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Roleplay as your character without the confusion of using mods and ports to play with others! Immerse yourself in the world of Skyrim without the Dragonborn!
This is a really niche and strange premise for a roleplay, so feel free to peace out if it’s not for you.

-June 1st 1943. Operation Torch was a success. The allies are now the masters of North Africa, and the German Army that once seemed unstoppable is now retreating in all of it’s fronts

-June 2nd 1943. The British Royal Navy begins transporting the tired troops that had been in North Africa since the beginning of the North African campaign in June of 1940. A Naval flotilla of 6 ships. The HMS Royal Sovereign, HMS Nairana, HMS Rocksand, LST 339, LST 567 and HMCS Haida mysteriously disappear while on their way to link up with the fleet. No wreckage is found

-June 3rd 1943. The Navy flotilla finds itself in a different World. A World called Tamriel. The flotilla encounters a fleet of wooden warships of the Aldmeri Dominion (which are now at war with the Empire). The Aldmeri Admiral insists in their surrender, the British Admiral refuses. After a short Naval fight that sent the Aldmeri fleet scurrying, the flotilla makes it’s way to land. The Allies and the Dominion are now officially at war.

-June 4th 1943. The flotilla comes to a stop near the city of Solitude, after a short confrontation in which the Imperials mistook the flotilla for Aldmeri ships, a cease fire is ordered. The Imperial and Allied commands meet, and sign a treaty of non-aggression that lets the allies use Imperial resources to build factories to sustain themselves, survey for petrol and anchor their ships in Imperial ports, in exchange for assistance in modernizing the Empire and fighting the Dominion, which has taken over High Rock, and will soon invade Skyrim. The Imperials are fascinated by the wonderful machines these people have brought.

-June 5th 1943. The Allies set up camp in the now abandoned town of Dawnstar, which had been razed to the ground after the Dominion’s attempted invasion by sea.

-June 6th 1943. So it begins...

We're just getting started out, so bear with us for a while. :)
Elder Scrolls Warriors is a gaming community server on Discord that is dedicated to the Elder Scrolls series From their first game Arena to Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda Gaming Studios has gained many fans. This community is where we can talk about the games and just chat. You don’t have to be a fan of the games to join; however, I recommend you now a basic knowledge of the games. If you want to chat with people who love the Elder Scrolls series or just chat with other gamers, this server is for you. We accept members every day!
Its the 201st year of the 4th Era, The Empire has been weakened by the Great War and now the Civil War strains the Empire even more in Skyrim. It's getting worst with the return of the Dragons and with no clear end to the war. Will Skyrim gain independence or will the Empire prevail? Make that difference by choosing sides!
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate Elder Scrolls lore, talk about the new Fallout game, or debate dnd characters. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 18.
It's Skyrim. It's RP, what more needs to be said. You have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want
Welcome to TESV: Skyrim Roleplay! This server is a server made by two friends who hope it'll become something great! It's still new and there are a lot of errors but bear with us. If you think somethings missing, leave a suggestion and we'll try to add as soon as possible.

Come join us, we'll have a great time together!

This is an Elder Scrolls discord server that is also made to have fun, Any additional server ideas are welcome
A place for you to explore all of Tamriel! Become a vampire or a mage, make friends, chat, we even have a special zone for adults! Join now and be the fantasy hero you’ve always wanted to be!
Le RP Braillards de Jerall est un serveur roleplay naissant tournant autour de l'univers des Elder Scrolls.

Se déroulant en 4E207, 6 ans après les événements du légendaire The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, vous pourrez découvrir un serveur RP bien géré, avec une communauté très agréable et accueillante.

Vous pourrez choisir créer votre personnage de A à Z ! Votre classe, votre caractère.

Vous pourrez voyager dans toutes les contrées de Tamriel, sans limites, et même au delà : Akavir, Pyandonée, ou même un plan d'Oblivion !

Toute votre imagination sera sollicitée, vous pourrez sans problème créer votre propre arc narratif ! Votre histoire !

