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Marvel-ous! is a Marvel AU where the events of Infinity War have yet to happen. The Asgardians have managed to return to Midgard and Loki warns them of Thanos’ arrival. Everyone is preparing for the battle to come as best as they can, all while still living their lives one day at a time. It’s the calm before the storm. And it isn’t always smooth sailing.

Canon? It’s not only the movies!
We are not strictly MCU compliant and are not limited to the cinematic universe characters only. Members are free and even highly encouraged to take characters and inspiration from the comics, cartoons and even games for their own characters if they so wish.

We allow people to be creative as long as they draw inspiration from MCU, the comics or mythology for Marvel characters that do belong to pantheons. Of course, people are allowed to fill in the gaps or infer from what is only implied in canon.

Unfortunately, we do not allow original characters.

Active, Helpful and Prompt Staff!
There’s always a moderator on. And, on the rare chance there isn’t, our members are an incredibly helpful bunch! We help out and fix issues ASAP so you don’t have to worry about the OOC and spend more time enjoying the server.

Active, Friendly and Inclusive Community!
We accept RPers of all levels as long as they remain literate, do their best, have fun and be respectful of the community! Our community takes pride in diversity of ages, gender identities, nationalities and religions. With members from all around the globe, there’s always someone to talk to and RP with at all hours of the day.

Monthly fun Events for all!
We hold events at least once a month ranging from plot-related events to just fun random things!
Thanos Level Events; plot-focused with canon enemies such as Ebony Maw & Obsidian Cull
Random Happenstance Events; fun random events for everyone, especially around holidays
Character Spotlight Events; events awarded for active & long-staying members

Don’t know where to start?
There’s a bunch of Marvel characters available and we accept anyone who comes from the publisher. We even have some less than mainstream characters like Shatterstar and Moon Knight. There’s even dead characters like Quicksilver and Queen Frigga.
Nick Fury, the director of the espionage agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., a remote research facility, during an evacuation. His second-in-command, Maria Hill, explains that the Tesseract, an self-sustaining energy source of unknown potential, has activated and opened a portal through space, from which the exiled Asgardian prince Loki, steps through. Loki takes the Tesseract, and uses a sceptre to control the minds of several S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel including Agent Clint Barton, and physicist consultant Dr. Erik Selvig in order to aid in his getaway.
In response, Fury reactivates the Avengers Initiative.

(Basically an rp based off the 2012 Avengers film but with everyone else in it.)
As the Avengers neared the end of the Infinity War against Thanos, instead of them winning, Thanos had one last idea to reset the Marvel Universe and remaking everything, but by doing so he died as well. By snapping his fingers, he erased all of the Avengers and Villains from existence, but ended up creating new ones to take their place with similar powers, abilities, and mindsets. This has opened up new possibilities for the Avengers and Villains, with a flood of new powers and versions of old Marvel characters. Some of these characters retain the same last names and abilities as the old Avengers and Villains, but they bring new powers to the fight of the Heroes vs Villains. The new counterparts of the old heroes are younger than before, so the Avengers haven't been established yet.
Hello True Believers! Welcome To A Roleplay Server Based Off of Stan Lees Amazing Universe of Marvel Comics!

-We have Ongoing RP Storylines

-RP Events

-Active Staff//Community

-Movie Watching Parties and Fun Bots

-Plus So Much More!

So come swing on by and check us out, Excelsior!
(RIP Stan Lee)

• Are you interested in roleplay and the Marvel/MCU universe?

If you answered yes, then you'll be perfect for "Marvel Elites"!

➼❱ We have many active roleplayers and a nice active staff for both timezones!

➼❱ We have many fun plot and events that engage our rpers!

➼❱ We have many channels to rp in, and if you can't find the one you need, you can ask and it'll be given!

➼❱ You can rp as anyone from the Marvel and MCU universe!

➼❱ You can get personally recruited for the Avengers by Tony Stark himself!

➼❱ All non-script roleplayers are welcome! A sentence or two is good enough!

➼❱ We love our members!

So come on down to our sever if you wish!
Searching for a Literate Marvel rp?
Well, this is the place!

Here, we are searching for passionate Marvel fans who are active and want to roleplay!

We are new, so there are tons of characters up for grabs!

• CHRISTMAS EVENT: A body-switching Christmas party, held by yours truly. •
Hi I'm TheDCLogical...Yes i know ironic coming from a DC Fanboy but anyways. This is a server that is inspired by the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as well as having us implement our own ideas for characters or events that would soon come to the server. The Server is set in a world where the Avengers have been around for awhile and there's a Spider-Man still, as well as having them face threats they have never encountered before. This server allows you to be an Original Character and a Canon Marvel Character, which makes the server more fun. If you're a detailed role-play this might just be a server for you.
..:: Detective Marvel Comics ::..

What a silly name, right?

Are you tired of wanting to join mixed comic servers, but only finding ones with certain plots or dumb rules? What about those servers that are still bumped, despite being inactive?

Not here.

Detective Marvel Comics is a brand-new, young, looking-for-literate-roleplayers server that combines both DC and Marvel, no hassle, no main plotline required!

• New Server: Your favorite characters are most likely open!
• 2 Characters Max for now, but this is subject to change.
• Experienced roleplayers who know what they’re doing.
• Need to vent? Have memes you want to share? Do it! (Just make sure you’re not gonna offend someone. That would suck.)
• No OCs allowed.

