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▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ 🇱​🇴​🇦​🇩​🇮​🇳​🇬​... ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃
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"Hello there adventurer, and welcome to the game called 'Fractioned Memories'." a fairy named Yui said.

"According to legend, in the long-distant past, Daeccagana's world was split into five islands. Aeshanys, home of the tallest mountain in land. Swansgrave, known for it's beauty and wide range of flowers and plants. Saint Brook, a place where ghosts and cursed forests dwell. West Gorthiel, the place where Solania (guild) and Bloodborne (dark guild) reside, and Shaepiarant, a place where winter flurries through the whole year. While there were skirmishes at times, the land was at peace....

But as time passed, Daeccagana's world is becoming corrupted, little by little, by dark mages. Most of these mages reside in Bloodborne, a guild which possesses the key to the dark realm. Now, as a mage or an adventurer, your job is to make Daeccagana a wonderful and peaceful place it once was..."

Yui smiled at you for the last time. "So, shall I take you to that world?"

▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ 🇱​🇴​🇦​🇩​ 🇫​🇮​🇱​🇪​ 🇨​🇴​🇷​🇷​🇺​🇵​🇹​🇪🇩 ▃▃▃▃▃▃​​▃▃▃▃▃▃

▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ 🇹​🇷​🇾​ 🇦​🇬​🇦​🇮​🇳​? ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃

Note: This is Under a New Management, since the old management is inactive and well, they hardly did anything but in this point, The other Server of theirs are still online, im just here to ensure New Comers a Proper Welcome!, Enjoy your stay.
A multifandom, OC-friendly, 18+ dark fantasy/light horror RP.


It all started when you died--and when your afterlife wasn't ready for you. Your Reaper left you on a beach, promised to be back, but you waited and no one came. So you started walking up the beach, to the city that made up the rest of the island--and you realized you're not alone.

Welcome to the Grey City.
Welcome to Agartha where you can be anything you want! While it is an open world, we do have lore that can be followed if you want. You have the choice of just roaming across the lands available, creating your own kingdom alongside custom roles to fit your kingdom, create your own Guild (3 other people must be interested), you can also spar anyone you want in the arenas available, or you can continue the lore. It is up to you what you want to do as there is a variety of options. So feel free to join and hand out! We just started and want to grow this community!

We have:


>Custom roles for your race

>Arenas to test your might against others!

>Tier Ranks!

>And much more

So come join us and help us grow more! We are open to suggestions too!
Arbidias is a medieval fantasy roleplay server centered around a kingdom called Arbidias, a kingdom that was founded by refugees as a way to escape a war bred from a collapsing empire. It has been four hundred years since the kingdom's founding and two hundred years since the War of the White King, when the Lord of Summer came to rescue the kingdom from the White King's undead armies and the Northlands were frozen over.

The children of Gren took control of the desert land of Al'ardyn a century ago, and now tensions are strong between them and the people of Arbidias. Will war eventually break out? Only time will tell.

-A staff team that is friendly but won't stand for toxicity.

-This is a literate server with a character minimum of 400 characters (about a paragraph).

-Hidden NSFW. To protect those who should not witness such things, all NSFW content is locked behind a special role only those of age are allowed to take.

-A decent-sized lore (20+ pages) to help you get your footing in the world and a custom bio template. The lore updates as needed.

-Self-assignable roles that allow you to get pings for certain things such as roleplay requests, mark your post length, etc. with more to be added as needed.

-30+ separate channels to roleplay in with more to be added in the future as needed, including the Northlands, Arbidias itself, and the desert kingdom of Al'ardyn. You can even roleplay in the Under Realm (underworld)!

-T-1 (writing-based) combat style. No luck-based rolling to fear!

