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The Den Discord is a fun, wholesome, and amino based Pokemon, Minecraft, Anime (and more) server! Open to everyone and ran by a group of friends, we tend to have lots of fun here! Its a great place to chill out, have fun in, etc.

**If Invite isn't working, click here**

Nintendo Server for Legendary Gamers


Hello! Would you like to visit our lovely gaming server? If not, I will give you some information that might convince you on accepting my invitation!
Here is what we offer! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
↬ Lots of gaming!
↬ Self promotion channel!
↬ Partnerships!
↬ Many fun channels!
↬ Friendly staff!
↬ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
↬ Study help!
↬ Self-Roles!
↬ Fun talks!
↬ Fun bots!
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ☾⋆
┊ ⊹ ┊
✯ ⋆ ┊ . ˚ ˚✩
So join today! You will not be disappointed! :)
Have you ever played a refreshing level in Super Mario maker?
If you have, you’ve probably gone
“Ewww what is this garbage... I... I... I think I’m gonna puke“

Want to delete those awful, repetitive, garbage levels from existence? Well boy do we have a server for you!

Boo as many refreshing levels as you can and rise up the leaderboards gaining epic server awards and prizes!

Discuss both good and bad Mario maker levels you’ve found on the servers

Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Rythm, and more different fun bots to use!

All the essential channels every discord server needs such as:
-Server Suggestions
-General ofc



Join now, and we can throw those annoying, unoriginal and epileptic levels in the TRASH!
Toad Town:
An epic Nintendo server for all your gaming needs
We have:

- Lots of chats for you discuss anything and everything

- Fun bots to mess around with

- A great community to chat and play with

- Roles, ranks and more to discover

- Epic Staff team to help you with everything

So, join
Hey, welcome to Balliocord! This is a small emote server for spherical Mario characters, mainly Ballio and Balluigi. Come check it out!
Introducing Return To Delfino: A Mario roleplay and Super Mario Sunshine fandom welcoming ANYONE while changing the game!
Odemasa Nandana! Welcome to Isle Delfino, the glittering jewel of the southern seas!
We're so pleased that you're considering a visit to our beautiful home! Everybody loves a good, typical setting for their Mario RP, but what about something fresh?

Return to Delfino is a Mario RP unlike any other! Taking place long after Super Mario Sunshine, bring your Mario OCs and play your favorite Mario characters on a vacation trip back to Isle Delfino, the main setting of the smash-hit video game, Super Mario Sunshine! Featuring...

* Detailed and beautifully written location descriptions to help you visualize each and every RP channel perfectly!
* Interesting villain arcs to spice up the otherwise wholesome RP!
* Flexibility to allow you to play ALL Mario characters (not just Sunshine ones) You don't even have to have ANY knowledge on Super Mario Sunshine to enjoy the RP!
* Tupperbox and other bots!
* New areas that are consistent with the feel of the game we all know and love!
* Much, much more!

Our server, despite being small, has an extremely passionate and active community along with a beautiful server interface! Even if you're just a little bit interested, we implore you to join!

Have a sunny day!
Hey all! Welcome to Nintendo Nook! In this server we like to talk about all games Nintendo, from the Pikmin to the Mario Brothers! I created this server so it could give a lot of people a spot to talk Nintendo and just vibe to be honest.





-TOURNAMENTS (SSBU, Splatoon, etc)


when we get enough members we will start on bigger tournaments

So, with that being said have a great time! Please don't troll, and respect all of the others in the server! And lets head to the Nook, full of all things Nintendo!
Welcome to The Fruit Bowl! 🍎

The Fruit Bowl is an LGBT+-friendly Nintendo-focused (but not exclusively Nintendo) gaming community filled with people from all over the world! Come say hi and introduce yourself to the community!

