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A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate fnaf or talk about elder scrolls online or fallout lore. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 18.
Elder Scrolls Warriors is a gaming community server on Discord that is dedicated to the Elder Scrolls series From their first game Arena to Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda Gaming Studios has gained many fans. This community is where we can talk about the games and just chat. You don’t have to be a fan of the games to join; however, I recommend you now a basic knowledge of the games. If you want to chat with people who love the Elder Scrolls series or just chat with other gamers, this server is for you. We accept members every day!
Welcome to Skyrim! This server is a passion project between Three friends in the hopes of making something great! It is brand new and still slightly in the works but bare with us as we work to make this into hopefully a memorable and fun roleplaying server!
The Sierra Madre is a Fallout themed server that loves discussing all kinds of games and films. We enjoy shitposting and conversing with other people. We have a friendly community and a server that features many different bots and factions.
Have you ever wanted to argue out the specifics of a games lore? Look no further, for Lore of the Games has you covered! We talk about all kinds of games, From Halo to Zelda to Skyrim. We are a growing community and want members who enjoy gaming!
New TES-themed gaming/friend-making server. Come, yell about Morrowind or your OC's or a different game entirely and chat! And lay down your weapons, please. ESO guild to come as well.
The province of skyrim united under the rule of Ulfric Stormcloak with Galmer Stone-Fist by his side is now somewhat at peace with the Imperial legion but is always under pressure from the High elven dominion for breaking the White-Gold Concordat and tension between the local nords and any mer, elves is high

Meanwhile Cyrodil rules by emperor titus mede III and the imperial legion having set up a strong presence on the border to skyrim due to losing the war to the Stormcloaks as bandits control many locations outside of the imperial city and other towns across cyrodill and more and more insane people arriving from the second appearance of the door to the shivering isles and sheogoraths realm.

After assainatin Titus mede II the dark brotherhood has quickly gained more and more influence as the death of astrid and the dragonborn leaves Nazir in charge he assigns Babbete to the old Cheydinhall sanctuary extending the dark brotherhood to cyrodill aswell as skyrim.

The thieves guild, now ruled by brynjolf is once again restored to its former glory thanks to the dragonborn as people outside of riften once again know of their existence as they hit locations across tamriel after rebuilding the guild in cyrodill and small amount in morrowind

Tamriels mages guild has arrived in skyrim setting up base in the city of whiterun while working with the college of winterhold.

The arena in the Imperial city is full of combatants and has plenty of gold for those looking to risk their life on arena combat.
This is an RP server made by a group of individuals who were sick of looking for a decent ElderScrolls RP server.
The skyrim roleplay! In here we treat everyone nicely and hope to have fun roleplaying. We can't wait to see you on the other side!
Disclaimer: This is a litature rp

Welcome to the Skyrim RP! Based off the game Skyrim by Besthesda, play as a Dragonborn, a guild member, mage and more! The rules are not that strict and this is a place to have fun and roleplay.
You can...
* Join guilds
* Be any type of mage
* A chance of being a Dragonborn
* Roleplay and meet new people

Here at IPAWBOJBUMA 2.0 we like to have a laugh! We have a great little group of people and we want more to join! We have a channel for gaming, memes, general chit chat, debates, NSFW and more!
A Canadian made video game server! We’d love to expand further on our topics, as the scope of the server is to encompass all aspects of pop culture and everyday life! Come join us in the great white north!!
Roleplay as your character without the confusion of using mods and ports to play with others! Immerse yourself in the world of Skyrim without the Dragonborn!
We are an "Elder Scroll Skyrim" themed clan that is spread across different games and platforms. Come Join us and share your life experiences and be part of our family!
**__The Elder Scrolls Roleplay__**
Ever felt like you wanted to roleplay as the people from Tamriel? Ever wanted to try what skooma tastes like? Well look no further! For we have you a server!
Join, **__The Elder Scrolls Roleplay__**!

We have:
- Fun and helpful members who are really big fans of the series!
- A simple and easy to join roleplay format!
- Helpful and accomadating staff!
A discord server for Elder Scrolls fans! We seek to create a kind, respectful, and drama free environment. We're a 16+ server and LGBT friendly! Please feel free to join and say hi!
Voici une communauté fan des jeux TES 🐉 si vous aussi vous pouvez venir et discuter de TES/TESO avec nous. Nous sommes peux nombreux mais nous sommes de véritable fan dans le sang...
Tamriel Reborn is a Roleplaying discord server. It currently takes place in Skyrim but, will be changed after the main roleplay concludes. We do not allow ERP.

This is not an official Elder Scrolls chat.
Welcome to kinship, a newly founded Skyrim roleplay server, with the Dragonborn mysteriously missing Skyrim is in danger. Come join us in restoring order to the homeland of the nords!
Welcome to the Skyrim Fanclub! As implied by the title, this is a fanserver dedicated to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Talk about your favorite mods, builds, share screenshots you've made, and have fun!
A discord server for all things skyrim.

Run by the moderators of skyrimemes instagram.