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This is a Fairy Tail game being made for Roblox. Join and support the community!!

Why hello there, we're just your friendly yet edgy server striving for new arrivers. We've got laid back moderation and a bunch of cool colours. Cool emojis are also scattered around the place, join sol•i dar•i•ty to become a member of the gang ;)
Zapraszam na serwer znajdziesz tam :
- miłą atmosferę
- pomocną administrację
- dużo kanałów i botów
I wiele innych
A chill and minimalistic community server for teens!
server clan dalam mobile games last day on earth (ldoe)
pemain baru /semua orang mari lihat2 dan tanya2 buat info lebih lanjut :))
Just a new place to hangout and make friends we like anime and playing games so if you're lonely come stop by!
Oof! Welcome, to the Savage Society.

*The home of savage intentions ~ 🖤*

**Users must be 16+**

**~~_; House rules_~~*

- **~~There are no rules.~~*

- *Our server isn’t for the weak minded or the easily intimidated. Savage is full of colourful personalities, the roasters, the realists, the banters, but not the easily offended.*

- *Don’t get personal. Don’t get affected by E-words. Learn to check yourself out of reality at the door.*

- *If you get owned inna roast, learn to handle it. Don’t lash out. Don’t rebel. Don’t run. Just deal. Everything’s fun in our battle.*

We are a **tightly fused society** which has been slowly growing over the years. We ain’t just randoms, we ain’t just E-friends, we family. We got each other always.
And we never shit inside the house!

Savage, homes people from all around the timezones. Looking to open up our doors and welcome new personalities to join our circus.

Our server houses channels for NSFW, Gaming , Music and Coin commands
We also have Dank Memer (who doesn't love dank memer)

So come on down and enjoy the banters, the roasts and games, and who knows you might make some new friends
Just some sleepy otakus乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

♡ Anime, Art & Memes
♡ 100 Adorable Emotes
♡ Bi-weekly Competitions
♡ Regularly Scheduled Events
♡ & Much More

Ditch the body pillow, come nap with us!
Big pg3d (pixel gun 3D) server.
We have:
📍roll" game (roll number 1-100 and win)
📍chat channel with bot
📍"global" chat - you can talk with people from another servers
📍international chat - you can add FLAG reaction on message and bot will translate it there.
📍requests to join clan
📍clan advertising
📍siege tips
📍hidden clan channels (you can see them if you are member, you can join by clicking on one reaction)
📍general chat where you can talk about EVERYTHING, not only PG3D.
📍ideas, media, discord advertise...
📍votes! Also info channels and more.

❗We are always thinking about changes, new better things and more fun! Join :3
just a sorta small server, that has no theme heavily NSFW focused so be prepared!
FreeSO (“Free Simulator Online”) is a reimplementation of The Sims Online™’s game engine, using C# and Monogame.
TSO is a Massively Multiplayer Online version of The Sims "1" edited by EA and developed by Maxis.
The Royals is a server where friends come together and make new friendships in this amazing server.

Our server includes many fun activities such as:
Game nights🎲
Singing Channels🎤
Rpg Bot⚔️ And many other fun bots!
and channels that include Anime, food, pets, art, music etc.

We are a server dedicated to raising that community spirit and making mod healthy relationships within our social interaction capabilities.

There are plenty of staff roles to work towards and soon extra fun roles to look forward too!

We are super friendly and wanna make friendships and lasting memories.

So join us ... at The Royals and be part of a Royal Lineage because we are all Royals !
Crazy gamedev family place!
Its legit!
Come on, come in!
Bienvenido a un servidor argentino. Charla por VC. Pasala bien, solemos mirar peliculas o charlar en vc sobre temas muy diversos. No niños menores ni ambiente toxico. Chill
Server Indonesia. Server ini hanya untuk happy happy, ngajak dan main bareng dan saling sharing disini tentang game atau curhat disini dan disini juga ada sesi giveawaynya lohh :) So, join our server and enjoy the features...

What we have ? :
-Giveaway channel dari sumber yang terpercaya
-Tempat ngajak main bareng
-Support voice chat room buat game DotA 2, Mobile Legends, Apex Legends dan Warframe
-Support stat bot untuk game DotA 2 dan Apex Legends (Bot profile checker dan fungsi lainnya)
-Advertisement channel
-Anime talks
-Banyak bot game
-Role leveling yang sangat unik
-Self role assignment
-Staff yang ramah ramah
-bot translate
-Dan masih banyak lagi :)

note: for foreigner, we will give foreigner role, it isnt racist, we just want to organize
We're a friendly Discord server dedicated to the cartoon Happy Tree Friends! Feel free to join us and talk about mainly about the cartoon, share art, music and memes, play games, and much more! 😊
Cute little server with around 1k members with tons of fun bots and channels. Most of us watch anime, read manga, play games and a lot of other things. We are like family here and everyone is welcome.
Have Fun In this discord meet new people 😁 talk to new people
Man kann Chaten, Gamen, vc und vieles mehr.
Ihr seit Willkommen
Nous ne sommes pas une grosse communauté super active mais nous somme super sympas.
Si vous vous ennuyez, que vous n'avez pas d'amis, que vous préférez les amis virtuels ou que vous avez juste besoin de décompresser après le boulot ou les cours, vous êtes au bon endroit !
Il y a egalement un petit espace gaming pour les jeux mobiles.

Venez prendre un verre ou deux avec nous ;)
welp you see this server have all type of channels and shit you would want! if you are joining
1. dont be fucking offended by anything we said
2. we have dedicated topics and places for you to hang out
3. last but not least just enjoy your stay!
⠀─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀♡ ℕ𝕖𝕜𝕠 ℂ𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕝𝕖 ♡
Heya everyone! Neko Castle is a safe place multi server! We're a dating server along with gaming and aesthetics. You can meet people from all around the world. We have nitro giveaways and much more including movie nights and fun activities & events

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Friendly & Active people
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Amazing staff!
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Fun bots
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Self assign roles
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Social channels
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Gaming channels
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | NSFW channels
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Giveaways and Events
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Polls
⠀⠀ミ :ribbon: | Aesthetics

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───