-Server events that you can participate in with others, such as mysteries, demon attacks, and other exciting things!
A Fun Fantasy Roleplay server for people to enjoy and roleplay on , it comes complete with it's own lore and has 5 Races for you to choose from
Lucertola-[D&D 5e]
join us in the marvelous world of Schiebe!
set in the late medieval period, this server has a lot to offer. combining a mix of quasi-historical and fantasy elements. we feature a time-period that is jam-packed full of exciting adventures to be had.
Crusaders, vikings, king arthur and powerful empires at play!
Hello everyone, I am not important. But you are; being given the opportunity of a lifetime as your life was cut short, now, I mean this seriously, you could reset your whole life, with family, friends, and lovers. If you had any that is. Now, this battle is quite a harsh one. You go head to head as opponents long for that second chance as do you. If you join, there is a set of rules you may need to follow. These can range from a multitude, all the info is found at the front office, listed Realm of the Dead, the very place you are now. This world stands different than the type you were given, though your real life body can give you boost stats, that increase as you move along in the competition. There are many things that are factored in, like Health and Defence. These can help you tremendously, and I’m going to give you... a walk through of sorts. Remember, you could’ve lived, but you chose to die yourself. I have no part in that.
Hello! Welcome to Camp Myth, I really wanted to make this server because one of the old RP servers I was in was inactive for a year, so I decided to make Camp Myth in memory of that server. Well, feel free to join. I love to meet new people who roleplay! But before I go I would like to note ERP (Erotic Role Play) is allowed just let me know a head of time. Bye now!
Your Generic RP Server

we allow most characters even a chance your character is allowed to imortal (dont worry i have things in place to make this not op)

i give out categories where you can make any Text channels you wish and want

and more
Hello and welcome to Fantasy RP, this server has been up and running now since August 31st 2019 and so it is still requires some tweaking

This server is set in a fantasy world called Amaria, set in a similar world to that of Game of Thrones and Skyrim and so no guns, the world currently has two regions, Hammerheim (A forest region with a small craftsman town) and Middenstead (The capital of Amaria and the home of trade, set in the plains similar to Whiterun) and we have a 3rd region coming along soon called Alligatoa (A swamp region with a small tribal town) and hopefully if the server continues we will have up to 11 regions, each with their own town/city, each with their own unique feature and each with their own different laws, monsters, factions and more

The server is still quite small with only a few active RPers however the other two left for unknown reasons (honestly, it was without warning, they were on the server for a week and left... I'm sad.... I'm gonna go listen to Slipknot) and so right now numbers are quite few in this ever expanding world and so any help could be used

lastly, the owner (me) doesn't RP that often, that's not because I don't enjoy the server but I am just very busy right now with real life stuff and so I am still doing "Owner Stuff" but I won't RP all that often haha

Hope to see you all in this server
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
A song sung by great skalds and chanted by mages and warriors alike, this is the story of the world of Arkon,
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

✥ Note: This sever is brand new server and we're looking for staff

join us one and all, unveil yourselves to the great world of Arkon, a universe set in deep lore and magic, the creator Arkanos demands a set of interesting characters to do his bidding, join Arkon now!

Welcome to the universe of Arkon, come to the continent of Oros and see what your fate is bound for, be a valiant hero or chaotic villain, guide your own path through light and darkness.

【☆】Small community, hopefully growing into a larger one as we just started out!

【☆】Fun bots to mess around with

【☆】A creative and expansive lore (which has yet to be fully written, and is continuously expanding based on player's choices)

【☆】Events! some smaller scale and others larger, events will give players rewards and a fun time

【☆】Many cities and areas to RP in

【☆】This server is currently under development, please mind the small gaps and other additions needed (staff applications needed)
Welcome to Fantasy RP! A modern based fantasy server with city and out-of-city zones to role play in. When you join, you won't have access to the RP-channels right away, You must have an approved character to access RP channels.

Realistically, the city is higher on security systems, N.P.C. security devices, and some law enforcement. The Natural (Out-Of-City Zones) are fair game when it comes to crime and violence.

You're allowed to play pretty much any race you feel, as long as when you submit your character, you have balance in your Skills/Powers/Abilities and your weaknesses.

