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🥜You all know what month it is! It’s No Nut November, so no nutting!🥜
🥜Join us for our monthly challenges, competitions, and much more!🥜
🥜 Games
T or D😉💦
Would You Rather😏💦
Count To 10,000🤩💦
One Word Story🥴💦
And more to come!🥵
Witaj towarzyszu. Crestfallen to miejsce dla zbłąkanych dusz chętnych do rozmów. Wszyscy posiadamy jakieś zainteresowania więc z całą pewnością odnajdziesz się w naszym gronie. Stawiamy na minimalizm względem botów oraz kanałów dzięki czemu całość jest przejrzysta. Jeśli masz ochotę pograć, pożartowac, ponarzekać na kota/rodzeństwo/pajaką sąsiadki czy też po prostu popisać, zachęcam do dołączenia.
Gaming Alliance - A game community
-Gaming teams
-Friendly fun community
-Build a community that will support smaller streamers.
Become an alliance member today.
Крупный сервер топ-2 снг тинкера. Частые ивенты, стримы и доброжелательное комьюнити! Велком :)
🍒Growing, new server.
🍒Laid back open to all.
🍒Join for free food yes.
🍒Food themed server.
GIVEAWAYS League Of Legends Play, Trade, Buy Smurfs and also lf Duo Partners...
We are also fans of Anime of course, feel free to join..
Hello, Please join my discord server I have been working hard this server is about a game in roblox called “AB CITY” I hope you enjoy it it’s on roblox if you can’t find the game you can find it on #Game link channel on the server I hope you have fun in this server thank you. <3 -Alex (Owner) (Message directly to (This is a automatic message).
Hey guys! Do you like UNO? Well, then come join the closest thing to an official UNO server there is on Discord! We have:

📣 Looking for group roles for a variety of different platforms, including (but not limited to) Steam, Xbox, and PS4!

🤖 A custom UNO bot so that way you can play with people without leaving the comforts of Discord!

🖥️ A custom UNO site with about a million special wild cards!

👮 A friendly, active staff team!

🥇 Tournaments and other events!
Where winning can grant you prizes with some fabulous prizes!

Does all that sound good? Good! Then come join the server, and see what we're talking about!
Hello! Come join our server! It is a friendly gaming community we are starting up and its a place to make new friends and feel at home! We are all gamers here, tall or whatnot. Talk about any game, or suggest a game to add! And guess what? You can be the most chill person just by joining the server! (No NSFW at all please thanks.)
Welcome to our 13+ server were u can find people to talk to, to game with and to share some of your pics of memes, anime or hentai. There is an easy to farm waifu's and husbandos channel for the waifu bot just dont spam in there. Its a small server I know and I only mess around with making servers but please enjoy your stay.

1. Be nice to people, no disrespect towards other members or staff.
2. No spamming and no invite links to other servers.
3. No lolicon/shota or any disturbing pics in the server.
4. No politics or religion discussions please.
5. Take it easy with pics in the general text chat, please keep other content like memes, NSFW and irl pics in the correct channels. Bot stuff in the correct channels.
If u break rules then staff will be able to mute or kick you depending on what you did
Türkiyenin en büyük yazılım ile alakalı sunucusuyuz sensiz bir kişi eksiğiz
Suncumuzun yakında web sitesi de açılacaktır
- Kardeşlik ortamı vardır (Kardeşilkte bir dünya markası)

1. Server B.G.A.A menyajikan fitur yang mungkin jarang ada di server lain...
Contohnya :

-Event menarik..
-Tempat bermain bot yang nyaman.
-Terdapat channel bebas toxic
-Terdapat channel untuk melaporkan member lain
-Terdapat channel berbagi mim, berita anime, music, video, film, tech, dan masih banyak lagi..

