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Welcome to my bakery! Here you can learn useful tips on how to bake amazing French bread and anything else!
This group is a group for roblox! We are trying to get more members mind helping? We will get BC/TBC/OBC soon. We are also making a bakery!
:sunglasses: **Join Tizze's Bakery today!** :sunglasses:

:link: |!/about

🙋‍♀️ | Welcome to Tizze's Bakery! We're always looking to provide our customers and guests with astonishing services provided by our expert Chef's and our extraordinary Administration Team!

:wink: | Looking for a position here? Head to our Application Center's to either apply for Trainee or Moderator!

:palm_tree: | Enjoy your stay at, **Tizze's Bakery.**
Welcome to The Diner! Here we offer a neat little diner featuring different foods to pick from, 10 tables with up to 4 people for each, and potentially meeting new discord friends!
Hello, this is the instruction of Viktor's bakery.
We are a discord roleplay bakery. You can place an order in #🥐orders🥖 . We are English based, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Welcome to Pompom Bakery!

This is a SFW server where you can chat, send pictures, fun events and cool topics!

♡ - We do not accept trolls, racists and homophobes.

If you have questions, please ask staff!

Anime and Chill bakery is a place where you can hang out with friends and talk about anime and stuff. We have rant areas for most issues. We provide weeb and lgbtq+ roles. You may also gain a custom role that you wish to have. Hope you enjoy your stay at the Anime and Chill Bakery! -Ary~Chan
Welcome! Do you like the sweet aroma? It's from the freshly baked sweets and bread made everyday in the kitchen! Come on in and grab a bite at Sinful Temptations where we get along and have tea! Come on in, you won't regret it.
Welcome to Cakepop Bakery!🍰

"Fresh from the Oven"

❄Winter has come here at Cakepop Bakery! Winter Merchandise is available in the group store!


At Cakepop we are dedicated to provide the best experience that you can get! Cakepop strives to provide excellent cakepops to each and every customer daily.

>> Interested in starting your career here? Apply here! -

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