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Emotional Support is a server for people that are having a hard time! join now to talk to people with the same problems! this server is created in the hope of making people's life better and creating a amazing community!
also a place for having fun if in good moods and for good meme's!
We are a +13 mental health support server for others to seek and provide aid regarding various emotional issues in life. If you need support or to let out the frustration from your troubling life, you've come to the right place 💙
Stay safe, gingerbread cookie.

We provide the following features;
🌷Friendly Members(non-toxic)
🌷Mental Health Support
🌷Reaction Roles
🌷Music Bots
🌷Staff Applications
Hello fellow people. We are a lovely and caring server. We may be small now but with your help, we can grow. If you want to help Suicidal or depressed people then this Server is for you. If you have depression or suicidal thoughts then this place is also for you :3
If you can’t join, message me: CutieCat05#7181
Any Trolls or Spammers will have a permanent ban or use this invite:
A new friendly community looking for fun people, We play lots of games and would love for you to join (We have nsfw stuff)
#HelpingHandChallenge is a server where we help people in need, especially people with mental illnesses etc... We have people who suffer from depression, self harm and some are even suicidal... You're not alone, you're absolutely not alone if you join our server, you will meet so many new people who have been through same sh#t as you, and you might even make a lot of new friends! Our community is pretty good, we also do not tolerate any trolls! Feel free to join the server! ❤️
Hello welcome to my semi new server, i suffer from suicidal thoughts and depression, i hate seeing others in pain and suffering, so i created this sever to help others, if you want to make friends and get help come to this server were all friendly
this is not help server, this server is for you talk about your depression, or if you have suicidal thoughts, again not help server server is for anyone who wants help or wants to help. Are you struggeling with your server or need some advices then this server might be worth joining. We can help with everything from family problems to making a bot for your server.
Hey Welcome to The Center!
We are a rising Help Server that not only focuses on helping you guys, but also we focus on the community aspect also, something not many servers do.
On top of this we also offer
👑 Events
❤ Experienced Staff
🤝 Partnerships
🚧 And a whole lot more on its way!!

If you want to join,
| The Safe Spot |
Are you looking for a place where you can be yourself with nobody judging you?
Are you looking for a place that you need support, and don’t know what to do?
Are you looking for a place to meet new friends and to be comfortable in your environment?
Come join The Safe Spot! ♡
Our features include:
~several support channels and helpers that do a great job
~personal roles
~a group of lovely people and absolutely nobody judges you
~several game and music bots
~several text and voice channels to choose from
~a place to share artwork
.....and so much more!
Please consider joining | The Safe Spot | today! ♡
Hello all! glad you came across the server! this server is a place where you can make friends, and talk about whatever problems you may have, and meet people who also have the problems your having, be it self harm, suicidal thoughts, you get the picture, we are focused on the core of the server which is to help those in need, but don't let that fool you, we are a friendly and accepting bunch! we will be here for you whenever we can be, and that's a promise. however, you will need to respect others and follow the rules, its the way it has to be, otherwise we would just be going against the core purpose of the server wouldn't we, we hope you decide the server is for you, and we will take you in happily! ❤
We are a community of people who need help with their mental health, who want to help or just people looking to chat it’s a friendly community come say hi!
We're a friendly server that is here to help you, there is always a active admin if you need them..... we can help you with your depression and we are here for you when you need us and you can come make some new friends and just HANG OUT, so if you find my server interesting why dont you come join
Hey There.

Are you sad or depressed. Maybe even suicidal? Well look no further. We are a chill, accepting and active discord server looking to grow and help others. We accept everyone from everywhere. If you're not depressed or sad. That's okay. Your still welcome to join.

- Active server
- Fun Bots
- NSFW channel
- Memes and aesthetics
Welcome to castle Europea! This is a mental health support server, where we focus on helping you through difficult times/situations! But we are much more then just that, as we are also a friendly community to make new friends! We have...

>mental health support
>custom roles for active members
>gaming channels
>art channels
>music channels
>we got them dank memes
>non toxic community
>active staff
>open minded community

Come join!
❤Recovery Statements❤

➸A Place For People Struggling With Mental Illnesses To Seek Comfort With Others
➸Accepting And Nonjudgmental
➸Self-Assignable Roles
➸Active Staff
➸Always Looking To Add More
➸Fun Activities

✗Not Pro-Ana or Mia. We Seek To Help People, Not Promote Unsafe Habits✗
《 ❃ Hello lovelies ❃ 》 ! This is a NEW safe space for you to talk about anything bothering you, or maybe you just need to get it off your chest and ask for some help. Our staff and members will do our best to comfort you and give a wide range of ideas to solve any conflicts or issues your going through. Make friends with people of the same similarities as you! ( 13+ )


-Active members
-Supportive Staff
-Art And TW is allowed ( certain channels )
-Friendly Community
-Make friends and discuss your progress or even request private sessions! Our staff are also happy to do so in DMs.
-Get help or advice from experienced people
-Support hotlines provided

Our quote at - HFH | You are special, unique and important...don’t ever forget it! ✨
be yourself here. No matter the age, sexuality, race or if your LGBTQ, we are all accepting here. We're here for you if you need help. If you need friends, this is it
Welcome to my server.

This server is for people who have mental health problems.

I have sufferd with a lot of mental health issues for a while now and decided to make this tiny server, so people who are depressed can join.

The server still needs some work but being depressed myself.. Takes me a long time to do things.

Hope is a new mental health/support server in need of new active members. If you're feeling alone and in need of someone to talk to, we're here to help you.
Disrespect, trolling, and dating are not welcome here (especially if under 16).
Welcome to the DDLC Discord Server! We are a growing community but we will grow overtime if you take the time to join! Meet fans around the world, interact with bots, and roleplay! Hope to see you there!