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⚝ Imperium Academy is an academy for those whom can do, create, or control the impossible. Imperium Academy accepts enrollments from the ages 6 to 24.⚝

⚝Imperium Academy is a LGBTQ+ safe place.⚝

⚝Imperium Academy is for you if you like:
⚝School Roleplay
⚝Friendly People
⚝Music bots
Welcome to the |Universal High|
Tons of RP channels and Members to RP with!
Join in! and have fun RolePlaying!
- 50+ RP Channels
- Fun Bots!
- Friendly Staff
- 25+ RP Roles

More Features and Updates will be in the Server!
Join in and Have Fun~!
Il était une fois un ange Yasashii et un démon Ikezu. Tous deux s’aimaient passionnément. Comme fruit de leur amour, ils formèrent une école regroupant créatures démoniques et angéliques. L’école fonctionnait avec des duos entre anges et démon, forçant la coopération entre les deux entités.
Avec le temps, Yasashii s’éprit d’un autre ange rendant Ikezu fou de rage. Ce dernier regroupa, sous le nom de clan «Ikezu » tous les démons voulant prendre la dominance de l’école. Pour se défendre Yasashii organisa elle aussi un clan sous son nom.
De nos jours la guerre entre les clans perdurent.

Voici la présentation des anciens chefs de clan:


Vous le connaissez sûrement ; l'une des femmes les plus sublimes. Elle possède un objectif bien précis : garder sous son aile les plus jeunes. Dans cet endroit, ils recevront une protection hors du commun, ainsi qu'une excellente éducation ; puisque les professeurs sont choisis méticuleusement. Peut-être que dans l'avenir ces héros seront désirés, et c'est ce que Yasashii souhaite mettre en place : des personnes tout à fait capable de maintenir l'ordre et loi, avec justement, leurs aptitudes !


C'est un peu le côté obscur de l'école, usant comme motif "l'injustice" pour former des anti-héros. Bien évidemment, ce qui est dit au-dessus n'est pas su aux yeux de tous car le dirigeant de cet endroit est l'un des plus influant dans le milieu. Il a subi auparavant une injustice, qui a donc changé sa vision de ce monde. Son excuse face à la critique : " Je veux offrir à tous ceux dans le besoin, et avec un statut les défavorisant, une éducation réussite. " À voir si cela est vrai..."
Darkwater Falls was once just a quiet town in Maine. Once, the most dangerous thing to plague the local college students was poor grades, and the looming student debt. But things are different now. Everything changed, on the night of the Hurricane. The night became a time to be feared; the occasional howling of coyotes became the recurring cry of werewolves, crying for their pack. The stray pedestrian outside at night became a stalking Vampire, searching for it's prey. Now, the students of Darkwater University, and the citizens of Darkwater Falls, must adapt to this new way of life. The Supernatural have settled in, and they aren't leaving anytime soon. Do you have what it takes to survive?
~~ Darkwater Falls is a dedicated roleplay server, with: ~~
-Skilled and devoted staff to assist your every need.
-Semi-Literate playerbase of highly active roleplayers.
-Semi-Daily events to get involved and RP.
-Custom and easy to understand lore.
-Working social-media function.
-Blockbuster storylines weekly.
-And SO much more!
So join today, and prepare for the story of a lifetime.
A dark time for dragons and humans alike rose when strange activities began appearing among the dark markets. Dragon teeth, scales, eggs, all acquired and sold no matter how difficult the task was to find them. All the elements of dragons began to fall, decrease in numbers. And so it came to be that Wistwood Academy, a large boarding school based near a small, cosmic town, set up an unused part of the grounds to accommodate for the dragons’ residence. As rare a species as they may be now, many of what was left have moved to live in the area, taking up safety in the hidden region that stretches between Wistwood Academy and the town beside it, the only civilisations for thousands of miles. The Academy in itself had only been around for a century before the dragons moved near. Nobody knows exactly how the school got its start, but what is known is that it started unlike any other, a school for rich parents to send their kids to, ever hopeful they will succeed excessively. The school gives out scholarships rather steadily, convinced that those not wealthy enough to enroll still have qualities and skills to share. It’s wide range of electives shuffled to include dragon studies, a popular choice among new students. Students and dragons coexisted in Wistwood until something rather puzzling, rather mystical happened. A student and dragon came to choose each other, offering protection and a solid understanding between them that has yet to be explained. Since this, dozens upon dozens of students and dragons have bonded, an unbreakable pact that allows them to communicate and exist not beside each other, but with each other. Will you be lucky enough to find your unanimous companion? Welcome to Wistwood Academy.

