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This is a brand new server where you can meet new people, and roleplay! Join now and become a student at WillowCreek! Don't forget to read the rules, and fill out our Character Template and copy and paste it into Character Approval and wait for me to approve it, sometimes it just takes a few minutes, and sometimes hours depending if im on. Most importantly have fun! Nothing 18+ is allowed. Alright, what's taking so long? Why haven't you already joined, you are really missing out!

The Owner Aka Angelica
1 hours ago
`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! Currently under development. The school will focus on the various "dere" types, including Tsunderes, Yanderes and Kuuderes! Team up with your fellow deres, and fight for supremacy!`

----------------------------------------————-Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of the different dere types. However, dere's acknowledge their types and wear them proudly, essentially like school teams. Picture Harry Potter and how people are sorted into competing classes based on their personality traits. The reason for this is is that at the end of the year, only ONE dere class will graduate, all the others are forced to lie back. Staff members support their classes, and each dere class has a professor that basically takes the reigns.

Surprise RP events every night! Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! Dere territory battles will commence soon as well! The whole SCHOOL can be up for grabs, and each area can be taken by faction. More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
1 hours ago
Welcome to The School For Stars! You have been accepted! Come on in
1 hours ago
Welcome to riverview! All are welcome and enjoy your stay!
1 hours ago
Farlon City was founded in an area believed to be the dying place of a legendary dragon named Farlon. This city was once the home of this dragon before it was taken siege. At the time of Farlon's reign, the land was practically a desert, upon the dragon's death though, the land was overcome with overgrowth and plants. Those that killed the dragon are the founding fathers of the city.
The city of Farlon is quite large and has some of the most beautiful forests. It has an active volcano and has one of the best educational systems around. Not only that is it extremely diverse. But with the beauty and greatness of the city, of course there are the darker parts of it. There are many mafias and crime organizations in the city.
In each school, the students are taught the basic school requirements (math, literature, science, history, etc.), along with this they are taught the arcane arts, how to control their own abilities, and other important life lessons. The mayor of the city personally hand picks and interviews the higher staff of each school and assigns them accordingly in order to keep the students safe and maximize student growth.
It is said that Farlon's soul still resides in a physical manifestation of his legendary flame in the heart of the city, guarded by the souls of the founders and sealed using an extremely powerful spell. Although many people still believe the dragon Farlon is just a myth, other people fear that the soul may bring chaos to the city one day.
1 hours ago
--Ronser High School--

>Fun Roleplay Server!
>Fresh, come introduce yourself!
>Create your own Characters!
>Play as a Highschool Student or a Teacher!
>Enjoy activites outside of school as well!
>Enjoyable Community!

Bots Included:
>More in the future!

This is a PG-13 server. If you are over the age of 13, please be considerate and bare in mind that there are fellow server members that are below 13. Respect others as well! I may call some members who I trust (ahem) to become Vice Principals, which can help me in admin stuff. If I make you a head teacher, you are the head of discipline and respect in the school. This only applies to role-play!

So, what are you waiting for? Come in and join the fun!
2 hours ago
Welcome to Channing Bay University! Students world-wide come to the university, to help prep them for their future!

( we’re a growing roleplay community, with fantastic staff, members, and various roleplay channels!)
3 hours ago
We are a fun school roleplay with for everyone, from normal students to magical creatures, everyone can inrole and come roleplay with us!
Come join the fun!
4 hours ago
Greetings, Students, and welcome to Thotwarts! At this fine school, we pride ourselves on teaching students from all backgrounds and species. These hallowed halls have long taught young scholars the basic skills needed to function in our world. We kindly ask that you pay attention in class, and study hard! As the golden standard of modern magic academia, our professors are among the best in the world, and surely, their experiences, and advice will aid you along your way to become another sterling example of magehood.

For aspiring artisans of energy and will, for spellcrafters, or those who wish to explore the depths of magic itself, our resources and knowledge at our fine school is second to none. Legends in the field of spell design have studied, graduated, and taught here for as long as the school has been open, and their notes still remain in this sacred place of knowledge.

