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Welcome to Club Club, our little place we've carved on the internet. A primarily voice-chatting community with a variety of retards who you can game, meme, and fuck around with.
400+ Members and counting
(We DO NOT require verification, but if we suspect you of being underage, you must provide proof of age!)

We are a server of addictive degenerates. We have an active VC, with many users around the world. Beyond that we bully and dick about in chat, screw around in BDSM relationships, sling deep cutting bantz, and fetish shame. Guaranteed best femDoms and e-traps. We only want the best of the worst, so if you're a fucking worthless sack of mule cum (or a loser) please join <3 BUT If you're a goddamn savage you'll find friendship and maybe even titpics. Titties nigga they're free pile in
Welcome to talk chat! We are open to all and are inviting to everyone we have a cool staff, fun environment, and comforting people. Here you're treated like family as your family to us here all are welcome no matter what we are LGBTQ+ friendly and are inviting to all so come join us!
Free thinkers discord that explicitly allows conversation streaming

We are informals that do exquisite trollmanship, memestry, cerebrality, aesthetismic spokemancy and otherwise enjoy triangles and cheese.

Whether you're red or blue pilled, you'll have a good time.

Recommended for mature minds.

We are currently live streaming our voice channel content.
You can checkout the stream at:

Eine Community für jung und alt. Freundlich und ehrlich. Findet neue Freunde und trefft alte wieder. Habt Spaß am Spiel und am miteinander! Unser BΞΞ`S Community Team freut sich auf Euch. Giveaways: NITRO, Paysafecard, Google Play Card.
Ein Server für alle Weebs und Otakus jeden Geschlechts.
Wir zielen darauf ab sowohl den Chat als auch den Voice Chat regelmäßig zu nutzen.
Voice sogar öfter.
Ansonsten tut euch keinen Zwang an, kommt her und habt Spaß.
☕️ Liebevolle und hilfsbereite Community
☕️ Wöchentliche Events und vieles mehr
☕️Gaming Bereich
☕️ verschiedene Sprachkanäle
◼️ Talk
◼️ Gaming Talk
◼️ Anime Talk

➡Komme auf diesem Server um mit anderen zu sprechen und zu schreiben.
➡Wenn ihr bumpt bekommt ihr eine Rolle mit Extrarechten für 2h.
➡Nette und aktive Leute mit Niveau erwarten euch.
➡Es gibt einen Werbechannel, die Sachen darin werden jede Woche gelöscht.
➡Eine Voice und aktiv Rolle bieten wir auch an.

🤸Wir verwenden keine @everyone und @here tags, stattdessen kann man selber bestimmen, bei welchen Ereignissen man erwähnt werden will.
🤸Der Server ist sehr kompakt und übersichtlich.
Wir freuen uns schon auf dich ;D

Wir suchen keine Leute, die auf Stress aus sind, beleidigen, oder einen runter ziehen. Solche Menschen werden vom Server ausgeschlossen.
come hang with us. please. anyway, this server is just for fun! the rules are pretty loose and its a group server where we all hangout and talk and play games! we have some interactive things like qotd, and cool bots to mess with. were all pretty chill and active, just looking to expand the server to meet some new people to talk with. (if youre really sensitive, this server isnt for you sorry broski)
Welcome to GPad! A non-toxic server that is active and has amazing people and amazing staff members. We are looking for people who are amazing and aren't drama starters!
We are a server run by 4 people and would appreciate your time and join us. We won't demand information or criticize you. Oh, and leave your weapons by the door, have a nice day!
The Back Room is a nsfw kink server with an active voice and text chat. Lots of shit posting, gaming, and good times to be had. Relaxed environment with a hands off moderation approach. We have a minecraft server, play lots of games in VC, and sometimes watch movies or strange internet videos together. Rhythm bot is always playing some straight fire, we have a very eclectic music taste. Join our server it's great! ! ! ! !
The Social Order.
A name holding irony as fun is the main goal!
We have areas for chit chatting, playing games, sharing memes, sharing music, NSFW, and sharing your writing and art.
We are people orientated, fun and friends are all we aim to make!
Something for everyone!
Don't hesitate to stop in and say hi, maybe you won't want to leave!
Please check the rules at the door.
Thank you!
Ein kleiner gemütlicher Voice-Server!
Wenn du einen aktiven Server suchst, auf dem sowohl geschrieben als auch gesprochen wird, dann bist du hier genau richtig.
Wir versuchen gemütlich im Voice gemeinsam Zeit zu verbringen. (Meist Abends)
Finde deine Users, die dir gefallen und verbring mit Ihnen Zeit! :)
Just a small server trying to grow, Talk about games, play games with each other.
Minecraft and stuff xD
A server that emphasises freedom of speech whilst maintain the epic ability of moderating boring trolls who try too hard.
Welcome to VoiceCore we are a Karaoke community server.🎼📈🎤🤗

We are a Karaoke community server, where we make friends and help eachother with our musical careers. So if you want a friendly Karaoke server come and join us. 🔊🎼🎶🎤💗

we have:
🎤 [Karaoke channels
🤗 [ Friendly staff
📈 [ Frequent tier judging
📝 [ Help if needed with singing
😊 [ A nice community
Join the growing community of people meeting online. Find people who share your interests, post photos, chat, and enjoy a new, diverse network of friends!
Meet, Share Interests and Get Closer! Great Mature Singles are Ready to Talk. Friendly & Safe Dating Community
Interested in finding love, friendship, or simply someone you can chat with? Join the BlueSky server where you could meet anyone, anywhere! With interfaces that are easy to navigate, build your network and start getting connected today.
Максимально минималистический и ламповый дискорд сервер!)
Have an impression and would like to share it? Perhaps voice act in an undertale comic dub? Feel free to join to get interviewed or ask Griefs a question.
Fastest Growing Politics Server!
Politics, Conspiracies, OSINT, History, Philosophy, Military!
AMA's, Debate Nights, Trivia Nights, Global Emoji's,
24/7 Text and Voice, Darth Dawkins!
Partnerships, Unbiased moderation!
🌲Welcome To Karbon's server!🌲

We're just a small server here on discord, we just wanted to have fun like everyone else.
Feel free to join!

Here we offer:
🏵️ Memes!
🏵️ Friendly Moderators!
🏵️ Lewd lolis!
🏵️ NSFW!
🏵️ Assignable roles!
🏵️ Depression!

And many more!
It'll be a big thanks from us for giving your time reading, Have a good day!

Love, Kyui
Your Moderator.