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Now also a large anime hang out!
Join us for events, free nitro, and anything related to anime and manga and whatever else!

Join us for our unique RP based on the Japanese dere-types!
Embark on a RP journey of a lifetime.
Experience the dere archetypes like never before.
Dare to fight against the wrath of the Tsunderes.
Escape from the nightmareish footsteps of the Yanderes.
Sit and stare at a wall with the Kuuderes.
Laugh and enjoy life with the Derederes.

Nearly all dere types ever found in anime.
Quality RPs, active members.
Organized structure, helpful staff.
Events, free discord nitro, and more!

Indulge in our non-toxic community, and let it become your new home.
Welcome to Dere Academy.
Whatever routes you take...

The choice is always yours.
Having Trust Issues Or Just have Plain Old Problems Such As Suicidal Thoughts, Hateful Thoughts, Or Are Just Stress Because The World Doesn't Have Floating Cars Yet? Well, There Is A Place To Make That All Go Away! Now At The Unknown-ones Discord! A Place Where You Can Just Let All That Stress Go Away! Late To School? No Problem! Come Down To The Unknown-ones Discord And Let It Free! Take A Look Yourself;

Check us out!
This server Is about a magic and technology academy in the Netherworld that is opening its doors to interdimensional students. Lucy's. Academy. for Spellcraft. and Technology. L.U.S.T Academy. Since it was an academy for demons in the past all the interdimensional transfer students have to deal with demonic sexual culture and that allows for lots of varied ERP.

So a twist on modern technology and life but it's lewd demons with a succubus ruling class. Interdimensional travel allows for pretty much any fantasy or sci-fi race to also fit into the setting.

Have your character learn sex-fueled demonic magic! Learn the art of creating monster pets with Biomancy! Learn how to engineer machines run off of a lust energy converter circuit! Learn strange and new otherworld magics and technologies imported by other students!


This being a Roleplay set in a hell dimension filled with demons powering magic and technology with lust, not many kinks are disallowed and demons are not the most moral of folk. Trigger warnings apply: Noncon, Monster, Slavery.

We also have a lot of porn in the porn channels and a huge collection of demon and monster pics to get character creation inspiration from.

Waifubot, has many categories of hentai and irl smut, fun commands like w/lick and w/spank

Futabot, another porbot with hentai, has ;futabomb as its best command

RPGbot, rpg system! create a character sheet, buy custom items, set up shops, earn money!

Reactionroles! get roles just by reacting to a post! so handy!

Ecchibot, Booru searching bot, and has its own curated porn commands as well

(this is my first Public RP server, please leave suggestions in the suggestions channel if you have any ideas for improving it.)
Starlit Morning Academy welcomes you into it's lovely world!
Here, we offer fair and systematic moderation, a fun hangout spot, many bots (Such as the 0w0 and Dank Memer!), and a great roleplay concept! We have an event every month to celebrate our server's anniversary, and we welcome you to join!

What else do we offer? Bubble tea AND a ramen house! (IRP)

Come join Starlit's welcoming community today!
Side Note: We are new, so please be patient with our communities growth!

~~Lore Sneak Peek~~

May 23, 2019 was a day far out of the ordinary. The morning sky became pitch dark and dappled with stars.. but the sun shone happily above. Wasn't the sky supposed to be blue? Humans started to mutate, gaining bizarre powers, changing colours, and other things began happening that couldn't be explained.. In order to teach the youth about their abilities, Starlit Academy was born.
𝔸𝕪𝕝𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕕 𝔸𝕔𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕞𝕪.

Completely hidden from the rest of the world, Aylward Academy serves as safe haven and training program to powered and enhanced individuals. Silverbrook is a nearby town, which serves as the Academy's shield to the dangerous government.

•❅──────✧❅What do we offer?❅✧──────❅•
Warm Welcome: We have a welcoming staff and community. We welcome anyone, regardless of their roleplay level.
Roleplay Channels: Never worry about a place to RP in, we have several channels to choose from.
Storylines: We have ongoing storylines in the roleplay to keep it interesting.
Verification: A system we have so we can keep those pesky bots away from the server.
Unrestricted Characters: You don't have to be a student in the roleplay! You can be a staff member, teacher, or a citizen of the nearby town of Silverbrook. You also may have as many characters as you want! Be creative!
Self Assigning Roles: We have several Reaction to Get roles to choose from, some being In RP and out of RP.
And much more!