We have channels for all kinds of things! Are you an artist? Want to talk about food? Share cute photos of your pets? Share your latest Zelda theories? Come and join us! 😊
A fun, action-packed server, where musical geeks and Nintendo collide! We’re a small, but growing community of musicians and gamers. We’d love it if you would join us for lots of fun!
What we offer:
⭐️ Gaming challenges for you to try your skill - it’s very competitive!
⭐️ Fun tournaments at games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros and more!
⭐️ A musical community where you can share and talk about music.
⭐️ Play your favourite video games with other like-minded people!
⭐️ Sharing your gaming stuff, like Mario Maker levels!
⭐️ Some of us use Musescore, so you can share Musescore stuff and get feedback!
⭐️ Lots of different roles you can get
⭐️ A SFW, awesome and welcoming community
⭐️ A range of different bots to use
⭐️ Socialize and make new friends!
Thank you for joining the 🐺Wolfe™ Pack!

Our 🐺Wolfe™ Pack server is dedicated to sharing a space with some of the most well known Mario Kart Tour racers! We have all came together to bring the world of Mario Kart Tour delivered to your hands at blazing speeds! 🔥🔥🔥

Join us or some non-stop action every single day of the week! 🏁
Welcome To
Under The Nintendo

A Community Server:
-Chat Rooms & Subject Rooms
-Daily Voice Chats
-Giveaways & Partners
-Art, Music, Gaming Rooms
-Cool Roles
-Custom Emojis

New Stuff Always Added

Join Now:
Hello check out Mario Sonic Henry Stickmin Server or MSHS for short! This is a crossover roleplay server...
Super Star Galaxy is a Discord server for Mario fans of all kinds! You can chat about your favorite Mario games, show off your creations inspired by the Mario franchise, or just hang out! We also have a leveling up system that rewards you with roles! We hope you consider joining our server!
• Welcome To Super Mario 3D World!
• Join Lobbys Of Super Mario 3D World
• Chat about Mario 3D World
• Advertise
• Watch Content (SwitchStop) (He's in the server, chat with him too.)
• And Use our 80+ Emotes!
• And we are Constantly Adding new Features!

We hope You Have A Great Time Here!
Join the (unofficial) Paper Mario Club discord, where you can talk about Paper Mario and its newest installment. Share your opinions about the games with other members, share your creations with the community and have fun using our bots with a lot of different commands!
Hello there!

Welcome to the Super Mario 3D All Stars Discord server! Are you as hyped as everyone else is for the release of the Super Mario 3D All Stars game for Nintendo Switch? Well you've come to the right place!

Chat and speculate about the upcoming game that has been rumoured since March 2020, releasing on September 18 for Nintendo Switch across the globe.

- We have many channels, and far more to come
- DankMemer bot
- Levels and Ranks
- Roles
- Music rooms
- Will soon host community events like MOVIE NIGHTS!

With FAR more content coming in the future, stick around and help grow a friendly and inviting community where we talk about everything, and all things Super Mario and Super Mario 3D All Stars!
Hello there! We are active server that wants to have fun with other Nintendo fans!. We play video games with each other as well as discuss about them, or about the latest ones. Everyone has their own opinions, they would always say.

PS: We have self roles and will increase them as our server grows.
Hello! This Is a brand new Nintendo Community! This year has been rough so let’s all bond over something we love!

- Friendly
- All Nintendo Fandoms Welcome (And even non Nintendo as well)
- Meet new people and talk about your favorite games

Looking for moderators! Dm me if interested!
Hello! We are a work in progress Nintendo community called Mario Mania! We have a welcoming community where we talk about Nintendo (of course), gaming, and much more! Even if you don't play Nintendo games much, you are always welcome here! Come join the fun!!
Welcome to the Super Mario World community!

This server is centered around Super Mario World, but can apply for any Mario game. Although this community is small, it will only get bigger thanks to your help!

This server offers a Roleplay category for all of the worlds in Super Mario World, such as Donut Plains, Chocolate Island, etc.
Just a roleplay game for all you Mario fans Paper Mario, and Super Mario! Bring your ocs into the world or claim people from Paper Mario or Mario! (Also we are needing some active people so feel free to join!)