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We are a chill community which simply wants to converse with you. These our are Main Subjects: Switch games, Anime, Pokemon Showdown, Danganronpa and Persona 5
21 days ago
Looking for players to fetch those Golden Eggs for Grizzco Industries? Do you want to work outside of Grizzco and play other games with members? This is the right place! This server brings together players from the Splatoon community to help look for Salmon Run players!
26 days ago
A dumb server for playing dumb games with dumb people who owe dumb consoles who do dumb things in a dumb world with dumb society with dumb noobs in this dumb server.
28 days ago
A server dedicated to multiplayer matchmaking for Nintendo games! Give yourself the role for each game in the server you own, so you can be notified when people want to play that game! (Do @[role]) There's also plenty of room for general chat and memes!
31 days ago
This server is a place for Nintendo Switch users to find one another and chat. Right now this server is still in the testing phase, but we will be glad to get some members from the start. If you join during our testing phase, and earn our trust, you will most likely end up as a mod or admin.
55 days ago
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch Enterprise where you Switch users can socialize and play Switch games with other people. We started hosting giveaways weekly where one person can gain special perks in the server.
132 days ago
Our intention, at THE SWITCH HUB is to bring together a group of like minded, mature Switch gamers, who are looking for a way to make Friends and Communicate through text or voice(via Discord Server). This helps members to coordinate online play with friends and members.
151 days ago
We are a Discord that Focuses on Switch!
We do Tournaments, Events, and More!
201 days ago