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Welcome to Depressed Beings! We are an active community of both happy people and depressed people, as we will help your depression fade away or just give you a bunch of memes. Please join us!!
This is a place for those with depression, sadness or other issues.
You will get here so much help with LOVE and HONESTY.
Were all depressed here.Here to help one another and make everyone smile and get a long.
SUP. Join this server now, because we are nice and funny people who like to have a laugh and feel shit about ourselves. We will welcome you openly, SO JOIN!
Don't let the thoughts you hold captive swallow you. Vent, talk it out.

Take a chill pill, and breath.

Accepted in all forms.
You may ask am **I** accepted?
What we provide!
**- Helpful Staff.
- Mature Community.
- PG Community.
- Voice Channels.
- Music Channel.
- Talk Channel
- Polls!
Wanna meet new people? We are all happy, sad, depressed lil humans, go and chill with us! -There are alot of German guys, but the main language is eng. so dw


we have:

- multiple voice-chats
- e-girls :D
- awesome mods!
- seperated channels

💕We are a new server which searches for people that want to be a part of our community💕

We have some decent features like bots and music on our server but u can decide that urself if u check it out😄

We accept everyone that decides to join us!
This a friendly server where you can meet new people and socialize with them!
X lost is a small community with a lot of laughs. We have very weird moment and we just always seem to fix in with each other.
We are lonely, together

(also low-key maybe a cg/l and/or kink server)
Welcome to psychconvo! We cover all aspects of mental health, offering a safe and comfortable place for everyone.
This server is going to be a place where people can come meet others. Hang out, have fun.
Just join, 13+, if u are younger than 13, we will decide what to do w you. We have cool events like talent shows and more! Every Friday we do all-nighter’s so feel free to join!
Join our server if your a depressed fuck. Whol love art and gaminf
This is a server where you can vent feelings and find others just like you. Everyone is going through something... so, let’s make friends.
This is a random server that was created for no purpose (there’s some depressed ppl too but uh yeah)
Welcome to PsychEmpires! We cover all aspects of mental health, offering a safe and comfortable place for peoples from all walks of life to come and share how they are doing. Meeting new people, and forging new friendships.
Just a normal servers where ppl just fuck with others and we got mostly what other servers do help this server Growwww
this server is just for sad lil emo and anti-soical and addicts like me to meet the same people ;3


─── ・ 。゚☆: ✧.☽ .✧ :☆゚. ───

✧─ sad themed server.
✧─ self assigned roles.
✧─ chatting with others.
✧─ nitro giveaways.
✧─ and so much more.
─── ・ 。゚☆: ✧.☽ .✧ :☆゚. ───

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ .✫ °
┊ ✫. ┊ ✧⋆
┊ ⊹ °┊
✧ ⋆. ┊. ˚

Welcome to the depression server were a small server who are Aesthetic, depressed, etc were chill here. We Socialize. The more people the more active the server is.