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Magi: Magoi Unleashed

We're still a work in progress but we've
worked so hard on the server.

What we provide.

- An amazing role play experience

- Open lore positions

- An accurate lore to to the anime and manga.

- Exhilarating moments.

- Staff Positions.

Magi: Magoi Unleashed - The lore is based in an alternate universe. Countries are formed newly, and war for land is more common. The only light that shines in the world are the people who follow that path and the Magi who choose to shine there divine light over the world, how will your Adventure begin? Will you choose to change the world and aim toward's the light? Or will you choose to change the world and have it reap in the shadows. It's your story so let it... Begin!
Do you like vampire or werewolf rp? What about a fantasy medieval rp? Hello and welcome to 𝕳𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖓 𝖔𝖋 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕯𝖆𝖒𝖓𝖊𝖉. We are a medieval fantasy based rp in a 1745 manor meant to shelter the supernatural!
This rp is made to host characters such as vampires, humans, werewolves, & witches/wizards.
━━━━━━༻𝕳༺ ━━━━━━
We provide:
♠️ Music bot!
♠️ Shipping & Marriage bot!
♠️ Color roles!
♠️ Server rp events!
♠️ 100+ different chats to share your interests and rp! With more to come!
♠️ Set character template, or you can use your own!
♠️ Easy to follow lore and rules!
♠️ One liner and paragrapher friendly!
♠️ And much more!
━━━━━━༻𝕳༺ ━━━━━━
We can’t wait to meet you!
"The world was once split into many, small communities with little power against the chaotic nature of.. nature.. and it's inhabitants. Luckily the few, by now dominant, races got together. They built hordes, villages, territories of their own and kingdoms. After many years of war three kingdoms have established. The people are living their lives as spies, guards, magicians and co. They ask themselves for how long this peace will last."

So, you've decided to join a medieval fantasy roleplay and what not, huh? Well we have another thing coming, then. This server is new and mysterious. You got that? You might want to write down what you read.. wait.. Well anyways, here we go:
You want dragons? We got dragons.
You want to play an Orc? Sure!
But sometimes you just wanna play a regular human, am I right? Boom, we got you too, guy in the back!
Alright alright.. Enough with that, hm? You want to play a royal, ruling an entire kingdom or at least strongly influencing it? "I've never had the chance to do that shit on one of those servers where the whole infrastructure is set-up.", you might think and hopefully not say to a product of your imagination.
I did too, in the past. We all do sometimes. And therefore, the general and me, want to help you out with that. Here you get the possibility to do exactly that, while the admins simply make sure you don't power-play.
We are tolerant, always up to jokes, yet serious roleplayers. If that's what you're searching for, you're very welcome to our server.
And hey, just checking it out and deciding wether to stay or not to is fine as well!
Hello everyone!
This is a medieval fantasy RP where your imagination is your limit. We welcome everyone who can RP properly. Anyone who prefers having a realistic roleplay this is not your kind of RP server. In this roleplay, you can be part of a kingdom, an army, a guild, a lone wolf, a coven, or a simple villager, whatever you prefer. We have characters available in case you have no idea what you will RP as. Keep in mind that we have the main plot going on, but that does not mean you can't RP as your own scene. Side RPs are allowed here as long as they stick to the same timeline and does not affect the main plot.

On a side note, we also do raffles for discord nitro to keep things active. Please do keep in mind that we went inactive for a short period of time because I had some problems IRL.

Currently, the main plot is paused but will be resumed once we gain enough members again.

Deep among the arid sands lies Akanthia, surrounded on all sides by rivaling city states and kingdoms, many of which wish to claim the oasis--the gem of the desert--for their own. Though Akanthia has largely shut itself off from the outside world, they will not be able to for much longer. As Akanthia's population booms larger by the year, their desperation grows in lockstep. Shadows of enemies loom larger over the withering city, and tensions within the walls near a breaking point. If the city means to survive, Akanthia possesses only one option: expansion. War, death, political intrigue, all driving forces of a new age for Akanthia, a new beginning, the dawn of an empire.

♔ Engage with ever-expanding lore and world
♕ Join a noble house and feud for power and influence, building alliances or challenging rivals
♔ Forge your own path with the help of experienced, helpful staff
♕ Control which server notifications you receive with unique news stream with separate subscriptions for different types of news
♔ Progress naturalistically through the world through an unobtrusive, holistic purchasing system
♕ Become a central piece to the expansion—or the fall of Akanthia’s ever growing empire!

