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Welcome to the Avatar Arena!

The Arena is a site known as a Dimensional Nexus, a realm where different worlds' denizens of all kinds can and will meet, to varying results, ranging from combat, to interaction, among others. This strange realm also takes the shape of different worlds, its appearance being altered at random and at unexpected periods of time, resulting in a new environment every once in a while.

The roleplay features these:
> The ability to play as any type of character: heroic, villainous, canon or OC; human, alien, angel, or even a primordial being, with no character sheets required! Just be a reasonable roleplayer, and play fair! Don't be absurdly OP!
> A drop-in, drop-out nature of roleplaying!
> Real-time RP, which means that you will play live with others, ridding the need to wait for several hours for another player to post!
> All players are allowed to create their own plots as they wish!

Besides the roleplay, the Avatar Arena features a semi-active community with over a hundred members, and has over 16 bots to play with, a memes channel, and multiple categories!

Feel free to hop in, and have fun!

Server Owner: SymeSynth#1283 (203176668217475072)
25 minutes ago
For almost every media including writing, art, and even theater. Almost anybody that creates content can be here. And hey, you can even be here with you just want entertainment for yourself, just have fun! (warning you probably have to have low tolerance)
31 minutes ago
Community 82
The Roleplay Hub is a community server focused on text-based roleplaying either on forums or on Discord itself. We aim to be a central commune where RPers and OC creators can meet each other, recruit and advertise their own games and forums. You can even host your RPs directly in the RPH!
41 minutes ago
Welcome to Firefly Valley Academy for the paranormal, we’re a uniquely structured RP about a high school for paranormal youths. We have a system that promotes the creation of highly unique characters that all fit into the world in a logical way, anything from a dead voodoo girl, a boy who can take himself a part, or a punk who may very well set the world on fire. Our world is dark a wonderful, and we hope to have you join us on this wild journey.

> A simple to use homebrew system that promotes creativity over anything else

> Character progression that can be gone into deeply or ignored depending on tastes

> A world where concepts like a steampunk robot and a skinwalker can stand together and interact while making cohesive sense.

> Various GM run plot threads to follow, all is not well in the valley and it can be up to your strange character

> A philosophy of rewards, the more effort you put into the RP, the more effort the rest of the community will put towards making your place in the world more spectacular.

> A unique tone that mixes and juxtaposes the lighthearted and quite with the heavy and dark; have tea time with your best friend before venturing into town to stop a mad necromancer.

1 hours ago
Community 25
We are a community of writers sharing our writing , asking questions, and helping out our fellow writers!
1 hours ago
Community 4
Looking for Artists! 。◕ ‿ ◕。 This server is open to all types of artists!
3 hours ago
The Crossroads is a friendly, casual Role-Play Community. Any and all characters are welcome; old, new, good, evil and everything in between. All races are accepted.

Though The Crossroad Realms is a role-play community, we have many other channels to engage in.

Features Include;
• Game Chat
• Fun bots; Tatsumaki, DiscordRPG, Pokecord and more!
• Creative Chats for artist/ writers including a place for buying/selling commissions.
• 3 word story
• Image and video spam channels.
• Much more!
Want to join in on the creation of the world? We're ever expanding and in need of dedicated mods to work out the finer details and continue to improve the server. Inquire within~
19 hours ago
Community 63
Allegory is an 18+ Roleplay server tailored to connect mature minded, robust roleplayers and writers, and host their writings be it 1v1, group, casual or in our custom built persistent world.

Boasting a casual, friendly and drama free community of adults our chat rooms offer a chill environment to talk about anything you like (within the #rules). We have a variety of voice channels, shitposting rooms and a number of image rooms.

We have several categories for roleplay, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fandom, Modern and a sealed section for role players with naughtier tastes, in addition, we have rentable private rooms which will be available for the duration of your roleplay.
20 hours ago
This is a Plague Doctor themed server. Arts and literature are our interests. This is a free server for everyone, but be nice hehe.
1 days ago
A server dedicated to a variety of different art forms, but also includes sections for anime and video games if you're also into that.

