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A Medieval/Dark Ages styled Rp server! The Medieval kingdom of Eastwall, the year 1096. A humble small town full of peaceful people. At the north side of the town is an enemy village, the south side mountains, so no one is leaving anytime soon.
38 minutes ago
Only for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

Join the fray of an open-world medieval fantasy roleplay where two kingdoms and an empire fight for dominance on an expensive continent with their unique histories, cultures and religions. Grasp the setting’s races, regions and more using meticulously made lore to create your personalised character. Indulge in the pleasures of working the land humbly or the court royally to earn the means to live and thrive amongst other individuals. Whatever path you desire, you may take it in this world of infinite opportunities and untold mysteries.
1 hours ago
A new Roleplay Server for an open, green, world with themes of Fantasy and Medieval times. Roleplayers of all skill levels welcome, in addition, we offer teaching services to help improve roleplaying skill and roleplay response length
The story so far:

The Plains of Essen is the name given to the untamed region between a dense forest and a stark mountain. Pioneers travelled here long ago to settle here, the green pastures proving perfect to grow farmland, the river, the forest, rich in natural resources.

It got a higher beings attention, which sought to flood the zone in the arcane, creating gifts of magic to its citizens. The sudden increase in magical activity also attracted other beings to the plains, a clash of destiny between many.
1 hours ago
Economy | Royal | Military | Clergy | Combat
A safe Medieval Roleplaying environment for everyone. Europe in the middle ages, realistic but alternate history!
9 hours ago
⚪Join for friendly Roleplaying and socializing.
⚪Approx. 30 channels
⚪Hella dank memes inbound ;)
⚪We got some fabulous NSFW bots, too ;))
13 hours ago
A fun RP sever to goof off on, join if you'd like. We have all kinds of RPs, and still adding more! You can always request a new rp if you have ideas.
14 hours ago
A medieval fantasy roleplay server. Takes place in Benken (St Gallen), Switzerland.
15 hours ago
Hello! Chronicles of Elima is a 17th century fantasy-esque roleplay filled with events and plenty of lore. Five kingdoms hope to unlock the secret of an ancient calamity, a god lies chained in the heart of a volcano, and a deadly shadow stalks the land... with over 100 beasts sorted by city, a vast ocean teaming with danger and pirates, and a haunted forest filled with the souls of the lost, there is plenty to be discovered in Chronicles of Elima! Our staff are all friendly and will help with anything you need, but won’t hesitate to write dungeons and events that will test your very limits. So come and hop in to Chronicles of Elima, where the world is as diverse as the characters who live there!
1 days ago
Join in the world of Phasaegia, a place set in medieval times where you can venture and explore. Find friends to hangout with, and be able to fight off monsters and treasure hunt. The choice is up to you in this server!
2 days ago
We have a Mix of different Roleplayers from Fantasy to Medieval, come and explore the forgotten vale, we have OOC chats and Roleplay realms. Come join us!
2 days ago
In the kingdom of Acadia, there is one ruler, a Queen. Despite how happy the kingdom looks, it’s split. There are four factions. The Acadians, they’re happily loyal to the kingdom. The Unseen, they’re trying to convert the kingdom into a anarchy kingdom. The Cult, they’re trying to convert the kingdom into a cult kingdom. Lastly, the Neutral, ones who have no side between all of this.

The Queen stands in the middle of all of this, no side chosen and she hasn’t spoken on the matter. Her throne has been famously named “Throne Of Lies,” for generations many who have ruled have always been proven liars.