2. Server B.G.A.A sangat friendly
Contohnya :
- bisa menerima keluh kesah menber
- bisa mempromote pencapaian kalian
- bisa menampung pendapat member

Jadi intinya aja ya kalian pasti betah
Kenapa ? Yaitu dari atas aja kalian udh pasti tau betapa kerennya server ini
Apalagi kalau kalian udh masuk...
Beh keren lah..
So tunggu apalagi men.. Come join us now at B.G.A.A Server**
||@[email protected]||
Link discord :
Hottest Models, funniest comedians, otaku culture, best eSport gaming and amazing conversationalist from around the world. JOIN US NOW!

We at Spicy Plum Entertainment offer a variety of pleasure for your entertainment. Whether it be engaging in the newest and current game topics, the most trendy fashion, the hottest cosplayers and models, or talks about conspiracies or wealth management, we have it all for you.


Other entertainment offered:
-Anime Topics
-Meme concepts
-Conspiracy theories
-Sex education
-Professional music making
-Art and Tattoos
-YouTube Production
-Otaku Lifestyle

Welcome to the server!! We are a community open to all Danganronpa fans ages 13-20! We welcome anyone, people who have been fans for a long time, new fans, anyone!!

This is a pretty welcoming community, we welcome pretty much anyone!

We hope you enjoy your time here!
♡-Mightnight Wolf-♡
This Is A Friendly Server For Everyone! We Try Our Best To Make Everyone Accepted Here! ▼(´ᴥ`)▼

We Have:
♡|-Very Nice People!
♡|-Fun Bots To Play!
♡|-Lots Of Channels!
( Including: Gaming, Music
and many more!)
♡|- Active Owner!
♡|-Self Roles!

୨୧˚Please Join!
Everyone's Welcome!˚୨୧

new server !

come meet and hangout with cool people hohohoho

here we offer
- color roles
-custom roles
- fun special roles if you’re an active member!
- active members
- cool admins 😎
- crackhead activity
- fun bots w their own specific channels that you can play around with :DD
also believe it or not our female to male ratio is 2:1 rn come join n get egirl pus- n maybe a cookie if you're a good boy
Hallo Minna-san (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Kami dari server Animasia, ingin mengajak kalian untuk bergabung bersama kami dan have fun bareng tentunya.

Server Animasia menawarkan :

● Member dan Staff yang ramah
● Shop Roles
● Levelling Roles
● Voice Call Member
● Bot Musik, Channel Voice dsb
● Pokemon, Tatsumaki, Owo, Gacha Waifu
● Dan masih banyak lagi tentunya.

Server Animasia juga membebaskan membernya membahas apapun, asal tidak melanggar aturan yang telah dibuat.

● Chat Random
● Chat Anime
● Chat K-pop
● Chat Games
● Share Memes
● Cari Teman Mabar
● Share Anime, K-pop, Games
● Dan masih banyak lagi tentunya.

Ayo join Animasia sekarang dan bersenang-senanglah ~ 🇮🇩

Bienvenue dans "[FR] Le Salon !"
Quel est le but du serveur ?

Ce serveur à pour but de réunir des personnes souhaitant faire connaissance.
Que ce soit pour discuter, trouver des amis ou encore l'amour (vous emballez pas non plus), nous essayerons au maximum de vous accompagner.
Notre but ? Rassembler les gens qui ont des points communs, afin de discuter avec des gens similaires à vous ou encore totalement différents afin de découvrir de nouvelles choses.

Qui que vous soyez.. :

- Jeune ou plus âgé
- Gameur ou musicien
- Fille ou garçon
Nous avons une place pour vous.

Dans Le Salon soyez au maximum "chill", détendez vous et prenez vous pas la tête.
Clans coming together, uniting in a place like no other, where memories shall be made from having great times effortlessly, we offer very much with our bots to boost your daily lives to helping with the game clash of clans. You can use it for both clan information and server, we offer so much how are we supposed to summarize it? Oh wait, it never will be as your journey is endless, be our next legend and be known by all! This is, ClansMate
Naruto Nations is a server where you make a character and try to make your own story with balanced mechanics and an active community of other players that are also working to make their own story. Which village will become the best? Will rogue ninjas take over? Will the world just meet its end?