Thorvio est un serveur de RP français sur le thème du médiévale fantastique. De plus, c’est un open world, c’est à dire que vous pouvez aller partout où vous voulez !

— Le serveur accueille toute sorte de roleplayer ( sauf ceux qui font des actions non détaillées et illogiques ( j’insiste là dessus ) ).
— Le staff est courtois et humain.
— L’étape de la fiche n’est pas du tout une barrière infranchissable.

Alors, qu’attendez-vous ? Lancez-vous dans l’aventure et découvrez toute une communauté !

( P.S.: Le serveur ne contient aucun contenu NSFW. D’ailleurs, le RPQ n’y est pas publique. )

***The Realm of Pantala***

**The Beginning:**
Pantala in the old language of magic means “The Painted Land.” It is named thusly so as it was the creation of a painter. The world, in the beginning, was a blank canvas- a ceaseless void with nothing in it. Then the Painter- the overseering God of Pantala- began to paint. His creations were purely random. Haphazard, almost. But all the same, beautiful. He is sometimes depicted in His statues as a blind man.
**The Creation:**
From His canvas and His paint, He first created the earth- the brown and gray rock. The dirt and the stone. The mountains. The hills. Then He created the seas and the rivers. Next came the green- trees and grass to be scattered across it. What came after were animals- birds, bees, bears… humans…
They were fickle, but among one of the Painter’s smartest, most intelligent creatures. His best yet, He thought. So, ...
Slerit is a medieval kingdom that is starting out. Right now we have few members but we have many positions to fill along with just casually being here. You can stop by Slerit for a nice casual chat , roleplaying with new people all around , making new friends , and do anything else. We make quests and narrate them (kind of like D+D but a little different but you can narrate however you want) you can stop by the tavern to have a drink , stroll around in the town center , or you can do your own thing and build your own place/activity center! It’s also open to plenty of mythical creatures and fantasy settings. Come on and join ! We’ll be happy to see you !
Current year- 400 AC
When Eddard Stark came to King’s Landing, after Jon Arryn’s death, he quickly discovered that Robert’s children were not his own but instead products of incest from Cersei and Jaime Lannister. He tried to inform Robert of this, but he cared little for it, his next people to tell were the High Septon and the Grand Maester. He wasn’t fully believed until he was put to death by Cersei and Joffrey after Robert’s death; it was then that the faith confronted Cersei about her misdoing when she was forced to confess. Cersei, alongside Joffre, was put to death; Tommen killed himself due to grief. Jaime was sent to the Wall for his misdeeds and Myrcella stayed in Dorne, marrying into the Martells. This caused the War of the Five Kings to be indecisive, with all regions declaring their independence.

This is just a small part of our extensive and exciting lore!
The year is 1250. Nestled between several countries, though it’s location unknown, Elerahan plunges the travelers, the brave, the forgotten, the good, and the evil together.
The land is ruled by a single capital city, presided over by the Royal family by Queen Scarlett. While this seems simple enough, the position of King has been full of peril — King Arnold was slain for his betrayal and murder of his wife, King Robin was assassinated by the Hunters, and King Lyne was slain doing battle. The vampiric bloodline within the family also causes complications for the common folk — Elerahan is a land where vampires roam freely in the streets without repercussions and devils can make deals in the open.
However, peace, be it in the thick, lush forest, the ocean, or the city is constantly challenged by the monsters that go bump in the night. Do you dare to wander the forgotten path into the kingdom? Seek fame and fortune of the powerful beings that resided here? Or will you fall, your soul taken elsewhere or left to wander and rot? Many have walked this well-trodden path, and you shall not be the last in Elerahan.
A fairly detailed RP/ERP server with members active during all timezones !

Do you want an Active Community with the kindest people and caring admins who work hard everyday ?
Do you like smut but wants also story with it ?
Do you like well detailed RPs with good level of literacy ?

Do you like Mythologies and Fantasy put together ?
Do you want to enjoy yourself in some lewd smut combined with some good combat elements ?

Do you want too be around people who also likes all of the above ?

