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Chill server looking to expand. LGBT friendly. Find people to play games with on PC and console. Friendly staff.
Allakazam is a friendly and family oriented server with lots of gaming. We host a custom FFXI server with the level cap at 75. we have the first 3 expansions working like its 2005 again! We are also based in Pacific Time Zone in case u don't see Admins online. Come join and help the community grow with our 24/7 support along with many gamers that enjoy this classic as much as us!
This is a communty that is for people who like DOOM, or just anyone who wants to join and chat with people.
We are official partners with the RedCord server, owned by lexmark66#0575 and Redwings10531#4689.
Play popular games with friends. Meet new people, hangout and most of all, enjoy yourself!
Are you looking for a Gaming Community?
Then look no further. SevenWickedSins Discord Server is the place for you. We are a continuously growing community that enjoys playing games and making new friends. This server was inspired after my now now best friend and I met on a forum for a video game. We found each other 10+ years ago and have met in person even though we were 4 states away from one another. We have even lived together at one point. So the moral of the story is, you never know when you may meet your best friend through a video game. So I encourage you all to come have a look and who knows, you may even meet your best friend.
Small group of friends that are looking for more active people to play games with(17+). We play a little bit of everything(Except Fortnite and LoL) and there are usually a few people online. Also, we are mostly in EST but have people in other Time zones too. We have some dark humor, but it isn't to bad most of the time. If you join don't be afraid to say hey or join voice chats, we play games like dead by daylight, dark souls 3, insurgency sandstorm, terraria, payday 2 but are down to play whatever
Just want people to give my dead server some life, i'm bored and would like to talk to some true intellectuals.
Join my server and chat about current, past and up coming games. Get to k ow other like minded people.
Welcome to our Discord, as you can see, our Discord is fully designed for the game "Creative Destruction". We even know it when you not have an
mate to play or you can not compete against others. We want to change that, on our discord we try it with our advanced player search to get you an Duo/Squad partner in seconds. In the future, if we have found enough members, we will try our first tournament where you can finally compete against others. Of course, the Discord is not just about the 2 things, you can talk to people about everything else in a variety of chats. Our Discord also focuses on the smaller Youtuber or Streamer, with the "Content Creator" rank you get rights to multiple channels in which you can record or stream, plus you can promote your videos in an extra channel. If you like it so far, please do not forget to join ... See you soon
Welcome to Ruck Up Gaming, a Discord server for PC Gaming, Tech Talk, Music. We have members and streamers playing a variety of PC games and a number of useful bots and server commands.
This is my new server to play games with new people online. We also have an anime channel, everyone is welcome but please be nice :)
A community to hang out and chill interact with others talk about whatever you want games, music, computers, Anything.. So come on in and join our fantastic community..
Welcome to the Unofficial Origin Community Discord server! This server is a place you can find other players, chat about games with other passionate gamers, and more!
This discord server is hosted by JudasGrey, twitch streamer. Barbershop talk is the norm here, so gear up for some friendly trolling and toxicity. Make sure to check the rules channel before posting.
The Bouncy Castle is a (very) small yet active server looking for more people to join! This server is generally chill, has many channels to talk in, and some bots to mess with. The admins (and others) will make sure you feel welcomed c:
This server is the perfect server for those who are looking for a safe Gaming environment. we have a unique role ranking system and some bots that are fun to mess with such as Mee6.
A server were all pc gamers can play and communicate with each other.
We're a general gaming / hang out server, with a cool, retro feel. Chill admins/mods, with weekly events.

Visit our site at
A Gaming Discord where we all play different games and chill and relax.