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Bumbois is a brand new server aimed to build a community of shitposting paladins players. There is enough autism in this server for it to be weaponized and make nukes useless.
Holy fuck gamer
You've stumbled upon Autism Headquarters!
Yes, it's me Chris Hansen, why don't you take a seat, and let me explain to you how this shithole works
Basically speaking this server is for every single virgin out there, who loves a good amount of rascism, gore and other shit
What's so different about this one?
Well, uh... We have uh... We can say the nword ok that's epic enough to convince you to join.
On a more serious note, this is what our server can offer:
- Memes, yeah man epic gamer memes, we love 'em and you love 'em
- Cursed Images, No denying that cursed shit is the best am i right or am i right my dudes
- Epic Staff Now, the thing about our staff, is that it acts like it doesn't have any admin role, and will only ban you if you spam some hardcore stuff ij the wrong channel
- Cool Members, I can easily say our members are very epic and you'll surely enjoy being around them
- Gore, Uhm... Idk man just enjoy it i guess
- NSFW, Everyone loves it
And many more...
Now, a quick disclaimer. This server is really fucking rascist and politically incorrect, so get an appointment to a doctor before joining, for your own good. Other than that, enjoy being in this god forbidden server.
Attention all epic memers! Papi Chulo needs your help! He has made a server but no one will join it, to help him all he needs is your credit card number, and the three numbers on the back and the expiration month and date! Also you **MUST** join this server now!

~ Papi's Shack ~
This server contains:
~ Lots of epic emotes
~ Many epic memes
~ Epic bots
~ Friendly staff and members

Join today, pls
Hey everyone, we're a friendly community that welcomes everyone!
Our goal is to provide a place where people can hang out after a long day of work or school,
a place where people can interact with each other and meet new people who share common interests, and enjoy their time.
If you have decided to check us out here is some of the features we offer!

Variety of bots with fun commands.
Multitude of nsfw channels for 2D and 3D content!
Welcoming staff without an ounce of powerabuse.
Friendly members that are equally nice and welcoming.
Always open for betterment and suggestions.

A huge thanks for checking us out!
Bring all your friends for a blastin' shitpostin' experience. Join the server for a BOOM BANGIN' time! Usually VC has faggots in it. Also, big tiddie e-gf's.
Apollyon Social Club is a chat group filled with users best described as a family. At almost a year old and under new ownership, we are working on a revamp to get things a little more up to date. We have many different channels that we believe will fit most anyones interests, several bots and voice channels as well. We are always looking for new, active members to bring something a little fresh to the server.
Serenity is a 16+ server where we do the most absolute garbage shit ever. Please join, I'm begging you.
G’day eh ol’ chap consider joining jebend may’haps eh
✨Welcome to TrixiesThong!✨
((This is a server with only 3 rules; be kind, no spamming, and have fun!))
<<Why you should join>>
🌟Chill Admins
🌟Self picking roles
🌟Birthday roles!!
🌟Active chat
🌟A working ANONYMOUS confession chat
🌟You can send ANONYMOUS dm's as well
🌟Sugar babies?....👀
{Join our fucking server to get your ass ATE}

Hello! Our brand new, extremely limited moderation community server provides...
- Self assignable roles
- Channels for music, art, literature, gaming, shitposting, and more
- NSFW (and gore channels)
- Occasional giveaways
- An active, dedicated owner
- Only 2 rules
- A tolerance for raiding and advertisement
- Tons of bots
- And much, much more, you cucks.
(please no horny e-boys)
this is just a server for kool kids who main king k rool and ddd

this server is a hellhole join if you want or don't i dont care
No idea what to put here except for this is a shitposting server for where you dump whatever you got in your image folder.
Welcome to my corner of hell!
Despite the name, this server isn't a roleplaying one.
It's just a fun hangout spot to meet new people and have fun.
Wavecheck is a chill server that's filled with shitposting/memes and a slightly supportive community of friends who just talking about random shit. We accept everyone here and always appreciate new members to spew out useless garbage with us.
A server for furry/regular artists to grow and meet new people with shitposting and games! something for everyone
Tired of getting banned from discord servers for dumb stuff? Then this server is for you. We have fun events such as insulting the owner and regular admin rebellions.
Comfy discord server to talk/shitpost about whatever. Absolutely no rules whatsoever although if you are being a needless dickhead then you will be banned.

Quite a new server so it only has a couple members so if you're autistic af then its perfect for you!
Triangle Earth Society is full of surprises. Never know what you are gonna get by joining. NEVER. This server will always keep you guessing and guess what? ALL OF YOUR GUESSES WILL BE WRONG. 100% OF THE TIME.
low effort shitpost server, join to dissapoint everyone who knows you, also #toadhasnogender K thx