Wait no more, join us now ! As we are Throne of Temptations, the server with the perfect mix between Smut and Story !
Time zone: EST (personally I stay up late so any time zone is fine for me)
Welcome to Waffle's Medieval roleplay I, Waffle am the currently sole creator of this server but I hope on getting lots of people and staff onto the server.
in my server,

you can RP and ERP as whatever you'd like as long as it doesn't go against the rules.
there are over 60 channels for you to RP and ERP in and you can suggest even areas to RP/ERP in if you'd like
You people also create the lore itself and make the history of the world you are in.

if you join I hope you have a great time and invite your friends <3 - Waffle
In a time long ago, two locations lived quietly next to each other. The kingdom of Aerondor and the Outskirts, an extremely poor location placed against the outside of the high kingdom walls of Aerondor. There was little disturbance between them as the residents went along with their lives. Those in Aerondor continued to grow the economy, their shops, their family, and the ethics and class that Aerondor wanted to display. Those in the Outskirts simply didn’t grow, they were too busy fighting to see another day for any actual forward progress. But the quiet couldn't last forever. The ever growing silence between the two became like a knife that slowly cut at both sides. The Outskirts continually getting pushed while staying silent. Aerondor continued to preach the Outskirts as criminal. The lessons being taught in Aerondor made the Outskirts seem nothing more than just a statistic of how bad crime could be if it weren’t for the walls. The thing about human nature however is there's only so many times we can get pushed without being pushed. That was the turning point. The day the Outskirts created a voice and pushed back. The refusal to continue to be taught more as a statistic than a number. A concept which threatened Aerondor’s way of life. After that fated day, it's only ever been a pushing match. The only difference in that fight? Were you siding with the shadows..or the light?

-------------Roleplay Offers-----------

🌍 Open world with many growing and changing locations depending on chat lore.
☯️ A unique choose your side system along with positives and negatives to both sides to allow unique character development.
📝 In-depth bio system allowing for consistent growth and freedom of character.
🎉 Tons of planned events, games, tournaments along with events that are cross-server
🌟 🌟 Plus More! 🌟 🌟

So come join now! Make yourself apart of HISTORY.
Here is Scorched Horizons, a medieval fantasy server!

At Scorched Horzions he try to be a more free server allowing for a good bit more creativity on your part.

I’m going to level a good bit and tell you right now I’m not planning on feeding you bullshit like other ads

But I can try! Ready for the bullshit train motherfucker

OuR sTaFf ArE sOoOoOoO gReAt
They’re absolutely perfect gods among men, incapable of error and trusted to be the most perfect little angels! True, I’d know after all it’s not like my being the owner would carry with it any bias towards my server or something, that’s ridiculous and brining it up will get you banned

OuR bOtS aRe SoOoOo FuUuN
Have you ever had fun with a discord bot? you haven’t...bots aren’t fun but they are useful...I mean I have a couple interesting custom commands but they’re secret!

OuR cOmMuNiTy Is GrEaT
Our community is people...people sometimes suck, just don’t be a little baby about it if someone says something you don’t like. Be a big boy or girl and talk to an admin

Listen, it’s a magic fantasy server me (Jack) and Las put a lot of work into, we did our best and we’re not beyond adding more into it so give us a shot and maybe you’ll like it more than the other fantasy servers on here
Do you like roleplay? Do you like adventure? Do you like to battle evil creatures and travel the ancient lands in search of treasure? Well then, there's no other place for you than Morkari!

We are a medieval fantasy roleplay server looking for new members and more to have fun with! We have a friendly member list and staff, who treat others with respect and kindness! We are a safe server for those longing for a warm community.

Our server includes:

💫 ~ Two kingdoms, Vemid and Valhalla.
💫 ~ Debating channel
💫 ~ Self roles
💫 ~ Emojis
💫 ~ Fun bots!
💫 ~ Friendly and welcoming staff!

We would love for you to join us in Morkari, and check us out! Even if you don't roleplay, we'd love for you to join us. Welcome loves ♡
Welcome to the Little Palace~, a Sister Server to Medieval Apocalypse. The year is 2277, the world finally could handle each other and the nukes launched, wiping out the majority of humanity and all the infrastructure. Those that were left rebuilt the world in the style of Medieval times and all that knew of the world prior left it behind and eventually died, leaving the next generation to think it was always this way. There are several factions and classes that exist in this realm, so feel free to pop in and look around.
Paldazaoth is a fantasy world filled with magic, with the timeline being set in the medieval ages. Perhaps you want to become a demon that will bring terror to the people? Maybe a knight in shining armor who is coming to the rescue? Or maybe even rule over your own nation? Well, come on down to Paldazaoth! This is a new server, and we are trying to bring it to life by using the community to throw in their own stories! In this world, we don't build the lore. YOU build it.
                WORLD HISTORY

World History is a discord server for people who live and breathe history.

