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Outer Heaven is a political shitposting server, we shitpost so hard we get articles written about us. we have channels for nsfw shitposting, guns and
war footage, fitness, cars, anime and few nsfw channels.

we are the ones that took down HWNDU

(server has no political afilliation and majority of opinions and statements are just satire)
Retard hellhole where racists dick each other off and masturbate to traps
Zero {00000}

{00000} information about this server
find out by joining retard
I still don't know why I made this server, but hopefully we can create a successful shitposting land free of the tyranny of...someone? I don't know, I wanted an edgy and eBic opening thing. But anyhow, this server is a naval-themed (ish?) quaint little shitpost server, as we are starting from the ground up. The goal of this server is simply just to have fun and shitpost, and maybe forget about the stressful things in life for a bit and just chill. No matter your reason for joining, we hope you enjoy! Free gift cards for everyone who joins, 100% legit
This is a SELF-GOVERNING server. Anyone can create their own roles, create new channels, change their nickname/color, change other peoples nicknames, add or remove server emojis, use text-to-speech (/tts) announcements, bot commands, delete messages, mass delete messages using bots, drag people between most voice chats and more. There are plenty of fun bots to play with as well as channels to explore which include topics such as Videogames, Anime, Politics, Music, Porn/ERP, and many random user-made ones as well. Come discuss your favorite topics, connect with people all over the world and express yourself freely without having to please insatiable moderators at the same time.
Super fun epic shitposting server ;) tight knight community yeee come join us for some fun and nice funny times! :)))))
If you have decided to check us out here is some of the features we offer!

Variety of bots with fun commands.
Multitude of nsfw channels for 2D and 3D content!
Welcoming staff without an ounce of powerabuse.
Friendly members that are equally nice and welcoming.
Always open for betterment and suggestions.

A huge thanks for checking us out!
This is a place for trans people who look for support, generally questioning people, tran lovers or just meme people who are looking to have some fun, we're always trying to be friendly and will always be happy to see new members!
👌A Small growing discord server that has everything you want or could ask for 👈

😎 - a small growing community
😤 - spam channels
💣 - bots
💋 - a variety in porn channels
👀 - Anime General/Ecchi General
🎮 - Gaming/Technology discussions
💯 - a loooot of emojis
🎵 - Music General
🃏 - Politics
🎭 - M E M E S/shitposting

Everyone is welcome. There's hardly any rules other than being 18 or older.
Warning: This server is not a hugbox
Just a bunch of people hanging out and having a good time, feel free to bring your buddies with!
Active community with active vcs and shitposting. Hella egirls too. join up
smol lil shitposting server
we got lots of meme and hentai, so, yeah theres that
This server is literally one of the only server you can talk shit to the admins and not get banned. This is mainly a shitposting server you can just fuck around on and basically talk about anything. Please don't hold back. We are planning to make this a unique experience for anyone. Don't join if you get offended easy.
Tired of getting banned from discord servers for dumb stuff? Then this server is for you. We have fun events such as insulting the owner and regular admin rebellions.
The pirate ship is a server made for fun and just getting to talk to new people we have no rules either just follow the tos and you'll be fine.
Welcome to Faggots Only! <33
Faggots Only is an accepting community of friendly people wanting to bullshit and make friends.
We've got
-Club Penguin Nights
-Self Assigned Roles
Basically a shitposting server nothing much lol
also everyone is welcome to join
We're just a bunch of bros Chatting, memeing and shitposting together, soon we'll have our own Minecraft Realm as well and we hope to have in here with us :)
HI and welcome to Degenerates !

- On this server we are a gaming Community with Rainbow Six 6 and Fortnite being our two most played games, We feature a weekly event called Top Contributor.
- Some of our channels consist of NSFW (18+ warning) , Fortnite dedicated and Rainbow Six dedicated, with memes, general and more! We are always looking for suggestions and ways of improvement! :heartbunny~1:

We hope you come join us today!
Hi, welcome to re:morse code!

This is a chill, fun server where you can relax and just generally have a good time. Come and meet new people from around the world to talk about your favorite topics while being supported by our community. We welcome anyone of any age to come and hang out with us.
Keep in mind we are still fairly new so we won’t have that many people at the moment, so come and join to help us change that.
See you soon!
Literally just a dumb server for dumb people to hang out at.

Nah but for real this server has various chats spanning from memes, art sharing, cursed game sharing, and more!

Yes, we do small DND campaigns. We're looking for some DMs so just let the staff know if you wanna.
[Update: we're creating a separate server for dnd]

That's about it.
A public server made for people to make new friends and start a community based off the newfound friendship. Drama not allowed gdi.
General shitposting. Rules are pretty gay so I'm not having any of those, just come and do whatever you want really. Toxicity is always fun so if you like being a dick to anyone and everyone, come along

(probably stay away if you're a bit of a snowflake)
We here at Site-23 are a small community who are trying to grow as a community.
Features: Great Community, Memes! Shit posting (my personal favorite). A little bit of gaming. We hope you join!