Either way, we're not too strict when it comes to characters so you should be able to get into RP no problem. Once again, welcome to Fantasy RP!
a small rp server where you can do whatever the fuck you want whit any character you want no limits to characters strengths and such you are even allowed to be imortal
We're a starting server, and our community's pretty small. It'd be nice if people were to give us a chance and try out this one. It's still developing as a Role-Play server, and it'd be much appreciated if people are willing to spend some time helping out with growing this server.
💕✨ United Kingdoms ✨💞
Welcome to United Kingdoms! We do regular rp and erp in the specific channels.
~ What is United Kingdoms?
United Kingdoms is a roleplay server where there are 5 different Kingdoms.
~ What are the different Kingdoms?
There are 5 kingdoms, The Foncée Kingdom (Darkness Kingdom) The Lumière Kingdom (Light Kingdom) The Aqua Kingdom, The Terra Kingdom and The Holy Fire Kingdom. You van pick which you belong to when making your character :)

Welcome to Sunrose Academy, an exclusive secondary and post secondary school for the elite of the kingdoms of Alania. The students here aren’t quite human either, all of them are some species of fantastic creatures such as werewolves or nekos, even angels and demons. So are you a princess or a prince? Or are you a noble or perhaps you are the rarest thing at Sunrose Academy, a commoner?
The Seven Nations of Zethia is a kingdom ruled over by a fierce empress, with seemingly boundless power. Magick is scarce, but treasured power: anyone lucky enough to be gifted with magick is considered very dangerous, usually sent off to the queen's special gifted student boarding school. Once they graduate from the school, they have three options:
1. Join the Royal Guard
2. Join a Guild
3. Take on a normal job
Oh, but don't be deceived! You can be non-magickal, too. That just means your weaponry-making and potion-making will be very potent!
There are 6 species spread across 7 different parts of the continent.
Caibaxith: Cat-like people with great eyesight and sharp claws. When these mages are blessed with magick, they are very focused on enhancing themselves. They lean towards neutral and lawful alignments, though rogue Caibaxith may be chaotic. They lean towards Rogue, Fighter and Sorcerer.
Daemons: Demons. These are the most magickally blessed race, who focus on chaotic and destructive magick. These hellspawn aim for chaotic and evil alignments. They lean towards Wizards and Bards.
Angels: Angels. These are on par with demons in magickal prowess, however, they focus on light and healing magick. These living blessings lean towards lawful and good. They lean towards Paladins and Clerics.
Humae: These people are ingenuitive; though not magickally blessed, most of the time. They lean towards Artificer, Fighter, Barbarian, and Judge. Humae tend to stray towards neutral alignment.
Gorgon: Snake people cursed with eyes that turn people to stone, most have learned to tame it. These snake-like people lean towards Marionettists, Judges, Warlocks, and Druids. Most lean towards chaotic and good, acting on their whim.
Anchuinse: These are a forbidden breed of gorgons and demons, making them unstable: they can only control their stone eyes later in life, while their demon wings act unstable. Due to their hatred for the world's ways, they lean to chaotic and evil. This breed may be Marionettists and Judges, along with Fighters, most likely.
In the calming area of Ien, Caibaxith and Humae lay together in harmony, working together to build a better civilization.
The warzone that is Dei has Angels and Daemons fighting constantly, while it tries to keep its integrity as the largest trade capital in the world.
Zoi is the capital of Zethia, where you can find the queen most of the time. This is inhabited by all species, except for Anchuinse.
The plains of Asoedi lead Anchuinse's lives, as they form small packs, trying to survive by attacking nearby areas and other, smaller packs.
Fori is the angel's haven, hope, salvation, where most angels reside when they do not rest in Dei.
Hyin is where your beloved empress came from, and is very much a great place! It's packed to the brim of humae constantly working to get civilization back on track!
Grei is the home of the gorgons, famous for their stone statuaries; you really should visit it some day. They really are very good with visitors, but don't make eye contact, or you may find yourself in the statuaries earlier than once thought!
Will you work your way up the social ladder, or will you fall like a prisoner?
— ⊱ Welcome to 𝖎𝖗𝖔𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖊.
⠀ A slice of life / fantasy role-play sever.
We are a friendly, non toxic and diverse community who had just opened up to bring you this new roleplay server. We prefer literate role players and offer you to make your own original characters here where you can pick from any fantasy creature you desire.
⠀⠀What are you waiting for? Start your adventure today!
⊱ Seasonal roleplay events
⊱ Tons of roleplay channels
⊱ Friendly and helpful staff
⊱ Great community
⊱ Fair rules to follow
⊱ OC creation channels
⊱ Every mythical creature you can think of
⊱ Art channels
⊱ Memes
⊱ Aesthetically pleasing server
⠀+ More! we can guarantee you won't regret it.
⠀In the time before time, mythical creatures ruled the earth, preying freely on humankind. Then, the humans began to change, becoming smarter, discovering materials and wards that would protect them. Some humans became bound to these protections, but others used them only to defend, eventually turning the flow of history in their favour. Pure metals were discovered, plants and rocks that would repel presences, and eventually the humans began to drive the magical tyrants away and prosper. Seeking refuge from the human’s rampant upheaval of their hierarchy, the mythicals created land of their own.

