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We are a Pokemon Sword and Shield server specializing in Max Raid Battles! From 3 star to 5 star GMax raids, come host or attend raids! We love shinies too!

New to the raiding scene? We'll teach you! Lots of information in channels too!
Du spielst Animal Crossing: New Horizons oder ein anderes Spiel auf Nintendo Switch und suchst Mitspieler oder Leute zum austauschen? Dann bist du hier richtig!
This is Nintenbros Nation. We’re a mostly Nintendo Switch server with an active and welcoming community.
-Weekly tournaments
-Popular Switch Games
-Minecraft Realm
-Occasional Jackbox
-Weekly Gamenight
Hope to see you join us today!
This server is a Splatoon/ Splatoon 2 server. There are also art channels, food channels, normal chats and much more. We have Discord Fast Food bot or Spyke bot (a Splatoon bot). It’s inactive hehe
On this server, you will be able to find people who play on the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Wii U, the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo Wii, and also people who play Minecraft Bedrock Edition so that you can easily make new friends to play with!
Welcome to NintendoFresh, where we're all about Nintendo Games and consoles. We’ll also be hosting weekly game nights each weekend, where we play random Nintendo Switch games together! Talk with members, share memes, pics, and your very own artwork! See you around!

P.S we're not a Club Nintendo clone, don't @ us.
a chill place to make friends, game, share your art, chat, and more (13+ preferably)!
Nintendo switch owners preferably, anyone is welcome to join of course tho :)
We're an 18+ shitposting/meme/gaming server. If your looking for a hella autistie place where you can basically joke about anything, and hang out with some chill people then this is the server for you.
SARP-BF is a Nintendo Switch Rocket League trading community with a full staff of active price checkers providing advice almost 24/7. We have an extremely active trading channel and very friendly staff who are willing to help with anything you need (Whether it be Rocket League questions, server help, etc.)!

Safe trading is a requirement in our community and we provide several ways to ensure you can trust your trading partners. We use extremely trusted middlemen, guaranteed by the community and our staff, and we have a custom-built bot with unique features designed for safe trading. Some of these features include:
🐳 Reputation tracking, fueled by our members.
🐳 Pricing request command, to make asking for advice even easier.
🐳 Trade searching, to help you navigate safely and find the items you want with ease.

We frequently hold giveaways (weekly or more), donated by our staff and tge generous community.
🎉 Some of our previous giveaways include: Titanium White Octane, Titanium White Dune Racer, Heatwave, Dueling Dragons, and Discord Nitro! 🎉

Last but not least, Rocket League is about having FUN. At SARP-BF, we also provide fun ways to engage with the community. We regularly hold car design competitions, RL tournaments, and we even have ways to share your in-game highlights and designs. We also have many of your other favorite bots, including Pokécord, Rythm, etc.

🐠 All of these things are here to make your experience at SARP-BF the best it can possibly be. We hope you will enjoy the community at Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered - Battle Fish! 🐠
Welcome to the Pokémon League! Our server is based around Pokémon Sword and Shield, and is based around competitive battling. Come join us, and fight or become gym leaders, elite four members and even the champion. We are new and growing, we're looking for positions to be filled. Show dedication and willingness to see our server grow, and you will be rewarded.

We have:

- A fully functioning pokemon league
- A gym challenge
- Opportunities to battle the Elite Four and the Champion
- Potential vacancies in gym leader and elite four if the server grows more
- Trading
- Shiny hunting
- Raids
- Giveaways
- Our own built-in Pokemart, where you can buy custom pokemon, just show us a screenshot of a showdown page and its yours! They're all legitimate and able to be used online!
Hiermit lade ich euch herzlich zu einem DEUTSCHEN Nintendo Switch Community Server - Ich habe bereits im Internet nach so einem Server gesucht doch habe leider nur international was gefunden - aus dem Grund existiert nun dieser! Viel Spaß wünschen wir euch :3
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We also have chats for other games besides Smash! We love all feedback, so feel free to join!
Beste Disboard bezoeker, welkom bij Zoetelanden.

