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Comunidade brasileira recém criada, bem organizada e feita para amantes da cultura japonesa, jogos e outros.
O ambiente da comunidade é bem agradável, com diversas pessoas ativas e divertidas.

Torne-se um hóspede deste maravilhoso onsen ❤.
Zero {00000}

{00000} information about this server
find out by joining retard
The HelloThereCommunity server is where you can hang out with other (strange) people!

-Shit post your memes
-Talk about irl things
-Discuss about games
-Talk about anime & Star Wars
-Get funky 😏
...and other things!

The server has many things to offer such as...
-Bot commands chat
-Hunger Games
-MSL(Meme Stealing Licence) chat, where you can ask for an MSL so you can steal memes from other people.

Please read the rules if you joined this server, it would be greatly appreciated!
-Based around the central theme of Norse Mythology
-A lot of shitposting and trolling
-NSFW shit
-Pretty much no rules at all
❤ welcome to 4chan ❤

(THIS ISN'T A DATING SERVER, it's marketed that way for members, we have clear and strict rules on dating/trading.)

we offer:

-e girls
-anybody can make emojis
-voice channels
-reaction roles
-barely any rules
-has alot of active memers
-vcs filled with people
a fast and growing server with great emotes come join us now and become a active member!
We're a small server of financially minded individuals that share and collaborate on investment strategies, market opportunities, and global markets in general. We're market-agnostic and open to everyone, so whether you're an investing whiz or just looking to make friends and chat about markets and global developments then we're the place for you!
Outer Heaven is a political shitposting server, we shitpost so hard we get articles written about us. we have channels for nsfw shitposting, guns and
war footage, fitness, cars, anime and few nsfw channels.

we are the ones that took down HWNDU

(server has no political afilliation and majority of opinions and statements are just satire)
🍔Burger Time🍔
🌙Burger Time is a server that gives it's members the opportunity to make new friends, share your art, memes, and hang out! 🌙
Please join and make this a more active community!

♡ Movie nights
♡friendly community
♡Color roles, and self assignable roles
♡loads of fun bots
♡nice staff
♡cute channels
♡meme channels
Hey want to join the most beautiful eye sore to ever have disgraced this platform? Well look no further! This is the best discord server for all forms of gamers, board games counting, memes, and story telling are adored by all here! So join today for a dose of autism!
Apollyon Social Club is a chat group filled with users best described as a family. At over a year old and under new ownership, we are working on a revamp to get things a little more up to date. We have many different channels that we believe will fit most anyones interests, several bots and voice channels as well. We are always looking for new, active members to bring something a little fresh to the server.
Planet Earth is about to be recycled

Your only chance to survive or evacuate is to leave with us
Small weeb community, We have gaming channels, nsfw, memes, anime related content including hentai.
just looking for active members
Server description:
A room but it’s full of idiots

A self-contained portion of a dwelling, usually found in houses, which happens to possess a wealth of persons who have a tendency to not think in the most extensive manner. Penis
-Rompere il cazzo in vocale: Avvertimento > Ban
-Rompere il cazzo in chat: Avvertimento > Ban
Beh si può dire che il server cerca di avere poche regole (Ecco perchè ci sono pochi admin!). E cerca di non essere, il classico server con 6000 regole da rispettare, che nessuno si legge. Abbiamo cercato di renderlo il più ignorante possibile, un'esempio è l'immagine del server e il nome! Inoltre in sto server non sono presenti i 3000 canali vocali inutili che non si caga nessuno. Beh insomma entra e li vedrai se restare o meno, credo riceverai più risposte li, piuttosto che leggere sta descrizione. -MrMarionetta
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ▸🍁◂ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Space Drugs es un servidor con la única intención de comenzar a conocer gente si te cuesta trabajo socializar con las personas de tu vida cotidiana. Serás bienvenido con los brazos abiertos, sí necesitas hablar de tus problemas, de tu salud mental, estaremos para ayudarte. ^^

✯【1.】┊➴Sistema de niveles.➴
✯【2.】┊Bots de Música.
✯【3.】| Roles personalizados.
✯【4.┊Canales de anime, memes, arte...
✯【5.】┊Equipo Staff amigable, y flexible.
✯【6.】┊☯️Bots de interacción.☯️
✯【7.】┊Configurado para evitar spam, flood y trolleo.
✯【8.】┊Tienda Exclusiva del Servidor.
✯【9.】┊Roles de color y autoroles.
✯【10.】┊Canales para aprender inglés.
✯【11.】┊**Bot Exclusivo del Servidor proximamente.**

ヅ¡Entra al servidor!ヅ
Y no olvides de leer las normas al entrar, estarás muy cómodo en nuestro servidor, sí necesitas algo habla con algún administrador conectado.

``☘¡Buenas Suerte!☘ <3``
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ▸🍁◂ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
❄️ hey, welcome to nina’s funposting emporium!!
❄️ all about that extraordinaire funposting
❄️ so chill btw, #chillchat #blessed
🍀 4chan based server
💩 lax rules and shitposting welcomed (no spamming outside of spam channel)
📞 Active VoiceChat friends
9lbs of yummy crawfish
🌟Self picking roles
🌟Active staff, community, and voice chats (:
🌟Very laid back
🌟We mainly play league of legends, so if you're looking for a group of friends that play league then come join us!

Ohohoh yea baby im a rat
Hello boys 'n girls, welcome to H.A.P.P.E.N.I.N.G Central Where you and your friends can engage in various homo Homie-Sexual relation
Joining us, may result in a few side effects, like getting an extra chromosome, but you don't have to worry about that, considering you're reading this you already have one, don't ya?
Now, we also have a few cool things to check out while staying in this mental asylum totally cool server that is not in any way associated with something like, i dunno, secret USSR military project destined to create an army of autists, so you can pass your time in peace

1st - Cool and good memes, for epic gamers :sunglasses: :right_facing_fist:

2nd - Cool and good staff, that can and will suck your dick at your command :weary: :punch:

3rd - Cool and good emotes for you and your friends to jerk off to :pensive: :wave:

4th - Cool and good level system for people who quite can't boost their ego enough on your average server

5th - Cool and good Porn for horny egirl and eboys :flushed:

6th - Cool and good bots that can also be used for any kind of sexual pleasure :eggplant:

So, don't waste your time on an average normalfag server and join this Blessed server for Prisoners of War both Boys and Girls