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Welcome to the space station, cadet!

We have alot of cool things that can pass the time during quarantine.

We just recently started and hope to get this server off the ground. So if you join I hope you enjoy your time with us.
-Jacob The Owner
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
Do YOU need players for a session. Do YOU want to join a session. or do YOU want to just relax and gush about one of the best table top role playing games. If you said yes to any of these then feel free to come and check this server out.
A small guild has set out to make a name for it and you're the newest recruit!
The Forged Concordance is a new westmarch (multiple games run by several DMs in the same world) campaigns looking for players and staff members. Any experience accepted and we usually have 7+ games a week.
Do you love playing dungeons and dragons? Wanna make some awesome new friends? How about building characters in a fun, open world? If that's the case, we have the discord server for you!

We feature homebrew content, vetted by our balance team. A world built by a group of dedicated lore team members that continues to grow and expand as well as react to players and their actions.

We have pickup games, scheduled sessions, and play by post games (longer missions for those who do not have time for live games).

We are centered around a main city, Remnant, with a massive, open world beyond just waiting to be explored. We have over 50 active players, and are always looking for more to help our community grow. Join us today!

We are especially interested in people looking to help on the staff and GM side of the server. If you join, spend some time here and want to help out please let us know!
We are a friendly server of nerds who like to play and help others play DND! Even if you have never played DND and wish to learn, we will help!
If you enjoy D&D 5e, you should enjoy this one. We're a pretty laid-back server, using live text-based sessions in a West Marches campaign structure. If you don't know what that means, you're fine, you don't need any more knowledge to play West Marches than you need to play a regular 5e campaign. We're constantly updating and refining our houserules and try to maintain a friendly and accepting environment.
You do not need to spend any money on D&DBeyond or Roll20 to join; we do all our rolling and our game-related communications on the server.
We are entirely willing to help new players get started and help those who are just learning to figure their way around the bots and tabletop games in general.
If you want to join the fun, or just want to chill out with people who also enjoy TTRPGs, then come on in!
Welcome to the Tavern, a D&D Discord server meant for players, DMs, and tabletop fans in general to come together and share a mug of ale. We are roleplay-friendly, and you can advertise game sessions and look for and play games online right here in the server.

The Tavern was started as a place for DMs to share their knowledge, but that would soon change! We had an explosive start with over 400 members joining in a day, with so many members joining we realized an expansion of what we offer at The DM Tavern was needed, we changed the name from The DM Tavern to just The Tavern; opening up the doors to DMs and PCs alike as well as other tabletops such as pathfinder. With over 5k+ members there is never a dull moment at The Tavern.
Welcome to Arcadia!

We are a newly formed D&D hobby server. Currently we are looking for willing DMs and Player alike! You can come here to meet and chat with others who enjoy the game and discuss lore, characters, systems, homebrew, anything related to D&D!

Now while our main focus may be Dungeons & Dragons, any Tabletop is allowed here! If you play Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder, anything you want to run can be ran here!

We are also a community after all, so any other interests you may have outside of the Tabletop world such as gaming, anime, art, music, also have their place in our server.
We offer:

- Leveled roles
- D&D related bots
- Channels for hosting online sessions for DMs and Players, whether it be text or voice based
- A friendly, active, and helpful staff here to help!

We want to make this a fun and welcoming environment for new players and veterans alike. While the server does host games, it is not a primary focus. If a game gets made, great! But mainly we would just like a place for people to come to and have a chat about our hobby.

We hope to see you in the pantheon!
Bloodmoon’s Fall is a creative world where fantasy creatures of all walks of life can adventure and thrive. The various factions of Bloodmoon work together, or not at all, to help the town grow. We host an assortment of adventures, hunts, and quests, using the D&D 5e rules and Avrae as our guide.

This is a safe place for players to create original characters and explore a world of original design through role playing. Bloodmoon's Fall as of now consists of a large hub town and it's surrounding areas but we are constantly looking to expand with the help of dedicated DMs and players alike. We have a Homebrewing section to suggest creative custom ideas to help make the world better. Our goal is to be a fun and engaging group of people where you are allowed all the elements of character development, from level 5 to 20. We expect all of our members to treat each other with respect and obey the Discord's TOS.

Bloodmoon is rated as an ERP Server because of the Mature Themes that can come up when players explore their fantasies. You must be 18 years or older to enter, if you are found to be underage, or behave as such, you will be banned, and your body tossed into the volcano. Note: that while this is an ERP server with strong adult themes, we do not condone any such actions. In real life, always use safe and consensual sex.
A server where players and DM's are welcome alike! Stay a while, be social with us, and if you want to play DnD, we have everything set up for that as well! so come on in, new and experienced players welcome!
Game On is an official Discord Partnered LGBT focused gaming community. We specialize in the top games, from League of Legends to Fortnite. With over 2.5K members, what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!
[We're new and looking for more Gamemasters and Players!]

