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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Paradise *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
✧༺♥༻∞ Friendly community.
✧༺♥༻∞ We are growing.
✧༺♥༻∞ NSFW channel for NSFW stuff.
✧༺♥༻∞ We seek people to help the server.
✧༺♥༻∞ We are working hard on the server to make it great.
✧༺♥༻∞ If you join, I hope you will enjoy your stay.
A fun server where we hang out, chill make friends and have fun. Hope you enjoy your stay :)
A server in which you can make friends and talk about almost anything! Everyone is allowed to be them-self. Join for a while, we look forward to meeting you! (Keep in mind the server is still new so it needs more work and there's not many people yet therefore all chat is kind of dead.)
This is a Swedish server btw dont click this
it's a fun server you can do things in even create your own little guild or be in one.
This is a server for making friends. If you want to be more than friends, too bad for you. Turn back now or forever be stuck in... the friendzone!

Must be 18+
Hello! Welcome to our server. The Social Pariahs. This is a very new server made by a boi who just wants to meet new people and make great friends. We have great people in here and bots for you to play with. We hope you join and decide to stay. We can't wait to meet ya.
chill server were you can send memes and hang out with your friends (also were new so dont just join and then leave)
Thirstserv, where we provide the attention, the dm notifications, and the validation you don't get IRL!

We're a lively, new teenage community for everyone to meet a new friend or two! Featuring various events, 23/7 text and voice channel activity. Come take a look, we hope to see you around! :^)
A server made for making friends and playing games! You can also showcase your art, games, and talents here! Everyone is welcome!
🔹🔷Welcome to The Broken Server🔷🔹
🕯️Seeking a place to call your hang-out on Discord? Then look no further!🕯️
☁️We are a new and developing community full of wonderful people, every person is welcome!☁️
We Have:
🌦️〉A developing community of 10+ members!
💡 〉Channels to keep/further conversation!
💎〉Active and friendly people and staff!
🤖〉A selection of cool fun bots and music bots!
🎉〉Fun events
🔗〉An NSFW page (Ask an admin for access)
🌈〉A very special default role 'Noob'
💖〉Well setup server with a clean layout
⌛〉More coming soon! (Including partnerships!?!)
🌤️You are amazing! At The Broken Server, we wholeheartedly welcome amazing people like you!🌤️
If you are looking for a kind, thriving community full of love and compassion where you can truly let loose then you’ve stumbled upon the right place!
🌥️Just join already!🌥️
🎀To me, and everyone who's looking for a friend, this is never the less than a place for you!;
So it's time to ask... are you gonna join The Broken Server?🎀
Looking for a social server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about everything and games? Come join us! 1000+ members
Hi! Here at chill fest we just chill, chat, make friends, and have fun. You can share memes, drawings, selfies of your pets, etc! So come on down to hell, it’s quite fun.

❗️Space themed server
❕Community based
❓Open and welcoming to new members
❔Events weekly
This server is built for chatting and communicating about many topics
( games, irl, etc.)
This Channel is for talking about anything in general, from shows ad movies, to games and books. Please be kind, and join us!
Discard: 7Uy3geb

Stelliferous Clothing

Some shirts have links in them; there is more content hidden in descriptions of items occasionally.


Join Discard Server found in Social Links Tab

Hiring Sales Representatives, Recruiters, and Designers - Join Discard and PM 6rae for more information.

Ranking System:

+1 Purchase of 6rare = Enter tryout stage for 6rare
+1 Purchase of XXXTentacion = Vros
+1 Purchase of Lil Peep = Goth Bois
+1 Sale Representation = Affiliated
20 y/o virgin, no life, works 40+ hours a week, anxious, depressed. Oh, wait this isn't my tinder bio. But either way, sums up my server
Welcome to Awkward Hugs - We are a small welcoming gaming community, all for your entertainment
Ce faire des amis c'est facile @everyone

Qu’est ce que Armstram ?

Tu te poses sûrement la question, Qu’est ce que Armstram ? Cela est normal de se poser la question, avant de rejoindre un serveur, il faut deja savoir ses particularités et si il nous plait ou non. Armstram est un serveur pas très récent, qui vise à réunir le plus de personnes possible tout en leur faisant plaisir. En effet ce serveur vous permettra de vous relâcher en flex et oklm, en faisant des rencontres exceptionnels... Tout est mis en oeuvre pour faire plaisir aux membres (Giveaway )... Cependant Serveur très mouvementé :))

Armstram est exceptionnel, je vais te le prouver :

Une communauté très active et familiale.
Le developpement d'un bot discord INCROYABLE.
Des events réguliers
Des giveaways pour gagner des roles et comptes spotify
Le server est vide pour l'instant donc sil vout plais ne faites pas de join leave direct sans avoir fait connaisance avec les autres

•═════════◈[Le Serveur ]◈═════════•

**Rejoignez TOUS sans attendre
A bientot sur Armstram -Narval
Welcome to Wonder! This is a new community for making friends and playing games! Feel free to join and come say hi!
On our server, we don’t want anyone to be lonely; it isn’t very nice being lonely. So we made this server so that no-one would have to feel that way, and we could all have a nice place to talk and make friends!
We made our server very recently, and we have very little members, so we'd be very happy if you join!