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Great active server with players, and our wonderful clan focused on widening our playerbase throughout different games such as Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Last Day Rules Survival
- Active and friendly people
- Expert advice on these popular games
- Diverse players from around the world, we do not discrimate nor are we cruel. Fair game and play to all.
- Awesome Members to interact with
The biggest and most active Brawl Stars related Discord Server in Greece.

Pitagyro is currently placed at the #1 spot on the local leaderboard and it keeps rising.

⚔️ Organized
⚔️ Well Designed
⚔️ Exclusive Emojis

Languages: Greek & English.

You are all welcomed to join.

#PitagyroArmy ✍🏻
A dope group of friendly Rice Balls from all around the world 🗺, who play games together, laugh, and have fun😆
We play games like Arknights, Astral Chronicles, csgo, LoL and more.You can even suggest games for us to play as a community.Whats more we have lots of fun bots to help spice things up!
Join the Onigiri community today! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Official server for SÜS call of duty mobile clan
Feel free to join and have a talk with friendly people in our server
Legendary Squad is my server for those who enjoy watching my content on YouTube and Mixer. Here we continue the discussions started on my streams or even the other way around.
This server all about having fun it is a dating, game server.😂🎉 We dont have much rules because I wanna give you the freedom as much as I can to enjoy the server. This server has many roles to pick. This server include anime, dating or marrying, gaming.
We are happy for you to join our discord and become part of the puffer family 🥰🥰
Hey! Do you play PUBG Mobile or CoD Mobile? Are you looking for teammates and people to hang out with? Then this server is for you!

We are a small group of players looking to team up and meet new people. Feel free to join!

We are also looking for partnerships. All you need to do is DM an owner or mod to get started.
A growing community with active members (Mostly who plays mobile games) as well as other monthly activities such as playing multiplayer in PC games.

We're mostly focused on games such as:
Girls Frontline
Honkai Impact 3

Our community isn't picky on members so why not join today? :)
- Brawl stars based server.
- We make UNIQUE BOTS that are related to the game.
- All the Giveaways you will ever imagine.
- سيرفر مختص بلعبة براول ستارز
- قيف اواي بأستمرار
- بطولات مستمرة

Hey! Are you tired of playing mobile games competitiv or casual alone?! 😔🤔

Or are you and your friends looking for a cool discord server they can play on? And talk about their favorite games? 🤔😊

Well... Try out our Discord Server!


🌐You can select your language (🇩🇪🇮🇩🇬🇧 more are coming soon)🌐

📱🎮Play Games Like Call Of duty Mobile, Dead By Daylight, Minecraft and More on our discord🎮📱

😎Get easily Ranks on our Discord like VIP, Supporter or just Level up to get higher Ranks (More Information on our Discord)😎

🤖Have fun with our Bots for example our Music Bot🤖

🎥If you are a YouTuber with 100+ subs you will get the Content Creator Rank. You can advertise your Videos in a Text Channel where only Content Creators can post.🎥

😎Weekly VIP Giveaways. With VIP you have exclusive channels that are only for VIP's😎

⬆️Level yourself up and get higher ranks⬆️

Have Fun!


❗If your join with this Link you will get VIP for a month on our discord ASAP❗
We are currently looking for members to help grow into great players so that they may one day be a part of our professional rosters. We are looking for active players that are well versed in FPS and looking to play at a higher level. What we are looking for is your willingness to grow and help others grow alongside you. We are looking to create several teams with a high level of skill.

What you can expect at R!OT:

Inner scrims
Mature superiors
Serious players
A willingness to help you grow as a player


Rank: Pro 1 - Legendary (Requirements will be raised when we’re more into the season)
Ranked K/D: 2.0(Exceptions can be made depending on skill level in the first test, apply only if you are confident in your ability)
Age: None really, Prefer 16 (What we really want is mature behavior)
Level: Minimum of 30 (Will look extra into you if you are low level)
Region: None specifically (We will attempt to create rosters going on region)
Respect: Respect EVERYONE no matter what role they have.
Device: Needs to be able to run 60 fps consistently
Communication: Have to be able to communicate at all times, tolerable microphone.
Note that even if you do not meet the level and KDR requirements, you can still have a shot at making one of the rosters based on how you play in your recruiting stage
A Discord specifically for Guild recruitment and sharing tips and advice. We help with character development, Arena, builds, and chat about the Elderscrolls Universe.
𝟟𝔻𝕊 𝔾𝕝𝕠𝕓𝕒𝕝 𝔻𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕
🌐 #TheSevenDeadlySinsGrandCross 🌐 #ComingSoon
🌐 #7DS

BrandNew server

👋 Hello Everyone, I am really excited and enthusiastic about 7DS Global for Mobil [i should be a rapper] and if you are too I want you to join me.

