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This is a place for those with depression, sadness or other issues.
You will get here so much help with LOVE and HONESTY.
Welcome to sad broken. this is a community with people having depression. we are a chill server where you can have chill friends.
A pretty chill sever for pretty chill people.
Everyday we send gifts and blood donations to our lord
d a d d y s a t a n
Our father has chosen to have a favorite girl
he can change who it is at any time.
Do you think you have what it takes to join our cult?
Its only for the best of the best!
Come prove yourself, in the Best Girls Cult!
Wanna meet new people? We are all happy, sad, depressed lil humans, go and chill with us! -There are alot of German guys, but the main language is eng. so dw


we have:

- multiple voice-chats
- e-girls :D
- awesome mods!
- seperated channels
This is a random server that was created for no purpose (there’s some depressed ppl too but uh yeah)
Welcome to Depressed Children, a server for kids and teens who are struggling with their mind. From anxiety and depression to exploring your sexuality, we're here to help! Meet others who have the same problems, and maybe you'll make some friends here, too. Have fun!
We are here to help you, we love all that join and will not deny anyone <3
Looking for active members and staff!

Join us and all the other lonely people here at Freedom!
We aim to build a supportive server that encourages and advices people going through tough times while maintaining a fun and friendly community. Here you can share your art and memes, participate in events, join giveaways, or just chill and make friends.

- clear, simple rules
- active mods
- roles (color, gender, region, etc)
- music
- vc for gamers
- dating channels
- new features will be added based on member suggestions!

To be added:self-assignable roles
A place to find new people to talk to if you feel Lonely or depressed. You can also come and vent here.
Our server is owned by the founder of the server known as Alternative Culture, Our server was created to help those in need or struggling through life. we're here to talk, listen or whatever you need.
Welcome to The Blue. This is a place for depressed people, and people who might be dealing with problems in their lives to come socialize and discuss things with others who may be experiencing similar issues. We've got a team of devoted, and determined helpers who will help anyone who asks for it. They are willing to talk, and listen to anyone who needs help. Please, consider joining. We're here to help you.
Thank you, and we hope you get better soon.
This server is going to be a place where people can come meet others. Hang out, have fun.
We are a brand new and fresh server to chill and talk with friendly staff and people. Looking for moderators and come chill with us!
Hey guys, this server is going to be different than usual. I will conduct voice calls with people personally at times, and also group voice calls to share experiences and events to help others.. I want to develop a base in which everyone who joins this group has a friendly welcome with a safe and loving environment. Hope for all the best , and can't wait to meet you all!
A place for LGBT individuals and allies to chill and procrastinate.
Lots of boots, different chats, ect!