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« A friendly and safe environment for people of all ages. Find people to befriend and talk about your problems. We’re here to help and we won’t judge <3 »
✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

We are a friendly community to come hang out and chill. We pride ourselves on being a kind, caring, non-judgmental group of friends who will do everything we can to make sure you don't feel left out. We are also in the process of becoming an awesome space to play all sorts of games, and we are building up a nice selection of a variety of games, such as:
One word and one line stories
Would you rather
Uno and other card games
Classic games such as connect 4
and game bots like pokecord, akinator, and pac man.

Aside from games we also have an awesome community!

We feature:
- Self assignable roles
- Many channels to discuss any interests
- Friendly staff and members
- Leveling system to earn secret special roles
- Ability to remove pings
- Partnerships with similar valued servers
- A variety of interests channels

We are always adding more things and taking suggestions! Help grow our small budding community and come to make new friends in a relaxed place where you can be yourself. We are small now, but please come give us a chance to grow. We accept kindness only, and we do not allow slurs or hateful words to make sure everyone is comfortable and can enjoy their stay.

To make the server a safe zone for everyone, we require a short, easy verification, so you can rest assured that your time at the cafe will be troll free and safe from harm. If you are looking for a server that values your comfort and safety, this is it!
A server for if you need to get stuff off of your chest to a trusted person. Everything is confidential, and the staff are very friendly.
Welcome to AW Advertising server! This well protected and built server is all about advertising, and nothing else! You can share your discord servers, YouTube channels, your music, media, and much more! I wish you all good luck on your social medias, and hope that you all enjoy our built up server advertising system, cheers!
Welcome to ♡whatever♡!!!
Pfp: http:
We are a server with:
♡Over 50+ different self assigning roles
♡50 emotes and 10 Nitro emotes
♡Movie nights
♡Voice calls
♡Level up system
♡Get verified
♡Many other things
We are a safe server! Very chill and laid back! Friendly people here! Channels for advertising! Lots of bots! NSFW channel! Fandom chats! All kinds of chats! Tuns of fun here!! And so much more! We have ♡whatever♡ you want here! So come and join!!!
16+ Mature attitudes. NO drama.

Wholesome community with a great support system, most of us have a dirty sense of humor with a touch of darkness.

This server is a safe place to feel comfortable being you!
We also do a lot of gaming and do actually play together even have a lfg setup.

✔Support system

✔ Friendly staff as well as incredible members

✔ Kind of safe for work...Wink wonk

✔ Leveling system with rewards.

✔ 100+ roles

✔ Tons of emotes.

✔ Game nights and movie nights

✔ Bots for games and music

☠ No drama

☢We don't do partnerships so don't waste your time☢

Hope to see you soon! Bring good vibes and sarcastic sense of humor(;
The Gaming Lounge is a fun and safe place for anyone of all ages to hangout. This server is:

- Safe! We do NOT allow any NSFW content.
- Friendly! Unkind users are not appreciated.
- Fun! We feature a custom bot, levels system, music, and more!
The Bear Cave is a small community server with about 25+ active people in it.
☆ Safe and supportive community for people of all kinds (unless you break the rules!)
☆ Great place to practice being more social online without being entirely overwhelmed
☆ Introduction requirement to gain access to the main chat (just to avoid spammers)
☆ What originally started as something to promote my Youtube, now a nice little cave for people from all corners of the earth to speak without judgement or care
☆ Hibernates mostly during winter, way more active during summer :)
United Community: A chill community Discord server with plenty of features and a staff team that's happy to meet you! Read our welcome channel for more information. We hope you join! ❤️❤️
This server is focused on those who are trans, non-binary, fluid, demigender, etc. And also for those questioning their gender .Just a nice and chill space for those who are.
We are aiming to make this server a nice place for everyone. We offer roles and color. We are also a growing community with nice staff!
This is a server for all kinds of people, Whoever you are we won't judge.
This is a safe server! It is still small but hopefully it will grow. This server is for Animal Jam players and artists.
A LGBTQ+ safe space for all. No trolls will be tolerated.
Hello there!
Nice to see that you are even willing to read this description. I made this server in hopes that people will join and be able to make new friends and just get out of the real world. This is just your normal OMEGAVERSE rp server where you can join our pack, make friends, maybe fight battles not sure yet, and of course find love. I will say this i am LGBTQ+ friendly and so is this server! I allow Beta x Beta, Alpha x Alpha, ive never heard of Omega x Omega but YES and every other way to go.

I hope you enjoy this server everything you need to know is inside, cant wait to meet my new pack members!!
Pack Jobs
Interactive bots
Multiple different channels to RP in
Kpop and memes UWU
A fun little discord server made to be a safe-haven. No trolls, no raids, just a nice small community.
Its a server with few people (at the time of post) But active people. There is a main story line but it is not needed to be in the server. Rules are simple, make the rps fun, and are enforced. One overly active admin that stays up super late to run the server smoothly. Lots of bots (adding more soon). The rps can be whatever you like. Server follows monster lore of Supernatural, but has a medieval build, with futuristic technology.
A roleplay server that is carefully monitored by staff to reduce the chances of dangerous situations! this server is just your everyday fun roleplay server!
This server is a safe haven where you can talk without worrying about furries taking over and spamming cub porn, we dont raid and we post memes, cursee images, etc. Join and have fun with us (even though we don't allow furries here, we won't post anything antifurry to prevent the server from getting banned)
This place is for everyone! Feel free to tune in <3
A server dedicated to Making a safe and friendly environment for furries, raiders welcome fluffy will take care of you, anyways stay a while make some friends :)
This server is a community for anyone to join, regardless of ethnicity, gender, race or background.
This is a safe and friendly place which is completely non-judgemental and where you can meet new friends.
Also, any problems you have you can share here because the people here care about you, and we can try and help :)
Also features include:
-active owner
-choose you role
-nfsw for over 18s
-Channel to share your art
-roleplay channel
-various bots including pokecord and senpai bot
welcome to new guardians!! here you can make new friends, chat, listen to music, and so much more! have fun!! <3
Hello! This is a server where you can just chill and have fun! This is a pg13 server though, so there is no nsfw content.