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Hello comrade. Welcome to communism, We're mostly a chatting server but do play video games competitively and hold weekly events every Saturday. We also have two DnD campaigns, and a few roleplays going on. However, we're always open to suggestions and just cause we're communist doesn't mean we aren't fueled by the people. I hope you enjoy your time in our humble regime. Our comrades are very friendly and love new people, so don't be shy. Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions you can ping a glorious leader or a red army general in the admin help channel.
A hub of multiple different RPG games focused more on role-playing.
Games are ran based off of text posts, no prior experience needed.
No voice chat is required.

Current games include:
>D&D 5th edition
>D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder
>Call Of Cthulhu
>Ars Magica
Potential games include:
>World of Darkness

We will be doing more games in the future and are taking suggestions. There are no restrictions on speech in this server so if certain words offend you, be warned.
A TableTop based server. We prioritize fun and accessibility. Everyone is friendly and will make sure you are welcome.
If you’ve never played DnD or any other tabletop game before we will help you so you're not lost.

We encourage new and older players!
- Looking for campaigns or groups
- Wanting to DM a session
- Have campaigns ideas
- Role-play text channels

We have plenty of members who are willing to talk in and outside of the server for any questions, concerns or other things you feel suit!
Come join and check it out, you might find a new passion.

This is a server where we look for games and play the games on our server.
(Besides partnered servers)
We are looking for both players and DMs! We are here to have a fun time and that is all!
The heroes haven is a fifth edition D&D server, that allows thoroughly screened homebrew and UA content. We are currently looking for new players and DMs to join us and help grow our community. Our server is very friendly to new players or experienced players looking to try dming. We have our own website that has been created as an easy place to view our rules and homebrew.
A community focused Tabletop RPG server! DnD! Genesys! Star Wars! And much more general geekery! All are welcome! Join today!
Name: The Astralguard
The Astralguard is a D&D 5e community based around progressive one-shot quests.
Operating out of Silverdeep, a city that got swallowed into the Astral Sea, DMs and Players alike enjoy the freedom to experience any custom setting due to the access of planar travel; opening the curtain to a near infinite number of different worlds.
Friendly TRPG server, featuring Dungeons and Dragons 5e, pathfinder and more tabletop games. We have contests and more.
Join Dnd World!

-Access our server account and get ALL D&D Beyond materials for free!

-Organized staff!

-Homebrew friendly! Play all official and UA material, choose from our approved homebrew, or submit your own!

-Play on the go at workplaces and schools with text games!

-Friendly community that teaches newbies!

-RP in a safe space with our PG-13 environment!

Dnd World is a West Marches style homebrew fantasy campaign on Discord. We are a pretty active server with multiple quests per week that is always growing via our hardworking staff and players' suggestions. We use theatre of the mind, not Roll20 or maps, and it is a text based game. We are very patient and can help out in any queries you may have!

How is our playstyle like? Well, we've got the usual rp channels. Except the temple got raided by gods. And the town lake has a friendly leviathan. And the tavern burnt down. Several times. And you can find everything from a regular black market to a rapping tome of knowledge in downtime. We have quests! Of course your usual hero stuff, like fighting giant fluffy plush cats, krakens at a waterpark, a crab rave, a teleporting blender, yes, utterly normal! In other words, the wackiest shenanigans you won't find in a regular game.

We have a persistent world that changes based on how our players interact with it, and a pantheon that is very involved with the characters. Our quests often involve problem solving and think out of the box mechanics that don't rely on just hack and slash. You won't learn the lore right away, but rather discover its deep mysteries as you explore!

You will be suitable for this server if you have:



-Willingness to read carefully and slowly

You will not be suitable for this server if you:

-Skim through text

-Only VC

-Are not open to joining communities

-Are an ERP enthusiast

WARNING odds are you’ll lose a pc or two. Or three. Maybe you can set the record and have ten PCs die!
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
Hail and well met!

Welcome to Wild Grove, a text based Dungeons and Dragons server! We play fifth edition, both new and experienced players welcome. The setting is the brand-new settlement of Wild Grove, newly founded in an untamed wilderness. Your decisions will shape how the town grows: you can build whatever you want, craft new items, and influence the politics as well.

Of course, what good would a D&D server be without some good old fashioned adventuring? Well, worry not, we have plenty of that as well! Games will run at DM discretion - we're currently looking for more DMs. New or experienced welcome!

So what's to lose? Hop on in, we'd love to meet you!
Server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), WH 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff.*NEW*Giveaway of Nitro every month! *NEW* NSFW active subgroup
this is a dungeons and dragons community roleplay server, we strive to bring dnd to discord and have sessions here, we welcome both veterans and newbies who are interested in beginning, we'd love to welcome anyone who is interested in dnd, so be welcomed and dont be shy, anyone interested is welcome
We are a westmarches game server that uses Matt Mercer's Tal'Dorei Campaign.

You can chose your times to play so there is no pressure like weekly or monthly campaigns. If you have time, a game can be made.
Good for fans of Geek'n'Sundry's Critical Role, if you like the world and wanna help us make something new out of it come help us build the story together.