Thank your for taking up our invitation. Aylward Academy will be expecting your arrival. We're a loving community, and we can't wait for you to join us.
On an island built for the protection and isolation of humanoid mythical creatures is the Celestial Academy, which is what the island has mainly turned to over the course of history. An island for a school, where kids can be themselves. What happened was never the plan, we weren’t supposed to have run.. We were supposed to rule the world! Magic, was supposed to rule.. But alas, the humans ran us away and overtime we started blending with society. Through this hatred and fear, magical creatures rose to the test and started a school on the Island where kids and young adults can learn and live in peace before being tossed into a new world.

Will you rise? Or will you fall?
The Alloes of Aldair is set in the world of Aldair, where people have a myriad of different abilities. In a world like this crime rates are very low. Why? Because heroes exist. Not only to fight the villains, but to ease the everyday citizen's mind. Many different institutions were ctreated to help combat this rising evil. But what happens when the villains make a school of their own?
(Although the primary focus of the server is it's schools, civilian type characters can be made.
The Nexus 💥💫

A roleplaying community where you’re welcome to fight in any way you see fit. Magic, weapons, seduction? You choose.

-A wide range of races, abilities and backstories
-Roleplaying Events
-Friendly & Helpful Staff
-Creative Lore (which you could become part of)

Despite us still being in development, we have a lot in store and we hope to maintain an active, positive environment for all members and roleplayers. Those who wish to simply spectate are free to do so. Applications for the position Staff are now closed!

Server Owners: Mr.Goodnight#5230 and Mavis#4481
Welcome to Paradise! We hope you love it here. This place is an ERP( Erotic Role Play) with a bit of an High-School rp in the mix, now if erp doesn't interest you then of course we have other things you can do and you can just rp normally.
We have other things you can do.Like I said before, if you don't wanna erp and we also have lots of events for you to enjoy, court cases too! We try our best to make sure everyone has a good time but like all things, our server and us aren't perfect so you'll see some things here and there.
What you can expect.
◈Fun Roles◈
◈Music Bots◈
◈RP and ERP◈
◈Active Rewards◈
◈NSFW Roles◈
◈Self Roles◈
◈Custom Roles◈
So please, come join us and become part of the family!
Welcome Child of Man~

Virtuous Monastery is unique in the fact that it is a sister to an already successful server, where we will be working in unison with in terms of timeline and a number of events. We created this out of love for extended lore, self-sufficient roleplay, and a need that would only be satisfied by exploring the other half of this story we've created.

We invite people that can reflect this love and can show their appreciation with Para to Multi-Paragraph posts that focus on Character Development and display a strong understanding of grammar, spelling, and organic progression; But not extremely offended by those still learning, practising, and developing their style. Writers who aren't too hung up on the speed of the writing, but recognize and encourage quality of the stories that will be written. If you are as interested in where both the overall and personal stories end up, you will be perfectly welcomed here.

The staff has created an intricate and delicate playground for those who are like-minded in these same aspects but also encourage the incoming members to make their own personal stories by using our setting as a prompt. The objective is for the members to rely on each other primarily, bouncing off one another to create wholesome relationships, healthy rivalries, and most importantly interesting stories that give the server real life!!

St. Raphael will teach you patience, mercy, and kindness while St. Michael will always remind us that the evils must parish for the good of Man. If the checks and balances continue to deteriorate, Satan - Lord of Demons - will gain ground in whatever nefarious plans he has and that only spells out the destruction of the world. Your family will never be truly safe while The Prince of Darkness remains!! Michael needs your help to destroy The Root of all Evil and his minions: No matter the cost.

In short, we have:
>Multiple channels for different locations.
>A points and shop system, where you can buy in character benefits. Points are accumulated from roleplaying. Bonus points are awarded for good writing and participation in events.
>A rudimentary stat system to encourage character development and progression as well as supporting the writing.
>Efficient and effective auto-moderation.
>Designated writers to help GM and add to the world. You can join them if you wish.
>In-depth lore that's steadily being expanded.
>Various useful custom made commands to help assist the server.
>Fight Rules and a system for judging them to fairly decide the victor of in character disputes.

So, why not stop on by. Embrace your inner Paladin by creating a character Blessed by God and join the Holy Fight against Evil Incarnated!!
CUTE TEEN CLOTHES 🍭 Young little adorable outfits for schoolgirls and teens. A meeting place that is dedicated to fashion, beauty and style in normal public street wear!

🍧 Summer and bikini fashion!
🍧 Young, cute little teen styles
🍧 Roleplay
🍧 Love and beauty!
Little Tokyo is a new server, constantly updated with many achievable roles and a friendly community!

