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Shaman's Journey is a community of friends who understand and support each other through the challenges of living with mental illness. We also like to have as much fun as possible. We are looking for new friends to join us. We like to play games, chat and listen to music in the server. We have a lot of fun, and voice calls sometimes go on for hours. Most members are 18+ and we value maturity and respect. There is a fair bit of adult humor. We have several bots to keep us entertained.
created on 5 nov 2019
- a small community for other lonely things
- post artwork, do dumb online tests like 16Personality and Levenson self-report psychopathy score (feed my addiction lmao. I pin everyone's results) and have self assignable roles (mental-illness/personality disorder roles available)
- vent, adhering to the server rules. Flowery language is not required. Speak as you'd like, as long as you're civil.
- Mudae, Rythm, Koya, MEE6 bots and more
- 16+
A server for those who are isolated, housebound, agoraphobic, reclusive, hermetic, who are jobless and with no friends, and mostly an older crowd. Upon joining a few basic questions will be asked to ensure you are not too normal or well adjusted.
Gamers Anonymous is a video game themed peer mental health support server.

We are a 18+ supporting server, welcoming of any mental illness and any gaming style.

Here at Gamers Anonymous, our priority is to become a helping hand to those in need, and receive a helping hand when we need it!

⟣ Aesthetic earnable roles!
⟣ An diverse, non judgmental, welcoming community.
⟣ Assignable gaming roles to look for others to play with.
⟣ Assignable mental health roles for better specified support.
⟣ Assignable age, pronoun and DM preference.
⟣ Supporting channels with pingable support.
⟣ Frequent quests and prompts to participate in.
⟣ Channels with access by role for privacy and comfort.
⟣ Cool place to hang out and talk about games and life.
18+ mental health server for lonely neurodivergents. lgbtq positive. no hate tolerated. we are a small server but we are growing and would like your help/input! join to make new friends and gain support <3
being sad fucking sucks. but you know what they say,
misery LOVES company.

we offer:
<3 a supportive growing community
<3 active moderators
<3 various inclusive channels for different kinds of mental illnesses
<3 places to chill because we are all netflix potatoes lbr
<3 memes yo!
<3 vent rooms
<3 a hell of a lot more to come!
We are a friendly, and active, 16+ server for people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and their loved ones. Come and feel safe and validated on the server and be a part of our close knit community focused on wellness and positivity!
Disclaimer- Most of the reviews of the server are fakes. This happened due to a staff fallout. Please don't go by the reviews but come experience the place yourself.
The Elysium server is a place for the emotionally unstable to heal by taking as many chances as they require to heal. We invite all those who have mental health problems as well as those who don't to come and heal together in a pro recovery environment. We also host awareness events for everyone, so that people can understand different disorders better as well as each other better.
We also offer
➡A unique levelling system
➡A pro recovery environment
➡A unique mentorship program
➡Peer to peer support
➡Almost 700 members
➡Loads of events
➡Loads of clubs
➡A separate server for plural littles
➡A separate server for fictional future action rpg
┌────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┐
This is "The Other Place".
It's a bus stop into the imaginary world where
you can take a little break, and explore the
wonders of my imaginary world.
└────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┘

It is especially good for people experiencing any distressful mental illness. For instance anxiety, depression, ADHD, MDD (maladaptive daydreaming disorder -when people dissociate through daydreaming, often causing delusions ~not being able to tell the difference between the real world and the imaginary world~), DID, etc.

This is a pretty laid back server, where you can relate to each other, make friends, and talk about topics that a majority of people might not feel the same way about.

This server is a safe place, where you can talk about unpopular opinions, aesthetics, and mental illness.

There are also spots to calm down. Like for instance, the forest, the sunflower field, the pond, the forest, or the café.

If you would would like, you could meet my imaginary friends (impeople). (They can be a little weird sometimes lol)

♡ Hop on and enjoy the ride. ♡
psych critical support is a community for survivors of psychiatric violence and people who are either critical of or against the psychiatric industry.
Hello! 💛💛💙💙 (Not a dating server, just for venting and making a friend.) Don't be afraid to join and vent out ur feelings if you need to, we are here to help not to judge.

