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"May the Gods smile with favor upon you, and may all my efforts not be in vain."

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⛦ Welcome to Phantasia Academia ⛦
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Established as a safe haven after the War Against Salem in 1693, Phantasia Academia is an academy designed to protect and rear the most promising students supernatural society will ever have the privilege of having among their ranks. You, dear student, have been chosen from among your peers as the best of the best your hometown has to offer. Whether you contribute in academics, sports, or the arts, each student at Phantasia Academia has a role to play in the functioning machine that is our dedicated student body. As a warning, we do encourage all of our students to remain on high alert around the more secluded areas of our campus and the town of Wysteria surrounding us. There is a reason we do not peek behind the curtain, even magic has it's demons.

☟We Offer:☟
♢ A magical highschool experience for your ocs.
♢ Rp classes w/ google classrooms and actual personalized report cards.
♢ A dedicated Staff/Head Staff.
♢ Gender neutral housing & bathroom options.
♢ Mysteries to unfold
♢ Narration & Events
♢ Secret Student Societies
♢ A chance to get into the highly specialized Projects - A class and B class.

☟We Encourage:☟
♢ Literate RP
♢ Respectful Behavior
♢ No OP/Godmodding
♢ Creativity

⛦ We Hope To Have You Enroll Soon! ⛦
It is the year 2060 and the Earth has evolved into a semi-like utopian world. Not entirely "utopian" since there are still economic problems. However, worlds accidentally collided and somehow created alternate universes, now the world is full of monsters, hybrids and androids. Because of this, everyone in the world has power-like abilities which has it's pros and cons. Villains can be everywhere, making destructive forces and some even want to rule the world, but luckily there are people who are superheroes that save civillians by stopping them.

In Japan, Karui Heiwa Academy gives you the proper education you need and will not tolerate any kind of rebellious behaviour and will teach students how to be a superhero.
>be a student in our school and be in a dormitory, sparre in our training zone with a friend, make friends and learn something new!
>be a hero and defeat all the villains in the city (it isn't an easy task)
>be a teacher in our elite school and talk to the students! You can get yourself a cup of coffee anytime in our cafe too ^^
>a civilian, you can go around Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto or maybe find a villain lurking deep under the city.
>a villain and commit as many crimes, such as massacare, organ trading, prison brakeout and more!
>have as many characters

There are many choices since you can have as many characters as you want to. The choices are unlimited :) You can explore Japan with your friends, eat in cafes, shop for food, go to school trips, own a house and car, camp, and so much more!


-An active server
-Bilingual people!
-Furries are welcome~
-Inspired by BNHA and Harry Potter
-Users can make as many as 3 characters
-We fully support LGBTQ+
-Friendly Staff
-Meet new people and chat!
-There are 18+/NSFW channels however, this roleplay is PG. Sorry.
( ͡⚆ل͜ ͡⚆)

Hope you join us!! ( ͡◉◞ ͜ʖ◟ ͡◉)
Toyozou High School - A school made for the 'Special and Intelligent students'... Or is it?

Welcome to Toyozou High School... ENHANCED!
This is an upgraded and remade version of the RP server Toyozou High School, which I felt the need to remake due to several flaws in the server.

The base RP is still the same: Students and Teachers alike are all trapped within a barrier surrounding the perimeter of the school, just outside the fence that surrounds it all. Real or delusion, what is this place?
Come join Toyozou High School: Enhanced, where we allow entrance to everyone! (except desperate pervs.)

Note: Upon joining, you will STILL have to read the rules and create a character using the provided sheet. The owner may not be online, so have some patience! Also, don't just be a desperate person looking to ERP.
Realistic RP

A RP where you live out a realistic second life. Go to school or run a hole in the wall diner. Find love or tear others down. Share your art with the world or spend your time learning.

-Server runs on a system that tells you the current month and holiday! ❤
-250 roles to describe your character's personality and career! 💛
-120+ locations around the city and even vacation spots! 💚
-Channels for your characters socials and dms! 💙
-Public and private events twice a week! 💜
-Literate rpers that take pride in their story! 📚
-Welcoming staff that listens to the community! 🤗
Welcome to kanasaki academy, where supernatural teens of other races come to learn and practice magic and get to live at dorms and explore the town of kanasaki as well, this is a free roam rp, people can make their own story plot for their character and possibly find what they want to do,have fun.
Welcome to Teredoki high

I am your new HeadMaster, Escanor
In this school we show our students pride and teach them there skills, step in to our glorious school and come out even better

Enjoy your stay

~HeadMaster Escanor
Lumen High School, school of the extraordinary. To the public, this was assumed to be a school for the incredibly intelligent. However, that is not the case whatsoever. The school is for those who have discovered that their body can produce Vita. Students will be notified of their acceptance by a letter materializing in front of them. The letter will have their class, dorm arrangements, and information about the school all written on it. All that's left to do is sign at the bottom, and one will be transported to this incredible school. The school itself is not limited to humans, however. Thavma, an island off the coast of America, is home to an array of mythical wildlife. Many of this wildlife is unheard of, due to the fact that the island is incredibly hard to reach. However, this island has even developed cities and towns with the smarter creatures running them. The island hosts some mythicals capable of speech and communication, as well. The same application process goes for these creatures. However, Lumen High is hosted in Novasutus city, so seeing them out and about is somewhat worrying to the public. If a mythical who attends the school wishes to exit into the city, they must be properly disguised, in risk of being caught by the locals. The school itself is a wonderfully welcoming environment, however!

