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We are a friendly server of nerds who like to play and help others play DND! Even if you have never played DND and wish to learn, we will help!
An +18 nexus hub westmarches, which allows for DMs to flexibly host games under one universe. This means that the community will progress through trials and ordeals together. We use Roll20 to host games.

The Silver Wings have just opened a branch in "Lus Soleil" in the continent of "Edea" and are currently recruiting would-be adventurers. Their goal is to keep the peace and protect civilians of the world. Take part in the grand story; make friends, legends and memories.

The Silver Wings encourages roleplay and welcomes newcomers to D&D and Roleplay! Come join us and build your story among friends and family in this unique and beautiful community!
You like Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, The Witcher and medieval history in general? Come join us!

This is a discord based west marches (dynamic, evolving open world/sandbox with player driven missions) played on the real world map.

Areas are inspired by real world history, magic items are rather hard to get and expensive. Going for a Witcher/GOT like feeling mixed with more fantasy elements from D&D. We also have Crusader Kings II/Europa Universalis IV inspired elements like establishing settlements/kingdoms/empires on the map, spreading religions, conquering territory and potential PvP if war breaks out between two player nations, players agree to duel or get hunted via the bounty board.
The Black Ring is an open format server with Game rooms for you to play which ever RPG game you wish, and great community channels to hang out.

No Bs just games
Hello there! This is "The Sleepy Otter" discord server. I am its owner Quiet, and I am typing this while very tired! We need DM's, players, roleplayers, and people willing to be patient with me! I am new to world building, not so new to DnD but we really need DM's. Anyways cmon in and have some fun! We do more then DnD like SCP and gaming. We even have Avrae and Rhythm! All are welcome just dont be cringy.
-Access all D&D Beyond material via our content sharing links!
-Homebrew friendly!
-Play from the comfort of your phone with text only games!
-Friendly community that teaches newbies!
-RP in a safe space with our family friendly environment!
-Cool emojis for you to express your emotions!
-Earn xp and money without joining a bounty!

Dnd World is a massive homebrew fantasy living world server. We use theatre of the mind and simple maps (though not VTTs), and always play text-based games. It’s supplemented by DMs who run encounters, bounties/oneshots, and sometimes, full-on questlines! Our quests often involve problem solving and think out of the box mechanics that don't rely on just hack-and-slash tactics.
Welcome to Heart, a D&D westmarch server, with a friendly community, set on a planet much like ours. Here, magic and swords meets a modern setting, connected by the many dangerous and lucrative portals opening up on Heart, linking it with other planes.

Heart is still developing, and as such will undergo many changes. We welcome new, flexible staff members who can help sort out new mechanics, and help DM the many facets of contemporary living. We of course welcome new players who are looking forward to a new setting in which to explore 5e.
We are a Discord server of around 400 members that is set in the Forgotten Realms. Bring your character to life as they explore Faerun, take on quests and meet new and interesting companions! Our community is super friendly and they welcome anyone who'd like to play D&D with us, regardless of experience. The server has many perks and assets to help you learn and play D&D. We are currently working on getting more DMs to help assist us. In this server we utilize everything DNDBeyond has to offer in all our character creations!

Game: D&D 5e

Group type: Online

Experience: All are welcome

Location/Timezone: Server owner is CST but we have DMs from from all major timezones.

Schedule: Sessions are either scheduled by DMs or Players make a date and DM picks it up.

Roles sought: DM / Player

Game style: One-shots, campaigns, and a server world for all.

RP Channels We have Text and voice channels for you to just hang out and RP your characters to your hearts desire while not on a quest

Link to server here
Game On is an official Discord Partnered LGBT focused gaming community. We specialize in the top games, from League of Legends to Fortnite. With over 2.5K members, what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!
hello we're a pretty awesome community we have alot of dnd campaigns and we also have an anigame clan
Looking for a D&D/Tabletop RPG server? Well, join our server!

-Active and friendly staff.
-Positive and nice community.
-Auto-role system.
-DM chat.
-Homebrew chat.
-10 games or more running AND a West March!
-Good for new people to D&D.
-Text and VC games.
-Taking suggestions.
- And more to come!

This is a server where we look for games and play the games on our server.

