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Welcome to Couch. This is a small community server(trying to grow)where we talk about dumb shit. We are open to having everyone, a place to chill and hangout and share shitty memes. Feel free to make some friends while you're here :). Come take a seat.🐒 (If you’re a very serious person then consider not joining this server)

Приятное, общительное комьюнити, которое встретит добротой и лаской
15 Years ago, an Individual gained the trust of a night fury which changed the Viking world. They went on many adventures together, finding Dragons Edge, Fighting a Bewilderbeast, and now all the dragons have taken rest in the hidden world for safety. The Dragons seemed to have disappeared as the Hooligan Clan continued their life as the Individual disappeared for many years....And now, Dragons are now arising again as a new Generation arises, new dragons taking their place in this world. And now, It seems, That the adventure is on again, but it's gonna have unpredictable troubles. What troubles will the new generation of vikings and their dragons fight? Who knows? The adventures continue...
- Welcoming and kind Roleplayers
- Friendly and knowledgeable Staff
- Access to all areas of the HTTYD Archipelago!
- OC submissions, including Dragons and Riders!
- Bots
- Chatbox for general HTTYD talk
Join now!
✨Welcome to The Hivemind! ✨
This is an 18+ Venom servers for both comic and movie fans!
✨ Super active leaders and mods!
✨ Great place for artists and writers!
✨ Super welcoming members!
✨ NSFW Channel!
✨ Fun events like movie night and drawpile!
Chill community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
Welcome to the Annual Hunger Games, in the ruins of North America there is a country called Panem. Once a year each of the 12 districts will send two tributes, one male and one female to travel to the capital to compete in the Hunger Games. The Victor will receive fame and riches, while the losers are buried in the ground. We hope to see you in the server, and my the odds be ever in your favor.
Join our TV themed community ! We have our own beloved BearBot, channels for many series, various server games(inc. Trivia & CAH), contests & TV/Movie nights...
Server for community events - we hope to have movie nights, karaoke nights, server-wide voting for “Awards”, such as what the server deems was the best movie of 2018, and interpersonal games (Never Have I Ever, Mafia, Truth or Dare etc.) Currently, we have channels for sharing music, social media and for playing games, but as the server grows, what we can do will too. Also, is pretty gay.
Tom Valeskas toller Server. / JoJo server für deutsche / andere anime und mangas / Server für Geschichten
Partnerschaften und Mods werden gesucht! ^^
Hello! S E 'T is a New Server where you are free to express and find new friends! We want to create a big community and we have a lot of helpful staff and cool plugins! Come Chill in S E 'T !!!! (guess this is where i spam the emojis to make it look cool : :joy::sunglasses::laughing::cry::heart_eyes::heartbeat::pizza::fork_and_knife::wolf::full_moon_with_face::ok_hand::fire:)
Dies ist der offizielle Discord Server der Legopedia von Fandom powerd by Wikia.

Hier wird über allerlei themen um Lego diskutiert.
Dit is de nerderlands taalige Ninjago Discord Server van het Lego Ninjago Wiki op Fandom powerd by Wikia.
An RP server based on the movie by James Patterson. Please join and make a character. You can be a human or a Na’vi or both
It' its only a good discord server, Why you heff to be mad?
Come join this amazing server ,where you can make your own oc ,you get to choose what side your on and whether you are optimus daughter or son to even Megatons daughter or son
Ever wanted to join a server that focuses on movies?!

Well Movie Fanatics is your place.

Small server but hoping to grow bigger with your help :D
This is a Gaming Server Community which makes giveaways and where you find other people to play with. We are also up to Anime, Music etc.
The best horror server! Active members, active bots, lots of sections to do what you want! Hit that join button as fast as possible!
Are you a nerd for Kingdom Hearts? Well so are we, we're kinda a breed of our own, yaknow. Interested? Join! If not, oh well. If you're new to this series cuz your like uncultured or something, don't worry, we're experts, we can help. We also do movie nights and anime/cartoon nights regularly so you get more than just Square Enix breast milk all the time.
Are you a Blackmagic Fan/Owner?

-Are you looking to chat with other filmmakers that use Blackmagic products?

-Do you like to show off your work and projects?

-Do you love to show off your film gear?

-Are you up for the latest news from Blackmagic Design?

-Do you want to get in touch with the real Blackmagic Staff team?

-Looking for film production help/tips?

-Looking for DaVinci Reslove help/tips?

Join the Blackmagic Community Discord and get in touch!
The Kingdom of Wakanda is a server relating to the movie Black Panther. We have up to 9 tribes to choose from. Please join the Kingdom of Wakanda and help it grow stronger than it already is! Contact us: [email protected]


+ - Staff role
++ - Multiple people needed
+++ - All of the above

1. Panthers
.King T'Challa (taken) +
.Queen Mother Ramonda (available) +
.Princess Shuri (available) +
.Bashenga [Director] (available) +++
.T'Chaka [Retired/Hiring Staff] (available) +++
2. Dora Milaje (part of Panthers)
.General Okoye [Administrator] (available) +++
.Ayo [Head Moderator] (available) +++
.Dora Milaje [Moderator] (available) +++
3. Wolves (private)
.Black Wolf [Leader] (taken)
.White Wolf [Assistant leader] (taken)
.Wolf (available) ++
4. War Dogs
.Hatut Zaeraze [Leader] (taken)
.Observer (available) ++
5. Boarder
.Cattle Herder (available) ++
6. Priests
.Zuri [Leader] (available)
.Herbalist (available) ++
.Botanist (available) ++
7. Mining
.Miner (available) ++
8. River
.Riveran?? (available) ++
9. Merchant
.Merchant Elder [Technically a leader] (available) ++
.Merchant (available) ++
10. Jabari
.M'baku [Leader] (taken)
.Jabari Warrior (available) ++
.Jabarian (available) ++
small Discord community is currently for Anime Free! Fans and we watch movies during weekend and chat mostly everyday so join our loser club IWATOBI and be part of our team Cya