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An open sever for artists of all kinds.

No NSFW. We're open to commissioners.

A growing community of
Writers, Artists, Musicians, Vocalists, and those who love to check out the work of creative minds.

Our server is uniquely designed as a spaceship, well organized, properly maintained & moderated for the benefit of its members. We encourage the creativity and originality of our members, but whether you create or simply like to enjoy our different fields of endeavor, we hope you will enjoy joining us.

Need feedback? Post / let others help you.
Want to give feedback? You can do that too.
Don't have the ability?
Then at least let others know when they are on the right path
with a 'reaction' to their work.

Special Feature

Writing - Art - Music / Vocals

Fairy Tarot Card Reader
Available w/bot driven card drawing system.

Commissions Corridor
Place to put ad to request or take commissions
Must remain member to keep ad up.

•• Age 17+ preferred ••
•• Age 16- Accepted ••
if they behave and follow our rules.
It's about maturity level more than age.

Owner: @Sinbad ᵀʰᵉ ˢᵉᵉᵏᵉʳ Alexandros#5831
In the Works is a place to have conversation, generate ideas, and get your writing work critiqued and reviewed with constructive criticism. Critique is provided through trade - you give some, you get some - meaning that everyone's work gets reviewed.
The Original Character Café is a café-themed server focusing on OCs, FCs, self-inserts, and sonas! A 100+ member server with daily questions and weekly activities such as prompts and game nights, we aim to promote a positive environment for artists of any sort of media!

Introductions are a must, and you must be over 14 to join! Come join us!
It’s Post Meridiem Somewhere... ☕🌙💻
P.M. Writing Cafe is an all-hours offbeat server geared toward fiction writers—all writers welcome. We got wordsprints, classes, general chat, and even a few procrastination channels. Grab your caffeine and join us.
Freestyle is a new art, writing and general community server with a focus on having fun and relaxing. The server has four main categories for art, writing, conversation and events led by one of four head staff each. Below is a list of what we currently have to offer:

> Channels for art sharing and discussion
> A NSFW section for users 18 or older
> The option to advertise commissions for active members
> Story, OC and Lore sharing
> RP idea pitching
> Anime and Games
> Memes

Events will be discussed and set up by our staff team as the server grows. A role based rank system based on individual activity as well as purchasable color roles are also in the works. We are not focused on any particular fandom, but all are welcome.
Are you looking for a nice server which welcomes everyone? Well, look no futher! We are Tokyo Night, a chill community server themed around anime. We want the server to be a hub for developing your interests and hobbies, sharing your creations, as well as finding new friends and over all having a good time! We also host weekly events which range from anime watch-alongs to gaming events. We hope to see you soon!

(We are also strong supporters of cute anime girls.)
Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. I am a recruiter for the distinguished school for dedicated role-players, Tell Tale Academy. What is Tell Tale Academy you may ask? Why it is a school filled with the sons and daughters of your favorite childhood fairytales and Greek mythology. With royals, warlocks, Gods, peasants, etc. there is always something buzzing in these hallowed halls.
Currently, registration is open to all students of any race, gender, social class, religion, or sexuality.

We oh-so hope you will visit our website where you will find:
- More information about our school
- Meet our astounding administration and other fellow students (In the server)
- A map of the Fairytale world and others like it. (In the server)
- A list of rules and guidelines for you to read and follow.
- A list of Fairytale or Greek mythological parents who aren’t taken under the “Enrollment” tab - If you have a request for a character ask us!
- A template for you to follow when creating a character.
- And more!

We at TTA extend our deepest welcome and gratitude to you and hope you can make Tell Tale Academy your new home.

Our Website -
The Roleplay Hub is a community server focused on text-based roleplay and OCs. We aim to be a central commune for creative people who want meet others like them, advertise their RPs or RP sites, find new RPs to become a part of or share and discuss their OCs. You can even host an RP on our server or participate in our OC-based minigames!
Im making a server for people to talk about story driven media, mainly comics/manga, as well as anime and shows and movies. The point of this server is to build a community for raising awareness about people's creations, including my own comic. You can share your art, stories, ideas, work with other writers and artists, and maybe even produce your own comic! Its brand new, so we do not have many members at all, why not be one of the first to be a part of this community?
We're a small roleplaying community built around "The Rift", which you can read more about here if you're interested.

If you enjoy writing, and creating characters this is the place for you! We're always looking for new people to join our community and share in the adventure.
A world of deep history and rich culture. A kingdom once lost to great suffering has been reborn under its new king, Albel Albion. Travanara is home to great magics and vast species. All can call Travanara a home where they belong. All manner of person from all times of civilization will find their comfort here. Come to explore the expansive terrains and locations Travanara has to offer; find yourself in the midst of a grand adventure from the listed Mission Board, or create a story of your own in one of the general roleplay areas. In a world where all are accepted and encouraged, your potential is boundless!
Welcome to the Avatar Arena!

The Avatar Arena is a massive crossover roleplay taking place on a dimensional crossroads between worlds, with a setting as fickle as the weather and ever-changing. This world is a peculiar one, as it would be considered normal were it not for the visitors, who come from different worlds and universes, often interacting, sometimes battling, or perhaps participating in quests and events. The opportunities in this world are many, and sometimes regarded as infinite.

The Arena promotes freeform roleplay.
- There is no central, overarching plot. The users here may feel free to choose whatever plots and events they like, or to start their own if they feel it within reason.
- Provided that you can play fair and not be OP, you are allowed to play as virtually almost anyone. An established character, an original character, perhaps a character from a movie you liked.
- Drop-in, drop-out. Stop worrying about RP locks and long waits for hours and days. If you wish to leave a scene, you are free to go. If you also wish, you are free to settle down to a slower-paced RP style, although RPs normally play out in real-time/live.
- Worldbuilding and writing channels to promote creativity. Even if you do not wish to RP, you are free to discuss your stories and characters.
- Freeform channels. As opposed to channels that are centred on different locations, our channels are divided according to power levels to ensure fair play. For those who dislike this system, we also provide RP channels that allow characters of different power levels to meet.
- A suggestion system, to allow players to have a voice and to vote on any features and changes that they would like on the server.

