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join this autism friendly server, no trolls allowed, make friends and be yourself, no judgement
4 hours ago
Would you like to join a server with a gaming focus but also anime, history, and quality memes? Come down to KampfGruppe Autismus, We would love to welcome you. While tryimg to keep our general clean but in a common sense way and if you are more on the edgier side we have channels for that too. Are you a content creator? well you're in luck We would also like to have you. All of our services are free. We also have a discord bot we are working called yukari so once that goes public follow the development there too. Come on down today.
15 hours ago
1 days ago
A discord server to provide a safe space for those with autism, regardless of age, race, gender, etc. This is an area of no judgment where people with autism can get support, advice, and like-minded people to talk to.
2 days ago
i fucking hate gsy, it's entirely weirdos, the only reasons to be in this server is if you're a weirdo or you wanna cyber bully weirdos.
3 days ago
/reg/ is an autism friendly Discord server filled with creative and intellectual minds who wish to play video games with each other. /reg/, which stands for "Really Epic Gamers" is one of Discord's oldest gaming communities. We are allied with the servers "Disabled Gamers United" and "Leftist Gaming Alliance". Always some users willing to have a peaceful political debate :)
5 days ago
Be warned, you will be made fun of. If you cannot take jokes being made at your expense, this is not the server for you. However, if you are of the top tier of shitposters, you will be welcomed with open arms, and closed fists. Good luck to all that join. You'll need it.
5 days ago
This Server Is a Support and Awareness server for people on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. We want to help people to understand autism and maybe even learn to love and cope with people that have autism, or that have family with autism.
6 days ago
awesome server to express any cancer you want lol. NO CAPITALISTS ALLOWED
13 days ago
new server looking for new friends so join if you'd like
offensive memes are allowed
80 days ago
Here you will learn all about REAL BIOLOGY with almost 50 other students in 2 classes
115 days ago
Complete, absolute, unfiltered autism, edginess and degeneracy at it's absolute finest.
Oh, and we have NSFW.
Not convinced yet? You're not human.
162 days ago
We made a mental health server we think you'd like, feel free to join us. The server has many fun bots and productive channels for all your purposes and needs, and a friendly moderation team and helper/listener base.
LGBTQ+ friendly,Mental Health friendly.
Under 18 friendly.
You like Gaming too? Make friends with other gamers and play together c:
You're free to join and help us grow and make friends in a compassionate and understanding environment.
172 days ago
Join *Stella's School Of Autism Ft. Traps* today! And receive autism, a lot of autism. We don't have enough traps in here so we are looking for more, at the moment the average age of the server is a bit worrying but we are trying to change that, we are banning all the annoying kids. We also have a podcast (Work In Progress) called *The Academy Of Autism* which you are free to join if you are active in the Voice Chats. Speaking of... Our voice chats are always active and are full of *Compressed Autism.* The political part is kind of a hope, at the moment the political chat is full of autistic shit posting but we hope to improve the political side of the server soon. We do have an NSFW section called โ€œConcealed Autismโ€ where anything is allowed and the admins have just muted that channel.
Autism from autistic eye's is to attempt to understand autism from an autistic eye
We band together to save Kekistan and grant a greater memeland.
Literally no fucking rules besides being fucking autistic and being edgy as fuck. Fuck off if you have emotions or any sense of discipline