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Welcome to A Cup of Thought!

We're a chill, social hangout server with a focus on language learning! If you're a lover of linguistics, or if you're just looking for a chill place to make new friends, this is the place for you. Come join us! We have coffee and butter cookies :D
Greetings, all, and welcome to the Global Discord Community! A server where you can meet new people, regardless of who you are! Our mission is to unite people of Discord, and create a warm and welcoming community that revolves around equal opportunity.
We have:
✨Friendly Administrators!
✨Game nights!
✨Economy games!
And much more. Oh, and we're completely SFW as well! Partners are also welcome! See you soon (hopefully)!
We're a Bulgarian community for gaming, friendships, learning bulgarian, geeky stuff and fun times! We're welcoming to people from other countries as we mostly speak English. This server is nitro boosted, renovated and growing so come join us. We offer:
▪️ Self-assignable roles & level up roles
▪️ Active community with 2000 msgs and 22h activity of voice channels per day and many more!
No matter who you are or where you're from, we'd love for you to be a part of our community! Don’t be shy; help us make Bulgaria great again.
Are you interested in learning how to speak or chat in German? Or would you like to improve your German? Then this is the right place for you :D

Deutsches Klassenzimmer was created with the purpose of connection people from around the world with a simple goal: teaching and learning German. Whether you are a native speaker, or just now starting to get into German.

We accept everyone! ツ

Furthermore, we provide you with help in your German or English homework if needed. We also have a gaming community. So, If you interested in German, or if you want to meet new people. Join us!
Join Languages United for a fresh "study group" culture where members support each other and learn new things.

We pride ourselves for our tight-knit community which is always happy to help and welcome new members. We encourage members who are learning the same languages to form smaller study groups which provides closer connections and active learning.

Our server also features "language of the month" where we give everyone a taste of another language. We are also open to suggestions for new features and staff applications are always available.

If this sounds like the community for you, come join us! We welcome you for open arms.
Welcome to Study Japanese
📝 Meet new, exciting foreigners? practice your Japanese skills in a fun and friendly environment!
🤗 Friendly&Kindly users!!
🏅 Leveled roles and Language role! also there are language channels!
🤖 Many fun bots!
😍 Cool emojis!
📜 Partner, must have 10+ humans
👮 Looking for staffs
🤝 Help channel, if you need help, we will help you with Japanese/English within 3 days.
Welcome to EnglishLearning!

This is a place for people learning English to ask questions about English grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the like.

All levels of learners are welcome.
Join our server and practice your English speaking skills!

P.S. If you get an invalid invite from disboard, use ours:
This is an Indonesian server for English enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. Join us to develop our English skills together with the members within. We are tolerant of mistakes & we also respect each other.
JP Classroom is exactly what the name states: a simplistic server designed to help users learn and use the Japanese language.

Need some tools to get started? We have an entire channel filled with tools for you to use.
Have a question? We have high-quality teachers who can help you understand anything from the most basic to the most advanced concepts in Japanese.
Just want to socialize? We have a general chat filled with caring users who like to relax and have fun.

No matter what you are looking for, JP Classroom has something that can push you in the right direction.
Nyaaaann~ Haruu You see me already you can't unsee nya~ Might as well join me for some fun ya~

Ofcourse you read this like any other cat anime girl proves how weeb you are then welcome to the club.
The Nexus is a highly active international community mainly focused on language learning via voice chat ( very active voice chats ). Come and practice the language you are learning by having interesting conversations with native speakers, expand your vocabulary and learn about the culture behind the language, immerse your self in a language experience.

English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and more.
We are a community wishing to spend our time talking about languages and learning new ones along our path.

Founded by a group of people sharing a common passion, that is, the love for languages and linguistics, we shall be delighted to have you among us if this would be the case for you as well.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and that you'll learn a few things in our company!
Hello Disboard! Welcome to The Magician's Maze! We're a small community with admins and mods dedicated to keep members safe and away from toxicity. The Owner is practically available at all times, though she'll let it be known that she can not be contacted. We also have a reCATCHA system to try and prevent bots from entering our server.

I hope to find more friends and be involved in an accepting community. We're always open to suggestions!

Hope to see you soon!
ClyPhyr is a community that hosts many events invlolving Minecraft and were spreading to other games.
Servidor brasileiro focado em estudos e troca de conhecimento. Idiomas, enem, vestibular, concursos, curiosidades.

Mantenham o bom senso sempre.

An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
Welcome to Geodise, a paradise for all things geography, vexilology, and mapping. We have friendly staff, trivia bots, dedicated channels for videos, politics, history, architecture, and so much more! We hope to see you there!
A SFW kpop community server dedicated to making friends and staying up to date with all these comebacks :) There are no fanwars here and we are lgbtq+ and grsm friendly! There are also dedicated rp channels! I hope to see you there!
This is a sever very useful for translations and overall international knowledge where people who want to learn a language are helped. It's a new server that tries to help with every question and can give some material to you
🍡⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚k-candy store

˗ˋˏ About the server
K- candy store is a peaceful, friendly, multi-fandom kpop server for everyone. We welcome kpop fans and those who want to learn Korean! The server is open to other topics such as games, anime, and more. You can make new friends, learn Korean, or just hang out!

˗ˋˏ What we offer
🚀 friendly members and staff 🍭 help with learning korean
🍬 lots of colorful roles 🍫 partnerships to help servers grow
⛱ cute candy and dahyun emojis 🍦 fun events and activities

˗ˋˏ Links
owner: Cantaloupe#0919
invite link:

🍡⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ We hope you find k-candy store to be a sweet place!
Hi, come and join a welcoming Hebrew server for both learners and natives! In addition to learning Hebrew, you can also talk about whatever you want! Join today and have fun!
We strive to build a community of people who are looking to teach and to learn about the Dutch language and culture. We also welcome those who are looking to make new friends and have fun.