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IMT (or Iron Man's Tiddies) is a laid back, 18+ rp server with plenty of shenanigans to go around. It's based AFTER Endgame however, Tony is still alive etc. But the worldly events of Endgame has happened. This RP offers para threads, small short threads, DMs, social media, groupchats, events, etc. We have a mix of comic and MCU events and characters!
-OCs aren't allowed at this time
-Groupchats, Social Media, etc.
-If you have any questions feel free to join and take a look around and ask them in the server! :)
-We also accept comic characters and such! This server isn't MCU-only based, it's a mix.
An alternate universe, just as the title suggests. Join us as one of your favourite Marvel character, or even make your own OC! We hope to see your admission at Marvel College!

% Lots of characters are now free to be roleplayed!
% Valentine's event is currently ongoing and would be perfect for you to hop in and experience some fun!
% We offer a semi-literate roleplay, with a loving, active community and friendly staff.
% LGBTQ+ safe place!
From the streets of New York City to the final frontier of space to the otherworldly realm of Asgard, evil rears it’s ugly head. It is the duty of every hero to rise up and unite against tyranny, to be shining beacons of hope in an otherwise bleak and dreary reality.

HYDRA has been gaining strength in the shadows, organizing sects of super-villains and criminal masterminds to undermine SHIELD and destroy the Avengers. Only with the combined strength of the X-Men, the Defenders, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more will the Avengers stand a chance against this new emergent threat.

This is Earth 616 and this is our darkest hour.

- A long list of characters to choose from. If you have a suggestion of a character that is not listed, they will be added. Alternate versions of characters, whether from movies, comics, or your own unique spin on them, are also acceptable.
- Self-Assignable Roles
- Featuring characters from the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Verse, Fantastic Four, Defenders, and more!
- OCs are welcome!
- Quick and easy canon auditioning!
- Server-wide events!
Hello and welcome to Avengers' Tower! A community for those who are into Marvel and many others!
This is not a roleplay server and theres no NSFW content.

We have channels for:
✧ General Chatting
✧ Fan Art
✧ Non-Fan Art
✧ Spoilers Discussions
✧ Spoilers Content
✧ Memes! (Marvel and Not)
We have Mee6 and Tatsu bots as well, and are still open to suggestions!
Join our Marvel roleplaying server to roleplay with other like-minded Marvel fans! We have all sorts of characters ranging from X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and more! Hope you come and rp with us, you're always welcome to join us!
For fans of the great Marvel comics experiment behold Marvel Earth 1610! This server has less established continuity than any Marvel server out there meaning less recommended reading!

Lore: Welcome to the newly Re-Made Earth 1610. The universe was re-made by unknown forces and the world continued into the year 2020 and things are about the same.

Previously dead characters like Peter Parker, Steven Strange Jr. and Matt Murdock are all back to life, Mutants are still being hunted and the Ultimates are more active than ever.
Bonjour à toi jeune super héros de l'univers Marvel. Nous te proposons ici d'incarner un descendant d'un des supers héros Marvel de ton choix qui étudiera dans la Marvel Academie ! Amour, rencontre, combat... Tu rencontrera des membres du staff prêt à échanger, à RP, dans la bonne humeur ! Un grand pouvoir nécessite de grandes responsabilités... En as-tu les capacités ? À toi de voir...
⍿ Calling all Marvel fans ⍿

Come join our Marvel Universe roleplay server! Laid back admins and great people all coming together to enjoy one thing. This server is a semi-literate - Para-literate style roleplaying server of all ages (13+)

We are an ever growing community of roleplayers.
Original Characters are encouraged!
Please come , and stay were extremely friendly and give warm welcomes, a bit weird but fun. Social and tons of stuff inside the server , so come along!
This server takes inspiration from the Marvel comics and some elements of the MCU. There are loads of channels that are perfect for fun, detailed role play From the city of New York to the dictatorship of Latveria, travel through space or whatever comes to mind. And you can expect a fantastic community alongside fellow role players who share a common love for playing their favorite characters!

Our server offers:

✧Open for Partnerships.

✧Friendly and open staff who can help with problems and complaints!

✧MCU and comic Discussions!

✧ Huge plot involvin multiple teams and events to keep members interested!

✧LBGTQ+ friendly Server!

✧.. And much More!

