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🎨 Art Café has a unique layout that ensures everyone's artwork receives feedback! We make sure no one gets ignored.

Art Cafe is a server dedicated to housing a supportive community of artists. This community helps eachother improve and motivates creativity! We promote a friendly and safe atmosphere for people of all skill levels.
We are an upcoming music leak server that specializes in leaking music as soon as possible. Join now to be notified on the lastest leaks from your favorite artists!
>>>>Preview of what we have in store<<<<
-Art help and references/tutorials
-Engaging conversations in general chats
-Monthly server contests, art raffles and weekly art challenges
-100% customization on roles (Over a total of 80+ different self-assignable role colors!)
-Toxicity free community
-Super dank memes
-Cool mods and admins
-Many bot games
-Fun polls to waste time
-NSFW and gore art channels
-Lots of original emotes from users in the server
-Art commissions
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-And absolutely 99.99% uncreativity free!
The official server of ZHC [4.7 Million Subscribers currently], the art YouTuber. The server is strictly and fully Safe For Work. Events are held monthly. The luxuries and entertainment are many to choose from.

If you're not a viewer of ZHC, then no problem at all. The server also provides the facility of teaching beginner to professional artists alike. Every artist can openly join. There are various art teachers that will allow you to improve your art in every way.

Make the most out of your experience. Pleasure for reading this information.
Hey there! The creators of Naivy Lands have now made 🌹Naivy Paradise🌹, a server dedicated only for many types of artists! We now have:
▋Categories for different types of art (Drawing, music, writing...)
▋Stream your art Voice Chats
▋Vent, Gore and NSFW art channels (you have access to the last two by getting the specific roles)
▋Report Art Stealers chatroom, so we can help you get their social media deleted
▋Friendly staff
And much more!
🍃Welcome to the Woodlands of Creativity🍃

╭─━━━━━━🌸About Us🌸━━━━━━─╮

A community solely based on helping every
artist improve on their artwork, giving everybody
the attention they deserve for their art, and letting
a network of artists around the world connect,
chat, and relax.


╭─━━━━━━🌼We Offer🌼━━━━━━━─╮

• Art promotion & garaunteed feedback/criticism.
• A special Art Motivation channel.
• Giveaways & special events
• A chill, non-toxic community
• A unique 🍃 currency system !


╭─━━━━🌱About The Currency🌱━━━━─╮

We also have a unique 🍃 point currency system
implemented in the server, encouraging artists to stay
active and motivated ! Earn 🍃, purchase an art
showcase pass, have your art featured for people to
give feedback and comment on, repeat.

Looking for local artist connections? Starting your journey through the world of art? we're also looking for you! Let's improve together!
Here you can collab, promote your music and talk everything about music.
we just started so be on of the first to join!
If you're a writer, artist, fanfic writer, fanfic artist or just a person who needs to finish school papers, come join us!

You can keep track of your progresses, set up goals and even listen to music!
You can request for a written piece or artwork.
You can talk about anything in the relax chats!
You can also share your work and ask for critiques.

Join now!

If you have any questions, go to discord group and tag me @TangSakura#9163 at #whatever-say-anything or #questions
Kaeru Café is a community server, that caters to the interests of people from all walks of life!
We are also a safe space! That means anyone can join! (Just make sure to follow the rules!)

Small community as of now, since we are new! ;w;

We've got bots like:
- Pokecord
- WaifuBot
- Rythm

And we've got multiple categories for your interests and needs! Mods and Owner are very friendly and approachable, so don't be afraid to say hi! :3

*Suggestion Box Available Here!*
Welcome to OC Central!

This is a server made exclusively for writers and artists alike who own their own characters! But if you just like to support or watch other's art, this place is open to that as well.
Here you can share, advertise, get help for your ideas and of course socialize with other fellow artists!

We have...
-Self assignable roles! Including roles to openly show you have open commissions/adopts/species and more!
-Advertising channels to advertise yourself and your species and adopts
-Weekly Drawing prompts/challenges to spark that creativity
-And role-playing channels~

We look forward to seeing you there!
Our goal is to create a great community of artists of all sorts of art forms. If you are a visual artist, musician, singer, rapper, programmer, writer, mangaka, animator, gamer, music lover, anime fan you are heartily welcome to Unity.
Our official website:
Are you interested in discussing about fine arts? Do you want to post your work (paintings, drawings, music, 3d, video photography etc) and get some feedback or just share your opinion with others?
We are for you mate! a server where we love chatting about contemporary and history of art, music, philosophy, museums, galleries, fairs and exhibitions we see!
There is a place for funny memes too!
This server is for those that would like to improve their art skills along side other people wanting to do the same thing.
Critique channels available for those wanting some help, as well as individuals channels for all types of art.
Art challenges every week, winners pick the next theme.
✩。:•.── ── NEON CAFE ── ──.•:。✩
You stumble across a little cafe, a massive sign above reading "𝐍𝐞𝐨𝐧 𝐂𝐚𝐟𝐞". The sign was flickering and very run-down, but you decide to enter. The smell of coffee, the friendly faces of strangers, and the welcoming atmosphere clouded your senses. Maybe your luck would finally turn for the better...


↠ Lots of art channels
↠ Make new friends
↠ VC
↠ Tons of functioning bots!
↠ Self-roles
↠ Lovely & welcoming community
↠ LGBT+ friendly!
↠ And so much more!

