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A place for teenagers who are part of the LGBTQIAP+ community to come and feel welcomed, and talk about shit.
We are a server that want to bring teenagers together and find their compaions. We use this platform to make this happen. LGBTQ members are welcomed
A growing hangout server, we're currently aiming for 100 members!
We intend this server to be a hangout for primarily teenagers, hangout, make friends and you could possibly find love. We aim to make this server a good environment and to keep it a safe place.
A brand new laid back cozy teen social server specifically for teens 12 to 18.
Our simple server layout makes sure you don't feel lost or overwhelmed.
Chat, RP, and Flirt with new people in our friendly circle.
This server is ratio controlled.
Males cannot enter without a Female.
To trans-gendered people: We use biological gender definitions here.
The Coffee Shop is just a group of people that happened to become friends and we are looking for more! All are welcome!
Just started this server! It's a fun, safe place where you can be yourself! Meet some cool people from around the world and have fun in the wonderful world of Discord!
Blaze that Shiz Hey we're a new server full of chill people *cough* *cough* perverts *cough* who spend our day talking bs and roasting each other. We're open to all.
Looking for some Naruto fans to talk to. It's currently a small discord that we plan on growing.
A smaller server for anyone bored wanting to make friends and discuss things such as video games, movies, anime, comic books or just general teenage life.
Real People, Real Problems. this server is meant to be your reminder that you're not alone, just come on in let's have a conversation if you're having a shitty day i'm sure somebody can relate.
Managed by Rylan @DeathHimselfR
Well, there's not much to tell. But, I can assure you that it'd be worth it to join. This is my friend's server, and I know you won't regret joining. We hope you have a great time here.

No Spoilers. Join and find out.