The categories and channels move progressively along a timeline from emergence of early humans to the present day encouraging users to analyze historical events and develop a grasp of the chronology of human development.

Moreover we are big friends of the circle culture and respectful communication to strenghen our community.
Find, analyze, share, discuss, critique, and improve your knowledge in this unique and friendly environment. 🤝

👥 Polls and Fruitful Debates on various history related topics with weekly updates .

🗿 Over 200 personalisation roles including Empires and States, Subjects of Interests, Ideologies, Time Periods to help express yourself.

🛡A levelling system with unique rewards and roles.

👥 Memes, Akinator and Radio channels including most famous historic speeches and anthems.

⁉ Trivia and Quizzes to test your historical knowledge and get exclusive roles.

📰 **Daily updates on: History Articles (+PDF files) including:**

🗽 Historic Events and Revolutions
👑 Kings and Queens
🏛 Civilizations and States
🛡 Military and Warfare
⚔ Historic Battles
🎨 Culture and Arts
🕯 Philosophy and Religion
📖 Biographies
🎎 Traditions and Folklore
🔬 Science and Technology
🇦 Alternate History
🏺 Relics
🗺 Maps
🏆 Hall of Fame
🖼 Historic Photos and Videos
🖼 Military Photos (World Wars, Cold War etc.)
🖼 Artworks
✍ Historic Quotes and Facts
🔭 Research and Discoveries

And much more....
Sierith, Adrytha, Veidus and Eldrex the 4 kingdoms on the continent of Serak...
Those kingdoms had lived in peace for centuries though never having much communication, never had any bad blood between one another. Once every blood moon the kingdoms would gather for a lavish ball. However, this peace was disturbed massively by the murder of the Queen of Adrytha. The murder occurred late at night and her body had only been found in the early hours of the morning by the hosting kingdom’s throne holders, being Vincent Praz and Renēe Praz. The King and Queen of Eldrex in early 1244 when this ball had taken place. The murder being traced back to the King of Sierith, Alistar Maris , lead to his demise and decapitation in late 1244. This struck an uproar from the nobles and civilians of Sierith. The Sierithians were enraged by the killing of their king but the heir, Alistar’s son, Alaric Maris took the throne when the death of his father had occurred. Alaric had already made do with his situation and the hidden anger he had toward the execution. In 1246 the anger of Sierithian civilians had calmed and nobles seemed to not even bat an eye toward Adrythan royalty or nobility. As the next blood moon drew near in 1248, planning for the ball had begun in the Adrythan castle and Sierith had done some planning of their own. The anticipation for the ball grew each day and when it finally arrived many from each kingdom would gather at the Adrythan castle though most Sierithians seemed to be coming later than the others from Veidus and Eldrex. The Sierithian king, Alaric, seemed to be the last to arrive but when he did he lead an army of at least millions of men following behind him as his men began demolishing and ambushing the Adrythan castle Alaric had another idea occur to him on the spot. He had caught sight of the Adrythan king, Lucian along with his daughter, Ilene and his son, Oran. Alaric stood in the centre of the lavishly decorated ballroom which was now drowned in the blood of guests. Alaric strode with pride through this bloodshed, he unsheathed his great sword from his back once he grew close to the Adrythan royals which were about to escape to the halls of the castle. Alaric became quick on his feet, he brought his sword to the air and struck it down toward Lucian. Ilene seen this incoming attack and warned her father but it seemed to late for it and as Lucian turned the blade would slice through his collar bone. Oran and Ilene escaped the scene before they could witness their fathers death. Alaric would push his hand through Lucian’s chest, catching hold of his heart he tightened his grip before yanking it from his chest and letting Lucian’s body fall limp on the ground below. The Sierithian army had left a massacre within the walls of Adrytha that night, only few royals from different kingdoms survived. Renēe the queen of Eldrex was left as a widow unfortunately during the ambush Vincent attempted to save a few of the guests and succeeded but was captured by the Sierithian army and brought to Sierith to be hung.

