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Welkom bij Zoetelanden!

Een server vol gezelligheid!

In Zoetelanden gaan we met respect met elkaar om en is het altijd gezellig in de chat.
Er wordt veel gegamed en daarom hebben we ook rollen voor de volgende games: Jackbox, Skribbl, League of Legends, Pummel Party, CS:GO, Golf, Brawlhalla.
Speel je iets anders? Dat is natuurlijk geen probleem want er worden veel meer spellen gespeeld als de zojuist benoemde games!

Ons rank systeem werkt vrij simpel. Ben je gezellig en actief, dan zul je gepromoot worden!

Als je je echt thuisvoelt bij ons kan je altijd op een van ons meetings komen die om de zoveel tijd worden gehouden. De vorige meeting was zelfs met 14 van onze leden.

Je hoeft je nooit te vervelen in Zoetelanden vanwege de altijd actieve calls, gezellige chats en minigames! We hebben ook nog een Nintendo chat voor de Nintendo fans.

Ben jij een influencer, een youtuber, een twitcher, of heb je een eigen discord? Daarvoor hebben wij een partner systeem wat ervoor zorgt dat jij je account mag delen! Dit gaat natuurlijk wel met overleg.

Klinkt dit als een server voor jou? Ben jij klaar voor een hoop nieuwe vrienden?

Join Zoetelanden dan meteen!
Welcome to A cute Leaf a small Animal Crossing New Horizons themed Server. Everyone is welcome to join. We have roles you can choose from, turnip and trade channels, but also other channels for creative heads :) We are looking forward to new members!
Hey there! This server is pretty pog. You should join if you like Nintendo.

If you join I hope we can be friends and get to play Smash Bros together, and maybe Mario Kart or something. Animal Crossing even. We like Nintendo in general.

Hope to see you soon!
Welcome to the r/OverwatchSwitch discord server!

This discord is for the players who play Overwatch on Nintendo Switch. Here you can find others to play and chat with in competitive play, quick play and arcade. Aswell as being a Discord server, we also have a Reddit, Twitter and YouTube!
Eat, Sleep, Nintendo, Repeat ist ein deutscher Discord Server in dem sich alles um Nintendo dreht. Unsere Member sind zum Großteil Besitzer einer Nintendo Switch Konsole.

Wir haben:
-Monday-Mario-Kart: Jeden Montag ein Mario Kart Turnier für alle die Teilnehmen wollen.
-Minecraft Mittwoch: Ein Minecraft Abend an dem wir alle (bedrock version) zusammen Minigames auf Servern oder Projekte auf Realms veranstalteten
-Freundliche Member: Unsere Member sind zum großen Teil alle im Altersbereich von 13 - 19. Natürlich ist bei uns jeder willkommen der aus diesem durchschnitt entfällt.
-Eigener Bot: Technisch gesehen sind wir ganz vorne mit dabei. Unser Admin Dustin_DM#0759 hält den "Eat to Sleep Bot" immer auf dem neusten stand und fügt neue Funktionen hinzu die von der Community gewünscht werden.
-Kompetente Admins: Sollte doch einmal etwas schief laufen oder jemand freidrehen, ist immer ein Admin zur stelle um die Übersicht zu behalten und Probleme zu lösen. Ihr könnt diese natürlich auch jederzeit bei Problemen befragen.

Worauf wartest du noch?
Joine Eat, Sleep, Nintendo, Repeat und hab Spaß beim zocken.
Noch Fragen? Die Kommentare unter unsere DISBOARD Seite sind immer für dich da
Hallo Leute. Das hier ist mein Server.
Hier geht es hauptsächlich um nintendo spiele wie pokemon, mario kart und so weiter.
Wir haben hier aber auch chats für playstation und xbox Spieler. Auch wenn ihr keine Spiele spielt könnt ihr uns gerne beitreten wir freuen uns über jeden der uns beitritt
This server is mostly for Splatoon 2. But we also have chats for games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and other games. Also,we do splatoon tournaments every two weeks and custom splatfests on Sundays! We also have some bots (including spyke) Come and visit the Squidtastic Squad!
SARP-BF is a Nintendo Switch Rocket League trading community with a full staff of active price checkers providing advice almost 24/7. We have an extremely active trading channel and very friendly staff who are willing to help with anything you need (Whether it be Rocket League questions, server help, etc.)!

Safe trading is a requirement in our community and we provide several ways to ensure you can trust your trading partners. We use extremely trusted middlemen, guaranteed by the community and our staff, and we have a custom-built bot with unique features designed for safe trading. Some of these features include:
🐳 Reputation tracking, fueled by our members.
🐳 Pricing request command, to make asking for advice even easier.
🐳 Trade searching, to help you navigate safely and find the items you want with ease.

We frequently hold giveaways (weekly or more), donated by our staff and tge generous community.
🎉 Some of our previous giveaways include: Titanium White Octane, Titanium White Dune Racer, Heatwave, Dueling Dragons, and Discord Nitro! 🎉

Last but not least, Rocket League is about having FUN. At SARP-BF, we also provide fun ways to engage with the community. We regularly hold car design competitions, RL tournaments, and we even have ways to share your in-game highlights and designs. We also have many of your other favorite bots, including Pokécord, Rythm, etc.

🐠 All of these things are here to make your experience at SARP-BF the best it can possibly be. We hope you will enjoy the community at Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered - Battle Fish! 🐠
Hi there :D Welcome to :🍥GAMER BOIZ🍥

In this server you can find people interested in the most popular videogames, you can also find people to play with, make friends, or maybe just chat about things you're interested in.

Games that we play:
-Animal Crossing
And many other games.
(For minecraft Bedrock players, we have a realm to play in:)

-English (This is the main language)

(If you speak another language let us know so we can add it).

