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Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff.*NEW*Giveaway of Nitro every month!
Online D&D community based (also includes a few other game systems but mainly D&D) on Discord. Live chat/voice with over 2500 members about everything D&D related with members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at DMing
• Looking for a group to play with
• Simply looking for tips and info
Welcome to Thylvelona, an rp server that uses the D&D system for characters as well as fighting and other general tasks. We hope you join and enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Duncan's Sci-fi And Fantasy Hub!

we will talk about warhammer fantasy and warhammer 40k! along with other franchises such as halo and more!

join and we will have a lot of fun!

we are still a growing community so any help is appreciated!
Into Role Playing Games? How about Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan)? Then this server is for you. We update and add mechanics almost daily, the only thing we're lacking is a playerbase to populate the server. If you're interested in complex and intuitive gameplay coupled with a leveling system and roles, then this is the server for you. We also have less strenuous gameplay options. In all honesty, you'll just have to check us out c:<

We've also been described as D&D but in Attack On Titan world.. so if that's your fancy cx
Join Dnd World!

-Access our server account and get ALL D&D Beyond materials for free!

-Organized staff!

-Homebrew friendly! Play all official and UA material, choose from our approved homebrew, or submit your own!

-Play on the go at workplaces and schools with text games!

-Friendly community that teaches newbies!

-RP in a safe space with our PG-13 environment!

Dnd World is a West Marches style homebrew fantasy campaign on Discord. We are a pretty active server with multiple quests per week that is always growing via our hardworking staff and players' suggestions. We use theatre of the mind, not Roll20 or maps, and it is a text based game. We are very patient and can help out in any queries you may have!

How is our playstyle like? Well, we've got the usual rp channels. Except the temple got raided by gods. And the town lake has a friendly leviathan. And the tavern burnt down. Several times. And you can find everything from a regular black market to a rapping tome of knowledge in downtime. We have quests! Of course your usual hero stuff, like fighting giant fluffy plush cats, krakens at a waterpark, a crab rave, a teleporting blender, yes, utterly normal! In other words, the wackiest shenanigans you won't find in a regular game.

We have a persistent world that changes based on how our players interact with it, and a pantheon that is very involved with the characters. Our quests often involve problem solving and think out of the box mechanics that don't rely on just hack and slash. You won't learn the lore right away, but rather discover its deep mysteries as you explore!

You will be suitable for this server if you have:



-Willingness to read carefully and slowly

You will not be suitable for this server if you:

-Skim through text

-Only VC

-Are not open to joining communities

-Are an ERP enthusiast

WARNING odds are you’ll lose a pc or two. Or three. Maybe you can set the record and have ten PCs die!
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
This is a server for 18+ It is designed to help anyone in the gaming community, make friends, enjoy some emojis, stay for the memes. Make sure to put in your intro in introductions for full access!!
⭐ Xbox One
⭐ PlayStation 4
⭐ PC
⭐ Roles set to find people with mics
⭐ Roles set to ask for help in a game
⭐ Lots of porn
⭐ Fun emojis
⭐ BoobBot, Mewna bot, Yui bot, Mudae, Mantaro, and Starboard
⭐ Roleplay
⭐ Personal roles if requested
⭐ Cards Against Humanity
⭐ Movie Nights
⭐ DnD Talk
Ramstein D&D was initially a server created so that we (a small group of military brats living overseas) would be able to continue their long running D&D campaign as we all moved away, or where deployed elsewhere. Over time we found that while the comfy closeness of our server was nice, but it was making new campaigns feel a bit stale as we all already knew each other. So, one group vote later, it was decided that to get some new blood we would go public. Hopefully some fans of D&D, table top role playing games, casual gaming and other nerdy stuff will swing by and join us for a little adventure.
This server is for players looking to have a good time just sit back relax, and enjoy an adventure or two. We mainly play dnd 5e , and are looking for people that will be active. We would love to have you in the server! Be sure when you join to look at the rules, and remember to stay active all inactive will be removed. Have a nice day 🙂
Hey you! Yeah you! I'm talkin' to you alright! Now that I have your attention, We have a RWBY Dnd Server

Disclaimer: We hold no affiliation to the server Remnant: Distant Dawn

Here in the RWBY DnD/RP Server, we are based in 100 years from rwby cannon after the RWBY Story, fades from history. And now new stories have risen though the missions and roleplays done by our admins. We do not stay in 1 central kingdom but travel all throughout the world of remnant visiting each and every kingdom along with menagerie all according to the seasons.