Wij zijn een hele gezellige Discord server, waar je lekker jezelf kunt zijn, hou je dus niet in, beter raar dan normaal :p Het is hier lekker actief, zowel in chat als in voice. In voice worden er wel meestal games met elkaar gespeeld, zoals: LoL, Smite, Dota Underlords etc. Maar deze Discord server is voornamelijk gericht om gezellig met elkaar te kletsen, we hebben dan ook verschillende platformen zoals: Nintendo, PC en Minecraft. Daarnaast hebben we verschillende minigames in de chat zoals: Would You Rather, Smash or Pass, zodat je je niet hoeft te vervelen als je effe niet weet wat je wilt gaan doen, er is soieso altijd iemand online waarmee je kunt praten.

Serieus? Wat is dat? daar doen wij niet aan. Haha nee grapje, wij kunnen serieus zijn als je er behoefte aan hebt. In deze Discord server hebben we een rank-up systeem, hoe actiever je bent, hoe hoger je komt. Schelden is toegestaan tot op een niveau waarbij niemand zich gekwetst voelt.

We hopen dat je een bezoekje aan ons neemt en een gezellig tijd met ons doorbrengt :D
Welcome to Channel 35², me along with the rest of the community hope you can join this community of gamers. Our goal is to include the unincluded and to bring a whole new perspective on video games as a whole. Hope you join this cool world of ours.
TNSM is a Nintendo Switch Terraria based Server.
Why should you join us over any other server?
- Simple server layout
- Easy to navigate
- Active community
- Giveaways!
- Terraria Playthroughs
- 3 major bots
- Terraria Nintendo Switch only!
What are you waiting for? Join us today!
Welcome to the Mayonaka Clan! We are a gaming server that focuses mostly on Nintendo Switch games like Smash Ultimate, Fortnite, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, MK8D, and more! We hosts tournaments every two weeks on different games and offer practice to get better at games! We also recruit members to join our clan for different games!


-Memeing and music bots!

-A section for anime and fans!

-An art channel for artists and enthusiasts!

-Friend Code sharing!

-A NSFW section!
Hello and welcome to our fun server! we have a decent amount of people here and are looking for some more people to play Splatoon2 with!
We have an amazing selection of mods!
We have a roleplay area for anyone who wants to roleplay when you are bored!
I don't have alot to say really, In excited for the wave of new people we get to our server, and we hope you have fun!
We are a very small and new community looking to grow!
Looking to play switch, xbox, ps4 or pc games but you don't have friends because you're a sweaty gamer? You've come to the right place! We hope you enjoy our lovely little community. : )
We have very Active Owners/Admins
A friendly community
And anyone of any age is welcome!
We are a server of people who love to play many different games, talk about, anime and just socialize in general with each other you’ll often see some people conversing in main chat or just hangin in the voice chats. We have channels for memes, anime, certain video games that are played most and bots such as Mudae, Unbelievaboat, Pokecord, Rhythm bot and more to be added as well as a rank system and multiple roles. We’re slowly expanding all the stuff on our server as we grow and need the updates so we hope you’ll join us. The server is laid back on rules other than the basics of racism, harassment, spam, etc. But feel free to curse, make fun of each other whatever just don’t be overtly toxic, weird or annoying we even have a NSFW channel unlocked by role. That’s about it so if you’re laid back don’t get offended easily and think this is a place for you please come check it out :^)

Come join us to meet a close a community of gamers!
Our discord is here to bring gamers who want to enjoy playing online together.

We hold monthly tournaments for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart as well as weekly meetups/casuals.

we do ask that you are willing to voice chat.
we all play a wide range of games and are active so you won't have any problem finding a game to play.
look forward to meeting some new faces!

🌟 18+ PLAYERS ONLY. tired of getting invites from 10 year olds to play games? Same. This server was created for the intention of older Splatoon 2 (and other Nintendo games) players finding each other to play the game with. All ranks are welcome.

In this server, you'll find:
-Friendly staff
-Active members with an extremely active general chat
-Photo, music, meme, and artwork channels
-Matchmaking for other Nintendo games (MK8, SSBU, SDV)
-NSFW channels
-LGBT+ friendly community
We are a small community of people looking to increase our player base on the owners realms!
We have 2 realms to offer: A faction realm and an SMP realm (Survival Multiplayer).
We are super friendly and active and anyone of any age is welcome :)