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Welcome to New York, Marvel RP.

A roleplay server constricted to the Avengers and the Defenders but as well as other characters that are not X-Men, GOTG or F4. It's a bit restricted to New York, but don't worry there are many more characters to pick!

Here you will find.
-Good roleplayers.
-Non toxic community
-Character arcs
-Understandable and easy to comprehend rules.
-A helpful staff team.
-We also allow OCs, (that are not symbiotes or spider-people)
-The RP is restricted to one earth, for now. :)

So what are you waiting for!Join now.
A server for the movie Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse! A community to share art, fics, AUs, headcanons and theories!
Hi I'm TheDCLogical...Yes i know ironic coming from a DC Fanboy but anyways. This is a server that is inspired by the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as well as having us implement our own ideas for characters or events that would soon come to the server. The Server is set in a world where the Avengers have been around for awhile and there's a Spider-Man still, as well as having them face threats they have never encountered before. This server allows you to be an Original Character and a Canon Marvel Character, which makes the server more fun. If you're a detailed role-play this might just be a server for you.
Welcome to Marvel: End Game, a New Roleplay Community of Marvel Comics where you can be any canon character or a custom character!

We have RP Events, Movie Watching Parties
Active Staff and Members
Music Channels
And so Much More!!!!

Come thwip on by and check us out True Believers, Excelsior!
Hello everyone! This server is made for people that LOVEEEE Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse! You don’t have to like it that much but this is a server for the movie, thanks so much for reading this and possibly joining!
Hello, my name is DerpVader and I am an admin in this Marvel Roleplay. The server just began so almost all characters are free except for the ones that are reserved. Here in Marvel Unbreakable, we roleplay in detail, we shape the canon of this server with RP. Rules will be revealed when joining.
Welcome to The SpiderVerse

✦⊱⋅- Our ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀsʜɪᴘ Ad -⋅⊰✦


The Spider-Verse is a server that is based on the popular Movies, Comics, And TV shows About Spider-Man

If you are here to partner with our server then please DM an Owner, Co-owner, or an Admin, Yea. It's that easy

__What We Offer Our Members__

❰ 📂 ❱ Giveaways - We here at The Spider-Verse will sometimes do giveaways.

❰ 📂 ❱ RP - This is a good server to RP at ( that's just my opinion tho :/ )


❰ 📂 ❱ Custom Powers - Here at The Spider-Verse We allow custom Powers ( I Love people that make custom Powers )


6 months have passed since Spider-Man defeated Otto Octavius and sent him, along with the Sinister 6, back to prison. In that time Norman Osborn has been trying to find a cure for his son’s disease, but something else is the outcome..
Join this server for no reason lol
Welcome to the SpiderVerse, all of the Spider-People are united to fight for their universes, will they be able to do it? Only if you join you'll know!
Welcome to Ultrons Rise, we are a new Marvel Roleplay Community with an active group of members, rp events, movie watching parties and more, so come swing on by and check us out, Excelsior True Believers!
A marvel superheroes rp server for any fan of Spider-man or any street level NYC heroes like the Defenders, Cloak and Dagger etc. Oc roles available and encouraged.

I am Spider-Man of Discord#1959
And Co-Owner: AnarchicLord#6417
This is our server! We have:

Plenty of bots to mess around with.
Quite a few RP Areas
Normal chat area to plan out RP or chat with friends!

Well, Whatcha waitin' for? Hop on over!

Server Link:
Banner Link:
Marvel Legacy is a Marvel (partly MCU based) Roleplaying server with no Limits, active RPer base, and lot's of Open characters still, Plus free memes if your a memer.
Are you looking for a good community and Marvel roleplay? Then the Marvel Commencement Roleplay server might just be for you. We offer memes, story driven roleplay, and general discussion. The roleplay will be focused in the MCU universe with a few minor changes. Xmen and other comic characters are welcome as well as OCs.
Here's a few other things we offer:
-Active RPing
-Self assignable Roles
-Active Staff
-Black Lights and Jackson Polluck paintings
-Non stop Gwen Stacy discussions
-Major Roleplaying events
-And more!

It’s an open and accepting community, and we’d like to see you there!
Swing into our Spider-Man PS4 server! Get game help, talk about your spidey stories and share your amazing photo mode pictures.
**This group is purely made for Spider-Man fans in general, whether you're a fan of the movies or love reading the comics; here, you can talk about all types of Spider-Man media.**

**We have channels for pretty much everything, TV Shows, Movies, Comics, Games, you name it … we’ve got it!**

**You might even see some familiar faces from the Spidey Squad, who knows?**

**Remember to have fun and enjoy your time here!**

**My Youtube Channel**

**I can assure you that we DO NOT allow bad language or NSFW of any kind.**