Hop on in and get started today!
Marvel HQ; a discord server dedicated to anything Marvel! From the MCU movies to the golden-age comic books, we accept all Marvel things! We also offer miscellaneous categories where you can talk to others about other fandoms! We host competitions with great prizes. Come check us out!
Welcome to Marvel: New Start!
This roleplay picks up right after Infinity War.
Everyone is back from the dead thanks to Thanos reversing the snap, hit by the guilt of losing the one thing he loves.
This roleplay will have most happy moments and a lot of angst.
If you're interested, you're welcome to join!
(This server is new at the moment, but it will hopefully grow <3)
Do you like marvel? Maybe even the marvel cast? Anything Marvel related? THEN COME ON AND JOIN THIS SERVER
Hello True Believers and Welcome To Marvel: Ultra Forces, A new roleplaying community for all marvel fans alike!
Here you can find many things to have fun with such as:

✩ An active Staff and Community
✩ Fun Bots
✩ RP Events that are New and Original or Based off Hit Films
✩ Movie Watching Events
✩ And Much More!

So come swing on by and check us out, Excelsior!
(RIP Stan Lee)
18+ Wanna have a saucy rp with Natasha Romanoff, The Black Widow? Join and post a request to get started!

**Welcome to the academy, lead by Charles Xavier and Nick Fury themselves. Here, you are able to use your abilities to their limits. You'll take core classes along with some additional classes, all suited to make you the best you can be. Become the next generation of heroes ( and maybe villains ) to come.❞**

✧ Indulge and take part of a fun roleplay!

✧ Huge plot and events to keep members interested!

✧ Daily giveaways!

✧ Economy bot to play with!

✧ Ocs and Canon Characters!

✧ So come on, come join the family! At The Academy! We love ALL our members.

**Permanent Link:**
Owners: Eren Jaeger#1959 and AnarchicLord#6417

Welcome to Marvel: Age of Heroes, We Are A New Roleplaying Community based off of the amazing Marvel Comics and Movies!

✩ We have an Active Community and Staff
✩ Ongoing Roleplays
✩ Movie Based RP Events
✩ Music Listening Parties
✩ Movie Watching Groups on
✩ And Much More!

So come swing on by and check us out True Believers, Excelsior!
The year is 2018. All of earths mightiest heroes are being gathered together to live and do their duties for their city in the Avengers Tower. It's a simple RP group for fans of Marvel so join in and lets get it goin' fam.
(In need of X-Men!)

Tired of servers filled with one-lining, inactivity, and boring events? Well, Marvel 💥Downfall💥 is your solution. A brand new Marvel server where you can talk about everything related to Marvel; taking place on Earth-9721, play as your favorite Marvel characters and experience unforgettable role playing moments.

To do this, we take inspiration from the comics as well as the MCU, allowing our role players to customize their characters to a degree due to the freedom of being on an alternate Earth.

⏰ Week-long monthly events!

📞 VC parties!

👱👸 A community of people from all over the world!

🚌 A galaxy-trotting locale list from New York all the way to space itself!

🚀 The sky is the limit! Be recruited into the Avengers, X-Men, or even create your own faction!
This is a literate roleplay chat for Marvel! We have very relaxed rules, allow multiple characters, and even offer AUs. Comic, MCU, you name it, we allow it. X-Men, Avengers, X-Force? Sure! Defenders? Yeah!

We tolerate NO harassment, are lgbtq+ friendly, support each other and even offer a vent/rant chat if you need to let off some steam. We’re real people, too.

Hop in today and join the fun!
Welcome the Marvel Fam! A roleplay server for canon and original characters. As well as just randomly talking about our favorite heroes and villains.

We do not take things lightly so please be serious with your actions.
Welcome to Avengers Academy. Everything has calmed down.....or has it. Join us and create a character to join the villains or the hero’s. We welcome everyone wether you have knowledge or not. The staff will help answer questions or steer you the right direction. So let’s see what happens at Avengers Academy.
Hello and Welcome to Marvel: Annihilation, A New Marvel Based Roleplay server with active ongoing storylines, the whole universe of characters and movie based events!

We Have an Active Staff and Community
Plenty of Fun Bots
Movie Watching Parties and RP events
And So Much More!

So come swing on by and check us out, Excelsior!
***ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ "ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ ʀᴇʙᴏʀɴ" ꜰᴀᴍɪʟʏ, ɴᴏᴡ!***

_Find out why people are flocking to Marvel, Reborn! Love the X-Men, the Avengers, or the Inhumans? Maybe you like the X-Men Cinematic Universe, or the MCU, or maybe you just like the plain 'ol comics. If you like ANY of these things, you're PERFECTO for our server. :sparkles: :clap: :heart:_

✧ Literate Roleplay

✧ Organized Community,

✧ Of course, we have the awesome roleplay events!

✧ Become a mutant, a superhuman, an Avenger or an X-Men, whatever your heart really desires

✧ Marvel Family, we love & appreciate each other.

✧ Potential to become the best marvel server out there! Come on and join!
Welcome to Ultrons Rise, we are a new Marvel Roleplay Community with an active group of members, rp events, movie watching parties and more, so come swing on by and check us out, Excelsior True Believers!