The Avatar Arena features a large and active community of users, most of them writers and roleplayers, as well as many bots to ensure that no one gets fatigued, and, of course, many channels that cater to different interests, like memes, movies, games, and the like.

If you have any inquiries, you may feel free to DM the server owner.

Server Owner: SymeSynth#1283 (203176668217475072)
Street racing-focused RP loosely based on Initial D set in 1998 Hakone, Japan. High casual level of writing, with constantly developing plot and characters.
If you've got experience in RP and interested in 90s JDM, this place is perfect for you! We've got experienced members who are always willing to make a new friend and learn a thing or two. Although not necessary, it always helps to know about things like Initial D, as it gets thrown around in conversation.
Allegory is an 18+ Roleplay server tailored to connect mature minded, robust roleplayers and writers, and host their writings be it 1v1, group, or casual.

Boasting a casual, friendly and drama free community of adults our chat rooms offer a chill environment to talk about anything you like (within the #rules). We have a variety of voice channels, shitposting rooms and a number of image rooms.
Welcome to Gay Furry Chillspot! 17+ We're a brand new furry server made specifically for the lgbt, writers, artists, and DnD players.

We offer:

*An open-minded community and safe-space
*Spaces where people may share their various forms of art
*A space for DnD players to share their campaign ideas and homebrew
*An OC channel
*Color roles, as well as roles for Gender, Sexuality, and Pronouns
*A suggestion channel to which you may suggest various ideas to improve the server

We hope you enjoy your stay at our server! Cant wait to meet you!
This is a server for people into writing/art/music/film/gaming, so basically creative people, or people who appreciate it. There's people you can collaborate with, we host regular events/competitions, have a great community, and have loads of opportunities and resources to help you! We love new members, so join up!
A chill lounge for creators of art and writing, as well as lovers of anime, manga, games, and more! Find your calling here. Find friends among the STARDUST.
Dear Lord or Lady,
You are Cordially invited to the amazing Fantasy Roleplay “World of Marin!”
Adventure is to be had!

If you're looking for a literate and fresh RP, this one is definitely for you. We request that you create your own OC for this roleplay.

Although it is easy to join, you need to create a bio for your character! A faceclaim, while not strictly needed, is recommended. Interested in learning more? There are many sources to find information! World of Marin has been around for a few years, and we boast a variety of outlets to help you get your bearings. We also have a Lore Room, and although most of the information there isn’t to your ability to Roleplay with us, it’ll certainly help you get a feel for the chat!

You might have recognized us from Chatzy. We are relatively new to discord, but are hosting the same world.

We can't wait to see you.

As always, enjoy!

✨We are Artistic Expressions✨

We are an art-based discord. We specialize in all forms of art including traditional art, music, writing, and much more!

What We Do:
🔸Promotion 🕊️
🔹Social Media Promo 🐦
🔹Creation Gallery 🎨
🔸Events/Challenges/Contests 🎉
🔹Karaoke Nights 🎤
🔹Movie Nights 🎥
🔹Weekly Challenges 🌠
🔹 Commissions 💲
🔸Art 🖌️
🔹Traditional Art ✍️
🔹Digital Art 📷
🔹Art Trades 🤝
🔸Writing 📖
🔹Assistance 🎀
🔹Non-fiction/Fiction 📑
🔹Scripts 🎭
🔹Poems 📜
🔸Music 🎶
🔹Singing 🎙️
🔹Instrumentals 🎹
🔹Song Writing 🎼
🔹Assistance 🎀
🔸Homework Help 📚
🔹Sight Reading
🔹Music Theory
Artist Lounge

After Reading this and joining make sure to leave a review!

We accept most types of art including...
✍ Writing!
✏ Traditional Art!
📱 Digital Art!
🎤 Music!

Were planning on adding a few more!

We have 3 bots that me and another user have tested and do work!
( MEE6, Groovy and Color-Chan)

We make sure everyone feels excepted! and Disrespect is basically ILLEGAL in my server!*

A Few Rules you might wanna know...
🦌 Disrespect IS NOT ALLOWED!
🦌 Spam Is not allowed!
🦌 Arguing with staff is banned unless in the debate chat!

If you want more info
Dm on discord : @>~Trask~<#1097

Welcome to Shot of Drawva, a hub for feedback and striving artists of all kinds!
Drawva is a hub for all kinds of artists, including the likes of writers and musicians to gather and both provide/give feedback to one another on your works. Whether you're here to just have some banter with those like you or find new ways to better yourself, you'd surely enjoy yourself here.

What we got :
• A growing community, weeding out disrespectful members as they come.
• Weekly challenges for the community!
• Opportunities to discover new techniques and further your skills through feedback with other artists/writers/musicians.
• A gallery and album, coming from people like yourself.
• User updated resources that will be publicly available for use, with mainly original content.

Be chill :
• Don't hesitate to ask questions. More often than not you'll get an answer.
⁝ ⊹

⋆ . ˚⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


💌 ₍₁₎

ʸᵒᵘ'ᵛᵉ ʳᵉᶜᵉⁱᵛᵉᵈ ᵃ ᵐᵉˢˢᵃᵍᵉ ♡ !

˗ˏˋwelcome to yuji’s bakery°•♡ ˎˊ˗

simply a nice, aesthetically pleasing, bakery-themed server. chill vibes & great people. come join us, we're an ever growing, loving community!