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🖤 𝔼𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕖 ℍ𝕚𝕘𝕙 - 𝔸𝕟 𝕆ℂ ℝℙ 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 🖤

Set in an Elite Boarding School, full of many clubs, school subjects, and dorms where your OC can take on a number of classes, find a roommate, get to know other people and deal with general school life.

⟶ Groupchat Based, where all characters can message and interact with each other.
⟶ Lit Based, where your can use literate roleplay to have your characters do anything wherever they'd like in 25+ channels.

{ 🖤 WE HAVE: 🖤}
⟶ The ability to make new channels for whatever location or character you need by asking a mod.
⟶ The ability to roleplay as up to five characters using the Tupperbox bot.
⟶ Roommates, private dms, and more.
⟶ Individual , self assignable roles for clubs and subjects for an easier, fun roleplay experience.

🖤 LINK 🖤
Everything is normal - until it's not. A world created by greed and corruption, allowing harmful spirits to pass over and wreak havoc. You're the only person who knows, as everybody else seems dead..

Or are you?

[ A custom-story Persona RP using OCs! ]
[ Create your own OC and try to fight for your side! Will you pick good, evil.. or none? ]
In the land of Fiore and in the town of Tunskia, welcomes a new magic guild. The Dragon's Heart guild welcomes all new wizards of any and all skill levels. As we grow together as a guild I hope we can grow as a family as well and be one with each other. As a guild we will become strong as individuals as well as a guild. Teams will develop within as you grow close to each other going on harder more dangerous missions and jobs. But we will always make sure to have time to have fun as well. Welcome to your new home. (Fairy tail roleplay group chat)
∘ ─── ♡ ༉─── ∘

┊ ┊

˚ ༘ ♡ ⋆。˚ ❀

Hello! This is my first ever huge roleplay server, so please be gentle with me!

You have had a very long month, with work/school dragging you down and making you have no time for friends or fun. Finally break comes and you and all of your friends decide to go stay at a hotel resort for a couple of weeks.
Everything is going fine until you hear screaming coming from one of the rooms in the hotel, running to the room you find something very... red.
❥•°❀°•༢ 10-20 people per roleplay
❥•°❀°•༢ 1-3 characters per person(characters in the server as a hole is unlimited.)
❥•°❀°•༢50+ channels to enjoy
❥•°❀°•༢Many areas in the roleplay, let your character have some space!
❥•°❀°•༢Colored roles
❥•°❀°•༢extra roleplay rooms for when there's not enough room for you
❥•°❀°•༢Planned out to be a great time!

Come join the fun!
╚»★«╝ Our Superpowered Society ╚»★«╝

A spin on popular series' of anime and that of superhero media, such as "My Hero Academia", the server sets itself to deviate from the path of the many different source materials, by taking its own path with its own unique environment and setting.
In that of OSS (Our Superpowered Society,) we try to revive the genre in a newer and more interactive format.

The center of the roleplay resides in that of Teresa, a newly formed region off the states of America. Welcome to it's center of the City of Light, commonly referred to as "Light City." A city which chooses to fight the darkness which plagues it using their "Sparks." Supernatural abilities within almost everyone which represent the "spark within every soul."

People within the region are taught to use their sparks in order to combat the growing threat of superpowered criminals and the growing threats of the changing world. These people who protect those with said sparks are known by title as heroes.

Now, will you learn to put your skills to the test and become a great hero, or shall you join the ranks of chaos and bend others to your own will? You choose what path you shall take, for your life is your own.
⭐️ What We Offer!
>> The server offers a semi-literate roleplay setting for players who join, as well as a plot of its own that is open to others.

>> The server offers a fair and balanced character creation with helpful staff members to assist when needed.

>> A server which grows alongside you, developing both yourself along with the world as a whole.

>> A friendly and welcoming community!

>> Custom characters and OCS!

>> An enjoyable roleplay and server experience, with several bots which allow you to change the color of your tag, listen to music within our voice chats, vent issues, and fish for waifus.
『 Find your
true self. 』

═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ◯ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═

❝ Welcome to Axiom, a Persona 4 Roleplay Server! This is an oc only, application based roleplay with the ideas and motives of a Telltale-esk game in which, your choices in plot effect it in a way. Come join us and partake in a brand new story of Persona 4 with the same concept of the original. While it is not required that you come join to roleplay, please feel free to join just to spectate or talk with some new people! ❞

═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ◯ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═
After a tough year at Hope's Peak School for Gifted Ultimates, a number of selected students have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend the summer in a tropical paradise! With your bag packed and ready for a summer of fun, you stepped onto the bus and . . .