(If you join and see that some of our members are speaking in spanish, please dont leave the server, because everyone in the server knows how to speak English too:)

In this server you will find:
-Several bots to help you have a better experience
-Aesthetic roles and self roles
-Colour roles for your name
-Music channel
And many other things

*Note: Cursing and swearing is allowed, but only if it's not that offensive and everyone is comfortable with it. Suggestions to improve this server are always welcomed at our #suggestions-channel

Have a great time! :D

Join the 𝐒𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐨𝐧 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐨𝐧 discord server to meet and matchmake with players, have your say in the splatfest and make new friends!!!
This is a very chill and upbeat server that is tailored to all things splatoon 2. We have map updates, latest splat news, and we support competitive and casual play as well as just a nice place to relax and make some friends! New members are very welcome ^~^

Come join us to meet a close community of gamers!
Our discord is here to bring gamers who want to enjoy playing online together.

We hold monthly tournaments for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart as well as weekly meetups/casuals.

we do ask that you are willing to voice chat.
we all play a wide range of games and are active so you won't have any problem finding a game to play.
look forward to meeting some new faces!

We’re a friendly gaming community for all nerds! Check out our channels for games, art / writing, media, and more!

Some of our sections include:
• Switch games (Pokémon, SSBU, MK8, AC:NH, etc.)
• Xbox One
• PlayStation 4
• PC
• 3DS / Wii U
• Older consoles
• Mobile games
• D&D
More channels will be added based on members' preferences!
~Feel free to stop by and join in on the fun!~
Hello, my fellow [SLANG_NOT_FOUND].
If you’re looking for a Kamabo Co. approved discord server, you’ve come to the right place.
We are here to help YOU ascend to the promised land and experience the world the way Tartar intended.
You will be [ERROR]!
We are a server of people who love to play many different games, talk about, anime and just socialize in general with. You’ll see us chatting from time to time unless we’re all off gaming with each other or alone. We have channels for memes, anime, certain video games that are played most and bots such as Mudae, Unbelievaboat, Pokecord, Rhythm bot, mafia bot and more to be added as well as a rank system and multiple roles. We’re slowly expanding all the stuff on our server as we grow and need the updates so we hope you’ll join us. The server is laid back on rules other than the basics of racism, harassment, spam, etc. But feel free to curse, make fun of each other whatever just don’t be overtly toxic, weird or annoying we even have a NSFW channel unlocked by role If you ask for it. That’s about it so if you’re laid back don’t get offended easily and think this is a place for you please come check it out we love new nice people :^)

A wholesome Animal Crossing server that 's growing every day. We want to get to know every member and experience NH together. We also have a channel for New Leaf and Pocket Camp. So no one feels left out. We try our best to keep every offers fair and prevent entry fee trades and other ridiculous offers.
We have
- Roles you can collect
- Buyable roles
- Item/Villager giveaways and fun events when the game comes out
- A trading system where you can get points to get rare stuff
- lots of bots (UnbelievaBoat, Mudae, Pokecord)
- Lots of Froggy Chair and Isabelle emotes (some created by our artist)
- Events like home and fashion contests where you can win bells or rare item.
- And many friends you can make
Join and help us grow!
Nook"woah, what is this?"
nook horizons is a discord server dedicated to animal crossing: new horizons!
- we have many features, including (but not limited to)the following:
- bell giveaways
- nmt giveaways
- villager giveaways
- trading channels
- looking-for channels
- and many more!

we are a kind, and respectful community. we do not tolerate any prejudices, racism, etc.
WNA is a casual and competitive hang out that's crazy different from all others before. We have a variety of streamers dedicated to doing giveaways, a friendly staff, and the bounty system for Ninjala that can get you awesome monetary prizes. Our systems allow everyday people to rise up through the ranks, and we just want you in our team so we can spit gum at each other.

We may be late to the scene, but our ninja gum technique can knock your lights out clean. Join the academy to learn Ninjatech and complete bounties for a chance to win season passes and skins. We'll Also be hosting seasonal tournaments for rank ups, Goofy fun, and awesome prizes. We're also looking to partner with big or small groups, because that's what gaming is all about, connecting, and beating the living snuff out of each other. So join WNA academy and be a student your parents can be proud of!
A Pokemon Go Community that help people with the ins and outs of spoofing! We have also added some Sword/Shield channels for raids, trading and making friends! Come join!

We have:
- Lure Parties
- Shiny Giveaways
- Shiny Hunts
- Shundo Hunts
- Candy Hunts
- Sw/Sh giveaways
- Sw/Sh raids
and much more!
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We also have chats for other games besides Smash! We love all feedback, so feel free to join! *we (try to) have weekly mini tourneys with minor prizes!*
Do you own a Nintendo Switch? As well as a copy of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? Well you came to the right place! Here we talk about Xenoverse, play Xenoverse, etc. Our server is pretty chill, and our rules are easy to follow.
We do PvP, PvE, Or just hanging out in the multi lobby.
With Events being added as well, and very active staff, you can expect this server to thrive, and joining makes you apart of the community and all the events.
✨Welcome to Ringrose!✨
This is a small and new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discord server that was created to make more AC friends and talk with more people!

✨What is Ringrose?✨
Ringrose is the name of the server owner's island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This server was created for people to find new friends and people to talk to while playing ACNH!

What we offer:
✨ Reaction roles/colors!
✨ Lots of fun channels, along with a channel for materials for ACNH!
✨ Game/Movie nights!
✨ We try to be a drama-free community!
✨ Friendly staff!
✨ A venting channel for people who need to vent!

✨ We hope you see you there! ✨