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Welcome to the Euro-Asian inspired city of Gaishata! This is an urban fantasy server, where multiple fantasy species coexist and live everyday life. The busy city is separated into five districts, surrounded by mountains and forests for one to explore. Come join us and create a character to immerse yourself into our story, and shape your own adventure. In the server, we have:

➤ A new, yet growing server looking for a community to develop with it.

➤ Multiple roles to diversify yourself, with colors and identity to better fit you and what you’re about!

➤ Multiple races to choose from, and more to come. We are more than happy to add more races to the member’s liking.

➤ A NSFW role for those who would like to interact with the more lewd part of the server. This, thankfully to our big-brained staff is separated from the rest of the server, unseen by those who prefer to stay strictly SFW!
A letter arrives on your doorstep one morning. The envelope is white, gold bordering the edges and giving it a professional look, though the wax seal that holds it together is strangely old-fashioned. Embedded into the wax seal is a simple crest, two A's leaned against eachother with the corners curled up into what looks like the shape of butterfly wings.
Inside is an acceptance letter to an academy you can't remember applying to - a scholarship, in fact, though it doesn't list what or the requirements that were filled, a place in the middle of nowhere referred to only as Averhollow Academy.
The instructions on the letter are fairly simple – all you need to do is send a letter in return, and you'll be allowed to begin your education at the elusive academy as soon as possible. The question is, will you accept? After all, even a simple letter can come with some pesky strings attached.

This server revolves around the illustrious (to those who know it exists) Averhollow Academy, located in the middle of absolutely nowhere, which has been overrun by faeries. The fey have taken court within the student council, don masks and dance at every summer and winter formal, and attend every ill-fated party thrown in the nearby woods. Play as one of the fey, bartering on behalf of either Court or interfering with life at the Academy, or choose to play as a human just trying to survive until graduation while grappling with the odd and unexplained occurrences within the school walls. Students, faculty, and townsfolk alike are all free game, as well as the local fey and other odd creatures of the night.

This server will include:
Dice rolling mechanics for combat
Premade lore that is open to changes
Custom/original species allowed (with species information included)
Pre-existing species can be adapted as needed
Fairly active staff
No character limit
Pesky faeries
▀▄▀▄▀▄ WARNING ▄▀▄▀▄▀

⚠️ᴠɪɴᴇ ʀᴇꜰᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴄᴀᴜꜱᴀʟ ᴅʏɪɴɢ⚠️

Neon spotlights and skyscrapers. Deities and Twitter. Mortals tagging their patron deities in instagram posts. Feathered wings and sniper rifles firing bullets of love.

Avana is the heart of the multi-realms. It's also the home the gods often referred to simply as the 'Pantheon' and their advisors, prophets and various other employees.

Come join us if you like original stories, urban fantasy and vine references!

₩Ɇ Ø₣₣ɆⱤ ₮ⱧɆ ₣ØⱠⱠØ₩ł₦₲

➣Welcoming/Active Staff
➣Thousands of Roleplay Channels
➣Original Fandom with extensive characters
➣Staff positions are currently open

Join SRTRP. A present day, alternative fantasy RP where modern day technology meets magics and gods.

Different factions and organisations are looking to gain a foothold in a land yet to be tamed. Where dragons and monsters roam just beyond the walls of the great cities, and war is a constant reality. Where the gods are an unquestionable reality, yet their motives are quite questionable. This harsh world never seems to have enough heroes.

We include a very in-depth, fleshed out world with a plethora of storylines. With a high focus on developing characters, we've done some extensive work to create an entirely unique levelling up system and an enormous dedicated database on our own website. Categorised and ordered for easy access and step-by-step tutorials to quickly get a grasp of the ins and outs.

A section to host your own roleplays without any game masters in whatever universe you may wish. A diverse community and much more.
This server is a non-fandom roleplay set in a separate universe of its own design. Gleannes itself is the name of a town filled with creatures that wander around and live freely, with a mystery hiding beneath.
While it has been called a cross between Welcome To Night Vale and Gravity Falls, it does not involve specific characters or elements from those worlds. Original characters are preferred, but if you have fandom ocs, those are fine too. You can insert more than one character.

