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Beasties & Basements is a small, friendly, and fun filled place for those who are curious about or already enjoy, anything and everything D&D. We have an active weekly gaming schedule that has multiple games for everyone from novice adventurers to seasoned vets who are looking for active campaigns or epic one shots. So come one, come all!
' A world created by seven gods, seven kingdoms brought up from the earth to harbour life and worship these gods. Ironheart is based in the kingdom of Juskerio, where they pride in an army so large that it makes the ground tremble and quake with their march into battle. And now, it is corrupt with those stepping up into positions with selfish intentions.
But, that isn't the worst of it, the god that had destroyed the land so long ago is waking from his slumber, seven new heroes are needed to continue making the earth safe even after the many wars. '

⋄ DND inspired roleplay, magic and lored items!
⋄ Literate roleplay.
⋄ Stat sheets and a roll bot for combat fairness in roleplay!
⋄ Bots for out of character entertainment.
⋄ Thrilling lore for roleplayers to base their own storyline and character around!
⋄ Friendly community and staff.
⋄ Planned events and quests for characters to interact with and gain rewards from!
⋄ ERP prohibited

Come make your own character out of our many races and opportunities, create your own stories with others and come say hello!
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
Hey everyone! Diggity Dungeons And All That is a safe space to play and talk about dnd in any form! We are also homebrew friendly! Come looks for games and have fun! We also host weekly one shots on Saturdays and Sundays! Hope to see you there!
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff
☆ Aether Institute is a fantasy/medieval academy where you are invited to hone your magical or non-magical prowess.
From raising Familiars, to becoming a hybrid class, here are some things we have to offer you...
↣ Dungeons and Dragons (dnd) style combat system with dice rolls, abilities, random events, stats etc. Mostly optional to use outside of main quests.
↣ Easy to understand class system, giving you various abilities as you level up, you can even become a hybrid class when you reach a certain level.
↣ A plethora of quests, random encounters, dungeons and secrets to uncover!
↣ Hella active and overly passionate staff team.
↣ Anti-raid.
↣ NSFW channels and rp if you lewdies so desire. Though we are NOT and erp server.
↣ Easy to understand guide to signing up, super simple for newbies to rp, as well as being flexible for those with rp experience! All welcome!

☆ What can you offer us?
↣ Unique characters that are welcomed into quests, you can even make your own scenarios etc.
↣ Suggestions, advice, help for people having a rough time in our Snuggy Zone, activity <3
In this dungeon, you will find everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.
The purpose of this dungeon is to help new adventurers join the hunt, and to inspire veterans to try out some new tactics.
Terradeum Infinity is MGE (Monster Girls Encyclopedia) based role playing server set in the olden medieval times of the late 15th century.

The idea of the server is focused on some freedom, and allows it's users to stray from the monstergirls found in the wiki, and turn it into something more fun and exciting! Like being a vampire who doesn't burn in the sun, or a zombie who is quite good at digging.

It should be noted that the server is NSFW, and does contain some rewritten rules from DND, such as combat and interactions. For more information, you'll have to join and find out- sorry! ❤️

( Do expect some sort of gate though. This is to prevent raiders and botters and so on, so if you join and are spooked by it sorry )
Want to play in a tabletop RPG campaign everyday? Well, welcome to Nameless Saga! The community-driven RPG, where choice reigns supreme. Nameless Saga is the perfect mix of MTG, D&D, and final fantasy, creating a fun, and ever-changing environment to let your imagination run wild in daily campaigns! Did I mention that there are free Steam games?
We are a server dedicated to the genre of fantasy! Come chat with people who share your interest in literature, movies, television, and more. Franchise specific channels such as Harry Potter, LOTR, Buffy, DnD, and more!
I'm part of a server on Discord called Vasterion. We host connected one-shots for DnD 5e, with a setting that is being built by our community.

This server is run a bit differently than your traditional DnD setting, as it is technically series of one off games as opposed to a singular campaign. You create a character following a point buy system and using the approved content, and that character is now an adventurer in the world of Vasterion. You can sign up for quests, RP in the tavern, or help with the creation of the world around you. You don't have to create a new character for each one shot, the one shots are just unique adventures that your character has. You are welcome no matter your experience with DnD or tabletop RPGs in general, and everything is free!