For those less inclined to study the mystical arts, at Thotwarts, we are lucky to be surrounded by the legendary, and beautiful Thornwood Grove, a magical creature preserve that has existed for centuries. Breathtaking sights, and creatures that haven’t been seen in millenia elsewhere, are commonplace in this lush, gorgeous sanctuary for the unseen.

For those more interested in the arts of alchemy, of potioneering, finally, we present to you some of the finest equipment, and freshest potion supplies imaginable. Straight from our very own greenhouse, grown by students in herbology, we’re sure to have every supply you need to brew perfection and glory itself, so that perhaps one day, you can be studied in this great school.

We happily await you to join our classes and ranks.
5 hours ago
Here we focus on taking your main oc's and putting them in all types of situations. In each area of the server there are events that go on quite often. things that may give your characters powers, of get them into trouble, or maybe cause them to even change the way they think.

We have a fairytale section, this is all about fantasy, with many kingdoms, bioms and other places to explore. You could be a mermaid who lives in the sea of stars, or a simple messenger boy, or you could even be a princess who wants to be different.

There is Old west as well. Here your character is in a town with outlaws, a mayor and many other things you could be. There are quite a few places to go to, including a saloon. Be careful, fights may get started.

Family living is one with a simple concept, you are part of a family, or you are somehow linked to the main family, maybe you are a neighbor, or a significant other. It is a simple slice of life rp.

As for the school rp, it is simple. You can be a teacher or student, and you can even own your own club. You can go to classes or skip them if you wish, just be careful when you do that. Another slice of life rp, but sometimes things can get pretty interesting.

And there is the ghost one, you can be a vampire, ghost, ghost hunter, or a plain human. In this town there any many places ghosts can haunt, and they can come and bother anyone whenever they want to. Some ghosts are troublesome, other kind, just be careful.

Of course there is a plain general chat area, full with fun categories. There is even a channel dedicated to the letter E.

Please joins us and have some fun roleplaying and chatting!
6 hours ago
A non-fandom, alternate history, semi-post apocalyptic, roleplay server centered around a city and a school for superpowered individuals who gained their ability through genetic mutations. Join now and help us grow as a community!! We are LGBT+ and remain fairly family friendly!
7 hours ago
Welcome to Tohoku Academy. A supernatural school welcoming all students with mystical backgrounds.
What we offer:
-A roleplay community
-Friendly staff
-Bots to have fun with
-NSFW channels (Both rp and non rp)

Create your own character using the character template and explore through our multiple rp channels while being among a friendly community. Can't wait to see you in the server!

8 hours ago
Imperium Nevosa is a magical academy built to protect and train those with abilities one might call magical. The school collects kids with these magical abilities and brings them to a place where they’re safe and can be themselves. Not only is the school magical, but the grounds themselves are full of it. The flowers can either sing or scream, the woods have eyes and ears, and the school is aware of everything. This is a paragraph style third person point of view rp. The staff is welcoming and friendly. New and experienced role players alike are more than welcome! Have fun and good luck!
9 hours ago
We are a pure and simple erp server (P.S: We recently established a class system for just normal rp if erp isnt your thing). We offer a friendly environment for all your erp needs and the process for joining is simple. We believe in that the students's needs come first. So sign up now! We will be sure to welcome you with open arms
10 hours ago
Yokai Academy is a blossoming new roleplay server with supernatural and slice of life elements. If that seems like something that you're into, please stop by. Roleplayers of any experience are welcome.