The entire Kingdom is panic, their Queen sitting idly by as her kingdom fights over what type of kingdom they should be. No one knows her side. Many have died and blood has been spilled, and everyone is wondering… What way will the kingdom go?
3 days ago
Rocheater Hills is an Roleplay community featured in a medieval era the feel being d&d like. The rules are simple enough and the entrence exam is just you typing up a sample rp just so we can swe that you are not a bot. So if you are down to slay dragons then come home to drink,gamble, and FTB come and hit that join button and we will be waiting.
5 days ago
A RP server for those who want a special kind of medieval place. A new server, and a hopefully growing one. We don't do ERP but is accepted. FRP is not tolerated. Ex. Contradictions, Being invincible, etc. Only join if you're dedicated and will stay.
6 days ago
Ashen Symphonia, We're seeking our future of roleplaying, a fun and good roleplay. We're hiring staffs as well, we need more members and roleplayers. We hopr we can grow this server.
8 days ago
A new Roleplay Server for an open world with themes of Fantasy and Medieval times. You can roleplay in Medieval Time, Hangout and make some new friends along the way I spent a lot of time on this and it's still a work in progress. I hope you enjoy
8 days ago
Community 14
We are small Community of chill role players and we want you to come and hang out and chill out and have a fun day role playing with us.
49 days ago
Community 7
The world belongs to the humans and the old ways are dying. Industry is taking control with the magical world shrinking and the time of great adventure coming to a close. It is understood that all there is to learn about the world is just about used up and recorded. That is, from a human point of view.
In the mountains, in the trees, in the skies and deep below the crust of the scarred lands the old ways still live. Waiting for a time they can once again know the warmth of the sun. Fighting for what precious little resource remains to keep their way of life going just a few years longer. Though it is known that elves and dwarves, goblins and fae still live someplace, it is rare to see them in human cities and it would be wise for any who venture forth from the sanctuary their people managed to carve in the grim dark world to watch their back as the HAL (Human Activist League) Defenders have been known to snatch meta humans from the streets and their beds to be beaten, sold into slavery or simply murdered in the street.
The last sanctuary is the Ivory City. A great gem trade hub built on the skeletal remains of a massive long dead beast. One of the few places a college of magic can be found in the world. It is said that all will one day come through the Ivory City, it is not a question of if but rather of when.
It is a round wheel and spokes design with as many 'quarters' and districts as a person could imagine. Taking hours to get from one side to the other. If a person can think of something it is likely to be found within the great metropolises ' massive walls. High class live separated from low as best they can but here there is no actual way to filter oneself from the churning populous unless they have managed to find a seat with the High Mage Council of Karak. These reclusive old wizards live in a literal ivory tower in the center of the massive bay, carved from the tusk of the same long dead creature that supports the rest of the city upon its bony fossilized back.
It is because of the High Mage Council of Karak that the city has not gone the way of the rest of the world, foregoing magic and the old ways. (though it is not without its dangers) Here, though the population demographic is indeed higher in humans, there can actually be found at least one of most all races someplace within the city.

RP Nation is a newer 18+ server where creative minds can play what they want with little bounds on creativity. Where BS ooc drama is not accepted and there are no judgments on what a person wants to play. All ideas are welcomed in a place where players can feel like they matter, where they don’t have to worry about drama and where what they do actually affects the in game world. There is a character application process for hashing out characters and the ability to play almost anything a person can think of.
56 days ago
Greetings one and all!
]Recently myself and my co-creator have started a medieval fantasy rp! Exciting right? We are just as excited about it!
]This will be an 18+ group only! Nothing against the younger rpers for I know there are some great ones but as an 18+ adult along with my co-creator we feel much better about our members being of that category as well.
]It will also be a multi-para, multi-chara rp!
]This rp will revolve around Darkness and Light battling it out but whose side will you be on? Will you be a dwarf mining away in your mountain dwelling? An elven archer? A human mage trying to find a special magic to help protect his race? A fairy? There are no shortage of options for characters!
]The server that will be provided below is a recruting one for the group, this is to let you read the guidelines set forth along with some short info to see if this group will be a good fit for you. If you think so and meet all criteria you will be moved to the group rp server. So check it out and see if you are ready to enter the Realm of Loethea!
64 days ago
Welcome to a wall RP created by Joe the Eagle! I welcome one and all to whoever may join
69 days ago
Fantasy, Currently, (As of January 28 2018) Its a working progress but my friend wants me to invite people so.... Come on and join us. Create a character talk among yourselves, and start Role-playing with your character.
78 days ago
Anime and Manga 11
New and fresh community for anime/gaming. Pick your team and join us for fun chat and great experience.
109 days ago