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💠 Realms of Oryn 💠
A brand new fantasy roleplay server! Open to partnerships!
[Fantasy RP], [Semi-Literate to Literate], [Friendly]

‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—› ‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—› ‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—› ‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—›

Once upon a time there were many great kingdoms that lay scattered across the lands. Nations that were once one but split to form their own groups alongside the mythical races. From humble beginnings they all rose, expanded, feuded then made peace. For war brought darkness as warned by the goddess of the realms.

However our story takes place in a city named Iduna which lies within the human kingdom of Oryn. It is a place predominantly populated by humans though some of the mythical races call it home as well. Whom shall you be? What role will you have? What path you'll walk in Iduna?

‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—› ‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—› ‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—› ‹—•°º¤°°¤º°•—›

🌾What We Currently & In the Future will Offer!🌾
⋗ Several different roles ranging from the average joe citizen to advisors.
⋗ World lore, racial lore, history/timeline & more!
⋗ Ability to have your own channel for your house and a channel if you decide you want to own a shop.
⋗ The ability to open your own shop and hire employees. You will need approval from the staff first before doing so.
⋗ Several races besides humans to choose from.
⋗ Planned future expansions.
⋗ Several bots including a dice bot for when combat happens and other instances that need rolls.
⋗ Friendly Staff and members!
Welcome to Alterra, a literate fantasy RP with 500+ users!

It’s been ten thousand years since the goddess of creation used her powers to seal away the goddess of destruction. The world was thrust into turmoil and a thousand year war began between the nations. Choose from 10 nations to pledge your allegiance to, create a character with 9 races to choose from, and throw yourself into a job system with over 20 classes to choose from! Join our welcoming community today!
The Hellenic myths and monsters roam the world, the borders of Greece span throughout the lands, and magic and divine power rules the known world. Welcome to Ancient Greece, or at least, Dracore's version of it.

One-liners, multi-para, and everything in-between welcome.
The Island

〚A new Fantasy Roleplaying Server where your imagination is the limit! ✨〛

✧ 20+ channels for Roleplaying :heart:
✧ Various types and powers to choose from 🔮
✧ Active plot and events to come 😄
✧ Friendly and active staff 🔥
✧ Multiple VC and OOC channels :speech_left:

Well, what's holding you back? Join our community!
We've often wondered what the supernatural really is- haven't we? Whether it be dragons and elves or some strange alien race from the heavens, we fantasize on meeting them.

Recently, in the land that would eventually be known as Greece, there have been sightings of strange creatures and beasts. Woman-like animals with great jaws or gale-creating jaws, tall, dark monsters laying waste to villages with a fury that they spread with fire. God-like men and women who appear all-powerful, with mighty strength and everlasting immortality.

And there has been one sighting of where somebody stumbled upon a mirror and then somehow summoned a wish-granting genie- however, out of all new mythical beasts and creatures is this the only one known to man. The mirror somehow became cracked- and the genie was trapped in the mirror once more.

Mankind is still adapting to these new creatures and magical instances- they may fight with these beasts or form alliances with them, or something other.
Udrium is a midieval fantasy RP

Welcome to the Kingdom of Udrium! where all sorts of races can be found inside from human to Anthropomorphic. there have been orcs, halflings, dwarves, elves, genasi and much much more.

but absolutely no magic what so ever can be allowed inside. if found weilding magic you will be hung.

the kingdom is currently in a war with this so called.... rebellion. vile creatures quite frankly if you ask me. attacking the kingdom with their,, magics. the rebellion contains those we attempted to exile but escaped unfortunately. all who dislike the rules in the kingdom end up in the rebellion. thankfully not a lot of our citizens think so. or so I know of. Other wise the kingdom would be in great peril.

Thank you for visiting Udrium I hope you enjoy your stay traveler!
This is a serious school rp where almost any character is allowed. Come and live your life as a student of a school filled with gifted individuals who aim to change the world around them. Partake in a world that you can change with the gifts you have and make the world better or worse according to your taste.

We are also a fun and open community, we allow NSFW content and have friendly members. Come and Join!!
Hey! Do you want to have a great time? Well you came upon the right place! Here at Ata Fantasy we are very welcoming and pretty active actually, despite our membercount the server is a lot of fun to the new, and not new people that join our server
== Welcome to the Other Side ==

**Other Side** is an RP server currently ran by @necromancer#6786. It is an original concept that has some urban fantasy aspects.