From visual arts, to music, to even written stories, we'd love to see your awesome creations here in our server. We are a small but friendly server, and are always happy to see new faces around. ╰(◕ᗜ◕)╯

We host fun events from time to time as well, so come hang out with us and share what your imagination has to offer!
1 days ago
(15+) Malachi Shores, an uncanny valley style roleplaying server! In this, you create your own occult like character, who was dropped of in an unknown port town. Find clues that will point you in the right direction! And try not to get killed. Come join us, everyone's pretty nice! The servers' in beta at the moment, so not everything is implemented yet! Please bear with us! Thank you!
1 days ago
We're a community of writers that focus on fetishes. Regular writing is welcome too. Writers, artists, and anyone else can join. We are currently a growing server with an ever increasing collection of alternative erotica. Feel free to drop by and share your stories and get feedback.
1 days ago
We are an arts channel... that`s it. Here you can share your draws, music, videos, stories, scripts, photos, ideas etc...
3 days ago
Heroes of Fantasia is a public roleplaying community! We offer the ability to join any of the many active roleplays we possess on the server, in addition to starting your own and getting some of our community members to join you! Currently, we have several ongoing, active roleplays such a fantasy adventure and a sci-fi drama. We hope to see you soon!
3 days ago
This is a simple writing group for finding someone to edit/editing other's writings, find/sharing prompts, getting plot/character help, and also to simply chat.
5 days ago
A fun discord for musicians to hang out and share their musical works with others. Features a monthly contest where you can get you're work featured in the hall of fame. Any genre is welcome including rock/metal, EDM, other electronic music, singer/songwriters, producers. We welcome all musicians, but are generally centered around artists who write their own music. Being centered around music, members have a wide variety of interests including gaming, anime, sports, and other art.
6 days ago
RPG Games 30
Are you tired and hungry? Do you crave something deeper than yourself to fulfill the void inside? Do you long to leave your life behind and become someone or something other than your day to day human? Join us!

The Broken is an urban fantasy group that takes place in and around Boston. We're a group of writers in various stages of skill and intent, harboring people from various platforms (AOL and others). We RP at leisure, fast paced, and just goof around but at the end of the day, story is our purpose.

Dark, humor, violent, plot, story, missions, active community, extra random things, and whatever else suits us at that moment. We hope to see you soon!

Current Plot Line: Known to only few, supernaturals of varying types seem to be disappearing from Boston without even a scuffle. It begs several questions to those who have noticed, or will take notice: Where are they going and are they going willingly? Join us on our adventure to discover the truth and how to help those who may fall victim to this deviance — or perhaps to help seek justice for those whom have already fallen.
7 days ago
This is a place where you can share your writing skills with the rest and were we give you weekly prompts to keep up the work. If any help is needed there will always be someone to help you
9 days ago
We are an all girls OR LGBTQ+ Discord server! We offer music, art, dance, writing, theater, and much more! We are looking to expand so we can create a community of art lovers and a safe space for us all!
11 days ago
A server about writing focused on lesbian characters, but not necessarily romance. We're trying to create a nice place for anyone who wants to focus on lesbian characters, no matter how experimental, epic or fluffy you want to be. Note that you don't have to focus on your characters' sexuality per se, they may happen to be lesbians... just because you want them to!
12 days ago
Community 10
We're a small roleplaying community built around "The Rift", which you can read more about here if you're interested.

If you enjoy writing, and creating characters this is the place for you! We're always looking for new people to join our community and share in the adventure.
13 days ago
Community 18
Velaris is a fun and loving community where everyone expresses their passions, whether it be art, writing, gaming, singing, reading, you name it!

We'll happily give you feedback on anything if asked, and we have a venting channel! We all need to get some stuff off of our chests here and then, and it's our choice to listen and support you through all of your problems.

Although we're just starting out, know that we will welcome you no matter your talent. Don't think of yourself as any less than someone else, because we know that talent comes in its own unique way, and that itself is a pleasure to be a witness of. Here, we appreciate anything and everything you have to offer, so come on in!
13 days ago
Like technology, anime, music, playing video games, reading a relaxing novel or arguing about the latest comic issue with another fanatic? Are you a lurker, a talker, or something between the two? The Fine Minds Discord is the place just for you! We're here to give you the best experience possible, help us grow our community of gamers and nerds alike—join now! (We are also a publication on, contact us if you're interested in writing.)
14 days ago
Community 6
A group for teenage writers to discuss stories and articles. Also a place for discussion of the Me and Youth website where we post articles submitted to us.
20 days ago