We have:
* IRL Giveaways and also non-RP based chats.
* Narrations and an actual class schedule for a realistic & collected RP experience.
* Many locations for RP that are even outside of the school, along with NSFW smut/hentai locations & topics.
* A friendly community & character balancing with experienced writers/RPers.
11 hours ago
EVO Academy is a high classed academy that supports both College and Highschool, we give you a leveling system that let's you grade up as you RP. Yea, not as you text in the (ooc) channels, but as you RP. When you first join you will be greeted by an introduction, taking you through the steps of how to get started and enrolled, after that you will have to enroll into the academy in order to get acceptance call.(There IS an acceptance "phone call" for each and every one of you that we approve of.). It's not all just school and teachers and detention, there will be drama that'll be spread. Will you overcome it? Who knows. There's sports, with it's own captain. We give you Cheerleading, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, and so much more. With that, we also give you clubs and opening of student council. How ever these all don't just happen, we will put up events in the school for example, School wide sporting competitions, Prom and much more. There's a whole load of factors, but I guess you'll just have to find out by joining. Anyways, I hope to see some familiar faces in there. Have a good day and learn on.
12 hours ago
Welcome to High school for the supernaturally gifted! , where you can come in to a welcoming community. We are for now, a small server but plan on getting more members to enlarge out role playing community. We are based in a High school where you can go to classes but there is also a city to explore! Come check us out.

We have:

● Many places to RP!

● A growing Community!

● Erp!

● Non-Erp!

● Bot-Channels!

● Ooc!

● Literary Rpers!

● Staff that work hard to make everything work!

● The owner (Me) Is very understanding and will try to make everything work out!

Come give us look and see if you want to stay! We hope to see you there!~
13 hours ago
A hundred years ago, seven brothers discovered something incredible, magic.
The first brother received the gift of fire he went around the world to share this gift, whilst the second received the gift of darkness, he became corrupt of the others. The third brother received the power of Earth, going around teaching others a better way to go about things. The fourth received the gift of water, bringing it to areas which had a lack of it. The fifth brother received the gift of air, bring with him a breeze of hope. The sixth brother received the gift of light, bringing peace as he went around the world spreading his philosophy. And the seventh, and final, brother’ gift was unknown, well, at least it hadn't emerged yet…

One day all of the brothers united and a war was sparked by the second brother, Adrik, fueling the brothers rage, the sixth brother, Abner, noticed this and tired to calm down his brothers but it was too late this event is now known as “The Founders War.” When everything was said and done, the only brother left was the seventh one, Abtum. He noticed that his brothers, now dead, could be shared with his gift. As he began to spread this gift, he knew there must be a place where they can cultivate these newly shared gifts. And so, he founded the first ever mage Academy, “Rebound Sorcery Academy”. Of course, when he spread his brothers' gifts, new gifts were Born from his own.
14 hours ago
A (semi-ERP) school roleplay rounded around an academy for those with supernatural talents. Build your skills with fellow students and become best-of-the-best!
19 hours ago
Outside the Amazon in 500BC, a bright streak penetrated the serenity, stabbing a hole in a cloud. It punched the ground, clumps of sand launching into the air. They scattered about the crater, inside it the remnants of a meteorite. Nearby people looked on as the light disappeared behind the shroud of greenery known as The Amazon Rainforest.
Around the crater, plants began to move slightly, miniscule changes forming within their cells, caused by radiation from the pea-sized rock. When ingested by humans, it causes a rapid mutation to occur, causing strange, unpredictable abilities to surface. These mutations became hereditary, being passed down from generation to generation. The powers spawned as if random, the gene making it so one can develop powers. Today, schools have been setup to help people control their powers.
1 days ago
◪ This is a literate RP server. The setting is set in a school with powers. You can choose to be a faculty member or a student. The RP itself is pretty casual.

Oh by the way, we have murderers.

◪ Or just come be a member and chill if ya want. You don't have to RP. You can just chat about games, anime etc.
It'll be super coolio if you join~
((We are smol ATM))
We keep our server nice and organised. 👌

We are now accepting partnerships! 🌟

Bots we have currently;
✔ Sayori.
✔ Tatsumaki.
✔ Miki.
✔ FredBoat♪♪
✖ This is not an erp server.

1 days ago
-This modern school server has so mush to offer!
-Student and teacher roles! :eyeglasses: :necktie:
-Cafe' s and shops you can OWN :coffee: :shopping_bags:
-A detailed explanation of the places! :pen_ballpoint:
-a soon to be Diverse community! :earth_americas:
-And much, much MORE
So join to today at Celesta Academy, or run a shop in Celesta! It's up to you!
-New things are being added as well, so don't worry! There will always be something for you to do!
1 days ago