Heres what we have to offer:
*Admins and Mods who are on constant server watch
*Fun and excitement waiting in every post
*Most important of all, Many Stories you can partake in!
*Four different playable races ranging from Humans, Faunus, Robotics, and Grimm
*A easy rwby based D&D book to follow and make your very own character for the roleplay and missions along with a beta book as well that has many different options on how to create a character each book has many types of creation types what kind you make is all up to you.
Want to give us a try? Heres the link! See you soon!
Game On is an official Discord Partnered LGBT focused gaming community. We specialize in the top games, from League of Legends to Fortnite. We have been known to throw together some mean DnD sessions. With over 4K members, what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!
*This server is a mix of arenas, quests, and role playing channels. The setting here is lightly loose for players to actually build up their own stories(either tales from their fights in arena, the achievements they got on quests, or just hanging out on the rp channels). The server's central hub is at Lanaria City where a lot of adventurers gather up to train to overcome hard challenges ahead.*
System: DnD 5e
Timezone: GMT+8
Platform: Discord - Play by Post(No discord voice, no Roll20, no Fantasy Grounds)
Looking for Players(especially those who have good reading comprehension)
Starting Level: 3
We are an active Text-rp server with Arena, RP channels, Downtime, and Quests/Adventures. We are currently looking to add active players! We play in a lightly-flavored setting, meaning you don’t need to know a ton of lore.

We're looking to add more players who are interested in the following:

- RP Channels
- PvE Arenas
- One shot quests (Possibly X-part campaigns)
- Learning more about Avrae
A community focused Tabletop RPG server! DnD! Genesys! Star Wars! And much more general geekery! All are welcome! Join today!
Welcome to The Orient - Where severe consequences are balanced with mighty rewards, where the weak turn to ash and the strong live forever. The Orient is a fantasy roleplay server that surrounds Asian historical lore with a magical twist. With 5 Clans clamouring for influence over the Orient, there is no telling when or how long you will be in power.

➩ Active and growing community
➩ Original extensive lore and character creation options
➩ Many events to participate in including wars, festivals, quests, and more!
➩ Based on DnD 5E systems

So if you seek legends, beasts, treasures, and toils of war, you've come to the right place; Welcome to The Orient. 平步青云。
Just a growing server dedicated to Anime and Gaming.
Friendly staff and people.
For all of your gaming needs, as well as a nice place to hang out and meet new people while you look around the store. The staff is friendly and anything not found initially can easily become a staple to our ever growing selections.
~Persistent DND 5e Custom Magic-Punk World~

Our server is mostly Roleplay oriented, but we welcome all!

The shadows are controlling the majority, and we are a small group looking to help keep balance in the world, for magic is at the brink, if we do not make action now, we may forever be lost in this change.

Whether that is the reason for joining, or have it be coin, we are glad to have you aboard.

Number of Allowed base Classes: 15!
Number of Allowed Races/Sub-Races: 95
Welcome! Azriss is a roleplay in a desert continent filled with violent creatures, people and vast amounts of gritty sand you'll find in all your clothes for weeks. Magic though is much more Violent for those who possess it for the user and the victim because of a mark.

We are a small group but friendly and accept lots of varieties of people. Please note that this server does have erp but in DMs for the sake of keeping it PG13 ish.

Never the less feel free to join in and @ a staff for role!

Western based dnd server with nice people and homebrew. We accept new comers as well as veteran players alike.
This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition one-shot server.
This city is a hot spot for adventurers. Other cities and places send quest notices here to hire brave people to help them out. Jobs as simple as bodyguarding someone and as difficult as saving entire worlds from destruction! We hope you enjoy your stay and find whatever you seek.
Interactive stories! Here you can:
-Make suggestions to progress our interactive stories!
-Create your own reader driven story!
-Mess around with bots!
-Join our honeybrew DND sessions!
-Chill and hang out with us!
Friendly TRPG server, featuring Dungeons and Dragons 5e, pathfinder and more tabletop games. We have contests and more.
═════ ∘◦ ⛧ミ ◦∘ ══════

━━☆⌒*. Hello! Welcome to Atrexia, a fun place to hang out, relax and play some games!

━━☆⌒*.We have a friendly staff and a full setup for D&D!

━━☆⌒*. We do recommend members to be 18+ due to the crude humor and subjects touched in some campaigns.

━━☆⌒*.Hope to see you here!

═════ ∘◦ ミ⛧ ◦∘ ═════