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Futanari High School is an erotic roleplaying community. We encourage our users to explore all role-playing has to offer with an emphasis on character development, storytelling and good writing. Come check us out!
{ Llyvion Centre Academy: Advertisement }

About Llyvion:
(written by Biiitterly)

Llyvion Centre Academy, one of the top schools situated in the capital of the Eclea Republic, is a school that invites only the best potentials it finds. Whether you’re human or otherwise, LCA reaches out to different students from everywhere to join their academy.

It is unknown how Llyvion’s Academy was first built as recordings of its construction back in [REDACTED] has been lost to time. Many ideas and theories have popped up as to its original purpose, examples such as Llyvion was originally a safe-haven for individuals with extra-ordinary abilities due to scrunity from outsiders or it being a prison to restrain the powers of those with great potential. Others say that government-officiate council members created this building as a military base to train soldiers into becoming more superhuman during an extensive war that took place in Eclea. Some speculate that the school was, simply, a school for young scholars wanting to expand their knowledge and to go past their goals.

Things to do!

Whatever you do in the roleplay is endless- parpictate in daily class schedule with your fellow classmates- engage quietly, crazy or normally! Up to you.
After school, there is the town, mountain range, forests and beach to explore!
Create or join clubs student make, engage in outside activities and parpictate in events!
Watch or fight in the arena.

