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Welcome to Femboy Ethnostate! This is a server made by and for retarded degenerates with a horrible and ironic sense of humor. You can...

- Shitpost to your heart's content!

- Abuse our fun bots!

- Communicate with human beings!

- Use lots of fun and original emojis that you can only find here!

- Self assign a combination of 67 different possible roles!

- Partner your server with us so we can help you grow! (We’ll accept basically any partner request!)

- Participate in movie and game nights that we hold every so often!

Join today, or you die.
Do you like anime? Do you like shitposting? Then join AnimeShidders, we have both!

We also have a Subreddit :3
kino films and music circlejerk for chad patricians. we also unjerk for normal discussions and movie nights once in a while ;)
okay, our server was made by a group of friends and we are ACTIVE. we can be kinda inappropriate beware, but we have some really funny, relatable people to chat with. we can vc a lot if you want, find new people on userphone, shitposting, stream omegal, play minecraft together, crazy 8, (or just any game you want) and just a lot of fun :3
join, i dare you >:3
Servidor para os amantes da Caixa Ecônomica Federal. Entre aqui para conversar, jogar ou simplesmente postar shitposting. Apenas siga as regras e divirta-se! Problemas, apenas me chame na DM.
this is a non strict shitposting server that allows free speech and pretty much anything that doesn't violate TOS. We have memes, nsfw, cursed images, plenty of rooms for all sorts of shit (anime, gaming, photography, politics, food, etc). As long as you follow the few rules we have and not violate TOS, you'll like it here. We are non-strict and allow free speech, so if you aren't easily offended, come join us.
Basically my twitch community (
But I turned it in a shitpost server with basically no rules.

- XP RANKS + private GIVEAWAYS when reached VIP (mee6 premium)
- shitpost server but still have respect & follow the few rules
- serious pets channel :))
- no partners (only exceptions in all chat)
▬▬▬▬▬ ◅{ 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐩✗𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧™ }▻ ▬▬▬▬▬
Welcome to 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐩✗𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧™, come join our community and talk to new people and even potentially new friends.

A few things you can find in our server.
◈ Sh*tposting/Memes
◈ NSFW Channels
◈ Friends
◈ Giveaways
◈ Games
◈ And much much more..

Join Rianul Kingdom (or RK)! This server is for people who have many interests! Like anime, manga, kpop, art, etc! Not only that but, we love communication with people! If you want to talk to anyone, come here! And if you are shy, well we have the lurker chat for that!
A discord server for memes and talking. We're just a cult that provides memes and light. We obey our god, we obey the maah and we also obey Pepe. Bless those who deliver us their memes. We need memes!
Bienvenido a nuestro servidor! Reunete con varios shitposters en este servidor que pretende convertirse en una gran comunidad ayudanos !!!
Welcome. Welcome to the Talk House.

You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining urban servers. I thought so much of Talk House that I elected to establish my administration here, in the channels so thoughtfully provided by Discord. I have been proud to call Talk House my home. And so, whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts unknown, welcome to the Talk House. It's safer here.
-----------------------Frase Paraculo-----------------------
Nel Buddhismo Zen il carattere 卐 o 卍 rappresenta il 佛心印 (busshin-in) ovvero il "sigillo della mente-cuore del Buddha" trasmesso da patriarca a patriarca nel lignaggio di questa scuola.
-Rompere il cazzo in vocale: Ban
-Rompere il cazzo in chat: Ban
Beh si può dire che il server cerca di avere poche regole (Ecco perchè ci sono pochi admin!). E cerca di non essere, il classico server con 6000 regole da rispettare, che nessuno si legge. Abbiamo cercato di renderlo il più ignorante possibile, un'esempio è l'immagine del server e il nome! Inoltre in sto server non sono presenti i 3000 canali vocali inutili che non si caga nessuno. Beh insomma entra e li vedrai se restare o meno, credo riceverai più risposte li, piuttosto che leggere sta descrizione. Abbiamo anche pagato follettina per farci sponsorizzare -> -MrMarionetta
Do any of you want to die! Do you feel sorry for yourself everyday and want it all to end! Well boy I got the server for you. Welcome to hell. I mean it there's no rules it's anarchy for the mentally insane. Have a nice ride. I'll be sure to greet you when you arrive.
We decided to make our server public. It is dedicated to gaming, shitposting and meeting people you will either never speak to again or may become friends with.

There are no rules.
If you say your opinion expect someone to disagree

We also have roles you can get to flex on others.

Otherwise feel free to do whatever you want.
We've got a ton of fun bots too.
♡♡♡♡♡♡° Welcome to Homework °♡♡♡♡♡♡

We are sever for:

We have:
-NSFW channels
-1200+ and growing community
-Bots w/ Rank up system and music
Join to experience what Insanity must feel like. I don't know if that's accurate, since I am probably not insane myself. But the thing is, insane people don't realize they're insane, so I might be, and so might you be…. JOIN
we're back my fellow gamers
are you a loser? are you braindead? a complete edgelord? is shitposting and playing awful games the only thing you're good at? join us, you'll feel right at home!
also horde sucks lol