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Sign up for Poke Acadamia the school that teaches math science reading and of course pokemon. Catch hundreds of pokemon, battle others, train your pokemon into powerful fighters, and become the champion.
Constallius is the only remaining place in the solar system that isn’t hostile or in any political squabbles for power, in a revolution against said political squabbles for power. To make things short, Constallius is a utopia on Jupiter, the only remaining planet in the entire solar system after the civil war. (Long lore in the server itself)

Welcome to Constallius! A fantasy academy role-playing Discord server!

This role-play, as mentioned above, revolves around an academy, although this server is still a baby! (It's barely a week old!) So lore will be added, not only revolving around the academy, but of the political squabbles, the civil wars, etc, etc, those kinds of things.

Again, we are only starting to grow but we do have partnerships already with several other servers. We do have members and are currently growing, but we need your help!

I know this is short and vague but you will see more if you do join! So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and join our Discord server! Hope to see you there!

Extra details ;
▪Year set : 3069
▪Choose your own race!
▪Mainly focuses on Academy Roleplay
Here in Constallius we have.. :
- Very friendly and open staff! 👨‍💼👩‍💼 (If ya don't trigger them)
- Straight and direct storyline 📚
- Open topics✏
- 20+ channels to accomodate your roleplay and necessary needs 🌐
- Approachable and friendly owner ❤
- A little bit of lewdness to add to the fun! 👅
- Nsfw channel 🔞
- 40+ server emotes 😋
- BOTs for ooc and irp means 🔮
- Different Kinds of events! Ooc and irp! 💡
- Role Giveaways! 🎊
- Mee6 level rewards!🏅
- NPCs ♥️
- Opportunities for partnerships! 🎉
- The choice to just join and chill without roleplaying 🐦
- All kinds of roleplaying (Fighting, Romance, Magic, etc...) 🎀
... And more!
What are you waiting for? You dingus! Come and join our server! Have fun and chill with us 🌚

-bubbie#7021 🌙
☁Rarely any pings☁
❤Bots such as MEE6, KawaiiBot, and more!❤
😈Auto Roles😈
🌠Friendly users🌠
💫Staff jobs open!💫
🌟Nsfw images🌟
✨We welcome all!✨

Yokubo is a school, that focuses on sex ed. and the headmistress is Yuka, a demon and daughter of Satan. You must act your best or you'll be punished~
you can rp as a student, teacher, or even join or create clubs.

no kinkshaming, erp allowed, please enjoy yourself in our server.
Any ages are allowed here, we dont shame ages, we welcome everyone ❤
My name is Nota, I am the owner of this server and I would like everyone to luv each other. "It's like school but actually fun!~" we have cookies~
And muffins~"Chat, find new friends, and so much more!" This server is for everyone and I would like for everyone to have fun and chat, just dun get too far with chur jokes~
Hey! Do you like furries/anthros? Monsters? Normal humans? Then make a character and come to Raven high!
one We are a PG RP, kissing etc is allowed, but don't go too far.
two We have just started so, don't judge
three We have nice staff and we are looking for staff.
four lots of channels for you to RP in!

Hi, so you might be wondering what is this school and what is cool about it well...
Raven High
one boarding school
two it is huge
Three the teachers are kind but not so strick
four the school is for Anthros, monsters, and humans
The Atherion Institute, a recently founded academy with the express intention of training a new generation of specially powered individuals from both this world and beyond.

The school has a focus on raising students whose powers may be too much for normal academics to handle.

With unique abilities come equally unique needs, and at Atherion, the focus is geared towards meeting the meets of a small handful of talents rather than the common crowd.
A non-fandom, alternate history, semi-post apocalyptic, roleplay server centered around a city and a school for superpowered individuals who gained their ability through genetic mutations. Join now and help us grow as a community!! We are LGBT+ and remain fairly family friendly!
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

500+ ACTIVE Members ~ 150+ RP Channels ~ 100+ RP Roles ~ OOC Events ~ Great Staff ~ Cool Bots ~ Harry Potter Fans

Attend class, make friends, and learn to be a wizard. Simply make your profile, get Sorted, pick your wand and start roleplaying!

