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Heyo! This is the Art community server!
We offer a fun, and loving community, and cover most of the art spectrum!

We offer many things, such as:
-Reaction Roles
-Summerly Revamps based on the suggestions YOU give!
-Promotion of youtube channels
-Level roles
-And more!

You can come to show off your skills, and receive or give feedback whenever!

The sky has no limits when it comes to your art. I hope you join us, because we will all have some FUN!


We have revamped many things, hopefully if you have joined before, you could give this another go?
Here at GMM, we're set in the universe of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The year is 1180, and the setting is Garreg Mach Monastery. You are the characters of GMM; the canon characters and original characters that make up the student populace. With a vibrant community, the opportunity to play canon and/or original characters, and an ongoing plot that you can make your own, we're devoted to creating an RP experience like no other!

With over 50 unique RP channels and a thriving group of roleplayers of all quality, we just ask that you help make this server a wonderful place!

Currently looking for Dimitri and Edelgard (among other canon characters)!
Welcome to Trixia, a community based roleplay server! Featuring a magical-steam punk era roleplay, we welcome all writers at any skill to come improve yourself and others through story telling, gambling, fighting, or adventuring! We also feature hobbies such as anime, video games, and debates/politics!
Thanks for checking us out, hope to see you soon!
-Harsh Noise#4168
Open to all ages, Dragon Den is a dragon - themed server centered around making friends, sharing creativity, and having fun!

🐲Earn dragon-based ranks and rewards as you level up in the server!
🐲Save up your gold to buy gems and other treasures to build your hoard!
🐲Grow from a Hatchling to an adult Drake - and maybe even earn your place among the Elders!
🐲Keep a pet and train it to be the most powerful among the group!
🐲Monthly giveaways for in-server rewards!
🐲... and much more to come!

Powered by the Purity bot. More bots may be added upon approved requests!
WattCafé is a friendly and organized platform focused server for writers, artists, designers, and more! this server is specifically made for wattpad users but outsiders are welcome too.


☕ a friendly growing community of writers, artists, designers, and more.

☕ organized categories and channels for chatting and discussions.

☕ separate channels for promoting your contents and servers.

☕ many fun bots, events, & user-played game channels.

☕ SFW and strongly monitored by moderators.

the theme of this server is a cafe - to make it more friendly and represent diversity, as people appear here randomly from all over the world like a busy coffee shop. so if this is your cup of t̶e̶a̶ COFFEE, welcome aboard to WattCafé! we hope you'll enjoy your stay! ___φ(^∇^ )ノ

The 21+ all-inclusive creative hub. Lurker friendly and fortified, we accept all intermediate writing levels and beyond!

• 21+ only community with optional age verification system.
• Weekly writing prompts, challenges, games and Question of the Week.
• Channels dedicated to all manner of topical discussion.
• LGBTQIA+ safe zone.
• Blacklist features; we do not tolerate bullying, targeted harassment nor abusive behaviour. Working alongside the community entails a wider spread knowledge on who to look out for.
• Interactive OOC channels such as 'Tag Yourself' and 'The Daily Mood'.
• RP search channels sectioned by fandom and original content.
• Creator roles! Are you an artist, Youtuber etc? Then promote yourself with a like minded audience!
• Improvement channels, such as quotes, vocabulary expansion and optional critique.
• A positive space - alongside our positivity based channels, see 'Three Things', Black Dog cultivates a warmer, friendlier atmosphere.
• Full creative features. With channels for references, sharing your writing (NSFW and SFW included), character bios etc, you can expect 24/7 inspiration.
• Themed events and interactive channels - Christmas, Halloween and Birthdays will all be something to look out for.

We look forwards to seeing you!
Welcome to Limitless Universe, the premier Pokemon Roleplaying community! Come on in and join our lively crew of writers and roleplayers for a grand adventure with a focus on interesting and fun RP's based around the pokemon; Create your very own character, be it a Munchlax, Ninetales, Aegislash, or even a Buzzwole and bring them out to any of the regions in the games and carve out your own story!

We have our own take on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games as well! With a special region, Solstice, you can forge your own adventure, whether it be in the frigid wastes of Aurigu Arctic or the sunkissed Constellation City~ Have your character become part of the Trailblazer's Guild, or even just be a traveling painter, the options are limitless!

Formed back in 2010, we're a long lasting community having made the jump to discord so come join our growing numbers, awful puns, and expansive narrative journeys! ^^
An experimental server made by Athel where we gather the most creative minds on Discord from all walks of life to hang out and to hopefully make some new friends! We are all completely welcoming and accepting of anybody and everybody, so pop on by if you want to share any writing, art you've done, or if you just want to come to meet new friends!
This server is a community full of writers, editors and critics alike.
Writers have the option to make there own channel to create books in.
Editors can slowly build up there reputation by editing writers books before posting them eventually they could put money on there name if there really good.
Critics can show writers how they can improve on there books but are not allowed to be rude about it.
Members have the option to read a variety of awesome books if they start to offer ways they could improve a story, they will be promoted to critic.
So please join this amazing server full of book worms ;)
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 💌

😘 1500+ Members
📝 Active and evolving roleplay
✨ 200+ Roles & Channels for RP
🏰 Set in a modern-day Hogwarts
🧙 RPG Duels & Quidditch Games
🌈 LGBTQIA+ inclusive
⚡ Dedicated Staff & HP fans <3

