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Come chill with some mellow Monster Hunter enthusiasts!
We are always up for a good roast or some side splitting laughs. Doesn't matter if you're noob or pro, so long as you're looking for a carefree place to find some hunting homies!
⭐Age 20+

Looking for a clan with a little bit of everything?

Join Poseidon’s Crusaders!

Whether you’re looking for a competitive play, scrimmage with other clans, casual play with new friends, some private battles with a twist, or just want to work on your skills in turf and salmon run- we are the place for you!

Tryouts for our league division are starting soon! So, if you’re looking for a team to join- now is the time!

We also hold monthly tournaments with prizes!

- 20+
- Available to play at least once a week
- English speaking
- Time Zone doesn’t matter! We accept players from all regions.
Server for anyone that wants to play Smash Ultimate or Splatoon with others.
Welcome to the World of Nintendo
This is a nintendo server specialising in super smash bros
Here is what we got:
-Weekly/Bi-weekly Smash tournaments
- Constant battle going on
-Coaching from great players
- Tips and tricks
-Nearly ALWAYS someone to battle
The Non Smash Stuff:
-Trivia Nights along with other party games
- Self assignable roles, get your main role and ping to battle
-Friendly staff
-Game bots
- Pokemon,splatoon etc etc themed chats
-And much more
I hope to see you all there :)
This is a discord server made up of Splatoon fans.

Stop by our server to chat about Splatoon or general topics, post memes, play with other Splatoon players, etc.
🌟 18+ PLAYERS ONLY. tired of getting invites from 10 year olds to play Splatoon 2? Same. this server was created for the intention of older Splatoon 2 players finding each other to play the game with. All ranks are welcome.

In this server, you'll find:
-Friendly staff
-Active members
-Photo, music, meme, and artwork channels
-Matchmaking for other Nintendo games (MK8, SSBU, SDV)
-NSFW channels
-LGBT+ friendly community
(13+) this is a new server aimed at super smash bros.
we offer:
-roles for every smash bros character
-chill & active staff
-voice channels
-general chat & meme sharing
-smash tournaments

this is a SFW server but you must be at least 13 to join.
we want to make your time here the best it can be so if you ever want to talk and play some smash bros we are perfect for you, along with active chats and lots of different play styles you can learn and have a good time doing it!
We are so excited to meet all of you :)

have fun loves
I (with the help of my girlfriend), created a Discord sever for Smash Bros and i really, really want to see it grow up, and make some new friends!
I'll be doing arenas almost everyday, and I will, of course, listen to every suggestion about the server. ^-^
If you plan to join, well, thanks! This server will be there to making new friends to play and train with! I created a grade for every character, so you just need to go to the 《#roles》 channel, and then choose your main by pressing the reactions! (if you have no main, that's not a problem!)
Thanks again, and don't forget to bring your friends! See you later. uwu
A very cool place to hang out with people and play games with very lenient admins and a awesome community!
Welcome to the Mayonaka Clan! We are a gaming server that focuses mostly on Nintendo Switch games like Smash Ultimate, Fortnite, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, MK8D, and more! We hosts tournaments every two weeks on different games and offer practice to get better at games! We also recruit members to join our clan for different games!


-Memeing and music bots!

-A section for anime and fans!

-An art channel for artists and enthusiasts!

-Friend Code sharing!

-A NSFW section!
If you're looking for a server with,
- Plenty of friendly and welcoming people
- Occasional Giveaways
- Great moderation
- Dank Memes
- Fun Bots
- Plenty of game specific channels
- Tournaments
Then this is the place for you!
Ahoy there! I am Pirate McDavey and I would like you to join my crew! Come aboard! It's a wonderful place filled with a myriad of people, we enjoy offensive humor and having a lot of fun, as long as long as you follow the the code and the respect me mates that run this thing, than you will have a great time. I run a twitch stream to so you can see some of the games we play! I work hard to maintain a friendly environment for my crew! We have all kinds of people there. We are basically a bunch of people who love gaming, anime and all kinds of nerdy stuff! As well as poking fun at each other. We welcome all kinds of people.

I am looking for server partners. I am only nsfw for a few reasons, so if you would like to partner please check out the server and read the rules to see if we would be a good fit for you!

We play R6 Siege, Paladins and For honor mainly, however we have space for all games!

Oh, wait there's more!
Game night every Friday! Ultimate Chicken horse, 100% Orange Juice, JackBox Party pack and more!
This is my server, A Nintendo Switch server! I post some of my youtube videos here as well, so come on and join, please we're desperate
We host weekly online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments that are streamed, organised and a blast to join in on. If you're not into that, there's always someone around to practice and have fun with over Smash Brothers.
We're a group of folks that are in our adult years . Finding time to play a few games to unwind after a long work day. As long as you're an adult (24+), mature, from the Americas or Europe, and have voice chat - you're welcome. We play a variety of games both multiplayer and single player. We're always up for a Nintendo Switch conversation too. We also do have an active casual Splatoon 2 crew as well for the adult Splatoon players.
Welcome to Channel 35², me along with the rest of the community hope you can join this community of gamers. Our goal is to include the unincluded and to bring a whole new perspective on video games as a whole. Hope you join this cool world of ours.
Splatoon 2 and Nintendo community. Friendly Splatoon server for all ages. We are here to make connections and have fun. A place where you can find people to splat with whether you are playing games for fun or competitively!

Many channels are at your disposal
🐙 Splatoon 2
👊 Smash
★ Nintendo Games
✌ General Chat
💁 Memes
♪ Music
✘Self Assignable Roles
If you’re looking for online friends to play with or just people to talk to, join us.
Nintendo Univers [FR] est ouvert à toute personnes désirant partager de bon moment et jouer entre amis que ce soit sur des jeux Switch, Wii U, Smartphone ou 3DS !

➤ Nous sommes actuellement 2400 joueurs de Nintendo!
➤ Des rôles permettant de trouver rapidement des joueurs
➤ Un salon interserveur pour le matchmaking.
➤ Une Radio Nintendo dans laquelle est diffusée des OST et débats !

Venez explorer l'Univers Nintendo à nos cotés !
Un server per parlare della Nintendo, le sue news, i suoi prodotti, i giochi, un po' di tutto insomma!
This is a very chill and upbeat server that is tailored to all things splatoon 2. We have map updates, latest splat news, and we support competitive and casual play as well as just a nice place to relax and make some friends! New members are very welcome ^~^
Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Getting sick of waiting for nintendo to fix their communication problem with online? Nintendo is going to use phones for voice chat. Might as well just use discord and have a bit more freedom!
We're a nice community that likes to play Nintendo games (Not limited to just Nintendo) So come on and join us!