In the small town of Franklinville, life is idyllic. The town, hermetically sealed away from the rest of the world by a dense forest, is a microcosm. However, it seems that once in a while, children vanish-- mainly teenagers, but sometimes younger children. Franklinville, being Franklinville, doesn't seem to worry.

In the middle of Franklinville's forest is a small, placid lake. The glacial waters move with the slightest ripple, but otherwise remain undisturbed. This lake serves as the gateway between two worlds-- our world and a world that is far beyond what the citizens of the sleepy town could’ve ever fathomed.

In the world of Other Side, there’s 7 RPable races to choose from at the moment. We are semi-literate, meaning PoVs should be at least 3+ sentences long. We are OC-friendly!

We have:
⇨A myriad of bots and friendly people
⇨An array of RP channels, with more to come
⇨An open-world where you can make your own plot/sub-plot
⇨OOC channels for your hobbies such as art, writing, and photography
⇨Music, provided by Groovy
⇨Memes and cursed images
⇨A venting channel, for when you’re feeling down and/or need support
⇨And much more! Come check it out for yourself.
A revised version of the partnership ad
[ ◇ -.:◇ - ◇ - ◇LunarSpell◇ - ◇ - ◇:.- ◇ ]

It all started 3000 years ago, two dimensions collided. One named Lunis and the other named FaySpell. These dimensions were polar opposites of each other because one contained technology, while the other contained magic. The god Uchu noticed that these dimensions were colliding, and this would spell the end of those two dimensions.

But Uchu was a great god, and he wanted to prevent the destruction of these two worlds. With one trick up his sleeve to prevent the end, to merge these two dimensions together, the diety succeeded in preventing their destruction. A new world was created, one he named FaySpell.

[ ◇ -.:◇ - ◇ - ◇Features◇ - ◇ - ◇:.- ◇ ]

● An in-depth ranking system which provides clear divisions between ranks

○ Balanced races, with pros and cons to each one

● Partnerships with any server

○ Detailed channels to help you get a feel for each one

● Occupational freedom. Be a student, or an ordinary citizen

○ Detailed cities scaling from high tech, to none at all

● Anti-Raid/Verification System

○ Events with rewards such as rank ups

Join Today!
Come join The World of Galmant for a medieval based fantasy rp. There is a large variety of races to choose from, (DM owner for custom race.)
Lucertola-[D&D 5e]
join us in the marvelous world of Schiebe!
set in the late medieval period, this server has a lot to offer. combining a mix of quasi-historical and fantasy elements. we feature a time-period that is jam-packed full of exciting adventures to be had.
Crusaders, vikings, king arthur and powerful empires at play!
This roleplay server consists of 5 kingdoms! Make your way to the top! You can be whomever you want to be, if you rp! ERP is currently allowed!
An rp set in the world of Undertale; AUC's, OC's, and Canon characters welcome! The region of Sunnyvale has been sequestered away from the rest of the world by unknown forces. Can you discover why no one can leave the region? Can you free the people of Sunnyvale? (Ages 17+ welcome, Adult roles available.)
Threatened by a curse placed upon the land nearly 200 years ago, the Queen needs all available hands to come to her aid as the kingdom falls into panic. Perhaps that hero could be you?

Do you like an immersive experience where you can delve into your characters and really become a part of the world? Then come join the fun here at Feldiryn, where there can be something for everybody!
Welcome to Eye of Aganfall. This is a fantasy server with kingdoms, dragons, gods, you name it! Based off of my little to no knowledge of fantasy, you can be anything you want. Just go and have fun in my fantasy server! >_<
In the world of Vayrus, Dragons and Vampires dwell. Dwarves thrive in the mountains as Elves protect their sacred forests.
We are currently a server barely starting out that has
-Twenty different playable races!
-Seventeen magic types!
-Many magical items that can be attained through dungeons!
-Multiple Kingdoms to roleplay in!
We also have a
-A dump channel for all of your meme needs!
-An art channel to share your artistic skills!
-As well as a voice chat to listen to music in!

