures in every Area of the Planet, and even Stranger anomalies on the Planet make exploring Dangerous without a Protective Weapon, Such as Creatures changing the atmosphere in the Immediate vicinity to make it poisonous to all but itself to The creatures creating “Rifts” to teleport silently around their environment, Which makes the planet a go-to area for human scientists and Colonists to go to in order to Make sense of these odd phenomena And also attempt to Colonize the planet, The atmosphere is Breathable and much cleaner than the Current state of the Earth and other colonized Solar Systems, Humans in this universe are Highly advanced, However are not at the point of Teleportation or similar, They have Advanced enough for Laser related Weapons to exist along with Holograms, And space Travelling Vessels, and Even Technology to Terraform Rocky Planets, They have Begun the Process of attempting to Colonize Nearby solar systems that they can with Rocky planets, With Aesmachus being the First of the Farther Planets Colonized yet due to it’s Uniqueness and Biodiversity observed from the Drones and other things sent drawing attention to Scientists and more, Especially with the Most recent Find from a Drone and Team of armed explorers traversing one of the Glowing mushroom forests: What seems to of been an Alien Temple, Somewhere around their own Medieval Era based off Evidence from the ruins However with a substance Powering something similar to Purple colored Lightbulbs, however powered by something other than electricity, Following the barely covered, glowing tube connected to the lights led them to a Room with nothing in it but a few pedestals, a cuboid panel, tubes and other things, a Purple, glowing container was hanging from the ceiling, things felt more weightless around the Container of the Purple, Glowing liquid seemingly harnessed from several anomalous corpses and objects lined up on the pedestals, The Alien civilization while in their medieval ages discovered a way to utilize the Anomaly’s sources and use it as a light/power source, However seemingly only used at that point for simple doors, traps, and Weapon Manufacturing at their own medieval stages, Popularity for the Planet immediately Skyrocketed across many of the Colonized planets, Alien Life? Sure, They saw that many times after First starting to look carefully for Terraformable planets and other Things such as more powerful telescopes, But they Never have found Any sort of evidence for Life With similar intelligence to humans, A new found power source, and the fact said alien race was about to hit an inbetween stage of the Industrial age and medieval ages. Weapons were glowing The purple hue and seemed to of been based on what abilities the creatures/objects the anomalies were harnessed from were. Ships from many planets set off to go to the planet to be the first to reach and claim it as their own, With one of the Newer, Smaller colonies formed Called Barae reached it and set up Several camps, Which is where this RP Takes place, the fate of the planet and it’s anomalies and history lie with the people Colonizing it.
Monsters aliens & robots more on the lady side but also the rest, We are more In character focus & fun then a lewd hub.

Just a outcast server based off a horrible one with a helping Second Life OC creation and crew RP group
Join us on Vione, a world far different from our own. A world of maniacal gods, soul-devouring demons, and lifeforms most alien. Learn a secret lore and become immersed!

This roleplay is like therapy and training. Those who join our game end up becoming their better selves. Don't believe me? Come join today and begin your healing.

Ascend to godhood, fight monsters, learn to cook, learn inner peace, the choice is yours!

Come play an entirely homemade ttrpg that's easy to learn and fun to play!
Hey there, this is a well structured AvP (Aliens Vs Predator) rp group with a warm welcoming community!
Here you can be a marine, a yautja, an android or a Xenomorph! We have many different xeno variants to choose from as well as predators, humans and androids! Join now and see if you can survive...
We have a rather strong opinion on the lore and we prefer you to make quality characters instead of being lazy, we won’t approve anything that contradicts the lore or is just downright ridiculous e.g. an anthro xenomorph (keep that dumb crap out of our server please)