Welcome to Danganronpa: Tropical Tragedy! This is a killing game roleplay with friendly admins, fun investigations, and characters who have special abilities, not just Ultimate Talents. This will be an OC only roleplay, and please be at least 14 years old. EDIT: Applications closed! Spectators welcome to wait for season two!
┊    ┊       ┊. ➶ ˚
. °
┊    ┊       ┊ ˚✧
* °☁️
┊ ˚➶ 。˚   

❝ A second chance, perhaps? ❞

˚➶ 。˚ - - - - - - - - - -

The Heavens, Hell, and the Overworld. This was how the universe was divided, each place having their own rules, laws, and inhabitants. For eons, Angels and Devils lived disconnected from the Overworld, but connected to eachother. Heaven and Hell homed many, and the Angels and Devils were free to travel to each of the 3 parts of the universe as they please, so long as they followed the rules of crossing each border. There were lots of rules, some small, some big. Though, to Angels and Devils, there was one true, most important rule:

❝ An angel was to never try to cross into Hell the same time a devil was attempting to cross into Heaven. A devil was to never try to cross into Heaven the same time an angel was attempting to cross over into Hell. ❞

For a long time, this rule was followed. No angel wished to cross into Hell, and if they had to, their arrival would be known of much before. The devils had no desire to bother the angels, and if they wanted something, they were in and out. But, during a war between the Angels and Devils, this rule was broken.

The consequence presented itself immediately: every single Angel and Devil were flushed out of Heaven and Hell, and the gates locked behind them. They were all thrown out of their parts of the Universe, and into the Overworld. They each had all their memories of Heaven and Hell, and how the rule had been broken.They looked human, and physically, they were human. But in soul, they were not. There's no way back to Heaven or Hell, or so it seems.

Now, it is up to themselves what happens next.

- - - - - - - - - - ˚➶ 。˚

〖 Warm welcome from ஜ۩۞ ʟᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴅɪᴠɪɴɪᴛʏ ۞۩ஜ! What are we, you might ask? 〗

˚➶ we are a literate roleplay server based around a lore involving Devils, Angels, and Humans.

˚➶ our lore is original, and there are endless roleplay possibilities. The story is ever growing.

˚➶ one may make a Devil, Angel, Human, or even Hybrid character.

˚➶ time is semi-fluid and the character limit is very flexible.

˚➶ the server has an organized and aesthetically pleasing set up.

˚➶ the server is made up of a variety of channels, from ooc ones to interesting roleplay ones, to one's dedicated to character making and headcanons.

˚➶ staff applications are open as of right now!

〖 We are looking for creative, active roleplayers to help form our little community. The story is just beginning. If anything you've read thus far interests you, don't be afraid to join, we'd love to have you. -`ღ´- 〗

❝ - the ஜ۩۞ ʟᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴅɪᴠɪɴɪᴛʏ ۞۩ஜ ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ ❞

┊    ┊       ┊ ˚✧
* °☁️
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You and 15 other students have been accepted into the Hope’s Peak College Program,not that alone but you and your new classmates get to go on a trip to the Lab of Creations,where endless discoveries could be made...but soon enough it all goes wrong...for someone changes it all..and takes inspiration from Danganronpa to start his new experiment in the form of File 30..a remastered killing game for just a simple experiment...

Heads up!

This game is a slight crossover for a game I have taken a strong interest in along side Danganronpa,if you are not a fan of crossovers or much gore I don’t recommend this for you
One moment, your life seems as normal as ever, things going as they should. The next, your mind begins to grow fuzzy and you start to lose consciousness.

When you come to, you are standing at the edge of some woods facing a massive, beautiful old building, Evermore Manor, with a muddled memory.

If you enter the woods in an attempts to leave, you end up walking until you end up back at the edge, facing the same building. Maybe you see it from the back or side no, but you can’t seem to get away.

Hello! We are brand new discord based 18+ roleplay server focusing on original characters stuck in a Manor with strange occurrences. This rp may involve more intense topics such as death.
Join us and live in the World of the Unknown! We would love to have you here~

•This is not an nsfw server
come join this soon to be crazy server! how the rp will go is all users oc's will be put in a draw and 2 will be selected, the two selected will be the victim and murderer! that leaves the rest to use the given clues to figure out who is the blackened.
Hello and welcome to this roleplay server !!

This Server is of course , a roleplay server ! But this one actually has a lore.