(Knowledge of the books is valued but isn't required.)

All are welcome. We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term. Safe travels!
🔮 Hogwarts School Is a Roleplay server based off the Harry Potter World 🔮

Make your own character, go on adventures meet new friends and enemies, attend Classes forge your own Hogwarts story.

75 + Roleplay Channels + Free Roles Given out + Friendly Harry Potter Fandom members + Weekly events + House Points + Quidditch

We accept anyone roleplayer or not so everyone is welcome! We can’t wait to see you at Hogwarts, your journey begins now.
Hihi! Welcome to Kimi Academy! My name is Ayashi, the principal of this elite high school. We accept all kinds of students here, and we wish for you to have the fullest amount of fun! Of course, we have your typical math, science, english, and the most fun, Sex Education! The most popular attraction in this school.

You see, we want our students to feel stress free, even if it means sexually relieve their urges, so they can focus on their studies. Ah, did I forget to mention we have dorms? You can stay up to 5 members in that dormitory, playing video games, studying together, watching anime or...basically knock each other up, if ya know what I'm sayin'?~ Teehee.~

So what are you waiting for? Come enroll in our school! I promise you won't regret it!
••●══════••● 𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖊 ••══════●••
Since 1795, Rose Lake Hall has been educating the teenage children of elite, wealthy families all over the world. The school was founded by a French noble who had settled in America for a short while. With his immense wealth, he was able to fund a school for the upper class. The school was built upon a beautiful site of fragrant roses and a grand lake nearby. It was built to resemble the brilliant chateaus that Monsieur Leroy enjoyed at his home in France, and modeled after the famous Chateau de Versailles. It was only until the 1950s when Rose Lake Hall began a scholarship program, which brought in many extremely bright individuals to the school. The school went on to be known as one of the most prestigious institutes in America, appearing on many top ten lists, best schools lists, etcetera. Though, there have been many rumors lately about an underground dungeon in which poltergeists, monsters, and creatures roam.

Join Rose Lake Hall and embark on a classic roleplay. Originally founded in 2018 but closed down, Rose Lake Hall is back as a newer, fresher, and better Discord server! There have been fake knockoff servers but this one is the true adaptation of the original, confirmed by the founders of the original Rose Lake Hall.

This server includes:
• An immersive roleplay and a very active community
• Reaction and self-assignable roles
• A super strong security system that is almost impossible to raid + Big admin team
• Verification system with a reaction-role that requires you to verify before seeing the rest of the server
• Lots of channels to explore
• A dungeon area that is basically a second roleplay on itself, all fantasy is restricted to the dungeon and will not affect any outside/school roleplay
• Personalized schedules made by the staff team just for you and your characters
• Custom student handbooks and documents to read
• Voice channels
• A great community! Any problems should be reported directly to staff
Embark on a RP journey of a lifetime.
Experience the dere archetypes like never before.
Dare to fight against the wrath of the Tsunderes.
Escape from the nightmareish footsteps of the Yanderes.
Sit and stare at a wall with the Kuuderes.
Laugh and enjoy life with the Derederes.

Nearly all dere types ever found in anime.
Quality RPs, active members.
Organized structure, helpful staff.
Events, free discord nitro, and more!

Indulge in our non-toxic community, and let it become your new home.
Welcome to Dere Academy.
Whatever routes you take...

The choice is always yours.
This is a place where you can either be a tutor or get tutored in various subjects! For all types of courses! It's a fun and open community!
You have been invited to Callopa Academy for the Magical and Human. A war has been going on for generations between Magical and Human creatures. You must fulfill your Clan’s honor and go to the only school in the whole kingdom. It is up to the new generation to save the kingdom of Humans and Magical Creatures, or we all will die at the hands of ourselves.

We offer:
- Many creative channels to rp in

- A chance to create a character of magic or human

- Attend classes to further your magical and historical education

- Tons of RP and OOC roles

- Friendly community with fair Admin
- 100+ RP Channels

- LGBT+ Welcome

We hope to see you there, for the good of humanity. Save our kingdom!
Come and join the **Edabara** high school!
This is a school for very intelligent and “gifted” children, here you’ll be able to create your own character to become one of the many roles listed in the server.

