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Everything Candy is the community Discord server for Elizabeth the Compunctious, a webcomic about a little girl with a magical wand, as well as a companion webcomic series and supporting artwork, fan art, and other materials and discussion of them.
This is the official Discord Server for the webcomic; Flower Gals. (coming soon, 2019)
A young Hibiscus flower named Healani escapes her island in search of other flower people. Along her way, more buds join her adventure. What will she discover?
What makes Marvel Legends different from any other Marvel server?

1. We only allow literate RP and we our RP is active with fun and random events for everyone who participates in the RP. However, we DO NOT ALLOW ORIGINAL CHARACTERS.

2. We welcome those who don’t RP as well who are simply just Marvel fans and we have frequent contests and games for them.

3. We have tons of OOC channels for different topics ranging from comics, movies, and games to sports, fashion, and cosplay.

4. We’re a fun and welcoming group! Everyone is welcome here. **Except Furries.**

So what are you waiting for? Join Marvel Legends and become a Legend today.
Welcome to Nero's World!, Nero is awesome short comic artist that has great talent. this is her server. Created by me Murto. Please feel free to come to join the server and have fun!
Hello there!
We are WEBTOON PROTECTION KINGDOM, our kingdom protects the webtoons we all love and know!
We are a small community but we are like a family!
We like to help people and see them happy.
We talk, not only about webtoons, but also about other topics! For example: animes, mangas, pokemon, science, some controversy topics.
We do not have any NSFW channel!!!
We do have instead a channel for adults with age verification.
Our server is a family friendly one!

We have:

|☆| Webtoon related channels - channels related to Webtoon.
|☆| Games channel - to use bots for games or asking people to play a videogame with you.
|☆| Hobbies channel - there can be posted any kind of hobby, like: drawing, writing, singing, playing an instrument, etc.
|☆| Studies channel - in case you need help with your studies or homework.
|☆| Counter channel - you basically count numbers in that channel.
|☆| SCP-Foundation channel - in case you like SCP.
|☆| Choosing your role channel - a channel where you can choose your roles.
|☆| A channel for non english texts - in case you have a friend and you want to speak in your native language that is not english.
|☆| Channels about venting and openings and stories from your life - in case you want to share some personal info and want others to learn from your experiences.
|☆| Meme channel - in case you like posting memes or looking at memes.
|☆| Two channels for 8 specific roles - there are 8 specific roles that each of them have 2 channels, one of them is a private one.
|☆| RP Channels - in case you like to role-play.
|☆| Partnership - we also do partnerships.


I would like to formally welcome you to our dc universe where all the new and old team up fighting off new threats. In this server we’re all really laid back, new dc new comers are welcome 😊 we have specific channels that have information on Earths, teams, and characters to help build your desire oc. We also help with fighting, and creating a decent oc. We don’t care if you bring overpowered powers, because everyone within the server are equal. We would love to here your plot and event ideas to keep the server going. Now that’s all for now 😊 we hope you consider joining our family.
Greetings my dear! Have you come searching for an X-Men roleplay that accepts Oc's and that has an owner that takes forever to make rules because she doesn't want to be too strict or mean? Well do we have the server for you!
The server has(or will have) the following;
📍Active Staff
📍Kind Staff
📍Very quick OC and Canon approval
📍Some very eager roleplayers
📍Staff ready to help with character sheets
📍Varying timeline(starting off in 1975)
And much more! I hope to see you there
-Love, Cece Marie♥
new to comics, and wanting a place to start?
an old fan, looking to jump back in?

why not join a comic book club?
Page Turner is a weekly book club, where we read and discuss comics together.
A community dedicated to comics and comic-related media. We're a laid back server, and geeks of all types are welcome.

Come and talk about Marvel and DC Comics, or your favorite comics from any other publisher!
Talk about, share fanart, share merch, and have fun discussing superheroes and their latest properties
Are you a Marvel fan? This server is dedicated to the Marvel Universe and hosts discussions about all of your favorite Marvel characters, theories and light hearted debates. Avengers assemble!
We offer:
🦸‍♀️: RPING
🦸‍♀️: nonmcu
🦸‍♀️: & more
Greetings! We are the Creativity Circle, a server dedicated to helping creators of all kinds.

