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Team Lustic is a growing Fortnite team with a welcoming community.
We are always looking for
- Casual Members
- Competitive Members
- GFX/VFX Designers
- Editors
- Discord Helpers, Mods and Admins
Why you should join -
By joining the Team Lustic community, you can meet other members who are willing to be your friends, you can get recruited to a good team and much more! Trust me, you wont regret joining.
```°.+ °❀『 **welcome to asterism** 』✧° +.°
୨୧ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ୨୧

( ᵕ́ૢ‧̮ᵕ̀ૢ)‧̊·*🌙 we are an anime/manga
themed gaming server ☪︎°。 +.

▹ 『 what we have here 』
୨୧ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ୨୧

🌸 》friendly community
🎀 》self assignable roles + colors
🌸 》voice chats + gaming
🎀 》music + bots fun
🌸 》partnerships
🎀 》more coming soon!

▹ 『 join us 』٩(*ゝڡ◕๑)۶♡
୨୧ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ୨୧
Sonic Paradise is a Sonic the Hedgehog focused Discord server where you can communicate with other fans, share your art/music/other work, have discussions and more!
Cherry Blossom is anime & community server! Our aim is to create a good friendly environment for everyone and make sure everyone here feels happy and comfortable as part of our community while connecting to other members and making new friends! 🌸
❥┊ Welcoming community
❥┊ Friendly staff
❥┊ Ranked Roles
❥┊ Nitro Giveaways
❥┊ Birthday & Other Special Roles
❥┊ Self & Colors Roles
❥┊ 300+ Emotes
❥┊ Server Shop
❥┊ Waifu & Pokecord bot games
❥┊ More planned features & future plans
~Diskusi Bersama Pak Jokowi Serta Mendengarkan Ceramahnya dan Hiburannya 😂
~bercanda serta bermain bersama"
AnimeKuy selalu menerima siapapun, karena kami adalah Discord yang baik dan ramah ^_^
Discord santuy yang berdiskusi mengenai anime dan game serta kehidupan nolep okwokwok.
An NSFW server where you can curse or post NSFW content also houses chat rooms for people who want to listen to music or play games.
Welcome to the SHIBAMAX discord server!

We are a small drift team and this is our discord server.
If you like drifting or anything car related you are welcome to join us and even play with us if you want to!
This server is mainly for car related stuff so if you like cars, you're at the right place. We also have a place for digital art such as car decals and liveries. It's a small server so not that active yet but we would love to have you around. You can join with your friends and get your own team with your own team role, logo and design!
🤫klidný discord server
🍻málo lidí => přátelská netoxická komunita
🎁spousta eventů např. o role nebo skiny do cs:go
💰možnost si za naši měnu koupit skiny do cs:go (což znamená být aktivní a můžete získat zadarmo skin)
🆘podpora tvůrců - možnost publikace vašich tvoreb atd.
⛔žádné zbytečné zprávy od botů
🔊možnost získat svoji vlastní voice roomku
🛠️kvalitní a-team
🔝a mnohem víc... přijď se k nám přesvědčit.

znáš ten pocit, když si chceš s kamarády volat ale nemůžeš, protože nemáte na vlastní ts nebo prostě nechcete mít milion skupin na discordu tak se připoj k nám u nás můžeš mít svoji vlastní roomku a tak s kámoši rozjet pořádnou party!

Přidej se k nám !
**Welcome to the bloxburg building ticket group.**

Here you can find the best builders and a cool bloxburg chat.

Some of the features of this server:
- Nice chats.
- Self promotion.
- Cool bots.
- Kind members.

**There are a lot of cool features for this server. Why don't you join?**
- Over 450 Cute/Funny Emotes
- Tier 3 nitro Boost
- Voice chats often
- Monthly events
- Pokecord and Waifu bot
- Custom Roles for Server Boosters
- Game nights like cards against humanity and skribble
- Movie nights for everyone to join
- Fun people who play games on Xbox, PS4 and PC
- Giveaways and raffles
- Server advertising and partnering
- Self assignable roles
- NSFW allowed in certain channels
- Hardly any rules
Just a fun place to chill and hangout, we do giveaways, hang out, and play video games together. We are really laid back and have fun just being in each others company :) We also have A LOT of emotes
✰Welcome to Ensemble Stars!
✰One of the most active and friendly Enstars communities around.
✰Up to date with all the latest news, events, and more.
✰Open to everyone, so come on in.
Anime Keyo | Fast Growing Anime Community For Everyone
- Nightcore Music
- Custom Bots
- Friendly community with friendly staff team
- For all ages, no NSFW content
We are a small server trying to grow into an active community We have: Friendly administrators Channels for different games and anime Suggestions channel to improve the community Rewards for being active
Calling all thinkers, code breakers, riddle enthusiasts and puzzle solvers! If you are one then this is the server for you. My whole server is a riddle! We have:
👉 Lots of bots!
👉 Custom roles!
👉 A Prestige Club!
👉 Purchasable hints!
👉 And lots more!
Join me to solve my puzzle!
Wild Origin, is a non-combat game series focused on the exploration of a new frontier planet, with a heavy focus on animals, environment, and weather interactions to create a living world.
At its most basic, the Pokemon Ultra RPG is a Pokemon simulation game, run by the community and including rule sets the games don't allow. Activities possible, via Discord and forums, include:
- Battles and contests without the four-move limit
- Rewards of in-game currency for battling, contests, and more
- Purchase of items and Pokemon from the Poke Mart
- Catching Pokemon by writing stories, engaging in roleplaying games, and drawing art
- Special battle modes and challenges, such as Free-For-Alls and custom tournaments
- Collect gym badges by defeating formidable Gym Leader players, and challenge the URPG Pokemon League!

And the best part about it? It's all run by our awesome players! Join and learn how to play today!
Welcome to the Tea House!

The Tea House is a fairly new SFW server that features:

- A tea house theme
- Friendly members and staff
- A huge art section
- People who can help with art, literature, filming, animation, programming, etc.
- A suggestion section where members can suggest things that would help the server grow
- And more!

Feel free to join if you want to make some new friends, or just want to talk with us and have fun!!

We hope to see you there!
║ •Привет! ║
║ •создатель сервера ║
║ •Это сервак по тематикам: ║
║ • ═╬ игры ║
║ • ═╬ музыка ║¡
║ • ═╬ Общение ║
║ • И у меня есть причины его вам рекомендовать:
║ ● Хороший онлайн.
║ ● Красивые роли и удобные каналы.
║ ● Набор в модерацию сервера.
║ ● Каналы для разных привилегий.
║ ● Интересные боты.
║ ● Красивое оформление.
║ ● Активная модерация.
║ ● Частые обновления.
║ ●
Сервер "Обитель Мемасов" - это большая библиотека мемов всех мастей и видов,а так же ламповое общение. Присоединяйся,у нас тут классно!