Most members are literate, but all writing styles are welcome.
Those who refuse to be anything but bigoted and rude will NOT be tolerated. This server strives to be a friendly and welcoming community for all and those who actively try to disturb this won't be allowed to stay.

There are self-assignable pronoun roles, and the bots Tupperbox and Nadeko. A spectator role can be self-assigned if you don't wish to roleplay.
New Arcadia is a modern urban fantasy roleplay setting located in *gasp* New Arcadia, the fictional Northwestern United State city. The story takes place in the near future of our own world.

What the fuck is urban fantasy? Fair question! Urban fantasy is a broad genre, but basically you take a bevy of fantastical elements; wizards, faeries, elves, gods, and yes, vampires, and smack them right down in the middle of the world that we know and love.

Great. So why are we here? Oh rhetorical questions, you know just the right buttons to push. We, you and I together, are hopefully here to tell a story together. New Arcadia exists to provide some structure for our storytelling, without railroading us in one direction or another. Hopefully this results in us being able to tell compelling stories to entertain ourselves and the rest of our group comrades, without leaving us feeling constrained by an overwhelming amount of world-building.
---------------------/THE TL:DR/---------------------

Welcome to Cincinnati, a place that has been known for its ups, its downs, but still manages a flourishing community. A community that couldn't quite prepare itself for the day that the dark stepped into the light. On April 1st, 2019, the world as we know it became aware of the presence of supernatural creatures. Originally thought to be tales, no one could have expected what came to follow in the times that passed thereafter.

---------------------/WHO WE ARE/---------------------

THE BROKEN is a group of literate writers who have come together in order to create a series of stories within a set world and time period — but we do not limit ourselves there. We are a community, a group of individuals who have created a bond through the written word; both in story and out. We pride ourselves on being open to anyone of any skill level and offering them a friendly environment for each person to explore.

OUR SETTING is modern-day Cincinnati, where the supernatural live and exist among the general populace, yet strive to remain in its shadows — even after exposure. If only things were so easy. Between the political mess, the adaption of humans, the growth in anti-Other presence, it's a wonder if the city's core will survive.

OUR WRITING takes place on Discord. Within it, you will find varying options for roleplay. Some of these styles being, but not limited to:
- PbP ( Play by Post), where individuals post when time allows.
- Live Play, where individuals write back and forth with one another with no breaks.

OUR GENRES are ever changing. While we are baseline urban fantasy, we embrace other types that we dub as "sub-genres". These include, but are not limited to:
- Mystery
- Action
- Horror
- Slice of Life
- Erotica
- And more!

---------------------/WHAT WE OFFER/---------------------

- Literate writers with fluctuating post lengths.
- Rapid response and relaxed style posting.
- Plot and character-driven RP.
- Monthly events.
- Original characters only.
- Established lore.
- Various sub-genres.
- Adult (18+ Only), interactive, diverse, and friendly community.
- Story building.
- And more!
(18+) New Constantinople, an island city off the east coast of America, known for it's diverse culture and trade but not all is as it seems. New Constantinople is riff with vampires, changelings and just about any creature that can be found in nightmares. They all live among an unknowing mortal population, having lots of sex while doing so.

A Chronicles of Darkness Erotic RP Server. (New World of Darkness).

(No Vore, Excessive Violence or anything that violates TOS)
Welcome to An Imposition of Order, a low-advancement Science Fiction Server taking place in the fictional city of Oceanview, and the tripartite conflicts between three organisations, aiming to discover the truth.

The truth about a strange phenomenon, by which, thirty years ago, humans bearing a peculiar set of genes and a unknown gland began to be born, and by which two years ago, they began to manifest supernatural powers, gaining the ability to Impose onto reality itself. Let them shatter the haze of the unknown.

The truth of freedom, in a world of impassivity and restraint. Oceanview’s response to increasing automation, while admirable, has led to dissidence. Let them shatter the chains of lethargy.

The truth of the world, the stars, and rumors and whispers of a visitor from the heavens who brought with him the powers of things beyond comprehension. Let them shatter the shield of doubt.

