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For almost every media including writing, art, and even theater. Almost anybody that creates content can be here. And hey, you can even be here with you just want entertainment for yourself, just have fun! (warning you probably have to have low tolerance)
54 minutes ago
A brand new discord server for Artists, GFX artists, Writers, and admirers! We are also LGBT friendly so come join!
9 hours ago
Community 10
Started off as a small Role-play clan 13 years ago. We now have our own discord server and are looking to continue to grow as a group.
We offer two different role-play sections.
Sanctuary Verse is an Original Concept world, where if you can dream it, you can do it
Stand Alone Role-plays puts all the powers in the role-play creators hands.
There is a little something for everyone.
We also have tons of chat channels, and we do group gaming.
From table top simulator, to starbound.
So come check us out!
1 days ago
Primarily a server for a roleplay on TvTropes, but also optimised for general writing and role-playing, as well as offtopic stuff. It also provides 16 bots.
1 days ago
Heroes of Fantasia is a public roleplaying community! We offer the ability to join any of the many active roleplays we possess on the server, in addition to starting your own and getting some of our community members to join you! Currently, we have several ongoing, active roleplays such a fantasy adventure and a sci-fi drama. We hope to see you soon!
3 days ago
RPG Games 30
Are you tired and hungry? Do you crave something deeper than yourself to fulfill the void inside? Do you long to leave your life behind and become someone or something other than your day to day human? Join us!

The Broken is an urban fantasy group that takes place in and around Boston. We're a group of writers in various stages of skill and intent, harboring people from various platforms (AOL and others). We RP at leisure, fast paced, and just goof around but at the end of the day, story is our purpose.

Dark, humor, violent, plot, story, missions, active community, extra random things, and whatever else suits us at that moment. We hope to see you soon!

Current Plot Line: Known to only few, supernaturals of varying types seem to be disappearing from Boston without even a scuffle. It begs several questions to those who have noticed, or will take notice: Where are they going and are they going willingly? Join us on our adventure to discover the truth and how to help those who may fall victim to this deviance — or perhaps to help seek justice for those whom have already fallen.
7 days ago
A place where writers can do stuff! XD
15 days ago
LOOKNG FOR STAFFERS Story World is a place for writers and readers! A place to be yourself. We try to be open-minded

Please note: This server is still in development, and still has a long ways to go before it is even finished.
96 days ago
Mass Effect: Guardian - Asgard Station is a roleplaying server set in the Mass Effect universe. It has a very active community going strong for over a year and is host to a variety of people and characters. Join, create a character, and get it in on the fun!
102 days ago
Weekly writing and art competitions
Word sprints
Timer & word counter bot/ music bots to play music in voice chat (youtube, radio, computer files, spotify, etc.)
A friendly and active community

Whether you're a professional writer, hobbyist, or just like reading other people's work, you're welcome to join!
120 days ago