Now come on, adventurer. Come see what Vayrus holds for you!
"Welcome to Divine Chains! Will your faults put you in shackles or set you free? Will you live to tell your tale? Find out soon."

Divine Chains is a roleplay server set in a fantasy world where demons, angels, and more live together with humans in anything but harmony. These supernatural creatures go to school and live under the rule of humans, who do not treat them well. Illusions and magic cloud the minds of many... will they cloud yours too?


Hello, travelers! Welcome, welcome, to Kuvval. I don't believe you know who I am, but all in due time my friends, all in due time. I, however, know, who you are. Dear traveler, I'm happy to know you've heeded my call. Desperate times, call for desperate measures. I hope you can forgive me for pulling you here. You see, there's much to discuss.

Terrible things are happening in Kuvval, that may change Earth as we know it! Your fellow creatures are in peril. Things are already bad as is. You walk around wearing special jewelry that not only binds your powers but has two mode settings. Each household has a special, "Caretaker". A human, who holds the control to your households bindings. There are two.

One will put you under a heavy sedative, to calm you in times of anger. Here in Kuvval any ill emotion is considered dangerous, and there used to be a lot of overdosed creatures in creature clinics, till they, the creators of such horrid devices put a cooldown on the sedative buttons, by demand of the president, who threatened to have their whole production shut down due to the sheer death count of the sedative abuse and complaints he got by the hour.

The other, however, is a high voltage electric shock. This was not regulated, for creatures were known for their high pain tolerance. It wasn't rare for creatures to have died because of this, but it wasn't often either. The president outright refused to eliminate shock collars, for he felt they were completely ethical and provided security in the safety of human beings.

Dear traveler, you must understand how awful this is. It's wrong to treat us creatures like this, something MUST be done! Humans are horrid creatures whom must be stopped at all costs! We need to fight back. I can't convince them on my own. So I need your help. Please. Join us in this fight for our rights.

~With love, @[email protected]&$%@#
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

We are an upcoming and brand new roleplay based on the lore by Rick Riordan, creator of Percy Jackson. We currently offer:

- Helpful, guiding staff
- 20 Gods/Goddesses (and more to be added)
- Multiple storyline options
- Understandable, non-confusing lore
- Database for lore to help new roleplayers
- Easy character creation
- Friendly, accepting space for all roleplayers

"It started in 2015. The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus were slowly losing their powers. With the fate of the deities lying in Dionysus' hands, it was up to the God of Wine to open Camp Half-Blood and save the demigods and precious magics of Olympus. Using the last of his magic, Dionysus sent out the final message: Come to the camp with broken gates, and find your true power."

[We currently only accept characters under Greek mythology. Other mythologies will not be accepted.]
Server Owner: @Miyako-Senpai#7786
RP Lore:
In a Universe where there are many galaxies and planets... One got forgotten and was left behind, the reasons for that are still unknown... In other galaxies there seems to be legends about The Lost Galaxy, about its people and its mystery's... But you! Yes you reading this message, you have a chance to be born in this Galaxy of magic, tech, and more! What are you waiting for?! Come join us in The Lost Galaxy!
We have:
>Over 40 RP channels!
>A good detailed lore
>Staff applications!
>Memes and non-RP channels to talk with your fellow RP-ers!
>Much more! ^-^
Come join us at The Lost Galaxy!
Welcome to Roleplay hub! This is, of course, a role playing server. Create new RPs, OCs, make new friends, and have fun!
We have many cool RPs some to do throughout the day, and are willing to add new ones. We have human, animal, fantasy, and etc. RPs.
We also have bots and games!
jump on in and join the fun!
This server takes place in both the fey and the mortal realm; interactions between original characters and creating your own narratives within the two worlds. New members are always welcome!
Welcome to Exodus, a land of elemental magic and possibilities! Here, you can be anything you like; an elf, a shadow, a cyromancer, even a mermaid! Who will you be allianced with? The fierce and fearless Tatsumaki? Or the majestic Aquarius Empire? Will you be part of the knowledgeable, chilling School of Magic in Alzora? Or will you live a life of peace and luxury in Jai'Sa? And of course, no one can forget the Dark Lands, mysterious but powerful. . . Or will you have a side at all? The choice is yours!! Join us today and make new friends!