-Create your own characters!
-Explore our in depth world and magic system!

Enjoy your stay!
This server is a safe place for LGBTQ Roleplayers and RPs!

Lakewood High is a slice of life, high school themed, LITERATE roleplay server that is mostly for characters who are LGBTQ+! It's set in the modern day, fictional town of Lakewood Springs, Washington, a small town in the middle of nowhere. Our server provides...

~ A realistic and detailed roleplaying environment!
~ Both RP and ERP! ( for the nasties of course (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) )
~ A NSFW category! ( again, for the nasties (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) )
~ Room for creativity and choice!
~ A safe space for people of the LGBTQ+ community!
~ A small but growing friendly group of roleplayers!
~ Bot access to Unbelievboat, Nugget Bot, MEE6, and Rythm!

So come join us at the new Lakewood High School Roleplaying Server!
Story- The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Having just died, you were rejected by heaven and hell so you were automatically enrolled in Valhalla High. Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
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⛦ Welcome to Okayama Academy ⛦
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This is a roleplay Based Server!everyone is welcome to Join and Roleplay with our other members.We welcome all types of Roleplayers and If you're new to role-playing we won't mind, the members in the server can help you improve. Come and Join the Fun!

☟We Offer:☟
♢ A magical highschool experience for your ocs.
♢ Rp classes w/ google classrooms and actual personalized report cards.
♢ A dedicated Staff/Head Staff.
♢ Gender neutral housing & bathroom options.
♢ Mysteries to unfold
♢ Narration & Events
♢ Secret Student Societies
♢ A chance to get into the highly specialized Projects - A class and B class.

☟We Encourage:☟
♢ Literate RP
♢ Respectful Behavior
♢ No OP/Godmodding
♢ Creativity

⛦ We Hope To Have You Enroll Soon! ⛦
A Marvel RP based on the game "Avengers Academy." After a fight involving the Infinity Stones, the Avengers were de-aged with no knowledge of who they were, with a few exceptions. Choose a character and uncover secrets and form relationships!
••●══════••● 𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖊 ••══════●••
Since 1795, Rose Lake Hall has been educating the teenage children of elite, wealthy families all over the world. The school was founded by a French noble who had settled in America for a short while. With his immense wealth, he was able to fund a school for the upper class. The school was built upon a beautiful site of fragrant roses and a grand lake nearby. It was built to resemble the brilliant chateaus that Monsieur Leroy enjoyed at his home in France, and modeled after the famous Chateau de Versailles. It was only until the 1950s when Rose Lake Hall began a scholarship program, which brought in many extremely bright individuals to the school. The school went on to be known as one of the most prestigious institutes in America, appearing on many top ten lists, best schools lists, etcetera. Though, there have been many rumors lately about an underground dungeon in which poltergeists, monsters, and creatures roam.

Join Rose Lake Hall and embark on a classic roleplay. Originally founded in 2018 but closed down, Rose Lake Hall is back as a newer, fresher, and better Discord server! There have been fake knockoff servers but this one is the true adaptation of the original, confirmed by the founders of the original Rose Lake Hall.

This server includes:
• An immersive roleplay and a very active community
• Reaction and self-assignable roles
• A super strong security system that is almost impossible to raid + Big admin team
• Verification system with a reaction-role that requires you to verify before seeing the rest of the server
• Lots of channels to explore
• A dungeon area that is basically a second roleplay on itself, all fantasy is restricted to the dungeon and will not affect any outside/school roleplay
• Personalized schedules made by the staff team just for you and your characters
• Custom student handbooks and documents to read
• Voice channels
• A great community! Any problems should be reported directly to staff
You live in a quiet small town of RedStone, anomaly's everywhere, strange animal attacks, odd sightings that almost go noticeable. Here you can search for paranormal experiences or maybe YOU'RE one of the anomalies. Explore this strange town and the people with it make discoveries. It almost feels like your from a movie

