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A dedicated Stardew Valley server with regular and game specific areas, including several multiplayer lobbies! Start by accepting terms and conditions then come in for all the fun, we have reaction roles and a user calendar! We have 50 stardew emojis, LOADS of custom commands to assist your gameplay too! This includes item lookup commands, NPC info commands, event and birthday calendar, and community center goals.
Semi-Social Switch Gamers is basically just a server where you can find someone to play switch games with or just talk about them. Mainly focusing on smash, splatoon and stardew you can really play any game you want.
If you love Stardew Valley you should join this discord server!

What We Have:
1) Always ready staff!
2) People you can chat with about Stardew Valley!
3) The place to find people to recruit to your stardew valley multiplayer farm!
4) If you need help, people here can answer your questions!
5) Many bots that you can use!
6) And much, much more!

So what are you waiting for? Join today!
−−−−−Nations Of Gaming−−−−−

Looking to game with friends, hang out, meet new people?
Well l:eyes:k no further than Nations Of Gaming

The way I see it, if this server grows the way I hope it does, I will expand it more and more!

This server is constantly moderated by myself, and a few friends of mine, as when more people join, I will add more bots, channels and roles!
:small_blue_diamond:Active staff/owner
:small_orange_diamond:Gaming (Minecraft, Roblox, Stardew valley, Terrairia and any game anyone wants to recommend)
:small_orange_diamond:a bundle of unique emojis
:small_blue_diamond:Loving community
:small_orange_diamond:No NSFW content
:small_blue_diamond:Completely clean chat!
Hello and welcome to GamingMystery! This server is a gaming server mainly focused on: World of Warcraft, Splatoon and Stardew Valley. If you don't own any of these games and just want to make friends you're welcome too! The server just started out so bear with me.
Gaming server for: Terraria, Starbound, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, RuneScape, Roblox, and Age of Empires.
A community for folks who play Stardew Valley on the pc, with or without mods! We accept everyone who's just wanting a chill place to meet new friends and make a farm together.
AHOY, MATEYS! Critter Cove is an open world RPG set in a world of fantastical islands, crazy critters, and high sea adventures. After a massive storm you awaken on a tropical island inhabited by a cast of quirky characters who help get you back onto your feet. At the helm of a second-hand ship, crewed by your new friends, you set sail on a quest to become the greatest captain of all time.
Hey there! We're a small, laid back roleplay community based on the following farming simulator series: Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory and Stardew Valley.

We're looking for others who are interested in roleplaying characters from these games together in one giant farming simulator universe.

Hop in and see if we're the roleplaying group for you!
Esse server está relacionado ao jogo stardew valley RPG um joguinho lindo de fazenda muito fofo.
-bot de música
-salas de chat texto e áudio
-salas privadas (duo e squad)
-memes e shitpost
Bem não tenho muito oq falar entre e se divirta meu amigo.
This is a server for people that either love Stardew Valley, South Park, or both! If you'd like to find new people to play with, this is the server for you.
Custom roles available on request
Channels dedicated specifically for your farm are also available
We've got some themed emojis to enjoy as well, so come and give this server a try!
This is a brand new server looking for love..and is primarily angled towards stardew valley kins!
Others are allowed, but sdv is the focus. My goal is to keep this server a a safe place for all fellow kinnies and just keep it lax and fun! I'm working in adding bots and such
I look forward to meeting all of you!
This is just a fun server I made for others to meet up, game, and share their art!
Welcome to the Stardrop Saloon! A multi-purpose game discussion and roleplay server for the farming simulator and RPG game Stardew Valley! Here we have a unique heart system where the more interaction equals more benefits, and we allow all characters, even Farmersonas! However, we also have General chat channels if you aren't really that into roleplaying. We hope you can stop by and stay awhile, we'll be waiting!
disclaimer: This is heavily inspired off of a game called "Stardew Valley"

You and others help the mayor of Mythiberg (Myth-e-berg) about the local 'Jojamart' that's owned by the Megacorp 'Joja Corporation', that seems to cover shipping, warehousing distributions and has a energy drink product. Fixing up the town's old Community Center could help shut down the local Jojamart. Characters are able to volunteer in help fixing up the Community Center or buy a Joja Membership from the Manager.
Okay so basically it’s a discord server full of immature 12 year olds :))
Hi, I’m Devtu and This is Dev’s Motel, We’re a chill community of gamers, artists and all round fun people! We believe we have a great upward potential and we would love for you to come on the ride with us! We want a server that is based around our members, taking into consideration there feelings, ideas, thoughts, and opinions. We want your experience with us to be as great as it can be with everything you want in a server, Me and Memo are the Owners and will stop at nothing for your satisfaction and comfortability as a member!