What we offer

A well polished server and a
small but welcoming and chill community! we have tons of bots to play around with and unique things such like:
• Ability to purchase a custom role
• Obtain the daddy role when you are the highest ranked member.
•Play our weekly daily games such like "What you do boys" "Would you rather" "Would you do this for one mill."
•NPC System
•We also host server events!
•Fair/Active Moderators!
•A established fighting /combat rule for roleplay.

``` ```
Welcome to the realm of magic! A World just like ours, except....MORE MAGICAL!! So many things to do!:

-Posses Magic from 3 different categories!
-Own a Familiar, who takes the form of any creature your heart holds dear.
-Become a student or teacher at the Hellebore High school!
-And much more!

The possibilities are endless!!

We currently have:
-Music Bot
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Seaside Academy is a high school for people who are different than your everyday humans. The students could be vampires, demons, angels, hybrids, etc. It's a safe place for them to come and not be judged for who they are. The students are provided with a dorm and a roommate. They aren't allowed to leave school grounds unless you're headed to the beach, but who would want to leave? It's paradise!
The server is still being set up and things wont be ready for awhile but I'd like people to start joining asap! This'll be a normal High School roleplay with dances, events, and stuff like that. There will be a few twists in the roleplay but those are just for fun!
Join Rixa Academy Of The Arcane.
Where you can meet new friends, find love and learn the wonders of the Arcane and magik.
-Breathtaking campus
-Firm but generous headmistresses
-Flying high student housing
-Supportive staff
-excellent curriculum
Join now! All genders and sexualities welcome!
This server is a safe place for LGBTQ Roleplayers and RPs!

Lakewood High is a slice of life, high school themed, LITERATE roleplay server that is mostly for characters who are LGBTQ+! It's set in the modern day, fictional town of Lakewood Springs, Washington, a small town in the middle of nowhere. Our server provides...

~ A realistic and detailed roleplaying environment!
~ Both RP and ERP! ( for the nasties of course (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) )
~ A NSFW category! ( again, for the nasties (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) )
~ Room for creativity and choice!
~ A safe space for people of the LGBTQ+ community!
~ A small but growing friendly group of roleplayers!
~ Bot access to Unbelievboat, Nugget Bot, MEE6, and Rythm!

So come join us at the new Lakewood High School Roleplaying Server!
"Dedicated to the ongoing legacy of our founders, Edgewater Academy is committed to educating our students to be able to confront humanity's urgent challenges. We are also empowering our students to live fulfilling lives as responsible, global citizens. Apply today!"

💚 LGBTQ+ friendly!
💚 Friendly staff!
💚 Tons of roles for individuality!
💚 Several RP channels!
💚 Character creation
💚 Faceclaims
:cherry_blossom: 𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝒜𝓀𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓂𝒾 𝐻𝒾𝑔𝒽 :cherry_blossom:

𝒜𝓀𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓂𝒾 𝐻𝒾𝑔𝒽 is a high school roleplay based on the game Yandere Simulator, by YandereDev. You will be able to experience the life of a high school student at Akademi.

We offer...

❀ Clubs, for you to join!

❀ Friends to make!

❀ A chance to be a student at Akademi High!

❀ Fun bots!

❀ Color roles!

❀ YouTube updates for YandereDev's channel!

❀ And more!

𝒲𝑒 𝒽𝑜𝓅𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝑒𝓃𝓇𝑜𝓁𝓁 𝒶𝓉 𝒜𝓀𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓂𝒾 𝐻𝒾𝑔𝒽…
The story takes place in the year 2020, the modern era with a large twist, monsters, myths, legends and entities all happily (Sometimes not so) coincide with modern technology humanity. They no longer live in the shadows of the world, vampires, werewolves, wisps, wraiths you name it , it exists in this universe. The beings of this world have all known of each others existence for eons, as such they all have evolved together into the modern day creatures you see here.

We are an Erotic Roleplay / Regular roleplay server of which is 16+ only!

We have many things unique from the town , the forests , as well as the occassional group roleplay events!! Our server includes:
~ Self Assignable Roles
~ A more unique Fantasy Roleplay
~ Diversity and Variety
~ Faction system! Don't want to be a student or teacher? Join the townies! Want to be apart of a crime organization? Yakuza, want to be an officer of the law , or even a detective? Go right ahead.
~ Multiple Bots
~ Each individual teacher has a house and classroom , each student their own dormatory living space and each townie their own house!!
~ A town / city scape for an opportunity to create a "Townie" character. This offers a chance for those who don't wish to be directly apart of an academy roleplay but still apart of our server!
~ An advertising channel for those who wish to do direct messaging role plays!

Hope to see you join us!
This is a growing community of high school students that are all taking the sat and wanna reach high for the 1600. Feel free to ask questions in the server and join :)
You have been accepted into Gifted Academy. The world's most prestigious boarding school for the intellectually gifted. We reward those with natural born talents. We recognize raw abilities. Here at Gifted Academy, we help students explore their natural gifts in a fun and safe environment.

A new RolePlay sever
