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Hello there upcoming Pokemon trainer! We would love to see you in our discord server since we are still new and we don't have many members at all.
Here's some things we have:

• Pokecord and Pokemeow bots!

• Music voice channels so that you can listen to music!

• other-language channel where you can speak with your friends in other languages!

• News for Pokemon Go updates etc.

• Roles giveaway where we give roles sometimes.

• You can share your Pokemon Go friend codes also!

Please, if you do join don't leave after like 30 seconds because we are waiting to greet new people anytime possible!
You can also send this invite link to your friends if maybe they are interested in Pokemon or Pokemon Go.
This channel isn't just for those two things. You can just have fun and chat here with other people as well even if you're not a Pokemon fan! :)
This is the discord server for our Minecraft server (
Come join us and have fun in our awesome world! Don't forget to bring your friends with you :D
=>Giveaway also done every week which include many things
✨ Come join Effleurer: A chill hangout server for teens
♡ Meet cute e-girls and e-boys to become friends!
♡ LGBTQ+ friendly
♡ Active VC, chat, etc
♡ Events, games, and team selection available
♡ Friendly staffs and members :)
♡ Effleurer is a non-toxic, accepting community where all teens can communicate and make friends.
♡ Strict rules are enforced so that no harrassments and toxic activities can take places.
♡ Come and join our server today!
➔ Astra | eSports est un projet créé en décembre 2019 et passant sous loi 1901 d’ici peu. Elle répond à des exigences très strictes afin d’assurer le bien-être et la bonne évolution de sa communauté dans le monde de l’eSport. En fournissant un travail de qualité et en tenant nos membres au meilleur de leur forme, nous cherchons à obtenir le maximum de nos joueurs et à réaliser les meilleures performances possibles dans le domaine du jeu-vidéo.

➔ Grâce à un personnel compétent et à des joueurs performants, Astra | eSports voit très large et surtout très loin, et prévoie de s’élargir sur le plus de jeux possibles afin d’acquérir une importante communauté, tout en préservant notre professionnalisme et notre méticulosité sur chacun des jeux.

➔Astra | eSports est un projet sérieux et ambitieux avec une équipe motivée, divisée en plusieurs pôles et composée de joueurs, directeurs, coachs, graphistes, monteurs,

Добро пожаловать на наш сервер, на нём мы играем в разные игры, общаемся, слушаем музыку. Здесь ты можешь найти команду или тиммейта на турнир. В будущем мы будем продвигать наш сервер
и на нем будет веселее
На нашем сервере добрая и отзывчивая администрация. Для более подробной информации обращайся в канал помощь! Рады видеть каждого из вас!
Hello! Welcome to The Official Crab Cult!
We're a community of people who seek to have fun, and love crabs!

The Crab Cult has:
-A Minecraft Realm
-A Music Bot
-Daily Questions
-Daily Crab Facts!
-An Instagram(@officialcrabcult)
-A twitter(@officialcrabclt)
-Even a Facebook page! (officialcrabcult)
-We have active admin, and ever vigilant bots

Join the Crab Cult today and read our religion!