✧So come on, come join the Cult fun server!
The Marvel’s Avengers Server unites Marvel fans to discuss their favorite Marvel comics, MCU films, or any upcoming games. Join here to discuss with your fellow members! Here’s what we have to offer:

• The Upcoming Marvel's Avengers Game (Avenger’s Project)

•Over 150 Marvel Emotes

•Friendly Staff & A Variety of Self-Assignable Roles

•Latest updates on the MCU

•Variety of Bots

Come join our community in discussing upcoming MCU films and updates! Along with new updates on any soon to be revealed products.
The timeline takes place After Endgame

Though changes story wise from the MCU include

Quicksilver was not killed in Age of Ultron

The operation that Shuri completed successfully separated Vision from the Mind Stone without altercations, so he is still alive

Tony Stark gave Thor the Nano Tech gauntlet and Thor snapped instead bringing back all killed characters: Loki, Natasha, Gamora

Iron man is still alive since he didn't do that snap

Thor now has an Uru arm due to injuries of the snap

Using both magic and science: Tony, Shuri, Bruce, Thor, Doctor Strange were able to heal Bruce Banner/Hulks arm from the snap he did before

We changed a bit and swapped things around...please join
Welcome to the Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

We dedicate our server to everything Marvel related. Currently, we are low on members so we would really appreciate new members and support.

We offer fun gaming bots, music, new information on all things Marvel and much more.

Everyone is welcomed to join our growing family of Marvel fans, so feel free to stop on by!
It is exactly what it sounds like, Tony Starks Hangout led by the one and only Tony Stark. Join today and hang out with a legend. New server hoping to become the best.
Find your favorite hero in marvel, and act like you are the hero! You can create your own, or use one of the originals! Roleplay in the community, have fun, meet and talk with people. Battle villains, or battle heroes!
Welcome to Avengers: End of the Path. A literate Avengers Roleplay server!

We are a roleplay server with a story that picks up at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Our story is all original, taking elements from the MCU story and creating it into something brand new. In this version of the story, our heroes must overcome their differences and work together to prevent Thanos from obtaining all six Infinity Stones. Although this time, our heroes have an advantage. The Guardians of the Galaxy got to the Nova Corps before Thanos and retrieved the Power Stone once again. In their search for more infinity stones, they have found themselves on earth and under the watch of the Sorcerer Supreme. It is now up to them to reform the Avengers and fight for the greater good.

For this server, we are looking for descriptive, literate writers who respond with at least 2 paragraphs. We expect respect between writers, and encourage friendly chatting. We are a group of loving fans who are looking forward to making our own story with both familiar and new characters!

In order to begin RP, all participants must create a character application using the ones provided in the server. You must fill out these applications for both canon and OCs. We are looking for high quality writers who are willing to put time and effort into creating a brand new story! If you're interested, come check us out!
Nous somme MARVEL UNIVERSE , une communauté agréable et fun qui regroupe les fans de Marvel ainsi que les nouveaux qui veulent découvrir l'univers cinématographique .


🔺️ Nous proposons des event comme la guerre de l'infini qui seras un combat dont la quête seras de trouver les gemmes de l'infini avant le camps adverse .
🔺️ Nous avons différant salons classé par film et séries cinématographiques de Marvel ainsi qu'une partis sur les comics .
🔺️ Des thèmes seront à l'affiche pour le serveur ainsi que quelque event en rapport .
🔺️ Des tournois en rapport avec le jeu " Marvel : tournois des champions " seront organisés dans le serveur mais cette catégorie est toujours en préparation.
🔺️ Vous pourrez partager vous fanart Marvel dans des salons
🔺️ Des concours seront mise en place sur les gifs , dessin , fanart ainsi que les sculptures .


Welcome! We are an 18+ casual marvel rp server looking for more people to come and participate!!! THIS IS A LITERATE, SMALL TO LARGE PARAGRAPH RP SERVER.
- LGBTQ Friendly
- Active moderation team/constantly available
- 4 character limit with a fifth exception for rare characters
- Character pages and open headcanons
- Active friendly family


Tony Stark, Wade Wilson, Johnny Storm, Warren Worthington, Illyana Rasputina, Sam Guthrie, Jean grey, Peter Quill, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, Roberto da Costa, James Bradley, Fantomex, Scott Summers, Logan Howlett, Nathan Summers, Rogue, Quentin Quire, Bobby Drake, Remy LeBeau, Ororo Munroe, Evan Sabahnur, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Betsy Braddock, Daniel Ketch, Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy, Billy Kaplan, Bucky Barnes, Tommy Shepherd

West Coast and Young avengers
Kurt Wagner
Avengers in general

Avengers and other marvel characters extremely welcome bc honestly? this server is 90% mutants
You have been invited to apply for 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐕𝐄𝐋 𝚁𝚎𝚋𝚘𝚛𝚗.