🌸—Nitro Boosted
🌸—New Server!
🌸—Movie Nights
🌸—First month members get a special prize!
🌸—Giveaways and contests to come.
🌸—Unique roles to be earned!
🌸—Friendly staff.
🌸—NSFW channels!!
🌸—Achievable Roles!
🌸—Server Updates Everyday.
🌸—LGBTQ+ Accepted!
🌸—100+ Emote Slots

In Little Tokyo expect to see people all Races and Sexuality as we push for equal rights amongst everyone in the server, I’m lookin’ to meet new friends and maybe start some memories and it’s not possible if you don’t just give the server a try!

V.5 Just released, clean and new theme!
So... How did viruses came into existence?
Well once upon a time, the universe was all nothing but a massive background. It wasn't until some meteorite landed onto a random ball of rock, and weirdly enough... It was colored green? How this happened is still beyond scientists.

On there, lifeforms started to form. Okay there's more weird species but at least you still have dinosaurs. Then... A Dinosaur was... Breathing fire? How did this happened? It's not just that dinosaur, it's whole lineage could do it!

Of course, humans then came into existence. Right as soon as they came, they were infected by something... But they were still well. Some of them had animal traits and stuff, so it was sorta of a gift to them... At least until some revolted. They thought that they were superior, and so some had to fight them.

Years and years, steampunks and so into 2003, some scientist has been studying these viruses for decades. Trying to figure out why they're different from the other viruses and how they got here. By this time, most of the planet was infected.

However, as this went on, someone built a whole school around helping the infected. It weirdly had dorms and training areas, but it worked. It's helping every infected incase they lost their parents or they've signed up for this.

For now, it seems that it's your generic superhero server, although your choice affects the world.
• A modern-day fantasy school server. •

Hundreds of years ago, a meteor struck the earth’s surface, deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Material from the alien object influenced the environment, including crops, which were then shipped around the world and ingested. This “infected” food caused genetic mutations in humans, granting them abilities. The abilities ranged from manipulating water to an enhanced sense of hearing, and were also accompanied by a tattoo-like marking which resembles a constellation.

Hearst Institute is a fantasy centred roleplay server which revolves around a school for the gifted in east England. The school, which was set up in the early 1800's, is home to an amassing number of children with abilities. The aim of the school is to help these kids hone their skills and use them to benefit themselves and others in the future, also providing a wide range of academic courses.
CANDY SCHOOL is a lbtq-friendly roleplaying server based on the love and beauty of the schoolgirls world

🍧 Roleplaying
🍧 Self-assigned roles
🍧 Self-acquired Outfits
🍧 LBTQ-friendly
🍧 Cute teen fashion
🍧 Friendly and welcoming!
Welcome humans and creatures to Phoenix Drop!

It's 2019 and school has just reached halfway through the year. Phoenix drop, home to monsters and humans. The city is filled with creatures, along with the human race - Puny little things in the eyes of the monsters. Tension has been held among them all for years after their war; around a millennia it occurred. Humans do all they could and can to avoid interaction with monsters, but it just doesn't work out for them. Bullying, racial and species discrimination; a part time job for the monsters clearly. This of course, only occurred after the humans lost their rank of superiority. Monsters are gaining their way up to the top; whispers of another war flooding the air, subtly growing. Perhaps, this war will occur? Perhaps, there will be misfortunes for the humans and monsters? Maybe, there will be friendship - of sorts-, rebelling against the labels of everyone's rank o the hierarchy?

It is a well thought out monster and human high school server. The staff will usually be around to help if not you can always ask the owner about any questions you have in mind.

I hope to see you all there.

Things we have and will continue to have:
~An interesting and ever growing lore!
~Your own character arcs!
~Active and reliable staff who can help with anything needed.
~An active community!
~Helpful channels that will be kept up to date!
~A fortnightly competition that rewards our active role players
~LGBTQ+ friendly and accepting community
~Plus more!

Server Banner:
Hi! You've discovered The Study Corner!
What is it? You might ask. Here at TSC we aim to provide academic help for anyone in need.
We are aiming to grow a kind and caring community that is accepting of everyone.

We are currently looking for - Tutors. If you are interested this position please join the server and go to #ʚ🌸ɞ∘∼apply-for-staff

What should you expect when you join?
『 💖 』Study channels & Club channels to discuss academic subjects, seek help and provide help for others.
『 🧡 』In-server Currency, Role Packs, Suggestions, Chat Games & More!
『 💛 』Looking for Partners! - We also provide self-promotion!
『 💚 』Server Events, Giveaways, Invite Roles & Dedicated Staff!
『 💙 』Advertise in #ʚ🔰ɞ∘∼servers-club & #ʚ🥡ɞ∘∼plug-your-socials
『 💜 』Mental & Physical Support for anyone who needs it. We all have those days.
『 🖤 』Caring, dedicated & loving staff team here ready to help and care for your wellbeing.