Tavern Tales is a 5th Edition D&D server based around multiple one-shots in different worlds with character continuity. In other words, you can send characters on many quests, all gamemastered by different members of the staff team. We primarily play over discord, using bots to do rolling and voice chat to talk and describe actions - it's intuitive and easy to learn.

So, whether you're a D&D pro, a veteran looking for a place to chill, or new to D&D or roleplay in general, we'll welcome you with open arms! We have a relaxed stance where it comes to homebrew, so providing it looks balanced and doesn't cause too many problems, you should be fine. Character approval is fast, so there's no waiting around. And you can choose to either roll or use point buy for your stats.

If that all sounds like fun, hop on in!
We are a primarily 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons server that welcome almost all non-degenerates. We have a large variety of campaigns to play, most of which are homebrewed by our wonderful DMs. As it stands we are looking for DMs.
Sigil, the City of Doors is a Living World discord server set in Sigil, the hub of the multiverse!
Here you can go where ever you desire. We are mainly a play by chat server; meaning quest sessions are held over the space of a couple of hours.

With us, you will find:
- A bustling hub of Text RP channels.
- A place to buy and sell items,
- A place in which you can craft more exotic items and reskin others.
- A hunting ground, to practice and test your skills against beasts.
- An Arena to compete with other characters.

We like to think we are a living world server, a growing economy with coin transactions, We even have a home market coming soon.
That being said, feel free to join the server if this sounds like something interesting! we look forward to meeting you!
We're a small server made for people trying to avoid Drama/Issues in other DnD servers, and we're hoping to grow. Everyone is welcome here, including new players!
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Everything follows the simple way of life, you are no different. Join the adventure as you try to live out your best life, battling foes, making friends, experiencing new things.

We offer an open world styled of DND

This is a DnD server with a lot of potential. We may be small now but that wont stop us from having a good time! There are two places on here, West March and a new prototype setting we are currently calling The Subway.
The return of Dumbassery & Dragons! Looking for players and maybe Dungeon Masters. We use mainly 5e and usually allow homebrew! Sooooo, leave bad attitudes by the door and pick up your swords!
(Mainly use text campaigns but voice sometimes too? Though rare.)
A up-and-coming community roleplay server which uses 5e mechanics. Plenty of current homebrew, plus requests!

Trident Bay, the hub of international commerce and the center of adventurers across the world. Trouble is brewing in the North, an army of ifrit and fire elementals are marching upon the world? Can they be stopped?
-Access all D&D Beyond material via our content sharing links!
-Homebrew friendly!
-Play from the comfort of your phone with text only games!
-Friendly community that teaches newbies!
-RP in a safe space with our family friendly environment!
-Cool emojis for you to express your emotions!
-Earn xp and money without joining a bounty!

Dnd World is a massive homebrew fantasy living world server. We use theatre of the mind and simple maps (though not VTTs), and always play text-based games. It’s supplemented by DMs who run encounters, bounties/oneshots, and sometimes, full-on questlines! Our quests often involve problem solving and think out of the box mechanics that don't rely on just hack-and-slash tactics.
Hello! Do you like dnd? Do you like hang out spots? Do you like video games and anime and just nerd stuff in general? Well why dont you join us then! Dungeons and Doggos is the perfect place for anyone to join! Don't like dnd? Well we would still love to have you! We want anyone and everyone to come join and hang out with us!
What we offer~
* Active staff members and owners
*Constructive Dungeons and dragon game play
*Pokecord and mudae
*Gaming Channels
*We support streamers and artist alike!
We are also always the changing the server the best fits our needs so we may not be limited to the above! With that being said I hope we can see you soon! Bye-Bye!~
A D&D server where you can join and host a game with no difficulty, enjoy the fun community and take part in exciting events!
Welcome to the lands of Tiobrexar, a beautiful land full of magical creatures...but with peace soon came doom, humans have arrived three years ago and have taken over the lands...or atleast some of it, they live in indigo city and have an alliance with all human-like things such as dwarfs, elves, etc. And the whitearrow, aka orcs are trying to reclaim their lands. They are allied with the dragonborns, teiflings, merman/mermaids, etc.

We have
▪︎friendly staff
▪︎dice system
▪︎50+ roleplay rooms
▪︎and much, much more

This server is also a semi w.i.p as i wish to add more islands and more kingdoms, but we got 1 for now.

warning, this server is not dnd but share the same elements, such as races, dice, and a few others
Hi we’re an open world dnd server that’s just starting off. You can come and play with us in the City of Helgar and explore the world we’ve made. We hope you enjoy you’re stay!