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This servers number one goal is to help others. While being here one should try to learn all the befits of peer counseling and attempt at practicing it (not just being the recipient). The server also exists to encourage others to help one another. Helping others adds meaning to your life and ends up making both parties happier in the end. Being sad is no fun at all, thus we should all strive to help decrease the overall sadness in this server and beyond. Peer counseling is a great way to get out whats on your mind while confide in others at the same time. <3
This server is all about connecting with people with similar goals, to live a healthier life! 💪💛
Come join and support each other as family ♥
For all genders at all stages #NonJudgmentZone
∙∙·▫▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫▫·∙∙
looking for partners!
We are the fastest growing discord focused on nofap, celibacy, chastity, discipline, motivation and self-improvement.
Gym Gamers a place for Games'n'Gains.. with Fitness, Recipes + more - We have channels for everybody! Including some live feeds for popular fitness & recipe updates, also a live streamers channel! We also announce when you're streaming! Share your ideas with like-minded individuals!
For serious discussion of fitness goals. If you're interested in developing your physical health through exercise and nutrition, this is the place.
The Haven Lite is a 13+ general mental health peer support community. We have support channels, entertainment channels, and we try to foster a feeling of camaraderie that folks can use as a support system. Meet new friends, talk to people who understand. You are not alone.
A discord for health & fitness discussions with loads of ways to motivate you to get and stay in shape, post pictures of your progress, compare it to others, get advice from more experienced members and most importantly, keep it fun while improving yourself! The server is easy going and has all kinds of members, weebs included.
This is a server for politics,militia,military,bush-craft,prepping, fighting, religion,and health. We hope you can enjoy our server. So hope you love it. We have 2 bots.
A gathering of cultivation minded people with focus on retention/nofap, spirituality and health. An opportunity for people to break free of their previous limitations and help each other come into their own power.
The largest vegan guild on Discord! We're associated with the /r/vegan subreddit.
Solace is a discord server for help and support for emotional, mental, lifestyle, dating and other problems. We dedicate and pride ourselves in helping people smile again - no matter how long it takes.
We support those with personal and mental health issues and are able to provide 1 to 1 support for those who need it with our large support team.

We are also a general community with topics such as gaming, nsfw, art, anime, manga, computing, media, photography, science, maths and more!

#[Server Name now updated to 'Mental Health Hub'. Also, this post has been edited because it is outdated. Thankies.]

##Join Here! ****

We are the #1 mental health server, Mental Health Hub! If you need a loving, supporting, and accepting community of crazies, we are the server for you. We have many active, friendly members that have all gone through our quick and easy security system, which means you will rarely see trolls or raiders, and even if you do, we even have our own report system. Here are some of our members favourite features~

❥Organized channels and categories, that cover a whole lot of ground, and keep help/trigger chats separate from light hearted topics! (We also have an entire NSFW category, that you can opt in our out to ;D)

❥Nadeko, Miki, and Mantaro bot, are the only bots you will ever need to write commands for! Meaning things stay simple.

❥We use Miki's levels and xp system, along with her commands for hugging, marrying, kissing etc other members through gifs! It's soo cute.

❥Around 35 different mental illnesses, represented by roles! So you can fully express yourself. We also have more utility roles, such as pronouns, notifications (So no annoying @ everyone pings!), timezones, and many beautiful colours.

❥#vent, #help-and-advice, #trigger-warning channels, and more. So you can get whatever kind of help you need, or just rant!

❥LGBT-Friendly, the owners are even a lesbian couple! You will not be discriminated against here.

❥Many fun events to keep members active.

##Our Reviews

❥Solveig#7418: "Good community for venting and getting reasonable help with symptoms for lots of different issues."

❥(Voice crack boi)marcelo#3993: This server has amazing staff and members who are all accepting and are welcoming of all new members. The owner is also very active in the server

❥(Bella)ofabstractpictures#0559: there’s a wide variety of people with mental illnesses so if you need support there’s probably someone that understands here

So come join us now via the link at the top of this post!
A discord server to provide a safe space for those with autism, regardless of age, race, gender, etc. This is an area of no judgment where people with autism can get support, advice, and like-minded people to talk to.
Come join us for peer support on our journeys to health! We are all about eating, sleeping, and being active! We hope to make everyone feel welcome and supported by us. We do weekly check ins, have many self assignable colour roles (All food related), and support for eating disorders!
A brand new health and fitness server designed to be a positive and encouraging environment for all.
This is a new server for geeks with mental health issues, or geeks in general who want to get help, meet new people, have fun, and become they best they can be.
If you care about time management techniques, are curious about learning new ways of improving your life (aka lifehacking) to do more stuff in the same time, this is mainly a voice chat or text chat (preferred voice chat) to talk with others about your concerns.

If you are a procastinator, have problems improving your life balance, losing too much time doing stuff, or need to learn new methods, share yours, recommendations of books and resources... This is your place. Please join and share!
Fatty General is for those looking for motivation and support in helping to lose weight, get healthy, and just hang out in general. Just be chill and it'll be fun times.
We are a mental health server dedicated to helping people struggling with depression anxiety and so on and so forth we are lgbtq plus friendly we have something for everyone and I hope you come check us out
Hello and come on down to our RP Server. This place is a place where you can RP as a Mental Illness Monster created by zestydoesthings, all art included here is also by zestydoesthings. Please make sure to read the rules, the lore, and the factions (creatures and their info) in order to be able to RP here successfully.
We are a server that welcomes all kinds of people we are lgbtq plus friendly we help people struggling with depression anxiety and loneliness hope you come check us out 14+ only
A discord for people who are going through a hard time, whether it be issues at home, or with mental health, we're here to listen.
Self-Help Book is a relaxed self-improvement server with a 90’s/00’s theme. Everyone is welcome to join as we are a nonjudgmental community. We encourage members to talk about diet and exercise, ask for and give advice, share music, play games together, and more. If this is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to join, make new friends, and improve!