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A medieval fantasy roleplay server. Takes place in Benken (St Gallen), Switzerland.
25 minutes ago
Basicaly a Medieval Roleplay Server. The main badguy is a emperor, and the main good guys are the rebels. ( Depending from whos point of view )
36 minutes ago
Kingdom of Thattus is a medieval roleplaying server. We are a relatively small community of experienced roleplayers, that are seeking new people to join us in our various escapades.

We have high expectations of our roleplayers since we are experienced and serious about our hobby after-all.
Do not be discouraged, we simply require that you have some degree of roleplaying skill and that you are able to express yourself in at least a paragraph or two (Understandable that you don't since it is impossible to do this several times in a row.).

Here are a few of the other criteria that must be able to be filled in:

-You are a serious, mature, yet fun individual seeking to create new friendships.

-You are above the age of 18-24. Most of us are above this age and would find comfort in sharing the same age criteria with our fellow members.

-You value quality roleplay as opposed to sheer quantity.

-You are available quite often. We ask this because we wish for our community to be active. Too many other servers are plagued with inactive people who take up space.

-Finally, we wish for you to have fun and feel welcome in our group.

Thank you for taking some time to read our criteria, we hope that this roleplay will benefit us all.
44 minutes ago
This is Fantasy Isles, an NSFW roleplay server with a fantasy medieval theme, but don't worry we're very flexible with our character requirements.
Partnership is open to every single server! Big or Small!
Our staff and members will greet you once you enter the server!
1 hours ago
⚪Join for friendly Roleplaying and socializing.
⚪Approx. 30 channels
⚪Hella dank memes inbound ;)
⚪We got some fabulous NSFW bots, too ;))
1 hours ago
This is Enchantment & Corruption; an erotic roleplay server set in a Baroque/medieval-hybrid period fantasy genre world. The kingdom of Alafaire stands tall and formidable in a world of chaos. Beyond its walls is sheer wilderness and forest filled with both wonder and terrors abound. Distant kingdoms also exist... one deep below the mountains is the underground city of Elbaleth, home to demons, dwarves and dark elves. Another, lies the desert kingdom of Caladorn. And the frigid kingdom to the north, Ularfell, where bitter snowstorms surround it. The kingdoms have sworn to remain in unity during these troubled times. The source of the trouble comes from the evils beyond their kingdoms... unknown, yet clearly powerful. Brave the wilderness and discover evils that attempt to bring the world to utter ruin. Or perhaps, will you join those very evils and bring anarchy to civilization as we know it?
2 hours ago
Terra is a world of Majestic Beasts, Great Empires, Magic and Battles. This is a huge world were great kingdoms and empires fight it out for control of....everything. You can start of as anything and everything. Wanna be a soldier? a warlock? a mercenary? or perhaps just a civilian. You can be anything you want even if you aren't human.
2 hours ago
Economy | Royal | Military | Clergy | Combat
A safe Medieval Roleplaying environment for everyone. Europe in the middle ages, realistic but alternate history!
3 hours ago
If you'd like to join a server where you'll start out as a peasant and work your way up (decided by mods) to becoming a knight by being a gud boi or grill? This is the server for you. We like memes and will welcome mostly anyone.
4 hours ago
Hi! Welcome to The World of Eneron, or simply, TWE. Everything is explained through simple lore, with room for your characters to fill. We put together an original, medieval-inspired fantasy world with many different plots to fit your style. Enjoy early day life and war? Original character development? Romance or mystery? Join TWE!
6 hours ago
Hey there! Interested in some medieval fantasy RP? If yes, then come join us! We are very welcoming of many different races you may choose to be (within reason). We have interesting lore, polite staff, friendly community, you name it!
12 hours ago
A RP server set with Medieval / Middle Ages technology.. And Magic! There are 4 Kingdom like powers on the Continent. The world will be in Turmoil! The heaven will be set on fire and the earth will be destroyed! What's your role in this story.. What's your tale?
1 days ago
Intended for mature audiences that possess competence, dedication and adequate roleplay ability.


Join the fray of Euterpe, an open-world medieval fantasy roleplay that takes place on a distant planet in a different time where factions with wage war for dominance and prosperity. Grasp the setting's cultures, religions and more using meticulously made lore to create your personalised character. Indulge in the pleasures of working the land humbly or the court royally to earn the means to live and thrive amongst other individuals. Whatever path you desire, you may take it in this world of infinite opportunities and untold mysteries.