Our goal is to work together to fight creativity blocks of all kind (writers, artists, etc.) and turn it into a never-ending circle of productivity! We hope that you'll be willing to join and help us build a positive, motivating environment for fellow creators!

Current role options include:
- writers
- comic artists
- general artists
- game developers
- editors
- music composers
- actors (voice actors, etc.)
- roleplayers

We've recently started server events! We have a weekly prompt, a weekly project discussion, and we will be starting monthly challenges and collabs in November!
A huge crossover RP server for every fandom! Mostly casual.
Invite your friends, and have fun!
The Otaku Nation is a discord server based primarily on Anime and Manga. We are a growing community and will always accept new members! We have a wide range of channels for you to participate in. Feel free to check us out and hope you enjoy your stay!
Server for the webcomic "SMILE" on webtoon created by POMMIYE, her future projects and community :)
**Hey you, Yeah you! Do you love Marvel! Yes. Well do you love Roleplaying? Yes. Well I got a server for you! This is the Marvel Fan Group, here is what we offer:

Cool, chill, unbiased chat where you can talk marvel comics, tv, movies etc. 😎

Roleplay as your favorite marvel character! Or if you don’t want roleplay don’t worry! You can be a spectator! 👍

If you are inactive because of school, vacation, sick, etc. Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you for being inactive. 😃

We have experienced staff and with this group running for almost 2 months we have a lot of happy fans! No matter what, we will try to find something you can enjoy!

Alright, now that I’ve said what’s in the server, go for it, join, there are tons of marvel fans have fun with you! Make your move. -Thor Odinson, Owner.**
Hi we are Crimson Demons
We have art, poetry, animation, music, ect channels.

You can ask to add your own channels,roles,emotes.

We are Lgbtq+ friendly and all ages are welcome

We do have slight nsfw in anatomy and meme channels but don't worry about seeing it unless you want to.
Orginally the Universe was inhabited by 2 Cosmic beings, The Presence and One-Above-All. Both brothers where very competitive with one another, so they held a wager, which ever could create the best Multi-verse wins. So thats what they did each one creating there own respective Multi-verse. Billions of Years have passed sense then and the two brothers have grown bored of their little contest, deciding now that together they can rule over a single Universe. So together they condensed their multi-verses into a single Multi-verse, before condensing that Multi-verse into a single Universe, this Event was known as Ground Zero. However in this Merger not all the versions of each of the Hero's and villian's survived, Only one version of each did

-Active Owners
-Friendly People
-"Why so Serious"
Fun and chill server. Feel free to join if you like wrestling and comics. We send wrestling and comics vids, pics, gifs, links, etc. We do also have lots of different types of categories on this server. Make sure to be active as much as possible.
Welcome to Comics Reborn! A new server and community hub where you can roleplay as your favorite characters from Marvel, DC or use Original characters. Keep in mind, this an alternate universe, so Marvel/DC characters can be altered however you want!
Crime and Injustice is a roleplay server set in the fictional Oregon city of Ravenwood, in a world not too different to that of Watchmen. After metas and other powered folk started appearing in the 1980s, the government decided to cover it up. Now it's happening again, and they're helpless to stop it in a digital age - for the most part. Occasionally, they send hunters after the worst of the worst. Be anything from a regular ol' civilian to a supervillain, or a vigilante, a government operative or a superhero, or even a meta hunter. It's your choice in Crime and Injustice: A Superhero RP!


We're not particularly bothered about how literate you are so long as you're not an awful human being and your rp is something closer to this:
Arsenal fired off a few more rounds of his G-18s before holstering them, letting out a sigh. "Hooboy, that was... certainly somethin'." He mumbled to himself.
than this:
im gna murder u!!! raaa *instakills no dodge no miss*
Welcome to the Transformers Discord Server. You can share everything with the community related to Transformers toys, games, movies, rp, comics, etc. We speak many languages and the community is very active and have more than 830 members!
This is a DC server that welcomes everyone. We discuss various DC related topics, as well as Marvel. And overall engage in friendly conversations. Role-playing is included.
Small tight knitted, fun, friendly server with bunch of different bots and emojis!
Mature server age 16+