We are an open sandbox new age Marvel group.

+ Taken Roles: Alison Blair, Anatasia Petroff, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, Charles Xavier, Drax, Erik Lenshehrr, Gamora, Harry Osborne, Jean Grey, Kurt Wagner, Laura Kinney, Logan, Howlett, Loki Odinson, Lorna Dane, MJ Watson, Nebula, Peggy Carter, Pepper Potts, Peter Parker, Peter Quill Piotr Rasputin, Remy Lebeau, Rocket Raccoon, Rogue, Scott Summers, Steven Strange, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Tony Stark, Valkyrie, Wade Wilson, Wanda Maximoff

+ Highly Wanted Roles: Mystique, Natasha Romanoff, and anyone else unlisted!


Brand New Server with characters needing to be filled in! Characters across the Marvel Universe are welcomed from iconic Avengers to the X-Men. Join in and snatch your mains or create an OC! We have a number opened or you can submit one of your own. Locations are being added quickly and we're eager to start cresting stories. Make your own arcs with others or join in on the events we make.

¤ Plenty of characters open
¤ Literate writings
¤ Fun plots and interactions
¤ Original Character Friendly
¤ Teams needing members
You may know them as the Avengers, but who were they before that? A playboy million? A supersoldier? A scientist? A god? A carney? A High Schooler? A prisoner? A Russian spy? Let's explore these roots in our own tellings on Marvel: Zenith! Here on Zenith, we hope not to become popular, but to become a Marvel server everyone wants. Our members will help us by telling their own stories, so we can build our own very unique timeline!

Marvel Zenith is a server dedicated to showing the dawn of superheroes. Everyone has an Origin, and the Avengers were no different. How did Doctor Doom become a villain? How did Reed Richards become Mr. Fantastic? How did Eddie Brock become Venom? How did Wade Willson become Deadpool?

What else do we offer:
- Friendly Staff!
- OC Friendly!
- An entirely original Universe!
- Our own multiverse!
- Galaga
- Free Ice Cream!
- Dank Memes!
- No Avi Arad or Amy Pascal!!!

Hope to see you there!
Es sind mittlerweile 20 Jahre seit den Geschehnissen in End Game vergangen und die Helden sowie Schurken sind im Ruhestand. Doch die Zeit der neuen Generation bricht an, denn die Zeit ist gekommen in der ihre Sprösslinge nun in ihre Fußstapfen treten.

In diesem RP könnt ihr euren Kindheitstraum wahr werden lassen und das Kind eines großen Marvel-Charakters verkörpern. Egal ob Held oder Schurke und wie ihr die Sache angeht, es sind nahezu keine Grenzen gesetzt und ihr könnt euch so einfügen wie ihr möchtet. Es sind grundsätzlich alle Marvel-Charaktere die existieren als Eltern erlaubt, mit vereinzelten Ausnahmen.

Wir bieten euch:
- Ein Level-System.
- Ein im RP eingegliedertes, globales Kommunikationssystem um mit anderen Char´s besser in Kontakt zu treten.
- Regelmäßige Events.
- Enge Mitarbeit seitens des Serverteams mit den Usern zusammen, wir möchten eure Ideen, Kritik und Vorschläge so gut es geht mit einbeziehen.

Wofür du dich entscheidest, die Welt zu schützen oder sie ins Chaos zu stürzen, entscheidest letztendlich du selbst.

Vielleicht sehen wir uns wieder im Kampf um die (Un-)Gerechtigkeit.
Bis dann und viel Spaß!
~ Serverowner Flakii
Welcome to the Final Frontier. The server that lets fans of all Sci-Fi movies/shows come together in one. We offer special content for entertainment such as Star Wars, Avengers, DC, Transformers, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and more!

We offer fun activities, several bots and tons of awesome emotes.

Come join us today and become a part of our epic community!
Here at MCU Fan Review, we gather all of the Marvel fans we can find and put them here. We just talk about all of the Marvel Movies. All 22. We have a great community so no need to worry about being bullied. If you want to avoid spoilers, just avoid the rooms that are about the movie you haven't seen yet. If you want spoilers, feel free to wander. If you do somehow become a victim of bullying, please inform an admin. We will take care of the situation for you.