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Welcome to Medieval RP: Fantasy Reborn;
We have a very open landscape to play around in. After wars on top of wars the lands are left to peace, or that's what they think. Many races have allied and secretly planned against each other, your character can roam around the kingdoms and wildlands and interact with other characters and specially made NPC's.

- New server looking for active and knowledgeable players.

- Many roles/races to play as and higher positions available.

- We are very friendly and welcoming.

- ERP is allowed but kept to DM's or locked rooms.
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The world of Edenia the whole world jst recently exited a twenty five year war. The four standing kingdoms are The Land Enchanted of Behr ruled by the Empire of Eden, The land of Nahar ruled by the Kindom of Erel , The Desert Land of Dveya ruled by The Jomei Alliance, and The Arctic Land of Zarona ruled by the Clans of Alon. These four kingdoms now share a tense, but upheld truce as they attempt to rebuild their once great nations.

LoE is a growing and evolving fantasy rp experience. Our systems are very flexible and want this server to be a place you can help build no matter what role you may serve. Create your unique character and be anything from Blacksmith to Bounty Hunter. Come join us and make your mark on the world as you become a: Legend of Edenia!

We offer-

-A lore that evolves and is influenced by you the player
-The chance play out your own character’s stories and even become a renowned figure in the world
-An active, friendly, and accepting community with dedicated staff
-Easy to understand lore
-The chance to become a ruler of one of the four nations once you’ve been around long enough
-An easy and flexible character creation system
-and much more~
We are a SFW, fantasy rp server, priding ourselves on a friendly and welcoming community. We expect effort to be put into rp and characters, but allow a huge amount of creative freedom.

-💞Active and friendly community with dedicated staff💞
-📖Event coordinators to make things fun📖
-🔒We expect a minimum of three sentences per post, and proper punctuation and grammar.🔒
-✉️Fairly relaxed rules with a huge range of freedom for characters, and easy to understand lore with plenty of added detail for those who want it✉️
-🌲Wide range of rp channels, from forests and mountains to taverns, streets and jails🌲
-⚔️User-made factions to enhance rp quality and potential stories⚔️
-💜Nitro Boosted💜
A server where you can just hang out and talk. We have a few bots, memes and some other stuff. We also have a pretty active voice chat and if nobody is in it most people are willing to chat! Give joining a try and if you don't like it you lost nothing
Welcome to Rite of Seven! Phosphorus, (Or as many others like to call me, Darik) here as the owner! I don't consider myself the best owner, but I'm good enough to say I'm pretty competent in what I do! With that said, Rite of Seven is a story based server with a good plotline that never gets too complex to understand, but will always be interesting!

You can choose to be a part of one of seven kingdoms, or go about it your own way. There's always a way for you to get yourself involved with the story, and we encourage you to try! We offer a lot of freedom, and our rules are mainly common sense. Our staff is competent, and we'll judge things fairly. Otherwise, we're pretty fun to hang around with! The Story is starting to unfold, and it's never too late to get involved. As you're reading this, an event is already in the making and will start soon! We hope you don't miss out on that!

- We have a GREAT story just about anyone can take apart of, the more there are, the better.

- We allow custom races, custom techniques, etc... If you work to it, you might found your own Kingdom!

- We're very chill and lenient when it comes to some offenses, but do try to keep your hands clean.

- We're all here to have fun and joke around, almost everything we say are jokes and are never serious, but we know when to stop.

-We’re going to have pretty frequent events once our numbers and activity increases.

We hope you like what we have to offer! It'd be great to see you here!
**Welcome to the Medieval Pokemon Roleplay server**, where the concept is well, exactly as it sounds really.
In this server, there is a unique lore in a world parallel to the canon of pokemon, with all new regions that are split into masses of land that are controlled by various and unique kingdoms, which are split by their types. In this server, you can be anything from a noble of one of these many kingdoms, a peasant thats just trying to make ends meet, a knight exploring the lands, or anything in between or outside. The world is, quite literally, your oyster here. We just need one thing, we need you, active members, to spark the flames of the world and bring it to life.

