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We are a friendly community centered around veganism and vegetarianism but anyone is welcome in here! Just be nice, okay?
This is a server for disease researches, community to help each other for the right medical approach
Hello, we are a Fitness & Health server based in the Indian subcontinent. Active channels talking about lifting, programs, diet and posting progress pictures.
(18+ Members Only)

As the name may suggest, we are a community of people trying to lose weight and get in shape! ~
However, we don't exclusively focus on weight loss - we welcome anyone who is trying to change their life for the better, or anyone who has completed their journey and just needs the continued support.

In this server you can feel free to ask questions about diet and exercise, show off your weight loss progress, share tips and tricks with the other members or just simply talk about your day.
🔹Welcome To Sci-Fi Support🔹
We're an all-inclusive Discord server directed to mental health. We're here to support the well being of other people. Our goal is to have a peaceful and comfortable server for all members who join.
🔹Our services include.🔹
A normal chat room to talk with anyone, no topic is set here. Make friends and talk about anything.
Private counselors with their DMs open at all times, great if you need someone to talk to,
Counselors and moderators who have access to our ticket system. Great if you need a private session to talk with someone.
Private Discord channels for specific topics. Such as advice and venting channels. We also include a serious topics channel for deeper, darker channels.
A diverse community of people who have been through huge amounts of trauma. Who you can relate to and talk about what could make for a better future.
A team of moderators to make sure the chat is always clean and appropriate for all audiences.
🔹With that being said, we offer so much more than just that! Have a see for yourself, join today!🔹

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We are a New Bodyweight Fitness community where everyone who does bodyweight exercise is welcome. We are also looking for staff members who have experience in a certain type of bodyweight sport/fitness. We have channels for calisthenics, gymnastics, yoga, pole dancing, rock climbing, parkour, crossfit, martial arts, tricking and more. If you want to learn, teach or just share your progress then feel free to join our server.
This is a "no bullshit" fitness and general health forum for people who'd like to start living healthy lifestyles and get fit. We don't have tons of unnecessary chat channels, rules, or bots. Everything is meant to be simple and streamlined. If you'd like to learn more about and discuss nutrition, cardio, lifting, and various sports, consider joining the server!
Supportive, friendly, & mature server here to encourage you on your weightloss journey!

We have a variety of people all on different parts of their journey!

We go by the CICO mindset, but have members who include other weightloss strategies such as IF, Keto, and more!
Welcome to Urban Transmit,
We currently do podcast about Gaming, Art, Automotive, health and anything we could think of
We have an active staff team and Useful bots
If you have any inquiries Dm me or on insta @Fantastic_mr.hirako
𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊 𐋥✪𐋧 𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊

✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ ⌞🀆⌝ ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩

Welcome to Constellations!

⌜⎔⌟ We are a family friendly server looking to grow ⌜⎔⌟

⌜⎔⌟ We Focus on Mental health and positive thinking ⌜⎔⌟

⌜⎔⌟ We come with a bundle of self-assignable roles ⌜⎔⌟

⌜⎔⌟ We own friendly staff that will help you out with anything! ⌜⎔⌟

〉〉⌷ Thank you for reading about Constellations ⌷〈〈

﹆✳︎ Welcome to Constellations ✳︎﹆

𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊 𐋥✪𐋧 𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊𐄊
We are a new server, made for women only.
This server is mainly a support system for women with pms problems, such as pcos, endo & etc

There are various other channels for topics for girls other than health such as art, why not to hate men, skin care, natural remedies for health, odd symptoms, rate this d*ck & so on

This is not a feminist server or an anti men server, although - no men allowed.

Remember, this community is new & we are hoping to build a ~cysterhood~ ;)

On this server, you can discuss all aspects of dieting, including weight loss, fitness, and general self-care. We also have dedicated discussion channels for the most popular diets. Join us at the following link!
Do you ever wish somebody would just listen when you’re feeling depressed, anxious or alone? Get one-on-one mental health support or just chat with people who can relate. We have lots of channels for a wide range of mental health issues, illnesses and disorders, plus fun chats to chill, vent, play games and more. We are a small, close-knit group and looking for new friends!
🧠Healthy Mental Living.🧠

Hello there, we're a server directed to those who need assistance with mental health, those who want to relate with others, and discuss about their issues. We're here to help and support others, and we have many people on hand for anyone's needs. Upon joining our server, you will be greeted with inclusiveness in a peaceful environment, which is comfortable for all sorts of people. We also offer a forums, for those who would prefer to not get their posts lost. This comes in handy when it comes to asking for advice, and just wanting people there.

🧠Our Discord Services Include.🧠

A normal chat room to get along with anybody over anything, no random topic is set here.
Private counselors with their DMs open at all times. Great if you just want someone to talk to.
Counselors who have access to our Discord ticket system, great if you need a private session to talk with someone.
Private Discord channels for specific topics, such as venting and advice. We also include a serious channel for deeper, darker, and more serious topics.
A diverse community of people who have been through huge amounts of trauma, who you can relate to and talk about what could make for a better future.
A team of moderators who make sure the chat is always clean and appropriate for all audiences.

🧠Our Forum Services Include.🧠

An Introductions section to have people get to know you in just a quick post, which can lead you to making friends and discussing with other members.
A section to post and discuss about problems and issues. This can be very effective on forums as more people can see your post and give more meaningful advice days after you posted.
A general posts section, where you can keep others updated on what you're doing and whats happening.
Status posts, for short little posts about anything that's going on.
Information about our goals and what we're here for.

Along with a bunch of other great features that you will have to see for yourself! Join today!

Discord Invite -
Forum Link -
diese veganesen haben jetzt auch noch discord
- we dont have a verify program because we respect ur privacy -
~Kaiser's Treehouse is a chill server for people who just wanna get along, with a small emphasis on mental health. We welcome everybody, just don't be toxic or raid and stuff. Come here to talk, complain, vent, or even make some potiential friends. If you have any questions, dm @KaiserSleeping#0701.

I may do your homework, if I'm up to it.
Welcome to The Lifting Club!

We are a friendly and supportive community of fitness enthusiast that are dedicated to helping people, to discuss fitness and to encourage you on your fitness journey!

Permanent Invite
🌻 This server is dedicated to self care and aesthetics! We have channels for Self Care, Aesthetics, Kpop, Anime and more!! Please join and enjoy your stay! 🌻 We have partners, guides to self improve and friendly, active members!
Welcome To Possibility 💖
>>>>>> NEW SERVER 5-3-2019 <<<<<<<

We try to provide a listening ear to anyone who needs one. We know everyone needs a friend that’s why we strongly believe in peer to peer connections.

💫 Staff Needed

💫 Support Channels

💫 Very Clean Look!
This discord was created for those interested in NoFap, SR (whether alone or in relationship), celibacy and spirituality .
We have a huge library of SR/Spirituality resources.
We also developed Celibot, a bot that allows you to set goals and track all of your streaks easily !!!
So if you want to share on those essential topics, join us now!
welcome to the SUNRISE server! 🥰
sit back and relax 🧘‍♀️
This server is designed to discuss and solve mental problems, as well as for communication and dating. 👀
Join us! and know that we love you! ♥️