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The setting is dropped in the busiest of New York! The city of Manhattan and what surrounds it. Choose whether you want to be the good hero, or the evil villain! Go to school, make friends or enemies, and then dish it out with your powers after! And get this... even symbiotes are allowed! Just don't abuse it, or you'll lose it.

Not only are the whole spider powers allowed, but almost any are as long as they're within reason. So maybe become a super hero with such high respect you become a part of the New Avengers! Or be so bad and have such fear sent through others that you are registered as a Weapon X!

Now, this server is high with respect for others and a loving community. Just be able to RP with detail, and you surely will be okay when it comes to the RP. The community will show kindness to you, as long as you do to them.

Well... this is Drago, and I hope to see you in my server! Ciao!
Join the ResponsibilityPosting discord to hang out with some cool Spidey fans and just generally talk about what you like. We want people to feel they are free to discuss anything!

Warning: this server is Shitpost Friendly. We allow content and behavior that some may find rude or offensive. While most of our members are friendly some users may prefer alternative servers with stricter rules. Cursing, crude jokes and jokes referencing extreme topics are allowed, though legitimate examples of harassment or hate speech are not.
Looking for a place to roleplay your favorite character from Ultimate Spider-Man, the series?

Here's your place!
"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility."
-Benjamin Parker

Marvel's Spider-Man Roleplay Universe isn't just any other Marvel server, this is a very grounded roleplaying server delving deep into the story of not only Peter Parker and other famous Marvel heroes associated with the web head, but also the dark side of New York. The notorious rogue gallery of Spider-Man and any associates will also be explored in this universe.

What this server offers:

•A non toxic RP community, with friendly and fair staff who are here to help when needed. One lining and drama will not be tolerated here.

•A zone to chill in out of the roleplay which includes: the main chat area, a place to discuss comics, movies, TV shows, and video games, art and much more!

•Hundreds of Spidey's villains and allies at your disposal to claim, you are free to change a bit of their history around according to the lore as it is your character after all!

•The lore which will help guide you as to where to start as well as the lore updating according to certain events.

•Main events that will may bring together or split apart characters. You can have your own personal side events as well that can change and affect the main lore as well

•There are no oc characters here only the original comic book ones so don't join if that's what you are looking for.

•You must remain active or you will be stripped of your character(s) as the story must go on.
Welcome to Spider Verse RP!

Welcome young spiders, symbiotes, goblins, cats and octopi to Earth 127 of the Marvel Universe. Here you’ll find a world similar to that of Earth 616 but far far smaller. The only heroes and villains are those closely related to the Spider-Man Mythos.

So, drop your character in via the portals in the sky, and go nuts.

- Loads of canon characters to choose from.
- Story Lines with each of the characters.
- Good staff team.
- Music.
- You can either take a canon character or create your own.
- And so much more.
Join our fun and amazing Spider-Man server!!
We do movie nights, and other fun events!!
We're an active Spidey family and we're always working to make the server fun and enjoyable for everyone who joins. Enjoy and don't forget to follow the rules and have fun! ❤
If you're a giant Spider-Man fan, this is the place for you! This is a small server with a huge admiration for the webhead. When you need a place to fanboy or someone to talk to, you're welcome here! This server has an exclusive interactive Spider-Man bot.
This is a Marvel Roleplay server set in it's own universe which is created by you, the (role)player. Each character can either be from their Live-Action or Comic counterpart, we have a very friendly and active community. Admins and Owners are on almost everyday and every hour to help you.
In the year 2016, a new generation of heroes is starting to boom in the years following the end of the original Age of Heroes in the early 2000s. Create your own next-gen OC and join any team, like the Avengers, X-Men, Future Foundation, or be a solo vigilante!
We are a small Spider-Man themed community that welcomes all people with open arms. We might be Spidey-themed but everyone is welcome! Here, you can speak about anything and everything, Marvel to DC, books to games, cartoons to anime! Just be kind and respectful. Great power, great responsibility, you know the drill.
A welcoming server and community for all fans of the Spiderverse franchise, as well as anything else Spider-Man related!
Welcome to the Marvel Universe Roleplay server! :D

We are a literate roleplay server based on the fictional world of Marvel comics, with several possibilities, granting you the ability to interact with the world as a canon character or an oc! We are wishing to grow so we hope to see you there! Here's what we have to offer:
- Positive and friendly environment
- Semi-literate to literate roleplay
- Characters from any universe allowed
- Interactable events
- Friendly staff

In the year 1963....A team of unlikely allies would join forces to stop a villainous being. However this would NOT be there last time together, the soon vattled other villans.....these hero"s where known as...**The Avengers.** This story has been retold many times in many one of them.

The year is 2030, the new avengers are seeking more superheroes and villains are growing we need your help to defeat them, join the avengers or help the villains
A rift has mysteriously opened in the multiverse and now spider-people and villains alike are spilling into a Manhattan previously unoccupied by a spider-man. Now you find yourself here, pulled from your world and shoved into this one, save the people of Manhattan and find out why this is happening!
Do you want to do Marvel RP ?To roleplay as your favorite Marvel Hero or Villain ?Then join this server and start you roleplay story !You can create OC and then you start your new hero/villain story !This server has good stuff soo here you can't see bullying and racism,just Roleplay and fun :D !Join now !

#." We Have!
#."Friendly staff
#."And VC


So if your a fan of Spider-Man ether the comic ,movies or the tv shows
You will have great fun So make sure to JOIN!

This is a Spider-Man themed server looking for some cool friendly neighbourhood Spider-man fans! Always wanted to make some more friends to chill and play some games with! I'm 19 and looking for same age people preferably. You are completely welcome to chat and use the server as you wish as long as you follow rules. We like playing Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, OSRS (runescape), Battlefield 5.

- Gambling Bot
- Music Bot
- Friendly people
- Safe Server For all types of Spider-man fans
- Some rules that regard general behaviour
- Age group 18+ ONLY.
- NSFW channel self-assignable go nuts!
- Art channel
- Quotes channel

Why not join? I hope you enjoy your stay!
this server is dedicated to any spider-man and spiderverse fans out there trying to find the perfect server! all spider-man and marvel fans are welcome! (if you are also a dc fan, there's a channel where you can talk about dc all you want!)

- Alex