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This is the official unofficial server for the Demon Slayer Abridged series, that will hopefully be coming soon to a random YouTube channel near you!
in this server, we offer online voice acting survival guides and assistance on how to audition for projects! we are a super friendly community as well! <3
• server channels for voice examples and feedback
• experienced and professional staff
• potential jobs for voice acting (RAN BY THE OWNER)
• other fun channels to have fun with others
• a large variety of occupation roles related to the arts
THIS IS NOT A SERVER FOR RECRUITING VOICE ACTORS. this is FOR voice actors to hang out and meet fellow voice actors. ^^
Here in Milli's Chill VA Hub, we prioritize making friends and finding fun new projects to work on! We'd love to have you, and we'd love to help you start and continue your career! ^^
Have an impression and would like to share it? Perhaps voice act in an undertale comic dub? Feel free to join to get interviewed or ask Griefs a question.
A (currently) small community of aspiring creators who assist and support each other in their artistic endeavors. We're all new to this game, and with any luck, we'll make it together! We have the grit, we have the dream, but what's more, we have:

-A welcoming and supportive clan
-A channel to share your ideas
-A jukebox bot
-A dedicated D&D channel
-A category for large, collaborative projects.
-Someone who is a part of your specific fanbase, I guarantee it!

My father always said: "It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know." So let's all get to know each other and chase that dream together!
Welcome to the Artixtic Art Server! I'm Arb and with me is Amelia! We are the founders and leaders of this server! To explain what we are we used to be an old clan known as the GodArmy but now we are known the Artixtic Company/Channel. We love to post art and any other type of media. We accept any type of art! Traditional, Digital, 3D, SFM, GMod, Blender, and many more! We love fashion, photography, writing, music, voice acting and many more! I hope you enjoy!
This server is mainly for Voice Actors looking for projects to be a part of, or people looking for talent for their own projects.

We also double as a growing community server with cool people, memes, music and self-assignable roles.

So come join us!
This is a kin friendly Homestuck voice acting group! We are currently seeking talented individuals for a troope of HS voice actors. We also welcome artists, writers, musicians, and anyone else who likes Homestuck who wants to just hang out and view any content made by the team!

A steven universe role play and voice acting server. Its very simple and theres no rules against more than one person playing cannon character, so you dont have to worry about someone else taking your character! (we currently have 3 Peridots! (including me))
🎭The Voice Acting Guild🎭
Wanna learn how to voice act? Or do you have work that requires a voice actor? Join us! We can help you find the people you need!

What do we offer?
• Jobs for all ages & genders
• Adult based work (horror, sexual, etc)
• Channels to post your work and ideas
• Channels to interact with other voice actors
• Quickly help find you a role or job you can fulfill
• Helpful and caring staff
This is a discord server for our project to dub all of Homestuck with voice actors, background music, sound effects and other things ! You can come and participate as we need more Voice actors ! But anyone is welcome !!

Please consider joining this discord! We have channels for all sorts of topics, like art, multi animated projects, voice acting, memes, and more!


In this discord, you will find all sorts of hard-working artists like yourself here! So we consider that you scoot on over here and check it out!


~Crescent 🥐
Hello! I'm Kris. I'm an aspiring voice actor and I know a few of you are too. Some of you aren't though and that's fine as well. We're a social server that encourages putting yourself out there and trying new things.

We offer casting calls and places to share your work. All I want is a place where people can share their passions and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Though the server heavily focuses on voice acting, we do want you to share your art and other things like writing. So please join and have as much fun as you want.
Hey, my name is Syndel, the leader of Syn Productions! You see, I am an abridger, voice actor, video editor and writer. My goal is to make a successful Youtube channel, gathering new voice actors, build their portfolios and help make demo reels! If you're a voice actor and wish to voice in parodies; then you came to the right place!
Welcome to Wookie Studios!
Here at Wookie Studios, we make small short films and videos for YouTube. Do you like making short films? Well join the server now! We are always hiring new staff to join.

We Need:
Directors, Writers, Editors, VFX Artists, Animators, Voice Actors and so much more!
We have:
- A safe and happy work space where you can work, knowing you won’t be attacked
- Admins who keep everything in order
- A boss who won’t yell at you!
When joining, You can either watch what happens on the server and be an observer, or join the Wookie Crew. We have staff who will interview you when you join and apply for a position.
So please, Your Welcome to Join, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
~Sam McNaught(Owner of Wookie Studios)
Hello everyone, this server is for anime and manga lovers. anyone is welcome to join. you can also join to be a voice actor, we'll be abridging anime. If interested, don't hesitate to join. We’re also looking for editors too
VAC is charmed to receive and host any and all voice talents (actors/actresses) or people looking for voice talents for their productions. We hope that upstart voice talents will be able to use this server as a means of learning and connecting with other voice talents, and for those more seasoned we hope that they will be able to help out the upstarts and make ever more connections.

Thanks for reading~
The title is pretty self explanatory....This is 1/4. This is the auditions one. Script writers, animators, and voice actors come here to do their auditions. After that, depending on how good your audition was, you will move on to the Training, Members, or Professionals server. Training means we liked your audition, but think you could improve a bit. Members means we liked your audition. Professionals means we LOVED your audition. You can move up from training to members and members to professionals. In training, members, and professionals, you can audition for projects made by other members. No matter which of the 3 roles you have, you can still make projects and advertise them here. Have any questions? Ask away. =)
This server was made for fun. I wanted to try to make a small series or video with voices. There are male and female characters to voice here so please check out the server!