A high School for people with powers to train to use them. Everyone in this world was born with a power deep inside of their soul to be unlocked by training. Kings/Princes were the first to unlock. So a monarch is anyone trained to unlock and use that power deep inside themself. This school is ranked number 2 in all of America so, once a year students participate in trails with 2 other schools. The school does not discriminate for your goal even if you want to uses them... for bad , the goal of going to one of these schools is to go to a Monarch College so you can become a Monarch Knight someone who defends the people... like a hero
The prestigious Saint Madrigal Institute is located in modern-day Tribeca, Manhattan. Some may refer to it as a boarding school for snobs, institute of opportunity, or an embodiment of mystery. Though many well-known students attend the school with extremely active social lives, specific details about the school are kept away from the public, including the student population that is decreasing, oddly enough. In response to the gradually decreasing amount of students, the administration board began rewarding talented and skilled individuals with scholarships, much to the dismay of a handful of ambitiously wealthy students.

Students, however, are exposed to the multiple conflicts, which include gossipers, a battling social hierarchy, and the addictive truth-and-dare game called "Nerve". It consists of players, the individuals that complete dares for money and prizes, and watchers, the people that pay to watch the players. Innocent, right? The game then unfolds into a competition for the winning spot of completing most dares with most views. Whispers travel around the academy, though, about missing individuals and people becoming prisoners to the game, but nothing official was ever confirmed.

This RP is inspired off of the movie, Nerve, and partially of the show, "Gossip Girl". But, you don't have to have watched either to be able to rp here! Though it is inspired off of Nerve, it does not end up in death.

-We offer a wide range of rp channels that has space for the development of characters and connections. We also have channels for you to socialize in and create your own friendships.

-We offer self-assignable roles that includes various colors for your aESTHETIC.

-At the moment of development, we wish to be accepting of a range of rp-styles, so we will accept at least 1-2 complete sentences per post! Please try to use proper grammar and spelling, though, and put as much detail as you can to avoid confusion.

-You can use IRL fcs here, if you want.

-Also, this is a new server, so we are hoping it develops really well. :)
★☆✿✵ welcome newcomer! (ノ°∀°)ノ⌒・:.。. .。.:・゜゚・*☆

What is Seabrook City?

Seabrook City is a city that houses a big secret away from the rest of the world...Harbour View High School was made as a safe haven in this small city to house gifted & talented teenagers blessed with magical elemental abilities. We also have various stores and places outside of school to rp in.

This is a friendly, fairly new server looking for others to rp with and have fun with! come join us! (^_−)☆

what we have:

-a welcoming server

-tons of ooc chats

-various bots (including a music bot!)

-constant updates on world

-ooc chats

-chances to get spots for moderators

-also memes
Welcome! To 1966 San Francisco! Where America was covered was covered with peace, hippies, drugs, greasers, The Beatles and a bunch of Classic Rock bands and even retro pop bands as well. You can live as a rich kid spoiled by their parents, or a poor kid that grew up in the ghettos, or just be your normal middle class kids. You can decide to be a preppy high school student, a low life greasers, a business man, a gangster the ideas are endless. but one thing is for sure... it’s the 60’s have some fun ya hippie.
☆ 60’s experiences
☆ High School Life and also Adult life as well
☆ Iconic places to visit like the Golden Gate Bridge, Russian Hill, and Baker Beach
☆ Radio and TV news channel for your characters to react to while in role play
Amias Manor is a newly established private school for the grades of 6th through 12th grade. Ages 11 to 18. Middle and high school. This school is located on a private island which connects to a city using a bridge. Amias Manor accepts students from all around the world and of all species. The students are given dorms or are allowed to live with their parents in the city. The school is newly founded on the grounds of a once abandoned manor.

World lore: In this universe, all sorts of mythical and supernatural creatures exist with no religion attached to them. This world is peaceful and has modern technology which helps fit the needs of every creature.

School: American based school system.

Middle school is ages 11 to 14. Grades 6th through 8th. Their classes are marked with a one. Ex, 1a 1b. Their uniform is black.

High school is ages 15 to 18. Grades 9th to 12th. Their classes are marked with a two. Ex. 2a 2b. Their uniform is white.

Sports: Many sports are played within the school, if you would like to request a new sport, please head to the main office.

Clubs: There is a club building. If you would like to request a new club, there is an office within the building that can guide you through the process of making a new club.

Field trips: The school offers field trips for different grades all the time. Please check the bulletin board for upcoming field trips.

Power and abilities training: We have our very own training room, especially made to handle all known powers and abilities. If you need help managing your powers and abilities, you're more than welcome to request this class or simply a coach.

Dorms: Since we have many international students, we offer dorms for them to use. When filling out an application please be sure to put whether you're okay with sharing a dorm or need a single dorm. Also be sure to add any additional accommodations that you might need.


This rp is new and semi lit and above! To see all other info about the server please join!
Hi there!
We are a new server, looking for active members. We try our best to keep this server very loose and relaxed, so any level of ability is welcome, from one-liners to novella.