💜-Ability to create your own Clubs
❤️-Mixed double dorm rooms
🧡-Many channels in which you’ll be able to rp from school to city to wilderness
💛-Ability to make fantasy ocs such as demons or succubus
💚-No kinkshaming, all kinks allowed (Except pedophila)
🔥 Unique LEWD school themed server.

📕 Two kinds of members: teachers and students.
📗 Group RPs where teachers impart their subject.
📘 The subjects are, of course, LEWD.

📙 Cub and limitless friendly.

📓 Lots of school themed channels to RP freely.

📚 Extensive reactroles profile management, with over 90 kinks.
Welcome to Washington Highschool! A place to make your own with character freedom and a friendly staff team!!

We accept furries and weebs
Sfw server
Staff applications
Voting for events
Excellent memes
Open rp and vcs for all
Basic template
Emotes and emote requests

Come give it a try! We love new visitors!! :3
Welcome to Mystier High! A school for both the troubled and the stars to help each other!

This is an RP place, RP rules are in the server, but please read these other rules before entering!

No blank nicknames.
No inappropriate nicknames.
No sexually explicit nicknames.
No offensive nicknames.
No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.
No blank profile pictures.
No inappropriate profile pictures.
No sexually explicit profile pictures.
No offensive profile pictures.
No membership granted to ages over 18 or under 13 (Keeping this place safe uwu)
Moderators reserve the right to change nicknames.
Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion regardless of any rule.
No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report them).
No DMing other members of the server.
Rules apply to DMing other members of the server.
No inviting unofficial bots.
No bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, bugs, etc.
DM for more than one character
To whomever this may concern,

We are pleased to say that you have been accepted to attend classes at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is a roleplay experience unlike any other within the old times of the wizarding world (1940s). we await your owl conforming your attendance at Hogwarts before the 31st of August, your arrival with be greeted with open arms.

Professor Coraline de Valencia

Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

~New server~ ~needs students & Professors~ ~Roleplay server~ ~Active server~ ~Events and classes~ ~LGBT+ Friendly~
This is Superhuman academy.
We are a community server dedicated to roleplaying in an open world where you can choose your own adventure, develop relationships and much more!
This server is based in an academy with classes and teachers but there is also a whole world to explore and do what you feel like doing.
So come and give us a chance, We promise we're a loving community and try to make everyone feel welcome. :3
WARNING, This server is new but the members that did join are active

❀ In a world that seems colourless and helpless, the school of colours brings new and beautiful adventures to the world. The town people being close with teachers and students as they are all together in a small place. A forest surrounding them, showing the beauty of the world rather then the darkness. Even though no magic exists, the world looks still magical.

We have to offer:

❀ A friendly staff
❀ A active server owner
❀ Fun bots
❀ Multiple channels and roles
❀ A safe place
The year is 2019. A virus outbreak has infected a little less than half of the population. The virus has changed people's phsyco and infected their brains and bodies.

Most have fallen victim to the virus, becoming full fledged monsters that the humans have named "Hollows". The Hollows are beings that have lost their sanity, destroying and killing anything in their path.

There are others though who have been infected, but have been able to control their darkest desires and powers, leading for a group of them and a few other uninfected to create an organization called The New Found Society.

The group was able to fend off against the monsters to create a large safe haven space. They decided that in order to win against the fully infected, they needed more members.

They created a school for both the infected (who have not succumbed) and uninfected to train them to become hunters/huntresses to fight for their freedom against the Hollows.

➷ 𝓦elcome 𝓣o ..
.. 𝓓etroit 𝓤niversity!

┊An OC roleplay server about a University located in Detroit, Michigan. We aim to make this roleplay literate and realistic at all times, however - we all can have some fun !

┊Create your own character and start your story today !

--------- 𝓔xtra 𝓘nfo ;
-➤ Strict yet fair rules to ensure the server is smoothly run.
-➤ Litarate roleplay.
-➤ All students have their own dorm rooms.
-➤ ERP / NSFW roleplay is allowed.
-➤ Roleplay Events.
-➤ Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
-➤ Pretty chill staff.