So , Basically scientists have been putting animal DNA into human's DNA so then they would come out as some sort of hybrid creature !! As some may know , yes you can be a neko and everything like that^^ And if you dont want to be a hybrid then you can just be a human !! Of course no demon stuff or anything.

Canon Characters are allowed !! Lucky for those of you who dont or want or can make ocs , heres your chance !! For example , say you want to be ,,, someone from hetalia ! You would fill out the worksheet to what you can for that character and put what animal's DNA they're mixed with unless you wanna keep them a human !!

Now then ,, have fun !!
Out of the Shadows is a literate Overwatch RP discord server currently looking for more members!

We allow OCs, minors, and all shippers, and are a safe, drama-free environment for all RPers.

Our mods are dedicated to making your experience in our server incredible as well.

With fun bots, self-assignable roles, and all types of rp too. Please come check our server out!
Have you ever wanted a super power? Well now you can! Only down side is, you'll be put into an asylum and be called crazy. All the info, here.
Welcome! This is a danganronpa rp based off of any oc's you have! We welcome you with open arms, and hope you enjoy!
Hi! We are a small, slice of life RP! We are just starting out, but we are very responsive and will be happy to welcome you!!
This is a danganronpa OC RP! Friendly staff, no current deadline.

A limousine, slowing down into the driveway, which held a mansion onto the right side. Teenagers, with talents, stepped out from the limousine, as they stepped up the stairs at the porch of the mansion, as they neared the front-door. A pull on a delicate, antique door-handle, on a large wooden door. A push of force, to reveal a hallway, with red carpet, wallpaper of roses, and a model of knight armor on the side. A few steps in, and a look to the left, was a long dinner table, suited of 16 seats. No host to be found, yet, allowed for entrance. As they sat down, a few minutes flew by, as slow as a snail. Not much to look at, besides the pearled, and shimmering chandelier hanging above them, as still as a statue. Yet, a few coughs, of a loud intercom, and screeches of static, along with tapping of a microphone. "Hello." Spoke out, a croaked voice, with a sinister tone to it. "I'm glad you all could make it." Said the man, inhaling in, before speaking out once more. "Dinner shall arrive shortly, so for now I'd like to tell you what's to be on the dinner plate tonight." The intercom let out a sharp static, and more tapping of the microphone behind it. "I hope you all can handle a sense of fear correctly, because that's the appetizer before the main course." The man with a sinister voice, let out a laugh. It wasn't a laugh of joy, nor anything, it was a laugh to show what's next to come, wasn't to be pleasant to them. "For the main dish, you're going to have many bodies dropped on the floors of this very mansion. Blood stained carpets, and yet to come." He spoke out, with a raised tone, from the excitement that this is going to happen. A door slammed. It seemed to come from the main entrance. A sliding metal door was locked in place from down the hall, loud enough for a loud BANG! "What's the consequence for killing someone here? Well, that depends on the brains of your fellow talented people. A trial, perhaps.” Another laugh, and a click.
As an owner, this is my first time actually owning a server. I do hope we will have fun together!

The roleplay is based on the concept of the Danganronpa Killing Game:
16 Ultimates in a School forced to kill eachother.

It may take a while until it starts up, we're still at the begining.
It happened without a warning. Without any trace at all. Nobody knows how it happened or even why. Who could have done it? Rumours are floating around I've heard the Monitors name more than once. All I know is one day I was back at home. I was with my friends in Teen Titans Tower of Earth 49 and the next I was here. This amalgamation of my home. Of our homes. My friends and I are the only ones who remembers our Earth. Everyone else is from somewhere else, all of them with the same story. But we live here now. In this one giant city. We've split off into districts, sectors that remind us of our former lives. There's Gotham, Central, Metropolis, Star, and Coast. The slight resemblance to our old life. There's other pieces left as well, an abandoned tower in San Francisco that if it were my Earth would've been Teen Titans Tower, we found the ruins of Atlantis and Themyscira. Lanterns have already verified Krypton's destruction and the news reports that all the Wayne's had been killed in Crime Alley.

Welcome to the Amalgam City.

This place has never had heroes.

But now it needs them.

Good luck.


Welcome to Amalgam City! A world where you can create your own story however you like.

What We Offer

- An OC only audition based literate roleplay server that is open to all legacy characters
- A wonderful server staff to help out if you have questions
- An LGBT friendly server
- No character limit!!
- Free range for the types of characters you create
- And more!!!
a Medieval rp oc server where the world is full of magic and cool people. Set in the Camelot era, but a little memey.

We hope you come and expand your oc's with us!