Our server offers:

-A unique lore, set in the modern era.
-Literate to semi literate roleplay.
-Numerous channels, both ooc and roleplay related.
-A growing community with a welcoming atmosphere.
-Staffing applications.
-Many character creation opportunities, including student electives and cliques, along with dragon elements.
-Upcoming events, plot twists, giveaways and other exciting stuff to get involved in and even help plan.
Hello! This server is a Hogwarts roleplay server based in current times. We have just started roleplay and are hoping you will join as well!
Our server is generally new, so be kind if some of the staff or even me are having trouble figuring things out.
+original plot
*active roleplayers and staff
+and people always active to chat

We tend to have a lot of joking around, so if you are looking for an overly serious server this may not be for you. We try to keep the server **mostly** pg-13 so keep cursing to a minimum.

= We fully support LGBTQ+ and have venting channels for any of your needs of support or just advice.

~~Anyone found disrespecting anyone on our server will be kicked and doing anything such as trying to delete our server, attacking members, or stealing plot is not allowed.~~
♤𝙇𝙪𝙭𝙪𝙧𝙮. 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙣. 𝙋𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙜𝙞𝙤𝙪𝙨.♤

Like the name? We do too. “But oh my gosh doesn’t that translate to the s-word?” Yes it does. Incompetent. Read further on.

Welcome Fellow Applicant,

⚠️ 𝙄𝙢𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙢𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚: 𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙! ⚠️

“Congratulations fellow newcomer! You’ve been invited to join the Seibetsu Academy. Just pass a SIMPLE interview to get in! This is one of the BEST academies in the world by far. Sponsored by the one and only 𝙋𝙤𝙨𝙚𝙞𝙙𝙤𝙣 𝙏𝙚𝙘𝙝𝙣𝙤𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝘾𝙤𝙧𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣. Here at Seibetsu we have a wide variety of students, and most of them being people of ALL races, with some magical and “Ultima” Abilities.”

What really is the goal of the Poseidon Technologies Corporation? What is it this corporation is trying to accomplish when they made this academy in 1980? It seems like nothing. But beneath the surface of this prestigious well-renown Academy, something deep lurks beneath. Slavery. Mind control. Human experimentation, a step to global domination? Which is it? Or is there nothing really going on? You might be silenced PERMANENTLY if you get to know too much.

Is this really your typical RP server? Depends on how you look at it. We don’t judge!

Welcome to Seibetsu! We hope you have a fun time.
-➤ 📗Roleplays of ALL skills. 📗
We’ve introduced new roles that determines your RP length, so wether you want a short, long, or advanced roleplaying partner, we’ll try to pair you up.

-➤ 📕Deep, Yet Optional Lore.📕
Wether you’re here for the simple ERP experience, or ready to explore the depths of the indirect lore, either way there’s something for you.

-➤ 💦 Optional ERP and “use-anytime” role
We offer completely OPTIONAL ERP, with no kinkshaming. There’s also a “use-anytime” role. Just select it, and be prepared if someone tries to take you.

-➤ 🏢 Dedicated DORMS (And soon to come housing)
Dorms are divided equally, with more being built all the time. They’re also private, meaning you can have perfect privacy with your. . .loved one.

-➤ 📂 Dedicated Templates 📂
We have a range of three templates. All of them with their own goals and offers. You can choose the highest of the high, or choose the more beginner style template. Whatever you’re here for, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible.

-➤ 💬 Dedicated Looking for RP role 💬
Sometimes it might get a little slow. That’s why there’s a role you can ping to make sure you get an RP partner. (Though the server is kind of small either way)

-➤ 👌 A pretty mellow Owner 👌
The owner of this server isn’t that strict, and as such they’re pretty helpful! And yes, I’m not the owner the one that’s writing this anyways lmao

Interested in joining our community? Click the down below button and get started! REMEMBER! We’re still small! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Many years ago, A war between the human and sub-human broke out. The humans were afraid of the supernaturals Power, and these ‘sub-humans’ were tired of living in fear. After many bloody battles the war came to an end.

Historia high was founded to he a safe haven for both humans and subhumans, teaching them about real-life affairs and their powers. In the end, everyone is welcome!
Hey there! Welcome to Delton High, were pretty new so there’s things to be patched up but we enjoy the company.

-Friendly staff
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
Welcome to Cloverleaf University!

