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A place for teenagers who are part of the LGBTQIAP+ community to come and feel welcomed, and talk about shit.
Mount Chano is a town near the mountain Chano. It's known for the battle of Mount Chano that happened some years ago.
Join the area and choose yourself a town out of the 8 we have.
We got bots, lots and lots of channels and we have a nice community.
Why don't you join?
If ur looking for friends or just trying to have fun join this server,
we dont have strict rules just trying to laugh, this **ISNT** a serious dating server!
This server is for teenagers 13-18 to meet each other and become friends. Dating IS allowed.
- No one over the age of 18
Do you want to find a friend?
Well, G.A.M.E. is a server to try out! We are an active community, which has interest in all sorts of entertainment, like gaming, anime, memes, etc (hence the name!).

What we have to offer:
• Anime Watchalong
• Music
• Active Staff
• Artwork
• A Relaxed Community
• Giveaways
• And More!
"Not Your Average Server" Is a place for weebs, geeks, and nerds to hang out. It's a small community with friendly people :). If you are easily offended or sensitive I urge you to think twice before joining. So come on in we would love to have you!
Our server is a edgy hangout for teens with many things to do and to make friends with edgy fuckers.

<<Join Xanarchy Gamers today!>>

-We have many fun bots-
-Friendly users-
-Gaming Chat-
-Fun Topics-

We hope you have fun! 😊
We are an anarcho free speech social community made by and for teenagers, We also have a self-role that allows any user to create and choose their own roles. We hope you enjoy your time here if you decide to join us!
G'day ya bogan cunts. Join this fuckin server to experience full aussie slang. We are fuckin chill, and let in other countries, but prefer green & gold. We drink VB's and sit on the porch staring at the fuckin hoppy motherfuckers. Thats all. Cheers fellas.
A fairly new server with a few people as of now, but willing to grow! Channels are still being made, bots are still being figured out. Join and have fun!
This server is fun and someone is usually online to chat. People are friendly and know how to joke around.
Uhhh so like heres The Hut.
Just a server for friends and stuff.
A community based off of /r/youngadults. We're a server of people in their late teens and 20's who are just looking for conversation and fun.
This server was founded by a group of friends that wanted to talk with each other, since discord's group chat limit is only 10 people. We're open to making new friends and we'll make sure to include everyone in our events such as game nights, movie nights or just a fun time in one of our voice channels!
We're litteraly just a bunch of teenagers from all over xd, join us iffu bored
A friendly server to chill out and have fun with friends. Meet new people from all over the world! 2:1 Female to male ratio and people of any age allowed! We play games, watch anime/movies and do all sorts of stuff together.
We are a cowboy themed server filled with teenagers! Yes, this is just for you fellow teenagers. We here to help you combat these horrible years of hell. You can find friends, a date, play your favorite games, or even just get help with your homework! I'm not going to make this too long, but as long as your nice AND a teenager, you can join. : ) Hope you have a fun time :0
An accepting server for queer teens and young adults to hang out, socialize and talk about LGBTQIA+ topics.
We have:
-identity specific channels
-frequent tomfoolery
-neat queer emotes
-strict moderation
-selfie channel for validation
It's time for teenage stoners to come out of the shadows! All teens of all shapes and sizes are welcome (no judgement), because it happens anyways, and you shouldn’t be oppressed! Our goal for the community is to connect all teen marijuana users and say a bunch of stupid things while high. We plan to grow a wholesome, judgement-free, teen community where no one is left out.
**StarGaze Camp**
The camp is located in a remote part of the USA in Mississippi. The owners own the 50 acre land around the camp for wildlife use and for the camp! 13-20 year olds are welcome and people over 22 can become counsellors. The camp is a family-run business run by the Prescotts who gave various children and relatives who attend. So, come join the camp being a camper or counsellor! Enjoy the wildlife and see what drama the camp can hold!