We welcome you to our cafe! Please feel free to sit back and relax.
Hiho, jak się masz? Czyżbyś się nudził, czuł się samotnie? Czas temu zaradzić! ♥

Serdecznie zapraszam na serwer o nazwie "Harem Na Drzewie". Na naszym serwerze znajdziesz dużą ilość ról związanych z grami czy innymi zainteresowaniami. Posiadamy wiele kanałów głosowych oraz tekstowych. Masz ochotę pochwalić się swoją twórczością? Kanał "kreatywnosc" czeka. Chcesz podzielić się fajną nutką? Easy! Kanał "muzyka" jest otwarty. Lubisz pooglądać gorące zdjęcia? Wyciągaj chusteczki, kanał "nsfw" jest pełny perełek ≧◡≦

Mamy do dyspozycji swój własny serwer Minecraft, klub w League Of Legends oraz grupę na Steamie, a w planach mamy również inne gildie, kluby czy grupy w grach, stronach internetowych i komunikatorach ôヮô

Co jakiś czas organizujemy wszelakie eventy od wspólnego karaoke, oglądania anime, spotkań członków serwera, grania w Cards Against Humanity, po wspólne customy w League Of Legends, natomiast raz w tygodniu organizujemy tzw. "waifus wars" i "pytanie tygodnia".

Z nami na pewno nie będziesz się nudził! (*・∀・*)人(*・∀・*)
Sick of all the toxic discord servers with pointless conversations and boring games? Join the Hangout for genuine, interesting people to hang out with and show off you! Artists, Gamers, Content Creators and more! Always looking for new and interesting people :D
Our family was created July 27th, 2019. The family goal is to not only support your artwork but your future in the art industry. With hundreds of supportive and friendly individuals, our community is here for you. We support artists of all type here. The Art Club is a community of artists that are all in a similar field. Whether you're painting a canvas, sitting in-front of technology or strutting your stuff across the dance floor, we want to see your work!
"The real art is the friends we make along the way."
- @Vivibutter

What we have to offer
- Resources Chat for all your art needs
- Artwork feedback from well known artists
- Games lobby - casino and games to play with your friends!
- Very clean channels using reaction roles.
- Adobe Recognized
- Weekly Contests and Events
- Self-assigned roles
- Bot Command cleanup in every channel.
- Server Tier Ranks - Earned while chatting
- Marketplace for buying and selling art

Come join our friendly community today. Trust me... We are different than the others!

- Ran by @ShaunRyken - Instagram
Hello you beautiful artist welcome to Pine’s Art Corner! We’re a growing community of artist who are looking for improvement or just people to hang out with!

We’ve got all kinds of goodies for you kids
- Challenges to help you get out of your comfort zone and improve at a faster rate!
- Contest to earn prizes!
- Collaborations to grow closer to others and create art together!
- Lessons from all our wonderful instructors!
There’s so much more, come on down to find it all!
Art Friends is a safe and positive server to share your art of any kind and writing. All skill levels are welcome!
Right now we offer artist/writer/appreciator roles along with pronoun roles.
We host a monthly art challenge that anyone is allowed to participate in!
Come join and get helpful critiques of your work and advice on how to grow!
Le pot créatif est à la fois un melting pot de gens aimant créer et un pot commun pour échanger nos différents tutoriels ou aides que l'on apprécie sur différentes formes d'expressions, que l'ont soit d'un niveau avancé, débutant ou juste curieux.
Le tout dans un environnement safe (amicale et LGBTQA+-friendly) et ouvert à l'expérimentation.

Nous sommes principalements tournés autour de l'écriture et de l'illustrations, mais sommes ouverts à toustes : aux artistes 3D, peintre numérique, peintre traditionnel, calligraphe, céramiste, dév, écrivain-e, graphiste, modèle/cosplay, musicien-ne, photographe et sculpteur-ice. D'ors et déjà des membres partages sur leur sujet de prédilection !

Nous avons un bot personnalisé à notre disposition ainsi qu'un staff actif, si vous avez la moindre suggestion, nous sommes à votre écoute pour améliorer le serveur !

Ce que nous vous proposons en supplément :
✨ Un Gdoc de récapitulatif commun pour exposer tout vos projets en cours, récapituler tous vos réseaux sociaux et où vous soutenir ainsi qu'afficher vos demandes de critique(s) et/ou collaboration(s)
✨ Un channel de promotion pour vos contenus, celui des gens que vous désirez soutenir
✨ Un channel de présentation
✨ Un channel de discussion général pour parler de tout et de rien, de la dernière série Netflix que tu as regardé à ton alligator femelle qui a pondu un œuf
✨ La promotion automatique des nouvelles vidéos Youtube tutoriel
✨ La promotion automatique de vos lives Twitch créatif
✨ Des inspirations postés chaque jours dans nos différents channels automatiquement
✨ Des messages aléatoires dans la journée pour booster son énergie créatrice
✨ 10 commandes de génération aléatoires
✨ Un système d'auto-rôle
✨ Des events de collaboration créative un soir par semaine (le jour change chaque semaine)
✨ Des channels dédiés pour les events tels que InkTober et NaNoWriMo
✨ Pas de présence obligatoire
ART place is a server for artists and art enthusiasts alike.
Members and staff are active daily!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
☆Monthly events, frequent challenges, and occasional contests
☆channels for multiple kinds of art including drawn, fanart, music, writing, nsfw, etc.
☆channels for advertising your streams, media accounts and channels, and commissions and stores
☆section for sharing and listening to music
☆section dedicated to helping eachother learn and asking for help including a pingable @ help role
☆self-assignable roles
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hope you enjoy :)
Hello and welcome to the SUPER ART SQUAD!!!
Here we strive to develop a small community where people will share art and make friends, complimenting others work and giving someone a hand!
We have:
-Chat channels
-Art channels (both SFW/NSFW)

And more!
Hope to see you there 👋
This server is primarily focused around art and all sorts of creative material by other users! We don't hold events nor do we everyone ping almost ever, but we wouldn't be opposed to hosting events if people sound interested. Hope you stop by and check us out!