We are looking for both players and DMs! We are here to have a fun time and that is all!
Ever wanted to let your unadulterated passion for story telling, sex, and D&D run wild? then Crystal Cove is the D&D server for you. This is a collaboratively built shared world D&D server where you can create a lvl 3 character and jump into the port town of Crystal Cove. While we allow ERP, the focus of our server is on immersive and fun gameplay. We have a PvP arena and a bustling town to roleplay in. You can level up via quests, go on bounty hunts in and around town, write engaging roleplay, and participate in server events such as tournaments. If this is something you are interested in, come check us out.
Nos emociona que te unas a nuestra comunidad, r/Monterrey es una comunidad con más de 10,000 miembros que abordan temas de relevancia de la localidad que van desde easter eggs de la ciudad, política, estilo de vida, cultura, negocios y más!!
We are a newly founded Dungeons and Dragons Discord server that seeks to bring about a community. We use Avrae for dice rolling and plan on hosting a multitude of once weekly campaigns! Come aboard, New Players to DND and 5e are welcome!

Homebrew is smiled upon!
Come Join Paragon! a DnD play-by-post West marches server with a huge world!

You have sought out, stumbled upon, or been chosen by "Paragon" (an incredibly secret organization) to help with their efforts on a variety of quests and problems throughout the world. You may not know what the guild saw in you or why they recruited you, but one thing you do know is that there's plenty of gold in it for you if you can survive the hard challenges ahead.
So whatever your reason is to face perilous circumstances and difficult trials... Good luck.

This server is a place to explore the fantastic world of Vortexia
Vortexia Is a world based on the West Marches style of D&D where multiple games are played in the same world by multiple different groups.
Have you ever been fed up with roleplay, but did not have enough people to do Dungeon and Dragons? Do you love fantasy but find massive character sheets to boring? Do you like literate people who can type out paragraphs of text if need be? Well then D&D Land of Prospose is your place! We are a text based DM'less D&D server. Let me explain, A Game Master only comes into play if you take a quest or they feel like you did something deserving of an encounter of sorts. For more info and to read up on our lore and systems please join in!
We have
-Friendly Staff
-Well thought out story and player driven economy
-Text based rp
-and a buffer zone to avoid raiders from attacking (the server)
Welcome to the Appalachian Wilds!
Taking place in 2122, This roleplay server takes place in the wondrous apocalypse of the fallout universe, expanding not only upon the state of West Virginia but across several states that border the Appalachian Mountains, including Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and more! We are building our own custom lore past the events of 76 and before several other fallouts.
We've also got a cool set of features in our server!
-Factions, both familiar fallout ones, and custom ones
-A fully automated store with purchasable items
-A fair and balanced rp dice bot
-Character sheets and aspects from the DnD 5e
-A friendly and helpful staff
-A good time ready to be had
So come on down, wastelander, and get your adventure cravings satisfied!
Hey all! We're a new Dungeons & Dragons discord server, just getting started. Ye Olde Tavern is a chill hangout, running games and having fun full of friends. Help us build up, and provide feedback!
A sandbox DNDMMORPG using some custom DND 5e systems with an open world to explore with all other players. Featuring guilds, jobs, quests, adventures, a main story, and daily actions to gain XP and resources.

We are an adult, friendly, accepting, hate-free,
non-cliquey, drama-free

We observe a no slime policy.
🧿 🧿 🧿 30+ ONLY 🧿 🧿 🧿

🔥 We offer:
Memes & Media
Discord 101 class
Live tutorials
Varied interest topics
Opt-in NSFW Member Content
Movie nights
DND server sessions
Oddities corner
Uwu/yeet/mood free

Are you tired of keeping up with the cool kids or fighting to be heard, and just want to talk to someone nice?

✨ Avoid the toxicity! ✨
✨ Hideout with us! ✨
An easy to use Dungeons and Dragons discord server where you may freely learn, play, and enjoy D&D with your own friends or members of the growing community. You may also play other tabletop games if you wish while using the tools provided by the wonderful always-active admins in the server!
The Gatekeepers are looking for new recruits to join our ranks!

• 5e D&D
• Play by post via Discord
• West Marches style
• Active daily!
• US based server

The world of The Gatekeepers is heavily influenced by the actions of the players within. The outcomes of the jobs you take will have an impact, positive or negative on the world you all share.

We have a bounty board with new missions being posted soon, this is a wonderful opportunity to join and get your feet wet. Don't feel like leaping in just yet? You're welcome to stay in town and mingle with other players at the local taverns or even test your might in the arena fighting monsters without the risk of death looming overhead.

A Server for Dnd, hobbies, anime, and everything in between! Come stay a while, and join the Regime!
Heart-Crises is a magnificent discord server where many come to play Dungeons and Dragons! There is no criteria for joining this place, except that everyone has to be respectful of each other. You don't need experience if you want to join because we have many that are willing to help teach, of course, the experienced members are also welcome to join and are encouraged to DM for others. We have a pretty active community so feel free to join in our conversations!

Side note: This is not an open world server!!!