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Hello there!. Let me give you a rundown on what is MARVEL UNIVERSE: Age of Heroes and what to expect. First off, Age of Heroes is a take on our own seperate marvel universe from Earth 616 though however taking heavy inspiration from Earth 616 and Earth 199999 (MCU). The current date is somewhere around 2016 and there are many events to come for people to expect and participate in. Like Ultron, Avengers Civil War, etc. The designation we gave our universe is Earth 1408-66. The lore we established mainly takes elements from Earth 616 and MCU and mixed them all together. You are allowed to play as Canon Characters or even submit your own characters. We do have our own rules and guidelines that you can look at once you enter the server. However, this is just a starting server so feel free to leave suggestions. We love you 3000.
In the world filled with Villains and enemies, the world would need the help of the hard working hero's! Before they can be even sent out to help fight the villains, they have to gather a secret, closed off to the public base called the Phoenix Academy! It is a private training ground that would have the full support of hero's and their work as this would server as a place to train hard to fight off the villains. Phoenix Academy also would contain many hero's from lands far away, this Academy is a prestigious and accepts all hard working hero's. Inside of the Academy, there would be a desert a mountainside and a forest, and more to come as it would be expanding regularly. Hope you are the next one invited to the Academy.

Welcome to MARVEL: Thundering Earth

| A new server built around Marvel content and literate roleplaying. This small and new community is one we hope grows overtime. Our goals here are to make everyone feel welcome and at home, though, we need you to help us grow into that amazing community. Will you join us?

Our server offers:

—• Literate roleplaying [ typically a paragraph+ ]

—• React Roles [ and color roles! ]

—• A chat designated for spoilers, so you don't have to fret over being spoiled!

—• A nice place to vent, rant, and spread positivity.

—• Organized and aesthetic looking server.

—• Cute custom emojis to use.

—• and much more!


Hope to see you soon!

Welcome to the Marvel Core! A great place to hangout, make friends, and talk about all things Marvel. Features include reaction roles, economy system, active staff, and great leveling system.
This server is a friendly community where we talk about Marvel movies or anything you want to, really. We're currently a very small community but are trying to grow! !!SPOILERS ABOUT ENDGAME AND OTHER MARVEL MOVIES ARE INEVITABLE IF YOU JOIN THIS SERVER!!
This world takes place 3 years after the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.
The infinity stones are destroyed.
Things have had time to settle down, and aside from the usual thief or serial killer, the world has been oddly peaceful.
However, things may not be just what they seem.
Forces in the universe have been working in the shadows for far too long, and soon, life on Earth will get much, much more interesting.
Come join Marvel Cinematic Universe! We are an active roleplay MCU server that has wonderful members! We are always looking to find new, active members to better the roleplay experience!
Welcome to Earth-254, the universe where Marvel characters are college students or professors! Join us to get your favourite characters some of that education and college drama!
Every character is welcome, no matter how minor!
Welcome to the Marvel 's Earth-0083 RP!!! This server mostly takes inspirations from the likes of the comics, movies and tv shows as well as combining it with some of the ideas you may have if you choose to join. This server is for experienced roleplayers as we don't accept one-lining though if you choose to join there will only be canon characters acceptable for the RP instead of having lots of original characters in the server like other Marvel roleplay servers. This community tells it’s own Marvel tale through roleplay, arcs, events, and stories are created. It forms it’s own story, come and tell yours! So what are you waiting for? Join in for the story we wanna tell with you!!
Welcome to Marvel Universe!
WIP server, roleplay channels are in progress but you can still audition for a character. WARNING THIS SERVER CONTAINS ENDGAME SPOILERS

