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This is a place for those with depression, sadness or other issues.
You will get here so much help with LOVE and HONESTY.
A helpful and friendly server as an addition to our server Lonely.
This is a mental health server set out to help you get better and make friends along the way! we're laid back and very accepting of all kinds.
Feel free to come say hi!

We have many varieties on this server!
- Karaoke
- Gaming involved rooms and people
- Events
- Friendly People
- Many Bots
- Self-roles soon
- User-friendly rules
- Vent is possible on our server
- Active almost all the time
And more!

We are more than happy, if you join us right now! We also hope that you'll enjoy my our server! :)
just a chill server ran by boba addicts for fellow boba addicts. this server is for everyone with a addiction for the drink
All around a general server, but we mostly listen to music and vibe. Join if you are bored or lonely.
Welcome to The Lonely Lodge™

We are a welcoming server to all people over the world! Join to meet new people, have chats and have some fun!
We want to make you feel at home with us. We offer:
- Friendly staff & community
- Self-assignable roles
- Many different bot to mess around with
- Must be 13+
Join us today, we are waiting for someone like you to join!
⭐We Care⭐
A NEW discord server made to vent and help with social interactions. If your feeling depressed go ahead and join we can try to help. Please be as active as possible. We have:
~Active VC's and chats
~Awesome emotes that are always being added!
~Owners and staff that will listen to suggestions!
~Vent and Counseling channels!
😍this server is also for dating🥰
Wanna meet new people? We are all happy, sad, depressed lil humans, go and chill with us!
we have:
- e-girls :D
- awesome mods!
- and fuckin' high cap autism
This is a server for people to just chill and have fun and to listen to music. We are a LGBTQ friendly server! We look forward to see you!
This is a place for those with depression, sadness or other issues.
You will get here so much help with LOVE and HONESTY.All are welcomed<3
Just a new server and a lonely owner looking for some nice n active people to talk to. Its still on maintenance but to the hopes that this community will be able to grow into something i would be proud of. Come here to just chill and forget about real life. Rest for a bit from all the bullshit. Listen to music and share your tastes. Recommend some anime, share your hobbies and/or your life story if you want. Need help from depression, i hope for this server to be your safe space. Thats my plan, honestly. Shit just tries to catch you all the time and well, all you have to do is run the right path i guess. Just vent it all out, no one will judge and if they do theyll have to go through yours truly. Hope to see you! (Gosh that was cringey lmao)
тнιѕ ѕєяνєя ιѕ тσ нєℓρ ѕтαу ιи ¢σитα¢т ωιтн σℓ∂ fяιєи∂ѕ αи∂ иєω σиєѕ αℓιкє! ωє α¢¢єρт єνєяуσиє αи∂ αяє нαρρу тσ мαкє иєω fяιєи∂ѕ ωιтн иєω мємвєяѕ! ωє αяє σρєи мιи∂є∂ αи∂ ∂σи'т вιтє ѕσ ∂σи'т вє αfяαι∂ тσ ∂м α∂мιи σя мє ωιтн αиу qυєѕтισиѕ σя ¢σи¢єяиѕ! нσρє уσυ єиנσу ιт нєяє αи∂ вє¢σмє ραят σf συя fαмιℓу!
pretty dead , depressed , gloomy as the name would suggest its hell but oddly members are ultra wholesome
its a nice community and you are welcomed to be a part of it
Welcome to the description of the server, I would like to tell you about the server I have made by myself at first then a few of my friends that helped.

тнє ∂єρяєѕє∂ σиєѕ™ is a guild where you'd be able to find people who are like you in a different age group such as adults, young adults, and a teens that are around 14. Hopefully you'd be glad to join and make some friends.
If you think your ugly and are depressed ill tell you if your not sojoin if you think your ugly
this is a wack server with friendly people. we are an active server both in chat and vc. we are much chill and have very limited rules.
Welcome to Welcome to the Depressed Basement

Here you can talk all about your feelings

We don’t jump on people for putting stuff in the wrong channels

We are always online

Help is there whenever you need it

We don’t judge

This server is to help people get some peace from their depression

If you need to vent take it all out on this server

If you need comfort (friends) this server has your back
ł 生死 ł

hello ! welcome to "生死"! we are a new community server for everyone who feels left out , sad , anxious etc.
here are some things you'll find on this server:


a chill and edgy community
level ranking and self-assignable roles
free advertising and self-promotion
fun bots and music
friendly staff
check us out , we truly hope you have fun here