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【Welcome to Dragon Ball Inferno.】

This Server is based on a Fan Manga I made, it doesn’t have pictures, thought. I’m sorry if you don’t like this decision, but the server is very good reguardless!

But.. Why should I join? 🤔
You should join because we have friendly staff members, good chapters, **intense* chapters, and a bunch of characters of all races! So come along and read it!

Are there Custom Characters? 🤷‍♀️
Yes, but sadly, they are only currently able to be gained via giveaway.

Are there any other Mangas/Stories? 💁‍♀️
Yes, I just started a Naruto one called Shinobi! You can check out it’s announcements channels.

With all that summed up! Come join!
A discord server for fans of/discussion around Becky Chamber's Wayfarer series - The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and A Closed and Common Orbit
Este servidor tem uma comunidade excelente, e com ótimos staffers para manter a organização, aqui você pode conversar um pouco sobre tudo, ou entrar em salas para interagir ou jogar, você também pode participar de alguns evento organizado pela equipe do servidor, junte-se a nós, e faça parte dessa comunidade incrível!
Divergent is a series of young adult dystopian novels set in a Divergent Universe. The novel Divergent features a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago.
In a post-apocalyptic Chicago, survivors are divided into five factions based on their dispositions: Abnegation, the selfless; Amity, the peaceful; Candor, the honest; Dauntless, the brave; and Erudite, the intelligent.
Each year, all sixteen-year-olds take an aptitude test that determines the faction for which they are best suited. After receiving the results, test takers choose a faction at the Choosing Ceremony, no matter what their results were. Those who do not complete initiation into their new faction become "factionless" and are forced to live in poverty on the streets of the city.
Although, some are either lucky or unlucky when they find out they are "Divergent." Divergents are considered dangerous.
What is being a Divergent mean?
Divergence is the tendency to diverge from the norm which is, in this case, the mindset and way of thinking the factions are meant for. If you get a faction choice of more than one from the results of your aptitude test, you are considered Divergent.
What is in the server?
  ҉  Factions you can choose from.
  ҉  Many roleplay channels.
  ҉  Bots.
  ҉  Helpful people.
Server owner is #megara#0640
Go ahead and join. We would love to have you~
Serveur Discord francophone, pour parler de vos passions. La communauté se veut la plus respectueuse et sympathique possible, alors rejoignez nous !
Do you know this? You got some free time and you’re bored, but nobody is on any other server. No problem! This server is your solution. You’ll have much fun here. We have many activities here:

 A friendly chat,
 A friendly staff,
 Many chats for your hobbies and favorite topics,
 Listen to music,
 Bot-commands,
 And much more
Hello, i dont want to make this really long so...
Im sure you are asking, why would i join such a small server and give it atention..
Simple, im aiming to grow this community we have friendly staff, cant say that wr are active but we will be, and regular events
Join and have fun while you still can!

Looking for staff!
Blurred Faces est un serveur Français communautaire qui viens tout juste d'ouvrir n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre :D on est gentils 😘
Join our TV themed community ! We have our own beloved BearBot, channels for many series, various server games(inc. Trivia & CAH), contests & TV/Movie nights...
This is the official server dedicated to the Netflix show Hilda!

What is Hilda? Well here is a short summary:
"An animated adventure based on the popular graphic novel series by Luke Pearson. The series follows the journey of a fearless blue-haired girl as she travels from her magical home in the wilderness, filled with elves and giants, to the bustling city of Trolberg. Here, she makes new friends and discovers mysterious creatures who are stranger – and sometimes more dangerous – than she ever expected."

If you're into shows like Gravity Falls, Over The Garden Wall, Adventure Time, etc... then we think you would love Hilda! Why not join and become apart of the adventure~ 💖

We are now partnered with other cartoon servers!
This is a Fate Roleplay server looking for strict Roleplayers only! The roleplay follows behind FGO, and allows Canon Servants or Servants (And Masters, too) for you to create your own story with. The staff in the server is very friendly and welcoming, and cannot wait to meet new members. Join now to start your adventure and witness the Story of Fate/ Grand Tales unfold!
Dit is de nerderlands taalige Ninjago Discord Server van het Lego Ninjago Wiki op Fandom powerd by Wikia.
Communauté Française multigaming! Manga! Anime! Musiques! Films! Séries! Jeux ! Informatique! Etc...
*Olá, curte séries mais não tem com que conversar, trocar umas ideias. Eu tenho o lugar perfeito para você, canais de texto & voz para debater sobre suas séries favoritas, canais de músicas para dar aquela refrescada na sua mente e muito mais!*
This a mexican server designated to people that just want to talk about series or movies, even videogames, music, etc. Any topic is welcome here, incluiding K-pop since many members are fond of it. We do Karaoke nights or nights too with Disney, Ghibli or horror movies <3
-Vous pouvez jouer et parler de jeux-videos
-De l'aide d'écriture si vous écriviez une histoire/script
-Parler d'animes, mangas séries télé (ex: MyLittlePony ou GameOfThrones)
-Et autre chose
There is a nsfw/swearing so make sure you do all that there if not you will get kicked/banned
Bonjour je vous présente mon discord consacrer au théorie de flims et séries. Sachez que vous pouvez vous aussi proposez vos films et séries pour lancé des théorie .
En este servidor buscamos gente sociable, que quiera hacer amigos y convivir, es un servidor pequeño, recién creado pero mantenido 24/7, queremos pasar un buen rato con otras personas y compartir diferentes aspectos, el server cuenta con una serie que se va desarrollando con el paso del tiempo.
¿Qué esperan? Únanse 7w7