This takes place in 2023, immediately at the end of Avengers 4: Endgame. Superheroes and Supervillains alike have returned due to the Avengers' Noble act. Balance is restored, and superheroes return to their everyday battle against evil. Steve Rogers passed his legacy of Captain America down to Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon. With Sam Wilson being the new Captain America, Pepper Potts became the new Iron Woman. She utilized her deceased husband's armor to continue his legacy too. Geniuses like Scott Lang work tirelessly on a new Vision model. The Time stone was returned to Doctor Strange, the Soul stone returned to Red Skull to watch over, the Space stone turned back into it's tesseract form and put in a maximum security vault in the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier along with the Reality and Power stones, the mind stone to be put in to the new Vision model. This is Marvel Universe.
here's a new marvel related server to add into the mix! it's brand spanking new and a work in progress, but if you want a chill space to discuss anything marvel related and you wanna make some new friends, please join!
Find your favorite hero in marvel, and act like you are the hero! You can create your own, or use one of the originals! Roleplay in the community, have fun, meet and talk with people. Battle villains, or battle heroes!
A great marvel server that isn’t just centred around that. This server has several themes to it such as jojo’s bizarre ,Detroit become human , telltale games and either just memes. There is a suggestion channel in the server where you can suggest new things to be add such as emojis or recommendations for new admin elections etc.
>serious chat where you can vent
>bot commands chat
>easy to follow rules
>self promo
>server partnershipping
>music bots
🔞There is also an nsfw chat🔞
A community server for us all to discuss Marvel comics and movies!
Includes :
-A group of friend moderators
-NSFW channel
-Server events like movie nights and game nights
-Support group to mourn our losses in endgame
Hey everyone and welcome to the plot of Marvel: Beyond! Let me set this up for you. Imagine the normal Marvel Timeline, Earth 616. Assuming Infinity War took place in 2018, that means this roleplay Universe takes place in 2033, 15 years after 2018. Most of the Avengers have actually had children by this time and are at the age 15-16 if they had them in 2018. Since the Avengers have retired by now, it's up to new heroes and also their successors to either take their mantles or make new ones. This is, Marvel: Beyond.
Let's list the new offers this server has.. Alright?
- Helpful Staff!
- Lots of Character Opportunities!
- New Villains Coming Soon!
- Original Characters!
- Tons of Event Opportunities!
- And More!
Welcome to Earth 2780! Marvel Unity!

Marvel Unity offers an RP experience like no other! The storylines are based primarily on the main comic universe (Earth-616), but don't let that scare you! The staff are more than willing to help you get started!

These are some of the things that await you in our server!

● Presence of OCs!
○ Live in a world with your greatest Heroes!
● Rise through the ranks through the Avengers Academy
○ Fight for Unity with the X-Men
● Live in iconic residences such as the X-Mansion, Baxter Building, and the Avengers Tower

Other features include!
- Friendly staff and community: Go join a new family with Marvel Unity!
- Fandom discussions! MCU, Comics (Marvel, DC, Indie, you name it!), Supernatural, Harry Potter etc.
- Voice Chat Parties!

What are you waiting for? Join us now and meet your new family! We hope you survive the experience!
We got uh, avengers. Also some DHMIS. We're pretty small so join us or else we will cry ourselves to sleep.
This server is a small but fun public server where Marvel nerds can discuss movies, comics, etc, roleplay, just chat - it's all a lot of fun.
Welcome to T H A N O S!

What Do We Have To Offer?

1. Active (ish) staff team!
2. A fun and respectful community!
3. A half decent owner!
4. Loads of memes!
5. Monthly Thanos sacrifices!
6. Partnerships!

We hope you enjoy your stay!

This is a new Marvel Avengers Canon-Only rp! Have fun rping as your favorite Avenger or other Marvel character! Please stay and spread to your friends too!
OC'S (Own Characters) ONLY!

- Although life in the universe may seem to be free from bloodshed, that is quite the opposite. Throughout the universe, there are plenty of mentions of war, discrimination, famine, and more. Villains are rising and lurking about, there are rumours of Hydra reigniting and causing havoc among Earth. The world is in need of some new heroes, to take the Avengers’ place as a new generation, continuing their legacy and mission. Will you help stop the newfound crime and defend earth from destruction from both terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings? To perhaps let the universe be at peace for good?
Marvel Fuckers Inc. is an 18+ server for talking about our favorite Marvel characters and movies. We have individual channels and roles for any character you want. Feel free to join us in theories, art, and fanfics. (No longer Endgame spoiler free).
Hello and Welcome to The Avengers: New Generation!. The old Avengers eventually had to retire, luckily there were kids of the parents, the next generation of heroes and villains. The ones who went towards the villain side did as they pleased, while the ones going towards being heroes realized they had to form a team to continue to protect the earth, because they can feel an evil lurking in the air, there hasn’t been a worldwide attack in awhile, so the earth is bound for one soon. So what path will you take?
Here is what we have to offer:
-explore New York
-have the chance to be apart of the new Avengers Team
-Fight evil and keep the city safe
-A friendly staff
-Ability to meet all sorts of marvel fans and much more!
Hope you enjoy the server!