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Scinguistics (Science, Singing, Linguistics) is a server dedicated to the discussion of the voice, its capabilities, and application of those capabilities from a scientific perspective. This server is a phenomenal educational resource not only for those who want to learn more about the voice, but also those who want to develop their vocal ability with proprietary methods backed by solid scientific evidence.
VRWBY Productions is an up and coming to VA Project and Community discord with a focus on RWBY and VRChat. The project will be putting out casting calls within the next month or so, but we will also be trying to put together community gaming events. VRC parties. Among other fun times. This is a safe space. I want to welcome anyone who is interested. Enjoy your stay.

- Ruby

PS. We have milk and cookies
Welcome to the 🎨ARTIXTIC🎨 | Official™ Art Server!

🤴I'm Arb and with me is Amelia! We are the founders and leaders of this server! To explain what we are we used to be an old clan known as the GodArmy but now we are known the Artixtic Company/Channel. 👸

✅We love to post art and any other type of media.

✅Traditional, Digital, 3D, SFM, GMod, Blender, and many more!

✅We love fashion, photography, writing, music, voice acting and many more!

✅We would love to have DJs, Music Producers, Gamers, Streamers, Youtubers, and many more who wanna be shoutout by us.

✅We have many roles, channels, bots, events, partners, and nice people to talk to!

I hope you enjoy!

in this server, we offer online voice acting survival guides and assistance on how to audition for projects! we are a super friendly community as well! <3
• server channels for voice examples and feedback
• experienced and professional staff
• potential jobs for voice acting (RAN BY THE OWNER)
• other fun channels to have fun with others
• a large variety of occupation roles related to the arts
THIS IS NOT A SERVER FOR RECRUITING VOICE ACTORS. this is FOR voice actors to hang out and meet fellow voice actors. ^^
Welcome to the Weeb Chamber where you can unleash your animeness at full 100% in this server you can declare war who the best girl is,look for anime suggestions and anything that is related to anime,we also have girls here that sounds so underage aka LoLi

Ps: Dream big Lolicon they're not for sale
Hey well not much to say really we are a brand new community of voice actors of all ranges from narrative to memes
Have an impression and would like to share it? Perhaps voice act in an undertale comic dub? Feel free to join to get interviewed or ask Griefs a question.
We are a voice acting server for hiring and auditioning want to start a series use our free actors or act yourself to your hearts content
This server is based off a series made by 2 wonderful people with drama, mystery and comedy. The auditions are open!! There are still more characters to come so more of a chance of getting the character you like~ <3 We have the nicest owners who are welcome to hire staff for the group aswell~
Hello newcomer! This is a server I've made for people who are interested in Anime and things listed above! I'm currently writing a few books and would like you- Yes you to join us on this little journey. For those who aren't all that interested in the anime/manga don't worry. This could be a great little hangout for you because there's nothing Uncle Kabuki doesn't love more than fun!
So come on down and start your journey into a potential career or make some new friends, we're waiting for you~
This is a server which is dedicated towards are gole to create are very own anime or something similar to it, we accept people from all ages 14+
We ar looking for people who ar interested in helping us in animating , voice act, and also artists it might take a long time but hope u will stay and help us out in creating our very own anime
For more info on what we ar doing join us and feel free to ask😁
Welcome to make money here!
This server is basically a job interview show off your drawing skills, acting skills and writing skills in hopes that you get hired! I made this server in hopes to help people find work.
This server is mainly for Voice Actors looking for projects to be a part of, or people looking for talent for their own projects.

We also double as a growing community server with cool people, memes, music and self-assignable roles.

So come join us!
This is a Server for a fan made danganronpa game! We are looking for voice actors, artists, game designers and musicians.
If you wish to join just apply (previous works are highly encouraged) NOTE this is completely voluntary so there will be no payments, it’s all for fun!
Here in Milli's Chill VA Hub, we prioritize making friends and finding fun new projects to work on! We'd love to have you, and we'd love to help you start and continue your career! ^^
So me and a few friends made a server for voice acting a while ago, then made a server for interacting with each other and to find people to do voice lines. Then i got the big sad and deleted everything so nothing exists.
now we are just another roleplay server with our talent coming up sometimes. join if you're bored and wanting to parish in pain
VTC is an online community of voice talents. Here we look to expand our horizons by expanding our skill sets and reinforcing pre-existing ones, and if you're new to the voice acting world, have no fear, we will guide you through it. Producers are also welcomed to joined and help pitch in. No matter if your a voice talent or a producer, experienced or an upstart, there's something to learn from each other.

See you there~
We are a server that like to take art seriously like drawing voice acting and acting we also like to boost one another we also like to show another art
This is the official unofficial server for the Demon Slayer Abridged series, that will hopefully be coming soon to a random YouTube channel near you!
A disney themed server for those that either wanna be a part of disney voice-acting projects i have thought up or just want to have fun doing disney roleplay where they use their voices rather then typing it out.
Affinity is an up and coming music group and while being based on music mainly, we wish to include our fans in everything as much as possible. We often have votes, announcements, new content, and fun little things now and then to make our fans feel more included while our staff works.

Hi, and welcome to Eclipse Studios!

As a studio we want to help all new and aspiring voice actors, so anyone who auditions will get a role. We are making two versions of each comic dub, one more official one, and one for the rookies. The Rookie version will have new voice actors every chapter or so, depending on the number of participants.

Suggest any comics you want to see dubbed as well! We are very open and friendly, though we are a new server.