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Do you speak more than one language? Do you want a community to speak with? Come join the Linguate! Share the language(s) you are fluent in, speak with new friends, teach others (if you want!), and learn other languages!

We will be constantly adding new features for you to enjoy, and are accepting community suggestions!

Hop on over and click that join button if you wanna take part in the Linguate!
₊˚ learning japanese?
₊˚ want to speak in japanese?
₊˚ just want to make friends?

『 come join us in tokyo! 』

what we offer:
꒰ level 1 boosted
꒰ many self-assignable and color roles
꒰ language help channel
꒰ friendly community
꒰ fun and helpful bots
Are you interested in learning how to speak or chat in German? Or would you like to improve your German? Then this is the right place for you :D

Deutsches Klassenzimmer was created with the purpose of connection people from around the world with a simple goal: teaching and learning German. Whether you are a native speaker, or just now starting to get into German.

We accept everyone! ツ

Furthermore, we provide you with help in your German or English homework if needed. We also have a gaming community. So, If you interested in German, or if you want to meet new people. Join us!
The best server on Discord to learn a language, and meet native speakers from around the world! We have many active members to help you with your language learning!

We have languages such as Spanish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Cree, and more!

We'd love to have you here!

(We are relatively new!)
A SFW kpop community server dedicated to making friends and staying up to date with all these comebacks :) There are no fanwars here and we are lgbtq+ and grsm friendly! There are also dedicated rp channels! I hope to see you there!
Terve = Terpe = Τέρπε!

Finngreek is an easy language for Finnish and Greek speakers. The language is based on archaic Greek that is proposed in the Finnish, Finnic, and Uralic languages.

Täydellinen on Ylämaa paljoihin valoihin!
Tedelemenon Yvama poljoisin vanoisin!
Τετελεσμένον Ύψωμα πολλοίσιν φανοίσιν!
It's the perfect ascent to many lights!
Welcome to this Discord for learnIng Russian and English language by chatting and speaking with others. English speaking learn Russian, and Russian speaking learn English.
家庭┊JP Share House シェアハウス

A small community server that is dedicated on educating people on Japanese language and culture. We also have teachers that can help you to improve and help your Japanese language.

We are searching for more Japanese teachers and staffs to help us!
Composite ACG server, you are welcome to ask questions when you have any problems in school, computer, etc. At present, this server has various music, server streaming link generator, interesting MEME search and other multi-function BOT, welcome to use.We are trying to makes this server as tri-lingual server,pls accept other languages user. If you are interested, pls join us. If there is any improvement, please provide them.
このサーバーは複合ACG(アニメ、漫画、ゲームなどの二次元のこと)サーバー、PC、アニメなどの問題に質問することができます。現在、このサーバーにはさまざまな音楽、サーバーストリーミングリンクジェネレーター、MEME検索、他の多機能BOTがあります。 このサーバーを3言語サーバーとして作成しようとしています、他の言語ユーザーはそれを受け入れてください。 興味のある方はぜひご参加ください。 また改善があれば、それらを提供してください。
We are a server that connects Russian and American youth to discuss politics, language, and culture. Whether you are an American who doesn't know Russian, a Russian American, or Russian, this is the place for you!
The aim of this server is to assist people who want to learn Urdu/Hindustani. Remember to not only absorb as much information as you can, but also lend a hand to other beginner students when needed. Maintaining a student-teacher in between relationship will help you succeed.
Server made for English, Japanese, Korean, and mandarin learners, and people who want to make new friends!

🍙 Welcoming community.
🍙 Self assignable roles
🍙 Native Japanese speaker
🍙 Native English speaker
🍙 Native Korean speaker
🍙 Native Mandarin speaker
🍙 Japanese class
🍙 Hobbies channels (Art, Cooking, gaming, anime)
🍙 Life support and encouragement channel
🍙 Self assignable roles
🍙 Active members and mods
🍙 Japanese class
🍙 Movie / gaming night.
🍙 Rapidly growing.
🍙 SFW server.
We are an active and continuously growing community of people from around the world. Join us in our intellectual discussions about geopolitics, history, anthropology, linguistics, culture, ethnicity, military and (especially) maps!
On top of regular debates and informative conversations, we also host a variety of weekly and daily events with specific subjects in mind to help expand our knowledge while having fun!
This is a server about Europe
People with shared culture, history, language, and origin.