Here's some quick things about us:
-This is a VERY character-based server, with the main focus being on, well, the characters and the relationships they form, whether negative or positive.
-We are LGBT+ friendly! We do not want to exclude anyone (and seeing as I myself am part of the LGBT+ community, it'd be kinda dumb to have double standards).
-As said above, any level of writing is accepted, and any style of writing is also fine; all we ask is that you at least give your partner something to respond to.
-There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have, all we ask is that you be active with each one you create (so don't go making like ten if you don't intend to be active with them all).
-As small as we are currently, our community is very welcoming! If you have any questions or problems, we will do our very best to answer them and help you out.
-Characters can have powers here, although we ask that you keep them rather small and not have them be the main focus of your character.

Anyway, if you decide to stay, we hope you have a good time!
Welcome to WWE High School! Where every student-wrestler has to study, work hard, be fit and wrestle! You can make a Real one using the Real Character template and you can the fake one using the fake character template! Beware of Vince McMahon! He's the Principal.. If You make trouble.. HE WILL GIVE YOU DETENTION! But the more the trouble you will be suspended! Oi! Why you reading it? Go have fun!
Have you been looking for a kinky experience on a high school? well feel free to join us we have awesome bots and distinguished admins that will help you on anything that you could need
Have you ever wanted to do Basketball Roleplay at the discord ?Have you ever dreamed of being scouted by top colleges, leading your team on a cinderella run in March Madness, and then pushing your ticket for the NBA Hall of Fame?Well,you can do that here !You can go to High School,College and play in the NBA League !Create you OC and start your new Basketball Career !You can be Cannon too like LeBron James or Kevin Durant (But you need to do a audition for that) !

-In this server you gonna find:
Good roleplayers,
Good Admins
No bullying,just FUN !

**Roleplay Name:** Winterville Highschool (Highschool Roleplay)

**Roleplay Type:** Semi-Lit

**Server Type:** Other, A small town with a large high school.

**Creation Date:** 4/9/19 | Released into the public: 7/26/19 | Put on disboard: 7/31/19

**Atmosphere:** Our atmosphere is mostly chill, though we can be cruel if someone breaks a very important rule. Don't worry if you make a mistake! We always give everyone more than one warning.

**Description:** The halls are filled with students, some are hanging out in groups, some are looking for something in their lockers, and some are just wandering the halls. You're standing in front of the school's entrance. A senior with curly red hair approaches you. "Hello! Welcome to Winterville High school. Oh! Let me introduce myself, my name is Myla Frye! What's yours?"

Welcome to Winterville High school roleplay! A place where you can be yourself. This server is based around a small town that owns a very famous bakery and a large high school! We have channels for almost everything! If we don't have a specific channel, anyone can suggest it in our suggestion channel. This server has money that you can earn from roleplaying or working! Then, you can spend that earned money on anything you'd like. This includes dream homes, empty plots, dream businesses, food, you can even gamble! Of course, all characters have to have a home so, even if you haven't bought a house yet, you can live in our cozy, free, motel! There's all of this and tons more, so if you're interested, feel free to join!

**Owner:** @A Giraffe#9702 and three others that helped make this server!

**Small Note:** This server is just starting up! Since we have such few members, it won't be very active, but you can join to help us grow!

**Server Link:**
Welcome to The Minerva Academy for Magical Creatures! Here kids with magic can come to use the place as a safe haven, a place to train their magic with the best wizards and witches in the world!

This is a newly opened server with simple systems for magic and races, the only thing we ask for is literacy and respect.

If you follow that you are basically free to do whatever you wish, there's no restricted races, you can make your character whatever you want and make them do whatever they want (With reason obviously)
"The year is 2269 AD, 250 years after Quirks first emerged. The country, Germany. In this world, UA does not exist, and One for All does not either. All for One does, but the user has long since died. A hero calling himself the Symbol of Possibility, Flaire, stands where All Might does in canon, and Villains make up 10% of the world population. 90% of the polulace has a Quirk now, and hero schools are everywhere. However, the best one in the world is located on the dutch-german border and called Radiance Academy, RA for short. Often targeted by villains, this school is the one where Flaire himself teaches. Many students enroll here, hoping to be heroes. Few succeed, but those that do become the world's greatest. However, a new threat arises. the Villain Unison, a group of powerful villains with a leader none know the identity of, have emerged and threaten to crush RA. However, the world was not made aware of this. This RP follows the OCs that enrolled in RA, and the story of how a group of perfectly normal students lived their lives, unaware and defiant of the looming threat, as well as of how this threat was beaten back."

Welcome to MHA: Radiant Light, a friendly, open-ended My Hero Academia RP server set up by a good team of staff. We welcome anyone who takes RP seriously, and we keep our community non-toxic as best we can. We hope to see you join us at Radiance Academy!