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This is Starlight High, Where humans and monsters meet each other on equal grounds, this is a really new server and was made entirely by one person. Aiko Kanida#1713, Aka the owner, i hope you all can enjoy my server and we can make a good community :3
`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! Currently under development. The school will focus on the various "dere" types, including Tsunderes, Yanderes and Kuuderes! Team up with your fellow deres, and fight for supremacy!`

----------------------------------------————-Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of the different dere types. However, dere's acknowledge their types and wear them proudly, essentially like school teams. Picture Harry Potter and how people are sorted into competing classes based on their personality traits. The reason for this is is that at the end of the year, only ONE dere class will graduate, all the others are forced to lie back. Staff members support their classes, and each dere class has a professor that basically takes the reigns.

Surprise RP events every night! Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! Dere territory battles will commence soon as well! The whole SCHOOL can be up for grabs, and each area can be taken by faction. More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
••●══════••● 𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖊 ••══════●••

Since 1905, Rose Lake Hall has been a prestigious private boarding school for children of the rich and famous. These children are almost guaranteed to move onto life with bright futures and opportunities to succeed. The school is a large, grand estate in Massachusetts that sits by a beautiful lake, with beautiful roses outside as far as the eye can see. The school has a large garden along with hedge mazes, mostly for leisure and sometimes school events. Rose Lake Hall has an insane amount of rooms, enough to house a town. There are many facilities to complement the size. The school is well-known and considered one of the most prestigious schools in the world due to the many classes it offers.
The students come from around the world from many great backgrounds. At one point, even royalty attended the school. The majority of the student population is extremely wealthy and many often have famous parents. The school has a strict scholarship program in which only the most intellectual may come to school at no cost along with free room and board, along with full access to everything any other student would have access to. Most students later move on to Harvard, Stanford, and many other esteemed universities after graduation. Some go on to produce hit movies or live superstar lives. The futures of the students are bright. But not everything is normal. There are rumors that there are monsters in the secret underground dungeons of the schools. Perhaps there are ghosts that roam the corridors? These are just rumors though. YOU decide your adventure, with ghosts or not. Welcome to Rose Lake Hall.

YOU, my dear roleplayer friend, have the opportunity to embark on an adventure in the prestigious Rose Lake Hall. Create your own exciting character. Roleplay with others who are delighted to meet you. Hone your writing skills. There is so much potential yet so little time. I'll see you there!
A non-fandom, alternate history, semi-post apocalyptic, roleplay server centered around a city and a school for superpowered individuals who gained their ability through genetic mutations. Join now and help us grow as a community!! We are LGBT+ and remain fairly family friendly!
A New LGBT server for both hanging out and meeting other students for homework help! We also have support and venting channel and something for everyone!
Hello we are Magic School RP and we are here to roleplay in a magic School so if you want to join go ahead and join us. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and we will be here to support you. I hope that you'll join us and enjoy being with us.
Founded in 1666 by Draegan Le Doux, a powerful necromancer, the Academy has gone through many changes over the years and continues. Today, inhabitants have the ability to pick from 4 schools of magic & be a student, professor, dean, or misc staff. While staying at the Academy, inhabitants can expect to be a part of events ranging from dances to battles, live on campus, venture into town, and students will attend a variety of classes.

Players will be part of an inclusive server with ooc channels, bots, and friendly staff.
This is a server where students, teachers, principals, and parents can share what they think schools need to change. They can also share what schools do well. Talk about the school to prison pipeline or statistics about what schools do or don't do well. :)
Bloodmoon is a monster school rp server with excelent staff fun bots and a non-toxic community anyone is welcome (as long as you arent a raider of course) feel free do dm me any questions @Cassandra#1921 for more info! Have a lovely day!
Hello, this is a school where Werewolf’s and human come together after years of war to go to the first ever werewolf and human school, here students must learn and work together in sync to pursue the peace of werewolf’s and humans, you can choose to be a human with abilites or a werewolf with abilities, We hope you consider our school and come to our school.
We offer:
•Positive Staff members•
•Lots of channels ^-^•
•Clubs and activities run by Student council•
•LGBT+ Friendly•
•Toxic people are not allowed•
•Roleplay Channels•
We hope to see you join us in our wonderful school.
You are walking down a road. When? You don't know, but you're looking for power; you've heard tales of a place that can give you it. You arrive at your destination, stopping. Here you are; the academy. A voice rings out behind you, "Welcome to the academy, kid. Ready to join the realities scourge?"
A school for very evil people has appeared suddenly. What could be in it? only one way to find out. Time to enroll in the academy.
⌦ ———✪ School Of The Night ✪———⌫

⌬ *Imagine a meteor , a meteor that brought the fate of the sun to a stop... now, imagine place where it is constantly night, a place where the concept of time means ... well...basically nothing at all. Now, take that thought and make it into a school for supernatural children and teachers, if that idea sounds pleasing then School Of The Night is for you!* ⌬