NOTE: the owners might not be on when you join but that doesn’t mean the group is dead, we’re just asleep or busy somewhere else, we will eventually get back to you if you’re just a little patient :D
For years, humans have been the apex on Earth. However, pollution and overpopulation pushes mankind to search for a new reliable place to thrive. This search leads them to the planet known as Ignatios. A planet that has prehistoric creatures roaming and alien life forms taming them to use for getting around the vast areas of the planet. The day this place was found was on February 18, 4790. The original founders of Ignatios died a couple of days later after their discovery.
Ignatios is famous for having unique specimens. Seeing live dinosaurs, humans took advantage and made labs. Scientists captured luminescents, a sacred thing in Ignatios, to try to figure out more about their special power and why it's only the aliens that can have the ability. Because of this, they are rare to see. Few say that the rest had either gone into hiding or they were eventually captured and killed. No one knows what happened to them. So finding a luminescent is a blessing or a curse, as nowadays they take a high disliking to whoever they come into contact with.
Besides the tests on the alien life forms, scientists also do tests on the dinosaurs that roam around. They make hybrids, cyborgs, and dinosaurs that never walked or lived. The main lab, which was in the town named Dymias, had an *accident.* which caused many experiments to escape and roam freely, some more dangerous than others; leaving the town in ruins.
The hands of potentially saving the planet from doom sits upon the shoulders of a young Giezaets. Will he be able to fulfill his destiny that he doesn't know himself or will he let the evil swarm his home? We will have to see...
This server is to help advertise and expand the owner's book, Giants of the Plague. We welcome everyone with open arms and will love have you join us.
What we offer:
Plenty of places to roleplay at
Interesting towns and villages
Nice staff
Reaction roles!
Sailors of Lusitania is a a text-based discord RPG where you take on the identity of a character in a post-apocalypse, alien universe. The story plays out in a similar way to a dungeons and dragons campaign might, where moderators will give their characters prompts or conflict scenarios to react to, and occasionally dice roles will determine the outcome of certain decisions.

The RP has started but we are still accepting character forms!
Rejoignez le Discord du serveur AlienRP de la Communauté TeamFrench !
Recrutement Staff [ON]
Serveur inédit | Gold, VIP+, Levels,Armes & argents gratuit In-Game !
Incarnez un survivant au bord d’une station spatiale envahis par des Aliens
A hive of slimy friends and alien weirdos! We're a roleplay/nsfw centered server with a big hive theme for slime, alien, slug, frog, tentacle lovers. But we arent only centered around nsfw stuff, we're also just a nice community that loves games, memes, anime and is very inclusive. Stop by and say hi, join the hive and obey our queen.
This is a GTA 5 Official Alien Wars. Join and become part of the battle. There are various ways to have fun in this server. There are 2 gangs, money madness, music, and other cool things you could check out.
Have you ever looked for a robot or AI based ERP server? Well this one is just that, you can have human or any robotic looking or are robotic characters, from Warframe's thick ladies and lads to some giant Robo-Brain from Fallout, all are allowed.
Hey, this is a hangout for all of the purple aliens to meet up in GTA and work together.
*Dear Survivors...
Day 367 since the aliens invaded our planet. The date was July 4, 2034. It was like a normal Fourth of July everyone was out celebrating and have a blast till the mother ship came and ruined everything...It been a year...Humans have almost been wiped to extinction and the aliens well they have taken over...The last of us hide underground where they can’t find us. Their are about 2,000 of us right now we’ll that’s how many I think...I am Akemi Kazo also known as the White Hope...I bring people to the secret based hidden all around the us...I have a big secret myself but doesn’t everyone?...Please if anyone is out their....survive and never lose hope. Once we lose hope we lose everything....Day year, two days since they came.*
Welcome to the Sporia Galactic Roleplay! This server is a Sci-fi sort of semi-WIP Roleplay server where you can create an alien species and RP as them! This server is somewhat based on the game spore, however you don't need to have played the game to RP here.
Varaxis is a planet in the Nebulum Galaxy. Its inhabitants consist of animals with abilities. They look different too, even having snake tongues, wings, horns and spikes. These animals are mostly cats. This alien planet is suitable for life, but not for humans. The sky is blue and full of clouds. The alien plants and trees look somewhat like that of earth, but they glow neon at night and if touched.
This server's main purpose is to research Extraterrestrials.
We analyze things/clues related to Extarrestrials, and locating evidence of ancient Aliens and current Aliens. Our goal is to learn about them, find them and expose the truth that the government is hiding from us since the beginning. A somewhat serious server, talking about a serious topic with a good & respectful server environment. Created in February 2020. This is also a place to chill, gain info & talk.

More details on things that we offer :

- 🗣Active members
- 🤖Bots with fun functions and for research purposes
- 🤴 Staff applications
- 📈 A good leveling system with many rewards
- 😅 Memes
- 🎉 Community events & and giveaways
- ✅ A unique and entertaining server
- 🗣 Active Staff
- 👍 Open to suggestions
- 👍 Self assignable roles
A well moderated server with many channels.