Enjoy the server, and its many advantageous factors!
-Unique Kingdoms and world lore written with a great deal of thought
-Make your own Kingdoms! Thats right, new members get the opportunity to make any of the uncreated kingdoms of the world, supplies limited and on a first come first serve. If you decide to make a leader of an entire kingdom, you will be given absolute control of the kingdom and all of its channels with a special role
-An active and helpful administration team.
-A large community base with plenty of people to interact with, and it will only be more if you join
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Chronicle of Drase
Chronicle of Drase is a low-power, RPG-style fantasy server. Join us in the continent of Ramul Ta, full of different countries struggling for power. Sail north to battle for or against the slavers in East Silnaria, enjoy a cold mug of beer at the capital of Salvainia, visit a quaint village in Itchsunia, or climb the Phoenix Ridge, to hunt down fabled creatures…

Start as a humble adventurer, with a few abililties under your belt. Work your way up to the top of this world, and perhaps, one day, you can change the destiny of the world too…
Inspired by tabletop RPGs, Drase offers interesting character-building based on simple stats, custom abilities, enchantments, perks and mana. A one of a kind experience, blending fantasy with a logical, coherent world.

❤Active, Caring, professional staff ❤
❤ Inclusive, non-cliquey community! ❤
😃Friendly, slur free, non-toxic environment😃

🐍 7 races, 22+ subraces – All balanced and strong in their own way 🐍
📜Character progressions! – Become more powerful with time! Work your way up top📜

🎲Turn-based, detailed, semi-realistic, freeform (T1) combat 🎲
🎲Quests and events with PVE focus 🎲
🧙Guilds to join, learn and socialize in!🧙

📚Detailed nations and world 📚
⚔️A dynamic world full conflicts and opportunities⚔️

Come join us! We guarantee you've never seen something like Drase before.

Welcome to the Kingdom! This is a social server that I made for people to join and hangout. The server is not really dedicated to anything but meeting people and socializing together. We hope you will enjoy it here if you decide to join.
There are factions. And the main goal...... to be on top. To fight each other so that they are below you. This time is set in the dark ages and the year is 255X. Magic, demons, angels, and all mythical creatures are real. They appeared in the year 50X. Everyone tried to get along but due to many factors coming from every race, they started the Faction War. Due to them having a massive diversity of race and ideals, the different races began to fight each other, and some began fighting amongst themselves. They have been fighting for 200 years and no faction has gained the upper hand. The factions were created off of morals and ideas, anyone that can accept their word can join them. What faction will you join? How will you get your group to be on top?
Hi! Welcome to the Realm of Xelada. This is a medieval fantasy server with a rather flexible plot and lore that you can add to! Come on down and have some fun!
Enter •Ouroboros• , a fantasy roleplaying server where the mighty heroes of Aledia gather from across the five nations to fight back against the growing might of an ancient devil known as Erebos. Through sword and sorcery, stave off the encroaching hordes that make up Ereberos' demonic legions while making loyal allies who will have your back when you need it most. Will you stand strong in the face of danger, or sneak up from behind and secure victory by any means neccessary? The choice is yours.

**We feature:**
• ✨A choice between freeform combat and a dice-based system
• ✨Multiple roleplay channels that flesh out the continent of Aledia
• ✨10 races (More will be added in the future)
• ✨12 classes (More will be added in the future)
• ✨Friendly staff members who like to help
• ✨Zero tolerance for one-lining (Literacy is a must)
(Note: this is a newer description since the other was outdated)
Hey, hey howdy do! Welcome to Krystaline kingdom, we host several in RP events. The community itself has decided that having a revolution was a fun way to waste time, so if you'd like to overthrow the king then you can do that. Or you could be a loyalist. There are several gods, who knows maybe you want one as well. We are a small server, but hey at least you get noticed more. Along with this the community is friendly, and since I have almost no-life I'm on a lot as well, so you could chill with me. The roleplay is pretty active compared to some servers that I have been in. If you don't want to join, that's fine, that's fine I hope you have a good day and take a virtual hug on your way out! I bid ye adieu.
Before life came only the will of the mother and her desolate barren lands. Wherever she went, nothing but dirt hills and rivers of magma, a world barely born. Her sad tears brought life to the grounds she walked with each step giving more of herself to a dead world, water and nature. Each piece lost, a god in its own right, the first of her children the olden gods. On and on the mother went until she was no more but the world itself and the gods she’d birthed of herself.

Nothing more than a presence and thought as the countless years went by and the world grew these old gods became a reality, a guide to all that lived and the rule of all mortals who roamed their world. Kept simple and foolish beasts until a powerful and merciful god took pity upon them and taught these mortals the ways of civilization, stealing from other gods what was rightfully their worship. This god was so strong, so loved he thought if I’m king of men why not be king of the gods as well?