Imperial regards,
The Crown
1 days ago
We have a Mix of different Roleplayers from Fantasy to Medieval, come and explore the forgotten vale, we have OOC chats and Roleplay realms. Come join us!
2 days ago
Welcome to Your escape from reality! We are a brand new server in search of members. This server is pretty simple and not too complicated, just right for easy going roleplayers! This roleplay is mainly focused on the supernatural, and of course FUN! Making new friends are always fun, so come on down and join our roleplay!
2 days ago
Sirith is the main kingdom, the RP is based around it. It is a home to all races, they live together at peace, though segregation is still present. King Ulric the Valiant is the ruler of Sirith.

Sirith is located in Folksland, Sirith takes up 15% of the continent. It is a relatively large nation, almost an empire. The population is over 5,000,000, 60% of the population is human, 5% Dwarven and 10% Wood/High elves. The remaining 25% is made up of races which are minorities and are considered 2nd class citizens.

Sirith has a powerful military and a wealthy economy. 0.5% are homeless, 20% are live at the edge of poverty (Barely getting by).

You can take control of up to 5 Characters, (No Royalty or leaders of large NPC armies). You can be anything from a simple farmer, to a rich merchant.
2 days ago
A medieval fantasy roleplay server with an economy system (and an RP store system), a chatty AI, and friendly staff. With an ever expanding lore / story! ------------------------------------------------------------------
Do you enjoy peaceful every day life, or war for the throne, plots with twists and turns, or simple stories? If you answered yes to any of those, you should join, for we have varieties of plots, characters, areas, and features!
Economy System and Store!
Exciting Events!
Expanding Lore!
Bank Vaults!
And more features,
3 days ago
The kingdom of Exoda

A few things about us
- A variety of races and we’re willing to add custom races
- We’re flexible with magic, allowing both standard and custom magic, with a channel to explain both
- Helpful staff that’ll help you create your character, help you with other server related issues, etc.
- LBGT+ friendly community
- No nsfw within the chats, so a sfw server
- Passionate admins who care about the servers wellbeing, plot and races
=-=Sample of the plot=-=
In the country of Eternia, The Kingdom of Exoda is a fairly peaceful and forgiving place, but bad things are brewing in this country. Rumors of a rogue army called "The Legion of the North Wind", who are taking over territories left and right are spreading like wild fire throughout Eternia. Things aren't different in Exoda. Sightings of vampires and succubi are increasing and crime rates are starting to rise. Until one day, a band of adventurers step foot in Eternia, changing it's history forever...
3 days ago
This server is medieval based upon a land that has been split in two. Currently a work in progress but still fun! Give it a try!
6 days ago
A new Roleplay Server for an open, green, world with themes of Fantasy and Medieval times. Roleplayers of all skill levels welcome, in addition, we offer teaching services to help improve roleplaying skill and roleplay response length
The story so far:

The Plains of Essen is the name given to the untamed region between a dense forest and a stark mountain. Pioneers travelled here long ago to settle here, the green pastures proving perfect to grow farmland, the river, the forest, rich in natural resources.

It got a higher beings attention, which sought to flood the zone in the arcane, creating gifts of magic to its citizens. The sudden increase in magical activity also attracted other beings to the plains, a clash of destiny between many.
10 days ago
-:Partnership Embed Information:-

Arkians: Hidden Truth

Looking For:

Helpful Staff Partnership Managers & Partners

Active Roleplay Members

♕ High Moderation

♕ Plenty of Music Bots

♔ Partnerships

♕ Spam Control

♔ Friendly Folks

♕ Weekly to Daily Events

♕ Cool Custom Emojis!

♔ Easy Staff Applications

♕ Eye Catching Picture

Our Server:
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11 days ago
Welcome to Kreonixus! We are a medieval fantasy roleplay, with a detailed map and many locations to explore~ The roleplay is currently not fully released, however, the community thus far is friendly and welcoming, and roleplay has already started. We currently require more high ranking characters before we can start up the plot fully.
12 days ago
A new Roleplay Server for an open world with themes of Fantasy and Medieval times. You can roleplay in Medieval Time, Hangout and make some new friends along the way I spent a lot of time on this and it's still a work in progress. I hope you enjoy
12 days ago
A Medieval/Dark Ages styled Rp server! The Medieval kingdom of Eastwall, the year 1096. A humble small town full of peaceful people. At the north side of the town is an enemy village, the south side mountains, so no one is leaving anytime soon.
13 days ago