⠀An ancient council of fae brought together their brightest, their strongest, and together they created Ironforge Island, a land protected by magics and hidden completely from humans. Brought from the ocean by three islands, long forgotten from human maps, the island was conjured to change and grow with the needs of its people. The fae created bounds and illusions to keep humans away, their magics weeding out any being with blood pure from magic, and all humans may find of Ironforge is empty ocean and dense fog. Only boat may bring anyone to Ironforge, to allow the magic of the island to do its work.

⠀The fae built their homes on the island, and invited others to follow. Though fae are tricky beings, and their island was not one free of debt. Any who came to the island in the early days had to give up a piece of their magic, binding them to the island and the fae used these sacrifices to strengthen the island and build their monuments, ancient ritual grounds and sacred structures. Amongst the trees the settlers thrived, and over time they expanded and built homes of their own over the island. Though the fae remained in the forest, other mythicals built homes near beaches and across the moors the fae had sculpted from the sea. As time passed, the fae grew bored of their tricks with others of magic blood, and returned to the mainland to prey on humans once again.

⠀In modern times, the debt is no longer a reality, as the fae have long since left the island to return to their home forests, though few descendants have stayed. The fae’s homes have crumbled with time, and they are but ancient and magic strewn ruins amongst the trees, their stone crumbling and their wood long since rotted away. Those bound by the magic left behind have built homes and families, safe from the humans and their protections, and still invite others to seek refuge from the human’s tyranny. Many older locals still fear and loathe the humans, though newcomers know there is a stable balance these days, tipped as it may be.
Tierlith is a high-fantasy, loosely D&D inspired roleplay group with a developed, ever-evolving lore. It is mostly free-for-all, allowing continuous roleplaying with a few events sprinkled in for flavor. More in-depth lore will be provided upon joining.
We are always looking for active members and new friends! Though we are strictly 18+ due to potential mature themes and topics, both the in-character chats and out of character chats are considered SFW and NSFW scenes are taken elsewhere.
We hope to see you soon!
✧ ————————————— ✧
Ahoy there traveler! Welcome to the world of Animalia!
Many years ago, animals were small creatures humans abused and kept as what they call ‘Pets’, that changed when the first Sentience Period arrived. Multiple species of animals evolved to become sentient, they were as smart, no, smarter than humans! Two more of these periods took place in Animalia, perhaps even more will come!

As of recent events, the gods took out there rage upon Animalia and destroyed their kingdoms, dividing their land into seperate regions, causing utter chaos among the inhabitants of Animalia, becoming absolute savages. There are also huge struggles for power and a chance for a player to become an overlord of a region and lead a massive army!
✧ ————————————— ✧
We have...

✧ - An active community.

✧ - Friendly staff.

✧ - Interesting and unique lore.

✧ - Frequent events to tighten up our lore.

✧ - Plenty of races for you to choose from.

✧ - Partnerships!

