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Hi! My name's Keeno and this is my hotel. I am constantly working to make it a better place and expanding the hotel to the guest's and resident's needs. Now that the hotel is open, I invite you to come to give us a rating and hopefully stay as long as possible. Come and enjoy your stay!

Join Our Amazing Server 2 Unfound Hearts Today!

━━━━━━⊱♡ About Us ♡⊰━━━━━━━

We are a community server main purpose dating.


We don't use everyone & here tag. A Server without partnerships!


Self Roles with all the interests, each interest have a channel of it.


Verified Selfie! No catfish.


Every Gender/sex allowed/friendly!


No harassment/bullying/No Pedo, Totally safe.


160 Channels & 177 Roles.


Friendly Staff and Apply for staff & Event Team!

Welcome to McShop! Where you can hang out whenever you want, make sure to join so you can make new friends along the way!
Hello Newcomers!
M.A.D. Hatter is an sfw server where dreamers evolve to be achievers. We are an open community of people willing to grow and meet new hatters as part of our kingdom.
Wanna know what M.A.D. Hatter stands for? C'mon and join us!
Hey there! Welcome to Pastel Furs! A server focused on the Furry and the LGBTQ+ Community! We welcome all in our community and bringing us together! Come in to chill, chat, listen to music, share fursonas, and so much more!
A close-knit LGBTQ+ Friendly community. We have many roles and places to introduce yourself! Our mods are here to help you if you ever need anything, otherwise, sit back and chill! Hoping to meet you and make new friends!
✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼
❝ We are a multi-interest server dedicated in bringing different types of people together. Our goal is to meet new people and make new friends! ❞

``.・゜What we offer:
- Friendly and outgoing staff
- Self assignable and shop roles
- LGBT+ friendly
- Monthly giveaways (nitro; spotify)
-Multiple interests channels
-Weekly events such as vc night

»»—— So come join our growing family~
Karaoke Lounge is a community dedicated to create a fun, and relaxed enviroment where we can all sing together and have fun, regardless if your tastes or skill level.

Our Web:

Come sing with us! it's fun!
We accept all people 16+

Were a small semi-active community that also games together.
Majority of "active" people are 20+

➔Friendly staff
➔Organized and clean
➔Drama and toxic free
➔Have a LFG system for connecting with other gamers
➔Have events every week
➔SFW if you don't count our sense of humor(;
➔Tons of roles and colors to pick from
➔ bots for games and music

~Were currently not doing partnerships~
❤ Special Welcome to Kumaru! ❤

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

✧ Everything we include, but are not limited to is listed below:

✔ Self Assignable Roles
✔ A Channel for Self Promo
✔ Active Staff
✔ Strict No Gore or NSFW Zone
✔ Optional Announcement / Partner Pings
✔ No Harassment in DMs Rule
✔ A Strict Music Only VC
✔ Pastel Color Choices
✔ An Open Suggestions Channel

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

Need to contact the owner? Borksie#9999
Welcome to ♡whatever♡!!!
Pfp: http:
🎉 We almost have 100+ members 🎉
We are a server with:
♡Over 50+ different self assigning roles
♡50 emotes and 10 Nitro emotes
♡Movie nights
♡Voice calls
♡Level up system
♡Get verified
♡Many other things
We are a safe server! Very chill and laid back! Friendly people here! Channels for advertising! Lots of bots! NSFW channel! Fandom chats! All kinds of chats! Tuns of fun here!! And so much more! We have ♡whatever♡ you want here! So come and join!!!
Welcome to AJ Haven! In this server we will host giveaways whenever possible, have a strict NO NSFW rule, and have great chatrooms that are monitored by my mods and me :') Join this server and meet new friends, develop great bonds with everyone on here and have a great blast! So invite your friends and jam on ;')
Trading Universe is a Save The World based trading server. Even though the main focus is on trading, there are still channels related to mission help, middle man, taxis, and even battle royals channels too. When you are in this server, you will have the best and safest trading experience you have ever had.
A safe space for trans people of all ages and identities to hang out, talk about their interests, and other trans related subjects, as well as non-trans related subjects, whatever really as long as it doesn't break the rules, I can't tell you what to talk about, I'm not your mom.
We are a community that plays roblox and talks and plays other games and posts memes and over all have a good time i would love if you could join
A nice place for LGBT people to relax and talk to others like them. We welcome everyone regardless of LGBT status.
✿ finally summer break ! ✿
no place to visit for the holidays ?
why not visiting our safe island where you can meet others and have a great time !
Welcome to AW Advertising server! This well protected and built server is all about advertising, and nothing else! You can share your discord servers, YouTube channels, your music, media, and much more! I wish you all good luck on your social medias, and hope that you all enjoy our built up server advertising system, cheers!
A fun little discord server made to be a safe-haven. No trolls, no raids, just a nice small community.
Have you ever needed to step back and BREATHE? I understand how you may feel. Take my hand and I'll take you to a safe place where you can find friends, vent about what's going on and just let go. Be patient as we've only started recently. Time will only tell where this journey will take us. Hope you'll join us!

We Now have some support for gaming channels! Come join the fun!
Hello! My name is Jupiter. Do you like the game called Skullgirls? I do too! Come here so we can all hang out!
Do you want to sell your fortnite account? or find a fun place to chat with your friends? Or participate in FREE giveaways? Or maybe you just need another player to join your lobby. If you do, you should join FN Central!
The GSA is a server for people of all ages, sexualities, genders, races, and beliefs, so long as you treat everyone with respect. Open debates and LGBT discussions are encouraged, but there is much more to the server than just LGBT related stuff. We have games, memes, bots, art, events, lots of memes, and much more. It’s open to all ages and no member will be denied entry unless they are harmful to the community.