Come along, check out the server and hopefully have a fantastic time!

Server Owner: @Lushfuul#0001
The server was made public on the 8th October 2019
Reached 150 Members on the 11th October 2019
Reached 250 members on the 14th October 2019

~ Currently Offering [Halloween Colour Pack] only until November 10th for just $2.50 ~

Here is our Permanent Server Link:
Ban Appeals Server:
Hello! And welcome to the Art School! Here we have different styles of art! Anime to Realistic! So come join us and we will help you improve! -Sybrin
Enroll in a school where you belong.

Wimbelton High is a safe and welcoming environment ...a harem for those that seek something more form roleplay...true connections between characters and the people behind them as well.

We are a loving, accepting environment to those with characters that are MTF or FTM, and futanari alike.

We have character options between a student or teacher of your choice.

If you wish to join in our fun, you must be over 18 and provide proof. We encourage everyone to remain comfortable.

So, that in mind, come join us and find your new home.

Welcome to Wimbelton Academy
Have magical powers you can't explain? Tired of being hunted? Try:

╔═════════.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═════════╗
Hawthorne Academy for the Exceptionally Gifted
╚═════════.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═════════╝

Hawthorne Academy may seem like any other private school on the outside, but it has a very special purpose. Children have been born with magic for many years, but they've recently been hunted out of fear. Hawthorne opened it's doors in 2519 to magical children of all ages, keeping them safe from the outside world.

╔═.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═╗
What do we offer?
╚═.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═╝
A diverse array of Roleplay Locations!
LGBTQ+ Safe Space
Literate/semi-literate server!
A baby server (we're still new!)
Loosely based on the Harry Potter book and movie series, our server focuses on text-based roleplay for those who enjoy the fantasy genre!

In the meantime, the wizarding underworld is bubbling with rumours of a new, powerful contender. Perhaps someone is soon to infiltrate Hogwarts... But who and for what reason? That is yet unclear...

● Detailed lore & helpful admins.

● Any ages welcome!

● Active Admins/Staff.

● Great story and character-driven plots.

● A safe, welcoming community of like-minded writers from all walks of life.

● Literate paragraph, novella style or one-lining is welcome.

● Lots of channels for RP.

● Spell, points, house and skill system.

The train to Hogwarts awaits!
Come and join the **Edabara** high school!
This is a school for very intelligent and “gifted” children, here you’ll be able to create your own character to become one of the many roles listed in the server.

💜-Ability to create your own Clubs
❤️-Mixed double dorm rooms
🧡-Many channels in which you’ll be able to rp from school to city to wilderness
💛-Ability to make fantasy ocs such as demons or succubus
💚-No kinkshaming, all kinks allowed (Except pedophila)
Well you know the age where people framed random women for witchcraft and wizardry and then burned them? They where actually right most of the time while burning the, most of those "Witches" where actually witches. But little did they knew, there where other beings. (More abot beings later)

People who where able to use magic and those other beings were hiding for long and trying not to get noticed, but as time went by, society understood that magic and beings ain't bad and started accepting those magic users and beings.

These days normal humans, magic users and beings live in pease and here is one of the schools they go, live and have fun.


Beings are other kind of races like elves, devils, angels, Nekos and any other kind of human and animal hybrid. They where more careful and hid from humans better.


Hope you gonna have fun ^^
You wake for your first day of school, but this isn't the first school you've been to now is it? Nope, you've been kicked out of every school, one after another. For a verity of things some not so bad and some horrible af messed up shit. You get ready and pack your bags and leave with whoever your guardian is, headed for the school. You pull up to the prison looking building and are greeted at the gate by the dean. He takes you and your guardian to his office and does a hole speech you've heard before a million times. Mostly how they rank or will change you and make you into what a decent human is...or something like that.

"Yeah, welcome dude to your new school the last step before prison. Riker's academy, a school for the criminal wanna be where we will set you right. We do have a great track record of turning demons into angels. You will be given room and board, and lovely classrooms to actually learn in for once." The dean says as soon as your guardian leaves you with him. He gets up from his chair with a grin "Don't worry child you be good and you won't have to worry about punishment." A teacher comes and guides you around the school until you reach the dorm room. Where they bid you farewell and leave you to getting adjusted to your new room. You end up falling asleep cause fuck school...

The next day you wake in your new dorm room, this will be your new home for well... Till you graduate or get sent to prison.