None of the old gods were pleased, the strongest of them all going against this arrogant one. A war which would solidify the fall of these olden beings, even though they were successful. Not killing him but being banished to lands beyond his control where his power was no more. Weakened by a conflict too gruesome and long the old gods never regained the beloved worship they thrived on, instead humans turned to far younger and appealing deities of the world who quickly rose in power and eager to legitimize their rule of the world they had to share drove away or slaughtered any old gods they could, from these times you get such figures like god killers.
A kingdom where mages and knights are at each other’s throats, they stand on equal ground one seeks freedom while the other seeks control. Both sides choose to hone their skills even after the most bloodiest war the kingdom has ever faced. Now the kingdom lives in peace with mages helping society while knights help protect the mages as well, though despite the truce some do hold some ulterior motives… which side shall you be? The freedom seeking mages? The Dominant and overwhelming knights or a bystander who attempts to live their life normally in this strange new golden age....

^~^ well then seeing as you’ve been reading our quick summary of the lore why don’t you also read what we have to offer?
It's been 5,000 years since the Great Purge on Earth..after the God of Life erased humanity put of grief and frustration, society has been renewed and reformed once more, after the God himself faced immediate regret for what he had done. This new society is diverse, though peace and chaos still battle between each other, fighting over magic, dominance, influence, and ideals.


What do we offer here..?

◇ Unlimited Character Creation.

◇ Extensive lore, diverse regions and races, freedom with combat, and plenty of roleplay areas to use.

◇ Optional economic system which does not hinder your roleplay experience whether you choose to indulge in it or ignore. We also have several game bots to play with.

◇ Plenty of community channels and lobbies for general discussion, Character discussion, roleplay discussion, memes, and artwork. We also provide voice chats.

◇ Fun things to do such as answering QOTDs, Character Prompts, joke roleplay, and more!
Looking for some people who wanna join a group rp, based in medieval times, before gunpowder, where magic, demons, kings, queens, neko’s exist, if you want more info or have ideas to put in come join us!
This is a group rp.
Keep that in mind.
There WILL Be Other’s In This RP
You will be paired with people


-Join and follow the welcome message
-Must be +18
-Fantasy Medieval Roleplay
-Need people who know how to use discord bots
Tilia is a Medieval Fantasy roleplaying server with many story lines to join, multiple roleplaying styles from combat and strategy, to romance or adventure! Tilia offers its members the ability to create their own lore and fully original characters as well as art games and events, partnerships and a level-up system. Join us to begin your adventure!

"The planet of Tilia is much like Earth in its medieval era, with a twist. Besides humans and animals, Tilia is filled with supernatural creatures of all kinds, and magic is not something uncommon to see. These creatures can look like any other human, or can have strange and grotesque characteristics. Every region and country has its own take on such creatures, while some are even ruled by them, this resulting in conflicts and wars over the years. Within Tilia, there is a wide range of political, religious, and moral beliefs, which are most commonly separated into countries, though there are some mixing pots."
Welcome to the Continent of Eldingar, a large land of mass home to many people, from the Kingdom of Helios, to the port city of Weeping Rock, all the way to the Culmination, where darkness reigns! A new place has been discovered, The Jungle of Hastur! Where large animals reign in the untamed wilderness. Welcome to your new adventure! Your journey begins now! ✨
Welcome to the Kingdom of Hell all are welcome this is a Role play kingdom set in medieval times. Dare you venture into the clutches of King Magnus And Queen Akaria. They may seem kind but deep down lies sinister evil beings.
We are a medieval fantasy Roleplay group. Futuristic tech is allowed, but talk to an admin about it before doing so just to make sure its ok. We try to all be active as best as possible if you're not active you have about 3 days or so before we remove you but we are lenient. We're a good group. We can be fun and be serious, and well, our story had a reputation back on Kik. Whether you join or not is up to you but with us you can make yourself something here.... If you play the right cards, of course. We roleplay on Amino (Amino ID: Selodiverse.) We would love to see you there!
Welcome to the Continent! The year is 1497, and the races have been separated after years of war. A council was created, but tension of the groups still boil. Will you drive the kingdom to peace or rage it into chaos?

We offer a great community of roleplayers with active and fun people! We also offer:
-OOC chatrooms
-Sparring practice
-LGBTQ+ acceptance 100%
And more!

Come join a great server today!
The Reighlan Myth - Kingdoms

The year is 1404 AC (After the Creation), an age before gunpowder but filled with magic and imagination. Join us for an interactive storyline-based system, where you make your own story as you go! Houses to choose from, places to go to, things to do, the choices are practically limitless! We feature:

A multitude of locations to RP in, with reference pictures and medieval themes.

Programmed bots and reaction roles to make the experience easier for all!

An RPing system based on Storyline, not stats or levels.

We are currently looking for Active Roleplayers, Friendly members and exciting ideas. We hope to see you there!