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A new minigame with cool features, enter the arena and kill other players in your fight to the top!
Serwer, który powstał niedawno, ale już ma wiele rzeczy.
Posiadamy: kilka stref tematycznych, autorskiego bota, event i konkursy z nagrodami, wiele rang. Poznaj nas lepiej! Dołącz do nowego świetnego serwera!
Some Features of the server:
× Gaming Server ×
× We are a small community but growing.
× A responsable staff and organized rooms.
× An active chat.
× Music and gaming voice and chat channels
× Looking for Partners

This is a Work In Progress server that is looking for devs and staff. Join and be a part of our community now!
🦊 Furmeme! 🦊

Furmeme is a discord server for furries and meme lovers everywhere! Even if you're not a furry, you can still join for the memes. And if you're not a memer, you can join to be a furry!

We have:
😂 Memes
🗨 Active Community
🎨 Art
😘 Nsfw
🎵 Music
🤖 Custom Bots made by the owner
😝 Custom emojis
🤝 Affiliating/Partnering
🦊 Furries
🗒 Roleplays
🆙 Leveling system
🎉 Contests
💯 400+ members
👤 And tons of roles to customize yourself in!
LimeEU is a brand new rust server that is focussing on a cozy and amazing community. We have an active staff team for helping (new) players with their problems/questions. Rust is a game about survival, base building and meeting your allies!
Heyyyy.😁 I know you see this server, don't 😴 on us! You like Imvu?😕 Probably not.😬 If you do, join us jsjsjsjsjsjs. Like, what are you waiting for? Press that buttonnnnnnnnn😜
Hey ! This server is dedicated to Soul Pacts, a card game currently in development by a 2 people team. The game revolves around a new mechanic called "Deck Swapping" where players do not have decks they draw from, but rather little cards packs they exchange during the game and use as spellbooks. If you are interested by the project and want to play it (Tabletop Simulator required for now, sorry) or just support it, join us :) !
★ 18+ for NSFW
★ Also, have SFW for our 18-
★ e-girls and e-boys
★ Adult Content
★ Custom Name Colors
★ Movie & Anime Nights
★ Out of this world NSFW channels
★ Music channels and active VC
★ Adding new roles all the time
★ Pokecord
★ Marriage bot
★ Idle Rpg
★Roasting Channels
★More on the way.
Uchujin is an entertaining server with various topics (almost anything you can think about) and taste.
- Very friendly community.
- We have various private and public bots with a lot of games.
- We keep you updated to many news such as anime/manga, space, games, tech and much more.
- We have cute emotes.
- We have a lot of giveaways.
The time has come to leave humans and become an alien, browser to the universe of Uchujin.
SakaiRBLX Fan Group! is a server dedicated to everyone with any abilities, We are a friendly and accepting community that enjoys having fun and sharing our experiences with others, just as you can if you join us!


Hiring Staff
Hiring Partner Managers
Giving Away Nitro soon!
Official Reddit Page
We accept everyone!
Gaming Channels & Voice Channels

If You Like To Hangout And If You Like To Chat About Anime,Manga,Gaming,Nsfw you are gonna love this can advertise your server here.everyone is friendly here.we also do many events here.we have many Good bots.Join Now and Enjoy
Hello there! So I own an unofficial UNO discord server with over 500 members and still growing! And I would like to invite everyone to it.

You can do many things here, like:
⚬ Have UNO discussions.
⚬ LFG with other people.
⚬ Or you can play UNO via the UNO bot on Discord for free!

So if you're interested, be sure to join and meet some cool people!
The gaming mansion is a place where gamers can hang out, and chill. It's always growing, so suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Crazy gamedev family place!
Its legit!
Come on, come in!
Przyjazny serwer dla każdego, każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, dobra atmosfera. Serdecznie zapraszamy
If you're looking for a server to lewd your Waifus then this is the server for you. Where we lewd basically anything except your mom.

About Us
We are a fun community server, who loves talking about random stuffs all the time
There are alot of things that I would like to tell about this server, but I believe it would be better for you to join and experience it all for yourself.

Here are some of the features of this server :-
We got all the fun bots that you might need
We got channels like
- Music Player
- Roleplay
- Story Making
- Pokecord
and many more
HEY YOU! Yeah you!! Do you like warriors? How about videogames?
How would you like to see the two combined?
Well look no further! A Warriors Choice is an in-development video game based on the warriors series. Although the game is not released yet, on this server you can veiw updates and read news about the game. Your free to chat and ask questions here.
We're also searching for testers , artists , musicians and more. If you're willing to lend a hand then it'd be great to see you!

🐱So, perhaps you're a gamer?
🐱Perhaps your a warriors fan?
🐱You might even be both!

🌠 We'd love to meet you! Join the server and take a look :-)

сервер по игровой тематике, администрация отзывчивые жалобы - предложения принимаются, и рассматриваются)
Hello Everyone,

This is a server about game development and game engine development. Here you can not only discuss about game development but also about game technologies. This server is filled with friendly and supportive people who can help you in creating your next game!!

Some Features:

>Friendly Community

>Channel for promotion of your own work

>Tips on game development

>Free of unnecessary bots

>Entertainment channels

So what are you waiting for? Jump In!!
We are an anime focused community for weebs and gamers. So feel Free to join

Si vous jouer à Pubg et que vous cherchez un guild, je vous invite à me rejoindre dans mon serveur ainsi nous pourrions jouer ensemble :) mon serveur et mon guild sont touts nouveaux donc j’aurais bien sure besoin de votre aide pour évoluer et faire agrandir le serveur...
witaj na serwerze Ptasie Cesarstwo
>autorski bot
>zajebista administracja (Albatros i spółka) xD
>kanały tematyczne
>fajne emoji
>krótki i prosty regulamin
i wiele więcej
• Super friendly and chill community.
• Currently focusing on Brawl Stars, newest supercell multiplayer game.
• Planning to expand and explore different genres in the future.
• Chat, chill, music, play, memes, have fun, fun roles, helpful.
• Club ID #8RVGP9