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Welcome to Anvidium, a medieval fantasy roleplay featuring ever-expanding lore, races, and classes. Come join us for a time of adventure living in a new world. Travel the nation, form of join a guild, take on great monsters and becoming a great hero or an infamous villain. Settle down and raise a family. This world is growing, grow alongside it how you wish.
The Island

〚A new Fantasy Roleplaying Server where your imagination is the limit! ✨〛

✧ 20+ channels for Roleplaying :heart:
✧ Various types and powers to choose from 🔮
✧ Active plot and events to come 😄
✧ Friendly and active staff 🔥
✧ Multiple VC and OOC channels :speech_left:

Well, what's holding you back? Join our community!
Altantis is a city under the waves for many to seek and learn from. the city also has a portal that leads to Katoteros few mortals dare to go there. the something stirs in the city no one knows what just the feeling they have. demons walk among the city some say. this place is for those who want to seek a place of mystery. yet what lays in the lowest parts of the city is for those who seek death.

we have:
-active admins
-lots of things to do
-friendly people
-lots of choice in characters you can make
Welcome to Alterra, a literate fantasy RP with 200+ users!

It’s been ten thousand years since the goddess of creation used her powers to seal away the goddess of destruction. The world was thrust into turmoil and a thousand year war began between the nations. Choose from 10 nations to pledge your allegiance to, create a character with 9 races to choose from, and throw yourself into a job system with over 20 classes to choose from! Join our welcoming community today!
✵ ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕝𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 ℂ𝕒𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕕𝕖 ✵
Havenlight Cascade is a modern fantasy roleplay server that enables its members to create characters that partake in adventures and scenarios that could not happen otherwise. Your characters range from witches, humans, demons, harpies and various fae that can roam alongside mythical beast ranging from the largest dragon all the way down to the smallest fairy. Join us today and see where your adventure may lead!

-The ability to take part in a fantasy universe and roleplay with members that bring a wide range of different styles!
-Helpful and friendly staff!
-Bots with fun commands (can add more as suggested)
-Freedom to create.
-Semi-literate members! A minimum requirement of 3+ roleplay lines on PC.
-Opportunity to own a shop.
-An accepting community, LGBT+ welcomed here!
-Friendly server members as well as a place to destress.
-Opportunity to make friends, because who doesn’t like friends?

Partnerships are closed!

---We need your help!---

-Currently we are in need of council members and shop keepers! Join now for the opportunity to snag one of these relatively exclusive roles before they're gone.

Wether you’re an experienced role player or quite new to the art, you are welcomed here! We hope you consider taking up a place in this server!

Havenlight Cascade.... where will your adventure take you?
Welcome to Anabouro Kingdom! The new and approved Anabouro! You can be any species you want! Rules and mods/admins are laid back! Were willing to create any type of roleplay category or channel you want. Were small right Noe but with your help, we can grow bigger and bigger! Why not give it a try?
We have
»Self Roles!
»Possible jobs!
»Free housing!
»Laid back magic rules!
»Many roleplay channels!
»Good chance to move up the ranks and become a mod/admin!
»Leveling system!
»Plenty of bot fun!
Much much more!!

Why not give us a try? I think youll quite like it!
Hello! You're invited to Aurune, a city in the clouds!
Aurune is an urban fantasy roleplay server where you can be -- and do -- just about anything. In this city, there's something for everyone! You can go with what we have, or you can start something new! We give a lot of options for character creation; we have suggestions, meaning you don't have to pick from a rigid list. This server is all about being open and giving people a space to roleplay.
Some features of this server include:
✮ Intricate lore and world-building that doesn't constantly dictate actions or choices
✮ Lots of locations
✮ Active staff
✮ Friendly people
✮ Many opportunities for RP
✮ Motivated by user input
*Due to the content of this server, we recommend you be 13 or older.*
A revised version of the partnership ad
[ ◇ -.:◇ - ◇ - ◇LunarSpell◇ - ◇ - ◇:.- ◇ ]

It all started 3000 years ago, two dimensions collided. One named Lunis and the other named FaySpell. These dimensions were polar opposites of each other because one contained technology, while the other contained magic. The god Uchu noticed that these dimensions were colliding, and this would spell the end of those two dimensions.

But Uchu was a great god, and he wanted to prevent the destruction of these two worlds. With one trick up his sleeve to prevent the end, to merge these two dimensions together, the diety succeeded in preventing their destruction. A new world was created, one he named FaySpell.

