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Hi and welcome to Kirby's Dreamland! If you want to chill and talk about Kirby with a bunch of fans like me then you are at the right place. And if you aren't that all knowing of the Kirby series but just like it for your own personal reasons then you are welcome here too.
We do stuff like...
-talk about life
-Make friends with all the members and get to know each other
-VC and listen to music
-Play games together like Xbox, Switch, 3DS, PS4, etc.
-Talk or play other games besides just Kirby (it is theme'd not forced)
-Request to get roles with the names of your favorite villains and characters
-Role Play in the rp chat
Ce petit serveur francophone a pour but de rassembler les fans de notre boule rose préférée. Si vous souhaitez discuter de Kirby, alors vous êtes les bienvenus !
Hello! And welcome to Nintendo World! If you like Nintendo as much as I do than this is the server for you! Here we make friends and talk about anything Nintendo and just chill here with fellow Nintendo fans! We have active memebers, chats for all different Nintendo games, a chat to post your art, different color roles you can choose yourself, and so much more! The people here are very friendly and we hope to become bigger soon, so I hope you'll consider joining Nintendo World!!!
hi! this is a kin server for kirby kins!
what we have;
⭐blacklist channels and a blacklist itself!
⭐notsobot for the memes and hex for the colors!
⭐cool staff!
⭐self-assignable kin roles!
⭐a lot of kin channels!
⭐minor-friendly! we're babey!
⭐terf-free zone! no other bigots allowed B)
Here at Diggins Domain we have fun bots, giveaways, art contests, and more! Join to chill and talk to other people!
This is a textual Kirby roleplay server for anyone who loves the Kirby franchise and wants to write stories about it!

Come in with us and play as one among many Kirby characters from most of the games from the series!

There are also non-roleplay channels for us, fans, like a memes channel, a fanart channel, and even one to talk about general Kirby lore.

We strongly hope you will have fun in here! We can't wait to see you with us!
Hi, this is a Kirby Kin server that's double, fictive and nonkin friendly! (However, for nonkin you have to at least be a fan of the franchise.)

Server Perks:

💫 All ages welcomed!!

💫 Doubles and Fictive friendly!

💫 Many great channels and customizable character roles!

💫 A friendly community

💫 And more!!!!!!
A social server focused around Kirby, but general discussion is here as well.
A casual server for everything Kirby! Includes discussion, roleplay, fanart, writing, and more. There is also a NSFW section locked off from the rest of the server, so you can either jump right into it or avoid it altogether. TO UNLOCK ALL CHANNELS WHEN JOINING: read the rules and write an intro, then the channels will be unlocked!
"Eheheheh!, welcome to Dedede's Dededreamland! we're mostly a Gaming community but we also do general talk, science, nature, ETC... anything goes."
Sweet Dreamlands Roleplay. Led by Nightmare Lord Zack! We are a very friendly role-play server dedicated the Kirby franchise!
What do we have?
--Active Roleplay Members
--RP Tests to ensure that Rp quality is met!
--Original Areas to explore and live in!
--An Original story to invest in!
--Bots and other fun things!
We may have only been around for a few days, and only have a few members, but please stick around and add to our community! We will appreciate it!

A Universal RP which basicly allows anything for RP! your only limit is your imagination!

Just a bunch of nerds tossed together in a Roleplay server! Share your memes and videogame moments! listen to one of our many radio stations! and of course, Roleplay as ANYTHING you want!

All we want is a fun RP environment!
A place to chill with Dedede worshipers, we've got roleplay channels along with an art channel if you want to show off your art. Overall you can just hang out. We're lenient on rules here, so this is a pretty casual server.
A Kirby fan server to discuss Kirby games and talk to other Kirby fans. Share Kirby memes and more. The perfect place for Kirby fans.
GAME ROOM! This server is your one stop place for gaming needs! Owned by AAvanDeluxe & MelonBruh Game Room aims to bring you: nintendo news, new friends, new experiences and more! We treasure each and every member. Come along!
Multiverse RP is a roleplay that allows you to have ocs and use bots. We have undertale, deltarune and kirby areas for you to roleplay, have fun and make new friends in this server!

What this server has to offer.
-Bots, there is 9 of them!
-Color roles!
-Undertale, Deltarune and Kirby Areas, we are adding more!
-OCs are allowed because it's a multiverse RP.
-Shitpost Roleplay!
-NSFW channel for those who like it.
Hey! welcome to the Kirby Club, where everyone is a friend, and loves to have fun! We offer:
-A friendly enviroment
-A bot for you to request! (KirbBot)
-And more!
we hope you consider joining this wonderful server, poyo!
A server to talk about the best pink puffball
Welcome to the church of Kirby. We hope that you enjoy in our small( Hoping To Be A Little Bigger Soon) fun community. And we just hope that you have a great time and a great day. Hope we see you around
A Kirby themed server! We are welcoming to new people, we hope to get s=big some day.
A nice server With music, And fun stuff! (Don't join if you don't like a lot of bots)
This is a Kirby server! Discuss all things Kirby related and talk to other Kirby fans.