🔮 Knowledge of the Harry Potter canon is valued but isn't required

All are welcome. We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term. Safe travels! 🦉
Crossroads is a general Rp hangout. Dedicated 18+ for a mature crowd, but not mature themes. You can play any genre in our public rooms, fast or slow paced. Set up your own game with your own rules, or join someone else's. It's up to you! Some other 'for fun' amenities include a clubhouse channel to discuss OCs and stories, and an art share chat. For the health of the server, Crossroads does not allow venting. Bring a good attitude and a smile!
The Church of Houston a community server held together by a theme of a parody religion worshipping a llama. It sounds weird mostly because it is. (We have nothing to do with Texas, to be clear. Our llama god's name is Houston.)
Network is an in-depth server, with loads of features. Though, it is mostly focused on roleplay and character creation.
+ active
+ regular VCs
+ movie fridays
+ creative community
+ most are 18+, but that's not a requirement
✦ Welcome to The Valley! ✦
Welcome to our server! We are new server related to all arts and would like you to be a part of it. We look forward to creating a safe and nurturing community for for everyone.

~ Art ~
~ Crafts ~
~ Cosplay ~
~ Writing ~
~ Singing ~
~ Prompts ~
~ And much more ~

We hope to see you here!
What is a Collaboration Jam?

A Collaboration Jam is an event to push teams of writers to their limits.

A new type of challenge is being created in front of your very own eyes. Imagine collaborating on a story with someone. Then imagine having a time limit to create that story. The teams are randomly assigned and you don’t know who your teammates are until the jam starts. Relish in a community of writers that are completing this challenge at the same time, almost always competing with each other.

Besides writing, another hobby some people have is video game development. Within that industry is a particular, highly-structured method of; practicing creating content, practicing working with others, and having a crap-ton of fun.

This method is called a Game Jam. Basically, there is a block of time set aside for the event. When this block of time starts, your game creation begins. The end of the block of time marks the deadline for the project. Often times, participants skip out on sleep to have a competitive advantage, as the most common time durations are 24 or 48 hours.

We are now applying this concept to the writing world.

It’s a Collaboration Jam! Like writing jams, except collaborative.

This is an opportunity to work with other writers to hone your craft in a fun, team oriented event. Participants are assembled into teams to co-create a piece based on the writing prompt. Whether you are just beginning or have several completed works under your belt, a collaboration jam offers the opportunity to learn from one another in a competitive environment with helpful feedback. There are judges who will grade each team’s work and choose a winner.

Prompt Examples

It’s 3 AM. An official phone alert wakes you up. It says “DO NOT LOOK AT THE MOON”. You have hundreds of notifications. Hundreds of random numbers are sending “It’s a beautiful night tonight. Look outside.”
Every country has ninjas but the world only knows about Japan’s because theirs suck.
You lost your sight – along with everyone else on Earth – in The Great Blinding. Two years later, without warning, your sight returns. As you look around, you realize that every available wall, floor and surface has been painted with the same message – Don’t Tell Them You Can See.
A woman has been dating guy after guy, but it never seems to work out. She’s unaware that she’s actually been dating the same guy over and over; a shapeshifter who’s fallen for her, and is certain he’s going to get it right this time.

Jam 1 applications are now open!
Coffee House! This is a chill RP/gaming server with a focus on community. The server has been active for two years now, consistently active in Asian / OCE timezones. We're now more active on the NA timezones too!

You don't have to RP, write, or even game (we primarily play Pokemon, League of Legends and/or MTG) either -- the server's primary focus is a lax community server for all. Our users are typically between 15-22 years old, but it caters to everyone.

The server is lighter on rules than other servers too, so don't be afraid to speak your opinion.
Come and make some new friends, and looking forward to seeing you there.

- Hope.
Sketch Land:
A small discord server looking for active people who just want to draw and hang out.
We maybe small but we are active and depent on our members!
We accept all kind of art from traditional to image edits!
You can meme, play games, or just talk here!
Do you enjoy the fine arts? Are you a photographer? Maybe you write poetry?
If any of these are yes then why not join The Pen and Paintbrush Society

We offer dedicated sections for:
* Art of all kind including fan art
* Writing and poetry
* Photography including virtual photography

We hope to see you there!
Check out our website -

Welcome to Words Alike - a writing community. This server is open to writers, readers, editors and critics. We value community as well as pushing each other to achieving goals.

» Introduce yourselves to fellow members and find people who are alike!
» Find readers for your piece
» Receive edits and critiques!
» Host events!
» Find new reads!
» Gather inspiration

We have channels to cater to writers, readers, critics and editors! Feel free to check them out!

Some of our specialties are a NaNoWriMo category, writing groups and we have a podcast

Art Friends is a safe and positive server to share your art of any kind and writing. All skill levels are welcome!
Right now we offer artist/writer/appreciator roles along with pronoun roles.
We host a monthly art challenge that anyone is allowed to participate in!
Come join and get helpful critiques of your work and advice on how to grow!
The sweetest writing server on Discord (seriously, diabetes guaranteed). You can talk about anything from Pokémon to politics, and post your writings for feedback and critique. Casual roleplay is also in the cards. Prompts, games, events, you name it, we've got it (or if we don't, we'll make it). And each level up you get cake. Not too shabby, eh?

We're not rule-heavy, but we don't tolerate assholery. So don't have a rectum on your shoulders and we'll get along splendidly. Join our quirky community!