[ ◇ -.:◇ - ◇ - ◇Features◇ - ◇ - ◇:.- ◇ ]

● An in-depth ranking system which provides clear divisions between ranks

○ Balanced races, with pros and cons to each one

● Partnerships with any server

○ Detailed channels to help you get a feel for each one

● Occupational freedom. Be a student, or an ordinary citizen

○ Detailed cities scaling from high tech, to none at all

● Anti-Raid/Verification System

○ Events with rewards such as rank ups

Join Today!
Welcome to Roleplay hub! This is, of course, a role playing server. Create new RPs, OCs, make new friends, and have fun!
We have many cool RPs some to do throughout the day, and are willing to add new ones. We have human, animal, fantasy, and etc. RPs.
We also have bots and games!
jump on in and join the fun!
This is a serious school rp where almost any character is allowed. Come and live your life as a student of a school filled with gifted individuals who aim to change the world around them. Partake in a world that you can change with the gifts you have and make the world better or worse according to your taste.

We are also a fun and open community, we allow NSFW content and have friendly members. Come and Join!!
Lucertola-[D&D 5e]
join us in the marvelous world of Schiebe!
set in the late medieval period, this server has a lot to offer. combining a mix of quasi-historical and fantasy elements. we feature a time-period that is jam-packed full of exciting adventures to be had.
Crusaders, vikings, king arthur and powerful empires at play!
Udrium is a medieval fantasy RP

Welcome to the Kingdom of Udrium! where all sorts of races can be found inside from human to Anthropomorphic. there have been orcs, halflings, dwarves, elves, genasi and much much more.

but absolutely no magic what so ever can be allowed inside. if found weilding magic you will be hung.

the kingdom is currently in a war with this so called.... rebellion. vile creatures quite frankly if you ask me. attacking the kingdom with their,, magics. the rebellion contains those we attempted to exile but escaped unfortunately. all who dislike the rules in the kingdom end up in the rebellion. thankfully not a lot of our citizens think so. or so I know of. Other wise the kingdom would be in great peril.

Thank you for visiting Udrium I hope you enjoy your stay traveler!
Once, 140 years ago, the world suffered in silence. The gods had left us, and the world was covered in a blanket of darkness. Nobody new the cause of such a spell, but the citizens of Zynari suspected the demons. Nothing grew, people were dying and all hope was lost. One man, the first ever born with magic, cast a spell so powerful that it cast away the black fog but took. However, it took his life in the process. His sacrifice brought magic to the world, and the sun would forever shine upon the kingdom.
Writer's Block is a storywriting/RP server with a cat as the owner (not because we're furries, but because we think cats are superior than humans [totally not the owner typing here]). Join to RP in a fantasy world and gain experience!
Hundreds of years ago, monsters from a world named “Digrathas” reigned terror on the Earth. After years of war, a group of peacemakers both human and monster sealed the monsters back into Digrathas.

With the rise of the new Digrathas ruler, Licentia, the peace on Earth is being threatened by Digrathas once again. Somewhere, between the worlds is another dimension completely untouched by both populations.

Here, is where the second generation of peacemakers will be raised to protect the Earth once more.

The peacemakers are made of both Monsters and Humans, humans usually being 35% of the human population that can use monster-originated magic. A small institute is formed in the Between by the Earth’s Universal Council of Interworld Affairs where the next generation will reside and learn.


New server, I’m super friendly so just join please ahhh
In the beginning of time, existed two primordial beings who were deeply in love. Dimíoura and Kenós. Together, Dimíoura and Kenós birthed all of existence. The earth, the moon, the stars, and the beings that reside in them. Dimíoura, the goddess of creation, bestowed the gift of life to all beings and Kenós, the god of destruction, gifted them with death, as all things end to become at rest. Joyful and thankful for the gods, the beings that they created, worshiped them and set them on a pedestal, but as death began to take its toll on those whose time had come, the beings of the universe slowly stopped worshiping Kenós and instead worshiped Dimíoura with more love.
Slowly, Kenós began to build up jealously for the praise that his beloved Dimíoura was receiving. The beings that they created were unable to understand that all things must end and there is a balance that must be achieved, so they resented Kenós even though he allowed them to have eternal piece after passing. As if it wasn't bad enough, Dimíoura began to pay less and less attention to Kenós and more attention to their creations. Finally having enough, Kenós struck a deal with the mortals and decided to give them all what they wanted, removing the gift of death that he granted them.
At first, this was joyous news for those who lived in Yggdra, pure immortality forever. What they hadn't realized, was that Kenós's influence was not only causing the death of mortals, but the end of all things, including the end of the universe and time its self. The plants, the humanoids, the beast, the stars, the evil and the good, were all everlasting and never aged nor died. This became nothing but pure catastrophe, as Dimíoura's powers were becoming exhausted and there was no more balance with in the universe. Planets became over populated, beast roamed Yggdra, unable to be killed and unable to kill. Plants, everlasting and immortal, grew and grew until it became overbearing for all who inhabited the planet. Undying, the sun and the stars grew brighter and hotter, setting the planet ablaze and heating up the universe like a closed oven. Unable to die, all beings in Yggdra were suffering in an eternal hell, burning without dying, unable to breathe but never losing life.
The mortals begged Kenós to return and grant them back his gift of death, and so he did, causing them to lose the bet. He reset time back to the point that he struck the deal with them, and as punishment, plagued Yggdra with twisted and wicked entities that were formed from his own heart. These entities were a reminder that everything ends, and instead of enjoying a peaceful long lived life before dying, they would now suffer in the amount of time that they lived.