We do not and will never have Pokecord.
The Earth isn't what it used to be.
The year is 2052, Humanity has started to expand beyond Earth. This technological golden age started because of a strange phenomenon. Every 1/6 people has an ability called a Motif. It is unique and tied to only the person with that Motif. In the AR-GONOS COLLECTIVE, an organisation formed by leading world powers to unite Humanity and create peace is protected by the Enforcers, an elite military-esque police force meant to deal with Motif-related incidents all around the globe. Several more factions and terrorist groups appear in an attempt to gain influence and power. Will you ensure Humanity's future, or will you join the countless terrorist groups that threaten peace? That's up to you to decide.
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤, 𝕒 𝕤𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕠𝕨𝕟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕥, 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕦𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕒𝕝, 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕖 𝕚𝕟 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕!

We are a laid-back Urban Fantasy roleplay server with:
•no complicated setup or intense verification
•a reliable, welcoming staff across different time zones
•Unlimited characters!
•A wide, versatile setting for your characters to enjoy
•A stress free, non-political chat experience when you’re out of character!
•An interesting, dramatic plot

Feel free to join, and make sure to have a good time in our wonderful little town!
In this world, there are all types of demons, angels, humans and crosses between the two. The overworld is like Earth, and there is hell and heaven. There is a rather large city, named Enfedis, that has always had trouble with more supernatural happenings than other towns, but, recently, there have been even more supernatural events. This is caused from more demons creeping up from hell, possessing and mating with humans. It has also been the center of many angels falling from heaven and mating with humans. Due to all this, regular Angels have started coming down to investigate what exactly is going on in the city to cause the spike in supernatural activity.
Thirty years ago, a great darkness spread over the land. It destroyed everything it touched, wiping out whole civilization. All that remains is the city of Arcadia, protected from the world outside by a barrier of magic.

- Experience a unique setting where technology and magic have been meshed to create an incredible world of heroism and villainy.

- Play as a large variety of races, from simple humans to ravenfolk to just about anything else you can think of.

- Join a small community of avid roleplayers to write a large, character-driven epic.

- Add to the preexisting world with your own characters and lore.

- And so much more!
We are a new urban fantasy RP group which is always looking for new roleplayers of any skill level.

Rated 16+ due to violence and profanity.

This group is set in a city which is acting as a secret hub for villains.
The Lucien DuBois Academy for the Elite is the most pretentious and oldest boarding school in Asteize. The story is a modern take on high fantasy, set in the year 2020, revolving around the troubles of teenagers and young adults in a boarding school. While some are magic users, not all students know magic.

We offer:
- An active community
- Vibes
- A safe space for LGBTQ+ People
- A wide universe
- Opportunity to create and write NPCs
- A wide variety of RP Channels
- Literate Style RP
- Opportunities for you to make fun of your hated high school teachers!

- Be 15 years of age or older!!
- Be (fairly) active
- We don't allow custom races!

We are a writing server for any and all writers of any and all genres or styles. Fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror, romance, thriller, straight up smut, fan fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, poetry, vignettes, ET CETERA.

Leave your formality at the door, you won't ever need it. Half of the time we talk about something remotely related to writing, the other half is a circus.

The moderators sometimes interfere when people start mixing the NSFW and SFW chats together, but otherwise it's whatever. Everything turns into a hot mess, anyway.

Our server is semi-organized chaos, so if you decide to join, have fun and don't die.


See you there!
Hello there!
Are you looking for nice and cozy little roleplaying server focused on urban fantasy? In that case City of None might be for you. We are a new server just starting out so we would be more than happy for you to join us for this experience, we have channels for both roleplaying and general chat and I'm sure that a great community will blossom from this server. I hope to see you around in Everfree.
**New Server**
The last great war ate the world's population, and people started having less children, decreasing the population even more. Then, the rifts opened. It started with four different rifts almost twenty five years ago, but in the past decade, two more have opened in the world. At first, fingers were pointed everywhere with claims that it was a new weapon. Soon, it didn't matter how it happened, because everyone had a new problem. The first rift, the largest, rippled like a wave over the world and threw the population of other worlds together, spilling myths and legends into our world in an instant. Some structures changed as well, or simply appeared out of nowhere, as if universes had been shoved together. The leading theory in the rifts is that there was a shudder along the multiverse that rippled them together like waves, however more angry races want to play the blame game and say that elves, or demons are the reason. Many also believe, while not the official word, that there have always been cracks in the realities and this is how we have tales of fae realms and how myths like vampires, werewolves, and demons span the world. The way some creatures have gained power or positions in the world in so short a time hints to the theory that these cracks have been a means of travel for some time