A welcoming server with roles based on region, country, language, activity and more.

What we have:

▪️A Minecraft realm
▪️Fact of the day
▪️Question of the day
▪️Welcoming members
▪️ 20+ active topic channels such as: languages, history, politics, modern news, philosophy, mythology
▪️A rank system based on your contribution to the server
▪️ Optional roles based on your interests and personality type
▪️ Events such as games, movies, live-streams, discussions, etc
▪️Much more

All beliefs are welcome.
All languages are welcome.
Open to partnerships.
Non-Europeans interested in Europe are welcome.
TW: chat may contain sensitive material
This is Northsoft Studios Official Server!

We are Northsoft Studios Developer Team and developing a new classic style mmorpg game called TSOG: Paradoraniskawia. If you want to follow everything about our game such as alpha and beta releases, leaks about new versions, downloads and community of our game, please join and grab a seat!

Apart from the features of our game, you can also benefit from our another server features such as Language Learning, Media sharing , Programming/Software help and more on our server.
We're trying to form a long lasting community with a positive attitude. We are semi-serious about practicing our target languages. We are still new so I'm looking for a solid foundation and some solid people who can help me run the server. I'd like to create a fun learning environment where everyone feels free to always jump into a group call or ask any kind of question they might have about their target language. This is not a class. This is a community.
Which means we help each other grow! Let's be friends!
Seeking a place to share your thoughts & creations?ヤンデレ GANG is all about sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community!!! We also have some interesting bots that you have to try!! are you japs lover? join us here and meet our fun members!!enjoy >_<!
自分の考えや作品を共有する場所を探していますか?ヤンデレGANGは、共有、会話などがすべてのテーマです。さまざまなトピックがありますが、常にコミュニティからの提案に耳を傾けています!!!ここに参加して、楽しいメンバーに会ってください!!楽しんで >_<!!
Join our server and practice your English speaking skills!

P.S. If you get an invalid invite from disboard, use ours:
se você está procurando um servidor para aprender japonês de um jeito divertido, prático, fácil, você achou o perfeito, e mesmo se você não quiser aprender, você pode conversar/socializar, efetuar comandos, ouvir música, desenhar etc..

-registro por reação
-comunidade ativa
-respondemos suas dúvidas
-estamos abertos a PARCERIAS
-categoria destinada a "ANIMES"

nós também temos um "mini-desafio-semanal" e o ganhador receberá uma tag exclusiva que possui vários benefícios.
"também temos um canal de hentai para os safadinhos"
~~~~NOS VEMOS LÁ~~~~~~ さよなら, ありがとうございます
(muito obrigada, adeus) BYE
Welcome to Finnish & Serbian Learning, the only server of its kind! 🎉

We have put a lot of effort and hours trying to make this server helpful and efficient for everyone. We also spent a lot of time on the making of lessons that we’ve carefully crafted just for you, for free! We have lessons that cover Finnish, Serbian and even English language for those who don't understand Finnish or Serbian. Lessons are sorted by categories and are not so grammar heavy. Even if you don’t want to talk with anyone, and you just came for lessons, it’s alright because our goal was to help as many of you as we could of. You can always ask anyone in the server about anything if you have any questions. 🙂

We're always here to help! 💙
This is a server for learning English and Spanish.

Este es un servidor para aprender ingles y español.
🍡⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚k-candy store

˗ˋˏ About the server
K- candy store is a peaceful, friendly, multi-fandom kpop server for everyone. We welcome kpop fans and those who want to learn Korean! The server is open to other topics such as games, anime, and more. You can make new friends, learn Korean, or just hang out!

˗ˋˏ What we offer
🚀 friendly members and staff 🍭 help with learning korean
🍬 lots of colorful roles 🍫 partnerships to help servers grow
⛱ cute candy and dahyun emojis 🍦 fun events and activities

˗ˋˏ Links
owner: Cantaloupe#0919
invite link:

🍡⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ We hope you find k-candy store to be a sweet place!
Hey! Are you looking for a server with a friendly and nice atmosphere with a lot of memes and cats? Or a place where you can practice and learn new languages? We have everything! Good that you found us! We invite you to the server, where you will meet many wonderful people and you won't be bored!