Come on a join in on the fun!
✧ ————————————— ✧
╔═══════════════.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.════════════════╗
Welcome, all to this wonderful little town! Make yourself at home, we have amazing food at our local diner and cute decorative stones at a few of our shops! We will guarantee you will have a good time here.

Are they gone?

Welcome, dear fellow witches. You've come to the right place if you're seeking a new, magical life. Have you ever felt out of place back at home? Bullied or abandoned by your natural, beautifully abnormal abilities? Well, you won't experience that again. Here in our town, we have what is called The Circle, a family of witches that practice their abilities daily and mingle among themselves. It's a safe haven for all that felt outcasted. But, don't get fooled by the cute appearances of the town. Evil lingers still to this day, watching and waiting to strike. You must get good with your ability, and quick before something hunts you down.

We hope you have
a g̴̛͌ó̵̑o̴̓͝ḋ̸͋ day.
You like Human Roleplay? You like Witches? What if you had two in one? The Circle is a PG-13 Roleplay server about the Witches of the coven, how they go through their everyday life with their unique animal familiar and using their discovered magic. In this server we give you an oppurtunity to dive into the Pagan Religion (though this isn't at all a religious server) and learn the ascepts of the Witch! We story is overall a go-with-the flow, but we do host all-server plots that help you develop your OCs and create relationships. With an active staff and friendly members, The Circle is a quick-growing server that includes everyone!══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
What we offer in The Circle:
✦ Active, friendly members and staff!
✦ Tons of different channels!
✦ LGBT friendly!
✦ Unlimited to creativity!
✦ Semi-lit community!
✦ And more!
Welcome to Alterra, a literate fantasy RP with 200+ users!

It’s been ten thousand years since the goddess of creation used her powers to seal away the goddess of destruction. The world was thrust into turmoil and a thousand year war began between the nations. Choose from 10 nations to pledge your allegiance to, create a character with 9 races to choose from, and throw yourself into a job system with over 20 classes to choose from! Join our welcoming community today!
In Rose Realm, we are a Roleplay community. To be further specific we are a fantasy Roleplay community.
In Rose Realm you can learn magic, become a powerful being, conquer cities.
Within the Rose Realm we host atleast 2 events a month. With these events comes prizes.
Our staff is very strict about rules, so I ask you read them over a few times. And do your overall best to not break them.
Finally, if you do decide to join this wonderful community. Welcome, to the Rose Realm.
Welcome to the Land of Isteria

We are a rather accepting roleplay server full of people who enjoy a piece of all Roleplays, we have out own set lore which will be provided in the bottom, we have out lovely staff here along with member who also enjoy roleplay.

There are many different realities out there. Many more than anyone could ever imagine, ones filled with stats and light, others tainted by the dark depths other realms locked out and banished upon them. But despite their many differences and all the obscurities each reality had, they were always separated from each other. However, this was until there was a accident, one that killed an unimaginable amount of people, the accident varied in each reality, all that’s known is it wasn’t anybody’s fault. Those who died were sent to another reality, one full of magic, so everyone can either have it or not, it’s an aura that surrounds the reality the victims to te accident were sent to with magical properties, some may be familiar to it, others may not. No one remembers what their own accident was, the only resource they have to go off is the Shrines, where they may be able to find their name written on a stone, a plaque, or a wooden wishing frame within the Shrines people visit to relax and respect their passed away loved ones if they are from the reality, whereas others may go there to get a clue as to how they were transported to this strange place. As hinted at previously, there are the people who were born there, these are known as the Originals, as simply explained by being the original people to live in that reality, and then there are the people who were the first to find it and preserve it, known as the Founders, they are the only ones who know why and how these newcomers just showed up. And finally of course there are the new people who were just put there known as Newcomers - they usually show up at #🕯opening-gates🕯 , but they can appear mostly anywhere sometimes depending on their circumstances, leaving many of the Originals having to deal with the increasing population. Not everyone was transported to this part of the reality, of course it is vast and wide, but this place is where you could say it ‘begins’. Welcome to Isteria, Newcomers.