-Welcomed by friendly staff
-NSFW and SFW topics
-Music bot
-Laid back and chill server
We are a fallout high school roleplay server. the school is based in the Oregon wasteland, not yet featured in any fallout games to my knowledge, and we accept all kinds of roleplayers. We are a warm and welcoming community open to all, and we aren't very strict either, on both rules and characters. One thing we hate is OP characters. Being OP will result in a ban
The year is 2XXX, 93% of the world has some type of superpower know as "Quirk" these quirks have been caused by a unknow disease and practically became part of our society, a hero system has been created to stop criminals with quirks, various schools have been created to create new pro heroes, villains are always lurking in the shadows and are waiting to strike down the hero system as we know

The lore occurs 200 years after class 1-A joined UA, All Might, Deku and his succesor already passed away, currently, the #1 pro hero is the wielder of One for All and theres a student with it too

Shigaraki is alive because of All for One and he had became the new All for One, the league of villains got new members but the 4 main members (Toga,Twice,Dabi,Kurogiri) got a immortallity quirk from shigaraki

the teachers and the principal from UA are all changed

The city is not Musutafu, the current location of this RP is know as the Emerald island, a floating island paradise, it is full of technology and it is divided in 3 territories, Metro, the biggest area and the main city zone, it has a low crime rate but it still happens, the Kyon zone, the school part of the city, it is a icy part of the island, the crime rate is literally 0, No villains are allowed close to the school or they will be beaten up to almost death, and the Kashin zone, crime rate there reaches scary levels and it is considered the slums of the Emerald Island
The city of Verogia is a city that has been established for years. Some thought that the city was one that had been found since the beginning of time, but that's just a myth. In the age 50E, some of the king's men saw a flash in the sky and noticed that something crashed into the distant plains. Soon enough they would find some weapon...pulsing with power. But little did they know that these weapons started to appear all over the world. A total of 4. Soon all of these empires scattered across the world would notice that these weapons have abilities...abilities like nothing they've ever seen before.
"The year is 2269 AD, 250 years after Quirks first emerged. The country, Germany. In this world, UA does not exist, and One for All does not either. All for One does, but the user has long since died. A hero calling himself the Symbol of Possibility, Flaire, stands where All Might does in canon, and Villains make up 10% of the world population. 90% of the polulace has a Quirk now, and hero schools are everywhere. However, the best one in the world is located on the dutch-german border and called Radiance Academy, RA for short. Often targeted by villains, this school is the one where Flaire himself teaches. Many students enroll here, hoping to be heroes. Few succeed, but those that do become the world's greatest. However, a new threat arises. the Villain Unison, a group of powerful villains with a leader none know the identity of, have emerged and threaten to crush RA. However, the world was not made aware of this. This RP follows the OCs that enrolled in RA, and the story of how a group of perfectly normal students lived their lives, unaware and defiant of the looming threat, as well as of how this threat was beaten back."

Welcome to MHA: Radiant Light, a friendly, open-ended My Hero Academia RP server set up by a good team of staff. We welcome anyone who takes RP seriously, and we keep our community non-toxic as best we can. We hope to see you join us at Radiance Academy!
This is a brand new server for people who just want to relax and write some RPs. Hope that you'll like it. We have fun events coming soon when we will get more members
The roleplay occurs in present time in California, Los Angeles, in a fictional High School. I hope you have fun!
You know Katawa shoujo? Well here is a roleplay of it....oh yeah... there is some unrelated stuff in here too....what do you expect?
We explain what katawa shoujo is in case you don't know.
Other than that, basic highschool Role play.
This server allows you to explore a world where men and women can have children. There are three titles. There is the Alpha, Omega and the Beta. What will you be.
Have you ever wanted to do Magic? Have you ever wanted to explore a world that you've never experienced before? Do you like thrilling roleplay and exciting plots? Well, this server might be right for you.

Moonlight Academy is an Original RP based on lore designed by the admins themselves. All Lore and Information is on the server for those who wish to immerse themselves in a new world of fantasy. We're welcoming and open to new roleplayers and experienced roleplayers as well. We have tons of events, battles, and stories that'll keep you wanting more.

Moonlight Academy was originally created by Prince Eldric as a private academy. He created the academy with the vision of the noble children of Aquaria having a good education and a well organized school. He wasn't expecting his project to succeed in the slightest. However, after the overwhelmingly brilliant exam results and the magnificent performances of his students at a fighting competition, he decided to open the Academy to anyone who wanted to apply. This drew people in from all over the world, hearing the magnificent reviews of the Academy. Moonlight Academy revolutionalized the education system by creating a ranking system for Semblances and Wildcards. Their goal was to motivate the weaker students, who got lumped together, to become stronger and kept the strong students, who were also lumped together, to keep getting stronger because it was competitive. However, Moonlight Academy didn't just grade based on magic, but also personality.

Want a thrilling story? We have it.
What in-depth character development? We got you.

We reward roleplayers for being more active and showing interest. Please come check it out, our admins are very friendly.

In Summary we have:
- In depth Lore
- Flourish in character development
- Interactive events and combat scenario
- LGBT friendly
- Friendly admins and members

Please come and check us out. It's my first RP server.