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"This is Eridani, a state of the art F1VR game that just went into beta! You can be a beta tester that is testing the RPG out for yourself or a new player who just bought the game and can't wait to play. The game is set in the glorious nation of Eridani, where the people range from old to young, rich to poor. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want. Our world is your oyster.
The Eridani Creators"

This new diverse roleplay server is still a work in progress and will take time to flourish the mods are trying hard to keep the server fresh and unique and update the server as much as possible.

As for features:
*we have none of the flashy bots some servers may have, but have active mods ready to help where ever they can :D
*we have an in depth magic system and a newly created guild feature
*Dont forget that we wish to constantly update and improve our server

Why not join and roleplay, make suggestions, friends or even help us improve our server, anyone is welcome in Eridani.
Thank you for your interest
Fate/Grand Order Hub is a nice place to talk about Fate as a series, Fate/Grand Order, discuss strategies, swap user IDs, or just chill. We're open to newbies and veterans alike, and support both JP and NA versions of the game. Of course, you're not limited to just talking about TYPE-MOON franchises. We also have channels for other anime/manga, and games.
Tan Beach is an all-new server for the most optimal chill sessions you'll get. Music, roles, clubs, giveaways, emotes, open staff positions, and maybe future partnerships! Help this server grow. Starting with you.
Just an EPIC server with EPIC gamers. Cant get any more EPIC than EPIC.
Theres also memes and nsfw, dont forget the essentials.
Сервер посвящен ютуб каналу "TECHNO TV" - профессиональный подбор комплектующих для компьютеров, аксессуаров, гаджетов и много всего. Буду рад помочь разобраться новичкам в компьютерном железе, так же подскажу оптимальную конфигурацию ПК для ваших задач. Основные игры в которые тут играют это War Thunder и FIFA 18.
circlejerking, memes, and unsolicited trap thigh pics. we play games together sometimes then blow each other off.
13+ according to ToS but ideally 16 and above. ironically accepting of faggots with open arms but we aren't centered around that.
talk politics, talk tech, talk about your mechanical waifu that some call a car, or perhaps talk about the time you had eye contact with a girl. share the post on 4chan when op stuck a lizard and a frog up his ass, or dump porn from it. we got a couple of obligatory nsfw channels, tl;dr all welcome.
Small Town 1955 is a player-paced game-like roleplay where all teams of players must work towards their objective. The town is set in 1955, where a deadly “infection” has spread through the town that is starting to turn people into creatures of the night, except that they’ve existed there for a long time and now they make their stand, stepping out of hiding and hoping to reign victorious. The revolution has started. Question is, are you with Them, or are you with Us?
Welcome to our server! This server offers giveaways, friendly users and more! Everyone who joins, thanks in advance! We expect to see you there
This server is open to everyone and anyone, and we want to keep it that way, so please be as open to others as the server is open to you. No one wants to come on here only to be berated, or treated with hostility. So let's not do that.

Other than that, if you want to make new friends or just find a place to chill for a while, this is the server for you~!
The Boring Server is a community where you can chat with strangers and gain XP to upgrade to higher levels. Each time you get higher level you get a new role. Every 10th level contains a special reward that you can claim and show off to lower levelled members. We're hoping to see you on our server.
We offer:
• Role rewards!
• Fun bots
• Friendly Staff
• Leaderboards
• Partnerships
A small chat community owned by a chill & nice guy who can actively engage with the members and have some fun. You can also mess around with our bot commands and such.
Anime severler için kurulmuş türkçe anime sunucusu. Server içi muhabbet saygı çerçevesinde edilir.
Welcome to BAILE cafè ✨ ! A server based around meeting new people and having a good time! ♡ Anime ♡ Levels ♡ Colours ♡ Music Bots ♡!
This server is made so people can hangout/socialize/game/date pretty much do anything with eachother. The server should be full of people that are hopefully nice and great people. I hope u have fun and enjoy yourself at the Hangout Zone.
Delta▲Code' a Hoş geldin
Yetkili alımlarımız vardır.
Sunucumuzda çok seveceğin yeni arkadaşlar edinebilirsin.
Her üyenin başlangıç rütbesi PROSPECT ama aktif olarak üst rütbelere terfi edebilirsin.

Welcome to Delta▲Code
We can get moderators.
You can make new friends that you love in this server.
Everybody' s starting role is PROSPECT but you can rank up.
This is support server of pantera you can join and play with pantera bot or play music or talk or you can invite him or report a bug or a problem or you can post a feedback join us today
Welcome to the Russian game server, which brings together players from all over Russia. Keywords: russian, gaming, community, game, gamer
This is the official Discord server for Operation Lone Wolf the game.
It's an upcoming FPS game, to be released into early access October 1st on Steam.
Official Trailer:
We are a nice community with lots of giveaways and loads more
Tokyo filth is a *NEW* chill server. We don't have a ton of rules or anything like that. We have Self role assignments, Gaming updates, music channels, Partnerships, NSFW, Great bots and *MORE*
Join if you want friends and to talk to people! We do gaming,music,art and more! Look we do a lot of stuff it truly is an experience to have, come join and meet the obscene people behind this future business :)