This also includes his sub-classes that you can pick like Cobalt Soul Monk, Blood Domain Cleric, Gunslinger Fighter, and more.
We have around 100 members and about a dozen DMs who make sessions in all timezones. Doesn't matter what your time is, we try and accommodate for all of our players. Even if you can only find free time once a month it can still count and be an amazing game.

Wanna be a DM? If you want to try out as a DM on our server its pretty easy. All you have to do is become a Trial DM and run a few games under supervision of a full Dungeon Master. Aside from that you have all the freedom of when to run your games. We always have active players so if you feel like running something out of the blue, be sure that there is at least 5 people waiting in line for new games. If you are new and just wanna try out DMing we can help you out.

Game Notes: We have a simple server style game.
You start at Level 1 (you gain more character slots as you level up , up to 3 characters (4 if one of them goes to the Hall of Fame which is lvl 20s)
We don't allow UA , Eberron and Ravnica but we encourage the play of Mercer's subclasses and classed like the Blood Hunter
Character experience is earned by hours and not by encounters. No matter what kind of game style you play, be it full combat or RP you always get a fair amount of XP. You level up pretty fast too. (from lvl 1 to lvl 2 you only need 4hs of game time , which is one session)
Knife's Edge is a play-by-post Dungeons and Dragons 5e role-play, where you write as your own created character in a small but mysterious cliffside town. Will you seek adventure beyond the low walls, or do you plan to set up shop or aid the town's populace? Will you discover the Thieves' Guild hideout, or will you sign up for the Town Guard?

Knife's Edge offers:
A chance to test out characters for IRL D&D 5e games
A role-play-centric community, focused on character development and story rather than character builds and power-gaming
A series of town roles to fill, giving you different in-game abilities and storylines for your characters
DMs who create fantastic encounters, adventures and campaigns for your characters
An ever-growing, friendly community who spend their time OOC enjoying voice channels, music, watching movies, and playing games

We hope you enjoy your stay! 🧙
Welcome to The Lost Tavern! Located in the Shadow Land or as its most widely known in the D&D world, The Shadowfell. We have things for all to participate in! Weekly one shots held by our Pro DM, roleplaying characters in the tavern, a DM corner to talk and flesh out game ideas. We also hold sessions for new players to get them more familiar to the game and teach them the fundamentals! We are a growing community filled with fun and a lot of perks! So come join us and have fun!

If you are interested or if you have any comments or questions, located below is the server address. We all look forward to having you join our growing community.

Discord link
This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition one-shot server.
This city is a hot spot for adventurers. Other cities and places send quest notices here to hire brave people to help them out. Jobs as simple as bodyguarding someone and as difficult as saving entire worlds from destruction! We hope you enjoy your stay and find whatever you seek.

Disclaimer: This server may contain adult themes at times. By joining, you are acknowledging that you may run into said themes and are mature enough to handle them.
Welcome to The Dice Tower! Have you ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons but can never find anyone to play with you? This server was created by BazzleBerry for new players and old alike for tabletop and D&D purposes. Have fun in the server and do as you wish! *DM's are always wanted!*

See you at the tower!
===The D&D Legion===
Hail, Friend! Welcome to my humble tavern. Come in, find a seat. We are just getting started. Now here, you'll find people from all walks of life, and all places in the world. We have a bit of things for everyone, and are still growing!

Do you like D&D games traditionally, and that's your ownly niche? We try to have a tradtional game everyday, and host more randomly, with DM's in multiple timezones.

Are you into traditional roleplay? We are starting a roleplay game section, with games such as Dread and otherwise.

There are some bots for downtime activities and fun!

Join and find your calling, adventurer! The Legion awaits!
A small but promising Dnd and online tabletop server that’s accepting new members and has a fun, welcoming atmosphere!
Plane Shift is an inclusive Dungeons & Dragons / Magic: the Gathering crossover community.
We provide discussion channels, resources and a platform to connect with people for your D&D games set in the Magic multiverse.
Adventurer’s Saga is set in a fantasy world named Ayithas, which is loosely influenced by Dungeons & Dragons, Berserk, and Goblin Slayer with a growing world of our own making.

Become an adventurer for the newly established guild in the city of Blackbrook. Embark on quests to increase your rank within the guild and take on much more dangerous challenges. Form parties with others to fill your team dynamic, explore the wilderness and perhaps find an old druid man in a cave smoking "magic Beans.” Defend the city from an ever growing dark presence that holds the potential to encompass the world. Much is possible in the world of Adventurer’s Saga. With an always developing lore, be ready for your actions to have an impact on the world around you.

We have moderators (almost) always ready to lend a hand.
A few notable people that bring the good vibes and a fun time.
Active quests that are planned and ready to be taken and told by the GM running it. Some even holding larger steaks in the over all story of the world.
Quests that can be taken and told by the players and ran by the participants to tell their own stories.
And a dice bot that is abit of a dick but also really nice.
Game On is an official Discord Partnered LGBT focused gaming community. We specialize in the top games, from League of Legends to Fortnite. We have been known to throw together some mean DnD sessions. With over 4K members, what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!
Welcome to the Dragons Den!

We host several DnD sessions and other tabletop games! We have advice and lessons for newer players and options for all the veterans of the game.

-Unbelievaboat Economy System!
-Active Mods!
-Fun events!
We are a friendly server of nerds who like to play and help others play DND! Even if you have never played DND and wish to learn, we will help!