Here we have plenty of Sporting Opportunities, Schooling opportunities, and our school's main focus, The Equine Oppurtunities.

We offer both riding styles, all disciplines and most of all... We offer friends worth keeping.

Join today to get in on the action!
⌦ ———✪ School Of The Night ✪———⌫

⌬ *Imagine a meteor , a meteor that brought the fate of the sun to a stop... now, imagine place where it is constantly night, a place where the concept of time means ... well...basically nothing at all. Now, take that thought and make it into a school for supernatural children and teachers, if that idea sounds pleasing then School Of The Night is for you!* ⌬

⊠ **Things the server has are..** ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And Staff! ❤️
╞ 50+ RP Channels! ⌨️
╞ The Ability To Be Mutated Or Human! 😁
╞ A Welcoming Community! 👐
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat! 🖊✏️
╞ A Speaking VC Chat And A Music VC Chat! 🎵
╞ Alexa! (Music Bot) 🎶
*And More!*
So come! Join Today!
- - - - -

⌦ ———✪ ❤️ ✪———⌫
Hello! Welcome to Ashlico University! We are a new roleplay server that has many channels to RP from! First slide to the #rules and #introductions to get started, then work on a char using the template in #template and posting it in #submissions! I can't wait for you to get started!
Greetings future students of The Magic Academy for Gifted Children! Here’s a quick orientation:

Vuexloion was a world flourishing with magic, and many eons ago the mages of Vuexloion decided to venture out into the unknown, piercing through the fabric of reality into other worlds. Unusual species began to set foot in their world, and Vuexloion became the centerpiece of what was believed to be a new age of magic. However, peace was hindered between the 8 coexisting species, and war plagued the world of Vuexloion.

Eventually, the 8 species banded together once more and formed The Treaty of Nycinia. While the leaders realized that this was what needed to be done, others took the treaty with a grain of salt. Discrimination and prejudice continued be present everywhere in both the community and the press. With this spread of hatred in the communities, some human recognized that they were the weakest race and began to take matters into their own hands. The Damu Mbaya, a blood ritualistic group of humans that sacrifice other races for their magical power, emerged.

In order to try and regain the lost level of unity, The Magic Academy for Gifted Children was formed. The academy welcomes all species, regardless of their background or heritage. Some call the academy a step in the right direction, and others call it outlandish. Only one thing is certain: there will either be peace or war between the 8 species once again.

No profanity.
No bringing ethnic, sexuality, or political view into the server.
Respect all members on the server.
If an admin is being disrespectful, report to another admin, the co-owner or the owner.
Only submit character submission in the submission channels, no idle chat.
Admin words are final, mods don’t have full power.

Happy Roleplaying!
Bloodmoon is a monster school RP server with excellent staff fun bots and a non-toxic community anyone is welcome (as long as you aren't a raider of course) feel free to DM me any questions @Juggernaut#9473 for more info! Have a lovely day!
Welcome to Future Haven, a utopian city roleplay set in the near future. Our roleplays include erotic roleplay, school themed roleplay, and not much more. All we ask is you follow the rules
:game_die:Greetings. Join us in ギャンブルフリーク (Gamble Freak). Welcome to the school of gambling where your popularity is based strictly on your skills and strategy, as well as how well you can read your opponent. The rules are simple really, winner takes all. You may need to engage in 20 different matches to receive money and chips. Chips will be used to gambling as money will be the price you gamble with. Once you’ve won atleast 10 matches, you are now able to engage in an official match with the members of the student council. If you are seen as worthy enough, you may have a chance in gambling with the student council herself and being a part of the student council. MAY THE BEST GAMBLER WIN!!! :smiling_imp:🧮:pound:
🏫𝒲𝒾𝓃𝑒𝑅𝑜𝑜𝒹 𝒜𝒸𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓂𝓎 |𝑅𝒫|🏫

🤟This Is A New Server Where Your Are Just Getting To A New School And Have Fun Their Make New Friends ETC And Now You Have Powers And Theres New Roles Like🤟

------------------------------------------------------------ ElderGod,GrandMaster,Master,Diamond,Platinum,Gold,Silver,Bronze And Iron 💎 💎

