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⭐️Looking for a gaming server with some cool people to game with? Look no further, we’re your server. 🎧🎮 WE HAVE:
>ACTIVE AND FAIR MODERATORS (All moderators are 18+)
>PC, PS4, XBOX, and MORE CONSOLE Players!
***And much more! We're a small but FAST growing server and we are a TIGHT group of homies, so join us today!***
A place where all PC Gamers can go - a place where you can talk to people like you.
This is a server primarily for Nintendo switch users and started out as a means of a couple guys to play smash ultimate together, it has now turned into a server for PC gamers and nintendo gamers alike. If you have any interest and any of this please give it a try. Im still making improvements and as more people join I will add and remove some features for easier to use things and what not. If there is something you want and its not there I'd be more than happy to listen and make it happen (maybe).
Just Made a New Channel on Discord:Play Minecraft When ever you want with your Friends...I even have a server with lastest Version on Java edition...News of being online and offline on The Channel...We play Pubg Mobile and soon Pc as well...Enjoy ^-^
Small group of friends that are looking for more active people to play games with. We play a little bit of everything(Except Fortnite and LoL) and there are usually a few people online. Also, we are mostly in EST but have people in other Time zones too. We have some dark humor, but it isn't to bad most of the time. If you join don't be afraid to say hey or join voice chats, we play games like Apex Legends, dead by daylight, dark souls 3, insurgency sandstorm, terraria, payday 2 but are down to play whatever. Join us on discord if you want!
We are a very small server, just starting out, hoping to find many people who would like to hang out and make new friends. Still looking for staff members. Come join the community, where we talk about games, anime, art, or anything you'd like to talk about.
Detroit Michigan based PC gaming and Airsoft enthusiasts group!
Allakazam is a friendly and family oriented server with lots of gaming. We host a custom FFXI server with the level cap at 75. we have the first 3 expansions working like its 2005 again! We are also based in Pacific Time Zone in case u don't see Admins online. Come join and help the community grow with our 24/7 support along with many gamers that enjoy this classic as much as us!
Looking for anybody that can join my server looking for people just to join and chill or play games with.
Greetings soldier, welcome to the Skeleton Army. We're out here recruiting some new soldier to fight the mortals and finally take over the world! Join the Skeleton Army to enlist in the great war! The Skeleton Overlord wants you to fight our war!
Welcome to The Lounge. We have a very active 1 vs 1 Duel Only server and are planning on opening a Brawl(fist fight only) server soon! Feel free to use the Discord to hang out and play MORDHAU as well as other games.

We are looking for Administrators to help enforce the rule of -initiated- duels only in the server, please DM me for more information if you are interested!
This is a communty that is for people who like DOOM, or just anyone who wants to join and chat with people.
We are official partners with the RedCord server, owned by lexmark66#0575 and Redwings10531#4689.
Welcome to Todd's Gaming corner on this chsnnel we talk about New Videos coming out. The newest news about Gaming Consoles & also Pc games. If you are a gamer you are welcome to join.
Gamergang started as primarily a dark souls group, we continue to add new games to our server to play together, we also just like to chill and talk about anime and other stuff. not super uptight. all are welcome we love new friends!
This is a friendly PC clan for people of 16 years and older. Interested in playing games with chill people and having fun without the drama of the internet (HAH on the internet, weird right?) if you're Metal enough, please feel free to ask to join. We accept Furries, metal heads, gamers, noobs, filthy casuals, no lifers, gay, straight, we don't discriminate. Unless you're normal, we don't like normal.
When you join you'll be unsorted with no permissions, don't worry you'll get permissions after we verify age. Feel free to friend me personally on Discord
List of games we play.
League of Legends
For Honor
The Big Gay Kingdom is a welcoming community that has many sides to it. We keep are members under control and things cool. Events are hosted almost weekly and the voice chats are almost always active
Discord for all gamers! Feel free to chat with people who love gaming!
Welcome to Deleted Minds the discord server where you can enter giveaways,make friends,have fun and use Voice chat for gaming.For Example PUBG MOBILE,Crossfire Legends and Mobile Legends:Bang Bang.
Hello today I introduce you the True Gamers Discord somethings you can find in our server include

• 15+ Texting Channels! Each Being Different then the other Mobile gaming is welcomed! if your not interested in gaming we have channels just dedicated to that we try our hardest to welcome new members if your interested join us today!
Welcome to Football Manager Fan Hub! I have been playing football manager since 2010! So I thought I start up a Discord Fan Server for the game! So You can share your stories, play with bots, music, videos, share your season, plus latest releases from myself for the workshop!

We also have a off-topic area where you can talk non-football if your not into it.

Come and join me I need members! Or Just come along and chat.
Chill server looking to expand. LGBT friendly. Find people to play games with on PC and console. Friendly staff.
Are you looking for a Gaming Community?
Then look no further. SevenWickedSins Discord Server is the place for you. We are a continuously growing community that enjoys playing games and making new friends. This server was inspired after my now now best friend and I met on a forum for a video game. We found each other 10+ years ago and have met in person even though we were 4 states away from one another. We have even lived together at one point. So the moral of the story is, you never know when you may meet your best friend through a video game. So I encourage you all to come have a look and who knows, you may even meet your best friend.
Just want people to give my dead server some life, i'm bored and would like to talk to some true intellectuals.