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Welcome to the church of Kirby. We hope that you enjoy in our small( Hoping To Be A Little Bigger Soon) fun community. And we just hope that you have a great time and a great day. Hope we see you around
A new, family friendly, non-toxic, Kirby-themed general community server with a slight focus on health and sleep. Very accepting, humble, and welcoming users.
A Kirby themed server! We are welcoming to new people, we hope to get s=big some day.
Official Discord server for Pixelcraftian, Youtuber that creates Kirby animations. Chat with friendly users, share your creations with everyone, and even appear as an OC in next videos! Come on, join the Crew today!
"Eheheheh!, welcome to Dedede's Dededreamland! we're mostly a Gaming community but we also do general talk, science, nature, ETC... anything goes."
A nice server With music, And fun stuff! (Don't join if you don't like a lot of bots)
This is a Kirby server! Discuss all things Kirby related and talk to other Kirby fans.
For fans of the of the pink puffball!
Do you want to chill out, play games and make memes? Well, you can join the Dee Kingdom!
This is a server for any and all Kirby fans, as well as fans of other games such as Pokemon. We welcome anyone who wishes to join!
Kirby Dreamland is a small but growing community of nice peeps! We enjoy video games, anime, manga, and a whole plethora of things! Join today and don't miss out!