Along with new creatures, rivalries have followed. While the world is not in a constant war, different races still carry out silent battles. Some races are not interested in simple coexistence and have darker designs. Some creatures of legend are monsters that existed in all realities and are threats to all life. Not all have come forward and no one knows what things might be lurking in the shadows or puppeting others. This paranoia has created many 'hunter' groups and even some human hunters willing or eager to work with other races to root out the 'bad' threats. Most of the known races work alongside humans and new occupations have been created as well as new technology and magic. After the first rift, the other three rifts opened in many different places, all desolate from war, suddenly changed in a moment with new cities. The first was a wave crashing into our reality and spilling over the world, the others were the ripples, peppering the globe with new emergences, strangely never in a place that was populated, as if the universe knew where to relocate people. Some races told of a world that was on the verge of collapsing before the shift. With every ripple of a rift, the world changes, revitalizing the globe, bringing magic, and sometimes adding new mountains. The world is still modern, but magic, now showing in humans, is starting a new 'industrial revolution".
This brand new (Established April 20th) Roleplay is set in the modern world of 2020, in London. History has progressed just as you know it. In fact, this might even be the real world... But under the surface are beings with power over the force of magic and might.

This world is protected by a magical spell known as The Veil. This spell stops most people from noticing the minor acts of magic that go on, practiced by the demigods and magic users in the world.

Furthermore, despite the name, you dont have to be a demigod. You could be the child of a Fae, or a normal human, perhaps even a human who is learning magic!

LGBT friendly, Friendly People, and SFW
2017 is the year where we could make a new hope to next future but there's once an explosion that changed the world into the new one.. it might be cool having a magic power but it's not like you guys thought.
✦Welcome to Flux City✦

In the year 2000 a portal to a fantastical place with swords and magic appeared in the middle of nowhere, a settlement has now established itself around it and is now known as the City of Flux. A few races have migrated to the City of Flux enamored by the promise of technology and peace.

With the appearance of the portal a new magical energy, called flux, has begun to seep in the world as we know it. This new energy has given people different kinds of magical abilities and mutations that are more often than not unique to them.

It is now the year 2050 and a strong new world embassy has been established and flux is now a well established concept that many are seeking to master and capitalize on.

**[How will the modern world react to the emergence of this new world?**

**[How will the magical energy known as flux impact society and the lives of those who live in it?**

**[What unknown entities and artifacts lies beyond that portal?**

Those are things you yourself shall find out and influence yourself....

What this server has to offer:

✦A dynamic and detailed lore ✦
✦ Fun Roleplay and Events ✦
✦Active Staff ✦
✦A unique and balanced roleplaying system✦
✦Rewards for active roleplayers✦
The first one's within the universe where the Empyerals, they are Order, Chaos, Compassion, and Euphoria.
They created everything else, whether it was to decide the answer to an argument, or simply to let things other than them exist is only known to them.
Heaven and Hell where created to govern the other races, though their power was not infallible. Be a Human, an Angel, a Devil, or a Leviathan, the creatures of this world have free will only influenced by the Empyeral's concepts.

There are 19 races to choose from, as well as Titles and Variations on species.
Including variations, the number of different types of creatures that you can play are of 21 variations.
Silverfield, Maine is an urban fantasy Roleplay room centered around the supernatural occurrences of the town. From angels to demons all forms of creatures roam the streets. Hiding themselves from humanity and attempting to blend in. All the while the scheming minds of unholy abominations turn, attempting to steal the life force of the town away. Some individuals will play at heroes and others as villains. Fighting against each other for the sake of the town. Others still will take no part and attempt to survive it all. Will you join us?
New Odyssey is an 18+ Jcink Roleplay Server. It mixes mythology and supernatural creatures in modern day California. We offer an easy application, friendly and helpful staff, and amazing members!