1267.. 19 years after the massacre of 1248 Adrytha recovered well from the damage done, Ilene and Oran the children of Lucian the previous king of Adrytha still haven’t been found. Sierith still proves a great threat to Adrytha but Sierith seems to have a greater opponent Grivaea, unknowing to Sierith or the other kingdoms Grivaea thrives off their anonymity and their diversity of religions and races is one of their strengths. Is an age of war upon us? What part will you play in it? ———

Fantasy roleplay server that has recently been refurbished! Needs fresh new roleplayers to bring some interesting characters into the mix! All are welcomed!
Welcome to the Voidless Realm!

-We are an active roleplaying group that aims on growing its community and helping fellow roleplayers interact! While the server has been rather slow due to circumstances with the Owner's health, the server is now being updates constantly. This includes a lore revamp, more interactive RP, and even more events.

-Our server consists of:
🔹 A growing community of 500+ members! 👐
🔸 Completely original lore!
🔹 Versatile and adaptable RP with a lot of opportunity!
🔸 Medieval and Fantasy stuff for nerds-alike 🤓
🔹 A pretty hecking chill staff team, if I do say so myself 🔥
🔸 Some pretty intense events to get your blood running 💦
🔸 Fun Bot Commands to waste away your life with! 🤤
🔹 Have I mentioned we have memes? 😏
🔸 Combat RP for venting your anger out on imaginary characters! 😅

Kingdoms & Empires
Through the verdant valleys, over the mountains that form on the horizon in their full splendor, desert's that shine like gold, magical lands across the sea. Faced with myths and legends of yore that cross centuries among peoples, unrivaled adventures in a completely new universe. Come write your story in a fantastic RP that seeks to bring the essence of a creative fantasy, emerged from the ideas of the players.
Based on major concepts like Lord of Rings, Narnia, Game of Thrones and The Elder Scrolls. Kingdom and Empires crosses the great mysteries of mythologies, cultures of dozens of peoples and of course offers breathtaking battles.
A community that does not judge RP ability by offering help as well as seeking mutual fun.
Join now!!

BlkDragon Inn’s setting is in a high fantasy, medieval world called Siveth with a wide range of countries in varying climates and geographies. Our main setting is in a city called Drache where characters can drop into the illustrious BlkDragon Inn at any time. Our narratives are very player-driven, and we allow a lot of flexibility when creating quests and adventures!

Over the years, players have built up a world with tons of lore to use, but there’s always room for people to flex their own creativity! Players can make a broad variety of characters from different races and classes. Check out our lore here:

* BDI is an 18+ server. ERP isn't allowed, but adult themes are common.

* Submission and approval of character sheets is required.

* We encourage players to create their own quests, storylines, and gm’ed random encounters. Please see our policies on our website to learn more!

* There’s a 3 complete sentences with proper grammar per post minimum.

* Drop in/drop out and play-by-post roleplay channels are available!

* It can get a little weird in here sometimes, but we’re a supportive and active community!

* Check out our website for more details!
Greetings and welcome to The Court of Rino! In this RP, we heavily encourage smart thinking and unorthodox methods of gains! This is a literate RP server, you will be required to do an RP sample, when you join. Now here is the story.

The Prince of Rino has fallen terribly ill. He has no male heirs and the Nobles bicker among themselves on what should happen. Renar Argon, Prince of Rino, passed a succession law, allowing his only child, Sylia Argon the blind, and first Princess of Rino. She will step up to the throne, with many of both allies and enemies. With many nations around them, ready to pounce on the small Principality. Will you help the Princess, or will you manipulate and control her for your own gains? What you do here will shape the future of the nation.

- New Server
- Lengthy Lore
- Historically Accurate Ranks
- Historical Weapons and Armor
- Aim for Realistic and brutal battles
- Low Fantasy
- Large World to Explore
- In-depth battle system and economy
- Story events for Nobles and Commoners

Warning, magic is rare in this world. Humans are the only available race, and this server will have dark and adult themes, so ages 18 and up is required for certain areas. Please remember, this is a Literate Roleplay!

This is the third iteration of the server!
Struggling to find a medieval, fantasy, roleplay server? Then check out-
╔═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╗
Land of Electus
╚═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╝

❖ 7 main factions!

❖ Over 6 different Species and 24 Sub-Species!

❖ Creative Freedom!

❖ Many RP-Areas!

❖ SFW server!

and much more-