Link to the server: (Perma link added)

I wanna keep this short and sweet, but if you have any questions, myself and the other admins should be around to answer. Hope you guys have fun :)
Venture forth to a prosperius seaside town in the majestic land of Nordania! Explore every nook and cranny, join quests and battle monsters bravely!

We recently had a renovation, but now we're up and running thanks to the Dungeon Masters working 24/7! We're back to square one, and would like for you to witness the growth of an empire.
Welcome to Warrior Alliance! A multidimensional Rp server Here you'll be traveling through dimensions living your own created storylines! Battling things of all walks of life as well as having amazing misadventures, from Fantasy to Space and even Anime!, Nothing is impossible, Nothing is off-limits This roleplay is constantly developing and we are open to new ideas! Join us!
Join the ranks as a Lemure and work your way up through raids, arena fights, or completing deals. Strike fear or offer gold to gain a contract. Wreak havoc. It’s Hell, have some fun.
In this land, there are magical creatures beyond your wildest dreams. And it’s all currently ruled by the 4 great demon lords. But In the past there was a Great War between demons and dragons fighting for who was truly worthy of the power. The demons would have won if not for the traitors who cost them the war securing the dragons rule. Then over one thousand years later the kingdoms were in ruins forcing everyone to fend for themselves and begging the demons for help, the demons reluctantly agreed and they fought the dragons once again and this time they prevailed putting the demons back in power. After that point, the kingdoms have been restored and are at peace... but who knows how long that could last.
New D&D guild looking for adventurers! Play by post, so no VC necessary! 50+ Members!
This is a calling to all adventurers around the region.

Does your thirst for adventure needs to be sated?
Would you like to meet new people, and engage in RP based in the iconic dungeon and dragons world.
We mainly focus on 5E, for races, classes and powers.

Even if you have not played, nor heard about said game, even if you have not text RP before. We welcome everyone to our world of magic and wonder. Where you can be who you want. From a humble villager, a renown hero of the lands, a villainous plotter bent in his own demise.

The possibilities are endless, it is just up to you to shape the world around you.

We offer a mostly formed world, with plenty of flexibility to accommodate your narration/adventures. A highly organized server, currently in its young days.
We are looking for adventurers, NPCs, whatever you want to be.

Please give us a visit at:
Server still undergoing minor alterations.
ERP can happen, but is not the main focus.
Best regards~
This server is a living world campaign, like a MMORPG. Several DMs and many players.

In the world of Nexus, five nations stand at odds. Recently, the fifth kingdom has fallen and a war has begun. Join as a player or game master, we are accepting both.
Ansmond is a prosperous town in the Kingdom of Arcadia. Sitting on lush green lands and towering over a nearby crystal clear lake, it became well-known as the home of the kingdom's adventurers. So the question is, what is your edge that other adventurers lack?

This is a Dungeons and Dragons role play server. As of the moment, I am looking for a reliable staff that will act as moderators and DMs. If you think that you have a solid grasp of the rules and that you're up to the challenge, send me a PM.
Hello Welcome to Entropy! An active voice chat focused server. We have multiple interests and topics in this small community such as.
A Small RPG/D&D Community.
And a place to rant and rave with an emotionally supportive community.
To keep it simple we just try to have an open and friendly community so that no one has to sit on their computer alone.
So grab your microphone, headset and anything else you may need and Join in!
!Quick Warning! You will get sucked into the utter chaos of this group.
If your looking for a good dungeons and dragons group to play with your in a good place, we got some hardworking DMs working on adventures for you to go on, so come hang out and enjoy, I know I am!
We are playing fallout PNP 2.0
We are hoping to get multiple GMs for multiple groups to make for a breathing world.
Its not that hard to figure out if you have played other tabletops.
The tavern is a great place anything D&D, with a active moderator staff and over 2500+ members, we got everything to help Veteran and New DMs and Players alike!
In the year 2025 the United States economy collapsed. Not long after the founder of APEX Joe Tae-se got permission from the now Capitalist Country North Korea to shut down the US Military by using a back door on the technology that they used. The let the KPA [Korean's People Army] walk right in. For the first two years the KPA focused on Humanitarian work to help rebuild the US of A because of their debt to North Korea. But after that they moved more onto the side of Oppression and brutality before the US citizens. Thus sparking the resistance. Will you join the fight?