Displeased with the antics of her beloved Kenós, Dimíoura confronted him, creating a war between life and death. The battle was astonishing, but in the end, Kenós was the end to all things, even the concept of life its self. He, with great sorrow, killed Dimíoura in battle. Blaming the mortals for this sequence of events, Kenós unleashed his wickedness and twisted entities in to Yggdra, but not before Dimíoura scattered her essence across the universe in the form of various objects known as God Gears, these items becoming tools capable of defeating the forces of evil that diseased Yggdra. She then used her last bit of essence to seal away Kenós in an infinitely duplicating dimension so that no matter how many times he destroyed his imprisonment, a new one would always form.
Under the dense forests untouched by humans for thousands of years rests the old villages of those long forgotten. People living near the area say its haunted with ghosts of those who are forgotten, others claim to see elves, dragons, a giant bear even demons sometimes. All of these claims cant be confirmed but what can be taken away is something happened to this land long ago as even the elders have stories that people brush off. But what cant be dismissed are all the stories seem to have one thing in common, a man named Torsten.
Modern Blackrock
-fantasy rp server
-NSFW safe
-in-explicit ERP allowed
-oc submissions
-rules are applied
The Island of Hativona, a place once full of life, and happiness, now a land of death, and horrors. A land once of grassland, now a land now of desert, and nothingness. The Capitol and Outposts around the desert are the only safe places. The people are struggling to survive. But, now something has changed. Will the people begin fighting back finally?
{Mod/DM Hiring!}
The Melchoir Kingdom

We welcome you to our Kingdom, rp as almost anything you can think of. This server is in a medieval setting with hints of RPG. There's plenty of RP channels, casual channels and roles!

This server is still new and developing so you have a chance to earn mod positions/special roles if you contribute actively. Notice: as the server develops it may become lore heavy.
- - - - - - - - - -
The kingdom is still developing its lands and the people inside are a spectrum of personalities. It is fairly warming to be with the gates of this territory so long as you are appropriate and abide the laws of the land. So, as long as you're no Outlaw, Courtesan/Harlot, or "Foe" this can be a safe haven for you.
- - - - - - - - - -
∴ 30 RP channels (possibly more to come!)
∴ Self assignable role
∴ 18+/Special/VIP roles
∴ Magic Available
∴ Meme/Artist Friendly
∴ Lore Development soon
∴ Many Activities and Events to come!

Come join us. Let's liven up the place!
300 thousand years ago a hole tore open the ground. Thousands of demons flew out of the ground. And waged a war against the entire world. And millions died in the wake. Only when a hero only remembered Theo the name as the greatest swordsman. As the demons been pushed back. And now a giant fortress guards against the demons and Thea torn hole. For thousands od years demons have never been seen. Until now

This server is a player built lore. The lore you see is a point we're you can put onto it. The server is brand new. And has few people. But i offer a fun experience. Friendly staff simple lore and a good character sheet. You may play as any race as you wish.
Heartlock University is a place where only the most hopefilled people can venture, a sacred academy specifically to learn magic, defense, or just normal courses for the mundane. Come join the adventure to help our university get into better shape, and to help us find a mystical creature
The cor meum clauditis
A new fantasy roleplay that takes place at a well known school of magic. Submit your own characters each with their own unique form of magic. Check it out for more details. pls join.
Kingdom of Theacia is a (NEW&slightly-unfinished) Fantasy RP server that is inspired by dungeons and dragons as well as different books and games.
We have:
-Different races and classes to choose from
-A bot Arcade (discord dungeons, pokecord, tatsumaki)
Northmere is a fantasy rp server, that takes inspiration from TES but is mostly made from scratch. Choose between 5 islands to live on. Choose your race, join a faction, be apart of a cult, church and more