Le RP est très libre, on vous laissera quasiment faire ce que vous voulez, tant que c'est bien fait, et on peut aussi faire des entorses au canon pour quelques détails, ce n'est pas problématique. Et même si vous ne voulez pas participer, vous pouvez sans problème venir en spectateur !
Welcome to the realm of Elpida! Our roleplay community is based upon the system of skyrim, and we're open to all clans, etc!
♦️Become a King or Queen that reins over their own region!
♦️Gain ranks to the legendary Yarl, to lead a clan!
♦️Become a Thane and take control of portions of small armies!
♦️Open-minded community, all types of rp are welcome!
♦️Friendly community and staff!
♦️LGBT+ support!
♦️Venting and more!
Welcome to Skyrim! This server is a passion project between Three friends in the hopes of making something great! It is brand new and still slightly in the works but bare with us as we work to make this into hopefully a memorable and fun roleplaying server!
An RP server set in the Elder Scrolls universe where you can create your own faction or join an existing one and fight for your place in Tamrielic history. Create your very own character from any race (even those not featured in any TES games, as long as they exist in lore) and live a life as an adventurer, a warchief or anything else you can think of!
The Ancient Mage, The High Elf Endalmo has Risen. His causes aren't for good. He is trying to get to Etherius. And the kingdoms have hidden in their keeps. United we stand as a beacon of hope to unite the kingdoms and strike Endalmo down.
Welcome to Skyrim.
If you're here reading this then, please keep all weapons lowed when inside cities, other then that go wild! Joking do not unless you want a bounty on you.
Have fun travelling Skyrim tho!
Also, screw Logic and Physics!
One hundred years have passed since an end was put to Alduin threatening Tamriel. Many who witnessed these legendary happenings are no more but memories never die, especially not those that formed heroes for generations to speak of.
Now the time has come for new heroes, for many, to live up to the footsteps of the one Dragonborn from old times, to venture to Skyrim to protect the lands as he once did. It is their destiny and its calling for them is inevitable.
If you are interested in a community of Roleplayers, come and join! Various bot commands,different roleplay rooms,character registrations,active members,NSFW channeor,and more!
The harsh land of Skyrim is made harsher by the great Civil War that ravages her people. As towns burn and castles are brought crumbling down, many struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy, keeping at their menial jobs, while others rush to war, eager to give battle to the foe they blame for tearing apart their homes.

Enter the war torn land of Skyrim, and choose whether you wish to take part in a struggle that will shape history, or simply try to ply your trade, and escape ravaging bands of bandits or hungry soldiers low on supplies. Play as your own Original Character, or as one of the many famous faces from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

As the skies fill with fire, and ancient foes stir beneath their earthen tombs, who will you become?
This story takes place after Skyrim within Cyrodiil and Skyrim in 4E 826, hundreds of years after the the events of TESV: Skyrim, involving the Dragon Crisis, which was thwarted after the Dragonborn defeated Alduin.
Several original characters to create a new and fan-made history and present in this incarnation.
Join the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Arena, etc, or become a follower of one of the many Daedric Princes, whether you're character is a vampire, werewolf or just an Average Joe, we'd love to see what can be created with the imaginations of TES fans brought together.
Welcome to the adventurers guild, pit-rat! You're going to need to rise through the ranks if you want true adventure and glory. For now, let's send you on a simple mission. 200 gold if you kill a bandit chief with one of our higher ranks viewing. You ready to join the most powerful guild in Skyrim?

Hey there, Asphodel speaking! This server is a brand new guild for the new mod for Skyrim, Skyrim Together! I am the Harbinger of the guild. Please join, we'll make you feel welcome! (Well, Lohrkan might not, but he's a weird dude.)
Wir sind ein Discord Server die einen großen allgemeinen Content zu dem MMO Spiel The Elderscrolls-Online bieten.

Alle spieler die dieses Spiel spielen sind herzlich eingeladen.