⊠ **Things the server has are..** ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And Staff! ❤️
╞ 15+ RP Channels! ⌨️
╞ The Ability To Be Mutated Or Human! 😁
╞ A Welcoming Community! 👐
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat! 🖊✏️
╞ A Speaking VC Chat And A Music VC Chat! 🎵
╞ Alexa! (Music Bot) 🎶
*And More!*
So come! Join Today!
- - - - -

⌦ ———✪ ❤️ ✪———⌫
Welcome all monsters and humans!
You have been invited into a program for a school called Monster Mash University, this is the first school in America that allows monsters and humans to go to school together without being any sort of segregation. There are special dorms for different species so that way everyone can be at their most comfortable, sirens having small pools of their own and the larger monsters such as golems or Cyclops.
This school offers 100% free tuition because we do understand that many monsters do not have the money to be able to go to school thanks to how cruel the current world is toward them. Food and board will be covered by the school and the fundraisers that we hold to make sure every monster and human has a place to call their own. We welcome all species and are willing to make the necessary modifications so that way you will be able to come to our school too.
Welcome all to MMU.
Clover Vyne

This server has plenty of friendly members, attentive staff, and it is LGBT+ friendly.
Welcome to the Academy for Deviants!

This ERP school exists to train the newest generation of Porn Stars. You can join as a Teacher or a Student in this unorthodox school. This group is one of the branches of Ultimate Smut RP.

It offers:

- Fun bots
- Literate RP
- Lewd Channels

This server is a safe community and is always looking for new applicants. So be sure to click that join button.

Also open for Partnerships.
We are a fun school roleplay with for everyone, from normal students to magical creatures, everyone can inrole and come roleplay with us!
Come join the fun!
Hey! Do you like furries/anthros? Monsters? Normal humans? Then make a character and come to Raven high!
one We are a PG RP, kissing etc is allowed, but don't go too far.
two We have just started so, don't judge
three We have nice staff and we are looking for staff.
four lots of channels for you to RP in!

Hi, so you might be wondering what is this school and what is cool about it well...
Raven High
one boarding school
two it is huge
Three the teachers are kind but not so strick
four the school is for Anthros, monsters, and

You receive a letter in the mail stating that you have been accepted into Ms. Freyas school of magic and witchcraft where all species and magic types are welcome! In this boarding school you'll be taught how to use your abilities for good as well possibly learn new skills along the way. We welcome you to our school with open arms and hope you'll enjoy your time here.

Please remember! Some classes are mandatory and that curfew is it 8pm, all students must be in their dormitory before this time.

This server includes:
☆friendly staff
☆many places to rp
☆fun chatrooms
This is Superhuman academy.
We are a community server dedicated to roleplaying in an open world where you can choose your own adventure, develop relationships and much more!
This server is based in an academy with classes and teachers but there is also a whole world to explore and do what you feel like doing.
So come and give us a chance, We promise we're a loving community and try to make everyone feel welcome. :3
Just an Roleplay server we have created and we hope to Get more members and we are hoping to Bring Fun and Let your creativity Run wild inside the server~!
This is a server of memes, roleplay, and community.

The roleplay is about demons invading Earth, and people with superpowers who are fighting against them to reclaim Earth from Satan. More lore in the server.
A server dedicated to GCSE + A level support, gaming and much more! Chat with dozens of students and get help for the exams from students all around the world. Share music, memes, anime and more. Jump right in!
In the year 2030, Earth has been destroyed by a meteor, our planet shattered. Those who escaped were brought onto a space vessel and transported to Venus, as well as a little prototype machine... This machine, dubbed the Reformation Machine, changes your genetics, grants life, and is even a reviver for those who have perished. The school, built for both human and sub-human species, those who have been changed or born from the Reformer, houses both species in an academic environment built for everyone.

Standing in the heart of the Andraedan Empire, in its capital city of Arkaine, the Imperial Academy is the most prestigious educational institute in the entire realm. The children of the most powerful individuals in the empire come here, to learn how to control and wield their power, achieve their true potential and become valuable and upstanding members of society and loyal citizens of the empire.

There's mysteries to discover, (naughty student-teacher fun to have), friends and enemies to make, (tentacles to fuck), many interesting things to learn, and much more! If you're tired of school and want a source of escapism, we're not quite but somewhat the place for you! In addition to all that, we offer a friendly community and a multitude of activities, such as community nights; be it games, movies, or story times!
Deronim Academy, a new starting Academy that looks for inspirated members! We are looking for a Principal and a Co-Principal.. Please join we just started and need members. Looking for a staff position? Just ask one of the staff members to apply. Thank you and we hope we see you in the server, Thank you.
-Staff Team