🍪~Server About ~ 🍕
A server for people who are going through some tough times, to vent and find a friend. We have a nice community, a lot of people that'd like to have a friend by their side. Feel free to join and do whatever. ❌except we do not allow self promotion!❌

🎨Entertainment & Interests Category😹 - To share memes, music taste, and art! 💙

🌸Selfroles🍉 - Pick out roles for yourself for people to know things about you! 💛

💛Random Events & Contests💙(Coming Soon) - Fun Events for people to enjoy! We would like some suggestions for events & contests, so dm the owner! :)
Welcome to The Circle, where you can find yourself in a community that discusses things like physical disabilities, mood disorders, and original creative art. We also use a karate-belt ranking system, so you will be a white belt upon joining! Updates every 10 levels. Looking for staff to help lead an incredible community!
🌷***Forest of Care***🌷

We are a new fun and loving community that focuses on helping people with and through mental illnesses. We have a really nice, and accepting community, no matter what your circumstances are, because everyone here is going through something.

What we have to offer:

- People willing to listen and help you through anything! ❤

- Peer to Peer help! 🧡

- Vent channels! 💛

- Self Roles customized to your diagnosis! 💚

- Super trustworthy staff team dedicated to making the server a safe, and fun place for everyone! 💙

- Other channels to just talk about random things like food, gaming, pets and many more! 💜

We really hope to see you here!
『 This is a small mental health server, we accept alot of different personalities 』
『 This is a safe place, judgement will be punished 』
『 We're all ill here one way or another 』
➼ Alot of self assignable roles!
➼ Music bots and other fun bots!
➼ You can post memes
➼ You can post all your art here, NSFW and all!
➼ Roles whether you'd like to be pinged
➼ Treatment advice <3
➼ You can post selfies, animal pictures and more!
➼ You can suggest any type of stuff!
➼ You can have fun interactions with interesting people! <3
❥ You can help other and vent freely, people will listen <3
♡This is a safe space, you are accepted for who and what you are no matter sexuality or anything♡
a community server for people with did/osdd. must be at least 15, 16+ preferred
𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚎? A mental health server to provide a solace where people have the freedom to be themselves with no judgement.

𝙾𝚞𝚛 𝙼𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗? Help those in need by providing members with:
✦ The opportunity to learn and grow from other's experiences.
✦ A variety of tools and resources to allow people the chance to help themselves.
✦ A safe judgement-free environment.
✦ A sense of community and a chance to find lasting friends.

𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚏𝚒𝚝𝚜?
✦ Interactive bots!
✦ Mental Health Facts!
✦ Grounding tools and resources!
✦ Active Support roles!
✦ Active Organization roles for community events!
✦ Channel dedicated to music for all your music needs!
A recovery focused support group for people living avoidant personality disorder or other related mental health disorders.
»»—————{.⋅ Welcome to Labyrinth! ⋅.}————-««

This is a small server mainly for those with mental illness of any kind. Also welcoming those who don't. This is a safe place, no judgement.

✯ Support server
✯ LGBTQ+ supportive
✯ Self-assignable roles & colors
✯ Hangout
✯ Bots to play with
✯ Vent channel
✯ Anonymous confessions channel
✯ Looking for volunteer supporters

[ ]
Hello! We are a server for those who suffer from chronic illnesses mental or physical. We allow self diagnosed as well as professionally diagnosed individuals, we don’t discriminate. We also are open to non spoonies as we are an open community. So feel free to join!
Welcome to The Oasis! This community was created for those with mental illness, physical illness, disabilities, and people who support those. We show our love for everybody who joins. See you on the server!!!
14+ server for people who are a little messed up in the head
be as edgy as u fucking want, idgaf

vent, hangout, whatever. plan on watching this place become offensive as fuck so if you've got a problem then rip

this place isn't to help you feel better, it's to help get shit out so you don't take it out on others. be as fucking wack as you want, it's fine, just don't be a major dick and we're good

lgbtq is welcome