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We do so much things and we need members! We can't do it without you!
- Singing Comp
- Movie Nights
Come on and join the 7 sins! We're DYING to meet you!!
Welcome to the Coffeè House ☕!

A server for meeting new friends, looking for game teammates and casual conversation!

This is a friendly community hoping to bring people together. 🙌🏻

We'll make you feel right at home. 🏡

Don’t be shy to say Hi when you first join!

We provide:

-self roles
-rap battle
-art channels
-werewolf game
-cute voice channels
-no toxic people here
-music lobby (listening to music)
- fun commands available for you to use
-marriage( create family with fav members)
-gallery (share your picture activities)
-art channels (you can share your drawing there)
-advertising your server or youtube channels
- a lot of drama (just create a drama and play along)
-translation(if u guys has trouble in communication)
-library café ( for who want space to study with your friends)
-quotes (if your sentence got our interest we will quote that)
-private conversation (only for 2 person who want some privacy)
-phone_booths (you can talk with random users over discord server)
-movie (Every weekend, which on Saturday we will watching movie together.:dancers)
-one word (only type one word and random members will continue after that and it will become 1 sentence)

Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.
Chill community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
This is a Star Wars related stuff server.
If you are a Star Wars fan please go ahead in.
You can post all kind of stuff here from movies stuff, games, roleplay, discussion,...
and yes there is a nsfw section if wanted.
Have a nice day.
This server is a friendly community where we talk about Marvel movies or anything you want to, really. We're currently a very small community but are trying to grow! !!SPOILERS ABOUT ENDGAME AND OTHER MARVEL MOVIES ARE INEVITABLE IF YOU JOIN THIS SERVER!!
Hello, and welcome to Commentary Crew!

This welcoming server mainly focuses around commentary youtubers like ImAllexx, memeulous, willne, and Pyrocynical with popular exceptions like quackity. We are a small, but lovely community. The family that is in this server is super kind, so don’t feel afraid to chat with everyone! If you want to make new awesome friends to talk to about YOUR favourite youtubers, this is the right place for you! We love new people, and kindly welcomes everyone that wants to join!

we offer:
- commentary youtubers (duh)
- music for everyone to listen to
- a channel to talk about your favourite games
- communism
- a channel to introduce yourself, so people get to know you better!
- up coming movies/shows to talk about

join us at your own wish! But we are welcome to see you!
Want to meet new people? Come here! From talking to listening to music and playing games. We've got everything you need!
Come in this server to talk with other peoples about movies, music, video games or have fun with them with the bots and find the secrets on the server
Active VC! Friendly community trying to expand. We host friendly competitions on games and also movie nights! We have a wide variety of players of different games, so if you are looking to find someone to play with, just select the games in our Roles channel!
This is a great server for spreading your hate of those creepy death bringing midgets known as Oompa Loompas, Feel free to express your opinion on Oompa Loompas and the anti movement
Fandom Brawl is a multi-fandom roleplay server, currently we host Disney, MSA, BNHA, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and RotG categories- Plus a crossover rp category, writing category, and art category. Don't feel like roleplaying? we have ooc, cosplay, and meme channels! Upon entry you have to introduce yourself, read the rules, and then one of either I or my brother will assign you a role of your choice. You ask for roles in the 'assistance' channel. More fandoms and channels will be added over time via votes, personal requests, and popular demand.
Are you a nerd for Kingdom Hearts? Well so are we, we're kinda a breed of our own, yaknow. Interested? Join! If not, oh well. If you're new to this series cuz your like uncultured or something, don't worry, we're experts, we can help. We also do movie nights and anime/cartoon nights regularly so you get more than just Square Enix breast milk all the time.
A fun server for collectively reviewing and exchanging pieces of media. We have a workshop and editors wanted channel for aspiring writers and other creators. You can also post your patreon or twitch in the advertising channel.
Welcome to the Mafioso World! Pledge your loyalties > Promote your work> Secure Giveaways >Karaoke away >Form Game/Anime Groups. Laid-back and chill setting 24/7!! Play DOTA Underworld with us!!
A awkward group of humans running a small community for nerds and geeks. We have plenty of channels for different topics and have a family feel. 18+ only. Come say hello!
-casino bot
-book club
-game nights
-music bots
-voice chats
-movie chats!
-a kitchen channel
-gaming channel (console & pc)
-DND nerds within
small Discord community is currently for Anime Free! Fans and we watch movies during weekend and chat mostly everyday so join our loser club IWATOBI and be part of our team Cya
Hello everyone this is a relatively new server to the public scene so at times we are slow moving, but we are steadily growing and hope you'd like to enjoy the community. MysticCrimson has a friendly environment for all and will accept you with open arms. You will be treated with respect, compasion, tenderness, and love. We take requests, ideas, suggestions and much more. You will have full rain in any ideas that may go on or happen in the server because it is built by you for you.
.。.:・☆彡.。.:・☆彡.。.:・☆彡 Welcome to Little Kingdom ☆彡.。.:・☆彡.。.:・☆彡.。.:・☆彡.。.:*
What we have to offer?

❀ Self-Assignable Roles
❀ CG/L friendly movie nights
❀ Media channels, including: Stuffy show and tell, selfies, memes, and more!
❀ Preschool & Chores
❀ Babysitter and support channels
❀ Safe space chat for little's only
❀ General Chat
❀ Story Time VC every other night

❀ Our admins are:
@little wolf

❀ Our owners are
@mad and
@•.¸♡ 𝔔𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫 𝔒𝔣 ℌ𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔰 ♡¸.•#2524
Are you looking for a nice server to settle in and make new friends??
join the Barhouse~!
we have:
-erp and rp
-active admins
-anime and games

join now~!!! :)
This is a Gaming Server Community which makes giveaways and where you find other people to play with. We are also up to Anime, Music etc.
| — - — - — - — - — - — - Drastopia - — - — - — - — - — - — |
A new community server with the aim of bringing everyone together.

- • New
- • Partnerships
- • Self-Assignable Roles
- • Gaming Roles and Channels
- • Movie Roles and Channels
- • Music Roles, channels and bots.
- • Wide variety of interactive and fun bots

Join now and help the community grow.