⚔️ friend codes
🗡️ more demon hunts
🎧 community and friendship
💰 community Token
🍔 giveaways and bounty’s
👋 and much more.
Founded in January 2020 as League of Scrims and Tournaments, our server focuses 100% on hosting scrims full time for over 1,800 PUBG Mobile gamers in our server! We currently host 3 squad scrims a week in TPP;

Thursday Throw Down - 8:00 PM EST
Saturday Gun Down - 7:00 PM EST
Sunday Take Down - 8:00 PM EST

We stride and work our way to be the best scrim server NA, seeking Sponsorships, Partnerships, Co-Host opportunities and donations to fund our future scrims & tournaments. Our leadership and managers dedicate time to help and guide the community. Enjoy our server and scrims, as we will come up with ideas and events to further boost our scrims and tournaments, growing our name and creating a professional environment in the North America scrim scene!
🌳𝕐𝔾𝔾𝔻ℝ𝔸𝕊𝕀𝕃🌳 is primarily a community based roleplay server, yet we offer so much more within our multiple realms. From listening to music in our taverns to participating in the sharing of what you Midgardians call "memes", 𝕐𝔾𝔾𝔻ℝ𝔸𝕊𝕀𝕃 offers something for everyone.

《 Offerings 》

《🌳》 ≈ Roleplay ≈ 《🌳》
《🌳》 ≈ Gaming Pings ≈ 《🌳》
《🌳》 ≈ Community Chats≈ 《🌳》
《🌳》 ≈ Various Bots ≈ 《🌳》
《🌳》≈Active VC channels≈《🌳》
《🌳》 ≈ And Much More! ≈ 《🌳》

Hallo, Mein name ist BaZy
wir sind sind neu auf discord und eine kleine gruppe wir suchen.


Leute die auf Meinem Server KnightsOfRebellion Joinen wollen

Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr uns joinen würdet ^^
Community Discord Server!
We are a discord server based on PAP4TACO's Streams! We are trying to expand out to gather different individuals to join our discord!

-Self Promotion is allowed
- Nitro Giveaways
-Active Members
-Over 400 Members In Our Server
-Fun Memes and Gifs
-Feedback is always welcome on how to make the server better
-Have Fun!
-Community Tournaments
-Cod Mobile
-Mobile Games
sei solo non sai con chi giocare o hai appena installato discord

sei nel posto giusto qui puoi trovare un sacco di gente con cui giocare
ci saranno tornei puoi sponsorizzare il tuo server minecraft il tuo canale yt il tuo profilo insta o facebook e molto altro

entra e scopri tutto quello che puoi fare

sei un programmatore, insegnante, organizzatore di eventi per tutti questi ci sono canali dedicati a bizzeffe e anche decine di bot divertenti che puoi usare entra e scopri le potenzialita del nostro server
We play games, hangout on voice-chats, basically just having fun all the time! All of us share the same interest: creating content, listening to music, watching movies/shows. Do you have the same interest as us? Feel free to join! We all love to make friends. Come to the Basement!
this is an area where people can enthuse others about games, including but not limited to minecraft, super smash bros., and many many more
you can find new experiences and will undoubtedly find some new friends when the server becomes larger.

there will be giveaways and all sorts of competitions that will be held
This is the official server for the Identity V QT Clan! Join if you're looking for a fun clan to mess around with and have a good time!<3
------------------Story line only------------------
the memecord and memelounge created by memetastic is expose community hates and problems and have make evolution not revolution and wouldn't be create the Republic Kingdom radical zx fun is anti expose server
Radical zx fun server of 6 needs mobile gaming amine furries music community and fun
- various thematic channels for mobile gaming
-The lot of fun channels
-The ground community
-the no context and spoilers channels for amine and furries
-and more