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🇰🇷 Welcome to the Korean Learning Hub
🌟 A new sever to help those start out
🌟 For avid learner to help out beginners
🌟 Online vocabulary testing and lessons each week
🌟 Natives welcome
Me and some pals are starting a new Korean Learning Server! We're few but friendly and pretty active. We aim to create a space that is cozy, welcoming and helpful for learning and socializing.

Please consider joining the server if you want to learn Korean, make friends with other people learning or have a friendly chat. Overall we're a very chill bunch. Hope to see you soon ^.^
🇰🇷 Korean as an Additional Language

✎ About the server
K.A.L. is a Korean language learning server that is dedicated to helping people of all proficiency levels in the Korean language. This is a full-on intensive learning server, though we do regularly have off-topic talk and VCs. We focus heavily on practice and teach all of the aspects of Korean. We have native speakers that will gladly help you out. Everyone is welcome!

Note: We now have a placement test that facilitates the allocation of Verified Fluency roles.

☆ What we offer
🏅 - friendly members and staff
📚 - intensive practice with the Korean language
🌏 - native speakers that will help you

- Word of the Day
- Question of the Day

Hope to see you there!
welcome to Learn Korean!! here we .....
Have Friendly Staff Members!
Have Polls
Have Fun Games
Have Teachers to Help You With Korean!
Have ACTUAL Natives You Can Ask Questions
Have Self Assignable Roles
Have SFW Content! We Try To Prevent NSFW Content As Much As Possible
I Hope To See You There
Hi! Here is a new discord server for Korean learners. It was designed to communicate, share information, and provide lectures among Korean learners.

There are currently a total of 1621 members on this server.

We also provide lectures to help basic Korean learners (listening, grammar, and speaking, words.. etc)

Even if you are not a Korean learner, if you are interested in Korea(K-culture) or like to chat, please come and have a chat.
이 서버는 패션을 사랑하는 분들을 위한, 패션 잡지를 테마로 하는 서버입니다. 이 서버에는 많은 역할들과 채널들이 있습니다. 최신 패션 트렌드 및 트렌디한 카페에 대해서 이야기해보세요. 이 서버는 패션을 좋아하는 사람들에게만 국한되지 않고, 음식, 음악, 패션, 뷰티, 게임 등의 분야도 다루고 있습니다. 누구든지 환영하니 지금 가입하고 좋은 시간을 보내세요! This is a server for those who like fashion, and beauty. We talk about some of the latest trends in fashion today as well as korean and japanese fashion. We also support Korean and Japanese models, so if you're a fan, feel free to join. We have many roles that you can earn by leveling up! Join today and find out for yourself what fun you can have! :) This server was created on Feb.14.2019
Hey, I created a server for people who want to learn new skills or languages. I hope we will meet each other soon. Lots of love poppy^^
성인 위주의 소수로 이루어진
종합게임 디스코드입니다
게임 좋아하시는 분들 오시면 됩니다!
저희 서버는 친목을 위주로하고있고, 아직 초반이라 많은 사람들이 없지만 한사람 한사람 개성있는 분들이 모여 최고의 서버 최고의 친구가될수있도록 노력하겠습니다
저희는 친목을 기반으로하고 서로 이야기되 나누고 같이 게임도 같이하는 그런곳입니다 많이찾아 와주세요!