If you wish to partner with us, please contact: EdgarUnwise#9926 or Noctem#0938
Chào tất cả mọi người đây là một cái server được tạo ra để hội tụ người việt trên Discord. (english is acceptable) Hãy gia nhập nào, bàn về bất kì thứ gì mình thích và hãy luôn nhớ mình là người việt. KO CHẤP NHẬN BA QUE
/r/CallofDutyMobile is the developer-supported, community-run subreddit for the Call of Duty Mobile Community. Call of Duty Mobile is a first-person shooter video game developed by Tencent Games, TiMi Studios and published by Activision (In most part of the countries) & Garena (Southeast Asia countries and Taiwan)
Крупный сервер топ-2 снг тинкера. Частые ивенты, стримы и доброжелательное комьюнити! Велком :)
Welcome to Play! The idea of this server is to make friends, join events, making it active, calm server. At the moment the server is active at random points but we look forward to being more active in the future.
```°.+ °❀『 **welcome to asterism** 』✧° +.°
୨୧ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ୨୧

( ᵕ́ૢ‧̮ᵕ̀ૢ)‧̊·*🌙 we are an anime/manga
themed gaming server ☪︎°。 +.

▹ 『 what we have here 』
୨୧ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ୨୧

🌸 》friendly community
🎀 》self assignable roles + colors
🌸 》voice chats + gaming
🎀 》music + bots fun
🌸 》partnerships
🎀 》more coming soon!

▹ 『 join us 』٩(*ゝڡ◕๑)۶♡
୨୧ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ୨୧
☕ Ice Cream server Junte-se a muitos membros em nosso servidor Discord da comunidade Ice Cream ☕
☕ Chats ativos onde você pode conversar com muita gente e se divertir;
☕ sistema de nível engraçado;
☕ Vários cargos para se conseguir! Cargos de cores, cargos de evento, papéis de de RPG por nível etc;
☕ Muitos emojis anime / mangá de qualidade!
☕ O servidor adota um belo visual do anime The Witcher;
☕ Seção de Eventos: de onde você poderá obter novos rankings exclusivos ou outros prêmios e participar de vários eventos, teremos sorteios de jogos;
☕ No futuro, você pode se tornar um moderador e / ou administrador, exigimos apenas atividades e competência;
☕ Canais de música e voz com bots, nos quais você pode conversar com outros visitantes;
☕ Você também poderá, caso queira, ajudar o servidor com dinheiro e ser recompensado com cargos/
☕ Temos muitas outras redes sociais para nos seguir. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube ...;
☕ Nós temos uma equipe competente, estamos aqui para melhor atendê-lo, você pode brincar com os outros membros, desde que a pessoa não se ofenda. Mas seremos compreensivos nas punições
☕ Venha se divertir na nossa comunidade!☕
☕Brasil ☕Brazilian ☕Português ☕Portuguese ☕Anime ☕Mangá ☕Hyouka ☕Discord ☕Brasil server ☕Servidor Brasileiro Discord ☕Servidor Otaku ☕ Emoji Global ☕Servidor Ecchi ☕Servidor Hentai ☕Servidor NSFW ☕ Emote Global
This is a place to hang out and find other players to play with. We currently only support PS4 players it might change in the future.
Kamu dapat bergaul dengan teman-teman & mengobrol santai, bermain video game, menonton streaming, menggunakan bot, menertawakan meme, dan melakukan lebih banyak lagi!

Kami adalah komunitas kecil yang mencari orang-orang keren untuk bersosialisasi dan semacamnya, Kami bangga kamu menjadi teman baru kami.

Fitur Berita :
💰 Info Diskon & Voucher
🦠Update info Corona

Sistem Ekonomi :
🎊 Family Friendly
🍾 Reward Level (xp)
📈 Kamu akan naik jabatan otomatis
🏛️ Kamu bisa jadi anggota parlements

Ruangan :
🎶 Musik ( Spotify, youtube, soundcloud )
🎙️ Storyfeel, Bisa Curhat :( kita dengerin kok
📢 Meme Receh & Shitpost
👩‍🏫 Ada Classroom, ruang curhat
📍 Korean, Kpop Drama
🌸Japan Vibes, Anime, Video Games
🧾Quiz & Reaction

Kenapa harus N E T I Z Ξ N ?
- siapapun kamu boleh ikut serta dalam berbicara

- no Gender priority here, semua bebas, orangnya warm

- server ini bertujuan menjalin hubungan pertemanan baru

- tidak ada diskriminasi member baru ataupun member lama

- dapet welcome message dari warga discord

Cuss klik join this server, selamat bergabung!!
Oyun oynıyacak arkadaş mı arıyorsunuz. İşte bu sunucu tam size göre. Hem türkçe, hem ingilizce
🌸 ⁽ ¹ ⁾ new message from sentimental. ♡
ଽ ୨୧. (ㅅ´ ˘ `) ، ، what we provide you

⋅ a cute and aesthetic layout
⋅ friendly and kind members
⋅ various kind of roles to use
⋅ we have events and qotds
⋅ looking for staff and pms
. · . · . · . · . · ♡ · . · . · .· . · .
Мы комьюнити майнкрафта. Играем на PvP-серверах, Vanilla-серверах и просто веселимся.
Hai world! Blessing's heree! 🍻

Blessing adalah server discord yang membahas segala hal random, disini tersedia berbagai hal, dari gaming community, anime community, kpop community, neko familia, human familia, etc.

Tersedia :
° Voice chat random talks
° Voice chat pribadi
° Voice chat gaming
° Text chat info tentang anime, kpop etc
° Text chat bot {tatsumaki,mantaro,yui}
° Text chat bot games {uno, roleplay}

Need to know more?! Come and join us! 🍻
Scroll! Then tap the reaction🖤
Teaser Videos (These is in-game!)

SCP: Fragmented Minds is an in-development FPS horror game, and a breath of fresh air for the SCP community as we actively seek to provide a brand-new experience to the SCP universe, here you'll experience the lives of 5 characters both within and on the outside of the foundation. Along with seeing SCPs that have NEVER been in a game before!
We hope to have you join us throughout development as well as talk with us in the community chat to help us guide this game to being something truly amazing!
Hey! We're friendly server, join us now! We got account generator that generates variaty of accounts...... and more content! Join now!