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Friday Night Anime Movie hosts an anime movie every friday at 22:00 CET. Everyone is welcome to come and join us. After each movie we will host a voting to chose for the movie to watch next week.

We also have a good community for anime and Japan interest in general!
Приятное, общительное комьюнити, которое встретит добротой и лаской
A few years ago all the canon characters got together and they fought against braniac and apocolypse in there final battle as they ended up killing each other. A few more years past and new heroes and villains start popping up and thats where we lead off here what will you be a hero or a villain. Take over the world or Save the world. From this the new suicide squad started being made and will they be as great as the old one.After the old squad got disbanded and stuff for saving the city, they were allowed to be free and live their lives and make their own families if they so choosed
A place to chill talk with others, listen to music, have fun, talk about games and etc.
Welcome to the Mafioso World! Pledge your loyalties > Promote your work> Secure Giveaways >Karaoke away >Form Game/Anime Groups. Laid-back and chill setting 24/7!!
Great, thanks for your attention. 👀
We're a growing community with exciting events happening every other week.

》Movie nights
》Meme showdowns
》Art competitions
》The Hunger Games

And of course, there's a lot more to where all that came from.
We're a family here, and we'd really like you to be a part of us!
Feel free to be our server partner.

If you've read this far, type and send "yoink" when you join our server to receive a MYSTERIOUS PRIZE! 🎁

♡ From all of us at All Hail
This is made for people to share movies and tv shows without pay,download,sign up,trade or anything! Just for free to watch at home without spending money to watch it
Dies ist der offizielle Discord Server der Legopedia von Fandom powerd by Wikia.

Hier wird über allerlei themen um Lego diskutiert.
💮✨Welcome to the Dragon Theater!✨💮
This is a movie/art/roleplay server! Every week each of our members votes for a movie to watch every saturday, and that movie will be played on for everyone to see, for free!
🎴A fun environment to chill and talk about anything!
🀄️Movie night streamed on every saturday!
🎴Art corner to post your artwork and/or improve!
🀄️Meme corner to satisfy your dankest needs (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
🎴Roleplay corner for those of you who'd like to have some fun building stories!
🀄️Events and contests that give away special roles!
✏️Advertise your server! ✏️
Chill community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.
This is a rping fan server for the award winning book series, I Am Number Four. There will be rp from the first book, to the end of the series, to the reborn series, etc. If you join I will most like it if you add,
Rp Name:
This is a new server so I would like to meet you all.
This Discord if for watching people stream movies and tv shows. Come join us and watch some movies with us.
Hi, and welcome to the Wings of Fire TV show discord server. this server is basically our head office, where WoF lovers from all over the world come and collaborate on transforming the Wings of Fire books into an animated youtube series. Come and join! :)
Are you a nerd for Kingdom Hearts? Well so are we, we're kinda a breed of our own, yaknow. Interested? Join! If not, oh well. If you're new to this series cuz your like uncultured or something, don't worry, we're experts, we can help. We also do movie nights and anime/cartoon nights regularly so you get more than just Square Enix breast milk all the time.
Join our TV themed community ! We have our own beloved BearBot, channels for many series, various server games(inc. Trivia & CAH), contests & TV/Movie nights...
Welcome to our server!
Hope you have a great time here and do enjoy your stay
Benefits of our server;
♥Meet new people
🎲Exciting and challenging competitions on various games
🔨We have got a variety of bots, So that you don't get bored even when you're alone.
😂Funny Memes, we ensure you're always happy and filled with joy
🎵Enjoy music
🕹Mini fun-filled games
🧒 Meet people from many parts of the world.
📧Server [email protected]ͥrͫkғᴜʀɴᴀᴄᴇ™
Thanks for joining, Hope you have a great stay in our family😁

New York has always been a hot bed for underworld activity, but only recently have mundanes been so intrigued by it. A cult of demon worshipers has formed seemingly from no where, lead by a shadowy figure with the powers of a nephilim. This cult has been known to summon multiple demons, with the power to control and empower them. Meanwhile the vampires have started to become more active, and rumors of mass murders done with blood leaching have surfaced in the population. A new pack of werewolves have come come into the city, who claim to be of heritage of the first werewolf. They now are attacking the local pack and stealing their turf. Warlocks are mysteriously disappearing for months at a time, and reappearing with no memory of capture and strange symbol placed upon their bodies. Additionally an object has fallen from the sky, which has been discovered to be a sword radiating holy power. Chaos ensues, and it is only by the hand of the shadow hunters that the city does not collapse. However there are those who believe the shadow hunters should leave the city, and allow it’s shadow realm to run itself.
An unofficial Netflix server for everyone that enjoys TV shows but especially those who view them on Netflix! Join us today!
- Friendly Community
- Fun to be had
- What's missing from your life
Pacific Rim Roleplay!
This takes place before the first movie.
You can create a Jaeger/Kaiju
Roleplay in events
Live the movies in an exiting roleplay
Join now and get started!
small Discord community is currently for Anime Free! Fans and we watch movies during weekend and chat mostly everyday so join our loser club IWATOBI and be part of our team Cya
Hello! S E 'T is a New Server where you are free to express and find new friends! We want to create a big community and we have a lot of helpful staff and cool plugins! Come Chill in S E 'T !!!! (guess this is where i spam the emojis to make it look cool : :joy::sunglasses::laughing::cry::heart_eyes::heartbeat::pizza::fork_and_knife::wolf::full_moon_with_face::ok_hand::fire:)
^You can watch the Broly movie and discuss how it is here ^ Does not cost anything for the Broly movie and make sure to look at our reddit feed channel
A server where we talk cinema, cgi, programming, gaming and more !