😃 So Come Join Today We Would Totally Want To See You Guys 😃
Kyouiku Education is a school for those with supernatural abilities and wish to not only use them better but learn about them and the supernatural world. Among many things in the year 4000, science reigns and technology is far advanced past the point of automation and accessibility. People with powers were told by the government to hide themselves or their powers once the world realized that they were worse than the people or things with advanced and complex abilities. This leads to the concealing of various types of special schools and people who must live their life in secret in order to protect not only themselves, but their kind as a whole because the government was forced themselves to create laws around them while secretly providing aid and care to the supernatural population. Kyouiku Education, a school hidden away on the outskirts of the city where the trees are few and it's grassy plains for as far as the eye can see, the farther out you go, the more dystopian it gets rather than the utopian city. This school is a large school that is aimed at housing and educating the kinds of people who are much different than regular humans and inside develops not only a story of tense drama and action, but also romantic and deep tales of love.
- friendly staff
- active roleplayers
- events
- much more!
You’ve been kidnapped and now are stuck in a school with no way out. The craziest part on top of it, you get to find out that you aren’t human. It’s a brutal environment, can you uncover the secrets of the school and find a way out?
⭐Welcome to Wellston High! You are eligible to attend this school because you have a special power hidden deep within you
Many different powers have been created and distributed by the primordials, and have been passed down generation to generation
You are all very special. This is the top school out of all the power schools out there⭐

⭐In Wellston High, there are tiers. You are either a cripple, low tier, middle tier, elite tier, high tier, or god tier.⭐

⭐This Discord Server is based off of a Comic Book
In this server we have a variety of different aspects⭐
For example....
⭐-Turf Wars - A battle between different schools, but since there is one school for this server it will be against teams⭐

⭐-Regular fights - Wellston High is the top school in the world. So this means that there are many high tiers, involving many interesting fights⭐

⭐-You can pick you power, and decide if you are a cripple, low tier, middle tier, elite tier, high tier, or god tier⭐

⭐-In this school there is a set of royals. This includes one healer, four jacks, one king, one queen, and one ace⭐

⭐In the beginning of this server, once we have around 10 peoples, I will conduct a fight for all of them to decided who will be the the jacks, who will be king, who will be queen, and who will be ace⭐

⭐Obviously the strongest person is the ace, the two second highest girl and boy are the king and queen, and four of the third highest people in the school are the jacks, and the highest skilled healer is the healer⭐

⭐You can dethrone someone. If you believe you have more power than a jack, king, queen, or even ace, then you can challenge them to a fight⭐

⭐If you join, I hope you enjoy roleplaying on this server!⭐

It's all around us, everywhere. Anyone can tap into the vast powers that magic offers. People use it in their everyday lives, jobs were made easier with it, technology advanced further than it ever could. While anyone can learn to harness great magical powers, not everyone can. Learning to harness magic requires a lot of effort, skill, and discipline, as using magic incorrectly can lead to disastrous results. Because the best time for inexperienced magic users to learn how to use magic is during their childhood, many schools opened up around the world in order to teach the world's youth how to harness, control, and use various magical abilities.

One of the most prestigious of the magical schools - The Arcane Academy - was founded nearly two hundred years ago by an elusive person who is only known by the name 'The Headmaster'. The Arcane Academy is an exclusive school, only accepting children who they deem have a strong connection to magic, and out of the hundreds of thousands of people who apply to the school, only roughly a thousand of them get accepted. One day, when you're out checking your mail you find a strange letter in the mailbox. When you open and read it you find out that you have been accepted to The Arcane Academy! Now it's time for your adventure in magic to begin, what will you do, what will you learn, who will you meet? Well, that's up to you to find out...

---Server Features---

~Many self assignable roles to make your stay here more enjoyable.
~Welcoming community that accepts anyone from anywhere, no matter their rp skills
~LGBTQ+ Accepted
~Very laid back when it comes to enforcing a lot of the less important rules
~We're always adding new things and expanding
...and so much more!
it's hidden in the world. Only certain people get chosen for it. Greymore University is the source of all magic in the world. Or at least that's what they say.
In Greymore University, there are more than 600 students on the campus. Many LGBTQ+ people are supported by other students and staff. In the brochure it is also said that there is many fast food restaurants cafe's and places to hang out

Now to what truly makes Greymore special;
You are selected to take a test at Greymore. The test is separate from the rest of the campus. And you are packed in a room with many people. Fortunately you pass the test. You meet with a few people, only without your knowing, they test you for magic. Giving you a questionnaire. If you have a magical bloodline, you pass. You get your classes, the last class seemed odd. But if you don't pass, you still enter the University with a smiling face, and a "normal" school schedule.

We feature
- A roleplay check and writing standard
- Tons of magical races and abilities
-Fun tightknit community
-LGBTQ+ Acceptance
-A place for both magical and non magical characters