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~Welcome to the Palace~

We are server based on art and chatting. We want to connect new artist and normal discord users together. Share your art, learn drawing/digital art/painting, chat around, talk or listen to music. Use a selection off bots from SFW to NSFW. We want everybody learning art, while also building bonds with eachother ^
This server is for those that would like to improve their art skills along side other people wanting to do the same thing
House of Dragons is an furry-friendly artist server open to all ages 13+ with a ton of great people to commission, play games with and chat to. A long-running community that hosts movie nights, game nights and DnD campaigns. It has a one of a kind custom coded RPG/Pet system.
Hello Gamers and fellow Roleplayers~!
Come join this awesome community!

You can find members here from different cultures and different countries who love to talk about anything and everything under the sun. This land that our dear overlord Camille, has created is a land filled with the kindest, weirdest, the friendliest and most creative group of people you'll ever meet on discord.

Our Key Features:
-Active mods
-Friendly community
-A place to discuss role play ideas, Oc's and maybe even do a bit of role play as well.
-Have an artistic flare and passion that you want to share with other people? No problem, you can do that here.
-Mingle with fellow weebs, memers and gamers.
-Be who you are! whether you're gay, straight, bi-sexual or transgender. We don't mind.

Think this is the community you've been looking for? Hurry and click that 'Join this Server' button now.
A general discord server for discussing your favorite artists and anything music related (or not) we have levels, VIP for our most active members, song roles you can buy by making economy money and more!
Hello! Welcome to Artists' Haven, a server centered around art, animation, constructive criticism, your original characters and much more.
A place for drawing and hanging out.

We also have a daily drawing challenge where you can compete with others by drawing the same reference image.
Welcome to the Oniverse group!

Here, we are an art server who is based around Onigirystuff's species + other's art! You don't need to be apart of the species to join, and we are always looking for new users to join us!

Here, we feature;
- Weekly Art raffles! you can get art every week just by dming on the dedicated days! how awesome is that?
- Our own custom made bot! It tells you information about each species and about the server, its ready to help at any time!
- Active owner and mods! We're always there to help you if you run into any issues!
- Art criticism and assistance! we can help you improve!

We're awaiting your arrival, thank you for consideration!
Dedicated community for artists, designers, musicians and others
We’re looking for all artists and art appreciators who love the Rune Factory series to join us. Come see what artists are doing in the RF community!

~ Our server has multiple bots to have fun with!
~ Custom Rune Factory emojis (we’ll be adding more!)
~ Artist references and tutorials
~ Most importantly, artists and art appreciators! (we want you too!)
🍃 18+ only art community
🍃 Visual art (2D/3D)
🍃 Art discussion, critique, portfolio share
🍃 Welcoming professionals and aspiring pros
🍃 Role shop
🍃 Bot games, including Pokecord, Unbelievabot, and IdleRPG

La Mer is an 18+ only art server for visual artists. We are a hub for professionals or aspiring pros! Besides art discussion and sharing, you can post portfolios, jobs, critiques, and your work. We also have a role shop, bot games, and an artist registry. Our goal is to uphold a professional and mature atmosphere while giving thoughtful feedback to our peers on their work! While we are brand new, we are hoping to expand and partner with other servers!
Hi so uhhh we're a pretty chill community with cool stuff like:
~A newly added roleplay channel!
~Art for people to see and for you to post!
~Memes (of course)
~Support for when you're feeling down ;-;
~Fandoms for you to fangirl!
ANd many more! So please consider joining us, we will welcome you!
An art server for digital/traditional artists to share their work, and give/receive criticism to help each other improve! Non-artists are also welcome, of course. The server is largely made up of Manga/Anime fans (JoJo's, Mob Psycho, etc.) so aside from art, we mainly talk about that sorta thing. If you want to improve your craft, then this is the place for you!

►Chill admin staff
►Not a hugbox
►Helpful and real criticism for your art
►Channels for WIPs and art help
►NSFW channels for 18+ artists
►General discussion channels (Manga, gaming, memes, etc.)
Musical Embassy

This is the music community you’ve been looking for! We invite all music enthusiasts to come join our party!

We brought out the community’s most requested features to you:
- Channel for honest feedback for your creations from everyone!
- Simple self-promotion!
- Music events!
- Jam sessions!
- Personalized roles for everyone into music!
- Useful resources!
- Constant music discussion!
- Request collaborations!
- Featured album/artist/genre of the week!

But most importantly... we have an amazing community that you just have to see to believe.
The Vincent Artists Club is an artist community with real talent and passion. We are devoted to learning and improving our craft, as well as making new friends who can support each other emotionally and intellectually. We hope to become a meritocratic community with monthly contests with significant rewards.
Furratious is a community where all furs are welcome. We have some great artists in our growing section of the internet, and genuinely hope we can better your day with this small community of friends!
This is a server for artist and people interested in the like. Musicians and game creators are also included. There is an array of channels to choose from and pretty simple rules!

I hope you enjoy your time with us.
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Welcome to the “Art & Comic Artists” Server!

Here you can post your art 🖼 , promote your comics, get tips on how to improve, get inspired by ideas 💡 and more! Also, animations can be posted too!

You don’t have to be an artist 👩‍🎨 or comic creator to enter, if you 💕 them and want to talk about them then that’s okay 👌 Currently, looking for admin members!

We have roles for gaining access to categories like...

~Artist 👩‍🎨 - There are roles to define how great you and people know how you draw!

~ Animator✍️ - If you love to animate things or love talking about them, express yourself or show your own animations!🎙

~ Comic/Manga/WEBTOON Artists 🎨- If you got a comic made and want to promote or want to get started on making one, join and get advice from others like you! 😎

📲Taking commissions for logos like the server pic for a limited time for whoever joins and ask the owner!
We are a furry server that is looking to grow. We are laid back server that promotes positivity while on here. We also have a storymode planned for Fridays at 9PM EST as well as a red light district for the mature crowd. If you think this is a place for you, swing on by and say hello to meet new friends!
Grind is made for producers/artists/DJs to learn, collaborate, and share. The discord is a useful resource for producers to improve at making music. Exchange samples, ask for feedback, look for collabs, and talk about music.
An adult furry channel that's geared towards the appreciation of furry art. It's more lascivious than most furry servers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
We are a friendly community server putting forth the idea that we can all come together in one place and enjoy the company we all provide! We have one server that allows NSFW, but it isn't allowed outside the specific channel. Staff applications pending! We are a mature server, so please, only ages 15+ that can handle us.
A fun discord for musicians to hang out and share their musical works with others. Features a monthly contest where you can get you're work featured in the hall of fame. Any genre is welcome including rock/metal, EDM, other electronic music, singer/songwriters, producers. We welcome all musicians, but are generally centered around artists who write their own music. Being centered around music, members have a wide variety of interests including gaming, anime, sports, and other art.